Tuesday, March 1, 2022

US Ran Gruesome Bioweapon Research In Over 25 Countries. Wuhan, Tip Of An Iceberg...US Docs In Ukraine

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Amy said...

Hello Omid!
Despite my having followed the "bad goings on" for years and not being surprised by the evil I read of, of late I can feel my blood heating up close to boiling by the biolab facts coming to light. As if learning of the pedophilia, human traffickimg, abortion, c19 shots effects etc etc were not enough trauma for good humans to have to bear.
We sure are under attack and are we going to survive? What is this place (maze) I feel so lost in???? Who is it that wants to destroy us all??? So many theories and so much confusion. What is it all for?????
Thanks again for the info you share. 😘

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