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Part 7 of 8: Pedro and Priscila: the biggest scam in history

Christianity was never born of the followers of Jesus, Peter is the  biggest scam in history.

The Jesuits are the heirs of the Montanist heresy, those who created the pagan Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit-Phoenix. Pope Francis introduces Priscilla - the Montanist prophetess - to the press. It is now official and public: the Third Secret of Fatima is fulfilled.

The Voice of Truth speaks softly to make sure who wants to hear it wants to hear it.

On January 18, 2014 the feast of Santa Priscila or Saint Prisca was celebrated , an unknown saint to whom the Vatican, in one of the winks to which we are accustomed, presented in society on November 19, one of the five events that we are relating. Santa Priscilla is the key to uncovering the hidden plans of the Society of Jesus, which already controls the world economy (through Asian banking) and the greatest focus of religious power (and much more ...), which is the Vatican. .[so now you know who Fulford has been shilling for all these years DC]

Santa Priscila raising her arms, while the Christ the Redeemer of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro singes a finger for having her arms raised ... the same day!

At the same time (although due to the jet lag with Brazil it happened on the 17th), a lightning bolt struck the hand of the huge statue of Jesus known as Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro. Janeiro means January and it was Janus, a pagan god from Rome who gave it its name. Janus was syncretized with the supposed Apostle Peter, founder of the Christian Church. Both are united, among other things, by the same symbol of the keys.

Priscilla, a very important character in history, is commemorated on the 18th , although buried by centuries of misinformation and the occult and is an important date for the plans of "the foremen who govern those who govern."It was also the same on January 10, when we were on the island of Malta, counteracting certain movements that we will explain, at the rate that we can, since keeping track of them takes us much of the time. Without going any further, we have just returned from Jerusalem, where the Light has just taken an important step forward , precisely in a place marked by the Dark and by the Light at the same time: the esplanade of the Mosques. And on a day also marked by Light and Darkness, January 14, the date of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad , the day when the esplanade fills with people and the Foundation Rock, a sacred place for Jews, Christians and Muslims receives thousands of visits ...

For now let's know who Priscilla was, her role in the history of humanity and why she is so important to Pope Francis:

Let's remember the 4 events of the month of November 2013:

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November 19, 2013
4 · Presentation of a Priestess. FACE UP CARDS

On November 19, 2013, the Vatican presented the Priscilla Catacombs to the press as a great novelty, despite the fact that it was only the end of its restoration. In the enormous catacombs of Priscilla there are unique early Christian frescoes, such as one of the rare images of Jesus dressed as a Roman. However, in the presentation, the Vatican turned all eyes to some images of women who seem to officiate liturgical acts. The main protagonist has been woman dressed in a tunic, similar to a cassock, with her hands in the position used by priests for public worship, in a position that we already saw when we discovered the hidden in the icons of the Russian virgins. .

As usual, the media have chosen to consume the pre-cooked dish served without question and the news that has reached us is "the controversy about a more active role of women in the Catholic Church is reopened" (sic).

The protagonist priestess, whose repercussion has surpassed that of Jesus and Mary. Why? Are we once again before your protocol to make the plans publicly known? Let's discover the true motivation of this recent Vatican press conference ...

For some reason, the Vatican has wanted to draw attention to the figure in the photograph and then divert it, "suggesting" that it is a "potential Christian priestess" and this despite the fact that it shares space and restoration with a large number of pictorial riches, including one that is estimated to be the oldest representation of the Virgin and Child ever found, although as we shall see it is the goddess Isis.

note: · The Catacombs of Priscila

The Catacombs of Priscila are an extensive network of tunnels known as the "Queen of the catacombs", which owe their name to Santa Priscila, or also Santa Prisca, who is traditionally considered the first woman martyred in the West . Priscilla was an elegant lady of the Roman aristocracy, who converted to Christianity together with her husband Mario Acilio Glabrio, a member of an important family, who was sentenced to death by Domitian, under the pretext of blasphemous impiety. According to tradition, Priscilla was thrown to the lions, who did not want to know anything about her and huddled at his feet. Both are seputed in these catacombs of the Via Salaria of Rome, which have come to be called with their name.

Given that the first Christian images appear around the year 200 and that by tradition they never used to be figurative, these catacombs are a great opportunity - wasted - to learn about the religious and artistic transition in the Roman world.

On the left, representation of Isis with her son, very similar to those of the Virgin and Child since for several years their worship was contemporary and the way of representing them was almost identical. In the center, the one they say is the oldest image of the Virgin and Child. On the right, another well-known image of both (or of Isis ...) recently restored in the catacombs of Priscila.

Above: Three images of the Good Shepherd, the one on the far right, the one recently restored in the Catacombs of Priscila. Note the Roman vestments of Jesus.
The image of the "Good Shepherd" is the one that Pope Francis wears on his pectoral cross, see Decoding Francisco without being very clear if he refers to Jesus, Mithras or both ...

If the Virgin and Isis were represented the same, the same happened with the god Mitra and Jesus. The archetypal figure of the "Good Shepherd", with one of the sheep he cares for on his shoulder, served as a bridge between the two cults. Over time he made it easier for Mitra to supplant the figure of Jesus, as his wife Ishtar / Inanna later did with his mother, see Mariolatry

Despite these early and revealing images of Jesus and Mary, the media have ignored them and have given total preference to the figure of an anonymous woman with praying arms . The bait has been to create a controversy about whether this figure was a Christian priestess and if they existed.

The controversial priestess turned into the protagonist while the "Good Shepherd" (Jesus or Mitra?) Above and the Virgin and Child (Isis or Mary?) On the right have been relegated in a tortuous presentation to the press.

Of course there were priestesses, but they belonged to an officially extinct heresy, although it has persisted to this day , conveniently disguised. And just as who does not want the thing, the priestess and heresy have been presented in society. And as always , to the derision of humans that we have not "caught" what they were actually doing .

Santa Priscilla

Santa Priscila or Santa Prisca (Priscila is the diminutive of Prisca which means "ancient" in Latin), is a virgin and martyr mentioned frequently in the early years of the Church of Rome . Historical documents, the "Acts of the Martyrs", say that Priscilla was a teenager who was thrown into the wild beasts of the amphitheater for the amusement of the people. The first lion to pounce on her, instead of smashing her to pieces with a couple of bites, threw off her feet. That is why she is always represented with lions, like the ancient goddess Cibeles, for something.

Priscila with Maximila and the leader Montano (ex-priest of Cibeles), the "triad" of the Montanist heresy.

The story also tells us about a prophet Priscilla and leader of an apocalyptic heresy that arose in the first century, at the hand of Montano , a Phrygian who had previously been a priest of the goddess Cybele (the Phrygian version of Ishtar-Inanna). Montano claimed to be called to summon all believers to prepare for the coming of the heavenly New Jerusalem ( which means "the new age ") after the final judgment .

Priscilla and the Christian martyrs share lions with the goddess Cibeles, from whose cult the Montanist heresy arose.
The Virgin of Bogorodicy, the Sumerian goddess Ereshkigal, (Ishtar's sister), engraving of Saint Priscilla and the Montanist priestess of the catacombs of Priscilla with the same posture of arms ...

The Montanist heresy

Priscilla was a prophetess who co-led an important heresy that was shipwrecked in history only to reappear centuries later and continue to this day. Heresy was known as the "New Prophecy" movement and its adherents were called Montanistas, Cataphrigios, or Pepuzianos . They heralded the beginning of a new era in the church, the "Age of the Spirit," and preached the imminent end of the world, austere morality, and very severe penance in which martyrdom was exalted . In Montanism, women had great importance, women were allowed to be priests - in honor of Eve - something that did not happen in Christianity or in restrictive Mithraism,his competing cults, possibly one of the reasons the heresy grew so rapidly. The woman prophetess portrayed in the catacomb of Priscilla is a good icon very representative of Montanism, hence the official presentation of the Vatican.

By the early third century, the "New Prophecy" movement had spread throughout the empire, especially in Asia and Africa. Among its most famous defenders were Tertullian, theologian, writer, speaker and one of the first doctors of the Church (nothing to do with the inventor of the television genre of the same name) and Saint Irenaeus, also a doctor of the Church, one of the figures most relevant of early Christianity. Its maximum rise and fall - the third and fourth centuries - coincides with the maximum intensity of the martyrdoms of Christians.

The Montanists and the Holy Spirit

The white dove Phrygian symbol of Ishtar was imported by the heresy of the Montanists or Phrygians incorporating it into the new figure, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit, understood as the spirit of God manifesting itself, is the great contribution of the Montanists who, coming from Phrygia, were very familiar with the symbol of the goddess Semiramis (Ishtar / Inanna / Artemis / Cibeles) the white dove. This explains why the Holy Spirit and the Virgin share the same symbol .

Montano claimed to have received a revelation from the Holy Spirit to lead the Christian church in its final stage (and the Jesuit Pope is seeing to it that the prophecy is fulfilled).With the Montanist rise, the Holy Spirit gradually focused the entire focus of Christianity, to the point of overshadowing Jesus and God the Father himself ... it was no longer possible to be a Christian without being "possessed" by the spirit. And by pulling the same rope, the Holy Trinity ended up emerging as we will see at the end of the article.

The new religion created by Peter, who is not the apostle Peter who was with Jesus, was a maneuver to absorb and neutralize the coming of Jesus and to manipulate it for his own benefit. Jesus never , never asked to create a religion that worshiped him , but creating and expanding it was the best way to spoil a job that despite it, changed the world forever.

The Montanist heresy born in the bosom of the Eastern Christian religion, was the attempt of the rivals to do the same and at the same time unseat their enemies from the West, Rome, who were taking the initiative by having conquered the power of the empire.

This East-West or Peter / Moloch versus Holy Spirit / Ishtar struggle would end centuries later in the East-West Schism , or the Great Schism .

This is why the Montanists of the East were persecuted and exterminated: most of the Christian martyrs of the early years were Montanists, not Peter's Christians.

It is time to begin to know that we have been deceived from day one ... until today. The truth hour has arrived. The real war that ended with so many martyrs was not between the Roman Empire and Christianity, (which were overlapping and syncretizing until Constantine in 312 adopted it as an imperial cult after winning the Battle of the Milvian Bridge after his vision of the cross) but between the Christian Rome "of Peter" and the Christian East of the Montanists. The proof is clear and evident, the first martyr recognized by the church is ... SANTA PRISCILA, the Montanist leader and other martyred saints such as Perpetua and Felicitas, were also Montanists.

The saddest thing of all is that neither was an initiative of the Light, nor did they have anything to do with Jesus. Well yes, both churches were actually trying to manipulate, misrepresent and appropriate the delivery of the figure of Jesus, a human being embodied with the Love, the presence and the direct energy of the Creator.

The Montanists and the "third way"

From ancient times, in Rome, worship was paid to Priscilla, who since the fourth century has dedicated a church on Mount Aventine, a short distance from the headquarters of the Jesuits, built on the sanctuary of the pagan god Mitra, with which saves many synergies .

The proximity of Mithras and Saint Priscilla is a very important clue that will lead us to understand why, suddenly, the Vatican officially presents it to us. Let's put ingredients like Philip Marlowe or Hercule Poirot, to see if we get to Pope Francis' mobile that, let's not forget, never does anything at random:

Well, what if Mitra and Priscilla were lovers?

The Sumerian-Anunnaki gods are divided into two eternally conflicting lineages, belonging to two half-brothers, Enki (Lucifer) and Enlil (Jehovah). Both have transferred their dispute to humans, one adopting the role of Jehovah and the other the role of Lucifer.

But there was a third option with some consensus, a mixture of blood from the two opposing lineages. This option is the couple formed by Ningizhida (a son of Enki worshiped as Mithras in Persia and Rome) and a granddaughter of Enlil, named Ishtar / Inanna.

Priscilla on the left and Mitra on the right, the couple of the Holy Spirit. The solar rays of the head give them away, write down the idea for the next carnival.

The figure of the "Holy Spirit", created and sublimated by the Montanists, represents this "third way", designated by consensus, to "reign" in the stage after his physical return .

End of Montanism ... or just Stand By?

But the faction of Peter, that is, the Roman bishops and the collaborationism of the Empire, were not willing for anyone to endanger an incipient religion, which was fighting to impose itself on other pagan gods such as Mithra, Isis, Diana, etc. The heretics were censored , condemned and after fierce persecution, the sect went underground and plunged into the mists of history, where it remained until, following a perfectly drawn plan throughout history, it was rescued in the century. IV.

She was rescued by Saint Benedict, founder of the Benedictine Order, with a new strategy that would prove tremendously effective, the monastic orders. Then came the warrior-monks and then the military orders, forerunners of today's secret societies . Today these groups, converted and updated, are the ones that run the power groups , behind the curtains, and are basically the Society of Jesus and the Order of Malta.

The Jesuits, great followers of the Virgin and the Holy Spirit, are the ones who have secretly picked up the witness of Montanism, they are the ones chosen as foremen of this "third way" of consensus between lineages. Camouflaged, with perseverance and with the help of the black magic that their superiors have taught them, they have taken over the great centers of power on the planet: the best universities in the world, the most powerful Asian international bank (that is, the top 5 banks in the world), the first tax havens (Switzerland, Vatican) and the throne of the most powerful religion on the planet.

This priestess, cleverly pointed out by the Vatican in its press conference, could be the most important image discovered in all of Rome, since it is the proof - the confession - of the plans that the foremen are developing in these initial moments of the year 2014 . In fact, Pope Francis said in the last celebration of the year 2013, on December 31 that "we are already in the last hour." The countdown is already running for the culmination of his plans, for the final closing of a loooong historical process.

And following the protocol of making the plans public in advance, the Pope and his team of foremen have wanted to present it in society and announce to all "officially" -with the press included- their true faith,his true god, his true master.

The end of the self-prophesied church is discovered in the Third Secret of Fatima: the great apostasy.

The true Origins of Christianity, the great scam

Many films, writings, sermons, prayers, etc. relate the last days of Jesus. In Jerusalem, where I just returned on the same day as Saint Priscilla, there are so many "testimonies" of her last days that it seems that they were broadcast live on TV and with the presence of thousands of reporters and photographers, although we know that almost everything is false , see True-False-The-Religions-Game . But once Jesus was assassinated, a time began when what little is known is closer to legend than to history. An age that includes the greatest deception of our age.

Jesus was Jewish and grew up in a Jewish context. He preached in the Temple of Solomon (already restored by Herod), which is the nerve center of the Jewish religion, to the point that the only remaining part of it - the western wall - has become his sacred place, the Wall of the Laments. The one who sentenced him to death was the Sanhedrin, the dome of the Jewish religion. The first Christians were born and developed within Judaism, since for years Christianity was only a sect that emerged from its bosom .

The Jewish religion was not followed but it was tolerated by Rome (Rome and the Jews were suspicious allies in Israel) and it is difficult to imagine a repression as fierce as the stories against Christians tell, who could also have helped weaken Judaism, from which they had split. Furthermore, Rome was an open society, used to all kinds of cults and temples.

This is the first contradiction of the birth of Christianity, but not the only one. The next is to think that, immediately after the death of Jesus, Christianity arrived and triumphed in Rome, capital of a distant and hostile empire, which dominated almost the entire known world.

It seems that shortly after the crucifixion, the apostles took their private plane and spread out all over the world to preach with brutal success in a very short time, despite the fact that there was no television, no press, and no social networks at the time.... not even so "marketing had been invented". The apostles were not exactly educated or rich, but they left the provinces and arrived in Rome, a great metropolis with another language where the great offer of cults made competition very tough. The task of implanting an imported belief did not seem easy.

On the other hand, Peter and John were detained on several occasions, as well as other apostles. Most likely, bewildered by the fatal loss of their leader Jesus and under the spotlight of the Sanhedrin, they were hiding or at least being quite discreet. The story of Peter denying Jesus three times before the Rooster crowed seems to be the metaphor for this understandable attitude.

The same Peter who did not wait for the rooster to crow to deny Jesus, shortly after went to Rome and founded the Christian Church?

It seems clear that before crystallizing successfully in the distant Roman Empire, the incipient Christianity had to take hold and grow in its own land, something that should not have been easy with a Sanhedrin who had already shown that he was ready for anything, such as murdering Jesus.

Therefore, it is possible to think that the first persecution of Christian martyrs occurred in Israel and that the rise in the Roman Empire must have come from other channels .

The image of Christian martyrs thrown to the lions, which we all have engraved in our subconscious, is not what it seems to be. Be part of the biggest hoax in our history

There is a key name to understand the emergence of Christianity in Rome, that of a priest of the cult of the god Janus whose name, similar to that of an apostle of Jesus, has given rise to the great fraud. The figure of Peter as the founder of the Christian Church is a syncretism of the pagan god Janus.

Janus was a representation of the Sumerian Anunnaki god Ningizhida / Moloch, son of Enki / Lucifer, who was represented by keys -like Peter- and with two heads, one looking towards the past and the other towards the future. For this reason, the month that bears his name - January or January in English - is the one that marks the change of the year. And it will be a coincidence, or not, but the lightning that has hit the hand of Christ the Redeemer, has not only fallen on the day of Santa Priscilla, but has also fallen in a town that bears the name of the god Janus, since Rio de Janeiro in Portuguese means "January river".

This bridge between past and future connects with the re-start and the Phoenix Bird, the bird of the beginning and end, which we will see below. We will develop Jano's story further in the next article.

The false Pedro, who was actually a priest of Janus - just like Montano was of Cibeles - had a "logistical" support of magnitude, enough for the greatest world power of antiquity to convert en masse to Christianity of the hand of Constantine in the year 312.

On the way to this conversion of the empire many martyrs fell, from the hand of rival sects or cults, even in some sporadic case, from the hand of imperial power, but not much less in the magnitude that the medieval imagination fantasized about millions of martyrs, more dead than there were Christians. It is true that there were executions and torture, as they are well documented,the great scam has been to hide who the victims really were and make us believe that the Roman church was born directly from Jesus . False.

The third glaring contradiction is that there were already martyred Christians in Rome before most of the gospels - the only propagation tool - were written. At first, the expansion on the message of Jesus was developed orally, only in a second phase would small written narrative units be developed. Later, in a third phase, both forms were mixed and the gospels that we now know began to be written. The first Gospel, that of Mark, is believed to have been written around AD 60. C. and the last, that of John, was written around 100 AD.

But the truth has always been there, patiently, waiting for its time to come.

It is revealing that the first martyr recognized by the Catholic Church is Santa Priscila / Prisca, the leader of the Montanist heresy, since those persecuted, tortured and executed were the Montanists . They did represent a threat to the early Roman church, as they were a dangerous initiative that came from their powerful great rival.

We are talking from a higher level, the level of those who control those who control. The official church was sponsored by the Enki / Moloch lineage, and Montanism by Ishtar and Mitra, the "third way".The battle to control the Christian church and its promising future, as well as to capitalize on the footprint left by Jesus, was fierce.

Peter - the "Peter team" - emerged victorious and the Vatican was his for centuries. His alliance with the French king - from the "same team" - allowed him to exterminate the Cathar heresy, a resurgence of Montanism, which also came from the East. But revenge is a dish that is served cold and a plan, well calculated and executed to perfection, has allowed them to turn the tables, two thousand years later. This is how Pope Francis staged it with the derision to which he subjected the supposed relics of the supposed apostle Peter, to whom he gave the kiss of the mafia in Rome, on November 24, 2013, see offering to the King of the Universe and Isis

The victorious pontiff kissing some bones that are supposed to be the apostle Peter. At his side Michael Corleone kisses his brother Fredo to warn him that he is going to die for his betrayal, in "The Godfather II".

It is the "Judas kiss", the kiss of humiliation to the loser, the kiss of the winner, the kiss that the mobster gives to the one who has fallen from grace.

The holy ghost

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, the "Spirit" of the Father and the action or presence of God . It is a complex theological concept that has undergone numerous interpretations and has been the focus of multiple controversies. The word "spirit" comes from the Greek pneuma, which means air, and in the Chaldean language the same word is used for air and for spirit. Already in Sumeria and Babylon the mother goddess was represented in the form of a dove, which led this animal to be identified with the air. Thus they worshiped a trinity formed by a father god, a son god and a spirit god who was actually the mother goddess , which is why the Virgin Mary ( who is not the mother of Jesus but the mother goddess Ishtar-Inanna) shares the symbol of the Dove with the Holy Spirit. Later, the same goddess syncretized as Semíramis, flew away transformed into a dove and was thus worshiped (Semiramis means Dove and also "Z'emir-Amit", the one who carries the branch, which was reflected in the myth of the dove returning to Noah's Ark with the olive twig in his mouth ).

The dove Spirit was a creation of the Montanists and is not mentioned in the Old Testament, although the "Spirit of God" is thus mentioned.

By contrast, the new one does mention it, but we have already said that the Gospels were written after the emergence of the Montanists. The Gospels picked up an oral tradition - without any direct witness - and were built under the tutelage of the two new Christian religions that were fighting to take over the road and the footprint left by Jesus, so their manipulation is deducible.

Christianity represents the Holy Spirit as a white dove or as a tongue of fire , as in the apostles' event at Pentecost. This double symbolism fully coincides with another primordial icon of the satanic cult of the Sun and the Anunnaki: the Phoenix.

A Phoenix Bird in disguise?

The Phoenix is ​​a mythological bird with the wingspan of an eagle, with red and golden plumage - like the Sun that it symbolizes - and with powerful reptile claws. His cult originated in Phenicia, where the name comes from. As can be seen in the images, the dove and the fire of the Holy Spirit has ended up resembling the Phoenix, despite the fact that it is a symbol of the rival side.

The phoenix is ​​also represented as a peacock, also called an Indian "rooster". It is the symbol of the god Melek Taus who is still worshiped in Kurdistan. Melek Taus and Moloch are the same being, Ningizhida, Enki's son who also has other symbols such as the Dragon and the Rooster.

The Holy Spirit is often represented as fiery, since in reality the Phoenix is ​​the great symbol of the Anunnaki. See Europe and the Concordia for scrapping

Moloch is the head of one of the three perpetually disputed Anunnaki bloodlines. Among its foremen / servants are the powerful Order of Malta and the various monarchical lineages. It is the faction that for centuries ruled the Vatican, through a false church founded by "Peter", whose symbol, let's not forget, is the rooster.

However, the Phoenix Bird by its characteristics, has ended up symbolizing by extension all the Anunnaki lineages. That is to say to the OO. Origin of Darkness on this planet.

The Phoenix is ​​the bird of the beginning and end. Periodically - every 500 years - it lays an egg, before self-immolating itself with fire, to be reborn after the ashes of the same egg that it has laid. And so cycle after cycle. Exactly what the little gods do on this planet, for hundreds of thousands of years, periodically causing the "Re-start", an end-beginning in which they perpetuate the slavery of the human being, era after era. They leave everything ready (they lay the egg) they cause chaos - as they did when they caused the event known as the Universal Flood - and then they are reborn again from the egg they had already prepared. And this is what should have happened already, so they left it prepared and prophesied, but the plans have not gone well. This time it will be no , enough.

A huge Phoenix Bird appears on the Olympic torch at the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

The Phoenix Bird played a leading role in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The inauguration was a complete compendium of magic symbols and references to the Sumerian-Anunnaki gods, their overseers and slave humanity. They always follow the protocol of making their plans public, but they have rarely done it so boldly.

The Holy Trinity and the Holy Spirit

The dogma of the Holy Trinity is the central doctrine of the Christian religion, by which God is a unique being that exists simultaneously as three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It is also called "The mystery of the Holy Trinity" because according to the church, it is one of the " mysteries hidden in God" that , "if they are not revealed, they cannot be known". In other words, "you can never understand it and this is so because it is so, period. Actually, it is a complex concept brought up by the Montanists with their new Holy Spirit, which had to be accommodated - at the highest level - in a monotheistic religion.

In fact, Tertullian, the great Montanist defender, was the first to use the term Trinidad ( trinitas ) in 215 AD. The figure was taking shape over the years, until it was definitively established in the fourth century, but it has been a source of controversy, discussion and separation in the church throughout history, mainly during the East-West schism and during the Protestant reform. The result is a completely divided Christian church.

Triads of Gods are very common in history and much older than the Christian archetype of the Holy Trinity. In Egypt the Osiriaca triad formed by Horus, Osiris and Isis was very important and in Sumer the one formed by the gods Anu and their two half-brother sons Enlil and Enki. For the Semites, the triad was composed of the gods Sin and their two sons Ishtar and Shamash and in India they were Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

With the dogma of the Holy Trinity, Christianity became a very "Sui Generis" monotheism made up of three gods, a contradiction brilliantly saved thanks to the "God is one and three " thing .

The incipient Christianity assimilated the triad of polytheistic gods of antiquity with the dogma of the Trinity, in order to give the newly invented third way of the spirit the category of "God" .

With the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit whom Montano, Priscilla and Maximila acted as "spokesmen" as the prophets of the new age, became God and at the same time Mitra and his partner Ishtar , ancient Sumerian-Anunnaki gods, were incorporated to the monotheism that Jesus clearly espoused . Jesus spoke of a single father in the sense of a single Creator, but he never spoke the name of Jehovah or said that the Father was triune.

The Holy Trinity has been the justification for equating Ishtar and her husband Mitra to the level of The Creator and Jesus. The Spirit is represented as a white dove, the same one with which Semiramis and Ishtar were symbolized in ancient times, the same one that today represents the Virgin Mary, the modern Ishtar.

The Holy Spirit, that is, Ishtar, the White Dove, and her husband Mitra are incorporated into Christian monotheism through the front door.

And the Dove, as we have already seen, is present on the main altar, on the baldachin and everywhere in the Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican, as a symbol of the triumph of the third way, the third pagan god who joined the triad to distort the Creator and Jesus . This has been a process that reaches its climax in these precise moments that we are living, just as it was written in the Third Secret of Fatima: the end of Christianity.

The executors of this end are the Jesuits, the great worshipers of the Virgin and the Holy Spirit. They are the ones who picked up Montanism after it was rescued from underground by the Benedictine order, and then expanded with the Order of the Cistercian and the Order of the Temple to end up being transmuted into the Society of Jesus, with which it has come to the present day.

the archetype of the Triad of Gods adapted to the triad of the founders of the Society of Jesus.

The Society of Jesus and its montanist cult of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, which are the same thing, play and win.

Well that's what they believe.

The Light is also playing the same game

and right now it is in the box called: ENOUGH


next the false peter and the announcements of