Sunday, November 13, 2022

Voice of Reason...Hijacked System has to Go...Life vs Death...JFK@ The Beast...False History...England is NOT our Ally...The Whole Issue is Control of the $$$...

Being the voice of reason sucks sometimes, scratch that I mean most of the time. The reason  this is so, is that no bias is allowed when analyzing a subject. For some 22 years now the population of America has been witness to some of the most audacious political tampering with elections that the planet has ever seen, and absolutely nothing has been done to prevent future cheating, never mind find justice for those who have had their voices silenced via this technologic tyranny.

Since August of 1978 I have been awake to the crisis now overtaking America. The crisis then is and was the same as it is now, Americans have lost control of their government. What we have been witness to since the murder of John Paul I, the REAL Man of God, is a soap opera in WaSHINGTON D.C. The problem for you and me and folks like us, is that the solution is NEVER to our advantage. The solution always provides for the continued status quo. The thing I find so maddening is how many times do people have to watch the same play before it dawns on them that something is amiss?

I have been trying to tell folks for years now, that they can't get to where they want to go, via a hijacked system. The absolute Truth that Donald J. Trump spoke was the need for a brand new government. I wish mankind would do the right thing and bring in the rightful government and ruler, but it appears sadly that is not going to be the case now at THIS Time. New is new, and by definition can not contain any part that is old. It would have been so much better for everyone if those who hold the power, had just given it to others peacefully, but their continued actions give away their intentions. Therefore it will be taken from them, and given to others

Life was given to man as a gift, and meant to be lived in freedom, instead some flesh and blood turned it against his brothers and sisters and made life a chore. The same flesh and blood then anointed itself master over life here in the world. I have heard from on high, that Heaven had indeed announced it's presence to the Earth for over seven years from sometime in the middle 50s to early 60s. There is a reason there can never be a political solution to America's dilemma  and it is because of what happened in Dallas. Many are unaware that they have been set up through conditioning in the here and now, to accept the Beast with the mortal head wound in the soon to be future. If you do that, you are repeating a past mistake, one I possibly made myself at some time in my journey, but will not repeat it.

I hate to have to start here, but I AM telling you right NOW, that we will not be giving the JFK scenario another chance, If JFK had the correct intentions from the get go( from the time he allowed his father to get him involved in politics), nothing could have stopped him, even those bullets in Dallas. It is not our intent to focus on his personal life, however it was his personal life that prevented Lucifer from pulling off his magic trick  at the time of his death. Where no guile was found in Christ, JFK had too many skeletons in his closet to be resurrected on the spot. Keep this in mind as we move forward.

So November 1963, is when they made death more important then life in the subconscious mind, and they have continually reinforced the idea since via items like war, drugs, cultures and tell a vision. It started shortly after with a place called Vietnam, over a thing called communism. You are going to realize that 'things' are very important to those minding death. Now the war brought out the first protesters against death, but they did not act like they knew they were up against death, their discernment was not deep enough, as they offered up only political solutions, which can not ever work because politics is always about control, and life is given as freedom not serfdom.

I guess we will just weave back and forth on the timeline from 63-22 here on various intertwined subjects. I can not go any further without mentioning the great involvement of various governmental agencies throughout this narrative starting in Dallas, and not for our benefit( the people) but rather in the name of National Security. I have gotten so use to hearing those words from the lips of government officials I think they have replaced the Eagle as the nations symbol. I mention this because Washington DC is one thing if nothing else, and that is a Seeker of Attention. In fact as a collective Washington DC has a sociopathic need to be the center of attention. 

The American people deserve to know the truth, and people need to realize that folks that tell you that your own government has declared you an enemy combatant  are telling you the Truth. Anna Von Reitz is telling you the truth about our identity theft by that same government. Somewhere along the path the elected officials have lost sight of their duty, and have become as like Rulers of the past. Instead of serving the people, they now rule the people, and it ought not to be this way.

The people need to know that Red China has declared war on the United States in cahoots with the Mexican drug cartels via the importation of Fentanyl and thousands of Americans are dying from ODing on the stuff. Our Military should be guarding our borders at this time. There is no telling what is already here. I think that is one thing almost all Americans can agree on, and that is we are tired of this provocative bombing of other countries back into the stone age, and then laying the bill at the feet of the people to pick up like they have done now 109 years strong. 

Give me a damn break, here we are 72 hours AFTER the mid term elections, and it makes you wonder, how the f*#k did they carry on elections and have the results before the sun came up the next morning before all this ' wonderful ' technology came on the scene!  I hate to be the bearer of bad news folks, but my research shows that since the creation of 'Windows', election corruption has gone through the roof with no end in sight.

It takes a blind person to not see what this country is being set up for. Damn right the ending is not for everyone. It is not for me if it means a dictatorship takes form as the credits roll. There is something terribly amiss in America, at this moment, and my gut of guts tells me it pertains to the Military of the United States. Perhaps something along the lines of how long the Military has been in control of The District. I did see a paper I wanted to answer by one of these latter days counter narrative 'experts' in all things shenanigans, but I just took a quick look, and seen a few more damage control papers that the handlers have put out to try and reassert their counter narrative that we are winning. Just what we are winning, and more importantly how much longer will it take to inform the losers of their status?

I heard Big Bird has been dispatched to Arizona, to teach those folks how to count correctly. Something terribly wrong there and in my state of Nevada, where they are still 'looking' for votes to steal back the Senate and Gov. seats won by Laxalt and Lombardo. If I was Lombardo and won the Gov. seat I would run every last Fed out of the State for what they put him and his family through over the events of October 1st 2017 on the Las Vegas Strip. Of course I am not, so the cover up of what really transpired that night will continue. Lombardo could change my mind about him if he does the right thing, not going to hold my breath.

So these assholes in charge are braindead and have not had an original thought this century yet, so naturally we are back to where we started. Russia bad, United States good, watch out for flying nukes. I might as well be eight years old again. I see so many people looking to lay the woes of the world at the feet of it's religions, when clearly the issue is The State, in particular THE POLITICS of said states, both internal and external. When I was eight they were able to explain away their enemy as communism. Well you see they no longer have their front to hide behind. Plain and simple the idiots in Washington, don't like Putin's politics, Putin says I don't care, my politics are because of your politics. The only way out of this for us Americans is to get the United States Government to stop acting like a 'Global' State!!!

We need to kick the United Nations off this continent, it was set up as a conspiracy against the American people from it's beginning. If anything ever SMELLED up a place like a NWO asset it is and was the UN. Lets stop with the bulls*#t that the United States and the West won WW2 Propaganda. Guaranteed that half of Europe disagrees. When I studied history when I was younger, I thought to myself, man those English people were quite the assholes in their heyday, treating the rest of Europe like step children. Then I looked into them a second time in my mid 20's, that's when I realized they would look upon being called assholes as a compliment.

Yeah good old England is a real piece of work, and has 'coveted' Russia's wheat basket from the late 19 century on. Both World Wars were directed from London and the fools there in London and their contemporaries abroad have not figured out yet, that it is not smart to try and control everything and everyone. 


The moment one tries, is the moment it all starts to fall apart. The English had this line(drawn in the sand, but real) that was the bulwark of their Military strategy as far as Russia went, and I believe it was called the Mackinder Line or Pivot and it traces back into the late 19th century, and the reason I am pointing this out is so Americans can know that really this is about England's thing(had it for over a century) with Russia and Ukraine. As Americans before us have found out England is real good at starting wars, just not finishing them without help. 

Anyone who wants the real read on what happened in Europe should take a look at the work; Conjuring Hitler, How Britain and America Made the Third Reich By Guido Giacomo Preparata. It is a load of bulls*#t that Hitler raised Germany out of the ashes through his policies. Where do you think all that 'money' went when America suffered the Great Depression? Are you even aware of who orchestrated what has become known as the great depression? With the help of dupes in place in WASHINGTON DC, one Montagu Norman was the conductor of now you see it, now you don't. England IS NOT our ally, never have been, and are not now.

As far as China goes, and people need to understand that I do not have a problem with the people in other countries who are living upright lifes, my issue is with STATE OFFICIALS who have taken advantage of their populations now for decades and in some cases centuries. China along with Mexico are the perfect example's of why, if we are going to 'assign' value to 'money', THAT value needs to be worldwide. The sweatshops in both countries have their origin in this huge disconnect created in the name of greed. Americans used to build things and they were damn good at it. But then the early Global scouts wormed their way into boardrooms and said you know, if we were to close down this steel mill here in Pa. and reopen it in China where we can get people to work for one dollar an hour, where we now are paying 40 dollars an hour, look how much our bottom line goes up. Work is work, some more  dangerous then others and ALL workers regardless of where they reside should be payed a real living wage so that Corporations can't use this labor issue to cause strife among peoples. Our Southern border has the issue it does because our worthless fiat money has been deemed worthy, while Mexico's fiat money has been deemed unworthy. Both paper, both backed by NADA, yet light years apart on what a person can do with them. It ought not to be this way, and IT IS NOT going to continue. The solution to our Southern border is a very easy one to fix. As soon as the correct leaders assume their places Mexicans will have the same opportunities as Americans and that will be a very good thing for both the country as well as the Continent.

I have had a standing offer at this blog now for years. I say through my perusal of American history that although the country has had it's moments, you can not find this great mythical greatness, and I have asked numerous times for someone to show me this period of greatness, and no one has stepped forth. It is a nice sound bite, but has no place in reality. The truth is the Central Government and the Congress  were created by a small group of people from England that found that by creating a nation, a symbol, a legal unity called the United States, they could take over land, profits, and political power from favorites of the British Empire. In the process, they could hold back a number of potential rebellions and create a consensus of popular support for the rule of a new, privileged leadership.[Zinn chapter 4 Tyranny is Tyranny] The Supreme Court was created to protect the enterprise, and anyone who doubts the Truth of that statement has never read the early 20th century work of Gustavus Myers on the creation of the court.

Now as far as greatness goes, yes America IS the Promised Land of the Age, but she lost her way when she allowed herself to be dragged backwards into the old ways of the warlords. The American people have had enough of the bankers wars, and you assholes are attempting once again to get America involved. Americans are sick and tired of entries like NATO(scumbags who declared war on Yugoslavia) who protect narco states, and have marched right up to the border of Russia, when they swore no such thing would happen. This puppet on a string nonsense must end and it must end now.

Never cared for the Queen, or any of her offspring, or grandchildren for that matter. It is a possibility that the timing of the ANNOUNCEMENT of her death is and was part of a conditioning the people of America to gain sympathy, in case the people of London were to suffer from a nuclear weapon. One thing they did learn from their Twin Towers stunt over 20 years ago it appears, is that they have to be very crafty on how they attack America. They know that anything as brazen as 911(nuke an American city) will be met with an uncontrollable mass of Americans. I am warning all you official types, you do NOT want to see a pissed off America, you do something stupid, you had best have one hell of a bug out hide away, because I sense that one more brazen act will be the tipping point, and is the reason I believe that we have not had any more of these overt attacks on our land. I will remind you all that it was AMERICA attacked on 911, NOT the United States District.

So I am going to close this with the reminder to you all that you need to be aware of the old divide and conquer routine that the controllers have had in place forever, create the two warring factions and then step in with the solution. I have seen some troubling headlines over the last two months or so that appear to suggest one group of politicians are attempting to walk the last six years back to the old normal and that is just not going to be allowed. The sooner this is dealt with, the quicker Washington DC can be razed, the land given back to America, and the country can start anew. My suggestion would be OK.City as the new capital if we must have one. Till next moment hits me, love one another, and stay vigilant.




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