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Part 1 PANDORA'S BOX..The Ultimate "Unseen Hand" Behind the New World Order

A few words need to be said,a sort of disclaimer on this material. This file that I am using(the only one I find on the web)is definitely not the best PDF,I have worked with.I suspect that it has been tampered with,like certain comments added by others,not the author and not noted as such,particularly in the second chapter. Also certain paragraphs seemed scrambled, I suspect this was done to discredit the book in general, which must be very hard to find.I considered trying to purchase a copy,but decided against it when I seen this...  Crazy price huh? Anyhow I wanted the reader to be aware,that I seen,what I am sure some will notice.I cleaned it up where I knew it would not hurt the integrity of the authors intent.Anywhere I commented is in italic's,different font and noted D.C.
The Ultimate "Unseen Hand" 
Behind the New World Order 
Revised Edition By Alex Christopher 

The methods of recording the events of the past for posterity and the edification of future generations have changed over the millennia. Thousands of years ago knowledge of past events was passed on from generation to generation in the form of stories, related by fathers to sons and to others willing to listen. 

The origin of the word "History" comes from that practice of narration in that each legend so recited would be "his story", but the advent of writing changed the method of recital. Historians became relatively passive, relating their story just once, leaving the efforts of learning to the reader. 

The spoken, or narrated story changed down through the ages and the telling, mutating into far more than the realities of the original exploits of the principal players in the drama into legends extolling the super human characteristics of the heroes of the saga, but also at the same time they would degenerate into nothing more than mere legends. 

But transcribe "his-story" into writing thereafter cannot be changed, or can it? 

Aside from the origins of the word which describes the discipline, there is also a related and unwritten law: History has always been written by the winners. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is neither a legal requirement nor a fact that the winner always writes a true account of history, If the victor is corrupted, or has interests to protect from the public, for example: why the war was created in the first place, he is in a position, being the winner, to make sure that the unsuspecting public never gets to know. 

How? He simply writes and rewrites the history books, or causes the history books to be re-written, and everyone knows that the history books are correct, aren't they? 

Wars have been fought down through the millennia, and almost always, when over, the victor always gets to write down the results. Where the "true" accounts of the "magnificent exploits" of the victorious are applauded and extolled to the world (whatever comprised "The World" at that time), the comments and observations of the vanquished have been (if not outright destroyed) suppressed, and consigned to a dusty, second rate status of "archives (written by nobodies)", thereafter to slowly decompose into the mists of antiquity and (hopefully) never again reach the light of day. 

The victor is therefore exalted as the one who had "right" (and inevitably, God as well) on his side, and the vanquished become in posterity, if not criminals, then simply mis-informed non-entities who fought for a lost and often evil cause. 

If anyone should doubt that, then consider how history would be written today (in either Japanese for the U.S. side of the Atlantic and the Pacific, or German for the European and North African theatre) should the "nasty other side" have won the second world war! What then would become of the British "Stiff upper lip, old chap" or the "American Way of Life", or any of the other colloquial cliches which are abused in describing this "wonderful?" current way of life? 

If the ownership of control of the Power and/or Lands and/or ideals (and "ideals" usually disguises want of either power or land, or both) have not been decided by the Act of War, then such "coups" have usually been accomplished in other ways. 

(1) Assassination has always been a good, clean way. Simply kill the incumbent leader; this method has a time honored history. 

(2). A more insidious method (but still effective) is the usurping of the authority and power by one or more individual(s) who. while appearing to be loyal to the master, manage, through one means or another, take away his power. This method can be broken down into several sub-methods. 

(a) Cause the incumbent leader to "fall from grace" (this most likely in the case of a politician), but, in this instance, make sure you are yourself popular in the public eye, in order to be able to take over, or: 

(b). Wait until the King is incapacitated by some debilitating illness and unable to take care of his kingdom (or estate), then surreptitiously take it out from under him, or; 

(c). Wait until just after the King dies, (even if prematurely) then. 

(i) Place the heir on the throne while making sure he has no ability or opportunity to exercise any power until you have exerted enough influence over the inexperienced new monarch to get him to leave everything in your control, then you kill him; or 

(ii) Employ method number one against the heirs and descendants of the King. That is kill the heir, then place someone else, a close relative, perhaps, on the throne, but be sure that the new King is someone who is 

(a) popular with the masses (such a member of a family which used to be in control), and 

(b) someone whom you can directly, or indirectly control, and have him appear to be in control, but, in reality, control everything directly yourself. 

(3) As a side thought, the "Wars" do not have to be wars which involve armies, tanks, ships and aircraft and weapons of mass destruction, unless they are for a "major cause", they can also be minor "wars" or "conflicts", or "police actions", or "peace-keeping efforts" of a political or economic nature. 

Where we are not dealing with the likes of the King or a Country, there are other ways which deal, more specifically, with individuals or corporations, but most of the methods adopted against the individual or companies embody, at least in principle, a rough approximation (if not direct copy) of, those outlined above. 

Of course, there are more subtle and ingenious ways to wrest control of assets from others, but there is not enough space in this book to address all the finer details of that particular craft, only those which pertain to the main subjects and object of this book. 

This book will address the events relative to the time period from Biblical time but (predominantly the 1700's and 1800's) before the American Civil War; then the events of the Martial Law period of the Civil War, and then the developments after the Civil War Martial Law period up to the present day and all the hidden secrets that I have been able to uncover and the possible or probable events of the future and all the intertwining connections. 

It is the intention of the author, to present the real facts pertaining to the true history of the development of the state of affairs that have not only unfolded into the United States of America but how it reaches into the other countries of the world. 

Many hundreds of books including school text books and other fictional or non-fictional books on the History of The United Slates have been written by many well renowned and famous historians, and it is not the intent of this author to malign or disparage their efforts in any way. 

Other writers have attempted to "educate" the general public with other literary efforts, which, while the authors claim many years of dedicated and diligent research, either failed to conduct such research, or, in the worst cases, relied upon gossip and "research" of persons who not only had a complete lack of knowledge regarding the subject matter, but had little if any knowledge as to how to properly use a library. It therefore stands to reason that such authors can and could not hope to achieve their claimed elevated status as revelers of the real truth owing to the fallacious nature of their methods of research and inquiry. 

Still other "writers" claim to have gleaned their immense knowledge of the subject matter through intimate friends "on the inside" of corporations and/or the activities which form the primary subject matter of their "books". While this, on the outside, may offer some means of finding out things otherwise impossible to discover, and even may seem to be the only way to get to the bottom of the "problem", it also should be realized that those "friends" have, not only their own interests, job, and families to protect, but, in some cases, matters of national security, and therefore are not going to give over vital or even truthful information for fear of reprisal or worse! Where the  informant is perhaps an executive of this corporation, even then, contrary' to popular belief, executives are not always privy to the real truth, and are often manipulated by the deliberate dissemination of misinformation and, in some matters, kept entirely "in the dark" by their superiors. 

While in some circumstance it is necessary to rely on the efforts of some of the true historians of the past in gaining source material for a pending publication, the author also must be very careful in selecting truly relevant historical material, and therefore must adopt several rules regarding his sources, namely;

(a) If it is necessary to rely on historical authors, choose well known and respected authors, whose books are well and truly corroborated by other respected historians, or; 

(b) while they are an interesting source of information, no newspaper or magazine article can be relied upon for, or regarded as the true version of concrete historic fact. 

This should be an obvious choice, yet so many disregard it. While some newspaper articles in the more respected newspapers are quite truthful, factual and beyond reproach, it is generally accepted that they are, at best a dramatic embellishment. 

The other notable type of article as presented is by the proverbial supermarket tabloid, and can only be described as an entirely fictional account of a non-existent event, such as shown by the headlines, "Man dies in love-pact with 47 cows", or "Mink Coat comes alive at dance and bites owner to death", or the ever popular stories of the latest antics of the Hollywood superstars which are presented by such magazines in such a way as to cause the subject of such pseudo-libel to have little or no legal recourse, while affording said tabloid the luxury of cashing in on the gossip hungry people who buy such supermarket newspapers and magazines. 

And yet some of these above mentioned less than thorough researchers rely on the likes of these newspaper stories. fictions and gossips as "historic fact". 

Of the more respectable and irrefutable newspaper articles, the majority, such as those written at or about the turn of the twentieth century which deal with such subject matter as the persons of the Rockefellers, or J.P. Morgan, the Lehman Brothers. Thomas Edison, Marconi Etc., or which trumpet the achievements of the government of the day. as shall be shown in subsequent pages, can only be relied upon to furnish proof of the existence of such people or the government, and to furnish a reasonable assumption that the purported actions of those people did take place, and not as a true and correct record as to what those people or governments did or why or when they did it. 

In both Corporate and government circles, the "news" is nothing more than the information those particular "leaders" wished to be made public at that time. In short, Propaganda. 

If you, the reader, should doubt that statement, consider the way that the media has been used to document the actions of the government since the American Korean War. sorry, the Korean "Police Action", and every other "war" or "conflict" since then. How many of the true facts emerged into the realms of the general public? 

A true and correct account of history cannot be achieved by viewing today's result of prior actions, and then attempting to deduce what possible singular action it was which achieved that particular result. Although this may be relatively accurate for the short term, it becomes hopelessly inaccurate in the long term.

I might view a building and, from its form, function, architecture and design, and who visits it and why. I might deduce that it is a McDonalds (hamburger business?), built around 5 years ago, obviously a thriving business in the area and doing well after 5 years. 

I might delve a little deeper into the mystery and also consult with a local individual and find out that it is actually a franchise which is 5 years old, but that the headquarters of the company, that is the parent company is about 20 years old,  and the "M" of the Golden Arches obviously is the scriptic design of the "M" of McDonald's. 

But go to the intersection of Lakewood and Florence Boulevard in Downey (90241) in California and view the 1950s style structure which is one of the surviving buildings of the original chain started in San Bernardino in California, and you will see in the buildings' design where the famous Golden Arches came from. 

For a true history of the formation and development of the United States of America, and the so-called American industrial revolution, there are several areas in which to research which offer a wealth of information, the following are just a few: 

1. Congressional Records, Library of Congress, and official Historical Societies. 
2. Law libraries and the libraries of various universities which are recognized as being among the best in teaching law and its practice. 
3. Specialist historical publications by authors recognized by their peers (betters, not equals). 
4. The records of lineage and achievements of such legally recognizable entities as the National Historical Society, the Mayflower Society etc. 
5. Family record, of those families involved from the beginning in the areas of interest. 

All of the above are extremely useful in finding the bones of the truth, but the meat of the proof must be found elsewhere. 

There is one area which is available to all, and all can view it at anytime. The information sought in this area, is, when acquired, legally admissible in to any Court in the land, as against, for example, library records (which do not constitute legally admissible evidence). In order to tap into this wealth of knowledge and proof, the researcher must have at least a better than rudimentary knowledge of the subject matter (acquired through the use of all the research areas mentioned in clauses 1-5 above), and an ability to ferret out the real historical facts from the fictional propaganda. 

The sequence of research, in the case of the famous McDonalds, in order to find out exactly when and where the company was formed, is to go first to the Head Office to ask when and where. Then, to make sure, go to the County Court House of the particular State and County, and research the Books of Corporations and find the actual document of Incorporation which must, by law, be filed in that courthouse. If you cannot then find it, there are four possibilities: 

(a). They were mistaken (or worse) at head office; (b). The documentation for McDonald's is not in the index, either intentionally or inadvertently omitted: (c). The corporation is not called McDonalds at all. but another name, in which case go back to the Head Office, 

(d). The records have been removed (either by authority or stolen) or destroyed, or both. 

Then to find out what they did, look at the books of Deeds (not just real estate deeds, every "deed" or "action" or "event") recorded in that courthouse under the true name of the corporation and in every other County Courthouse in which that corporation conducts or conducted its business. 

Any way you look at it, to get at the real truth and to create an accurate history of what happened, you must "get to the bottom of it" and go to the courthouse to find the truth. 

The "bones" of this book have been created from the sources as outlined in Clauses 1 through 5 above. 

Where and when possible, and more particularly concerning the time period encompassing the early development of the United States of America to the present day, the "meat" on those bones has been provided from the real historic archives of the United States of America, namely the County and Municipal Courthouses and other similarly oriented depositories which present the legally admissible documentary proof of the main objective of this book, which is, simply stated, that: 

This is chiefly an attempt to try to set the "record" of history straight, by showing you, the reader: 

(1). How History has been written by the winners. (2). That History is Still, today, being written by the "winners" (Usurpers)
(3). That the History which the population has been taught in the schools is not the true History as reflected and proven in the Legal Record Books. 
(4). That History is, unfortunately, still being repeated! 

Although we are supposed to be living in an enlightened world, and in many ways we are, when it comes to understanding who or where the Twelve Tribes of Israel are in the world today, we find only a limited amount of information, and much of it is conjecture. 

The following information, along with the migration map will be helpful in shedding more light and understanding on this most important and timely subject. 

We are endeavoring to show that the Twelve Tribes of Israel in the world today are none other than the peoples which comprise the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples. Since they are scattered throughout the world, it is difficult to have an accurate estimate of how many Israelites (real Israelites) there are living at this time, but there are some who estimate that there are between six and seven hundred million. The promise which is stated in the scriptures made some 3800 years ago to Abraham, Isaac and Isaac's sons (the Saxons) as recorded in the book of Genesis, has come to pass. The promise was reiterated specifically to Jacob, who was given the name "Israel". 

The first time that Abraham was told that his progeny would be a blessing to all nations of the world, and would be a great host of people, is found in the Twelfth chapter of Genesis, but for this study we will consider chapter twenty-two where the Lord appears the second time to Abraham to repeat and confirm what we call today the "Abrahamic Covenant." 

Consider verses fifteen through eighteen which state: And the Angel of the Lord called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time and said, "By myself have I sworn, saith the lord, that in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the seashore; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed, because thou hast obeyed my voice." 

For many centuries the peoples which comprise "Anglo-Saxondom" have practiced some kind of faith to God.

They are found in every nation and people in the world, and they have also been a blessing in other ways to the have-not nations of the world. 

Most Christians are aware that the Israelites were carried into captivity, but many know little about the details. A short synopsis of this story is found in second Kings, chapter eighteen. There we read of this deportation of Israel and, a few years later, most of Judah. 

In approximately 730 B.C. Shalmaneser (king of Assyria) invaded Israel, and we read in verses 11 and 12: '"and the King of Assyria did carry away Israel unto Assyria, and put them in Halah and in Harbor by the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes, because they obeyed not the voice of the Lord their God. but transgressed his covenant." 

In verse 13, it states that seven years later the Assyrian army came up against the remaining cities of Judah and took them. Only Jerusalem remained under King Hezekiah's control. Eventually the city of Jerusalem was also destroyed as the people continued to struggle. 

In the year 596 B.C., Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, came and besieged Jerusalem, and took the inhabitants approximately 22,000 into what we call the Babylonian Captivity. This is a short history in a nutshell, so to speak, of Israel's deportation and subsequent captivity. 

However, the important thing that we need to remember is that, when almost the entire population of all twelve tribes of Israel were taken captive by the armies of Assyria, they were placed in the area of the Caucasus Mountains to the North of their Homeland. There they remained for approximately one hundred years, and became known as Caucasians, most of these people had fair skin, blonde, or reddish-blond or light-brown hair and light blue or blue-green eyes. The name Caucasian has remained as part of their identity ever since that time. 

Most people have no idea whatsoever of the connection between the Caucasians and the Israelites of Bible history and prophecy. Refer to the chapter about England, France and the Holy Grail.

In fact, the great majority of the peoples of "Anglo-Saxondom" today have little, if any, idea as to why they happen to be called Caucasians. When a person seeks employment it is not unusual to find the question asked as to whether they are of Caucasian descent. Most people answer "yes" without thinking of the historic reason for this designation. Secular history records, that the twelve tribes were never really lost, but had just taken on a different name. 

The map shows the different routes taken by the Israelites when they left the area of the Caucasus mountains and migrated over into Europe during the subsequent years. 

They were not known as "Israelites" during this trek Westward, but by the various names as shown on the map. Later, as they settled in various parts of Europe, they took on the names by which we know the countries today. Collectively, we call them the "Western Christian nations". As the movement west continued, we find that a representative number of the twelve tribes gathered here on this North American Continent. 

The prophets Isaiah and Micah prophesied that in the last days a great and mighty nation would arise. It would be a prosperous nation, and be called Jacob, i.e. Israel, and this great prosperous nation and it's people would honor God. Today millions of people from other cultures and races are seeking to migrate to America and Canada to have a share in our material prosperity. 

The prophet Hosea prophecies about the future restoration of Israel, which has now been fulfilled for the most part. You need to realize that the Caucasian race (the peoples which comprise Anglo-Saxondom) are the Israelites talked about in the Bible, We are the real Jewish race. 

The above information is one of the best kept secrets of our time. The people that are in control and are trying to take over the world do not want a certain part of the population of this country and many others to know that they are the chosen people not the ones that are in old Israel trying to reestablish the home front there. 

The lost tribes, the "chosen people", are found en masse in the United States. They are the light-haired, blue or blue-green-eyed people. In the year of 1992 in a little town above Bonners Ferry, Idaho, there was a family by the name of Weaver that was ripped apart and was used as an example. This family were members of a new group of people that call themselves "The New Identity Movement"; these people know that they are the true descendants of the seeds of Abraham, but the controlling Jews have taken over our government and they go nuts when their "claimed position" is threatened. 

What the nebulous "they" did was that they sent in federal troops to make an example of this family. The fact that the root of the whole fiasco was over religious belief was never on the news, to my knowledge. Randy Weaver and his family were very outspoken about their beliefs and this was their downfall. Randy Weaver lost his wife Vicki and a son in this show of power over the people. 

The "Khazar-Jews" that are controlling our government have plans and will stop at nothing to wipe out the true seeds of Abraham. They have been in our government for sometime now and have written laws to protect themselves and laws such as the Emergency Executive Orders (as outlined in the chapter on F.E.M.A) to force the "chosen race" into concentration camps and kill them by whatever means they choose. 

Its the plan for another holy war. Another Inquisition is the one being done from the Catholic Church, because they (Khazar-Jews) still control it too. They have been trying to wipe out the royal seed, the "chosen ones" for along time. 

The Khazar-Jews are also behind the  Illuminati and all of their dastardly plans to control the world hand in hand with the Catholic Church, the "Great Scarlet Whore". 

The greatest source of pride for Jews is their belief that they are the "blood descendants of Abraham". Out of that conviction has come not only "identity", but deep "confirmation" through the ages; the "confirmation" results from a deliberate re-structuring of history. 

Modern scholars have, however, begun to question whether all who consider themselves Jews are in fact Jews at all. There is mounting evidence that the great majority of Jews today (the Ashkenazim or Eastern European Jews) are not the offspring of Abraham, but descendants of the ancient Central European nation of Khazaria, converted to Judaism in 740 A.D. 

Khazaria's conversion to a Judaism is unquestioned. What remains in doubt is what became of the roughly two million Khazarians in the centuries following conversion? Did they dissolve into the nations of Central Europe? Or did they remain relatively intact, migrating to such countries as Poland. Lithuania, and Russia, laying the foundation for the massive "Jewish" populations in Eastern Europe the source of most Jews living in Russian and the United States today? 

To begin to unravel this question we will look at the Khazars in the Encyclopedia Judaica. the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, the Jewish Encyclopedia and the Encyclopedia Britannica. The Thirteenth Tribe, the exhaustively researched study of the Khazars by the eminent modern Jewish writer, Arthur Koestler, provides us not only with vital background information, but conclusions about the final destiny of the Khazars (which the encyclopedias omit). 

Who were the Khazars? Where had they come from? The country of the Khazars, a people of Turkish stock, occupied a strategic key position at the vital gateway between the Black Sea and the Caspian, where the great eastern powers of the period confronted each other. It acted as a buffer protecting Byzantium against invasions by the barbarian tribesmen of the northern steppes Bulgars, Magyars, Pechenegs. etc. and later the Vikings and the Russians. 

Of even more importance both from the point of view of Byzantine diplomacy and of European history, is the fact that the Khazar armies effectively blocked the Arab avalanche in its most devastating early stages, and thus prevented the Muslim conquest of Eastern Europe. 

The Khazars, according to the Encyclopedia Judaica, may have been the descendants of Attila the Hun. Like other Turkish peoples they manifested the strongest warlike traits yet were often gifted with commercial and artistic genius. At the peak of their prosperity and power they exacted tribute from no fewer than 30 nations of Central Europe over whom they held undisputed dominion. 

During the 8th century Khazaria found itself embarrassed. The other nations surrounding it were adopting to more advanced monotheistic religions of Byzantine Christianity or Islam, while Khazaria languished in the primitive superstitions of a nation of nomads and warriors. It was time for a new religion. In 740 A.D. the Khagan summoned representatives of Christianity, Islam and Judaism to his presence, each being provided with the opportunity to state its case; in the end Judaism was accepted as Khazaria's new religion, probably because it carried no obligation for military alliances, as did Byazantine Christianity and Islam. 

For over 400 years well into the 13th Century Judaism thrived as the state religion of several million Khazars. The Khazars, whose most educated guess as to who might be their founding father would have been Attila the Hun, came to believe they were descendants, not of the "Golden Horde," but of Abraham. The Khazars studied Hebrew, venerated the Talmud and Torah, yearned for the coming of Messiah, and actually hoped to soon retake Jerusalem from the Muslims and return to "the land of their forefathers." 

The Norsemen, or "Rus," (forefathers of modern Russians), gradually gained the upper hand while Khazaria declined. The Rus made an alliance with Khazaria's traditional ally, Byzantium, and together in 1016 A.D. they treacherously invaded and conquered Khazaria, bringing to an end the autonomy of one of the most powerful and strategic nations of the ancient world. 

In the following century the fabric of Khazarian life was further rent by invasions of the "Kumans," a wild, barbaric horde from the steppes of Asia. Yet, far worse was the full scale invasion in 1245 of the terrible Mongol hordes led by Genghis Khan. Before the terror of Genghis Khan, not only the Khazars, but most inhabitants of Central Europe fled to the west. 

Yet the Khazars, traditionally a nation of nomads, had been migrating west and northwest for centuries even before the earlier invasions of the Rus. By the time of the Mongols, Khazar communities were well established in Hungary and the Ukraine, in the Balkans. Southern Russia, in Slavic lands, in Lithuania, but most of all, Poland. 

With the first awakenings of civilization in Poland, beginning with the founding of the first Piast dynasty in 926 A.D., the Khazars, because of their commercial background as artisans, middlemen and traders, were especially welcome as settlers. It was not long before one Polish city contained five synagogues, while many towns had at least two. In fact, complaints began to come before the magistrates that Khazar synagogues, because of their height and opulence, were putting Christian edifices to shame. 

Legislation was demanded to limit them in size and number. Even as late as the 15th and 16th centuries, Khazars continued to arrive and prosper in Poland, making Poland the "new Khazaria" to roughly a half million displaced Khazars. It was well into the 17th century before the racial isolation of the Khazar communities in Poland, Lithuania and Russia was significantly altered by contact with authentic descendants of Abraham from the West. 

During the Muslim conquests and after the Jewish exodus from Babylon in the 11th century, most "true" Jews had settled in the lands surrounding the Mediterranean, especially Spain. Only relatively small numbers of such Jews inhabited Northern Europe. Despite claims by Jewish historians that mass migrations of authentic Jews moved east into Khazar territories as a result of such calamities as the Crusades, the Black Death and the Inquisition, Koestler thoroughly documents the absence of any historic basis for such alleged movements concerning genuine Jewish populations in the German Rhineland before and after the first Crusade. 

Ultimately, the first widespread contact between Khazars and Jews of the west occurred as a result of the anti Semitic Chmelnicky massacres in Poland of 1648-49. A wave of Khazar migration began out of Poland to the west a migration which continued almost three centuries until the second World War. 

It is out of that migration, beginning mid-point in the 17th century, that the principle Jewish settlements of Europe, the United States and Israel have been formed. 

Curiously, a study of Yiddish, the language of the Polish Khazars, also confirms the absence of authentic Jewry in Poland before the mid-17th Century. Yiddish, of course, began as the Jewish "lingua franca" language of commerce. It combined Hebrew with the East-Middle German spoken by the German bourgeoisie class which dominated Polish culture during the period in which Yiddish was formed. The fact of the matter is that if authentic Jews had been in Poland in the time of Yiddish's evolution during and after the 15th Century, then words of the West German dialect spoken by Jews of the West would also be found in Yiddish. Yet, according to scholars, Yiddish is untainted by West German influence. In contrast to thousands of Hebrew, East German and Slavic words in Yiddish, there is not a West German word to be found proving that authentic Jews had no part in the cultural life which produced Yiddish.

If Jews from the West had been unable to influence Yiddish which in the period of its formation was a linguistic "free-for-all" inviting the contributions of anyone, is it credible that they would have made any significant contribution to the gene-pool of the Polish Khazars? Hardly. It cannot be denied that from the day Khazaria was converted to Judaism Jews world-wide had been vaguely aware of a Jewish state to the East, and some may even have visited and intermarried. Yet such infinitesimal commingling of genuine Jewish blood in the veins of hundreds of thousands of Khazars would not have compared to the much more frequent inbreeding which must have inevitably occurred between the Khazars and the Hungarians. Russians and Poles who surrounded them. 

We have the strongest evidence, then, from historic and linguistic sources, that the Ashkenazi-Khazarian population of Eastern Europe, (the source of most of the people that call themselves "Jews" but are not), if not 100 percent Gentile before the mid-17th Century, were very near to it. 

For a very long time now, the elders of this group of so-called "Jews" have been telling the children to marry into the gentile people in order to soften or delete the facial features; this has been happening for a very long time in order to "infiltrate" the gentile without much notice of what they really are - controlling Khazars at heart. 

With this in mind, the Jewish claim that all of Eastern Europe contains at least some of the blood of Abraham becomes spurious; the crudest attempt to preserve the Ashkenazim from being as "Gentile" as the verdict of history decrees them to be. 

Rejecting history, Khazar-Jewish scholars scramble for even the smallest claim to the patrimony of Abraham, since it is essential not only to the "self-esteem" of Eastern European "Jewry," but to legitimize the present Jewish claim to Palestine - a claim which has been most insistently made by those of Khazar origin. 

The most any Eastern European "Jew" can claim with confidence is that his forefathers were converted to Judaism out of Paganism. The story of the Khazar Empire, as it slowly emerges from the past, begins to look like the most cruel hoax which history has ever perpetrated. 

Yet if this black joke is on the Jews, it is almost as much on American fundamentalists. Most Jewish settlers in Palestine during the first half of this century were Ashkenazim. Yet Christians have defended them as the "God's chosen people" hogwash, whose zeal in expropriating the native Palestinians they viewed as the laudable predestined role of regaining the land promised to their fore fathers. 

The truth is, the majority of these Jews who pioneered Palestine, high-handedly expelling Arabs from their homes were no more the descendants of Abraham.

While Christians have totally accepted the racial and territorial claims of the Ashkenazim, it is intriguing that most of their fellow Israelites, the Sephardic, and Oriental Jews, have not. 

In modern Israel there is a racial memory which persists a primal resentment of those aggressive, red-haired Jews from the north. In fact, antipathy between Ashkenazi and Sephardic-Oriental is so intense that it is an exception if they intermarry; racial slurs, discrimination, and even violence between them is increasingly common. 

Nevertheless, both Jews and U.S. Evangelicals are reluctant to accept the historic, racial basis from such aversion, preferring to believe all Jews are, by definition, the children of Abraham. What is the spiritual and prophetic significance of the inbreeding of the Khazars into the stem of Judah? Does it threaten the Biblical promise of God's ultimate restoration of the Jewish nation? Consider, for example, the Sephardic Jew the Jew most likely to inherit the actual genes of Abraham. 

Although we would like to believe he is untainted by Gentile admixture, again, the evidence suggests otherwise. Why is it that Jews living in Holland, Morocco, Italy or Turkey often resemble the inhabitants of their host country more than Jews living in other parts of the world? It is because, despite Rabbinic scriptures, Jews have intermarried with their host nations during the dispersion, just as they did in biblical times. 

During the past two thousand years, the beautiful daughters of Rebekah have been seduced or wooed by Gentile men. Jewish boys covet fair-haired, blue-eyed gentile girls. Today in America 40 percent of Jewish young men marry outside their race. Is this only a recent phenomena? Of course not. Intermarriage of such magnitude is indeed not unique to our time, but not the fact of intermarriage in Israel an indulgence by peasant or potentate from the beginning. 

Just as there are two different parts of Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, which have fought bitterly during the history of the world, there are likewise two parts of what is known as Judaism, the Orthodox Jewish Religion, and the Zionist Judaism by the Politics of Race. The Zionist Judaism today is not only made up of Khazars/Jews but you will also find so-called Christians supporting their cause. Our government, Senate, House of Representative and Presidency is almost 100% Zionist/Khazar. controlled that is why we are having some outrageous Zionist slanted laws pasted by these people that we have put in power with our vote of trust, so they could stab us in the back. This is how some people such as former President Wilson and the Rev. Jerry Falwell could claim to be both Zionists and Christians. That sounds like a warped mine or double jeopardy.[I have to let the reader know that this file I am using is not the best one I have read,and I have to question if certain comments without noting them as such have been added.I say this because the last short sentence in this paragraph seems like an after the fact to me,and it is not the first that I have noticed,so I am adding this disclaimer.Anyone who reads my blog knows that when I comment I do it in Italics and I note it with D.C]

In April, 1917, after being re-elected for a second term on the campaign slogan. "He kept. us out of war!", and after the agreement was made with Britain to set up political Zionist socialist democratic state. Wilson declared war on Germany. George Bush Campaigned on the theme, "Read my lips, no new taxes." He did all in his power to get all sorts of new taxes through Congress. 

In 1939 Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, Director of British Naval Intelligence during the pre-W.W.II era, and some of his associates, concluded that there was sufficient evidence to prove that the leaders of what he called World Jewry, and what we now identify as Political Zionism, were the "secret Power" behind the drive for a New World Order. They became convinced long before W.W.II that these Zionist were using their tremendous wealth to purchase sufficient power so as to influence international affairs in such a way as to bring nations into conflict with each other. 

These Zionists planned to establish a "Messianic Age" so that World Zionism with a central government in Palestine, could enforce their totalitarian ideology upon the entire world. To achieve their goals, they would control both Zionism and the leaders of Communism and Fascism (Hitler). They would control both Socialism and Corporate Capitalism through their control of international banking, oil and politics. Their intent was to bring about a "One World Government" which they intended to control as they had controlled the former independent nations of the Soviet Union with their agent Lenin after October, 1917. 

It is through the wars generated from behind the scenes that the Zionists intend to establish what George Bush called the New World Order. It could never have been suspected that the concepts of Political Zionism would come to control the thrust of liberal as well as so-called fundamental Christianity. It is through this convert Zionist activity, that Christians are being deceived into believing that the New World Order to be set up in Jerusalem , is the will of God on the Earth. What garbage![last 2 words in my opinion are an example of what I just said above DC] 

They intend to use Christian ministries and their Zionist Political Action Committees to get our Senate and Congress, as well as all the Presidents, to adopt their objectives as their own. Zionist believe in the Jewish race (Khazars) rather than the Jewish Religion. A far wiser generation than ours rejected the idea of abandoning American Sovereignty to a Zionist World Government. 

In spite of all the propaganda to the contrary over the past 50 years, there was never any intention on Hitler's part to attack and occupy the United States or make us a part of his Third Reich. Hitler did not want war with the United States and our country was under no threat, militarily or economically, from even a Nazi conquered Europe. 

The word Holocaust is not a German word at all it is Zionist-Yiddish and in Yiddish it means "a burnt sacrifice to a god." It is puzzling as to why what happened to the Jews in Hitler's Germany should be called a burned sacrifice to a god, knowing that there was no such intent on the part of Hitler to sacrifice these Jewish people to Almighty God. The Zionist Jews cooperated with Hitler's top people to deliberately annihilate the Orthodox Jews of Poland and Germany. The sacrifice of these orthodox religious Jews by the Zionist-Khazars Jews was in literal fact a holocaust-a burnt sacrifice or offering to their god whoever that might be. my God does not require such hair-brain stuff, does yours? [Again,and I left the small 'm',to show the author knows when to use a capital letter,this is kind of pissing me off DC]

The European poor and uneducated Orthodox Jews were betrayed into Hitler's Concentration Camps by these Zionist-Khazar (that call themselves Jews but are not). Are these Zionist-Khazar,that are now going back to Palestine after 1000 years, actually the ones who engineered what has become to be known as The Holocaust? 
Image result for rudolf kastner
The current high ranking Israeli Official, Rudolf Kastner, as being a collaborator with the Nazis and says that Zionist Kastner was directly responsible for the slaughter of one million Hungarian Orthodox Jews. Hitler's great Holocaust, to the extent that Jews were tortured, starved and murdered, was actually the elimination of the Orthodox Jews by the Zionist-Khazar (which are not Jew) Jew. The Holocaust was just another Zionist operation.[If you do your own research on Kastner,it makes all of this paragraph suspect,he was not a Zionist,and he paid with his life.I suspect now that this whole chapter has been compromised by a zionist shill,trying to blur the truth D.C] 

America's involvement in World War II had little to do with any threat against America, or any ego trip by Hitler and his National Socialists who needed to expand their agricultural land and economic base in order to sustain their failing socialist system. It had to do with providing the Zionists with land in Palestine form which the eventual New World Order would be directed. 

The Zionists needed a "holocaust" in order to finally get the world to justify giving them a national identity in Palestine from which to bring about their program of the New World Order. 

The majority of the Jews who died in Hitler's camps did so after being betrayed by the Zionist-Khazars Jews which are not Jews in the United States Department of State. Roosevelt and Churchill knew what was going on. [The color change in the same font is my suspicion of a comment not noted for the rest of this chapter.I have a hunch it will improve as we move on DC]

The next thing on the Zionist world agenda was the establishment of the United Nations which would then, as its first Official Act. declare that Palestine would belong to the Zionist Jews who wanted to migrate there. The Zionist did not care if it cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews to bring it about? To quote a popular Zionist leader Rabbi Israel Miller: 

"I know that I don't have to say this, but in bringing everybody under the Zionist Banner, we never forget that our goals are the safety and security of Israel, foremost. Our goal will be realized in the Yiddishkeit, in a Jewish life being lived in every place in the word; our goals will have to be realized, not merely by what we impel others to do. And here in this country it means frequently working through the President's Conference, or it might be in unison with other groups that feel as we do. But that too is part of what we think Zionism means and what our challenge is." 

How do you like the idea of bringing everybody under the Zionist Banner? Did you know that this is the goal of every Zionist from Henry Kissinger on down? How do you like the idea of a Jewish life-style in every place in the world or being impelled by them to do what they want? I am not presenting you with the work of obscure Jewish radicals, but the caliber of men who influence Presidents and Congress. These are the Zionists who operate over 100 Political Action Committees, and ultimately elect almost every U. S. Senator and a majority of the Congress. These are the Zionists who convince our President and your Congress that the safety and security of Israel is their foremost objective. To that end, they either borrow or tax Christian America to the tune of 4 billion per year just for Israeli foreign aid. 

How is the Zionist goal of the Judaization of the world being brought about? Quite simply, it is being done by Christian ministers, from the most well known TV evangelists down to the preacher in your hometown who is a covert Zionist or who, through deliberate abysmal ignorance still thinks that the anti-Christ Zionist is one of God's Chosen People. They are really the active instigators for the Lucifer Rebellion for Jehovah. 

Are you beginning to see why it is vital for you to understand the various genealogies of the peoples of the earth in respect to what the Bible has to say about them? How are you going to understand the game if you cannot identify The Players? If you do not understand what little that is outlined in this book, how are you going to stand against sophisticated Zionist ministers who point you to glaringly obvious antiChrist peoples and insist that they have a legal, historical, or theological right to the land of Palestine that they stole by force, and whose Ashkenaz (Khazar) forefather never owned in the first place? 

The Zionist New World Order has been designed to put all nations of the world under a system of world law. You heard President Bush mention this "world Law" in his recent speeches to the American people. This world law will be an "Admiralty Law" (which they have already instituted in this country, just about all common law is gone), under which our Bill of Rights will be abolished. You will cease to be citizens of the united states of America, but persons, subjects, or individuals and treated in the same status and venue as those who are harassed by the Internal Revenue Service. Inc., which is a covert application of Admiralty Law under implied or actual contract that you volunteer your self into unknowingly. 

To start with go to your library and take down several biographies of FDR, and scan the names in the index. What do you see? Do you notice the disproportionally high percentage of Jewish names of those among his associates, advisors, and appointees? Why do you suppose they are in those positions? Is it because they are the brightest and most capable? Of course not! They are the sayanim, the volunteer Zionist helpers. Roosevelt liked to call them his "brain-trust." One of the most important books on FDR, is The Roosevelt Record, by Elizabeth Dilling published in 1939. Roosevelt knew what he was doing.*[see my comment above DC] 

You should also do some research into the background of Eleanor Roosevelt. There is a 45 year old Congressional Report on their investigation into un-American propaganda activities being carried on during the period just before and during W.W.II. It is three volumes with 2,166 pages in it. It is known as Appendix-Part IX and is a collector's item worth about S500. In this Congressional Report, it lists the names of subversive Americans, and the various Communist Front Groups that they belong to. Your Congress proved that she belonged to twenty different ones. Research intelligence data published since 1944 establish that Eleanor was a member of at least 100 such groups during the tree terms that FDR was President. She an intimate associate of the founders of the Communist Party in the Unite States almost form the beginning! She was furious with the exposure of her communist activities, and had the Chief Investigator for the House Committee on Un-American Activities. Mr. Robert Stripling, drafted into the Army when he was qualified to be exempt. 

One of Eleanor Roosevelt's close associates and confidants was a Mrs. Royale Davis of Chicago in those days. Mrs. Davis was the mother of Nancy Davis Reagan. Ronald Reagan, the synthetic conservative of today, was a supporter of Roosevelt's so-called New Deal. The "great communicator" was a long-time President of the cited subversive Screen Actors Guild. Hence if you will examine those appointees, associates, and State Department employees of the Reagan Administration, you will find those hidden Zionists, the Jews of the 5th column helping in Israel's goal of a New World Order.

Some Americans are aware that the major Zionist prize to come out of the WWII, was the United Nations. Thus the Zionists were one step closer to the New World Order spoken so highly of by President Bush in the past few months. Not known to most Americans is the second greatest prize of World War II. the oil rich fields of the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia. 

It was supposed in the years before WWII, that whoever controlled that area, would control the world oil, and hence the world. We have come full circle, for President Roosevelt's last world conference was in Iran's city of Tehran. He met there with Churchill and Stalin in November 1943. The itinerary of this meeting was the agreements between them regarding the division of the world right in the middle of the greatest oil fields known in those days. 

The whole region, we now call the Middle East, that is the area from the Red Sea, the Black Sea, the Caspian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and the Persian Gulf is one vast oil basin. Of course, today the largest oil field is on the Alaskan North slope, and there is enough oil there to supply America's needs for a thousand years at present and anticipated consumption. 

America has no need whatever for Middle East oil today, and in fact there is enough oil in Alaska to make America the richest and most powerful nation in the world. That, however, is not in the plans for those who want to set the New World Order in place. 

Why are you sitting there idle? Why aren't you jumping up and down in the streets? Why aren't you talking to everyone you meet, not only to preserve our nation and our way of life, but at least making an effort to save the thousands of American servicemen who have no idea these days that they are being deliberately sacrificed in battles for the Glory of Israel and the New World Order? 

All wars in this world are holy wars there are really no enemies, except the Zionist-Khazar-Jews to the common people. If they were not here on earth creating trouble between nations, the people of earth would live in peace.

King Arthur was a misty figure of myth and legend, recent archaeological investigations at traditional Arthur sites have revealed what is now call "Arthurian Fact". A powerful Romano-British war lord did apparently reside atop Cadbury Hill, the traditional site of Camelot. Cadbury Hill was the center of an anti-Saxon defensive network in southwest England. 

King Arthur is also associated in myth and legend with an early Christian community in southwest England, and with something called "The Holy Grail." There was found to be support for an early Christian community at Glastonbury, and even some evidence of a plausible "Holy Grail" as a religious treasure guarded originally by Joseph of Arimathaea. 

Arthur perished at the Battle of Camlann and was buried in Avalon. He handed over his command to Constantine, but the Saxon dark clouds closed over him and the spark of civilization that was Camelot. 

Then we jump 500 odd years to the year 1099 A.D. when Godfroi de Bouillon emerged from relative obscurity in southern France to become King of Jerusalem. His place of origin, the Pyrenees and the regions of Languedoc and Province, was unique in all of Christendom. The civilization there was relatively advanced. It was wealthy. It wasn't quite Christian. The knight-poets of the area, the troubadours, created a literature based, of all things, on King Arthur and the Holy Grail. Although a favorite troubadour is Wolfram von Eschemback. who was Bavarian and might better be called by the proper German term minnesinger. The great majority of troubadours who wrote and sang Grail Romances were French, from the regions of Province and Languedoc. The best known are Chretien de Troyes. who wrote the first known Grail Romance, and Robert de Boron. There were many others, mostly all French. 

De Bouillon's dynasty created the Knights Templar, and this order of chivalry was woven into the Grail Romances. They were portrayed as guardians of the Grail, as Arthur had been. The Templars immediately gained great prestige, and wealth to match. 

There is a thread of connection. But what of the 500 odd year gap separating King Arthur from Godfroi de Bouillon? 

Obviously, de Bouillon's troubadours conceived a connection between King Arthur and southern France. That mysterious object, the Holy Grail, links Arthur with the de Bouillon's and the Templars. 

The modern French village of Rennes-le-Chateau nestles in the eastern foothills of the Pyrenees near the confluence of the Aude. Blanque and Sale rivers. It is only about 2 kilometers, a bit more than a mile, from the larger town of Blanchefort. This larger town was in the past the family seat of Bertrand de Blachefort, a Grand Master of the Knights Templar. 

Naturally, because of all the traditional stories about Templar treasure, local legends have hinted that something of great worth had long been hidden near the village of Rennes-le-Chateau and the town of Blanchefort. 

After all the centuries, it appears that something was found after all. 

In 1891, the obscure and impoverished village priest of Rennes-le-Chateau. Berenger Sauniere. began the job of making repairs and renovations to his village church. He discovered that his church had been built on the foundations of an older medieval one. Most of this older structure had been destroyed, but the altar-stone remained. It was supported by two pillars. One of these columns proved to be hollow. 

Inside the hollow pillar Cure Sauniere found four pieces of parchment. Two pages were genealogies. Two others were a long and complicated message in code. 

The genealogies dated from 1244 and 1644. The first date is significant. It is the year that the last Cathar stronghold, Montsegur, surrendered and when the remnants of the Cathars and de Bouillon's descendants and relatives went into hiding. 

The two pages of code had been written in the late 1700's by a former village priest of Rennes-le-Chateau. This priest was also the personal confessor to the Blanchefort family. This coded message has exercised the imaginations of a number of French investigators. Some of it has apparently been deciphered, but even so the text does not always make much sense. 

Shepherds, no temptation. That Poussin, Teniers, hold the key; Peace 681. By the Cross and this Morse of God. I complete or destroy this demon of the Guardian at noon. Blue apples. 

Another passage reads: 

To Dagobert II, King, and to Sion belongs this treasure and he is there dead. 

The mention of Dagobert II is important and ties in with the two pages of genealogies found along with the message. These genealogies preserved the lineage of Dagobert II through his son. Sigisbert IV, up to Godfroi de Bouillon and on into the 1700's. 

The significance of the coded message and the genealogies, Berenger Sauniere was able to make some sense of them. What he learned, and what he leaked out to the world, changed his life in a number of ways. Sauniere immediately took the documents to his superior, the bishop of Carassonne. Then the bishop just as quickly instructed him to take the documents to Abbe Bieil, Director General of the Seminary of Saint-Supice in Paris. 

After his visit to Paris. Sauniere returned to Rennes-le-Chateau. but he returned as an amazingly changed man. 

This formerly impoverished village priest began to acquire or at least to spend vast sums of money. He spent it in peculiar ways. 

He built a small medieval replica castle in which to house his rapidly expanding library of books. He called it the "Tour Magdala", the Tower of the Magdalene. 

Then he built himself a large country manor which he called Villa Bethania in honor of Mary of Bethany. 

It has been estimated that Suniere spent several million dollars between 1891 and 1917. Not all of it was spent on private libraries and manors. He paid for the building of a modern road to Rennes-le-Chateau. and he supplied his village with a running water system. 

His faith underwent a transformation along with his finances. It changed from orthodox Catholicism to some other belief which, though just as strong perhaps, he kept hidden for the rest of his life. He continued with the restoration of the village church which had been interrupted by his discoveries and his Parisian visit, but he restored the church strangely. Over the new door he placed this inscription in Latin: 

Terribilis est Locus Iste 

It means: "This place is terrible". 

Inside the church he placed a statue of the demon Asmodeu - "custodian of secrete, guardian of hidden treasures and according to ancient Judaic legend, the builder of Solomon's Temple." 

Sauniere's social life changed. Along with his inexplicable wealth, he acquired the friendship of Archduke Johann von Hapsburg (cousin of the Austrian Emperor. Franz-Joseph), of the French Secretary of State. He also apparently acquired a mistress. Marie Denarnaud, who inherited all of Sauniere's wealth and properties,also claimed to know his secret. 

Marie Denarnaud died on January 29, 1953. She announced that she would reveal Sauniere's secret on her deathbed, but she suffered a sudden stroke, lay in a near-coma for 10 days before her death, incapable of speech, and the secret died with her. 

The strange life of Berenger Sauniere and the odd church and Tour Magdala at Rennes-le-chateau piqued the curiosity of a number of French investigators during the 1950s. It soon became clear that someone had deposited a series of bewildering and tantalizing documents in these libraries, but most particularly in the Bibliotheque Nationale where they were certain to be stumbled upon by serious researchers. Most of these documents had to do with Godfroi de Bouillon, the Merovingians, Cathars. Templars or with the troubadours. These documents included genealogies, squibs of historical observation, clippings from obscure publications, and long dissertations about Cathar religion. Invariably, although they were deposited in the Bibliotheque Nationale, their origin was a mystery. 

All were vaguely relevant to the "de Bouillon dynasty", none made much sense individually, but taken together they told, and fleshed out, a remarkable story. It slowly dawned upon the researchers that someone was way ahead of them. Someone knew the secret about Rennes-le-Chateau and had left a series of clues for researchers to discover, and it did not take too long before everyone began to realize that just a mere "someone" could not have deposited all of these documents. The mass of material was both too great and too varied to be attributed to any one individual. Then, how had so many documents been accepted by the Bibliotheque Nationale without proper author-publisher data? How had such documents been so speedily transferred onto microfiche minus the standard catalogue data? 

The only possible answer seemed to be a well-organized and well-funded secret society with high-level contacts in the French ministry of culture. It was quite obvious that this secret society wanted the story of Rennes-le-Chateau to come out and was leading the researchers by a cat-and-mouse game of coy and carefully-timed revelations to get the story out. In the beginning, soon after Marie Denarnaud's death, most of the curious journalists and writers had been content to assume that Sauniere's wealth had somehow derived from some sort of very tangible treasure that he'd found, probably a hoard of Templar gold and silver. 

But it gradually became clear that the treasure was some sort of secret information, not metallic wealth, and that this secret knowledge concerned nothing less than the essence of Western history. The Dossiers secrets gradually led investigators to a reconstruction of a fantastic underground history, and led them according to a time-table. Whatever the organization was behind it all, it wanted the story told, but wanted the information released over a number of years. It seemed that the researchers, and the general public, were being prepared for some momentous future revelation by increasing exposure to "mini-revelations" that were more digestible. 

It started becoming apparent that the Cathars and Albigensians possessed some secret truth or doctrine that amounted to a human treasure. And that, somehow, Godfroi de Bouillon's bloodline was this treasure, incarnate, and had been guarded by the Templars. Various objects called collectively the "Holy Grail" provided proof absolute of this lineage's extraordinary origin and worth. This proof, likewise, had been guarded by the Templars. Contact with this secret truth was restricted to a chosen few. But once they did come into contact with it, and once the proofs of it were seen, they could never again accept orthodox religion whether Roman Christian. Judaism or Islam. The secret was something that transcended all of these "truths". 

At least one small part of the great secret, but by no means all of it, has been disclosed by several French investigators. It is simple, Jesus had apparently been married to Mary Magdalene, they had children, and these children married into the bloodline that resulted in Godfroi de Bouillon. 

The legacy of Jesus had not ended on the cross. The descendants and Jesus both survived after his Crucifixion, to form a "Holy" bloodline. That has merged into the lineage of the first kings of France, the so called Merovingian Dynasty. Godfroi de Bouillon was a Merovingian. Jesus ascended into a higher frequency and understanding and still lives today in another plane of reality. Refer to chapter "The Apotheosis Project". 

The mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. Sauiere had found proof of this divine lineage among the genealogies. It threatened Christian dogma and orthodoxy, and placed the Roman Catholic Church (the Scarlet Whore) in the position of being the oppressor of Christ's descendants and the destroyer of the truth that Jesus taught and the Catholic Churches attempted annihilation of his descendants the Israelites. In short the Christian religion is a fabrication and an enslaver of the people because they have been deprived the truth. This is the way one small group can control ignorant humans. Sauniere had obtained his wealth by blackmailing the Vatican. Sauniere had tapped into the real power of the de Bouillon bloodline, a power that no longer seemed so mysterious. Because of his discovery. Berenger Sauniere just accidentally became initiated into the secrets that was ordinarily revealed only to a relative few. He also tapped into the underground of secret societies which replaced the Knights Templar. His faith was transformed, he acquired instant wealth, and he acquired friends and enemies in high places. 

There remained the tantalizing suggestion that the de Bouillon bloodline had not been exterminated by the Inquisition as the church had planned to do. The lineage had apparently survived the Albigensian Crusade, the fall of Montsegur and the destruction of the Knights Templar. One of the genealogies that Sauniere found traced the de Bouillon line up to 1644, or 400 years exactly after the surrender of Montsegur. The "Holy" Merovingian lineage had survived. The Dossiers secrets leaked hints that it had survived until today and was busy molding Western history behind the scenes. 

Who were these Merovingians? Maybe more important, what were they? Godfroi de Bouillon's "Holy" lineage did not depend only upon intermarriage with the descendants of Jesus. Jesus was only a part of the divine claim, one episode in a very long history. 

What might be called "establishment history" can easily tell us what the Merovingians were, at least, on the surface. They were the Sicambrian Franks, a somewhat mixed Celtic-Teutonic tribe that during most of the Roman Empire had lived east of the Rhine in present-day Germany. They were far from being savages, although they were pagans. They had long been in contact with Rome, some of the leaders had adopted Roman dress. Some had become Roman citizens, and there were even Sicambrian consuls in the history of the Roman Empire. Many of the Franks served in the Imperial Army. 

When Roman power began to collapse during the late 300's and early 400's A.D.. these Sicambrians moved westward across the Rhine and occupied Roman Gaul. This was not a "barbarian invasion" such as the Angles. Saxons and Jutes were launching from further north, for the Sicambrina Franks were not barbarians.

They moved into the Roman power vacuum and filled it. This was just before the time of Arthur in Britain. When the Sicambrian Franks reached the Channel about 400 A.D., they probably established contact with the Romano-Britons in the generation of Ambrosius and Uther Pendragon. In fact, archeology proves this to be the case. Shards of Mediterranean wine amphorae have been recovered from most Arthurian sites, including Tintagel. the traditional place of Arthur's birth. Excavation has demonstrated a lively trade across the Channel between Somerset-Cornwall and Brittany in the 5th Century. It was trade between the "Arthurians" and the Sicambrian Franks. 

An alliance between the two peoples was almost inevitable. They played the same role. While the "Arthurians" preserved what was left of Roman civilization in Britain, the Sicambrian Franks did the same thing in Gaul. 

One Sicambrian King was named Merovee. About 470 A.D. something noteworthy happened during Merovee's rule. The Sicambrian line was somehow enhanced in prestige from this time. The dynasty was called Merovingian afterwards in honor of this King Merovee who reigned about the time of King Arthur's birth. 

The Sicambrian Franks, or Merovingians, were peculiar in several respects. Not the least of their peculiarities was that they claimed to be Jewish! They claimed to represent the majority of the Tribe of Benjamin! 

The tribe of Benjamin was one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel and was in some way special. This tribe was also powerful. God was somehow in the Tribe of Benjamin. In Deuteronomy 33, Moses says of the Tribe of Benjamin: "The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders."

The Tribe of Benjamin held the land that included Jerusalem, as in spelled out in Joshua 18: "Zelah, Eleph and Jebusi. which is Jerusalem, Gibeath and Kirjath; fourteen cities with their villages. This is the inheritance of the children of Benjamin according to their families." 

But it came to pass that most of the Benjamites left Palestine, and this was because of a civil war among the Israelites. The Tribe of Benjamin came into conflict with the other eleven Tribes because the Benjamites were apparently allied with the "Sons of Belial" and would not attempt to impose Israelite laws and customs upon them. This war is covered in Judges 21 in the Bible. The result was that most of the Benjamites left Palestine, or were expelled by the victorious eleven Tribes. 

The "Sons of Belial" with whom the Benjamites were allied, or against whom they refused to go to war in order to enforce Israelite customs, were none other than the Phoenicians of Tyre and Sidon, the "red headed" ones who were "proto-Celts". It is possible that the Benjamites were related to these coastal people. They certainly had some affinity with them, and refused to go to war against them. 

At the same time, the Benjamites had a very great holding in Palestine, a tract including the major Israelite cities and Jerusalem. The mere fact that they were able to consider a war against all the other Tribes must mean that the Tribe called the Benjamites must have been the most powerful single tribe in the Israelite confederacy as well as being somehow "different." 

The Old Testament has been doctored to reflect the cohesion and greatness of the Hebrews, just as the New Testament has been doctored to distort certain embarrassing relationships.

The Tribe of Benjamin, which had some special divine dispensation and significant geographical holdings, may not have been within the "Semitic mainstream" at all. They may have had closer genetic relationship to the "Sons of Belial" whom they refused to fight. If so, the later editors of the Old Testament could not allow this to come out. The most special Hebrew tribe, and the most powerful one. was not descended from Abraham at all? Was not a part of the Hebrew mainstream that would later become "Jewish"? 

Whatever the truth of such speculations, the Benjamites seem to have been virtually exterminated in the war. The majority of the survivors took ship for Greece. Only a few stayed behind. This emigratio is itself a powerful argument that the Benjamites and the coastal Phoenicians must have had close relations. The Israelites were inland herdsmen, not seamen. The refugee Benjamites must have sailed to Greece on Phoenician ships. But why wouldn't the Phoenician just have enslaved the remnants of a defeated inland tribe? 

Why should the Phoenicians have carried them to safety instead? 

The answer can only be a close and sympathetic affinity between the Benjamites and the Phoenicians, and very probably a blood-relationship. 

At any rate, the Benjamites arrived in Greece, in a region called Arcadia. It was their refuge for some generations. Then, they joined the general westward migrations of people in Europe. They followed the major rivers westward, like the Danube, and finally ended up along the Rhine at the close of the Roman Empire. They moved west across the Rhine when Roman power finally crumbled and reached Brittany and the English Channel. 

And there, of course, they came into contact with people who had also, long before, been partly Phoenician/Carthaginian themselves. People who had undertaken an even longer migration westward by sea. People who were, in a way, long-lost relations, and they became allies. Aside from the matter of a distant Middle Eastern kinship, the Romano-British Celts and the Sicambrian Franks faced the same military foes. 

The Sicambrian Franks, or Merovingians, did not forget their past Jewish history as the Tribe of Benjamin. Merovingian geographical place-names and personal names were sometimes Jewish. In the 6th Century a brother of King Clothair II was named Samson, while Miron "LeLevite" was a count. "Sion" and "Levi" were Merovingian towns in France. Scholars have even traced Merovingian "Salic Law" back to Judaic law. There was a very great "Jewish" component among the Sicambrian Franks/Merovingians and, because they practiced polygamy (another Merovingian peculiarity) they left a great number of offspring. These aristocratic Merovingian children married into almost all the noble families of Europe during the 5th, 6th and 7th 19 Centuries. This has prompted more than one historian to suggest that the foundation of European nobility is Jewish. (Israelite). 

In addition to being "Jewish", or partly so, the Merovingians claimed an ancient descent from God. This is even hinted in the Biblical allotments to Benjamin, as already quoted. In token of this descent, the Merovingians were believed to bear some physical mark, though different writers disagree on what this was. But most believe it was some sort of red cross like birthmark, either on the chest or on the back. In any case, a red cross "pattee" became the Templar insignia. 
Image result for IMAGES OF Merovingian BEES
Several symbols were associated with the Merovingians. They brought the fleur-de-lis into France where it became associated, off and on, with the French state and with French royalty. The present flag of the Canadian province of Quebec has four fleur-de-lis separated by a white cross, this symbol is a stylized lily and there is evidence that it was originally a Jewish symbol. Not only are lilies frequently mentioned in the songs of David, but Jewish coins depicted lilies that look very much like fleur-de-lis. 
Image result for IMAGES OF Merovingian BEESImage result for IMAGES OF Merovingian BEES
The Merovingians are also associated with bees and, of all things, with toads. Clovis was the most famous Merovingian king. His father was Childeric I. In Childeric's grave were found 300 small gold bee figures. What these bees symbolized is not known, but it is known that Napoleon appropriated them for his imperial robe when he crowned himself Emperor of the Franks in 1804. 

Clovis himself merged the symbolism of fleur-de-lis and toads. In a tapestry that was once in Reims cathedral but which has now been removed to the Reims museum. Clovis is shown wearing a yellow surcoat decorated with three toads. At Orleans a bas-relief showing a battle between French and Germans has the French represented by two flags: one flag with three toads, the other with three fleur-de-lis. 

A lot more could be written about curious things attached to the Merovingian lore, but enough has been given so that some sense can be made of a note found by researchers among the Dossiers secrets: 

One day the descendants of Benjamin left their county; certain remained; two thousand years later Godfroi VI (De Bouillon) became king of Jerusalem and founded the order of Sion. 

This is typical of a lot of the material on the Dossiers secrets and it would at First seem to connect two totally unrelated matters, the Tribe of Benjamin and a rather obscure 11th Century French nobleman, and to connect them in a nonsensical way. 

At the end of the 400s A.D. the Roman empire was crumbling in the west. The Christian church represented what was left of civilized knowledge, administrative know how and literacy. But the Church was a spiritual power, not a military one. To a greater or lesser extent at many different times, the Church was threatened with utter extinction by influxes of pagan barbarians. To survive, the Church sought out some cohesive military and social structure with which it could ally itself. The Merovingian kingships in Gaul were that power, the heirs of Rome. Although they were pagans, they were at least semi-civilized ones. To some degree they appreciated civilization and the Church's role in preserving what was left of it. That being so. they could be converted. And the Church set out to do just that. 

Clovis was the Merovingian king who became converted to Christianity. The kingdom of the Franks became convened with him. Clovis ruled between 481 and 511 A.D. and was thus probably a contemporary of King Arthur. He was baptized in 496 A.D. by St. Remy. This baptism was considered to mark the birth of a new and reconstituted kind of Roman Empire, a sort of "Christian Roman Empire" in which the Church would have spiritual control and much administrative influence, and in which Clovis and the Merovingians would have military and secular responsibilities. In theory, this was to be a perpetual pact between the Church and the Merovingians. 

It lasted, in name, for about 300 years. The problem was that, after Clovis. the Merovingian monarchies seemed to decline in vitality and in competence. With rare exceptions, they didn't prove to be the bold warriors that the Church so urgently needed. The last Merovingians were called "enfeebled kings", and they were. Real power passed from the kings to the Mayors of the Palace, the ancestors of Charlemagne. 

The enfeebled Merovingian kings were a definite liability for the Church and for European civilization. Very vital Islamic armies invaded Spain and threatened to pour over the Pyrenees into France itself. In this desperate situation, the Church turned more and more to the Mayors of the Palace and ignored the Merovingian kings, it was Charles Martel, not the Merovingian monarch, who won the Battle of Poitiers in 732 A.D. and stopped the Moorish invasion of France. In 754 A.D. his son, Pepin III, was anointed King of the Franks, and established the Carolingian dynasty which replaced the enfeebled Merovingian one in the eyes of Rome. In the year 800 A.D., Charles the Great, Charlemagne, was crowned as Holy Roman Emperor, and the Church had broken its "perpetual pact" with Clovis and the Merovingian lineage. 

Meantime, steps had been taken to dispose of the Merovingian kings and potential heirs. The last real Merovingian ruler, Dagobert II, was assassinated by a Carolingian Mayor of the Palace. It was thought that Dagobert's son and heir, Sigisbert IV, had died as well. 

But it seems that the young boy was taken to safety in the south of France to live among his mother's noble family, and Counts of Razes. 

Briefly, and leaving out unsuccessful attempts to re-establish the Merovingian kingship, various exiles and banishment's and some close calls evading the Moors, this lineage survived and prospered in the foothills of the Pyrenees. It multiplied and inter-married with other noble houses in France, England and Scotland. But the secret of Merovingian descent was not revealed to everyone. 

Eventually, this bloodline culminated in Godfroi De Bouillon and the Kingship Jerusalem. 

The "power center" of the bloodline was southern France, even though it established branches in many places. The family seat of the Counts of Razes was called Rhedae in the early middle ages. It later became known as Rennes-le-Chateau. Where Berenger Sauniere found the hidden genealogies that changed his life. 

The Merovingians had always claimed a divine origin, or, at least, had always claimed a supernatural one because of this "sea-beast" who was an ancient ancestor. 

But in the early "Dark Ages", this claim to "divinity" became much more immediately relevant to the people of the times, and especially to the Church. 

We will recall that something noteworthy happened during the reign of Merovee which justified some sort of "new reckoning" and a new dynastic name for the line of Sicambrian kings. 

Researchers led by clues have concluded that an infusion of "Holy Blood" occurred during the rule of Merovee, and infusion of blood from the lineage of Jesus himself. It was this that justified a new dynastic name and it was this that gave the Merovingian kingship such enormous prestige among those who knew of it. 

It was secret knowledge reserved for those who reached very high positions in Church and State, and it was the reason for the Church's perpetual pact with Clovis, which was betrayed by Rome. 

The Church's subsequent energetic attempts to destroy this bloodline, and to deny that it ever existed, were motivated by guilt over the broken pact and motivated by fear of popular reaction if people ever learned the truth. Then, too, the Church itself was gradually transforming its character, like any other bureaucratic organization. The bishop of Rome, who had once been no more powerful than any other bishop, was attempting to assert spiritual authority over all of Christendom. The bishop of Rome was, in fact, slowly becoming the Pope and a complicated spiritual dogma was being created to justify this process. The existence of any flesh and blood descendants of Jesus the Christ would undermine Papal authority. Like any other large and powerful bureaucracy, the Papacy fought for its survival. 

But...were there any descendants of Jesus? 

This is such a shocking question for most modern Christians that it will have to be dealt with at some length, and in easy stages. It is first easier to ask if Jesus was married.

The Bible never explicitly commits itself as to the marital status of Jesus, but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that Jesus must have been married. First of all, marriage was very much an expected role for any Jewish male of Jesus' time. It was an absolutely necessary condition for being a Rabbi ("teacher"). "The Jewish Mishnaic Law is quite explicit on the subject: 'An unmarried man may not be a teacher'". Charles Davis, " a respected contemporary theological scholar", says: 

Granted the cultural background as witnessed it is highly improbable that Jesus was not married well before the beginning of his public ministry. If he had insisted upon celibacy, it would have caused a stir, a reaction which would have left some trace. So. the lack of mention of Jesus's marriage in the Gospels is a strong statement not against, but for the hypothesis of marriage, because any practice of advocacy of voluntary celibacy would in the Jewish context of the time have been so unusual as to have attracted much comment and attention. 

The Gospel of John does, in fact, describe a marriage early in Jesus' ministry and it is apparently Jesus' own. It is the wedding at Cana. Inexplicably, somehow the mother of Jesus is also present at this wedding and she tells him to replenish the wine. This would be the function of a hostess. This is the well-known miracle when Jesus changed the water into wine. Neither Jesus nor Mary seem to be mere guests. "There is further evidence that the wedding at Cana is in fact Jesus' own. Immediately after the miracle has been performed, the 'governor of the feast' a kind of major-domo or master of ceremonies tastes the newly produced wine,called the bridegroom, and saith unto him. every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou has kept the good wine until now.' For those who want to check the Gospels, the relevant passage is John 2:9-10. 

There are really too many Mary's in the life of Jesus. In addition to the Virgin Mary, his mother, there are also Mary from Magdala, Mary "Magdalen", and Mary of Bethany, the sister of Martha and Lazarus. 

Both Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany seem to be related to Jesus closely, but in strange ways. In two Gospels (Mark and Matthew) the Magdalene isn't mentioned until late in the accounts, while in Luke she features early when Jesus is still preaching in Galilee... and she apparently accompanies him to Judea. "This in  itself strongly suggests that she was married to someone. In the Palestine of Jesus' time it would have been unthinkable for an unmarried woman to have traveled unaccompanied and, even more so. to travel unaccompanied with a religious leader and in his entourage her special relationship with Jesus and her proximity to him would have rendered both of them subject to suspicions, if not charges of adultery. 

What was this special relationship? It is never quite spelled out in the Gospels. But. First of all, it was to Mary Magdalene that Jesus first reveals his Resurrection, and she is present at all of the significant events of Jesus' adult ministry. The unnamed woman who anoints Jesus has always been associated with Mary Magdalene. If this is so, then Mary Magdalene is revealed as a woman of means because the cost of the anointing ointment is stressed. "Throughout the Gospels Jesus treats the Magdalene in a unique and preferential manner.. which may well have induced jealousy in the other disciples." 

Mary of Bethany was also a woman of means. Apparently Jesus and his entire entourage stayed at the home of Martha, Lazarus and Mary toward the final days. In Luke (10:38-42) there's a reference that would seem to indicate that Jesus is the husband of Mary. Mary's sister, Martha, complains: 

Now it came to pass, as they went, that he entered into a certain village: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house. 

And she had a sister called Mary, which also sat at Jesus' feet and heard the word. 

But Martha was cumbered much about serving, and came to him. and said. Lord, dost thou not care that my sister hath left me to serve alone? Bid here therefore that she help me. 

And Jesus answered and said unto her. Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: 

But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her. 

Apparently, then, Jesus could bid Mary to help Martha, as a husband but does not. 

There is a similar suggestion in the Gospel of John that Jesus is married to this Mary of Bethany. When Jesus arrives in Bethany, Lazarus is thought to be dead and Martha rushes out of the house to tell him but Mary does not come out with her. Why not? Because, in the Jewish custom, she would have been sitting Shiveh (mourning) for Lazarus and by Judaic law of the time a woman sitting Shiveh could not leave the house except at the bidding of her husband. 

Jesus could not have been married to two women at once. He could not have been married to Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany at the same time. 

But there is a possibility that these two women with the same name, and with apparent wealth, were the same person. There is a direct inference of this in John 12:1-3: 

Then Jesus six days before the Passover came to Bethany where Lazarus was which had been dead, whom he raised from the dead. There they made him supper; and Martha served: but Lazarus was one of them that sat at the table with him. Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spice and very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair; and the house was filled with the odor of the ointment. 

This Mary who anoints Jesus is clearly intended to be Martha's sister, Mary of Bethany, yet Mary Magdalene is also associated with the anointing of Jesus. 

Both of these Mary's are devoted disciples. Yet. in three Gospels Mary Magdalene is listed among those present at the Crucifixion while in the same three Gospels Mary of Bethany is not mentioned as being there. But surely such a devoted disciple would have been there. The perplexity is resolved if Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany are the same person. Both were there, in the same person. 

Could these women who. in the Gospels, appear in three different contexts in fact be a single person? The medieval Church certainly regarded them as such, and so did popular tradition. Many Biblical scholars today concur. 

There is. then, evidence that Jesus was married. And that he was married to Mary (Magdalene) and Mary (of Bethany) who were the same person. 

Biblical geography gives support to this. Cana, where the wedding took place, is only a few miles from Magdala which was Mary Magdalene's home town. Both Cana and Magdala are in Galilee, and are neighboring places. After this wedding. Mary Magdalene joins Jesus' entourage and travels with him to Judea. Was Mary's family so wealthy that it boasted two residences, one in Magdala and a town house in a wealthy suburb of Jerusalem? Apparently. And this supposition will lead to interesting speculations. 

It appears that the role and importance of Mary have been distorted by later editors of the New Testament. And confused. The profusion of Mary's appears to have been a way of disguising the fact that Jesus had a very special relationship with "Mary" which aroused the jealousy of the male disciples and which threatened the "patriarchal" orientation of the later Church. The male disciples' discomfort with Mary comes out often enough in the Gospels and doesn't need to be stressed here. It is well known and was even used as a major theme in the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. 

Mary is also believed to have been a Benjamite. In subsequent legends, it is said that she was of royal lineage. A marriage between Jesus and Mary would, if Mary had been a Royal Benjamite, have been of very great dynastic importance.

Israel's first king, Saul, was a Benjamite. David, of the Tribe of Judah, not only deposed Saul but also appropriated his capital of Jerusalem. David therefore deprived the Benjamites of the kingship and of their major city. A dynastic marriage between a descendant of David's royal line and a descendant of Saul's would not only reconcile the Jewish kingship but establish a double claim to it. It becomes understandable, in this context, that Mary, if she was a royal Benjamite descendant, could undertake the anointing of Jesus it was a ritual reconciliation, a passing of the usurped kingship to her husband. 

If they were married, it is likely that they had children. If the marriage were, in fact, a dynastic alliance, children would have become a responsibility. Rabbis were expected to have children. 

There are strong traditions that Mary Magdalene fled to southern France immediately after the Crucifixion. "As early as the fourth century legends describe the Magdalene fleeing the Holy Land and being set ashore near Marseilles where, for the matter, her purported relics are still venerated. According to medieval legends, she carried with her to Marseilles the Holy Grail." 

Not far from Marseilles is the shrine of "Les Saintes Maries" where these relics supposedly reside. Gypsy rumors and pilgrimages support the other popular traditions. Katherine Esty writes in The Gypsies, Wanders in Time: 

Pilgrimage are nothing new to the Gypsies, of course. For the last seventy-five years, though, the Gypsy pilgrimage has been to Les Saintes Marie's. There is a widely known Gypsy legend which explains both the name of the village and why it is a pilgrimage spot. According to legend, after the death of Jesus, the Jews gathered together all those closest to Jesus, forced them into a small boat without oars, sails, food or water and pushed them out to sea. Death seemed certain for this pious crew but gentle winds pushed them westwards until they approached the shores of the Rhone delta. Black Sara, queen of the local tribe of Gypsies, swam out to guide them in. The Mary's converted her to their Christianity at once and she spent the rest of her life helping the saints. Traditionally the pilgrimage centered around the showing of the relics, the bones of the Mary. 

Joseph of Arimathaea is supposed to have been in this group and it is said that he accompanied Mary to southern France. 

Once there, she conveniently connected up with the Merovingians and with the "de Bouillon Dynasty" that seemed to originate in southern France. It is assumed that, sooner or later, the children of Jesus and "Mary" married into the Merovingian lineage. This infusion of "Holy Blood" happened during Merovee's rule and justified the "new reckoning" and the dynastic name. The Merovingian line eventually led to Godfroi de Bouillon and the Kingship of Jerusalem. 

But what about Glastonbury's claims to Joseph of Arimathaea and the Holy Grail? And what about the connection between King Arthur and the Holy Grail? 

"Mary" arrived in southern France sometime around 35 A.D. if she fled, or was expelled, immediately after the Crucifixion. But the Merovingians didn't cross the Rhine until about 300 years later, and when the Sicambrian Franks did eventually cross over the river into modern France they occupied the north across to Brittany, not the south. Where was the "Holy Blood" during this period of more than 300 years? How did the "Holy Bloodline" in the south eventually make contact with the Sicambrians/Merovingians in the north? 

Archaeological research in Cornwall and Sommerset place some great warlord just where the traditions insisted that Arthur was, in Camelot atop Cadbury Hill. 

Mary Magdalene and Joseph of Arimathaea may have arrived first near Marseilles in southern France, but there is no reason to assume that they stayed there. They may have lived there for some time before moving on to Glastonbury. Marseilles was even then a major port and in close contact with Rome. It would not have been a good permanent refuge. But Marseilles was a major city along the route leading further north along the Rhone, and then west, toward Britain. If Joseph of Arimathaea and Mary stopped at Marseilles on their way to Glastonbury, both bodies of popular legend, the French and the English, would be satisfied. 

The idea that Mary Magdalene traveled on to Glastonbury with Joseph of Arimathaea stubborn connection with the Holy Grail. The medieval Grail Romances of the troubadours agree that, somehow, he was a guardian of it. 

Assuming that Mary was the wife of Jesus, would make a plausible "Holy Grail" herself. She would have been, in a very literal sense, "a vessel of the Holy Blood". Her womb would have been such a "vessel", her children would have been the Holy Blood itself. And, by extension, this Holy Bloodline was itself the Holy Grail. 

If Joseph of Arimathaea arrived in Glastonbury with Mary and was her companion and guardian, then he would be a guardian of the Holy Grail. The Grail Romances of the troubadours mysteriously connect Joseph of Arimathaea with the Grail lineage. 

In the Gospels he is described as a rich man who was a secret disciple of Jesus. He supplied the shroud in which the body of Jesus was wrapped. It was Joseph of Arimathaea who obtained the body of Jesus from Pontius Pilate. And he owned the land with the tomb in which Jesus was buried. 

The ownership of a private tomb indicates great wealth, the fact that he could obtain the body of Jesus from Pilate indicates not only great influence, but something else. Joseph of Arimathaea must have been a relative of Jesus in order to have claimed the body from the Roman authorities. 

Then, there is the matter of the tomb. Was Jesus put into the same tomb, and resurrected from the same tomb, as the one in which Lazarus was buried and raised? It seems so from the Gospels because this is the only tomb mentioned during the final days before the Crucifixion and after it. This tomb was a cave whose entrance could be closed by a stone rolled in front of it. Lazarus was laid in it. Jesus was laid in it. At least, the descriptions of this cave tomb are the same for both Jesus and Lazarus. 

If this deduction is correct, then the cave tomb was the property of Joseph of Arimathaea. and this cave tomb was on the property at Bethany, at the house of Martha, Lazarus and Mary. The same house where Jesus and his entourage had been offered extended hospitality. Joseph of Arimathaea must have been the owner of this house in Bethany with its cave tomb. He must have been the father of Martha, Lazarus and Mary. He must also have been the father-in-law of Jesus. 

He was wealthy enough to have had at least two residences: a country place in the cool mountains around Magdala. where one daughter. Mary, had been born: and a "townhouse" in the capital, in the wealthy Jerusalem suburb of Bethany, more convenient for business. Maybe the country place was not in Magdala itself, but in the nearby town of Cana. Jesus seems to have been accommodated at both places, and possibly married in the Cana residence.

Is there any evidence to support such speculations? Yes, there is. Joseph was "of Arimathaea". Where was that? According to the Biblical authorities who composed the "Helps to the Study of the Bible" found as an appendix to the standard Oxford Press edition of King James version, the derivation of "Arimathaea" is not known, but it was the same place as "Ramah". Ramah means a "high place" and it is listed as one of the "fourteen cities with their villages" that was allotted to the Tribe of Benjamin. Part of this passage has already been quoted (Joshua 18:21-28). Joseph of Arimathaea was, therefore, a Benjamite. And, if Mary was his daughter, she was of Benjamite descent too. This gives some substance and support to those "other traditions". 

Research leads us to believe that Joseph was of the Phoenician and "proto-Celtic" stock. At least some of them joined the long westward migration of the Celtiberians and "Celts" and ended up in Wales, Cornwall and Somerset. 

Which is to say that they ended up around Glastonbury. But they did this long before Joseph arrived. One could say. in fact, that some powerful Celtic families of Ancient Britain were Joseph's long lost relations. 

There has long been a popular tradition that Joseph was a wealthy tin merchant with business connections in southwest England. There is no evidence for this, no proof, but it is known that the Phoenicians and their Carthaginian colonial offspring were involved in this trade. 

There is a persistent legend in the little Dorset town of Priddy that Jesus came with Joseph on a boyhood visit. Jesus was supposed to have been 12 years old at the time. Priddy is about 10 miles from Glastonbury, slightly to the northeast, and its location is easily visible from the Tor. 

Nothing is known of Jesus' boyhood. It is at least possible that he was "adopted" by Joseph of Arimathaea at an early age, and it is possible that he was betrothed to Mary at an early age in a dynastic arrangement. Jesus, Mary and Joseph of Arimathaea all lived in close proximity during the early years of Jesus' life. It would have been perfectly possible for Joseph to have made a business trip to Britain in Jesus' youth and to have taken the boy with him. 

In any case, these connections, if they existed, explain why Joseph of Arimathaea would likely have chosen Glastonbury as a refuge. Not only was it on the fringe of the Roman Empire and as far away from Palestine as one could get in the civilized world, he may have had friends and associates there in the tin trade, people who happened also to be distantly related to him. If Mary was his daughter, it explains his traditional and legendary associations with her, and with the "Holy Grail" as one of its custodians and guardians. 

This line of "Holy Blood" would surely have married into the royalty of Roman Britain. There's a hint that this did happen. One of the kings of Gwynedd was known as Math Mathonwy. "Math means "treasure". 

If the "Holy Blood" came to Glastonbury, then it had more than 400 years in which to multiply and marry into the Romano-Celtic royalty. It doubtless figured in most of the Celtic genealogies, in one way or another, after four centuries of intermixture. But it apparently culminated around King Arthur. 

The Glastonbury sojourn of three or four centuries adequately explains what happened to the "Holy bloodline" up to the advent of the Merovingians. It puts King Arthur in his proper perspective. He, too, was a guardian of the lineage until the Battle of Camlann. 

When Arthur failed, the French connection took over. By Arthur's time, or a couple of generation before him. the Franks had crossed northern France and had reached the channel. The Franks and Arthurians came into contact, as we know from archaeological evidence of trade, and they became natural allies not only because they faced the same military foes, but because they were distantly related. They both possessed an ancient and royal Benjamite legacy that could be rejoined after many centuries and many migrations. 

An Alternate Plan 
The plan was that once the Merovingian dynasty was installed on the throne of the kingdom of Jerusalem, the Merovingian dynasty could sanction and even encourage hints about its true ancestry. This would explain why the Grail romances appeared precisely when and where they did, and why they were so explicitly associated with the Knights Templar. Once its position in Palestine was consolidated, the "royal tradition" descended from Godfroi and Baudouin would probably have divulged its origins. The king of Jerusalem would then have taken precedence over all the monarchies of Europe, and the patriarch of Jerusalem would have supplanted the Pope. Displacing Rome, Jerusalem would then have become the true capital of Christendom, and perhaps of much more than Christendom. 

Circumstances, of course, were always messing up the plans. The Frankish kingdom of Jerusalem never consolidated its position. It never attained the strength and internal security it needed to survive, still less to assert its supremacy over the crowns of Europe and the Catholic Church. The grandiose plans foundered, and with the loss of the Holy land in 1291 it collapsed completely. The Merovingians were once again without a crown. 

In the centuries that followed the Merovingians attempted to regain their heritage, but these attempts were confined to Europe. Among their many plan to regain their heritage was through Merovingian and dynastic intermarriages. 

In order to reestablish themselves, therefore, the Merovingians were obliged to resort to many conventional procedures. On at least three occasions these procedures came frustratingly close to success and were thwarted  only by miscalculation, by force of circumstance, or by the unforeseen. 

In the sixteenth century, the house of Guise very nearly managed to seize the French throne. Their last ditch plan was made in the eighteenth century, with the Merovingian bloodline intermarriage with the Hapsburgs, the house of Lorraine had actually acquired the throne of Austria, the Holy Roman Empire. When Marie Antoinette, daughter of Francois de Lorraine, became queen of France, the throne of France, too, was only a generation away from succeeding with their re-establishment of their heritage. The plan was by the Austrian and French union in marriage that they could establish dominion over all of Europe and then the French Revolution intervened to try and destroy centuries of plans. Did it succeed? 

Godfrey of Bouillon, Raymond IV, Bohemund of Tarent, and Tancred of Hauteville were the leaders of the First Crusade. The greatest of these was Godfrey, who later ruled Jerusalem.  

Europe in 1740. Three royal families dominated the politics of western continental Europe in the 18th century the Bourbons in France and Spain, the Hapsburg's in central Europe, and the rising Hohenzollerns in northern Germany. Their concerns were largely dynastic, although France and Spain were already nation states and Germany, under the Hohenzollerns, would become one in the 19th century.The Hapsburg possessions, however, were too scattered and varied to evolve into a nation state.

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