Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Anna Von Reitz...Over the Hills and Far Away & Kill the IRS? It's Already Dead

Over the Hills and Far Away 
By Anna Von Reitz 
Dateline: December 24, 2018 
As the year comes to a close massive changes are being prepared which will include the final liquidation of the Municipal United States Government corporation and the agencies associated with it. 

This American Cabal has ruled the roost since the first Scottish Interloper calling itself "The United States of America, Incorporated" went bankrupt in 1907. 

While there is a lot of hype and conjecture about this it is really nothing but what is necessary when a corporation of such size and longevity has operated as a crime syndicate and is under liquidation. 

The Muni Government began here in 1878 and was quickly expanded and redefined worldwide in the 1880's as a separate government infrastructure. It was this already existing infrastructure that received the Lion's Share of power coming out of the 1907 bankruptcy and which resulted in the creation of the Federal Reserve System and ultimately the 1933 bankruptcy of "the" United States of America, Incorporated. 

And at least in this country, this entire system of municipal government should never have been allowed. 

It was the Municipal Government structure that David Rockefeller used to create his Grand Plan serving the interests of the old Robber Barons in their play to create and maintain a system of Commercial Feudalism supported by the Holy See and defended by the British Crown--yet largely under the control of an American criminal elite. 

Over the past century we have seen the growth of this feudal system on a global scale with the major pieces of the current apparatus falling into place after the Second World War. 

This consolidation began in 1948 via a joint operation of and de facto merger of the Council on Foreign Relations and the US STATE DEPARTMENT. The Bilderburger organization came on board soon afterward and was followed by its off-shoot, the Trilateral Commission. 

All of these now-familiar, if shady, organizations functioned as "advisory" and "consulting agencies" of the US MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT and actually served as the vanguard advocates of global commercial feudalism and cradle-to-grave enslavement of living people as chattel underwriting the costs of this foreign government system operating on our shores. 

Those familiar with my writings know that this system was imposed by a system of identity theft, falsification of public records, impersonation, credit theft, unlawful conversion of assets, and conscription that ultimately kidnapped the victims and shanghaied them into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea, where they could be pillaged and plundered at will. 

Please note that all of these municipal corporations and this entire foreign government structure and foreign form of government were never supposed to extend outside the ten miles square of the District of Columbia. 

At the time of David Rockefeller's death, he was celebrating the success of his "Councils of Local Governments" organizations which seek to form de facto states within our States and Supra-County local government units --- all as outgrowths of the Territorial United States Government operated via Municipal Corporations. 

That is, we had two layers of foreign government on our shores, one Territorial and one Municipal, neither one authorized to act in the capacities they usurped--- and now, finally, we are getting rid of one of them. 

That is unavoidably going to cause major upsets and changes and in the midst of it we cannot forget that the Territorial Government which is finally enforcing the Constitution with respect to the Municipal Government---isn't our friend, either, and that it's failures are primarily the cause of the Municipal Government usurpation. 

In other words, if the British Territorial United States Government had done its job according to our constitutional agreements instead of playing footsie with the Muni Government interlopers, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place. 

Don't forget that fact going forward. 

You will see great and much- needed changes in the weeks and months ahead. With the protests in France shouting, "We want Donald Trump" and Qanon handling the propaganda rolling off of this, it will be easy for many people to forget or never know the fundamental fact that the Territorial Government betrayed us and our interests long before the Municipal Government ever did ---and if we don't continue to ride herd, they will have the opportunity to betray us again, just as they did in 1868. 

Nationalism, in my view, is a necessary evil, especially when observed in the face of a monolithic slave empire aiming to take control of the entire planet. 

But what remains for Americans to define is--- "Which nation?"-- is to survive? 

The British Territorial United States is meant to serve our interests and obligated to defend our constitutional system of government-- which it hasn't done for the better part of two centuries. 

The fact that it is finally doing its job now is --and is not-- cause to celebrate. As good as it is to sweep the Globalist Dream of planetary rule under Commercial Feudalism out the door, we will still face other hurdles. 

We still have to realize that the Territorial Government is Foreign with respect to us, too. We still have to navigate a restoration of the actual Federal States of States and an orderly transfer of power. 

We still have to deal with a legal system that is hopelessly compromised. And we still have to deal with the banks. 

Donald Trump has made a brilliant start but it is absolutely necessary that we all finish what he has started -- including the final restoration and "reconstruction" of the government we are actually owed. 

With guarded optimism and a few caveats-- welcome to 2019! 

Kill the IRS? It's Already Dead 
By Anna Von Reitz 
Ever heard of a "dead man walking" -- well, that's the IRS. Not only has it been gutted and most of its work force laid off, but it has no contract and no real purpose. 

As the Grace Report revealed in 1980, all the money collected by the IRS didn't even pay the interest on the National Debt of the Territorial United States. That wasn't the point. 

We were misled into assuming that our tax dollars were paying for public services, but that paradigm went out in the 1930's. No, actually, the only function of all the tax payments extorted out of the majority of Americans was to act as a "valve" to control the money supply and moderate the growth of inflation. 

Inflation continued to act as a merciless silent tax and to gnaw away at the value of the U.S. fiat domestic currency, but those annual collections slowed the process down to the Frog Boiling Temperature preferred by the banks, who naturally wanted to milk the embezzlement and racketeering and keep "the Natives" from figuring it all out as long as possible. 

Haven't you all noticed that the Federal Reserve building in NYC is all boarded up and how many of the IRS Offices have closed their doors? Their mail is being forwarded. They can't find enough Americans who will work for them anymore. All the "agents" have false names, but now the false names are things like: "Amber Gouderaineroneff" and "Malcolm Flackenbuster" and they tend to have foreign accents. 

They are scurrying around, head down, eyes scanning the periphery and quickly glancing behind. They can feel the flames licking at their boot heels. They know the jig is up. Even the dumbest among them has heard the word and seen the pink slips. 

Well, what's the use of collecting up the I.O.U.'s when the Federal Reserve System is bankrupt? Force of habit? 

Still trying to claim that there is some kind of a war on somewhere, as a justification for not ending The Victory Tax that should have ended --- no questions asked --- in 1945? 

Reminds me of my Uncle Jesse Myrick on my Father's side of the family staring dolefully at the clock: "Damn!" he'd say sadly, "it's only four o'clock and I would love a cold beer......" He'd drum his fingers on the table, glance around to see where his wife was, give me a sidelong look and say in a stage whisper, "Oh, well, it must be five o'clock somewhere!" --and begin making himself a Red Beer. 

They, the members of Congress, have cause to know that the government isn't funded with tax dollars. 

They know that except for Slush, there hasn't been a rational excuse to continue collecting taxes since the Federal Reserve bankrupted the trademarked Federal Reserve System in 2009, but they've kept up the fraud and racketeering just the same. 

It's all been business as usual. Until now, when the Municipal Government has been left unfunded and without a contract for cause. 

Shame on them and shame on us for letting the members of the US CONGRESS and their Agents get away with defrauding and harassing and plundering us for the better part of a hundred years. Let's finish it and be wise enough not to accept their "offer" to establish a 17% sales tax, either. Such proposals should be taken in light of what they already owe us. 

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