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The CDC all but admits Covid is Fake

The CDC all but admits Covid is Fake 

by Miles Mathis 

First published August 30, 2020 

On August 26, the CDC updated its site with a co-morbidities section where they admit only about 6% of the reported deaths by Covid in the US in 2020 were due to Covid alone. The other 94% of deaths included an average of 2.6 other causes—although we still aren't told which cause was primary. Most of these deaths were among the elderly, which means we can include one other co-morbidity: OLD AGE. 

This reduces the death-by-Covid number from 185,000 to about 11,000. That is not a Covid pandemic, since 11,000 is a pretty small number for an 8-month period. In the same period, about 30,000 people died in car wrecks.In fact,  according to mainstream numbers, about 37,000 people die of the regular flu in every 8-month period. So Covid is more than three times less dangerous than the old flu. 

And if we continue to study the CDC's own published numbers, we find that young people are almost untouched. In the first third of the chart, we are given deaths due to influenza + pneumonia, and a total of about 64,000 deaths. About 86% are over 60 years old, so the odds as well as logic tell us those people were about to die anyway. Only 634 of those are under 35, and only 102 are under 25. But remember, only 6% of those are Covid-only deaths, so the under-35 number is actually 38 and the under-25 number is actually. . . 6. Yep, only 6 of 64,000 deaths were due to Covid-alone in those under 25. That is less than .00009, just so you know. Less than 1 in 10,000. Since there are about 100 million people under 25 in the US, the fraction goes even lower, to .0000002. Your odds of dying of Covid in an 8-month period in the US are about 2 in ten million. Over a lifetime, that would be about 1 in 50,000.  You are about as likely to die from a bee or wasp sting. About ten times more likely to die in a plane crash, 14 times as likely to choke on food, 33 times as likely to die in a fire, 77 times as likely to get run over, and 440 times as likely to die in a car. So do you go around in a panic about those things all the time? Have we bankrupted large parts of the world for any of those things? 

You will say, “Sure, but that is just for the under-25 people”. Yes, but the numbers are similar if you are middle age, 45-54. In that case, the number is 3,710 out of 64,000. But Covid-only brings that number down to 223. So, still only .0035, or 1 in 287. There are about 40 million people in that age group in the US, so .000017 is our fraction. Your odds of dying of Covid in an 8-month period in the US are about 1 in 50,000, or over a lifetime about 1 in 500. About the same as getting run over. You are about twice as likely to get killed by a gun. You are 4 times more likely to die by falling, 4 times more likely to die in a car, 4 times more likely to die of poisoning, 4 times more likely to die of suicide, 18 times as likely to die of chronic lower respiratory disease, and 70 times as likely to die of heart disease or cancer. 

I yellowed chronic lower respiratory disease for a reason. It is because that is one of the main comorbidities listed for Covid. That is very important, and you should dwell on it. In general, chronic lower respiratory disease is the second most common cause of death, as you see in that last link to the National Safety Council. So you should find it strange to see it listed as a cause of death along with Covid. The second section at the CDC is about 13,000 deaths listed as chronic lower respiratory disease. “Chronic” means it didn't just arrive: it has been around a while in the individual. Chronic lower respiratory disease isn't caused by influenza, since influenza is an acute reaction, not a chronic one. It is caused by smoking, long-term environmental or work exposure, and things of that nature. So that answers my question above about which of the 4 or 5 comorbidities was primary. With people over 50, the primary causes of death among several listed would be chronic lower respiratory disease or old age, not the flu. In all those instances, Covid would be a sidelight at best. 

Another 52,000 are listed as “respiratory failure”, and another 3,000 as “respiratory arrest”. I'm sorry, what's the difference, exactly? We can see we are still being jerked here, since neither respiratory failure nor respiratory arrest are causes of death. They are results of some underlying cause, which then causes death. Is that underlying cause the common cold or is it smoking three packs a day for 40 years? You decide. 

Another 33,000 are listed as hypertensive diseases, which would include heart attack. So they are admitting that they assigned at least 33,000 heart attacks to Covid. But the next 56,000 are also assigned to heart failure or cardiac arrest, etc., so we are up to 89,000 heart failures assigned to the common cold. That's about half the total, by the way. 

Another 24,000 are listed as diabetes, and Covid does not give you diabetes. 

Another 13,000 are listed as sepsis, which means being in the hospital killed them. 

Another 5,000 are listed as obese, and Covid does not make you obese. Nor does it target fat people. 

Another 5,000 are listed as dying of Alzheimer's. 

73,500 are listed as “all other causes”. That's 40% of the total of 185,000, which is a huge amount of fudge. But I guess OLD AGE fits into this category. It also means they are admitting they don't know why most of these people died, only that they did. But if they don't know why these people died, then they can't know that they died of Covid, right? Logic.


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Part 15 of 15: Eyes Wide Open...Dirty Doctors...A Life Sentence.... Source of Hope Within

Eyes Wide Open

by Fiona Barnett

Dirty Doctors 

People are bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling. – Scrubs (Ep. 407) 

Fundamentally, your chosen therapist must not be a network operative. I have communicated with countless child abuse survivors including victims of ritual abuse and mind control. Their testimonies plus my own experience formed my conclusion that most therapists are either perpetrators or being handled by perpetrators. Dodging dirty doctors is a trial and error process. 

It is important for vulnerable victims to not trust therapists just because they are high profile, lecture at seminars on trauma and dissociation, and write books on DID and MKULTRA. These are all CIA operatives. Think about it: the clean ones, like Corydon Hammond who presented the famous Greenbaum Speech, invariably get death threats and are quickly and permanently forced out of the industry. 

I will now detail my personal experience of two Canadians therapists considered experts in ritual abuse, mind control and DID, to drive home my point: Trust no-one. 


George Bergen compiled a massive dossier of evidence against Colin Ross including copies of signed affidavits. While I do not agree victims should follow Bergen’s concluding recommendation to consult CIA doctor Richard Ofshe, his evidence is relevant to my experience of Colin Ross. Here is a summary of the dossier content: 

From 1985 to 1991, Canadian psychiatrist Colin A. Ross worked at the St. Boniface General Hospital, University of Manitoba. He employed suggestive questioning, hypnosis, and age regression, and commonly prescribed overdoses of Halcion (triazolam) and sodium amytal injections. Ross also performed experimental drug testing on patients for large Drug Corporations. 

Roma Elizabeth Hart was a patient of Colin Ross from 1986 to 1991. In a 1998 signed affidavit, Hart testified that all of Ross' MPD patients at St Boniface Hospital became suicidal, and that Ross encouraged his drug-induced patients to commit suicide. Hart named the 1991 death of Wanda Davenport as one of five wrongful deaths Ross caused at the hospital. 

Colin Ross was dismissed from his position at St. Boniface General Hospital in 1991 for causing the wrongful deaths of five patients. This dismissal was covered up, permitting Ross to register in Texas. In July 1998, Texan authorities charged Colin A. Ross with fraud, gross negligence, fraudulent concealment, and conspiracy to commit fraud. Charges were also filed against Ross in the Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench in 1994 and 1997. Numerous complaints against Colin Ross were submitted to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba, Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, Royal College of Physicians of Canada, and Canadian Psychiatric Association. 

I was aware of Colin Ross’ background when I agreed to present at a 2016 Trauma and Dissociation conference at the Radisson hotel in Seattle, and I knew that Ross was speaking at the conference. I did not know that Colin Ross sponsored the event. His ownership of the conference explained why it amounted to a marketing opportunity for therapists. Speakers who paid to attend and be heard were rewarded with stalls inside the hotel from which they peddled cards, stickers, $45 books and fridge magnets to vulnerable DID victims. It also explained why the Seattle conference also served as an advertisement for Colin Ross’ Institute where clients entered non-suicidal and left in a box. 

It is normal for conference organisers to send speakers (especially international ones) a contract outlining what is required of the speaker and what is being provided to the speaker. This was promised but never delivered to me. Originally, I was told that my presentation was going to be professionally filmed. This never occurred either. I was also promised a plenary speaking session first thing Friday morning when the conference began. Plenary means speaking in the main, large room with no other competing sessions. Colin Ross’ daughter Dana was given my spot instead. Victims and I had not heard of her. 

The conference organisers hid me away in a tiny room at the end of a hall. The conference schedule was formatted such that it prevented people from finding me. Some attendees could not find me at all because my biography and presentation synopsis were missing from their folders. All folders were individually named, so in theory organisers could control who did and did not know I was speaking. Even when my information was in the folder, it was well buried. 

Technical set-up of the conference rooms occurred on the Thursday. I was scheduled to speak early the following morning. Come Thursday evening, my room was not set up; it had no podium, no projector, no microphone, no computer, no cables, and no technical support. I could not deliver my presentation without basic equipment. I approached the conference organiser and asked why my room was not set up. She alleged she had specifically instructed the technician to do so, and to go phone him. Being Australian and having just arrived in the USA, I had no phone. I eventually found the technician who told me the conference organiser never instructed him to set up my room. 

Meanwhile, the other speakers, aware of my plight, openly boasted of how glad they were that their rooms were set up for the next morning. Most of them accompanied Colin Ross to a posh seafood dinner at Seattle’s famous fisherman’s wharf. I was not invited. Besides, I was too busy trying to remedy the deficiencies of the conference organiser. I approached the senior Radisson hotel staff member assigned to the conference and requested a spare podium. The man contemptuously told me Radisson did not have another podium, pointed to a 50cm high coffee table, and spat, ‘Use that!’ 

Thirty minutes remained before the Radisson locked their conference rooms for the evening. It was time to show the Yanks what Australians are famous for. I stole the essential equipment from another conference room belonging to the woman feeding her face with lobster after boasting the loudest about how pleased she was that her room was prepared. I demanded the conference organiser help me carry the equipment to my speaking room. Radisson staff locked the speaking rooms for the night. I retired to my room for a delivered burger and crap American TV. 

The following morning, I quietly smiled to myself as the hotel foyer echoed a woman’s hysterical cries: ‘WHERE’S MY PODIUM?!’ Oddly enough, Radisson staff immediately found that speaker a spare podium. 

I delivered my talk to a keen audience which doubled in size once word got out about who and where I was. Following my two-hour presentation, a victim encountered her own therapist in the hall who exclaimed, ‘I am so angry at Fiona’s talk! I am so angry that no one has ever told me that information before!’ Several victims voiced how angry they were for having made no progress following 20 years of therapy. 

My second conference session was an opportunity for the audience to ask me questions. I commenced this with a scathing attack on the conference. ‘How are all those  books and stickers helping you?’ I challenged them. ‘How far along the healing path are you? Some of you have been in therapy twenty years and got nowhere! Why?’ 

After this, one therapist pulled me to the conference organiser in the foyer and practically shouted at her, ‘Why wasn’t Fiona in the main room?! She should have been a main speaker! She’s amazing! What she said was amazing!’ 

Multiple attendees asked me to write the content of my presentation down, asked for my book, asked me to write a book, asked me when my book was being released. I had no book, I told them, nor any intention of writing one. 

Another therapist approached me and said that her client, who was not suicidal, ‘committed suicide’ at Colin Ross’ Institute. It should be impossible to commit suicide in such a facility. That is the point of a hospital for potentially suicidal DID clients. 

‘Do you trust Colin Ross?’ I asked. 

‘I don’t know…’ she responded tearfully. 

Only two fellow speakers introduced themselves to me over the entire four days. Most speakers glared or stared oddly at me and the victims who flocked to speak with me. My attendance had been used to market the conference and draw victims from all over, including Las Vegas, who came specifically to see me. 

The true reason for inviting me to the USA came next: Alaska. 


A Tacoma Police social worker lured me to Alaska under the guise of assisting with a two-week intensive intervention with an alleged DID client. My assistant, Nicky, had been harping on about visiting Alaska, so the decision to go seemed an obvious way of pleasing her. So, I swapped my plans to visit my family in Canada, for Autumn in Alaska. Nicky and I travelled to Anchorage at our own expense. 

Canadian psychologist Alison Miller was the DID expert supervisor in this case. Nicky and I were placed on a roster of volunteers who ‘baby-sat’ the client at night. We were collected from the airport in Anchorage by social worker Kimber Olson who drove us to a remote cottage in Eagle River Valley. Nicky and I were not briefed or given a chance to speak alone with Kimber, prior to being left alone with the client named Sarah. In fact, we never got to speak with Kimber about the client. 

At the cottage, Kimber told Nicky and I (again, in front of the client) that Sarah was prone to self-harming by cutting. Kimber placed four rolls of cloth bandages on the table and told us what to do in the likely event Sarah cut herself. We were to bandage Sarah’s wounds but not contact the hospital or the police because both departments contained members of the offending cult who ritually abused the client. The large collection of kitchen knives, and the hunting knife sitting in one of the cottage bedrooms also struck me as counterproductive. Kimber did not remove these in preparation for Sarah’s stay, nor did she suggest they be removed. Nicky later removed and hid them of her own volition. 

Nicky and I had no transport. The cottage had no cell phone reception. It did have a landline and internet access. Kimber said she would phone us with the internet password. She instructed me to provide the internet password to Sarah who worked in IT at a local University. Her being allowed computer access seemed to contradict the expressed goal of isolating the client from her alleged cult perpetrators. Kimber also permitted the client to go out with a friend (her former therapist) one evening, which also seemed counterproductive to severing external contact. Why, then, are we in a cabin in the middle of nowhere? I wondered. Yep, that is the point where I should have returned to Anchorage for some halibut  and home-brewed root beer. But then I would not have the following awesome story, or dirt on Alison Miller. 

The Eagle River cottage was situated in wild bear and moose territory where, I was later told, residents had been attacked while simply taking out their trash. Nicky and I were not warned of the potential risk associated with man-eating wildlife. I specifically asked whether it was safe for us to hike, whether there were bears, and whether I needed bear mace. I was told we were safe from bears and did not need mace. It was akin to my assuring visiting Alaskans it’s safe to swim in the Aussie ocean at night. 

So, the following day, Nicky and I went hiking on a nearby trail. The next day, I hiked for four hours to the top of a nearby mountain. . . alone. I noticed fresh berry-flavoured bear scat all over. Wide-eyed locals later told me I certainly was at risk of being attacked by a bear - or even a moose, and that the safest thing to do was make a lot of noise as you hike, to scare off the bears. I inadvertently did this. 

Knowing I was trapped in a setup, I began dialoguing with God out aloud during my solo hike. I was on a remote mountain in the middle of Alaska with no-one to call me nuts. So, I went for it, voiced my anger aloud. ‘Meet me at the top of that mountain!’ I shouted at the sky. ‘Come down and have it out with me, face to face!’ 

Every time I reached what I thought was the peak, my shoulders slumped at realising it was another optical illusion behind which the genuine peak teasingly sat. I repeatedly fell for the same deception. I pressed on, pointing at what must be the actual peak, and yelling at God like a lunatic, ‘Meet me at the top of that mountain!’ 

Eventually, I reached the top. I was metres from the tip, and breathless, when something big, black and silent blocked out the blue sky. It buzzed directly over my head. Once it passed me, I heard the familiar hum of chopper blades. 

My gut dropped. Oh no! A black helicopter – the type you only read about on conspiracy websites. The mechanical beast stopped nearby, turned sideways to me, and just hovered there, looking at me. They got me! I’m dead! I surveyed the scene for fresh ideas, knowing I was trapped. There was nowhere to hide. A dozen excuses for my death flashed through my mind - Stupid Aussie tourist fell off remote mountain during loan hike… 

Suddenly, they took off toward Anchorage. I lifted my tablet and began filming its departure. Once it was out of sight, I looked around for somewhere to shelter. There was nothing except a small cleft in one side of the mountain top. I pressed myself against the cleft while I gathered myself. 

The sound of chopper blades returned. I stretched my head around the corner to see a green army helicopter with a long thin gun on its nose. The craft travelled up the valley a little further, before turning around and returning to base. That’s more normal, I sighed with relief, but filmed it anyhow. Then I started my decent. It was getting late and the Alaskan freeze would soon set in. 

That evening, I watched in wonderment as my dissociated right brain had a little chat with the CIA asset we were babysitting. I smiled sweetly and warned Sarah: ‘I’m confident my training more than equips me for whatever you think you have planned.’ 

Nicky and I had already endured two sleepless night when the asset descended the stairs at 1am. She growled ‘cunt’ at me, turned off all the lights, and chanted: ‘The shedding of blood for the atonement of sins.’ Sarah entered the kitchen, pulled a large 40cm that she pre-planted in a drawer, and pointed this at Nicky who stood nearby. I approached, and Sarah began waved the knife back and forth between Nicky and me. Then I stepped between Nicky  and the psycho. ‘Drop the knife!’ I demanded while mentally preparing to grab the nearby chair and smash it over her head. 

Sarah froze. The knife fell from her raised hand. I switched on the light. 

I spent the night chatting with Sarah in the lounge room. I also emailed Kimber Olson and relayed what had just occurred. 

The following morning, I phoned Kimber Olson. During our conversation, Kimber told me she had expected something like the knife incident to occur. She said Alison Miller had advised her not to spend the night with the client, and in her next breath she asked me to babysit Sarah alone in the cabin for one more night. Kimber acted surprised when I declined. I asked Kimber for Alison Miller’s phone number. 

I phoned Alison who played down the knife incident, concluding the client would likely have used the knife on herself instead of us. I disagreed, as did the Seattle homicide detective I described the experience to, who pointed out the obvious clue - the knife was aimed at Nicky and I, not Sarah. Alison Miller also expected Nicky and I to babysit Sarah another night. 

I emailed Kimber Olsen and told her Nicky and I were at risk and would leave with her as soon as possible. Kimber emailed me and said she would be collecting the client, and that Nicky and I may as well stay at the cottage another night. The set-up had become ridiculously obvious. Kimber repeatedly asked me whether I was going to inform the aggressive knife wielding asset that we were leaving. I refused. 

Despite the critical incident, Kimber delayed collecting Nicky and I until the following evening. This was disturbing because during the day, the client became increasingly agitated and aggressive toward us. Sarah berated me for speaking with Alison Miller about her. I responded, ‘Pulling a knife on us was a game changer.’ 

When Kimber Olson arrived, I asked to speak with her alone. She pulled a mocking face as though my request was strange, amusing even. During this conversation, Kimber said she had a bad gut feeling about staying overnight with the client. Kimber then informed us she would drop Nicky and I off at a hotel before taking the client back to her office for therapy. I did not want the client (or Kimber) knowing where we were staying, so I asked if we could instead use the internet at Kimber’s office block to locate a hotel. But Kimber dumped me and Nicky in the car park outside her office block and made it clear we were not welcome inside to use her internet. It was dusk, below freezing, and we had no means of finding a hotel in Anchorage’s commercial district before sunset. We began walking. 

The following day, I delivered my presentation to a group of therapists who were undergoing training in trauma and dissociation under Kimber Olson. The talk was well received. 

‘How long have you been speaking at conferences?’ They asked me during question time. 

‘This is my first time.’ 

‘Really? You wouldn’t know it. Tell people three years!’ they insisted. 

I laughed. 

Two experienced psychiatric workers spent the next few days showing us some well appreciated Alaskan hospitality. They fed us home-caught halibut and chartered a private boat to tour the glaciers. I wondered to the health professionals whether things were ‘done a little differently in Alaska.’ 

‘No,’ the horrified professionals informed me. Their colleague had severely breached Alaska’s ethical standards and protocols. The two women continually checked whether Kimber Olsen had contacted us yet. Nicky started showing signs of a trauma response, and the usual protocol was to debrief victims of a critical incident. Yet Kimber never even asked us asked us what happened, and never contacted us again. So, upon returning to Seattle, I arranged for the Tacoma Police Social Worker to take us to debrief with Alison Miller in nearby Canada. Miller agreed to this arrangement but cancelled at the last minute for unconvincing reasons. Alison Miller never communicated with us again. 

* * * 

When I returned home to Australia, I relayed my Alaskan adventure to former Special Forces soldier, Tim Roy. I did not say what I thought the black helicopter was. I simply relayed the details and then asked for Tim’s opinion. 

‘Fiona,’ Tim replied, ‘that black helicopter was exactly what you thought it was.’ 

I knew the helicopter intended to pick me up on that mountain top. I knew, the moment its black belly passed over me. I knew it from its peculiar movements, the way it seemed to baulk and reconsider. What stopped it from picking me up? I puzzled - until it dawned on me: When the helicopter’s occupants looked down at me, they did not see a lone figure atop that mountain. They saw someone with me. God had met me at the top of the mountain after all. 

* * * 

‘Do you know Michael Salter,’ the Alaskan therapists questioned me following my presentation. 

‘Never heard of him before the Seattle conference,’ I responded. 

The Tacoma Police social worker had shown me some texts between her and Salter that I found irritating. Fellow Australian Michael Salter presented on DID in Seattle and Alaska in 2015 and said the opposite to what I said: that the Australian government has never been involved in organised child abuse, ritual abuse or mind control, and that his studies concluded this type of abuse was non-existent. 

‘I will deal with Michael Salter when I return to Australia.’ 

Michael Salter describes himself as an ‘expert’ in ‘complex trauma,’ ‘organised child abuse,’ and ‘complex forms of victimisation including organised abuse and technologically facilitated abuse.’ Salter wrote articles with titles like, ‘Why does it take victims of child sex abuse so long to speak up?’ and co-authored an article on DID with Warrick Middleton (who said ritual abuse is a ‘metaphor for incest’). Michael Salter sits on the ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation) Board of Directors, and he is an Associate Editor of Child Abuse Review (journal of the British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect). He previously sat on the Blue Knot Foundation Board of Directors (the organisation Tim Roy says sabotaged his case against VIP perpetrators by refusing to hand police copies of his evidence.) 

I phoned Michael Salter on 11 April 2018, and introduced myself, ‘Hi Michael, this is Fiona Barnett. I’m writing a book and I called you to clarify something. I spoke on trauma and dissociation in America, and the therapists I spoke with in Seattle and Alaska said they heard you speak previously, and that you told them there was no government involvement in ritual abuse and mind control in Australia. Is that right?’ 

Salter: ‘I think they’re referring to 2015 when I spoke on organised and ritual abuse. I talked about my research with forty or so survivors who, when describing electro-shock and  other methods, did not do so in connection to the Australian military. It’s a different situation to the US where there have been credible, consistent reports. Colin Ross has obtained evidence under FOI. We always have a challenge when allegations are not documented, when we go public with some things we think we know but can’t prove. The trauma industry has suffered from people going public and making public claims about people and organisations which they couldn’t prove. There is a need for evidence more than survivor testimony.’ 

Me: ‘You say there’s no evidence of CIA mind control in Australia. What about MKULTRA Subproject 84 that was conducted at Sydney University in 1960 under the supervision of Martin Orne? Orne and Evans subsequently published an article about that research in a major journal. MK-ULTRA research was conducted at every major Australian university.’ 

Salter: ‘A few subproject names thrown about. That’s just hearsay. That proves nothing.’ 

Me: ‘In their published articles, these people acknowledge that their research was financed by the Human Ecology Fund - which was a CIA cut-out for funding MK-ULTRA research, as recorded in the US Library of Congress. That’s called a paper trail! I’m in contact with James Rothstein who was appointed to the first task force in the US to investigate organised pedophilia. He discovered a VIP pedophile ring that went all the way to the White house. He said Watergate solely concerned trying to obtain VIP pedophile records being held at Democratic headquarters. He said they discovered an identical pedophile ring in Australia that involved Australian prime ministers, and he is placing me in touch with Australians who worked on this same ring. He said that every time he got somewhere, arrested or charged a VIP, it was shut down under national security. He said every cop who took this above street level was shut down. The same thing happens in Australia. That’s exactly what happened to Reina Michaelson when she tried to expose this in Victoria.’ 

Salter raised his voice, ‘I had a lot to do with that case and that is not what happened.’ 

Me: ‘I know all about that case too. Reina told me that she was placed under something she called a D-notice, and when I saw her in Sydney, she said she was under surveillance by ASIO.’ 

Salter: ‘This is an area that puts people under a lot of pressure, causing them to become paranoid. Reina talked about electronic weapons and people following her...’ 

Me: ‘You mentioned Colin Ross. I spoke at his conference, only I didn’t know it was his conference because that was hidden. When I was there, a therapist approached me and told me her client suspiciously died in Colin Ross’ clinic. Then a retired detective told me he researched Colin Ross and found out he had a dubious background including being fired from a hospital for ethical breaches and having a disproportionate number of patients die in his care. Then victims complained to me that Ross mocked them during his conference presentation.’ 

Salter: ‘Colin Ross is a weird dude! He’s just weird! A lot of paranoia often arises in this field. Everybody currently working in this field is accused of being a perpetrator. That’s the first accusation made. I’ve even been accused. Avoid exaggeration. We must be careful what we take public, what we can’t prove.’ 

Me: ‘What constitutes evidence?’ 

Salter: ‘What are we proving? We can use victim testimony to prove that people are using electrodes.’ 

Me: ‘So, you say you interviewed forty victims and concluded solely from their witness testimony that ritual abuse and mind control exist. Yet you dismiss the testimonies of victims  who witnessed government organised child trafficking. What’s the difference? How can you believe one witness testimony but not another?’ 

Salter: ‘It’s a big jump from making general claims to saying agencies are involved. Stepping forward with the VIP story gets us nowhere without the evidence. One reason perpetrators get away with it is because the public don’t know the basics. The basic process of education is needed because people are stuck in a conspiracy mindset. Ninety-nine percent of professionals are good people. Most of my students want to become police officers. Police need to be trained in how to interview DID victims.’ 

Me: ‘That’s not the problem.’ 

Salter: ‘Yes, it is! Police need to recognise what to do when a victim starts switching mid-interview.’ 

Me: ‘I attended police interviews after I had integrated. The cop who took my statements was clean. But I was cold called by a lawyer who told me the cop above the one who took my statements, the one in charge of my investigation, was involved in the child trafficking network. Sure enough, she stopped my case. A lack of training may be a contributing factor, and it may be a tactic employed to prevent victims being helped, but the main problem is getting police to take our statements in the first place. Victims like me never get anywhere in the first place.’ 

Salter: ‘I interviewed fifty survivors of severe abuse including ritual abuse, and many of them made statements and some saw their perpetrators convicted.’ 

Me: Oh, fifty now? ‘You must be dealing with a different population. During the past few years, I’ve met hundreds of victims of government child trafficking, and not one of them had any success with the police or courts. What typically happens with us is, we make a complaint, the cops raid our home at five am and drag us off to prison for something that was dealt with twenty years ago.’ 

Salter: ‘Saying there is a criminal hierarchy, or that the CIA was here, and posting it all over websites and YouTube, is pointless. Proving anything from thirty years ago is almost impossible.’ 

Me: ‘That reminds me of the Royal Commission who told me to my face that they had no intention of helping current victims, that they exist to help future victims. My response to that is - current victims are the future.’ 

Salter: ‘There is no organised child trafficking network. It’s like drugs, lots of people and small groups all over the place deal in drugs; it’s the same with pedophiles. There is no organised criminal hierarchy trafficking children.’ 

Me: ‘There is a hierarchy - because I witnessed it. So, you’re saying victims shouldn’t bother reporting historical crimes?’ 

Salter: ‘I’m not advising anyone to do anything.’ 

Me: ‘I put in a historical complaint to the health board against Antony Kidman. He was dead within a month of my notification. His security team told the press that he was immediately placed on suicide watch following my complaint. See, I was not the first to complain about him.’ 

Salter: ‘That’s great!’ 

Me: ‘The Daruk boys’ home is currently under investigation because of my efforts. I pursued that matter, publicised it and harassed the police until they had to investigate.’ 

Salter: ‘That’s great!’ 

Me: ‘My winning tactic was to come from a position of experience where I knew that I was dealing with a criminal hierarchy. And I achieved that outcome through what I published on my websites and YouTube. You say victims of organised pedophilia should not make police statements and should not publish our witness testimonies online. So, what you are effectively saying is - victims like me should not have a voice. I went and made police witness statements knowing they would go nowhere, because it was healing. Ask any genuine victim and they will tell you the most important thing to them is justice. All victims have a right to justice.’ 

Salter: ‘We have a different standard regarding the public domain and publishing what you are unable to prove. Like, saying that you have different brain structure, reduces your credibility.’ 

Me: ‘Sorry?’ I asked incredulously, ‘Are you talking about the scientific research published in peer edited journals in which functional MRi scans show that both brain hemispheres light up when high IQ people perform cognitive tasks, as opposed to when someone with an average IQ performs the same tasks, only the left hemisphere is activated?’ 

Salter snidely repeated, ‘Saying that you have different brain structure reduces your credibility.’ 

Me: ‘Are you familiar with the work of Linda Silverman, with the research I studied in gifted education and psychology?’ 

Salter: ‘When you say something that contradicts history, you lose credibility. When you say Whitlam and Kerr, who were arch enemies, were in a homosexual relationship, you lose credibility.’ 

Me: ‘Firstly, a mainstream journalist wrote an article saying exactly that.’ 

Salter: ‘A dodgy journalist.’ 

Me: ‘Secondly, I witnessed them having sex at a pedophile orgy at Parliament House, along with many other men from opposing political parties. Their public façades have nothing to with how these politicians act behind closed doors. And, who appointed John Kerr to the position of Governor General in the first place? Gough Whitlam did, against the better judgement of his party. So, Whitlam and Kerr certainly were not enemies at that time, were they? I spoke with a journalist who wrote favourable articles about me. He said he once spoke to a couple of spooks who told him that all senior politicians are pedophiles because that is how they are controlled, and he asked me if that was my experience. Do you know David Donovan who edits the Independent Australia journal that I wrote articles for?’ 

Salter: ‘I know of him.’ 

Me: ‘There’s a reason he believed my story. Do you know the film Muriel’s Wedding?’ 

Salter: ‘Yes.’ 

Me: ‘That film is mostly based on a true story that occurred in my local area. The character in the movie called Diedre Chambers is based on a real-life woman who ran a local post office with her husband; they had twin boys. David Donovan met one of the twins when he came to pest-control his house. When he realised David was a journalist, he said he had a story for him. When this twin was young, local mayor Tom Hogan (film-maker P.J. Hogan’s father) took him to pedophile parties attended by politicians at Terranora Lakes Country Club, and on an helicopter with Prime Minister Bob Hawke and Opposition Leader Andrew Peacock who sat and got drunk together like they were old mates… Michael, I just think that when you tell people at conferences that you interviewed forty or fifty victims, and because they didn’t say anything about government involvement you conclude there’s no evidence of government involvement - I think you’re better off saying nothing at all, otherwise you are only discrediting victims like me.’ 


Salter: ‘Sorry to cut this short, but I have to get some work done. And sorry things got a little heated at the end.’ 

Me: ‘That’s okay. This has been a very productive conversation. You have just shown me the weaknesses in my story that I must address. You have shown me the exact direction in which I need to take my book. Thank you for that, Michael.’ 

Salter: ‘Oh, err…okay. Goodbye.’ 

‘Bye.’ I phoned the USA to bitch about Mr Salter with David Shurter who concluded, ‘You’ve been triggered because he just spoke to you the way our perpetrators did.’ 

Then I bitched to James Shanahan who told me Salter was a gay lawyer, and that he was one of the ‘40 to 50’ victims Salter interviewed for his PhD. James concluded, ‘He’s used people like me to advance himself. The fact he’s arguing with you and criticising you tells you what side he’s on.’ 

I spent my last embers of anger phoning Dr Reina Michaelson who asked me whether Salter had mentioned that he worked for a NSW Labor Party politician prior to entering the child abuse industry. 

No, Michael Salter had not told me he previously worked for the pedophile political party that I was sex trafficked to and by as a child, just before he sprung out of nowhere to steer the narrative and advise therapists concerning ‘complex trauma and organised sexual abuse’ with zero relevant mental health qualifications or clinical experience.

A Life Sentence 

I roll my eyes when some Uni communications student starts bleating a Noam Chomskyian critique of corporate media and why we shouldn’t be trusted. - Ross Coulthart, 


Fiona Barnett, Independent Australia, 13 October 2015. 

In the first of a two-part update, pedophile ring survivor Fiona Barnett shares her experiences since testifying before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, including involvement in a documentary, the discovery of key abusers and her ongoing fight to have authorities investigate her allegations. 

I left my 2013 Royal Commission hearing with dashed hopes and a reignited need for trauma counselling. So, I applied for counselling through NSW Victim Services, who allocated a psychologist at Living Well Psychology and Counselling. 

Following my initial consultation and the disclosure of my Royal Commission statement, the psychologist wrote in a report to Victim Services that police investigated me for murdering the relative who abused me as a child — my step-grandfather and Nazi war criminal Peter Holowczak. (This pedophile actually committed suicide in Sydney whilst I was residing in Brisbane.) The psychologist’s bizarre allegation contradicted everything I said during our initial meeting, plus the content of the Royal Commission statement I had shared. My subsequent complaint resulted in the psychologist appearing before a professional conduct panel. 

NSW Victim Services subsequently approved a replacement psychologist. Soon after commencing therapy with me, my new therapist was allegedly stalked by thugs who followed her home one night from her clinic to her remote property and circled her car. Saunders consequently provided a formal witness statement about the incident to Detective Terry Frost of the Tweed Heads police. The same men simultaneously stalked my two friends who also reported their experiences to police. The thugs then tailgated me to my daughter’s primary school, but I cut their car off and photographed its number plate. 

I was again stalked and tailgated on the day of perpetrator Antony Kidman’s funeral (see pictures above right). Journalist Jonica Bray, accompanied by a photographer and makeup artists, visited my home to interview me for a potential Woman’s Day magazine story. This team and my family witnessed, photographed and spoke with the two men who allegedly admitted they had been hired to ‘keep an eye on’ me. 

Since my 2013 hearing, I have fought to make formal witness statements to police. 

In May 2014, my husband accompanied me to Tweed Heads police station where I spent two days detailing multiple crimes of child sex trafficking, abduction, rape and murder. Detective Terry Frost omitted many crimes involving perpetrators known to have since died. He concluded that while he found my allegations ‘left field,’ there were numerous unsolved historical murders in the locations I identified. He said he would immediately send my statements to Sutherland Shire police. 

Prior to making these statements, I had spent a year reliving my childhood abuse with my psychologist. 

The incidents of crime were so numerous and the therapy process so gruelling, my physical health was severely impacted. To illustrate, the therapy triggered vertigo and heart problems. On one occasion, these symptoms struck me in the surf and I nearly drowned. Consequently, my therapist was reluctant to work with my memories. This slowed the process down, so that by the time the precious opportunity to make witness statements with Detective Terry Frost arose, I had not finished processing everything. So, I avoided addressing many crimes during my initial statement making, aware of my legal right to include them later under my allocated event number: 54671514. 

My subsequent attempts to report the remaining crimes were thwarted. My emails and phone calls to police were stonewalled for a year. Further, in contravention of my legal rights as a victim of crime, NSW police did not inform me of the progress of the statements I had made. 

On 6 March 2015, I wrote to the NSW Police Commissioner and requested a chance to complete my witness statements. The Sex Crimes Squad replied on the Commissioner’s behalf, informing me that my initial statements were now with Sutherland Shire detectives. Also, in March 2015, I contacted the Federal Police regarding the crimes I experienced in Canberra — including being prostituted under the name ‘Candy Girl’ to Parliament House and to an international political leader in the back of a military airplane at Fairbairn Airport. My communication was ignored until I appealed to the Federal Police Commissioner. An Operation Attest officer named Louise Hawke contacted me and requested I email her details of my abuse. I did this and attached numerous crime scene illustrations. The officer subsequently phoned me and said that, while she believed my account, the historical nature of my complaints made them too difficult to prosecute. Officer Hawke assured me my information had been placed on file for future reference and referred me to ACT Victim Services, who said I qualified for counselling services but not compensation, because the ACT crimes committed against me had occurred prior to their 1985 cut-off date. 

Last July, Australia’s 60 Minutes aired a story about a Westminster pedophile ring titled, Spies, Lords and Predators. I was abused by an Australian equivalent of that UK ring, yet there are notable differences. I was trafficked to international VIPs both within Australia and overseas. This ring involved elements of the Australian military. My perpetrators operated in close collaboration with the USA government and they employed sophisticated methods for keeping their operation hidden. 

Following the airing of their UK story, 60 Minutes were inundated with phone calls from Australian pedophile ring victims. A leading child abuse advocacy centre nominated me to 60 Minutes who are now working on an Australian version of their UK ring story. 60 Minutes told me they had narrowed their list of Australian victims to 30 possible interviewees. So, somewhere out there sit 29 alleged fellow victims of the same Australian VIP pedophile ring that abused me. I urge those potential interviewees to contact me via IA. It would be nice to have my memories validated by another human, instead of being constantly bashed by ignorance and denial. 

As requested, I sent 60 Minutes reporter Ross Coulthart the information I had so far supplied state and federal police. Whilst interviewing my friends and associates, Coulthart questioned the validity of my testimony. He described my memory of being assaulted by a USA politician in the back of a USA military plane at an Australian military airport as far fetched. Just what do people think international child trafficking looks like? If it is documented that the USA military and CIA have been involved in drugs and arms trafficking, would child trafficking be a physical or moral impossibility for these same people? 

Ross Coulthart also questioned my memory that a Governor-General raped me during a pedophile orgy at Parliament House, based on something that all journalists apparently knew — that this married man was a closet homosexual. Such a conclusion ignores the nature of perpetrators’ perverted fetishes and the various reasons why VIPs assault children. Within the context of the crime ring I witnessed, homosexuality, heterosexuality, paedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia were not mutually exclusive. Perpetrators did not always engage in these activities out of personal desire or preference, but rather as a means of exerting power and humiliating their victims. 

This year, an independent documentary team began researching my child abuse experiences. These producers quickly found ample evidence to support my allegations. They discovered the identity of the man my siblings and I were instructed to call ‘Dr Mark.’ Leonas Petrauskas was the adopted son of a Lithuanian opera star, and he played basketball for Lithuania. (My Nazi war criminal grandmother was Lithuanian and friends with Petrauskas.) Petrauskas owned and worked at the Engadine Medical Centre on the corner of Boronia Ave and Old Princess Highway. The documentary team obtained copies of Petrauskas’ family photo albums, passports and Nazi papers. These documents show he was the Nazi doctor who matched the description of him I have been supplying to institutions for 25 years. 

Dr Petrasukas’ crimes were so numerous, evidence of them erupted wherever we looked — and even where we didn't. 

During the documentary excursion, I approached a couple in the Engadine McDonalds' car park and asked them for directions. Within minutes, the woman told me she was another victim of Dr Petrauskas, who referred her for deep sleep treatment with Harry Bailey at the notorious Chelmsford private hospital, which has reported links to Dr Ewen Cameron’s unethical electroshock experiments in Canada. 

Dr Petrauskas attended Sydney University at the same time as another key perpetrator, Dr Antony Kidman. The documentary team located Antony Kidman’s former North Sydney home at 16 William Edward St, Longueville. This matched the description I provided the NSW Psychology Board in my complaint against him. Via, I recognised the lounge room and pool in which I was sexually assaulted by Kidman and his famous stage actor friend who is still alive. The assault occurred during a post-production party held at Kidman’s house. 

My researchers located and interviewed another perpetrator — a woman who assisted Dr Petrauskas while he performed an abortion on me. I witnessed this same woman lure, drug and murder a young male surfer at a remote Kurnell beach. 

If that is the type of information amateurs found in their spare time using a $60 internet connection, imagine what the NSW Police could achieve. 

My documentary producer contacted the NSW Police media liaison officer and asked why police refused to take my remaining witness statements. The Detective who took my initial statements immediately contacted me and said he would not take my remaining statements until he had heard what Sutherland Police were doing regarding my initial statements. I argued that I had far more information to add to the content of my original statements. 

The detective finally directed me to travel to Sydney to complete my witness statements there. Consequently, I approached a Sydney officer I trust and offered to attend Police Headquarters at my own expense. I am currently liaising with a Sutherland detective and have made tentative arrangements to meet her at Police Headquarters next month to  finish my witness statements. I hope this occurs and that I can achieve some kind of closure to my child abuse history. 

Upon finding the identity of Leonas Petrauskas, as well as another offending medical doctor who is still alive, I contacted the NSW Coroner and suggested he investigate every birth and death certificate these doctors ever signed. I said I had witnessed Dr Petrauskas fabricate medical documentation to cover for crimes including murders. The NSW Coroner said he could not conduct such an investigation without the direction of the NSW Police. So, I forwarded the NSW Coroner’s response to the NSW Police Commissioner, asking him to direct the coroner to investigate my allegations. The Commissioner thanked me in writing for supplying the information and assured me it had been forwarded to the appropriate designation. 

‘What, the paper shredder?!’ quipped my current Victim Services counsellor. 

The corroborative evidence that my documentary makers continue to find in support of my allegations has been offered to the authorities. If the authorities are not interested in this evidence, perhaps the public is. My documentary, Candy Girl, is at the editing stage. 

* * * 


Fiona Barnett, Independent Australia, 23 October 2015. 

In the second part of her update, Fiona Barnett details the shocking mistreatment she has endured from certain NSW Police – and others – since testifying to the Child Abuse Royal Commission about her experiences as a victim of an international child sex trafficking ring. 

The Child Abuse Royal Commission has invested government dollars in an initiative called 'Message to Australia': 

…an opportunity for the people who have bravely told their stories to the Royal Commission to send a short message to the Australian community about their experience and their hopes for creating a safer environment for children in the future. 

Select victim messages will be published and stored in the public library — under ‘BS.’ If my message were selected for inclusion, it would read: 

Don’t come forward as I have done! Don’t place your trust in investigative bodies, police and therapists. It’s not worth the risk to you and your family. If you insist on attending professional counselling, do so under a pseudonym and pay cash. 

Here’s why: 

At my 2013 hearing, I made some reasonable requests: witness protection, a chance to provide my testimony to police and for police to investigate my allegations. Two years on, I am still waiting for these requests to be fulfilled. I have not heard from my Royal Commission case manager since March 2014 when I provided her with additional information. Instead, I have experienced an increase in police indifference and harassment. 

Certain NSW Police dismissed my witness testimony against a VIP pedophile ring as unworthy of collection and investigation. However, they simultaneously used the witness  statements I provided them as grounds for suspending my pistol licence. On 24 December 2014, its Firearms Registry gave me two days to surrender my licence or face possible criminal charges. Their deadline counted Christmas and Boxing Day as working days. It appears that Tweed Heads Police sent my witness statements to the state Firearms Registry (located in nearby Murwillumbah) instead of to Sutherland Shire detectives. When I confronted the detective with whom I made my statements about this action, he exclaimed: ‘I didn’t do that!’ I told Detective Terry Frost I knew he was innocent. 

During a recent conversation with the Sutherland detective inspector in charge of my case, I was informed that she only recently requested my statements from Tweed Heads Police and that she has not yet read them. I heard from the Firearms Registry months before NSW Police told me whether my witness statements were in the hands of Sydney detectives, or if my allegations were being investigated. Bettina Walker, manager of the NSW Police Firearms Registry, informed me that she had served 20 years as a police officer and: ‘I know from experience the content of your statements is true.’ 

She said that I must undergo a psychiatric evaluation, based on my statement content, to determine whether I was a risk to myself or the public because of the crimes perpetrated against me in my childhood. This response from the NSW Police reminded me of AHPRA’s similar treatment of my child abuse history. Members of the Murwillumbah Pistol Club said they had not previously seen police target someone’s registration as they had mine. They concluded it was retaliation for my whistleblowing against an international child trafficking ring. 

Certain NSW Police further contributed to my harassment, by ignoring my requests for their assistance. During Halloween 2014, I arrived home to find my child’s dog baited and lying in a pool of blood. Days following the baiting, my next-door neighbour approached my property in a rage and started smashing at our locked front gate. He screamed at me: ‘I should have killed that dog! I’m gonna kill that dog!’ He motioned to jump our fence. 

A friend (an ex-police officer) was visiting my home at the time. She instinctively intervened and managed the neighbour’s violence. It took her five minutes to make him leave my property. She called the police who attended and provided an event number: 56705529. The police promised to at least caution the neighbour - but did not.

I am convinced the neighbour would have assaulted me, because he previously assaulted my brother without provocation. Shortly after moving from Wollongong (a major centre of my childhood abuse), the neighbour approached my brother, who was entering his car to attend work. The neighbour ambushed him from behind, grabbed him by the throat, and pinned him to his car. The neighbour, who my brother had not previously met, grinned and dared my brother: ‘Go on! Hit me!’ 

By Easter 2015, harassment of my family reached unprecedented intensity. Our problem neighbour targeted us via his umpteenth vexatious complaint to local authorities — this time regarding a fence we legally erected years ago. Then another one of my high-profile perpetrators died, triggering another adverse reaction. Soon after, I suffered a mild head injury in a bizarre car accident. Not long later, our family therapist caved under the unique pressures of working with an incomparable case of ‘complex trauma.’ Losing our family therapist at such a critical moment, the timing appeared orchestrated. Just after our therapist emailed her sudden decision, our problem neighbour intentionally coated our property in asthma-inducing fibreglass debris for the third time this year. 

Immediately after that, local police targeted our young daughter. Police attended our family home after 8pm on a Friday. They claimed a pink iPhone 4 had been reported missing 546 three hours earlier and that the Find my iPhone app had determined it was located inside our home. The senior investigating officer dogmatically asserted that the phone app constituted infallible technology and was accurate to within two metres. She immediately concluded our 10-year-old daughter had stolen the phone, dismissing any testimony, evidence or suggestion our daughter might be innocent. 

The officer was defensive, aggressive, sarcastic and evasive. She could not provide us with an event number. She threatened to visit our home and interview our daughter to "jog her memory" concerning the phone’s whereabouts. She communicated to us that her questioning would frighten our child into confessing she stole the phone. 

I told this officer she did not have permission to interview my child and that she would have to obtain a warrant. I went without sleep for two days while I placed my daughter in hiding and lodged a number of complaints to relevant authorities, including to the NSW Police Commissioner. This was not the first time I had been forced to hide my children. 

The offending officer effectively accused my child of committing a crime while in the care of her school. Consequently, the school became heavily involved. The school's principal phoned police and told them it was impossible for our child to have come into contact with the missing phone. The senior investigating officer hung up on the principal who subsequently labelled her, ‘... a disgrace to the police force.’ 

My complaints resulted in a formal investigation – which is ongoing – an apology of sorts and a Police showbag being presented to my bewildered 10-year-old. Every investigating officer who attended our home said they had not witnessed the screen shot evidence. I have yet to be shown the alleged screen shot. I do not believe the evidence exists. 

When I challenged the offending officer, by asking whether it was possible for someone to fabricate the screenshot, she agreed it ‘could be a possibility’ but that in 20 years of policing she could not see why that would occur. After ten years of intense harassment from a variety of course, including the polices, I fully appreciate why someone would seek to fabricate evidence against my family. 

Such as when police ambushed three family homes and held guns to my husband, I believe the iPhone incident was fabricated as a means of re-traumatising my family and silencing my witness testimony. Police demonstrated far more enthusiasm for investigating a missing pink iPhone 4, than the countless incidents of child abduction, rape and murder I witnessed as a child victim of an international sex trafficking ring. 

In September 2015, despite having been warned three times by the Tweed Shire Council not to, the offending neighbour again deliberately coated my home in fibre glass debris. A lawyer subsequently advised me to attend the local Court and apply for an AVO. I followed this instruction. 

Tweed Heads Court staff asked me whether my children would be included on the AVO, to which I replied: ‘Absolutely.’ The Court then told me that only the police could take out the AVO. I said the police refused to do this. The Court instructed me to immediately march next door and ask the Tweed Heads police to take out the AVO on behalf of my family. I followed this instruction also. 

A senior Tweed Heads police officer told me there were insufficient recent incidents for police to take out an AVO, that what the neighbour did in October 2014 constituted sufficient grounds, that he could not understand why officers did not do so in 2014, and that I would have to wait for the neighbour to build up a ‘dossier’ of offences and commit a serious act of violence against me or my family before police would act in our defence.

The officer provided me with yet another Event Number to add to my dossier: 61680488. He suggested that the neighbour continued to commit crimes against my family because I was ‘reactive.’ His theory for criminal motivation is inconsistent with the neighbour’s surprise physical attack on my brother who had never previously met the offender and so no reaction could have preceded that assault. 

In short, the NSW Police have instructed me to wait for a violent man to successfully seriously injure me or my children in another surprise, unprovoked assault. 

Forget Al Qaeda. Our family lives with the tangible threat of being intermittently terrorised by certain police and random citizens. People, including police and therapists, have offered glib remedies to our predicament: Just move house. Just act normal and polite when police turn up. Just ignore the neighbour. If you know you’re going to be attacked, just go on holiday.554s 

We’ve tried all of that — and it doesn’t work. Such advice demonstrates ignorance of how elite crime rings operate. There is no avoiding an infinitely resourced network that has infiltrated every level of the Australian political and judicial system, as well as all the major establishment institutions. There is no reasoning with its members, whose confidence and arrogance stem from knowing they are protected. 

The Australian public often say of child abuse victims: Why didn’t they speak up? Why didn’t they go to the police? If pedophile rings are as widespread as victims claim, why can’t the public see any evidence of it? Perhaps, after reading this article, people will better understand why. 

I have endured decades of the types of incidents I describe here, including pet killings, attacks on my family and bizarre mistreatment from health professionals. I have experienced random, unprovoked attacks from complete strangers, an undesirable element within the police force and violent neighbours who suddenly migrate from significant childhood abuse locations. To the uninformed, these events appear to be mere coincidences or the result of something I must have done wrong. But to those with knowledge and experience, this is a recognisable pattern — the modus operandi of a powerful, well-funded child trafficking ring with a vested interest in silencing witnesses like me. 

Therefore, when you see victims publicly testifying before the Royal Commission, or you encounter a masturbative collection of warm fuzzies boasting the title ‘Messages to Australia,’ spare a thought for the voiceless mass of victims like me, whose testimonies were indeed reported but will never be publicly disclosed or addressed — thereby preserving the myth of the existence of such abuse. 

* * * 

On Monday 2 November 2015, I took a 6am flight from Gold Coast airport to Sydney. I was scheduled to complete two days of police witness statements with two Sutherland detectives at Surrey Hills police station, beginning that day. During the flight, I sat in front of ABC 4 Corners television presenter Kerry O’Brien who served as PM Gough Whitlam’s press secretary. The day before this flight, Kerry O’Brien launched his biography about his good friend of 40 years, Paul Keating. My press conference, which focussed on Paul Keating and Gough Whitlam being pedophiles, was held the Thursday before Kerry O’Brien’s weekend book launch. So, my press conference cast a shadow over the book launch of the journalist seated behind me for the next hour. (And people say there is no God.) 

Nicky Davis, Australia’s SNAP representative, was currently negotiating with ABC 4 Corners who expressed interest in interviewing me on television. They subsequently expressed greater interest in interviewing another victim of Bob Hawke who had come forward, the daughter of Bob Hawke’s architect Kevin Borland (who had family photos featuring Bob plus two sisters who were willing to testify that she immediately disclosed Bob Hawke’s assault to them). 

I turned to the guest seated behind me and smiled, ‘Hi, Kerry. I’m due to appear on your show.’ 

‘Oh, really? Which story is that?’ 

‘The VIP pedo ring. I’m the one who delivered the press conference last Thursday.’ 

Kerry O’Brien gasped in horror and dropped his gaze into the magazine on his lap. 

‘I’m on my way to Sydney to make two days of police witness statements.’ 

He stared in horror at his reading material, nodding out of synch with my words. 

‘Don’t worry,’ I assured him, ‘The police will probably want to gag me from further media exposure anyhow.’ 

Kerry O’Brien announced his retirement from ABC Four Corners four days later. 

After landing in Sydney, I spent the day providing witness statements in the company of Australia’s SNAP representative, Nicky Davis, plus Sydney’s top court support worker. The first day ended on the most traumatic part of the two days. For the first time in my life I described the crime scene where former Prime Minister Paul Keating raped and murdered a young blonde boy on a remote Kurnell beach, and doctor Leonas Petrauskas made me dig up the body. I began to sob. It took a moment for the three women to notice. 

‘Fiona are you okay?’ they chimed. 

No, I was not okay. I was contemplating the incident in depth for the first time in my life, simply because no one had ever asked me to detail it before. No therapist. No cop. Noone. No-one had ever cared enough to simply ask me what I saw. 

Soon after, I floated out of the police station in a cloud of dissociation and headed toward Central train station. Nicky’s voice was a distant echo as she insisted on accompanying me to Marrickville, an inner Sydney suburb where I was to meet Dr Reina Michaelson. I had booked accommodation at the Travelodge Hotel opposite Hyde Park in the city, but I sensed danger and cancelled at the last minute. I asked Reina to find me alternative accommodation and tell no one, including me. That way, I figured, if I did not know where I was staying, neither did anyone else. But ASIO already knew. The government obviously didn’t want Reina and I speaking privately and comparing information, because ASIO began stalking Reina again from the moment we spoke. Reina even confronted an agent staking out her house in a white van. Reina had planned for us to meet at a café just outside Marrickville train station. So, I was surprised when she met me on the platform. We hugged. Then Reina’s face went from smile to serious. ‘Fiona, they’re here for you.’ 

My gut dropped. ‘Who’s here?’ knowing full well who she meant. 

‘There are two men stalking me. They’re waiting for you outside the station.’ 

Nicky, Reina and I remained on the platform as we discussed our options. My training had already kicked in. Just then, a man brushed past us, growling menacingly. 

‘That’s one of them!’ Reina exclaimed. 

I sized him up from behind. Military haircut, clean pressed blue work shorts, clean work boots, high viz yellow bib, off-grid communication device in his right hand. They were ASIO-T4 protective security thugs – and he was the ringleader. 

Must protect Nicky and Reina, I thought. I noticed the smart phone in my hand and announced: ‘I’m getting a photo.’ I ran after the stalker and took several photos of him from behind. Then I got as close as possible to his back, positioned my phone, and yelled: ‘Hey!’ He turned around and I snapped a full-frontal shot. His face was clean shaven, his work clothes clean and crisp. It was 5pm and this guy had certainly not been at work all day. I spun around with the agility of an acrobat and took off toward Nicky and Reina. 

‘He’s coming!’ the girls exclaimed. We quickly exited the train station, but the stranger caught up with us just outside. His hands were tightly clenched, and his veins popped out of his outstretched neck as he struggled to contain his rage. I braced myself for a physical assault. I guarded my cell phone so he couldn’t snatch it from me. His demeanour was reminiscent of the Holsworthy military thugs from my youth. 

‘Why did you take my photo!’ he yelled at me. ‘I was just returning home from work!’ 

I took a step forward and thrust my finger at his ugly face: ‘You have been stalking her! (I pointed at Reina) and now you’re stalking me! I’m calling the police!’ 

He flinched. ‘No, I’m calling the police!’ 

We exited the platform with Nicky at rear. The thug walked a foot behind Nicky as he called police and alleged three women were harassing him. Nicky swung around and yelled for the person on the other end of the line to hear, ‘If we are harassing you – then stop following us!’ 

Reina led us to a café around the corner from Marrickville train station. We sat at a table. ‘There will be a fourth one standing across the road there,’ I pointed across the road, ‘observing the operation from a distance.’ 

‘Yes, there was!’ Reina and Nicky chimed. ‘We saw him.’ 

A police car pulled up at the train station entrance which was out of our view. A young female officer began speaking with two of the ASIO agents. Nicky and Reina expressed their concern that the stalkers were trying for ‘false arrest’ against me. I noticed additional police cars circling us like sharks. ‘Those guys only need one police mate,’ I warned, ‘and I’m stuffed.’ I had asked the Sutherland detectives for their cell phone numbers in case something like this occurred, but they declined. I phoned Sutherland police station and asked for the detective who took my statement. The desk officer had no idea of my case and I had no time to explain it to him. ‘Ma’am, stay there and we’ll send an officer to you!’ 

No, I thought, there are plenty police officers here already. 

Reina peeked around the corner again, to gauge what was happening. 

‘I’m out of here,’ I told Nicky. 

‘No! You can’t go!’ 

‘I know what I’m doing. I must go now.’ 

‘No, no! You can’t go!’ 

‘You’re not listening. It’s time for me to go.’ 

‘Okay,’ she resigned. ‘Meet us at the Travel Lodge hotel.’ 

‘Okay,’ I lied. 

In Nicky’s words, she turned her head for a moment, looked back – I had disappeared into thin air. 

I fled down a small backstreet at a brusque pace, but not so fast as to arouse suspicion. I turned right into the first tiny lane, to lose sight of the cop cars circling the main street. It was a dead end. At the far end of this lane, I pressed my body hard up against a slither of protruding brick wall and swapped my pink shirt for beige. I caught my breath and thanked God I had been swimming daily for the past two years. 

I spied two shopkeepers chatting from their back porches. They were obviously wondering what I was doing. I offered, ‘Have you watched the news lately where they mentioned three prime ministers were pedophiles?’ 

‘I heard about that,’ responded one woman. 

‘Well, that’s me. I’m the witness. I’m in Sydney making police statements and now I’m being chased by bad men.’ 

‘You go to police!’ her Asian friend demanded. 

How could I explain? ‘Err, not really. That’s not the best thing right now. Some police are helping the pedophiles.’ 

Enough time had passed for me to move. I surveyed my options: scale a 10-foot brick wall at the dead end of the road or return the way I came. I’m too old for this Jason Bourne shit! I moaned. I’m 46, not 26. 

The women read my mind. ‘You can go through that gate,’ one pointed to a spot behind me, ‘through their back yard, up their front veranda and out their front gate.’ 

‘Thanks,’ I waved and ran off. I traversed the suburban streets until I found a safe place to hide, from where I could monitor the passing traffic. My phone rang. It was my detective. I explained I was in a state of shock, trauma and dissociation, and I had to flee because I didn’t know whether the cops who turned up at the train station were good or bad. I asked her what my legal rights were concerning photographing a stranger on a station platform. She said she did not know but advised me to send the photos to multiple locations and delete them from my phone. 

‘I’ve already done that,’ I said. 

The detective tried to convince me to contact Nicky and Reina and reunite with them, otherwise there would be police looking for me out of concern for my safety. 

‘Look,’ I explained, ‘unless you can convince me I’m not going to have some bullshit charge slapped against me by these pedo stalkers – I’m on the first flight out of here!’ 

‘No, don’t do that. We want you back tomorrow to finish the statements.’ 

‘From my perspective, I know it only takes one bad cop to cooperate with those stalkers. I need you to phone Marrickville police and sort this out. Then phone me back.’ 

I called my friend who lived in a nearby suburb. 

‘What’s happening?’ she asked. 

‘I’m in trouble. They’re after me. I’m hiding in the Marrickville backstreets.’ 

‘I’m at work. I’m forty-five minutes away. Can you get to my place?’ 

I hung up my mobile which immediately rang. It was my detective. She assured me I was not in trouble and that everything had been sorted with Marrickville police. She had contacted the female officer who responded to the stalkers’ call. ‘The men said they were perplexed that you took a photo, and that they were just innocently returning home from work.’ 

‘No. That’s not what they were doing. That’s not what two credible witnesses saw.’ 

‘The officer did suspect there was another side to the story. I’ve asked for her to send me her report.’ 

I emerged from my hiding place and walked down the street. I spied a man closing his business for the day and approached him, ‘Can you please call me a taxi from your phone? I don’t want to do it from mine.’ I explained my situation and that I was on the run from some unsavoury men. 

He explained that there was a taxi depot nearby. 

‘Can you please walk me to it?’ 

He agreed. 

‘If you carry my bag for me,’ I held it out for him, ‘we will look like a couple.’ 

The stranger nodded and slung my black duffle bag over his shoulder. We walked several blocks to a taxi repair depot where my new friend instructed them to get me a taxi. Within 30 minutes, I was safe in the home of a prominent Sydney barrister. 

That evening, I watched as ABC Media Watch presenter Paul Barry personally attacked me for daring to speak at a press conference about my child abuse, instead of critiquing the media’s coverage of my press conference as he was supposed to. 

Reina Michaelson later phoned me and commented, ‘You were amazing. Everything you did was perfect.’ 

‘When will this end,’ I sighed. 

‘Fiona, I think this is a life sentence.’ 

* * * 

The NSW Police promised to visit my home and take an estimated five more days of witness statements. This never occurred. The NSW Police never contacted me again. The detective who took my statements did raid the Holowczak’s home with police dogs and did walk the streets interviewing neighbours who supported my account – but the police never told me this; I heard it from the residents. Later, I was contacted by a Sydney lawyer who basically told me the Sutherland detective in charge of my case, who grew up in Engadine, was a member of the child trafficking network she was supposedly investigating. 

* * * 

Reina was right: I serve a life sentence for crimes committed against me. Antony Kidman was right: I achieved nothing without the Luciferians’ support. The Luciferian network’s two-pronged attack - harassment and sabotage - is designed to make victims like me give up hope. It is designed to induce the state Kidman promoted: Learned Helplessness, ‘the condition in which a person suffers from a sense of powerlessness arising from a traumatic event or persistent failure to succeed.’


Source of Hope 

Within Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. (1 Peter 3:15) 

Bond University destroyed my career in October 2010. For two years leading up to that moment, I juggled study with debilitating stroke symptoms, rehabilitation, excessive scrutiny, sabotage, and my own children’s special needs. Then suddenly my life was still. Suddenly I noticed I was deeply exhausted. Suddenly I had the time and headspace to sleep. I slept heavily most days. When not asleep, I watched Christian satellite television, listened to the Bible, or prayed. I prayed continually for three specific things: vindication, compensation, and reinstatement. 

Three weeks into my hiatus, I fell into a deep sleep in front of the television. An hour later, I suddenly awoke. I was wide awake. I went from the deepest sleep, to being as awake as possible. My eyes remained shut as I heard a TV evangelist announce: 


I immediately fell back into a deep slumber. Sometime later, I awoke again. My eyes stayed closed as I listened: 


I fell deeply asleep again. Then I was suddenly alert, my still eyes closed. 


I slept again, and again woke up to the pastor’s loud voice: 


Dead asleep. Then wide awake: 


I fell asleep again. I awoke in time to hear the pastor’s final words: ‘I had not intended to give this sermon. I had something else planned. I don’t know why I gave this sermon. Perhaps there is someone out there who needed to hear it.’ 

Jon ignored me when I tried to tell him that God spoke to me through the television set. So, I relayed the strange experience to my psychologist friend Luciana who laughed hard at my exhibiting classic signs of the very thing Bond tried framing me with. 

The following Sunday, I awoke at 6am and could not fall back to sleep. I then did something I never usually did, I went into our lounge room, turned on the television and flicked through the Christian satellite channels. Jon then did something he never typically does. He emerged from the bedroom and joined me. We caught the end of a story about a university student who took a moral stand against something she believed in. The student was consequently victimised by university staff. What started as something small snowballed until the university was eventually investigated by a powerful external body. In response, the student said, many of the offending lecturers chose to resign instead of implementing the recommended changes. The remaining university lecturers approached the student and admitted she had been in the right all along. 

Jon’s mouth dropped open and he glanced at me like one of those rotating fairground clown heads that devour ping-pong balls. 

‘See,’ I smiled, ‘I told you the television was talking to me.’ 

I phoned Luciana and handed the phone to Jon who confirmed, ‘Yes, Luciana, the television talked to me too.’ 

‘Fiona,’ Luciana marvelled, ‘You’re like a clairvoyant or something. People think you’re weird because you say all these things without any evidence for it, and it makes you sound paranoid and crazy. But then, months later - it all comes true!’ 

* * * 

Anything Except the Biblical Jesus Christ 

In today’s Western society it is acceptable to embrace all kinds of weird spiritual beliefs. It is fine to be a Zen Buddhist and believe in reincarnation, or to consult an Indian guru for advice on mantra. It is cool to embrace the Mormon belief that they will populate their own polygamist planet, or to experience Shamanic visions and communicate with animal spirits, or to dance naked in the forest and chant to Mother Earth. It is acceptable for people to gather in the mountains and wait for visitations from alien UFOs. It is normal to consult mediums and spirits to find out how your dead loved ones are faring in the afterlife. It is acceptable to speak of the ethereal concept of a ‘Christ consciousness.’ It is even okay to be a Satanist and attend conferences and ritual orgies. In fact, all these beliefs and practises are deemed ‘culturally acceptable’ by mental health practitioners. It is hip to be anything these days – except one thing: it is not okay to be a Bible believing Christian. If I say I communicate with my God, or if I experience strange events in the context of my Christian beliefs, then that apparently makes me crazy. I am labelled a crazy right-wing fundamentalist because the people doing the labelling are Luciferians who hate God and who strive to achieve the opposite of everything the Bible says. 560s

My Secret Source of Strength 

I was asked on social media: To what do you attribute your ability to not only survive the unspeakable but thrive? You seem to be thriving to me. You are powerful. 

Firstly, I do not always thrive. My supporters simply do not get to witness my private meltdowns. I too was once fragile and frightened, and at times I still feel threatened and anxious; hence I still suffer with Complex PTSD. But I get what people mean. I seem to thrive relative to the condition most victims of extreme abuse are seemingly in. Many victims are curled up in foetal positions in the corner of some psychiatric ward. Or they have committed suicide already. But those are the visible victims. People do not realise that through mind control the filthy rich elite have created an invisible population of survivors who appear to function within society. These victims walk around oblivious to the content of their implicit memory systems. Their core issues manifest as numbness, or mental health issues for which they take prescription medicine, or else they drink, sex, or work to distract themselves from the unspeakable reality. Mental health issues only overcome those in conflict with their implicit involvement in clandestine cult and network activities. 

And yes, I was born with innate abilities that helped me survive. The qualities that John Gittinger and his vile associates selected me for are the very same ones I employed to fight their programming. Their training is what I used to defend myself against their agents. I turned their skills on them and bit them on the arse like an angry dog. But I am only what God made me, and what Gittinger tampered with. God created me an introvert like every other member of my large family. Gittinger changed me to an extrovert. If Gittinger had not changed me to an extrovert, I would not have been able to speak publicly and interact with victims the way I have. It is as the Bible says: 

But as for you, you thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save many people alive. 

My survival is testament to the existence and authority of Jesus Christ. My belief in the Biblical God and His only son Jesus Christ is the fundamental reason I managed to recover my memories without cracking or dying. That is my big secret. That is my source of hope in the face of adversity. That is where I found the courage and strength to defy my abusers and dare to heal. Deep down I know that Jesus Christ is Lord, that this world is under the temporary occupancy and rule of Lucifer and his vile minions, and that there is a real, tangible afterlife as described in the Bible. Yes, I am a crap Christian. My abusers specifically targeted my childhood belief in God and made it near impossible to relax, pray, concentrate on reading the Bible, and trust in an all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present Creator. 

It has been difficult to reconcile why this same God allowed one innocent child to experience so much pain and terror. I sometimes ask, why did God let one little girl experience more hell on earth than ten thousand lives combined? What is the point to all this? Why does God let bad things happen to innocent people? Why am I still here? It is not enough to just survive, with my head barely above the flood waters. I want a break. I want peace. When will God avenge me? When will he silence and destroy my enemies? Where is my vindication, compensation and reinstatement? Where is my Job-like ending? Job’s life was a picnic compared to mine. His calamity struck all at once during his adulthood, and he had a stable childhood development to fall back on. I had no such base. These are the questions and arguments I share with God as I stomp around in frustration, anger and anxiety. 

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Innocent People? 

I was in my early 20s when I grasped the story and meaning of Job. Job was a wealthy, righteous and socially respected man. God and Satan had a wager at Job’s expense. God instigated Satan’s focus on Job by asking him whether he had considered Job and how upright he was. Satan responded by accusing God of wrapping Job up in cotton wool, and he challenged God by betting, if God took everything from Job, the man would curse God. So, God gave Satan permission to rob Job of his possessions, then his kids, then his health. Even worse, Job’s wife began nagging him. Then Job’s mates accused Job of having done something wrong to attract such calamity. In all this, Job still did not blame God. 

For many Bible pages, Job debated with his three friends. He challenged God to appear so that he can have it out with Him in person, like I did atop that Alaskan mountain. Finally, God did appear before Job and his three friends. At this, Job dropped to the ground in terror. For many pages, God asked Job many questions about the natural world. God asked Job whether he is able to feed all the wild animals, control the weather, or physically wrestle wild beasts. Job crapped himself in awe and admitted he knew nothing about such things. Finally, God told Job: ‘Listen, there is more going on in this world than you can imagine. So, until you know how to run the physical world, don’t tell me how to run the spiritual world.’ In the end, Job was restored, in a sense. He had a second family of kids who were the most handsome in the land, greater wealth, and was publicly vindicated before his mates. 

Justice is Coming 

People discredit the existence of the Biblical God by saying a loving God would never throw people in Hell. They also question why a caring God would let such horror happen to innocent children like me. Here is my understanding of such matters. Firstly, God gave humans free will to do as they choose. The things some people chose to do, the Bible says, are so evil that they never entered God’s mind as being possible: 

And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin. 

For a person to be judged and sentenced to prison, they must first commit the crime. God allows perpetrators to rape, torture, and kill children because if they did not physically act on their potential and desire for evil, they could not subsequently be judged and eternally punished by God, and so they would qualify for Heaven. I don’t want to spend eternity with Luciferian pedophile scum like Kidman. 

God showed Ezekiel a vision of the priests secretly performing cult rituals inside the Temple, and asked: 

Is it nothing to the people of Judah that they commit these detestable sins, leading the whole nation into violence, thumbing their noses at me, provoking my anger? Therefore, I will respond in fury. I will neither pity nor spare them. And though they cry for mercy, I will not listen. 

God then instructed an angel to: Walk through the streets of Jerusalem and place a mark upon the foreheads of all who weep and sigh because of the abominations being committed in their city. 

God then instructed five more angels to: Follow him through the city and kill everyone whose forehead is not marked. Show no mercy; have no pity! Kill them all – old and young, girls and women and little children. But do not touch anyone with the mark. Begin here at the Temple. So, they began by killing the 70 leaders… 

God said: The sins of the people of Israel and Judah are very, very great. The entire land is full of murder; the city is filled with injustice. They are saying, ‘The LORD doesn’t see it! The LORD has abandoned the land!’ …I will fully repay them for all they have done. 

God hates the satanic ritual murder of babies. Human sacrifice is the ‘abomination that causes desolation’ which will occur in the Third temple. Luciferian ritual and sacrifice are the root cause of social decline. The Old Testament is simply a history of God’s chosen people oscillating between worshipping the Biblical God and worshipping Lucifer. When they served God, the Jews prospered. When they practised Satanism and sacrificed their babies to Moloch, their society fell apart. 

So, it is today. The 350,000-strong Belgian march against their government’s child trafficking operation proves that people power can’t fix this. Only the direct intervention of God can clean up the mess Western society is in for throwing out the Ten Commandments, school prayer, and Christian morals, in exchange for witchcraft and pornography, drugs and divorce. That is why another Passover is coming – to end this evil age. Instead of painting lamb’s blood over their door lintels, an invisible mark is placed in the foreheads of those who believe in the Lamb of God. Those spiritually marked by God will be spared from the coming holocaust in which the Bible predicts two thirds of Jewish people will die. 

I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to damage earth and sea, saying, ‘Do not damage the earth or the sea or the trees, until we have marked the servants of our God with a seal in their foreheads.’ 

God will exact justice. He will issue the death penalty. His order of vengeance will mimic that recorded in Ezekiel. It will start at the Temple, with allowing the Luciferians to perpetrate another holocaust against the apostate Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues, before turning His sword of justice against the Luciferians themselves. 

What can we do to help? 

People often asked me on social media, ‘What can I do to help the plight of victims?’ I am only one voice, they think. How can I possibly make an impact on such a vast operation? As the above Ezekiel vision shows – the most important thing is to care. If you care, that will influence your every action and at least prevent you from contributing to the problem. God marked and spared those who felt anguish over what the Luciferian pedophiles have done to mankind. 

We have only two sides to choose from: good or evil, no shades of grey. This is increasingly evident as the Luciferian pedophiles make their move for global control. I have tried to relay in this book how this has come to be, and how their system of control works. Hopefully, this book helps to make sense of everything that does not make sense. 

Jesus Christ instructed His followers to be witnesses for the truth. A witness takes the stand and tells the court what they personally experienced. Christians were not asked to play judge, jury, prosecutor, or defence attorney. We are not here to argue and prove. We are here to testify to what we believe and why, to explain the reason for our sense of hope when people ask. 

A pastor asked me whether I was going to get someone reputable to write a forward in this book and so vouch for my credibility – and by extension, my sanity. I responded, ‘Who do you suggest will raise their hand to have an ASIO target painted on their head? I have a psychiatrist who was the Royal Commission’s first choice of expert witness to publicly testify regarding the impact of child abuse on adults. But she would be stripped of her registration if she endorsed this book. And who am I trying to convince anyhow? If people aren’t convinced of my story after reading Relevance of Intelligence which contains complex, previously unpublished information - nothing will convince them. If people don’t want to believe me, then my book is not for them. They are not my target audience. In fact, I don’t want them to read my book. 

‘My target audience are the victims who recognise my testimony because they themselves lived it. My target audience are victims who don’t dare respond to me on social media for fear of being detected. My audience is the person who writes to tell me: “You are the reason I get up in the morning,” or “I believe in God because of you.” Do you think I care 557 what the public say about me? I am very experienced at being hated: I’ve been defamed on national TV by the ABC, I was slandered to the Psychology Board, I was continually vilified on social media. I just soldiered on through their incessant attacks, which is the reason I got so far with my story - I did not crumble at their insults. So, as if I care now what people, who don’t want to know the truth, think of my book.’ 

‘Your story is hard to swallow,’ he concluded. 

‘Then they are going to have a hard time swallowing what the Bible says is coming next. My book is just the appetiser for the main course described in Revelation. The Bible says men’s hearts will fail them for fear of what’s coming. What do you think could cause people to drop dead in fear like that? If people can’t handle my book, how will they handle it when what I witnessed under Pine Gap manifests and enters their own homes? My job is to just tell people what I experienced. Their choice how they receive it. Duty of care fulfilled.’ 

I left the most unbelievable things out of this book. I have tasted the spiritual and seen things that I can’t begin to share here, things which prevent me from denying the existence and authority of God. My supernatural experiences of God’s authority and power are relative to my experiences of the most vile and evil darkness. That is a fair balance. 

I understand that God’s nature is softer and gentler than I thought. I know that He only bothers disciplining and changing the character of those He cares about. I know He never pushes us beyond what we can endure but squishes us right up against that line. I know that somehow God weaves everything together so that in the end, it will all make sense. I know that God can take what people intended to harm and destroy me and turn it into the best thing that could have happened. Yet intellectually knowing and emotionally feeling are two different things. Life hurts. Life is pain. 

Happiness stems from a word meaning ‘luck.’ Happiness is a transient state of being which depends on current external circumstances. Joy, however, transcends our physical surrounds, and is a result of belief and faith in God. I might not be happy with my worldly situation - extremely unhappy. I’m not that joyful either. But I do have a sense of hope. They can rob me of my social reputation and standing, destroy my career, kill my every interest, ruin my finances, break my marriage, threaten my kids, poison my pets, turn my family against me, take my friends, decimate my physical health, and publicly mock me in the media. The one thing they can never destroy is my belief in Jesus Christ. 

True ‘transhumanism’ and eternal life are attained by simply believing in Jesus Christ, believing that He is who the Bible says He is. Remember the thief hanging next to Jesus during the crucifixion? All he said was, ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.’ Jesus replied, ‘Sure thing.’ All the thief did to gain what these Luciferians have been struggling to invent themselves was believe and ask. No Kundalini serpent crap, no legalism, no exchange of money, no dressing and speaking the right way, no secret doctrine, no ten steps to this or eight steps to that, no magic, alchemy or technology. Just belief and request. 

I believe God can restore me if he chooses. I believe He will indeed vindicate, compensate, and reinstate me. But exactly how He will do that, I have no idea. It will likely not occur in this life. And in the great scheme of things it does not matter. What matters is that Heaven and the Lake of Fire are real, tangible places – just as real as what we physically perceive right now. Have you ever sat too close to a campfire so that it became uncomfortable? Have you ever experienced a traumatic accident? Have you ever felt the pain of losing a loved one? Take every horrible thing that could happen to a human being and multiple it - and continue increasing it. The result does not begin to touch on what awaits our enemies. Justice does exist. God’s justice will ultimately prevail. 

Belief in God’s omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence is my secret survival tactic. That is my source of hope within.

source and last chapter here

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