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Part 2 of 3:End of Christianity. 2nd Act: First adoration

First public appearance and first mass worship of Mithras

The change of ownership of the Church, the change from the cult of Jesus to the cult of Mithras begins in a big way, with a great act of worshiping the new camouflaged god, from the balcony of Pedro's headquarters. Mitra is the pagan god whom the Jesuits have secretly always worshiped since San Francisco de Borgia, as explained in the first part of this series on the "End of Christianity".

It seems that no one noticed the exact minute and a half that Francis He was motionless, still, expressionless as a statue,with his arms close to his body. What was Francisco doing in that long minute and a half?

Pope Francis, who by oath obeys the Superior General of the Jesuits above all things , was making the god Mitra himself present with an invocation ritual. It is the first step in the final process that has to replace Jesus with his impostor substitute, and without anyone noticing. It is what in all the prophecies is known as the antichrist .

Together with all the prophecies, already explained in the first part , and together with the Book of Revelations or Apocalypse, the new pope is the definitive test.

Francisco belongs to the order of the Jesuits, the group that resumed the cult of Mithras almost from its creation and the group that has in its anagram the IHS, the number of the beast, 666.

What is the relationship between IHS and 666? simply that IHS is the code nº 666 of the codes 666, to whom it gives the name . We will explain it later.

We don't want to say that Francisco, with that endearing good-natured look, is the anti-Christ. What we assure without any doubt - and with many proofs that we will discover  is that Francis and the Society of Jesus worship the anti-Christ.

Jesus is Christ and his dark imitator (Mitra) is the anti-Christ.

Here's the wisdom!

Whoever understands, calculate the figure of the beast: it is the figure of a man: His figure is 666 "

Revelation, 13:18

But let's pick up the thread of the first public appearance as pope. After 90 seconds immobility, Francisco presented his credentials to who can and want to understand, pronouncing his first words:

"have gone to look for the end of the world"

was a rather inopportune joke, and out of place, unless that he would like to make an intentional nod to the many catastrophic prophecies that his papacy will fulfill. Or that he would like to see everything that the darkness has been warning us materialize, through prophecies and visions, fulfilling its code of making its plans public before carrying them out.

After the wink that went unnoticed (had everyone already forgotten the lightning that struck the dome of San Pedro the day his predecessor resigned?), The first mass adoration of the new god Mitra began, when he asked twice: "Pray for me".

Francisco said exactly "let us make this prayer of yours to me in silence" (something that is surprising because normally it should be the other way around).

To finish he knelt for seventeen seconds with a bow to the thousands of people gathered in the square. A bow like the one performed by the actors when receiving the applause of the audience, to absorb the energy generated by the clapping of hands through the upper chakra, or like the one made by the faithful before any object of worship.Or before a symbol of any pagan god….

A simulation exercise of what happened on the balcony would be:

“I, Mitra, recently invoked by my right hand on earth, Francisco, on behalf of the society of Jesus, the group whom I named as my lieutenants and who have always been faithful to me, and here present now, I command adore me Because I am your new god from today. Forget that such Jesus who came to screw us, because Jesus is me. "

Thousands of credulous parishioners in St. Peter's Square and millions who followed him on TV prayed for the new pope, with all his good and manipulated intention. But they did not know who they were really addressing. Having responded to his request, they were automatically giving permission to open a bond with the new god of the Vatican. Mitra, from now on your new God. The great apostasy, the end of prophesied Christianity is already here.

note: For those who do not know about energy issues. There is a universal law that to a greater or lesser extent always tries to respect: the law of free will. It means that no one can alter our freedom to make the decisions that affect us. However, there is a trap to be able to get around it that the Darkness usually uses with great efficiency: deceptively requesting permission to do that, which if it knew it, it would never allow. This is done by disguising the request as Francisco has cleverly done. With this fraudulently obtained permission you can act without breaking the Law, that's what they think, but there are other laws in the universe that you will not be able to avoid when it is time.

In their defense they allege: having been fooled, we are already making use of our free will. We are the ones who choose between being fooled or not.

On the other hand, it is very common in energy issues to open ties with people through which they can be influenced, monitored or dominated.

That is the basis for most of the energetic practices that we have popularly referred to as Magic.

But what is a pa-pa?

The pope or priest is also a tarot card that usually means knowledge, although if the reading is reversed and next to the Devil: Be careful!  We are facing a dangerous false guru.

The Mithraic religion had seven degrees of initiation related to the seven planets known at the time. The lowest level were the "consecrated", the "ravens", the "hidden", the "soldiers", in that order. In the upper grades, where the followers could already participate in the mysteries, there were the "lions", the "Persians", the "heliodromes" (messengers of the sun) and at the top the "Fathers".

The superior of the Fathers always lived in Rome and was called Pater Patrum or Pater Patratus, whose abbreviation forms the word Pa-pa. The members of degrees lower than the Father called each other "brothers." All names that would later end up assimilated into the Catholic religion.

The accessories that the Fathers used such as the Phrygian cap, the staff and the ring are reminiscent of those of the Christian bishops.

top: the ceremonial headdress of the bishops, called Mitra. Its shape is very similar to the Sumerian representation of the god Dogon.

In this example we see a Miter adorned with codes 666 (that of the Star of David).

Right: Dogon , the fish god, who is a representation of Anu the patriarch of the gods, father of the beings who have taken the name of Jehovah / Yahweh (Enlil) and Lucifer (Enki) and therefore grandfather of Mitra and great-grandfather of the goddess Inanna / Ishtar . He is in the attitude of blessing with water like the current priests.

In Genesis, Anu is the supreme creator, the origin of everything and is mentioned figuratively. Let us remember that Genesis is the fusion of many very ancient texts that have been given continuity and a feeling of unity, based on the criteria of the time.

These are the first lines of the Bible:

"In the beginning of everything, God created the heaven and the earth. The earth then had no form; everything was a deep sea covered with darkness,and the spirit of God moved over the waters."

Mithraism or Mysteries of Mithra are called Mithraism to a religion widely spread in the Roman Empire, in the early years of our era, in which a divinity called Mithras was worshiped. Its origins are in Asia Minor. In Persia, present-day Iran, he was worshiped 2000 years before Jesus Christ.

The Mithraic religion, from yesterday to today.

Mithraism is a male-only priesthood, and celibate (like that of the Jesuits) and has many similarities to Zoroastrianism or Mazdeism, based on the teachings of the Iranian prophet Zarathustra. Both religions share a single uncreated creator of everything, named Ahura Mazda.

It was a religion of the initiatory type, based on the oral and ritual transmission of secrets and teachings from initiate to initiate. Rites and not faith were its basis.

Its apogee came marking the end of the astrological age of Taurus , which is very important as we will see. The legend of Mithras sacrificing is the staging of the age change from Taurus to Aries.

Tauroctonia, the myth of Mitra sacrificing (stabbing) the bull is deeply rooted in our country. In its origin it means the victory of the god Mitra "El Salvador" before the god Baal , the pagan god represented as a bull who ruled the earth during the Taurus era. It was the one that the Jews worshiped in ancient times, hence when the god Yahweh, another impostor who has wanted to be confused with The Creator, wanted to impose a new exclusive idolism on them, they carelessly built a golden calf (bull) , with the consequent tantrum.

The astrological ages are an advanced knowledge that in the time of the Sumerians, the first known civilization, was brought by the ancient Anunnaki gods. They were expert astronomers and they attached great importance to the precession of the equinoxes and the 12 astronomical eras that they form, to the point that with them they determined the cycles of power on earth. Thus, when the era of the bull (Taurus) ended, the era of the ram (Aries) began. For this reason Mithras was called "The Lamb of God", an expression that was later also given to Jesus to make him like the pagan god.

The early Christians used the Fish symbol as they were at the dawn of the Piscean age , although that was also related to the Fish god Dagon, the inventor of the papal Mithra.

But the bulls is not the only presence of Mitra in our history. Perhaps the best known, at least the most photographed, is the Statue of Liberty.

The statue of liberty, whose real name is "Liberty illuminating the world" (in a first reference to the illuminating Sun or the nickname of Mitra "The Light" ), had to be placed in Egypt in the first instance. His torch is the one that Mitra carried at his birth; the 7 solar rays of his head are those of the solar god Mitra, his 7 planets and his 7 degrees of initiation; Its 33 meters high are an esoteric figure that was later assigned to the life of Jesus; Its pedestal -a 10-pointed star- shaped building 

Corresponds to the seal of Mithras, according to his succession order in the Sumerian-Anunnaki Olympus ... 7 rays (heads), 10 points (horns), figures repeated ad nauseam in the Apocalypse.

Above: The Statue of Liberty in New York was a gift from the people of France (actually from French Freemasonry) to the United States in gratitude for a military aid, coinciding with the Centennial of the Independence of the United States. It is the work of the Freemason sculptor Frédérick-Auguste Bartholdi and the engineer Eiffel. It is a global symbol and replicas of it are found throughout the world. In the photographs those of Spain, Japan and France.

Below: Mithras, with a torch in hand, was born from a rock with a sword and a torch, although when worshiped as Tammuz he was born of a virgin. (And there begins the great manipulation of Mother Mary towards the pagan Virgin, "Queen of Heaven")

At her side Jesus with golden sun rays on his head.

By the way, in Madrid we not only have Cibeles, but also his son Mitra. And in two symbolic places, the frieze of the Congress of Deputies and the frieze of the National Library.

Religion, Power and Knowledge ... that little god knew what he was doing !!

And in Catalonia there are also more examples. One is in the Arús Library in Barcelona, ​​founded by a renowned Catalan Freemason and with an excellent background on the subject. The other is in Cadaqués, the town of Dalí. This is how the first surrealist portrait of Mitra in all of human history looks today, ha ha.

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Part 1 of 3 :End of Christianity. 1st Act: Jesuits come out of the closet

The Jesuits come out of the closet

Mithraism, the new religion of the Vatican and 1,200 million believers. First mass worship of Mithras in Rome. In Toledo they already knew it in 1550. A Fish that falls to the ground and marks the end of the Vatican and the world as we know it. A ghoulish 2,000-year plan coming to fruition. Poker of prophecies.

Never have so many prophecies been fulfilled together than in the election of Pope Francis, another record set by the newly seated Peter's throne. To understand such a success rate, we must go back to the death of Jesus, when a long plan began that with Pope Francis reaches its culmination, on the other hand already announced by all the prophecies.  In Jerusalem, in the year zero of our era, the "mother of all manipulations" began.

The impact that Jesus caused on humanity was such that there is literally a before and after his birth. That is why the darkness immediately took over, since Jesus had just dynamited long centuries in which the false gods had roamed freely dominating and enslaving human beings, taking advantage of having a technology and knowledge that made them superior. 

Jesus left an open channel so that humans could connect directly with The Source , with The Creator, with Love since the false gods had diverted all transcendence, all human spirituality for themselves.[no one between you and The Creator, the position the popes have put themselves is a lie DC]

An absurdity that those usurpers were not going to allow easily.The chosen strategy would be to manipulate, misrepresent his life and his message to resemble that of one of those pagan gods , Mitra, who had been worshiped long before. Little by little, a Jesus was defined who ended up almost totally camouflaged with his false double , and a religion was created that would collect dogmas and rites of Mithras such as baptism and the Eucharist.[Stop looking at the death and violence,and instead focus on the life and the love DC]

Francisco, that humble and humorous servant of God will have the honor of completing a long plan that will end in these times with the definitive change . In fact, in just four days, he has already performed three rituals to Mitra, in front of everyone's nose and has shown us his credentials on various occasions.

Francisco, you are the anti-Christ

The prophesied new era has begun, that of the worship of Mithras, the god whom Jesuits have secretly worshiped for centuries.   Francisco is not the anti-Christ but he and the Society of Jesus worship the false Jesus, the anti-Christ, whom they wanted to confuse and merge with him . A plan to definitely get humans to turn our backs on the Light and the Unconditional Love of the Source.

As the Bible, the encrypted script of the end times, explains,

"the antichrist will deceive and seduce everyone" and ... 

"he will not come without apostasy coming first" and ...

"He will sit in the temple of God as God, pretending to be God." 

The Pope, the Wolf and the 7 Little Kids

Isn't this the profile of a Supreme Pontiff with worn out shoes who travels by subway, charming, humble, close, hearty and a friend of the poor? And that under her white dress she shows her little black legs (instead of wearing white pants she wears black).

And that he wears a splendid cross with an engraving of Mithras on his chest, and that he lets himself be enthroned by hundreds of priests with his acronym embroidered on the dress, and that on his own shield he bears the number of the Beast, and that in the name that you have chosen pays homage to those who sold the Society of Jesus to Darkness -San Francisco José and San Francisco de Borja or Borgia-?

Later, we will detail these small details ...

How to convert Jesus (Christ) into Mithras (anti-Christ) in 20 lessons (centuries)

The main manipulation work would have to be done with the Councils, books like the Bible, properly manipulated, would be very useful. Art too, especially while there was no TV. We would have to use energy techniques that in our ignorance we would call magic. It would be necessary to create a church and its dogmas, although Jesus never spoke of it ...

And finally, it would be necessary to generate the flow of sin> guilt> salvation. That never fails.

Already Justin, the first Christian apologist back in 150, said that “Christianity resembles the mystery religions because the devil, knowing what Christianity was going to do, invented religions that followed the same ritual ”.   An explanation as early as it is true.

The two figures, Jesus and Mithras, became more and more mimicked over time, to the point that after Constantine, Jesus began to be represented as Tammuz: with splendid hair. And crucified.

This does not mean that the life of Jesus that has come down to us is all false. Thus, for example, the cult of the crucifixion, which occurred with bad intentions a posteriori, is compatible with the fact that Jesus was really crucified, even though it was later turned into a great derision and a great implant of suffering.

The cult of the crucifixion is to pay attention to how Jesus took death instead of putting it on what Jesus took life for, Love (the great stolen message).

To take a worldly example, if I were talking about Marilyn Monroe right now, I would illustrate it with a photo of her mischievous innocence holding her skirt in a New York vent. If we applied the rule that has been applied with Jesus, the photo would be of Marilyn writhing in spasms in bed in the last throes of her overdose. And maybe in time to even refer to it, we would end up using a bloodstained tube of pills. Absurd? Insulting? Macabre?

However, it is fair to recognize the value of facing a death as cruel as it is undeserved. Whoever travels to Jerusalem can experience visit the real site where Jesus was murdered (you have to start calling things by their crude name) and also the rigged fake site.

And if you move to the neighboring town of Bethlehem you will be able to compare the false birthplace with the authentic one that is about 100 meters away and you will feel a love that is difficult to describe, as opposed to the darkness that prevails in the Church of the Nativity. .

Mithras, that god

Mithras had different versions and names as his cult changed times, cultures and nations, Mithras being one of the later versions that coexisted without problems with the rise of Christianity.

In Mesopotamia he was known as Nimrod, great-grandson of Noah, the legendary monarch of the first kingdom formed after the universal Flood, and therefore the first king to exist. 

When Nimrod died, his spirit flew to the sun, which took possession of him and became immortal. This is how the "Lord of Heaven" or the Sun God came to be, later the Roman Sol Invictus or Mitra himself, always represented with solar rays on his head.

In other versions, Semiramis became pregnant and proclaimed to her subjects that the spirit of Nimrod had descended on her and entered her womb through a ray of sunlight. Thus was born the legendary child god called Tammuz, who would be the   promised seed , the "savior of the world"While claiming the same adoration, not only for the son, but for her as "the Mother of God."

Later, the figure of the mother of Jesus would be manipulated to coincide with the Mother of Tammuz, with the "invention" of the Virgin.

Semiramis claimed that during one night, a green tree emerged from a dead trunk. The trunk supposedly represented Nimrod, her dead husband, and the pine tree became the symbol that Nimrod had revived in the person of Tammuz.

Hence the custom of the Christmas tree and hence the symbolism of the pineapple that we find in many places, for example in the giant sculpture in the garden of the Vatican Museum and in the pope's coat of arms .

Like Tammuz, the god was identified with the symbol of a Cross in the shape of a T because he sacrificed his enemies by nailing them to crossed wood forming a "T", a custom inherited by the Romans. T that represented his name Tammuz, the erect penis and his two testicles, since he was the god of fertility.

Later Tammuz would be known as Mitra, initiator of the Mithraic religion, in whom we find even more similarities with the life of Jesus. As he was born on December 25 , in a cave attended by shepherds and magis (magi) who brought gifts, gold and essences; or like her mother was a virgin; or that he was called "The Light", the "Good Shepherd", "The Truth", "the son of God", "The Lamb of God", "The Savior". He was resurrected and went to heaven, which was celebrated with fervor in spring (Christian Easter). 

Like Jesus, Mithras performed various miracles  like the resurrection of a dead person, or the healing of sick, blind and disabled people. He also celebrated a last supper before returning to heaven with his 12 disciples who represented the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The stories of Nimrod, Semiramis (Virgin Mary) and Tammuz (Mitra) circulated around the world under their different names, and they became the "holy family." The great scam was served. And since then we rest on Sundays, something that Jesus, a Hebrew who sanctified the Sabbath, did not do. Sunday is the day of the sun, Sun-day in English.

Poker of prophecies

Saint Paul was right in his letters to the church of Thessalonica because the previous pope, the one who flew away, was the Katejón, the object that had to be removed before the arrival of the anti-Christ.

Malachi was also right when he said that this would be the last Pope. Francis is the last pontiff elected by a Vatican that is officially still Catholic, before the apostasy (renouncing a religion) of the church, because with the arrival of the black pope (as a Jesuit),  the Catholic religion will be replaced by the Mithraic religion of the Society of Jesus.  

It is even true that the last pope is Peter the Roman. Peter was the one who founded the seat of the church in Rome, and the papacy of Francis has been the last that has still been made in his name. Peter comes from Petrus, that is to say stone in Latin "on your stone I will build my church, supposedly Jesus said to Peter."Mitra was born of a stone and was called de petra natus or "Theos ek Petras," the "God of the Rock."

Before Peter consecrated the Vatican hill, many years before it had been consecrated to Mithras. Remains of Mitreos (the cellars-caverns where he was worshiped) have been found there, under Christian buildings, which shows his previously. Not far from the Holy See is the best known miter of Rome, in the basement of the church of San Clemente.

 Ana Catalina Emmerick

The new God Mithra is Roman, he lives in Rome and in Rome is where Mithraism reached its maximum splendor, and it is Petra Natus. It is Peter the Roman. 

However, the one who has been most correct is Ana Catalina Emmerick, who wrote: “I saw a strong opposition between two Popes, and I saw how dire the consequences of the false church will be ; I saw that Peter's Church will be undermined by a cult plan. When the Kingdom of the Antichrist is near, a false religion will appear that will be against the unity of God and his Church. This will cause the biggest schism the world has ever seen . "

It could refer to the fact that the new Pope Francis, as a member of the Society of Jesus (sect) and by oath, owes total obedience to its leader, the Superior General of the Jesuit Order, known as the Black Pope . Two potatoes, but one subjected to the other.

Or refer to Francis and Benedict, but what he is actually warning about is that two religions will share the seat of Peter, the Catholic and the Mithraic . This is the prophesied schism that is going to end the Vatican (the Catholic religion). 

This is the great apostasy prophesied.

Third Secret of Fatima. They knew it

And as expected, the third secret of Fatima has also come true, which has caused so much terror to the few who have had access to it. The great taboo of the church in recent years.

Francisco, who has been elected on the 13th in one of his house brand winks,  He quotes the Virgin of Fatima as one who does not want to do so in his first Angelus . The virgin who appeared on May 13, 1917 to Lucia and her cousins, and who continued to do so for the next five months, every day the 13th.

Francisco wanted to tell us:  Look, we've already warned you… .

The Queen of Heaven

Lucía dos Santos was born in Fátima, Portugal, a country of bad memory for Jesuits because it was where the epidemic of expulsions began in Europe, which ended in its dissolution in 1773. In her words: The Third Secret is a serious warning of a great apostasy within the Church, which would occur in the 'last times' with the arrival of  'the False Lamb' and 'the False Prophet'  (Mitra, the false Jesus), when they will betray the Church for the benefit of 'The Beast' ( Lucifer, of the same stock as Mithras) , according to the prophecy of the Apocalypse.

He also said that "The devil has succeeded in bringing evil under the guise of good" " and will even reach the top of the Church."

It was very clear right?

But long before they had warned, and here in Spain. In Toledo.

Note: The prophecies in the vast majority of cases are not such, they are simply future plans advanced by who has control to carry them out. Something like the self-fulfilling prophecy . One of their rituals is that their plans must always be communicated, usually in an encrypted, symbolic way, so that only they can decode them. It produces a kind of irresistible curiosity to do it.

The Prophecies -Cronicones- of Toledo.

However, the most important script of what is happening was written in the Cathedral of Toledo.

In 1550 some strange foreign prophets appeared proclaiming catastrophic predictions of the end of the world known as "The False Cronicones of Toledo". They warned that the end of the known world would begin when the Cave of Hercules was entered for the third time, located in the same city. Then a planetary hecatomb would begin that would destroy the Catholic Church and all the dark organizations.

The Cronicones are also explained inside the cathedral of Toledo, in the transcript, a magnificent sculptural group by Narciso Tomé, which is right in front of the “Transparente”, another impressive work of which it forms the same group. 

Note The transparent is a set of sculptures and paintings that make up an altar dedicated to the Eucharist, which receives light through an oculus made on the ceiling of the cathedral, which gives it great drama.  

The objective when creating it was that the light of the sun, the king star (the Roman Sol Invictus or the solar god Mitra), illuminates the tabernacle, creating a special atmosphere in contrast to the semi-darkness of the cathedral. The Eucharist is the main darkening rite that is celebrated in the Catholic religion , as we will explain later.

Everything will be unleashed when the angel that is on top of the Eucharist,  releases the huge fish that he is holding with one hand. When the fish (ancient Christian symbol) falls, the chaotic fall of the Vatican or (the Catholic religion) will begin and a new era will begin, in which the truth will break through.

Knowing as we know that most prophecies come from the dark, we can interpret it as a new world order will begin, where the Truth will no longer be hidden, understanding as such the true intentions, the hidden plan of each and everyone.

Looking at the newspapers you would say that this is already happening, and it is.

But Toledo's prophecies are more concrete and refer to the hidden plan of those who until now controlled, from the shadows, the Vatican. The time has come for the Jesuits to come out of the closet . Now they already have a Pope directly theirs (not a doll controlled by them like the previous one), their first Jesuit pope, born in a clearly Jesuit country (next article "Argentina, Jesuit country"). Face-up cards, the time has come for his hidden plans and slyly taught in prophecies like those of Toledo to be fulfilled.

The end of the Vatican refers to the end of the Catholic-Christian religion, not to its destruction but to the substitution by another god , Mithras, the false Jesus, the anti-Jesus.The final change is now ripe after centuries of impersonation and manipulation and finally the cult of the solar god Mithras will be able to replace the cult of his rival Jesus. At last the antichrist is ready to be definitively Christ. The plan of the dark is fulfilled.

Or not…. I already anticipate it…. in the end the good guys win.

Two things draw the attention of the Cronicones de Toledo:

One that refers to a cathedral that today is owned by the Vatican, which jealously conserves it (like other places in Toledo, where the church owns 70% of the properties).

The other is that it is conditional on "entering the Cave of Hercules for the third time . "

In the usual simulated language, Toledo's prophecy does not refer to entering the cave three times, but the third time that what is programmed inside said cave is activated. Something that was left ready to be activated in the end times, in which the angel will throw the fish to the ground and end the Catholic religion. The programmed has already been activated but explaining it here would be too long. From "The voice of Truth speaks softly ..." we will not leave anything without explanation.

The election of the black pope would be nothing more than proof that the prophecy is already being carried out, and that the destruction of Christianity is underway.

note:   And this fact that has already occurred is linked to Hercules, one of the mythical founders of Iberia and who is none other than the pagan god with different names: Tammuz, Nimrod, Adonis, Dionisios, Dumuzzi, and… Mitra.

The Cave of Hercules refers to the entire extensive network of tunnels and basements that Toledo and its area mine. It also refers to the supposed entrance to Pasaje de San Ginés nº 3, where the City Council has recently restored some basements. However there is nothing there, the Cave of Hercules is especially under Mount Layos and in the Ermita del Valle. We will delve into this and the famous Table of Solomon in an upcoming article.

1st Mass Adoration of Mithras

What did Francisco do
in that long minute and a half?

We began the change of ownership of the Church in a big way, with a great act of worship to Mithras on the balcony of Peter's headquarters. No one has commented on the exact minute and a half that Francisco was immobile, still, like a statue, with his arms close to his body.

We will continue to count and "translate" everything that happens at the beginning of the era of the new religion of the antichrist from this website. You have to write it down and read it calmly, dosing it, because of the significance of what is happening.

We are not surprised - but very impressed - by the first words that the pope said to the cardinals who had just elected him. It was on the first night in a toast, he said:

"May God forgive you for what you just did." 

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