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Part 5 : Global Crime Syndicate...Cesarini to Borghese

 Global Crime Syndicate
by Izreal Zeus

Prince Bosio Sforza-Cesarini is a part owner of the Trafficante crime family, Seattle crime family, and Fertitta crime family and also an owner of the Italian Stidda mafia clans which have operations in Milan. Milan was ruled by the Sforza and Visconti families and that is why Milan uses the serpent eating a child for its coat of arms the same image used by the Sforzas and Viscontis on their coat of arms. The Sforzas are also managers of Borsa Italiana the stock exchange of Italy based in Milan.

Silvio Berlusconi is the former four term Prime Minister of Italy who is worth about 7 billion as the owner of Mediaset an Italian mass media monopoly. Berlusconi is a criminal associate of the Sicilian Mafia and he is an agent of the House of Savoy and Black Nobility and specifically the Viscontis and Sforzas.

Countess Madina Visconti di Modrone is a high level witch overseeing the music and entertainment industry in the United States.

Tau Ruspoli with his ex wife Olivia Wilde (Cockburn) who is a major child murderer and cannibal. Tau Ruspoli's father Prince "Dado" Alessandro was also in the movie Godfather III. The Ruspoli's have a portion of ownership over the Tijuana Cartel which have a child trafficking operation into Hollywood.

Count Luchino Visconti di Modrone is an owner of the Seattle crime family and he also manages banking agents in Southern Switzerland which is populated mostly of Italians. Italian is an official language in Southern, Switzerland and the Viscontis previously ruled in the Ticino region. Bellinzona, Biasca, Switzerland uses the Milanese Biscione.

Princess Giacinta Ruspoli is a top overseer of Wiccan-Amazon cults and she is involved directly with child sacrifices. Princess Giacinta is a noble of Rome, Holy Roman Empire, and Spain.

Prince Muzio Sforza-Cesarini is an owner of Stidda Mafia clans, Casamonica Mafia clan of Rome, and a part owner of the Trafficante crime family and Galveston crime family now headed up by the Fertittas. Prince Muzio also oversees Hollywood and the music industry as well as media. The Sforzas ruled in Milan which is today a major international headquarters for news media. Milan was originally called Mediolanum. Medio like Media. Muzio refers to Muse like music. The Sforzas and Viscontis which are basically the same clan are heavily involved with the music and entertainment industries in Italy and the United States.

Kirsty Bertarelli and her husband Ernesto Bertarelli with Eva Herzigova. The Bertorelli are Italian-Swiss billionaires that work with the Corsini's and Savoys. The Bertorelli are involved with the pharmaceutical industry, chemical warfare, and also financing child trafficking networks.

Count Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone is a part owner of the Trafficante crime family and Seattle crime family which specialize in human trafficking and sex trafficking.

Jeff Bezos is worth over 100 billion as the founder and owner of the company Amazon. The word Amazon refers to the ancient tribes of violent war like feminists called Amazons that lived around the Mediterranean. Amazon tribes gave the name to the Amazon jungle in South America where large constrictor snakes are common. Female snakes in the constrictor species like Boas are larger and more dominant than the male snakes just as Amazons were ancient violent feminists. The Seattle crime family are heavily involved with prostitution and running strip clubs and they are owned by the Gonzaga, Valenti, and Visconti di Modrone noble families of northern Italy. The Viscontis have a serpent eating a child on their coat of arms. Jeff Bezos finances child trafficking networks and especially child trafficking networks with females as the customers. Bezos also finances bribes and he works closely with Bill Gates. Both Bezos and Gates live Medina, Washington near Seattle. Employees in Seattle from both Microsoft and Amazon were caught in a sex trafficking sting while at work and while using company computers. Bezos was educated at Princeton which was co-founded by the Dutch royals and he is also an agent of the Dutch royals which have covert ancestry from Venice and from the Tron family of Venice. Tron like Elec-Tronic. Amazon is an electronic and tech company also involved with artificial intelligence and cloud computing where they covertly and criminally store information on people used for their covert warfare.

Marina Berlusconi the elder daughter of Silvio Berlusconi is a high level Amazon and Wiccan cult leader involved with child sacrifice. The Berlusconi family work closely with organized crime and they are directly involved with sex trafficking. Silvio Berlusconi was convicted of paying for an underage prostitute and also convicted for corruption with trying to cover it up. Silvio was convicted of tax evasion yet he avoided prison time even with a four year sentence. Silvio Berlusconi has extensive connections with the Sicilian Mafia.

Count Ascanio Sforza-Cesarini with his wife Countess Monica Sforza-Cesarini. They are part owners of the Stidda mafia clans as well as part owners of the Trafficante crime family.

Leonardo Del Vecchio is mafia money launderer and criminal financier worth 25 billion and he is also an agent of the Sforza-Cesarini and Viscountis. The Sforzas ruled the old commune of Vecchio where he takes his name and they also ruled Milan where Leonardo Del Vecchio is from. 

Don Benigno Melzi d'Eril the Duke of Lodi and Count of Magenta is an overseer of Las Vegas and of Druid and Magi cults. The Melzi d'Erils have residences in Bellagio, Italy. The Bellagio in Vegas is named after Bellagio, Italy. Bellagio is also where the Rockefellers founded their global vaccination agenda.

Prince Prospero Colonna di Paliano the current Prince Assistant to the Papal Throne with his wife Princess Jeanne Colonna di Paliano and they oversee pedophilia networks within the Vatican and they also oversee the Knights of Columbus which have deeply infiltrated police agencies in the United States. The Colonna di Paliano family are owners of the Chicago Outfit, Colombo crime family, and Colombian drug cartels. The Colonna's have a column on their coat of arms and one of their early founders was named Peter de Columna. Colonna means Column in Italian. Christopher Columbus was also really a Colonna and possibly the illegitimate child of Pope Martin V. Christopher Columbus was directly financed by the Doria banking family of Genoa which merged two different branches with the Colonna's creating two families called the Doria-Colonna's. 

Carl Anderson is the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and he has authority over tens of thousands of knights many which are Vatican agents that infiltrate military, police, fire departments, politics, law, and business. The Knights of Columbus is a military organization that serves the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church and they use their insurance racket as their front. Knights are soldiers and members of a military by definition. Catholic priests often pay cash to these knights for targeting people the Vatican has declared heretics. The Vatican is a sovereign nation and the smallest nation on the planet. American Knights of Columbus are military agents serving a foreign nation. The Knights of Columbus are a major terrorist organization heavily involved with gang stalking. 

Prince Filippo Colonna di Paliano works as an Associate Consultant for Bain & Company in London and he is the son of Prince Prospero the Prince Assistant to the Papal Throne. Mitt Romney was the CEO of Bain & Company and he also co-founded Bain Capital which was financed with start up money from Puerto Rican and South American criminals using offshore accounts in Panama. Bain finances the Puerto Rican Mafia and Latin Kings which are partly owned by the Dukes of Alba bloodlines including the FitzJames-Stuarts, Alvarez's, Toledos, and Martinez's. The Colonna's are married with these Spanish bloodlines that are the Dukes of Alba in Alba de Tormes which takes its name from Alban Hills in Rome where the Colonna's originated. Alba de Tormes is located in Salamanca province which uses the Colonna pillar and Barberini bees on its coat of arms. The name Romney means Roman and he is their modern day Romulus. The Colonna family claim to descend from the Julio-Claudian Dynasty that ruled ancient Rome as emperors. The Colonna family are merged with the Barberini family which use Bees on their coat of arms. The Romneys are high level Mormons. The primary symbol for Mormonism is the Beehive. Freemasons from New York founded Mormonism and the Colonna's use the column or pillar on their coat of arms which is a primary Masonic symbol. 

Count Manfredi Mancinelli-Scotti is an Italian noble that oversees Freemasonry. The Grand Orient of Italy is Italian Freemasonry and it is no longer officially connected with the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland for its connections with organized crime. Stefano Bisi is the current Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy. The Scotti family are ancient Scottish nobles that migrated to Italy hundreds of years ago. The Mancinelli-Scottis work closely with the Colonna's and Ruspoli's who merged their family with the Scotti relatives the Scottish Marescottis.  

Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies the Duke of Castro with Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Prince Carlo is a top owner of the New England crime family, Ndrangheta clans in Canada, Cuban Mafia, and the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia clan which operate out of Aruba and Montreal. Prince Carlo's relative Prince Michel of Bourbon-Parma now deceased resided in Florida where the Cuban Mafia operate and he also was Jesuit educated in Montreal. The Duke of Castro also oversees the Castro family of Cuba which are Jesuit educated and they are part owners of the Cuban Mafia. The Bourbon-Two Sicilies ancestors the Farnese family officially established the Jesuits.

Jaime Caruana was the former General Manager of the Bank for International Settlements and he was also the Governor of the Bank of Spain. Jaime Caruana is a criminal agent of the Cuntrera-Caruana Mafia clan which are known as Cosa Nostra's bankers and money launderers. Caruana has also worked with the International Monetary Fund and he is a member of the Group of Thirty. The Spanish royal family ruled Sicily for centuries and Caruana is an agent for the Italian and Spanish Bourbon families.

John Viola is the United States Delegate for the Two Sicilies Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and he manages Italian-Bourbon knights in the United States that have infiltrated governments, military, policy enforcement, and the judicial system. John Viola was Jesuit educated at Fordham and his father Vincent Viola is a billionaire and associate of the Gambino crime syndicate. The Bourbon-Two Sicilies are the primary managers of Fordham University in New York City.

Prince Charles-Emanuel of Bourbon-Parma is a part owner and manager of the New England crime family and an owner of mafias operating in Canada and Montreal. Prince Charles-Emanuel of Bourbon-Parma is an Italian noble who resides in France. France heavily colonized Canada.

Prince Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz with Baroness Gerald de Waldner. Prince Charles'Henri's mother is from the House of Bourbon-Parma and his father was a banker who worked for Chase Manhattan in New York City. His father was also a Vatican knight and Knight of Malta who established the Lebanese Association of the Order of Malta. The Waldners are involved with developing Artificial Intelligence systems with Jean-Baptiste Waldner a French engineer. 

Baron Edouard de Rothschild a French banker who owns a wine company and he is also involved with blood and adrenochrome trafficking. 

Martin Maurel is a French banker and part owner of the private bank Rothschild Martin Maurel after selling his company to the Rothschilds. The Maurel family are also in contract with the Italian Sella family and together they have a private bank in Monaco. 

Jacques Emmanuel de Crussol the Duke of Uzes with his wife Alessandra Passerin d'Entreves and Courmayeur. 

Prince Joan Enric Vives Sicilia of Andorra with Prince Emmanuel Macron of Andorra. Emmanuel Macron is Jesuit educated and he was employed by the Rothschilds. Andorra appears to be a hideout for European criminals.

Baron Jean-Philippe Hottinguer whose family owns banks in France and Switzerland. The Hottinguer are one of the most powerful banking families in Europe. They own numerous banks in France and Switzerland and they often do business in London. The Hottinguers or Hottingers are noble barons of France and Switzerland. 

Prince Charles-Henri de la Rochefoucauld and his wife. Prince Charles-Henri is a high level gang stalking commander and a propagandist that specializes in Nazism.

Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Cecila Hottinguer with Jean-Conrad Hottinguer and Alessandro Berlingieri. Both the royals of Luxembourg and the Hottingers are major international private bankers. 

Duke Pierre Louis de La Rochefoucauld with his wife Duchess Sabine de la Rochefoucauld. The Rochefoucauld are an old Roman Catholic French nobility that are loyal to the Orleans and French Bourbons. 

Prince Amaury of Bourbon-Parma and Marquis Giorgio of Sanjust di Teulada are managers of MS13 and some Italian and French crime syndicates. They also work closely with their friend Prince Giacomo Massimo-Brancaccio. 

Prince Giacomo Leone Massimo-Brancaccio is an owner of MS13 and he is a top manager of Kabbalah and also a top manager of gang stalking as well as the Gay Mafia and an overseer of faggot initiation within gangs. The Brancaccio family of Sicily married with the Saluzzo family which were Kings of Jerusalem. The Massimo's often take the name Leo or Leone because they are related to the Astur-Leonese dynasty of Leone, Spain. Kabbalah was founded in Leone, Spain several hundred years after the Astur-Leonese reign. Prince Giacomo also manages some Italian gangsters in the Gambino crime syndicate as well as the African American Mafia. The Massimo's are also heavily connected with France and they work with the Balkany family of politicians and bankers. Prince Giacomo also worked as a banker for Banca Finnat in Rome. Banca Finnat was involved with an Italian investigation of tax evasion and money laundering in collusion with the Vatican bank. 

Prince Rafael of Orleans-Braganza is a Brazilian royal and he works at Anheuser-Busch Ambev a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch Inbev. Inbev is located in Belgium. Prince Rafael's mother is from the Belgian Ligne family. The Lignes are covert part owners of Inbev and the Brazilian royals are covert part owners of Ambev. 

Prince Louis-Alphonse the Duke of Anjou is an owner of various South American and Mexican drug cartels and he is both a French and Spanish noble. Prince Louis-Alphonse is also closely related to the Franco family with Francisco Franco the Fascist dictator of Spain who reinstalled the House of Bourbon as the monarchs of Spain. Fascism uses faggotry which is bisexual men raping other men for dominance. Prince Louis-Alphonse manages cults of faggots which often operate in prisons, gangs, sports, and military. 

Viktor Vargas is the father in law of Prince Louis-Alphonse and Vargas is worth over a half of billion and owns a major bank in Venezuela. Vargas is involved with money laundering and criminal financing like financing child trafficking networks.

Prince Betrand of Orleans-Braganza is an owner of Brazilian gangs and cartels. 

Prince Charles Philippe of Orleans the Duke of Anjou is an owner of the New Orleans crime family. The Orleans family are completely insane and they are obsessed with murder and death. The House of Orleans manage the Catacombs in Paris and they use and have used the massive underground cemeteries for mafia operations, human trafficking, human sacrifices, and death rituals.

Joseph Safra is a Lebanese-Brazilian billionaire worth about 22 billion and he operates in Switzerland and finances human trafficking networks in South America into Europe.

Prince Nicholas of Montenegro

Prince Alexander Karadordevic of Yugoslavia with Prince Philip Karadordevic of Yugoslavia and they are owners of the Serbian Mafia and top managers of gang stalking.

Prince Antonio of Orleans-Braganza with Princess Christine of Orleans-Braganza and they are owners of Brazilian cartels and gangs.

Prince Jaime of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is a high level knight who manages Hermeticists and Wiccans.

Prince Eudes of Orleans with Princess Marie-Liesse of Orleans are part owners of the New Orleans crime family. The House of Orleans are a French royalty established as a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon. They have also married with the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and these French princes owned the Palazzo Orleans in Palermo, Sicily. The New Orleans crime syndicate oversee black street gangs which have infiltrated the New Orleans Port Authority. The New Orleans crime family also dispose of bodies and evidence in the swamps and bayous. The Marcello family are currently top members of the New Orleans crime syndicate and they have drug and human trafficking contracts with the Gulf Cartel which is primarily owned by their relatives the Spanish House of Bourbon. 

Josselin de Rohan-Chabot the Duke of Rohan is a top manager of Kabbalah and Chabad. The Rohans were Princes of Leon in France. Kabbalah was developed in Leone, Spain. 
Prince Jean of Orleans the Count of Paris is an owner of the New Orleans crime family and French gangs called the Milieu. The French Orleans family are a branch of the French Bourbon family and they ruled in parts of Sicily. The New Orleans crime family in Louisiana are a mixture of criminals with French and Sicilian ancestry.
Prince Jean Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte with his wife Princess Olympia Bonaparte. Prince Jean Christophe works as a banker for buyout firms and for the Blackstone division in England. Prince Jean Christophe is a major blood and adrenochrome trafficker and he also works closely with Zionists. The House of Bonaparte were the original modern Zionists.
Baron Alexandre de Rothschild is the Executive Chairman of Rothschild & Co bank and he is with his wife Olivia de Rothschild. Baron Alexandre's mother is an Italian princess from the Aldobrandini family which are technically the Aldobrandini-Borghese family. The head of the Rothschild bank is half Jewish and half Italian Roman Catholic.
Baron Eric de Rothschild with Princess Alessandra Borghese. The French Rothschilds have a close alliance with the Black Nobility and Italian nobles. The French Rothschilds are currently married with the Roman Aldobrandino which previously merged their current branch with the Borghese's.
Duke Helie de Noailles with his wife the Duchess of Noailles and they are French nobles who work with the Bonapartes and the Rothschilds. 

Prince Scipione Borghese with his wife Princess Barbara Massimo. Prince Scipione is a top manager of the Vatican and a part owner of various mafias including the Magliana Mafia in Rome, Sicilian Mafia, Bonanno crime family, Castellano faction of the Gambinos, Pittsburgh crime family, factions of Camorra and the African American Mafia. The Borghese married with the Castello-Paterno family of Sicily and now own their palazzo in Sicily. The Borghese's are also owners of Banca del Fucino and part owners of UniCredit through its merger with Capitalia which merged with Banco di Roma which merged with the Borghese's Bank of the Holy Spirit.[holy spirit does not own any bank in this world dc]
Prince Giovanni Aldobrandini is an owner of the DeCavalcante crime family and he is a major architect of serial killers and gang stalking. Serial killers often work as hitmen for the mafia and they organize within prisons. An example of a convicted serial killer who worked with both the FBI and Cosa Nostra was Edward Wayne Edwards who was initiated by the unknown serial killer who was behind the Texarkana Moonlight Murders and then Ed Edwards initiated and handled the Zodiac Killer or killers. All of these serial killers murdered couples. The FBI often use serial killers for psychological warfare on society. The Bonapartes created the FBI and they married with the Borghese-Aldobrandini. 
Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti with Pamela Allvin. Prince Filippo is a top manager of the Druid Orders and he also manages DARPA and its Q Anon psyop. Q Anon is a DARPA program that uses mimicry and reverse psychology tactics in support of Donald Trump who was Jesuit educated from Fordham, is heavily connected with Cosa Nostra, is close friends with the Gaetani family of Rome, and an associate of Zionists and Arab criminals. Anonymous is also a FBI COINTELPRO hacker organization that censors people who genuinely speak out against the NWO while they push propaganda. The Massimo-Lancellotti are also part owners of the Lanza crime family and they currently own a large castle in Campania, Italy. 
David Miscavige is the head of Scientology and he is an agent of the Roman-Papal House of Colonna and a major terrorist and tormentor. The Colonna's established a Colonna-Walewski branch in Poland. David Miscavige is of Italian-Polish ancestry and he is Roman Catholic. Scientologists serve the Vatican and Colonna family and they use electronic weapons to terrorize people in society especially people who speak out against child trafficking and sadism. The primary initiation for top Scientologists is murdering children and drinking human blood. Tom Cruise is a top Scientologist and he was married in Rome at the Castello Odescalchi. 
Jeb Bush is the former Governor of Florida and he is a high level Knight of Columbus loyal to the Vatican. Jeb Bush converted to Roman Catholicism. Jeb Bush also oversees and enables Mexican and Cuban criminal operations in Florida. The Bush family have close alliances with the Vatican, British Crown, Spanish Crown and various royals and nobles of the Holy Roman Empire. Jeb Bush serves the Colonna family which own the Knights of Columbus. Jeb's brother George Bush who is not a Roman Catholic can be seen visiting the Vatican and bowing down to the Pope and also working with Carl Anderson the head of the Knights of Columbus. 
Princess Vittoria Odescalchi and Princess Maria Pace Odescalchi are high level witches and members of the Roman-Papal nobility.
Prince Piero Colonna is a Knight of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and he manages Jesuits. The various reformed Templar orders oversee Jesuits and Freemasons. The Sacred Constantinian Military Order of Saint George is a continuation of the Italian Templars with both knighthoods using the Red Cross of Saint George.
Prince Alessandro Jacopo Boncompagni-Ludovisi is an owner of the Bonanno crime family and he also owns a wine company used for trafficking blood and adrenochrome.
Prince Francesco Borghese with Princess Amanda Borghese and they are owners of Castellano faction of the Gambinos, Pittsburgh crime family, and part owners of the Sicilian Mafia and they operate in Italy and the United States. Two different Borghese branches established residences in the United States. Their relatives own a vineyard in Long Island.
Jean Baptiste de Franssu is the President of the Vatican Bank and a French noble who works with the Tourlonias and Borghese's. 
Prince Bante Boncompagni-Ludovisi is a top owner of the Bonanno crime family and an owner of the Fertitta crime syndicate which operates in Texas and also Las Vegas. Prince Bante's deceased father Prince Nicolo married the Texan Rita Jenrette. The name Bon-Compagni translates to Good Fella a term for Italian mobsters. Bon translates to good and Compagni means Companion a synonym for Fellow. 
Lorenzo Fertitta who is an owner of Red Rock Resorts casinos and he is worth about 2 billion. The Fertittas are former majority owners and currently part owners of the UFC which is used for recruiting mafia enforcers and rigging fights for mafia bets. The Fertittas are worth between 7-9 billion and they are married with the Maceo family who were the documented bosses of the Galveston crime family of Texas. 
Prince Fabio Borghese the Prince of Leonforte is a top overseer of the Sicilian Mafia. Leonforte is a commune in Sicily. The Leones are also high level Sicilian nobles and mafia owners who are connected with Rome and Hollywood. 
to be continued...


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