Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is biological warfare to decouple the US-China economies as a prelude to US attacking China in a fighting war This is the biggest and most important issue of our time... 

我 个 代最大最重要的 们这 时 问题... 美国中央情 局犯有 中国 行生物攻 并在武 播 病毒的罪行 报 对 进 击 汉传 该 冠状病毒( )是一 生物 2019-nCoV 场 战,旨在使美中 脱 经济 钩, 是美国在 斗中 攻中国的序幕 这 战 进 

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was designed by the United States and planted in Wuhan, China by the American CIA to serve as a biological weapon meant to decouple the US-China economies; and to separate, segregate, and to isolate China from the rest of the world including closing of borders, severing supply chains and rerouting trade to bypass China with the purpose of weakening China from within and causing internal strife and sowing chaos and discord and also as a prelude to a US initiated fighting war against China in the South China Sea. The ultimate purpose is to protect and restore American hegemony (including protecting the US petrodollar hegemony against the rising Huawei-enabled Chinese blockchain-based digital Yuan and China's Belt and Road infrastructure and trade initiatives in Eurasia) and to collapse the Chinese government, to cut off China from global trade and international commerce and to force a regime change of China's government after defeating China in a devastating physical war. 2019 2019-nCoV CIA ;

 年的新型冠状病毒( )由美国设计,由美国中央情 局报 ( )种植在中国武汉,作 一种生物武器 为 ,旨在使中美 脱 经济 钩 并将中 国与世界其他地区分离,隔离和隔离,包括关 界 闭边 ,切断供 和重新安排 易以 中国 应链 贸 绕过 ,目的是削弱中国的内部和造成内部冲突,造成混乱 和不和,以及 是美国在南中国海 起 中国的 争的序幕 这 发 针对 战 。最 目的是保 和恢复美国的霸 终 护 权(包括保 美国的石油美元霸 免受日益增多的 护 权 基于 的基于中国的基于区 的数字元以及中国在欧 大 的 华为 块链 亚 陆 “ ” 一 一路 带 基 施和 易 划 础设 贸 计 ),并瓦解中国政府,削减在一 性的自然 场毁灭 战 击败 争中 中国后,迫使中国脱离全球 易和国 易 贸 际贸 ,并迫使中国改 政变 权。 

I believe and have compelling circumstantial reason to believe that the American CIA injected and planted the so-called "Wuhan virus" into Wuhan, China in or around the dates of October 31st 2019 to December 31st 2019 with intent to harm China, and the Chinese people, and with potential to destabilize and perhaps even with the motive to collapse China from within.

 我相信并且有令人信服的 接理由 间 认为,美国中央情 局于 报 2019 10 31 2019 12 31 “ 年 月 日至 年 月 日前后在中国武 注入并植入了所 的 汉 谓 武 病汉 毒 ,意 害中国 ” 图伤 , 人民,有破坏 定的潜力 稳 ,甚至有 中国内部力量的 机 动摇 动 。 

The US wants to re-route global supply chain around China, to bypass China and isolate China on the world stage versus the China wanting to use Huawei-enabled digital-blockchain Yuan, and cashless WeChat, etc to topple the US Petrodollar hegemony and also to use the Chinese the ( One Belt One Road ) BRI / OBOR relationships and bi-lateral trade/infrastructure agreements in order to propel the world to adopt the use of the digital Yuan, and in order to have the world bypass the SWIFT system (since US has abused its dollar status and weaponized it for unlawful sanctions) and to bypass the US dollar as the default global reserve currency etc. It was a race against time to see whom would pull the rug from underneath the other countries feet first. US, unable to compete fairly due to its structural disadvantages and many other shortcomings, decided to go the biological attack route, which allows it to hide under the cover of "plausible deniability" (since it is more difficult to conclusively prove the attribution or source of a new mysterious virus than it would be to track the trajectory of an incoming thermonuclear missile etc) to inflict maximum damage to China while minimizing the potential blowback.

美国想在中国重新布局全球供应链, 开中国并在世界舞台上孤立中国 绕 ,而中国 想使用支持 的数字区 元 则 华为 块链 ,无 金微信等推翻美国石油美 现 元霸权,以及利用中国的 一 一路 “ ” BRI 带 / / SWIFT 一 一路关系和双 易 带 边贸 基 施 础设 协议,以推 世界采用数字元 动 ,并 世界 让 绕过 系统(由于美国 用其美元地位并将其武器用作非法制 滥 裁),并 美元作 默 的全球 等 绕过 为 认 储备货币 。 是一 与 俱 的 这 场 时 进 竞赛,看 先将地毯从其他国家的脚下拉开 谁 。美国由于其 构上的劣 和 多其 结 势 许 他缺陷而无法公平 争竞 ,因此决定采取生物攻 路击 线, 使其可以 藏在 这 躲 “ ” 合理的可否 性认 的掩盖下(因 要更确切地 明 因或来源很 而不是 为 证 归 难 追踪 入的 核 等的 迹 传 热 导弹 轨 ,从而 中国造成最大的 害 对 损 ,同 最大程度地减少潜在的反冲 时 。

Right after the signing of the so-called "Trade Deal" in which the US didn't get what it wanted (the US did not get the sort of Plaza Accord concessions that it was hoping to get out of President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and thought that China would kowtow to the US etc) and immediately into the start of the new decade (marking the turn of the second decade in what the PNAC would called the "New American Century" in which it proposed using genetic viral targeting to accomplish political motives) the US resorted to biological attacks in order to contain, isolate and attempt to cripple China/CCP internally and on the world stage at large. After its NED/CIA sponsored Hong Kong destabilization/radicalization didn't spill over into the rest of mainland China, and right after its intense year long anti-China anti-Huawei campaigns have peaked in effectiveness, the US releases the evil demon virus into the heart of mainland China, at the absolutely worst possible location (Wuhan being one of the Chinese main Central hubs in terms of transportation and an important city for China's Belt and Road initiatives and estimated to have as high as 8% growth in GDP in 2020) and in also the absolute worst possible timing (right before the Chinese Lunar New year, otherwise known as the greatest annual human migration event, during a time in which shopping, spending and consumerisms activity would have been at a peak etc) in order to cripple China economically, to cut China off from the rest of the world and even force China to isolate its own cities from within, and to have the effect of smearing China's reputation on the world stage and invoking the escalation of fear, racisms and bigotry towards the Chinese people abroad.

就在所 的谓 “ ” CCP 贸 协易 定 签署之后,美国没有得到想要的 西东 (美国没有得到希望 脱 近平主席和中国人的那种 摆 习 《广场协议》 步让 。共 党产 ( )认 为中国会ko PNAC “ ” 头向美国等),并立即 入新的十年的开始 进 ( 志着 标 称其为 新美国世纪 的第二个十年的转变), 了 政治目的而将基因病毒 为 实现 作 目为 标),美国 生物攻 诉诸 击,以遏制,隔离并 在内部乃至整个世界范 内削弱中国 试图 围 / CCP NED / 。在其 CIA / 赞 灭绝 助的香港的 辐 陆 射化并未蔓延到中国大 的其他地区之后,并且 达一年的激烈反 反 运 已 达到效果的最高峰之后 经过长 华 华 动 经 ,美国才 将 魔病毒 放到位于中国大 的心 地 恶 释 陆 脏 带,地理位置 最糟糕 绝对 (武 是中国交通运 的主要中央枢 之一 汉 输 纽 ,也是中国 一 一路 `` '' 带 倡 的重 议 要城市, 到 预计 2020 GDP 8 年 增 高达 长 % )以及 最糟糕的 绝对 时间(正 新年之前 值农历 ,也就是人 已知的最大的年度人 迁徙事件 们 类 ,当 物 时购 ,消 和消 主 活 将达到 峰等 费 费 义 动 顶 ),以便在 经济上削弱中国,使中国与世界其他地区隔绝,甚至迫使中国将自己的城市与内部隔离,并在世界舞台上抹黑中国的声誉。 d对 华 海外 人的恐惧,种族主 和偏 狂升 义 执 级。

All this comes right on top of the heels of the event last fall, African swine fever (ASF), which had never before seen in China but now mysteriously appeared with the onset of the US trade war, decimated half of China's pigs, which doubled pork prices and contributed to inflation causing pricy US pork exports to double in China. The odds for two such consequent anomalies, timing and location are exceedingly low. Yet both did occur – in almost perfect sequence. Particularly devastating is the very real possibility that this virus was intentionally engineered to have as long an incubation period as possible, and with the ability to hide within plain site, by being asymptomatic during its initial stages hence making it orders of magnitude more difficult to eradicate. Just recently, as recent as Feb 1st 2020, there has been yet a third mysterious outbreak in China, this time of the bird flu kind that is far more deadly to humans and wiping out Chinese chicken and poultry at the most dire of times. Indeed the coronavirus victims so far, both inside and outside of China, are only people with Chinese type of blood, Haplogroup O-M175, designed to attack that type of blood and specifically Chinese people.

所有 些都恰好 生在去年秋天的事件之后 这 发 ,非洲猪瘟( )在中国从未 ASF 见过,但随着美国 易 的爆 而神秘地出 了 贸 战 发 现 ,它使一半的中国猪灭绝 了,翻了一番。猪肉价格上 和通 膨 加 涨 货 胀 剧, 致价格昂 的美国猪肉出口在中国增 了一倍 导 贵 长 。两次 的异常 这样 , 机和位置的可能性极低 时 。然而 ,两者的确 生了 发 -几乎是完美的 序顺 。特 具有破坏性的是 别 , 种病毒 上是 精心 的 这 实际 经过 设计 ,具有尽可能 的潜伏期 长 ,并具有在原始位点 藏隐 的能力,因 在其初始 段没有症状 为 阶 ,因此使其更 以根除 难 。就在最近,直到 年 月 日,中国仍 生了第三次神秘暴 2020 2 1 发 发, 次禽流感 人 的 这 对 类 致命性要大得多,并在最可怕的 期消 中国的 肉和家禽 时 灭 鸡 。的确,到目前 止为 ,在中国境内和境外,冠状病毒的受害者都是 有中国血 的人 仅 统 Ha plogroup O-M175,旨在攻 种血 的人 击这 统 ,尤其是中国人。

Dr. Steven Hatfill Biological Weapons Expert says the Wuhan virus it will have to play it out and "run its course" not only in Wuhan but the greater mainland China. The host of "War Room: Pandemic" Mr. Steve Bannon (Trump's chief campaign advisor and trusted sidekick) predicted this will crush China economically, and that its the end of the XI/BRI/OBOR and will give US the chance to re-route trade of all countries to go-around and bypass China bringing the global supply chain back to US and its allies whilst isolating China economically, politically, etc. They are selling this to the American people and pitching it to the world as this evil Chinese Belt and Road connectivity is what is allowing this virus to spread so fastly to the rest of the world and that it would behoove mankind and all nations to reconsider the security and stability of their own supply chains and basically urging everyone to pull their companies, people, trade, businesses etc out of China. This is not unlike what Wilber Ross US Commerce Secretary already stated a few days ago... that this virus is good for America and will help bring lots of jobs back to the USA... seems like the goal is to use this event to pull the rug underneath China's development feets.

史蒂芬 哈特菲 · Steven Hatfill “ ” 尔( )生物武器 家专 说,武 病毒不 要在武 而且要在更大的中国内地 作用 汉 仅 汉 发挥 ,并且要 其自然 顺 。 “ ” · / / 战争室:大流行 的主持人史蒂夫 班 先生 农 (特朗普的首席 兼可信 的搭档 竞选顾问 赖 )预测说, 将在 上 中国 这 经济 压垮 ,而且 近平 习 一 一路 带 一 带 终结 导 进 贸 绕 绕过 一路的 将使美国有机会重新引 所有国家 行 易 行并 中国,从而将全球供 回美国及其盟国 应链带 ,同 在时 经济,政治等方面隔离中 国。道路 通性使 种病毒得以如此迅速地 播到世界其他地方 连 这 传 ,人 和所有国家都 重新考 其自身供 的安全性和 定性 类 应该 虑 应链 稳 ,并从根本上敦 促每个人都撤离其公司,人员, 易贸 ,企 等业 。 与几天前美国商 大臣威 伯 这 务 尔 · Wilber 罗斯( Ross …… …… )所 的没有什么不同 说 该 对 病毒 美国有益,将有助于将大量工作 回美国 带 似乎目 是利用 一事件来把地毯拉到中国 展的脚下 标 这 发 。

I suppose it could be a coincidence that China, the geopolitical adversary and economic enemy to the United States (according to the US itself), suddenly gets this mysterious virus seemingly far more potent than SARS (which itself apparently only targeted Chinese ethnic DNA and left the white/Caucasian population untouched) at the worst possible timing and in the worst possible location. Wuhan being Chinese's central hub and this being the Chinese Lunar New Year, it has the highest ability to spread and go "super viral" whilst impacting the max amount of damage to the stability of the China, both in terms of having the max potential to cause political turmoil in the homeland (ruining people's new year, quarantine and lockdowns of  cities of unprecedented proportion, causing many Chinese citizens to get angry etc) and doing the maximum amount of possible damage to the Chinese economy, ruining the New Year in which consumerisms was supposed to be at its very highest points.

我想 可能是一个巧合 这 ,中国是美国的地 政治 手和 人 缘 对 经济敌 (根据美国本身),突然 种神秘病毒似乎比 发现这 SARS(其自身 然只 中国人 显 针对 的 ,而 上离开了 DNA / 实际 白人 高加索人口未触及),在最糟糕的 机和最糟糕的位置 行 时 进 。 武 是中国的中心枢 汉 纽,也是中国的 新年 农历 ,它具有最大的 播和 播 传 传 “ ” 超 病毒 级 的能力,同 中国 定的最大 害也具有最大的潜力 时对 稳 损 。 在祖国造成政治动荡(破坏人 的新年 们 ,隔离和封 前所未有的城市 锁 ,使 多中国公民生气等 许 ), 中国 造成最大可能的破坏 对 经济 ,破坏了消 主费 义 的新年 本 于最高点 应处 。

Even the SARS of 2003 had a negative impact on Chinese GDP by as much as 2%, and this new novel virus has already turned out to be far worse than SARS and at a much more accelerated speed of spread and deaths. Unsurprisingly, without need for a single bullet fired or sanction imposed, it already managed to force China to self-impose the closure of its borders and cities, most nations have already stopped flights to China including the United States itself, on the world stage it is another "ding" for China's image and gives the propaganda mouthpieces of the West something else to gripe about, whilst at the same time an attempt to cap Chinese One Belt One Road ambitions and sabotage China's growing economy and hegemonic rise. It comes right on the crisp of Trump signing the fake "Trade Deal" and the UK decided to go against the US and work with Huawei.... I say something else is going on behind the scenes, more than what we are being told. We could have transition from Trade War, to Tech War to now maybe bio-war, if that is the case, then very likely the US already fired the first, second, and third shots, so to speak.

即使是 年的 ,其 中国 2003 SARS GDP 2 SARS 对 的 面影响也高达 负 %,而且 种新的新型病毒已 明比 这 经证 严重得多,并且 播和死亡的速度大大加 传 快。毫不意外的是,它无需 制 行任何子 射 或制裁 强 执 弹 击 ,就已成功迫使中国自行 行其 界和城市的封 实 边 锁,在世界舞台上,大多数国家已 停止 经 飞 往包括中国在内的 往中国的航班 飞 。 是中国形象的另一个 这 “ ” 叮叮当当 ,它 西方的宣 喉舌 来了其他令人 以忘 的 西 给 传 带 难 怀 东 ,同 限制中 时试图 国 一 一路 “ ” “ ” 带 的野心,破坏了中国 的增 和霸 的崛起 经济 长 权 。恰好在特朗普 署虚假的 签 贸 协议 易 的明朗声明上,英国决定与美国 立并与 对 华为 合作。 。我 可以从 易 渡到技 ... 们 贸 战过 术战,再到 在的生物 现 战,如果是 的 这样 话,那么美国可以 已 射了第一 说 经发 枪,第二 和第三 枪 枪。

China should at least stay very vigilant and have a credible deterrence contingency plan in place... In the nuclear world in which China has DF-41, the "MAD" (Mutual Assured Destruction) doctrine is still well in place. But a mystery virus affords far more "plausible deniability" for the US. Thus achieving the goal with less fear of attribution and thus retribution. Instead of directly confronting China in the South China Sea militaristically immediately, maybe they think a better way to take China down a notch or two would be the use of "other means" to an ends... Science and technology in the world has come a long way since the days of Westerners giving Native Americans blankets laced with smallpox to "thanksgiving" them. It is the human condition to be risk/loss adverse. A nation that would stop at nothing to achieve Manifest Destiny on the way up surely wouldn't have any qualms of preserving its hegemony at all costs on the way down. After all, the American way of life is nonnegotiable and Graham T. Allison predicted the likelihood that this confrontation of a rising power with a declining power will inevitably lead to war, and history has shown that to be indeed the case. The US is applying its doctrine of maximum pressure to destroy China on all fronts, with Trade War, Tech and supply chain War, cyberwar, information and psychological operations warfare, and now biological warfare and most likely to be followed up with conventional or even nuclear war once US believes China is sufficiently weakened. 

中国至少 保持高度警惕 应该 ,并制定可靠的威 急 划 慑应 计 …… DF-41 “ 在 有拥 的核世界中, MAD” “ ” (互助保证销毁)学 仍然存在 说 。但是神秘病毒 美国提供了更多的 为 合理的可否 性认 。从而在 目 的同 实现 标 时,减少了 因和 的恐惧 对归 报应 。他 可能不是 立即在 事上与南中国海直接 抗 们 认为 军 对 ,而是使中国跌倒一两个等 的更好方法是利用 级 “ ” …… 其他手段 达到目的 世界科学技 已术 经 来 自从西方人 美洲原住民毯子盖上天花以 临 给 “ ” / 感恩 它 以来 们 ,已有很 的路要走 长 。风险 损 处 失不利是人 的 境 类 。一个不会 清 上的目 为实现 单 标 而竭尽全力的国家肯定不会在下降的路上不惜一切代价保持霸权。 竟毕 ,美国人的生活方式是不可 判的 谈 ,格雷厄姆 艾里森( ·T· Graham T. Allison)预测,崛起的力量与衰落的力量的 种 抗将不可避免地 致 争的可能性 这 对 导 战 , 史 明事 确 如此 历 证 实 实 。美国正在运用其最大 力的理 压 论 来全面摧 中国 毁 ,包括 易贸 战,技 和供 术 应链战,网络战,信息和心理行动战,以及 在的生物 现 战,最有可能是常 争 规战 ,甚至是核 争战 。一旦美国 认为中国已被充分削弱, 争就会爆 战 发。

Steve Bannon was hoping to "break the back of the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party )" by cutting off China's supply chain, and was hoping the Hong Kong riots was going to catch fire in the rest of the mainland and force the CCP to lose control making it easier to do an opportunistic regime change. 

史蒂夫 班· Steve 农( Bannon “ ” )希望通 切断中国的供 来 过 应链 打断中国共 党的后腿 产 ,并希望香港 乱在大 其他地区起火并迫使中共失去控制 骚 陆 使 行机会主 政 更容易 进 义 权 。 

I'm sure both China and US have their own red-lines. If the US had any involvement in this new virus, if China finds any credible evidence, then there are a number of things China can do besides retaliating with its own bio-weapon... for example, we all know the Trade War is not about trade, but wanting China to slow down in terms of hegemonic rise... for example China could simply start building Huangyan Island in the South China Sea, making a move that would seal the US fate as the "falling empire". If China militarizes the island it would give China total control of the South China Sea region, so China can declare ADIZ ( Air Defense Identification Zone ) over South China Sea, America would be pushed back to Guam, and it would be the beginning of the end of the petrodollar hegemony (which never could have lasted forever anyway but it would push it up along the timeline to make it collapse that much faster) 

我确信中美两国都有自己的红线。 如果美国参与了 种新病毒的 播 这 传 ,如果中国找到了可靠的 据证 ,那么中国除了 复自己的生物武器外 报 , 可以做很多事情 还 ……例如,我 都知道 们 贸 易 不是 战 关于 易贸 ,但希望中国在霸 上升方面放慢脚步 权 …… “ ” 例如,中国可以 地开始在南中国海建造黄岩 简单 岛,此 将使美国的命运成 举 为 沦陷的帝国 。 如果中国 事化 军 该岛,它将使中国完全控制南中国海地区,因此中国可以宣布 南中国海的 对 ADIZ(防空 区 识别 ),美国将被推回关岛, 将是关 的 这 岛 开始。 石油美元霸 的权 终结(无 如何它永 不可能永 持 下去 论 远 远 续 ,但是它将沿着 推高它 时间轴 ,使其崩 的速度更快 溃 ) 

Some have said that well the virus is RNA single stranded which makes it harder to target any race specific without mutations losing the specificity over many infections cycles. And that if it were double stranded it would make it that much easier to create vaccines for and kill/contain. But I believe in this case it is about maintaining "plausible deniability" whilst not crossing any hard red lines in case attribution is established in the future. A virus outbreak that dings China's GDP by 2 to 5 % in 2020 is not comparable to an end of civilization event that wipes out 90% of the Chinese population, for example. Whatever blowback or collateral risk is considered acceptable levels since it was deployed to China's central Wuhan, naturally China has a self-interest in containment, and the vast majority of the damage will be internal to China. It may have been engineered as race specific single stranded RNA and knowingly by hostile forces that predicted by the time it lost its race specificity that China would have already contained it. Hence "mission accomplished" with little attribution and minimal blowback. What better way to undermine China / CCP than to have its population grow resentful of or turn against its very Government!? Already Western media is talking about how Chinese are filthy and if it wasn't for eating rats, bats, dogs, etc this wouldn't ever have befallen. Perfect cover for re-enforcing racists stereotypes for the ulterior motives of containing and isolating China, and that of Chinese culture, and Chinese ideology on the world stage. 

有人 种病毒是 说这 RNA单链病毒, 使得它更 靶向任何特定种族 这 难 ,而在 多感染周期中突 不会 失特异性 许 变 丧 。而且,如果它是双 的链 ,那么将更 容易 它 建疫苗并 死 为 创 杀 / “ ” 包含它们。但我相信,在 种情况下 这 , 是要保持 这 合理的可否 性认 ,同 不要越 任何困 的 时 过 难 红线,以防将来确定归 属。例如,一 病毒爆 会在 场 发 2020 GDP 2 5 90 年使中国的 下降 %至 %, 与一 文明 事件可比 这 场 灭绝 ,后者消 了灭 %的中国人口。自从将反冲或附带 风险 汉 部署到中国中部武 以来, 种水平被 是可以接受的水平 这 认为 ,自然而然,中国 遏制具有个人利益 对 ,而 大多数破坏将在中国内部 生 绝 发 。它 可能被 特定种族的 设计为 单链RNA “ ” ,并且在 力量明知的情况下被 当中国失去它的种族特异性 就已 包含了它 敌对 预测为 时 经 。因此, 任 完成 务 的归 因少,反吹少。有什么比 中国人民 恨或反 中国政府更好的破坏中国 让 愤 对 /中共的方法呢?西方媒体已 在 中国人如何 经 谈论 肮脏,如果不是 了吃 为 老鼠,蝙蝠,狗等, 将永 不会 落 这 远 沦 。完美地掩盖了种族主 者 遏制和孤立中国 义 对 ,中国文化和中国意 形 在世界舞台上的 有用心的刻板印象 识 态 别 。 

All of this should be seen within the larger context and backdrop of the so called Thucydides's Trap. For various reason, biological warfare against mainland China gives America multi-prong strategic and asymmetric advantages, hence why it has now become the method and weapon of choice for the US to use against China. At what point does China take action or else find itself too little and too late to be suffering same fate as Native Americans? History has shown that America is willing to wipe out entire Han civilization to maintain American hegemony and regain full spectrum dominance and supremacy.

所有 些都 在所 的修昔底陷阱的大背景和背景下看到 这 应该 谓 。 由于种种原因, 中国大 的生物 美国 来了多方面的 略和不 称 针对 陆 战给 带 战 对 优势,因此 什么它 在已成 美国 中国使用的 方法和武器 为 现 为 对 选择 。 中国在什么 候采取行 时 动,否 自己太少 则发现 ,太 而与美国原住民遭受同 的命运 迟 样 ? 历史表明,美国愿意消 整个 族文明 灭 汉 ,以 持美国的霸 地位 维 权 ,并重新 得全光 的 治和霸 获 谱 统 权。 

Kissinger is credited for giving Nixon the idea to open up China. It appears as the 45 year rapprochement comes to a sudden close, the US has regretted the long term decision. When viewed threw the lens of optimization of entropy maximization and the 2nd law of thermodynamics it is all about the counterbalance needed to an unchallenged US uni-polar scheme that impedes the progress and destiny of a universe in evolution. 

基辛格因 予尼克松开放中国的想法而受到 誉 给 赞 。 似乎随着 年和解的突然 近 45 临 ,美国 一 期决定感到 憾 对这 长 遗 。 从 点上看 观 , 最大化的 化和 力学第二定律的 都是与无挑 的美国 极方案所需要的平衡关系 熵 优 热 镜头 战 单 , 种平衡阻碍了宇宙的 展和命运 这 发 。

Steve Bannon was quoted to say that it is Ten times more important for the US to kill Huawei than it is for Trump to sign any trade deal. The USA realizes that China will soon surpass them if status quo isn't changed. The true motive of the trade war is to decouple the US from China quickly enough to asymmetrically target and destroy any tip of the spear Chinese companies/projects/tech such as the Huawei, 5G, DJI, EV, trains, Cancer research, TikTok, SenseTime, etc etc to cripple China's plans to move up the value chain and hi-tech-ify its economy and to do so with enough force to set back China and permanently prevent it from successfully climbing the arch trajectory of replacing the US. For the US it’s not just about losing the top spot to China, if America were to ever lose its petrodollar hegemony it would collapse in much the same way as happened to the USSR. The whole US empire is built on house of cards, ever since Brentwood they got away with taxing/usurping the world using the dollar as economic weaponization through 'quantitative easing' and its military to control OPEC to sustain the petrodollar hegemony. In the 1980's Japan became a threat to the US so they forced Tokyo to acquiesce to the Plaza Accord resulting in the "lost four decades" and Japan never recovering. Nowadays Trump, Steve Bannon, Pompeo and other Hawks are trying to impose the same sort of colonization on China, but much harder to do since China doesn't entertain US troops/US bases unlike the Japanese vassal so the next best thing is to subvert Hong Kong by way of CIA/NED and other propaganda techniques. And which nation killed a million civilians in Iraq after a false flag event and a WMD pretext but now is banning Chinese AI startups ostensibly because they care about the human rights of Muslims in China's internal Xinjiang region? 

引用史蒂夫 班 的 · 农 话说,美国 死 的重要性是特朗普 署任何 易 的十倍 杀 华为 签 贸 协议 。美国意 到识 ,如果 状不 现 变,中国很快就会超越它们。 易贸 战 的真正 机是使美国与中国脱 足 快 动 钩 够 ,以不 称地瞄准并摧 矛 直指的中国公司 对 毁 头 / / 5G DJI EV 项目 技 的尖端 术 ,例如华为, , , ,火车,癌症研究 , , TikTok SenseTime等旨在削弱中国提升价 和高科技 展的 划 值链 经济发 计 ,并以足 的力量挫 中国 够 败 ,并永久阻止中国成功攀登取代美国的主要道路。对 于美国来说, 不 是失去中国的 把交椅 这 仅仅 头 ,如果美国失去石油美元霸权,它将以与 一 的方式崩 苏联 样 溃。整个美国帝国都是建立在 牌屋上的 纸 , 自布 特伍德 伦 ( ) 脱了 美元的征税 Brentwood / “ ” OPEC 摆 对 篡夺世界,通过 定量 松宽 和 控制 事力量来控制石油 出国 经济 军 输 组织( ) 持石油美元 维 霸 以来 权 ,就利用美元作 武器 为经济 。在 年代,日本 美国构成了威 1980 “ ” 对 胁,因此他 迫使 京默 了广 们 东 许 场协议, 致了 导 失去的四十年 ,日本再 也没有恢复。如今,特朗普,史蒂夫 班· 农, 培和其他 派正 中国 行同 的殖民化 庞 鹰 试图对 实 样 ,但要困 得多 难 ,因 中国不像日本附庸那 不接待美 为 样 军/ CIA / 美国基地,所以下一个最好的事情就是 覆通 颠 过 NED 100 AI 和其他宣 手段在香港 传 。哪个国家在假旗事件和大 模 性武器的借口后在伊拉克 死了 规 杀伤 杀 万平民,但 在表面上禁止中国的 现 创业公 司,因 它 关心中国内部新疆地区穆斯林的人 为 们 权? 

The United States congress has accused TikTok -- the Chinese dancing video social media app -- of being a grave National Security threat and concern based on zero evidence and then the US publicly maligned China in front of the world with regards to the success and popularity of this singing app. So likewise if there is any possibility this virus crisis had anything to do with US government then the Chinese people deserve to all know or at least be aware of the possibility. Certain elements in the US have already put out the narrative that it was China's own incompetence that lead to the leak of the lab virus, so the Chinese people deserve to know the real truth. 

美国国会指 中国舞蹈 社交媒体 用程序 责 视频 应 TikTok是基于零 据的 重的国家安全威 和关注 证 严 胁 ,然后美国就成功和受 迎程度在世界范 内 欢 围 公开 中国 诽谤 这 应 个歌唱 用程序。 因此,同样,如果 种病毒危机有可能与美国政府有任何关系 这 ,那么中国人民 所有人都知道或至少意 到 种可能性 应该 识 这 。 美国的某些因素已 明 经说 ,正是中国自身的无能 致了 室病毒的泄漏 导 实验 ,因此中国人民 知道真 的事 应该 实 实。 

This is all part of the bigger picture to contain China's continued rise, as we see that if the US ever lost its hegemony it would be game over... America views Chinese ambitions such as Made In China 2025, One Belt One Road, 5G, AI, etc as existential threats to its very lifestyle and way of life, hence the whole "Huawei is a national security issue" stance... Now even TikTok, a dancing video app, has become a "national security" threat and targeted and singled out by the US Congress. By "national security" they really mean China is offering the world a better deal and they are pissed that they are being undercut and view Chinese success as a direct threat to American hegemony. The West had its chance to help out Africa but did nothing, now China wants to help them develop and US is getting resentful, the supreme irony is accusing China of predatory lending. This will only get much worse, Xi predicted this will last a period of 30 years until which time China has become the undisputed Number One in the world economically, technologically, politically and militaristically. As the declining power the US isn’t going to just go down without fighting..... Just like the Roman Empire, as the US declines on the way down the lip service of freedom, democracy, etc stops and the true colors of the ugly side all comes out, they just did another coup in Bolivia after China signed a lithium deal to secure development of batteries for EVs, and now US is even sanctioning its own "allies" like Germany for daring to buy energy from Russia (NordStream 2, etc)... 

这 续 是遏制中国持 崛起的更大前景的全部内容,因 我 看到 为 们 ,如果美国失去霸权,那将是一 博弈 场 。美国看待中国的雄心壮志,例如《中国制造20 25 “ ” 5G 》, 一 一路 带 , ,人工智能等 其生活方式和生活方式构成生存威 对 胁,因此整个 是国家安全 “ ” ... TikTok 华为 问题 的立场 现在,即使是跳舞 用程序 视频应 也已成 为“ ” “ ” 国家安全 威胁,并且有 性并被美国国会 中 针对 选 。所谓 国家安全 , 上是指中国正在 世界提供更好的待遇 实际 为 ,他 自己的 力被削弱 们为 实 而感到 火恼 ,并将中国的成功 美国霸 的直接威 视为对 胁 权 。西方有机会帮助非洲,但无所作为, 在中国想帮助非洲 展 现 发 ,美国 此表示 慨 对 愤 ,至高 无上的 刺意味是指 中国掠 性 款 讽 责 夺 贷 。 近平 习 预测, 种情况只会持 这 续30年,直到中国在经济,技术,政治和 事上成 世界无可争 的世界第 军 为 议 一。随着 力的下降 权 ,美国将不会不 而倒 战 。 就像 姆帝国一 ..... 罗 样,随着美国的衰落,自由,民主等的口 表达停止 头 ,而美国的真正面目是丑陋 的一面全部 出来 显现 ,在中国 署一 以确保 汽 池的开 之后 签 项锂协议 电动 车电 发 ,他 在玻利 行了另一次政 们刚刚 维亚进 变。如今,美国甚至制裁了像 德国 的自己的 这样 “ ” NordStream 2 ...

Like others have already brought to light and mentioned, with the multiple initial sources surrounding this Wuhan virus, it makes "intentionally starting a pandemic with a bioweapon" scenario much more likely. The virus failed to spread with the first group of targets, so they tried again with the market. 

就像已 揭露并提及的其他病毒一 经 样,由于 武 病毒的多种初始来源 围绕 汉 ,它更有可能 有意用生物武器引 大流行 “ ” 发 。 该 标 传 病毒未能与第一批目 一起 播,因此他 再次向市 们 场尝试。 

For those who refuse to believe the US could ever be morally capable of doing such a coordinated strike and biological attack on mainland China, even if you do not at all believe US had anything to do with it, and even if US in reality had nothing to do with it, it still doesn't change the fact that this virus has changed the power dynamic and upset the balance; and we already have evidence from US such as Wilber Ross etc willing to take full advantage of the situation. China must be prepared to adapt and adjust to this fluid situation as well, short term and as well as long term. This thing could very well politically isolate China (it is already having such an effect) and crater China's GDP, and most importantly strategically pressure China to give up its long term development aspirations and also to sign away certain concessions (give up on Made-In-China 2025 etc) right at the most critical moment in history. 

对 绝 义 对 陆进 这样 协 击 击 于那些拒 相信美国在道 上有能力 中国大 行 的 同打 和生物攻 的人,即使您根本不相信美国与它有任何关系,即使美国实际 上没有任何关系 与此相关的是,它仍然没有改 种病毒改 了功率 并破坏了平衡的事 变这 变 动态 实。 并且我 已 有来自美国的 据 们 经 证 ,例如 等愿意充分利用 种情况 Wilber Ross 这 。 中国必 准 在短期和 期内适 和适 种 的局 须 备 长 应 应这 动荡 势。 这件事很可能会在政治上孤立中国(已 生 种影响 经产 这 )并 大中国的 扩 GDP,最重要的是从 略上向中国施加 力 战 压 ,要求中国放弃其 期 展愿望 长 发 , 并放弃某些 步让 (放弃 自制 政策) 中国 年等)正 于 史上最关 的 刻 “ ” - 2025 处 历 键 时 。 

Sure we understand that the flu killed already 10,000 US persons this year alone, I also know the numbers in terms of how many up to 80,000 die of flu alone last year. And yes some of the hysteria and panic of this Wuhan thing may cause more damage than good at this point, sometimes the fear is more than just the virus damage itself. 

当然,我 了解到 们 , 今年一年 仅 ,流感就已 造成 经 10,000 80,000 人死亡。我 知道 还 , 去年一年 仅 ,就有多达 人死于流感。 是的,在 一点上 这 ,武 事 的一些歇斯底里和恐慌可能造成的危害大于危害 汉 态 ,有 候时 ,恐惧不 是病毒破坏本身 仅仅 。 

Having said that, on the other hand, the facts are that this banning of all flights from China to the US, the enactment of the quarantine is described by the US CDC itself as the heaviest action it has taken in 50 years. Indeed, when was the last time Russia closed its borders to China? When was the last time Disney shutdown, and all these hundreds of other things shutting down in China and all the countries closing their door to China? Precisely my point regardless of whether or not the real or perceived threat of this virus is overblown or not, the fact is the reaction to it has already greatly harmed China substantively at what could be argued as the worst possible timing... so yes, this virus has changed the power dynamic and upset the balance. 

话 这 说 虽 么 ,但事 是实 , 一禁令的 布禁止了中国从美国 往美国的所有航班 这 颁 飞 ,美国疾病 防控制中心将其描述 预 为50 年来最 的行 严 动 厉 。 确实,俄 斯最后一次关 界是什么 候 罗 闭对华边 时 ? 迪斯尼最后一次关 是什么 候 闭 时 ,在中国以及所有其他关 中国大 的国家中 闭 门 ,其他数百种事情都关 了闭 ? 准确地说,不管 种病毒的 威 或感知威 是否夸大了 这 实际 胁 胁 ,事 是 它的反 已 在可能被 是最糟糕的 机 中国造成了极大的 害 实 对 应 经 认为 时 对 伤 ……所 以,是的, 种病毒改 了 力 这 变 动 ,破坏了平衡。 

The fact of the matter is the rest of the world isn't closing its flights and borders to the USA, despite the flu in the US killing way more people, but the world is closing its doors to China... This cannot be good no matter how it is spun. I'm concerned this will be the point of  inflection in which the tide permanently turns and China regresses back to being closed, isolated country and America pulled the supply chain rung under China's feet while China is down/ill and then convinces the rest of the world to a new Brentwoods to basically maintain US hegemony for the next 100 years. Perhaps this is what Trump was secretly hinting at when he gleefully announced at Davos that "now is the time for renewed and great optimism"... Maybe he was hinting at world events to come that will greatly benefit America at the direct expense of China, events that by the time he made the speech at Davos would have already been put in place by the CIA. 

事 是实 ,尽管美国因流感而 害了更多的人 杀 ,但世界其他地区并没有关 往美国的航班和 境 闭飞 边 ,但是世界正在关 通往中国的大 闭 门……这不可能是 件好事 无 它如何旋 论 转。 我担心 将是一个 折点 这 转 ,在 种 折中 这 转 ,潮流将永久性地转变,中国将回 到封 状 归 闭 态,孤立的国家和美国在中国陷入困境或陷入困境之 将供 时 应链 势 的劣 拉到中国的脚下,然后 服其余国家 说 100 到新的布 特伍德世界 伦 ,以在未来 年基本 持美国霸 维 权。 也 就是特朗普在达沃斯愉快地宣布 许这 “ ” …… 现 乐观 时 在是重新振作和 的 候 时暗暗暗示的 也 他是在暗示即将 生的世界大事 许 发 ,而美国将直接以 中国 代价而使美国受益匪浅 为 ,到他在达沃斯演讲时,中情局就已 准 好了 经 备 。 

If America has declared war on China, -- (first by economic decoupling via sanctions and tariffs then by trying to kill off Chinese technology ascension by attempting to cut off China's tech supply chain with the banning of Huawei and the restriction to supply chain access of many other prominent Chinese tech companies, and finally by covert bio-warfare to destroy China's food supply and then directly poison the Chinese people with an evil sinister virus in hopes of destabilizing the entire country,) -- etc and by all appearances it has, with Pompeo openly stating that the Chinese CCP was the "central threat of our times", and Bannon calling for Trump to "takedown Xi" and "break the spirit and crack the back of the Chinese people", then it behooves China to defend itself and its citizens and interests appropriately. 

如果美国向中国宣战, (首先是通 制裁和关税的 脱 - 过 经济 钩,然后是 通 禁止 和限制中国的供 来切断中国的技 供 来 死 试图 过 华为 应链访问 术 应链 杀 中国的技 提升 术 。 许多其他著名的中国科技公司,最后通 秘密的生物 破坏了中国的粮食供 过 战 应,然后用邪 的 病毒直接毒害了中国人民 恶 险恶 ,以期破坏整个国家的 稳定,等等。 庞 产 培公开表示中国共 党是“ ” “ ” “ ” 我 代的中心威 们时 胁 ,而班 呼吁特朗普 农 拆除 近平 习 并 破坏精神并打 中国人民的背心 败 ,那么它理 中国 自 应 为 己辩护 及其公民和利益。 

This information better be spread across Chinese media far and wide so that the average Chinese develops a healthy and warranted suspicion of certain nations that have taken it upon themselves to stop at nothing to destroy the Chinese way of life and to destroy China's development and progress. Making more mainland Chinese aware of the underlining truth that all of China is constantly being targeted with warfare of all categories and at all levels by everything American cannot possibly be a bad thing. America has been applying every kind of means of warfare that exists under the sun against China, against the Chinese government and against the Chinese people and their well-being; be it Trade War, Economic War, Proxy War (Taiwan, HK, etc), Tech War (Huawei/5G/AI/tiktok), Supply Chain War, CyberWar, Information propaganda Warfare (including the "reverse conspiracy theory" and other false flags), Biological Warfare and soon to be Conventional war and perhaps even someday Nuclear war. 

这 传 些信息最好在中国媒体上广泛 播,以使普通中国人 某些国家 生健康而有根据的 疑 对 产 怀 , 些国家采取了一切行 以制止中国人的生活方式 这 动 , 破坏中国的 展和 步 发 进 。 让 陆 识 实 更多的中国大 人意 到一个事 ,即美国人不断以各种等级,各种 的 争作 攻 目 级 战 为 击 标 别 , 可能不是一件坏事 这 。 在阳光下,美国一直在 中国 对 ,中国政府,中国人民及其福祉采取各种 争手段 战 ; 易 / 5G 贸 战,经济战,代理战(台湾,香港等),技术战(华为 / AI / tiktok “ ” ),供应链战,网络战,信息宣传战(包括 反向阴谋论 )和其他虚假的 旗帜),生物战,不久将成 常 争 为 规战 ,甚至有朝一日的核 争战 。 

The Chinese people for their own good should be more aware of the ideological war that America has inflicted upon the Chinese citizens both at home and abroad... The stark contrasting juxtaposition could not be more supremely ironic and hypocritical. "Brain drain" from the rest of the nations in the world to the US is called "free market" and labeled as "freedom loving scientists going to work in open democratic Universities with higher pay and better quality of life" and yet this same notion of "brain drain" from the US to the rest of the world is called "intellectual property theft", "spying", or "sending spies to steal 'American technology'". For when as China or Russia or India jailed their scientists for working with US universities and earning US research grants. If they did that, immediately the US media will instantly accuse them of being "totalitarian communist police state with no academic freedom" etc. 

为了自己的利益,中国人民 更多地意 到美国在国内外 中国公民造成的意 形 争 应该 识 对 识 态战 。 明 比的并置再无比具有 刺意味和虚 了 鲜 对 讽 伪 。 从世界上其他国家到美国的 人才外流 被称 “ ” “ ” “ 为 自由市场 ,并被标记为 热爱自由的科学家将在薪酬更高,生活 量更高的开放式民主大学中工 质 作 ,但同 的想法 ” “ ” “ ” “ ” “ ' '” 样 从美国到世界其他地方的 人才外流 被称为 知 盗窃 识产权 , 间谍 或 派遣 以窃取 间谍 美国技术 。 中国,俄 斯或印度因与美国大学合作并 得美国研究 助而入 的 罗 获 资 狱 时间。 如果他 做 们这样 ,美国媒体将立即指 他责 们为“ ” 没有学 自由的极 主 共 主 警察国家 术 义 产 义 权 等。 

During China's moment of greatest need and vulnerability we see Westerner's racism and xenophobia come out in full blossom from Universities that say it is normal to be xenophobia to so-called "free speech" newspapers that take delight in China's plight and openly incite hatred and racisms by publishing intentionally vile depictions of the Chinese people and the Chinese flag in order to kick China while it is down. The deviously designed CIA lab virus was specifically tailored to cause as much economic, political, and reputational damage to China, the Chinese government, and the Chinese people (both domestic and abroad) as it possibly could. By this "Wuhan virus" being asymptomatic at the onset and specifically targeting Chinese DNA, not only does this make the virus that much more difficult to permanently eradicate but it also is a discriminatory virus in that it selective targets only Chinese/Asian people; but in addition to that, it also at once amplifies and concentrates on Chinese race specificity while effectively being a silent yet stigmatic racists killer. Since the vast majority of those that could ever be affected by this virus are Chinese or people of Chinese ethnicity and since this disease can be spread to other Chinese without first showing any visible nor discernable symptoms at all, this creates the sort of environment and dynamics that are conducive to several uniquely emergent dynamics, all of which are absolutely devastating to the Chinese race: it sets in place the stigma, fear and disgust of Chinese people everywhere in all areas of the world, and it also sets the double whammy of making Chinese people suspicious of each other and resentful of one another; thus potentially fracturing the concept of Chinese unity and destroying that of the notion and tenability of the Chinese 'civilization state'. This has the effect of pitting Chinese people against one another in all aspects of life and relationships and is actually a form of divide and conquer enacted by the West so that the White man could once again enslave and colonize China. By the virus selectively targeting only Chinese DNA it creates a sort of structural racisms against all Chinese Americans that otherwise the US government would have a much harder time bringing about without suffering political damage abroad and in the homeland. 

在中国最需要和最脆弱的 刻时 ,我 看到西方人的种族主 和仇外情 从大学中全面爆 们 义 绪 发, 些大学 这 说, 所 的 对 谓 “ ” 言 自由 论 报纸持仇外心理是 正常的, 些 中国的困境感到高 这 报纸对 兴,并公开煽 仇恨和种族主 故意 布 中国人民和中国国旗的 毒描 动 义 发 对 恶 绘,以踢倒中国。 精心 的 经过 设计 C IA实验 专 为 对 室病毒是 可能 中国 门 ,中国政府和中国人民(无 是在国内 是在国外 论 还 )造成尽可能多的经济,政治和声誉 害而量身定制的 损 。由于这 种 武 病毒 “ ” DNA / 汉 一开始就没有症状,并且 中国 专 针对 门 ,不 使 种病毒 以永久根除 仅 这 难 ,而且是一种歧 性病毒 视 ,因 它只 中国 为 针对 亚洲人。但 除此之外,它 同 大并 注于中国种族的特殊性 还 时扩 专 ,同 有效地成 了沉默却又 有 名的种族主 手 时 为 带 污 义杀 。由于可能受此病毒感染的 大多数是 绝 华 华 人或 裔,而且由于 疾病可以 播 其他 人而无需先表 出任何明 或可辨 的症状 该 传 给 华 现 显 别 ,因此 造了一种 境和 些因素有利于 生几种 营 环 动态这 产 独特的 力动 ,而 些 力 于中国人来 是 性的 这 动 对 说绝对 毁灭 :它使世界各地的中国人民遭受了耻辱,恐惧和厌恶,同 也 制造 程 来了双重打 时 给 过 带 击。 中国人彼此 疑怀 ,彼此不满。因此有可能破坏中国 一的概念 统 ,破坏中国 文明国家 的概念和持久性。 具有使中国人民在生活和关系的各个方面 “ ” 这 相互 抗的作用 对 , 上是西方 定的分而治之的形式 实际 规 ,以便白人可以再次奴役和殖民中国。通 中国 过仅针对 DNA的病毒,它 所有 裔美国人 对 华 产 生了一种 构性种族主 结 义,否 美国政府将很 在不遭受海外和祖国政治 害的情况下 一目 则 难 损 实现这 标。

Again this designer virus is especially devious because it allows the current rogue Trump administration and future American leadership to do what otherwise would have been political unpalatable to implement, by creating this artificial lab-made virus that only targets Chinese people and releasing into the center of mainland China to encourage it to leverage the Lunar New year to spread to all corners of China it has at once conveniently convinced the America citizens to willingly advocate their government to shut the door to China, to ban all flights from China etc, and it also has created the environment whereby Chinese American citizens in America are now viewed with suspicion, contempt and disdain. 

再次, 种 病毒特 引人注目 这 设计 别 ,因 它允 当前的流氓特朗普政府和未来的美国 通 建 中国人民的人造 室制造的病毒 为 许 领导层 过创 仅针对 实验 ,并 释放到美国的中心,来 行原本在政治上 以企及的事情 执 难 。 为 陆 农历 传 了鼓励中国大 利用 新年将其 播到中国的各个角落,它立即方便地 服美国公民愿意倡 其政府关 中国的大 说 导 闭对 门,禁止从中国起 的所 飞 有航班,等等。 造了一种 境 创 环 ,使美国的 裔美国人 在被 疑 华 现 怀 ,蔑 和鄙 视 视。 

By the virus selectively targeting only Chinese DNA it creates a sort of structural racisms against all Chinese Americans (and against all people of Chinese ethnicity worldwide) that otherwise the US government or other Western governments would have a much harder time bringing about without suffering political damage abroad and in the homeland. Every Chinese person is now a potential threat, even if they look perfectly healthy on the outside they could still be deathly sick and gravely ill on the inside. This puts disproportionate focus onto the entire Chinese race/ethnicity rather than on the symptoms of an illness itself. It also gives Western governments everywhere the convenient pretext and excuse to segregate people of Chinese ancestry and to round up and gas Chinese Americans like how the Nazi Hitler of Germany prosecuted the Jews during World War II. 

通 中国 过仅针对 DNA的病毒,它会 所有 裔美国人 针对 华 (以及 全球 裔所有人 针对 华 ) 生一种 构性种族主 产 结 义,否则,美国政府或其他西方政府将在 不遭受政治 害的情况下 来更大的困 损 带 难 在国外和在祖国。 现在,每个中国人都是潜在的威胁,即使他 在外部看起来非常健康 们 ,在内部仍然可能是致命的疾病和重病。 这 们对 使人 整个中国人的种族/ 民族有 分的关注 过 ,而不是疾病本身的症状。 它 各地的西方政府提供了方便的借口和借口 还为 ,以隔离 人血 华 统,并 捕和激怒 裔美国人 围 华 ,就像二 期 德国 粹希特勒如何起 犹太人一 战 间 纳 诉 样 。 

Indeed, due to the selectivity of the virus it has the effect of causing public resentment towards its victims based on the basis of race (Chinese/Asian) rather than on the basis of the actual symptoms and other negative physical side effects. And because this virus can transmit without showing any visible symptoms at all, it also furthermore re-enforces racists stereotypes by ushering in an atmosphere of the fearful unknown type, a sort of "uncertainty" that breeds discrimination not on visible symptoms but by casting a broad categorical stroke against all people of Chinese descent anywhere in the world. This opens the door to the possibility if America were to go to war with China that someday soon all Chinese Americans will be rounded up and locked up into Concentration Camps in the USA but under the ostensible guise and false-flag pretext of being quarantined, segmented and segregated by race alone for public safety as yet another variant of the so-called "Wuhan virus" conveniently re-appears just in time. 

实际上,由于 病毒具有 性 该 选择 ,因此具有引起种族 其受害者的不 情 的作用 对 满 绪 ,而 种 慨是基于种族 这 愤 (中文 洲人 /亚 )而不是基于 症状和 实际 其他 面身体副作用而 生的 负 产 。而且由于 种病毒可以 播而根本不 示任何明 的症状 这 传 显 显 ,因此它 通 引入一种令人恐惧的未知 型的气氛来加 还 过 类 强种族主 者的定型 念 义 观 , 种这 “ ” “ ” 不确定性 不是 可 症状的歧 对 见 视,而是通 施加一种 过 不确定性 。反 世界上所有 裔的大范 分 中 对 华 围 风 类 。这为 如果美国与中国开 的可能性打开了大 战 门,有一天不久,所有 裔美国人将被 捕并关押在美国的集中 中 华 围 营 ,但以表面上的 装和虚假的旗号将其 伪 隔离,分割 了公共安全 为 , 出于种族隔离 仅 ,所 的谓 “ ” 武 病毒 汉 的另一种 体便及 地重新出 变 时 现。 

In terms of the bigger picture from the high-level top-down geopolitical standpoint, (all else  being equal) America knows that "time is on China's side" be it with regards to GDP PPP, or the situation in the South China Sea, or that of Hong Kong, and later Taiwan, and especially as China's sphere of influence continues to grow in Eurasia; or even in the larger context of the digital blockchain Yuan and China's BRI/OBOR to replace or supplant the US petrodollar hegemony and so many other aspects... America knows that if status quo doesn't abruptly change that one day it will be too late to confront China. Trump, as their self-proclaimed "Chosen One" has openly stated from the beginning that he won't allow China to surpass America "on his watch" and that if his administration doesn't stop China right now that no future generation of administrations will ever be able to do so again. The US recognizes that the situation is quickly reaching an inflection point past which there is no point of return or going back. It is now or never. And since a direct nuclear confrontation is not going to help America achieve its goals or retaining its status, nor reversing its decline, and coming back on top in terms of once again being sole unipolar hyperpower with no contender or meaningful challenger, then only option left after a failed trade war and failed tech war was to attack China in the back by secretly using biological warfare against China, not once, not twice, but now for a third and potentially ever more devastating time as each attack is increased in boldness and exponential in unprovoked escalation. 

从高 的自上而下的地 政治 点看 级 缘 观 别 ,美国知道GDP PPP “ ” ,南中国海或香港局 的势 时 边 机在中国一 ,之后是台湾,尤其是随着中国在欧 大 的 力范 不断 大 亚 陆 势 围 扩 ;甚至在数字区 的更大背景下 块链 ,人民 和中国的 币 BRI / OBOR …… “ ” 取代或取代了美国石油美元霸 等 多方面 权 诸 美国知道,如果 状不会突然改 现 变,那么 一天也将如此 到与中国 抗 这 迟 对 。特朗普自称 民选 ,从一开始就公开表示,他将不允 中国 许 “ ” 当心 超越美国,而且如果他的政府 在不停止中国 现 ,就没有下一代政府将永 能 再次 做 远 这样 够 。美国认 识到,局 正在迅速达到拐点 势 ,超 此拐点就没有返回或回 的迹象 过 头 。 在或永 不会 现 远 。而且由于直接的核 抗不会帮助美国 其目 或保持其 对 实现 标 地位,也不会扭 其衰落 转 ,并且在再次成 唯一的 极超 大国而又没有 争者或有意 的挑 者的情况下重回榜首 为 单 级 竞 义 战 ,因此只剩下 在一 失 选择 场 败 的 易 和一次失 的技 之后 贸 战 败 术战 ,是通 暗中 中国 行生物 来反 中国 过 对 进 战 击 ,而不是一次,不是两次,但 在是三分之一 现 ,甚至是 性的 毁灭 时间, 因 每次攻 的勇气和指数都在增加毫无根据地升 为 击 级。 

Some Chinese people online at “Sinodefence” and other similar forums may have over inflated egos and think they somehow represent the image of China and I believe they take the posture of not daring to speculate because admitting that China was the victim of a foreign biological warfare attack is somehow showing weakness, and they may even believe if there was hard evidence it would still be in China’s favor to keep quiet to “bid time” and not directly confront and risk further escalating the issue. In their mind, since this Wuhan virus is at most something that will make a big dent in China’s GDP growth over the next year or two, but nothing like a zombie virus or civilization ender, yet it is better to take the safe conservative approach than to risk the possible damage to China's standing and reputation if it were to come out and publicly accuse the United States of such unthinkable acts against humanity. To their line of thinking, it is far better to take a hit to economic growth and regress a few months/years than to expose those behind this attack and risk further alienation on the world scene etc... 

在 国防部 和其他 似 上在 的一些中国人可能夸大了自我 “ ” 类 论坛 线 ,并 他 以某种方式代表了中国的形象 认为 们 ,我相信他 采取不敢推 的姿 们 测 势,因 为 认 战袭击 现 软 承 中国是外国生物 的受害者中国以某种方式表 出 弱,甚至可能相信,如果有确 的 据表明 凿 证 ,保持沉默以 等待 “ ” 时间 ,而不是直接 面 并冒着 一步升 的 对 进 级该问题 风险,仍然 中国有利 对 。在他 看来 们 ,由于 种武 病毒最多只会在未来一两年内 中国的 这 汉 对 GDP增 生重大影响 长产 ,但与僵尸病毒或文明 源者不同 发 ,但最好采取安全的保守方法而不是如果冒出来公开指 美国 种不可思 的危害人 的行 责 这 议 为 类 ,就有可能 害中 损 国的声誉和声誉。按照他 的思路 们 ,遭受 增 的打 并倒退几个月 经济 长 击 /几年要好于暴露那些遭受攻 的人并冒着在世界舞台上 一步疏 的 击 进 远 风险 等等。 

From the American side the narrative has already been spun that “due to the busy new year China must have accidentally leaked their own virus” and certainly there are motived elements in Western media being compelled to push this particular narrative out in the open at the moment. But it is reasonable to question the motive for spinning something fictional like this, why suddenly now the conspiracy theory from Western powers that China did this tragedy to itself by carelessly releasing a lab made virus that it supposedly had been working on in Wuhan? Who stands to gain the most from this event and the narrative being spun around the event? Also, even playing devil's advocate and assuming the Western assumption may have some element of possibility in that a virus in the Wuhan lab was accidentally released to China own detriment, a reasonable person may also wonder about the timing, in that China’s supposedly first known incident of accidental release of virus causing harm of any magnitude just so happens to be right around signing of historic trade deal and right before the lunar new year mass migration, hence they attack the element of timing by preemptively suggesting that due to the new year rush it must have made operations that much more error prone etc. 

从美国方面来说,已 有 的 法 经 这样 说 : 由于忙碌的新年,中国肯定不小心泄露了自己的病毒 ,并且西方媒体肯定有 机将 些特定的 法公开 “ ” 动 这 说 发 布。 。但是有理由 疑 种虚构的事情的 机 质 这 动 , 什么 在突然之 西方国家的阴 中国是通 不小心 放它原本 在武 从事的 室制 为 现 间 谋论认为 过 释 应该 汉 实验 造的病毒而自己悲 的呢 剧 ? 能从 一事件中 得最大利益 谁 这 获 ,以及 事件 行的叙事 围绕该 进 ?同样,即使扮演 魔的 者并假 西方的假 也可 恶 拥护 设 设 能具有某种可能性,即武 室中的病毒被意外地 放 了中国 汉实验 释 给 , 是一个合理的人也可能会 疑 机 这 怀 时 ,因 是中国所 的第一个已知事件偶 为这 谓 然 放病毒而造成任何程度的危害的原因恰好是在 署 史性 易 定前后以及正好在 新年大 模迁移之前 释 签 历 贸 协 农历 规 ,因此,他 通 先暗示由于 们 过抢 新年匆忙而暗示了 因素 时间 。一定会使操作更容易出 等错 。 -analysis-of-the-origins-of-the-wuhan-coronavirus-2019-ncov/ 

Some elements in the United States on the other hand runs contrary to the scientific establishment official story as well, but for different reasons. For example, the guy who wrote the above article admitted to having had ties to the NSA. They concede and admit that by all appearances the evidence shows that this virus was indeed designer engineered to target Chinese/Asians, to be asymptomatic at first and with a conveniently long incubation period, but then only admit the half-truth that its man-made but curiously proceed to argue the origin or rather the attribution as the main point of contention. In the real world it is almost always the results that matter, the "ends" rather than the "means" that count, and tracking missile trajectories of incoming thermonuclear warheads are a lot easier than ascertaining attribution in terms of finding the actual nation responsible for a sophisticated designed and cleverly released bio-weapon. It is about asymmetric warfare to gain advantage, the timing (right before Chinese lunar new year), location (Wuhan being central transportation hub of China and a city that had been projected for 8% GDP growth in 2020 before the outbreak) and characteristics of the virus (targeting Chinese/Asian) are just too coincidental for this to be anything random or by chance circumstantial. Just way too fortuitous for there to be any other reasonable explanation. Now if you were a hostile power wanting to screw with China wouldn't this be consistent with being a plausible cover story to deflect suspicion? 

另一方面,美国的某些因素也与科学机构的官方 法背道而 说 驰,只是出于不同的原因。例如,写上述文章的那个人承 与国家安全局有 系 认 联 。他们 承 并承 认 认,从所有方面来看, 据都表明 病毒确 是 中国 证 该 实 针对 /亚 设计 洲人 的,最初无症状且潜伏期很长,但随后只承 了人 造成的一半事 认 为 实。但奇怪地是 争 起源或 因是争 的重点 继续 论 归 论 。在 世界中 现实 ,几乎 是 果是重要的 总 结 , 局 “ ” “ ” 结 而不是 手段 才是重要的,而跟踪来 的 核 袭 热 弹头 导弹轨 归 的 迹要比确定 属真正的国家要容易得多。精心 并巧妙 布的生物武器 设计 发 。 是关于争取 的非 称 争 这 优势 对 战 , 机时 (正 新 值农历农历 年之前),地理位置(武 是中国的中央交通枢 汉 纽,以及 在疫情爆 前 预计 发 2020 8 GDP / 年实现 % 增 的城市 长 )的特点。 病毒 该 ( 中文 针对 亚洲人)太 巧合了,以至于无法随机或偶然地发现。只是因 太幸运了 为 ,所以没有其他合理的解释。 在现 ,如果您是一个 的大国 敌对 ,想与中国接轨, 道不 这难 足以成 掩盖 疑的掩盖故事 为 怀 吗? 

What's more likely, the Chinese government accidentally released their own virus that was designed to somehow only target their own peoples Chinese DNA and it (the accidental release of the virus) just so happened to coincide with the absolute worst timing for China; (both in terms of the peak of the US China trade war and right before the Lunar new year mass migration) or some hostile superpower took advantage of this for plausible deniability and then deflects suspicion away from them by spinning up this nonsense story? Who stands to win the most from this event and who stands to lose the most? What does common sense tell you? Which nation in the very same first month of 2020 went against international law to trick and ambush a top Iranian general and assassinated him in a drone strike in a cowardly manner whilst pretending to operate under the guise and pretext of 'rule of law' and with the Iranian general being ostensibly invited for "peace talks"? 

更有可能的是,中国政府意外地 布了自己的病毒 发 , 病毒旨在以某种方式只 本国人民的中国 该 针对 DNA,而它(偶然 放的病毒 释 )恰好与中国 最 绝对 糟糕的 机相吻合 时 。 (无 是在美中 易 的高峰期 论 贸 战 , 是在 新年大 模移民之前 还 农历 规 ), 是一些 的超 大国都利用 一 行了合理的可否 性 还 敌对 级 这 优势进 认 ,然后通 散过 布 个无稽之 来 移 他 的 疑 这 谈 转 对 们 怀 ? 在 次比 中 最多 谁 这 赛 获胜 , 在 失最大 谁 损 ? 常 告 你什么 识 诉 ? 哪个国家在 年第一个月的同一天 反了国 法 2020 ward 违 际 ,以欺 和伏 伊朗的一名高 将 骗 击 级 领,并以 弱的方式用无人 机暗 了他 驾驶飞 杀 ,却假装以 “ ” “ ” 法治 的幌子和借口行事。 表面上邀 伊朗将 参加 请 军 和平 判谈 吗? 

The whole idea is to provoke China into responding and in the process having China make the mistake of giving the US the excuse needed to further exponentially escalate. America knows China prefers non-confrontation as the Chinese strategy is simply to build, to trade, to bid time and to focus on its own development and economic growth instead of worrying about confronting US directly. Every nation simply does what’s in their own best interest, maximizing optimization strategies conducive to bettering its advantages. For the US it means taking an early and provocative challenge direct to China in the form of trade war, tariffs, tech bans, coercing allies to switch supply chains, kidnapping Huawei CFO, and surgical bioweapons tailored to Chinese DNA and deployed at the timing and location of max impact. This biological attack differs from conventional warfare in that it would allow the initiator of aggression, in this instance the United States of America, to preserve the option at its choosing to take a more equivocal stance and fluid position by inflicting harm onto China but without a publicly overt display of open hostilities. This virus was engineered to have maximum devastation in high density Asian environments, and it is an asymmetric weapon because these conditions are not reproducible anywhere else in the world other than in mainland China, the factory of the global world with over 1.4 billion citizens living in high density super megacities with the required critical threshold to cause an uncontrolled chain reaction in infection spread rate.

 整个想法是挑衅中国做出回应,并在此 程中 中国犯下了 美国提供 一步成倍增 的借口的 过 让 给 进 长 错误。美国知道中国更喜 无 抗 欢 对 ,因 中国的 为 战 略只是建立, 易贸 ,争取 并 注于自己的 展和 增 时间 专 发 经济 长,而不用担心直接与美国 抗对 。每个国家都会按照自己的最大利益行事,最大限度地 利用有利于其 的 化策略 优势 优 。 于美国而言 对 , 意味着以 易 这 贸 战,关税,技 禁令 术 , 迫盟友 供 强 转换 应链, 架 首席 官以及 中国 绑 华为 财务 为 DNA量 身定做并在适当 机部署的外科生物武器的形式 时 ,直接 中国提出早期挑衅性挑 对 战。最大影响的位置。 种生物攻 与常 争不同 这 击 规战 ,它可以使侵 略者(在本例中 美利 合众国 为 坚 )保留 的 选择 选择,即 中国造成 害而采取更加模棱两可的立 和灵活立 对 伤 场 场,但不会公开公开展示 行 敌对 动。 病该 毒被 在高密度的 洲 境中具有最大的破坏力 设计为 亚 环 ,并且是一种不 称武器 对 ,因 些条件在除中国大 以外的世界其他任何地方都无法重 为这 陆 现, 中国大 是全球 有超 陆 拥 过14亿人口的工厂高密度城市。 

It would seem US is counting on the fact that China won’t respond to this attack in order to essentially score a big goal and earn major points for free. This would allow America to crash the economy of China with impunity. Even a total nonresponse is still a reply in the form of China believing it still benefits the most by ignoring this attack (and indeed not even publicly acknowledging it at all) and strictly focusing on growth path after it has recovered. Is this intended to merely knock China down a few steps off the development ladder in lieu of war in the South China Sea — since that could end up costly for US interests as well — or is it really a prelude to war, intended to severely weaken China so that an American initiated war later on would be on US terms and US timing and would be much less costly for America and the rest of the world after China had already been sufficiently decoupled and isolated from the world.

看来美国指望 的事 这样 实,即中国基本上不会 一大目 并免 得主要 分而 次 做出反 为实现这 标 费获 积 对这 袭击 应。 这 惩罚 经济 将使美国不受 地破坏中国的 。 即使是完全不回应,也仍然是中国的回应, 它仍然是最大的受益 认为 ,因 它忽略了 一攻 为 这 击(甚至根本没有公开承 它认 ),并在恢复后 格关注增 严 长道路。 这 为 发 阶 战 是否只是 了使中国脱离 展 梯而不是代替南中国海的 争(因 也可能最 害美国利益 为这 终损 ), 是真的是 争的前奏 还 战 ,意在 重削弱中国 严 ? 中国,以便以后美国 争将取决于美国的条件和美国的 机 发动战 时 ,而在中国已 与世界充分脱 和孤立之后 经 钩 , 美国和世界其他地区来 对 说,成本将 大大降低。

I think Chinese leadership miscalculated and mistakenly believed America would never go down the biological warfare route, just like they miscalculated and never thought the US would arrest Huawei CFO, or that the Trump administration would not put Huawei on the US entity list and then lower the 25% IP rule down to 10% essentially with intent to kill Huawei by choking off its supply chain rather than just playing nice by slowing it down but still giving it room to live. Even Huawei’s recent UK “win” is capped at 35% market share restrictions, Trump had personally begged Boris to outright ban Huawei completely, so the idea that America would adopt any stance of shared prosperity or mutual win-win propositions with the number two power in the world are naïve and misguided at best. 

我 中国 人 估 并 地 美国永 不会走上生物 路 认为 领导 错误 计 错误 认为 远 战 线,就像他 估 并且从未想到美国会逮捕 首席 官一 们错误 计 华为 财务 样,或者 特朗普政府不会将 列入美国 体名 华为 实 单,然后降低 25 IP 10 %的 下 至 规则 调 %,本 上是 了扼 的供 而 死 质 为 杀华为 应链 杀 华为,而不是放慢速度,但仍然 它生存的空 给 间。 甚至 最近在英国的 华为 “ ” 35 双赢 都被限制在 %的市 份 限制之内 场 额 ,特朗普 自 求 里斯 底禁止 亲 恳 鲍 彻 华为,因此,美国将采取任何共同繁荣的立 场 赢 张 或与第二大国互惠共 的主 。 世界上的幼稚和 充其量 误导 。 

One wonders what would have happened had General MacArthur not been capped and was allowed to use nukes to win the Korean War and capture the entire peninsula? The landscape would surely be very different today. But it would have crossed a Rubicon and set a precedent that would have sent the world down a different path. The world’s number one superpower using a biological warfare attack on the people of the world’s number two power for better or worse has also achieved the effect of crossing such a Rubicon of no return. But in the long term would this turn out to be an overplay? 

一个人想知道如果麦克阿瑟将 没有被封 并被允 使用核武器 得朝 争并占 整个半 会 生什么 军 顶 许 赢 鲜战 领 岛 发 ? 今天的情况肯定会大不相同。 但 会越 这 过Rubicon 并 立一个先例 树 ,将把世界推向另一条道路。 对 进 战 击 级 世界第二 国人民 行生物 攻 的世界第一超 大国 强 ,无 取得好坏 论 ,都取得了跨越 种无可挽回的 比康的效果 这 鲁 。 但是从 来看 长远 , 是否会夸大其 这 词? 

Would it actually serve to prolong / restore American hegemony or would it inadvertently accomplish the opposite? Hard to tell but hindsight is always 20/20 and it would seem by America initiating the recent decoupling with China that it has already tacitly admitted that its opening up with China with the Nixon approachment was a strategic blunder of a mistake. The Soviet Union was going to collapse on its own sooner or later, but America’s warming up to China to further isolate the USSR was indeed an overplay in retrospect. America at the time believed opening up China would force it to be Westernized and made more democratic and ultimately serve American interests by bolstering US hegemony. Instead, China grew up and had other plans for itself. Taking out Mao Zedong’s son in Korea with napalms was probably on the whole detrimental to US interests’ long term, although it seemed like a great win at the time. Likewise, the Five Eyes Intelligence Agencies, led by the American CIA/NSA, ambushing and kidnapping Meng Wanzhou (the CFO of Huawei and also the daughter of the Huawei CEO Mr. Ren Zhengfei) at the Canadian border also did not have the sort of effect that the US had hoped it would achieve. Ren Zhengfei believes strongly in meritocracy and was never going to hand the reigns of his company Huawei to his daughter anyway. Had Mao handed the country to his son its  very likely China would have opened up to the world many decades later than what had been achieved by Deng Xiaoping. And today America would still be the sole unipolar hyperpower instead of Pompeo running around the world telling everyone that China is the “central threat of our times”

它会 上起到延 实际 长/ 20/20 恢复美国霸 的作用 权 , 是会无意 相反的目的 还 间实现 ?很难说,但事后的看法 是总 ,而美国似乎开始与中国脱钩,它 已 默 地承 经 认 认,随着尼克松的到来 开放是一个 的 略失 对华 错误 战 误。 早会自行崩 苏联迟 溃,但回想起来,美国 中国的升温使 一步孤立 对 苏联进 , 的确是夸大其词。当 的美国 时 认为,开放中国将迫使中国西化,使其更加民主,并通 加 美国霸 最 美国利益服 过 终为 务 强 权 。相反,中国成 了长 ,并有自 己的其他 划计 。尽管当 似乎是一个巨大的 利 时这 胜 ,但以凝固汽油 死毛 在 国的儿子可能 体上不利于美国的 期利益 弹杀 泽东 韩 总 长 。同样,由美国中 央情 局报 /国家安全局 的五眼情 机构在加拿大 境埋伏并 架了孟万洲 牵头 报 边 绑 ( 的首席 官 华为 财务 ,也是 首席 行官任正非先生的女儿 华为 执 )。美国 希望能 达到的效果 够 。任正非 信精英管理 坚 ,无 如何也永 不会将 公司的 治 交 女儿 论 远 华为 统 给 权 。如果毛 把 个国家交 他的儿子 泽东 这 给 ,它很有可能 比 小平 的开放晚了几十年 邓 实现 。如今,美国仍将是唯一的 极超 大国 单 级 ,而不是 培庞 ( )在世界各地奔波,告 所有人中国是 Pompeo “ 诉 我 代的 们时 中心威胁”。 

Graham Allison often said that it would take some imaginative creative thinking to overcome the Thucydides Trap between China and the United States. The rising power doesn’t want to kowtow and suffer the fate of Japan’s four lost decade after acquiescing to the Plaza Accord ‘trade deal’, and the declining incumbent ruling power doesn’t want to give up its status and position and even the mere thought of détente is out the window as the American way of life is “nonnegotiable”. So what is left is the realization in Washington that time is on China’s side, and that if a military confrontation is inevitable anyway, then it would be advantageous for the US to strike first while it still retained the edge and initiative. But absent an immediate kinetic force what other options are there to slow China down? Perhaps this is the creative imaginative solution alluded to by Allison, we have seen this virus cause the closing of borders, the pulling out of international companies and the re-routing of global supply chains to bypass China, and physical isolation of China without so much as a single bullet fired or sanction applied, it at once accomplished all the political objectives with none of the traditional political costs associated, no certain attribution, and thus also no blowback nor retribution. 

格雷厄姆 艾里森( · Graham Allison “ ” ko ) 常经 说,要克服中美之 的修昔底德陷阱 间 ,需要一些富有想象力的 造性思 创 维。崛起的大国不想在接受《广场协议》的 易贸 协议 后 丧并遭受日本失去的四个十年的命运,而 任 治 的下降也不想放弃其地位和地位 现 统 权 ,甚至不愿放弃它。由于美国的生活方式是 不可 判的 “ ” 谈 ,因 此 和主 的思索已 超出了人 的 野 对缓 义 经 们 视 。因此,剩下的就是 盛 意 到 在中国一 了 华 顿 识 时间 边 ,如果无 如何不可避免地 生 事 抗 论 发 军 对 ,那么在 美国仍然保留 和主 性的情况下先 攻将是有利的 优势 动 发动进 。但是如果没有即 能 时动 , 有什么其他 可以减 中国的 展速度呢 还 选择 缓 发 ?也 是 许这 艾莉森( )提出的富有想象力的 造性解决方案 Allison 创 ,我 已 看到 种病毒 致 界关 们 经 这 导 边 闭,国 公司的撤离以及全球供 的重新路由以 际 应链 绕 过中国,以及 中国的 隔离没有太多一旦 施了 子 或制裁 对 实际 实 单发 弹 ,它就立即 了所有政治目 实现 标,而没有任何相关的 政治成本 传统 ,没有确定 的 属归 ,因此也没有倒退或报应。 260134 he-wuhan-coronavirus-2019-ncov/



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Ricardo Bosqueverde said...

Yes, the virus was man-made to target ethnic Chinese and Asians in general by bio-weapons labs inside the USA and Canada and carried to China by Zionists to destroy the economy of China because it is overtaking the USA. The Chinese have been in contact with snakes and bats for thousands of years so how it is that only now they become vulnerable to them?