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Part 2: The Matrix Deciphered...The Psychology of Deception

The Matrix Deciphered
by Robert Duncan
The Psychology of Deception 
Cowardly New World 
Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you mad. 
– Aldus Huxley author 
of Brave New World 
Fear is the best motivator. Make people afraid of a nuclear attack at any time by the Russians, they will approve of massive dollars to be spent on Star Wars defenses. Make the people afraid of ethnicities who wear turbans and they will approve of huge budgets for Homeland Defense to fight terrorism and be willing to give up some freedoms. 

Nothing goes into the patent office without the military looking at its potential as a weapon. The absurd extremes the DoD goes to staying ahead on weapons‟ development has probably at some point in their history had them set up a lab dedicated to stabbing animals with writing instruments to test the axiom of whether, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” 

Humans are cheaper than robots according to pentagon documents. That is why we still send soldiers into battle. This philosophy is also prevalent in their weapons development. Human costs and misery do not appear in DoD proposals and bottom line figures. We are (cost) free to be slaughtered like cattle for weapons development. 

The Disinformation Age 
and The Art of Deception 
Gracchus: He will bring them death, and they will love him for it. Gracchus: Fear and wonder, a powerful combination. 

Gaius: You really think people are going to be seduced by that? 

Gracchus: I think he knows what Rome is. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they'll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they'll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the senate, it's the sand of the coliseum. He'll bring them death - and they will love him for it. 

Government Deception Programs 
INSCOM is the division that furthers “Strategic Deception” and has been hard at work with the UFO and paranormal research communities. Uncle Sam wants you, stupid and ignorant. President Clinton was apologizing for military/CIA experiments conducted on black people on whom were unknowing participants in a syphilis study. They were purposefully not treated to observe the progression of the disease, 26 died. Similar experiments were done with herpes and other diseases. At the same time Clinton is apologizing for other presidents who did not leash their dogs of war, he and his military were involved in ramping up human torture experimentation trials with nervous system disruptor weapons. Similar episodes occurred with Bush Sr. and Jr. 

It is the American way to experiment, torture, and kill randomly selected citizens to keep up with military weapons statistics data and then have presidents apologize when the information is released 20-30 years later. Nothing will change, and we should come to grips with it as a nation. This is the unspoken death lottery the military holds because they aren't smart enough to come up with other solutions. “We have to do it because the Russians are testing remote control heart attack weapons. We must sacrifice a few to understand the weapons capabilities,” is the softly spoken military view. 

What it is to be American 
This book has been translated into twelve languages. If you are lucky enough not to be American, when I use the word “we” I mean us Americans. You are probably already very aware of the two faces of the U.S. The words we propagandize through media and politicians and the shadow government that creates wars and rationales for them. The military even greatly influences our politicians and media. We teach our kids how to kill at an early age with mostly guns as toys in our stores. We are one of the most violent and militant cultures in the world as can be seen in our movies and murder rates. Other countries should fear us as we are the sole superpower, and have clear intentions on expansion of our influence. Other countries would be well advised to hold secret meetings to partner and balance the power. 

And I offer this advice for those lucky enough to be patriotic flag waving ignorants like I was only two years ago, enjoy the delusion and pray you're number or loved ones‟ are not the next to be drawn. Showing support for an ideal is good, but supporting a façade system that has taken those same colors will help destroy those very ideals. 

I am doing my part to stop the CIA and the military's international criminal behavior by documenting the steps and methods, gathered from my interviews with the thousands of American experiments, that they are using to create Manchurian Candidates, suicide bombers, and dissidents in other lands to destabilize them. With the knowledge of the weapons and methods used to hack the human mind, these countries might stand a chance at deprogramming and disrupting the U.S. criminal sponsored networks and discovering the double agents within their own security agencies. 

Methods of discrediting 
– Gas Lighting 
We naturally use a philosophy of “Occam's Razor” which states that the simplest explanation is usually the best. So to make someone sound paranoid, all you have to do is come up with a sufficiently complex plan of harassment and the majority of people's disbelief of that event will be sufficient not to act or care about it. If you study the psychology of people like psychological operations and the CIA do, you can predict with a certain degree of accuracy what that person will believe giving certain facts. 

We like to believe we are spontaneous and have “choice”, but when viewed objectively that subjective feeling of “choice” becomes nothing more than a low probability of neural firing events. When people describe their decisions, they often say I had no “choice”. This is simply a strong probability of neural firing events. Logic often dictates the strongest neural firing pathways given certain possible actions. You have just learned a basic principle of psychophysics by mapping the subjective experience of “choice” to the objective causalities of brain dynamics. 

Politicians use the tactic of discrediting their opponent threw mudslinging. Making up or digging up dirt that makes people question the honesty and validity of their opponent's statements is the goal of many campaigns these days. The CIA and foreign intelligence agencies use skeletons of politicians to control them threw blackmail. If someone gets out of line, a leak to the press is all it takes to disable them as a force of change. 

Lawyers use the discrediting tactic on witnesses. By trying to demonstrate to the jury a pattern of lying, misperceptions or ulterior motives, they can successfully discredit a witness. 

While all these traditional tactics have proven fruitful throughout time without waning effectiveness, the agencies involved in extreme cover-ups prefer another tactic that seems to have withstood the test of time too. That is labeling someone “paranoid schizophrenic” or mentally ill. Once that label has been attached to someone, almost all testimony will be disbelieved. The military has employed this tactic since the 60's to get rebellious soldiers and others locked up in mental hospitals. But since the weapons testing of neurological disruptor technology has begun on the general population beginning in the early 60's and then stepped up to full throttle in 1976, the scope of what is considered mentally ill had to be reprogrammed into a broader definition for the general population. 

The movie “A beautiful Mind” was timed to program people with the notion that even geniuses can be mentally ill. So even if a brilliant person, whose logic is impeccable, describes hearing voices their account should be dismissed and they may be violent and 58 dangerous if they believe their delusion. Perhaps, but if you look at the details of the way the mind works, it is extremely unlikely for the majority of the brain to function perfectly especially the higher level cognitive functions, and the auditory and visual pathways to be severely compromised specifically. When one delves into the details of the science of the mind and current weapons capabilities, it becomes obvious that the more probable event is actually the more complicated in terms of the history of the U.S. human effects weapons testing programs and the science behind it counter intuitive to the Occam's razor principle at first blush. 

Strategic Deception 
Actions must be judged in the context of all possibilities to understand their meaning, the actor's motives, and their relevance. 

Another tactic that has successfully been employed by the government agents to help hide their secret concentration camps and human experimentation using this technology is by sending agents to pose as victims. Their task is to be outspoken and as crazy sounding as possible. I have run into at least two of these actors. This kind of warfare has commonly been used by the CIA to manipulate foreign country's power circles. The psychological method works on the same principles as other disinformation tactics. It relies on the average person's tendency to generalize a single sample point to a whole group and use binary thinking. These common logical flaws have been exploited to deceive the public for many decades. 

Simply by getting a couple of agents to pretend they are psychotronic slaves and then have them talk about evil aliens or other typically non-believable topics, the whole group of people who now talk about electromagnetic brain manipulation is associated with evil aliens and not believed by the average person who heard the first story. 

This is a simple tactic but has proven to work very effectively on making the average person with limited time and input come to faulty conclusions and judgments about testimony related to the same topic. 

Psychological warfare, information warfare, and strategic deception are actively used treasonously on our own population. Just because these criminals are using invisible directed energy weapons and not guns, and because they redefined information warfare as propaganda, we are supposed to think it is less than war and murder of the citizens. 

These are invisible weapons being used far more destructively than a simple bullet to the head. Another often used tactic of misdirection is to create a large drama for public consumption. In the past when these activities were gaining more attention, political scandals were leaked to the press or some other drama created. I would wager that by the  time this book is published, the U.S. will have started down the road to invading Iran, then Syria, followed by North Korea. Another war would be a good distraction from the topics covered in this book which might lead to greater awareness and self realizations, and then possibly awakening the giant from his slumber.

How the media is used 
to distract the attention 
of focus of the populous 
Other scandals timed to overpower the focus of the media have occurred with previous discovery of MK-ULTRA mind control programs like during Nixon's Watergate. Political scandal can easily hide and draw attention away from more ominous threats that are too ugly or complicated for a news byte. Clinton wasn't totally lying when he said there is a vast conspiracy to control politics. The effectiveness of precisely time media leaks has proven to be a useful tool. 

The Art of Deception 
Michael Mitnick, a famous computer hacker, wrote a book called the “Art of Deception”. He describes how most of his break-ins to defense computer systems were not done by in depth technical knowledge, but rather social engineering. His preferred method of attack was pretending to be someone else and trick them into given him their password. He now consults to government agencies. 

The opposite set of techniques are frequently used by the intelligence community in their domestic missions. Pretending to be cops or FBI or some other profession is extremely useful to getting things done. The psychological methods used are confidence games. A lie will more likely to be believed if it is backed by lots of details. I had my class work on creating Googlisms as an exercise in this type of belief manipulation. An example of a Googlism can be seen by typing in the words, “miserable failure” into the Google search engine. The first link is a biography of President George Bush. While I am not saying that may not be the truth, it certainly is an opinion that could be made into common belief with enough advertising and mental impressions onto the population. 

Wizard of Oz 
The CIA has a style of interrogation that they call Wizard of Oz. It is suppose to disorientate the subject. It requires intense role play like good cop bad cop. They act stupid as if they don't have a brain. They are vicious like they don't have a heart. And they act paranoid and cowardly with no courage like in reality. 

The other style of interrogation they use both in the EEG heterodyned mode or in person  they call Alice in Wonderland. They set clocks again and keep the subject awake for days. They induce electromagnetically or with LSD skewed perceptions, visual and audio slanted perspectives. They test these on the American public and the World. This is part of the script to chase the white rabbit down the maze of lies. 

Ponzi Schemes 
“So put a CIA paid disinformant posing as a mind control victim and give them some air time to really sound crazy. That will make the public generalize to the whole class of victims and keep this 35-40 year scam of torture and silent assignations under wraps”, commands the High Traitor in the U.S. government. 

Discrediting methods 
- “The method” 
The “method” as they call it, a psychological tool used methodically to cover-up top secret technology and military abuses has been exceedingly successfully exploited for decades. Psychlops (psychological operations) specializes in these techniques always in production worldwide. They seed the population through popular TV shows, movies, and magazines with references to some truth they are worried will because common belief but in a context that discredits that idea very thoroughly. 

The “X-files” is an example of this. So is the movie “The Matrix”. Put the “science fiction” technology and government abuses in a metaphor and most will assume it doesn't exist. Sprinkle in some aliens, psychics, and presto, every idea presented is assumed to be absurd. This psychological trick works well because most people tend to be black or white thinkers. I have extensively studied this method through tracking of the disinformation websites used to flood and obscure the truth on this topic. They have not changed the formula for decades. 

I still want to interview the Wachowski brothers and Ms. Stewart, the writers of The Matrix, to find out how they got such an accurate metaphor for the capabilities of RHIC and EEG heterodyning technologies. Was the story EEG heterodyned into Ms. Stewart so that it would be used to discredit the technology as science fiction by Hollywood or were they given an anonymous script by a CIA agent? 

Additionally, I want to know what inspired the writers of the X-Files. If you listen to the hidden track on the X-files album they speak about cloning and cataloguing operations and orders taken from a man named Strugold. EEG heterodyning has also been called EEG cloning. The CIA has been cataloguing the variations of brains for decades for the personality profile database that I was told by B.F. Skinner in class was kept in Colorado. Strugold was a US/German scientist who died in the 70's involved with psychotronic  research. 

Finally the last important movie used to seed the popular beliefs of the masses was "the beautiful mind". It is a story how a genius noble prize winner, Nash, became paranoid schizophrenic but at times dangerous because of his delusions. This programs the average person to accept that smart people can go insane and think the government is stalking them. 

These three movies alone set the stage for stepping up the EEG cloning experiments and torture weapons data collection starting 1996 where a dramatic increase in the number of psychotronic victims began to occur until present. The 1963 series of the Outer Limits did the same thing for that generation of Americans. 

Confuscation Techniques 
 Flooding the mind space with conflicting information. Using internet, books, and strategic leaks and placed agents of deception in editorial positions or Hollywood. 

 Confusing the victims, so that their own testimony promotes misunderstands. Increasing the complexity of the story significantly 

 Using absurdity and the bazaar 

 Promoting false conclusions and bad science 

 Mimicking the symptoms of known illnesses 

 U.S. Army psychological ops pay and publish false articles in the Iraqi newspapers. 

 Standard techniques to change the minds of the masses using unethical antidemocratic principles. 

Rewriting History 
How easy is it to rewrite history? We know that the victor in war writes the accepted version of it. How does information and how do facts flow from primary sources to widely distributed history textbooks taught to the children in public schools? The sociological study of these questions reveals a type of brain washing of our society. 

There is virtue in the importance of being honest with ourselves and our history. Making our children feel proud to be American is important if it is deserved. Having them recite the mantras of the pledge of allegiance everyday in grade school might help with their sense of community later in life. Before every sporting event, we stand and listening to the American anthem as adults. There is resemblance of the psychological technique called, “psychic driving” and mindless recitation of words that we should be aware of so as we are not unduly influenced. 

Describing how the Native American Indians were slaughtered and how we devalued other humans to turn them into slaves is described in history textbooks given the magnitude of the atrocities. However, this long tradition of human abuses has yet to end in American history. Our government just gets better at covering it up. The grotesque human experiments, which were conducted on tens of thousands of randomly chosen citizens for weapons testing data, are not mentioned in any history book that I can find. It is being removed from the collective awareness of our country so that it can continue. 

Secret Censorship 
Another disturbing phenomenon which I encountered during my two year investigation into government improprieties and criminal behavior was the systematic removal of important books from libraries and circulation across the country. 

I was told by a CIA expert who follows and analyzes their constitutional crimes on Americans, that anyone who says a negative thing about Scientology will be nuisance sued, have their lives systematically destroyed, and the publication will disappear from all libraries and news stands. I have a different theory. 

There appears to be a mild connection between CIA mind control, EEG heterodyning, and Scientology. A former member published a book on it. When the experimentation began on me, I received two copies of a scientology publication on “Death Doctors and mind control” without a postage stamp in my mail box two weeks in a row. I liked the articles but they failed to mention that most of the Death Doctors who they describe as being behind the creation of the rise in terrorism were CIA funded. Several other victims say they found themselves pressured to join scientology out of the blue when their victimization started. I don't believe Scientology as an organization is connected directly with any of it. All organizations that are “cultish” as viewed by the government, are closely watched and infiltrated. And certainly given the power and influence Scientology has with so many rich, famous people, the organization could pose a potential threat to the government. 

So, a tactic that the CIA is famous for is to redirect suspicion and anger towards the threatening group. I believe that this is what is happening to Scientology. The member who wrote about aliens controlling everything at the top level secrecy in Scientology was a typical victim of EEG heterodyned mind manipulation. He just pointed the finger at Scientology. I am not just saying this because I don't want them to pull my book off the shelves, I think they need to defend their reputation that the government is trying to tarnish just like with Secret Societies and many other institutions with influence and power. Most of the books that were pulled hypothesized by the analyst also had CIA mind control references in them. That is the reason they were pulled. 

Several books like this one, who brashly and openly discuss government corruption and technologies, have disappeared from circulation. Several of those I tried to get hold of were running upwards of $200 in private auctions. 

Secret Societies 
One of my professors who had Bill Gates in his class while he was writing Microsoft Dos or Basic would tell stories how he would sleep through most of class with his head down on his desk and occasionally raise his hand to answer a question where he would inevitably say “What about microcomputers!”. The professor admits that they were all wrong and they thought he was insane for suggesting microcomputers would be in every home. 

My brother's roommate in college was the president's son of West Germany, Walter Kohl. Supposedly he black balled me entrance into one of Harvard's secret societies, the Spee Club. They are called finals clubs at Harvard, Secret societies at Yale, and Eating clubs at Princeton. They are just fraternities with rich kids. To prove I am authentic, I am divulging many secret societies‟ joining rituals in my books. These are fraternities and should not have their names tarnished in this horrific, evil, conspiracy that they have been implicated in and who don't even try to clear their clubs' names and reputations. Secret societies are not evil, but individuals are. 

So to entice the reader, at Harvard's Porcellian club they ride a boar for initiation. At the Delphic club they stroke the beard of the Moose blindfolded. On one particular visit, I had to slap my member next to Matt Daemon because we were skunked at beer pong and girls were present…club rules. I've been in Yale's skull and bones club after a Harvard/Yale football game. For initiation they sleep in a coffin next to a human head as what Bush and others have done. What they do in the coffin seems to be extra. So in my next book, I will divulge every secret societies initiation ritual both to bring attention and exonerate them as being culpable and conspiratorial of being behind the world's torture and to alert them that nothing is sacred anymore. America's heritage and pride is being destroyed by these cretins holding the weapons and keeping secrets from those most noble and honorable to lead them. I was passed a profile that listed the surveillance these secret societies were under. I assume this kind of information has spawned the plethora of conspiracy theory behind them. 

Mind reading radar and EEG heterodyning has been spying into the minds of everyone in their most intimate moments. They have profiles on almost everyone to use as blackmail or to manipulate. 

Just to give the reader a truer perspective and to diminishing the unjustified royalty image the wealthy and celebrity enjoy from the masses who often worship them, I will reiterate a couple stories conveyed to me during my years just after graduate school at Harvard. 

Most world leaders belong to a club called the Bohemian club. One of my friends had a retired 4 star general managing his vineyards. The General was a member of the Bohemian club. Just to give you an idea of the lack of true nobility and integrity of many of its members, the General ended up embezzling money from this operation. My friend took him to court where he cried and asked for leniency. 

Another tell told to me in confidence, but I must breach it due to the more important issues involved in my book, is that another friend of mine shared a house with a known US assassin named “Spencer” that the Washington Post reported about. Spencer was gay. Why many US assassins are gay is still a mystery to me. I've been told many speculations. In any case, he could walk into the white house and escort my friend without showing ID. Of course he made many attempts to convert my friend's sexual preference. Spence died of AIDS. Sounds incredible, but this is the truth of our country. 

The Non-Lethal Weapons Lie 
In marketing, the concept is called brand confusion. That is where the consumer gets confused about the message or naming of a product. This is considered bad because there is value in the brand name based upon mind share and recognition. In the military deception game, brand confusion is very good. So having multiple names for the same weapon causes brand confusion. Nobody knows what anyone else is talking about if you keep changing the vocabulary. So here is a sampling of the many names this single weapon system has gone under: 

Psi weapons, non-lethal weapons, directed energy weapons, cognitive modeling influencers, voice of god weapons, synthetic telepathy, EEG cloning, EEG heterodyning, neural telemetry, biotelemetry, scalar weapons, behavioral biophysics, microwave weapons, mind control, bioenergetics, neuroinfluencing, mind meld, remote interrogations, remote hypnotic intra cerebral control, neuralizer, RHIC, EDOM, telesuggestion, parapsychology, Radio Frequency weapons, psychotronics, radionics, telecybernetics, bioelectromagnetics, non-thermal effects research, remote brain wave monitoring, psychic spying, stealth radar, microwave interferometry, high frequency pulsed ELF waves, thought reader radar, informational weapons, and the list goes on for another 2 pages. 

Now this is brand confusion in the extreme. It is easy to research what the criminals in the Shadow Government are up to because it is so easy to spot what they are trying to hide by what is obviously missing in a trend of research or how they use brand confusion to slow the information flow. 

So the lie that is perpetuated in the military and communicated to others who must approve these weapons tests is that electromagnetic mind influencing is non-lethal. What that really means is that on the most part it takes awhile to kill someone. There is only a 5% increase 65 risk of brain cancer my inside sources tell me. 

That is on par with cops that use speeding radar emitters' increased rate of testicular cancer. It isn't all that significant. The lethality of the EEG Heterodyning and directed energy weapons testing comes in very different forms. The whole category should be more accurately renamed “slow kill weapons” or “unpredictably deadly weapons”. But it would be far more difficult to internally market a classification like this for budgeting purposes. 

The ways the technology becomes deadly is both on purpose and accidental. See the section on silent assassinations. 

Whores of Wars 
The famous Bush family lies. 

Clinton lies. Porter Goss lies. “Creative Interpretation of laws”. He too is guilty of not keeping a leash on his dogs of war and the hounds of hell. Using dupe public relations personnel to lie. 

Caveat Emptor (buyer beware) 
Carefully constructed and thoroughly thought out psychographic maps of buyer behavior are constructed by the most sophisticated marketing companies in world like Proctor and Gamble. The goal of all marketing is to get to 'yes'. It's goal in a capitalist framework is not to impart well rounded truth so a buyer can optimize the maximum utility for him/herself. Our rational conscious mind should allow most people to filter out the biases of the information. However, hypnosis, subconscious and subliminal control enters the mind at a level that allows the information to be accepted at face value without these conscious filters. It is extremely dangerous for our own personal welfare. The hypnosis and subliminal programming can be done by these directed energy mind control weapons while a person sleeps. The rabbit hole goes deeper than this. 

Military Myths 
What is a psychic? 

How they are found. 
Why they are psychics. 
Chemical messengers vs. electrical. 
Verses easily hypnotized. 

The word “Psychic” is also used as a joke amongst the cloners. “Psychic”, meaning of the mind, is also close to the word psychotic. I saw it twice in translated Russian literature on paranormal activity and psychic phenomenon that the word “psychotic” used accidentally in place of “psychic”. Also overly stimulated minds exhibit strong electrical signals and are easier to spot as well as piggy back the current electrical brain signals with others, i.e. neurotransmitter modulations. Intellectuals and schizophrenics exhibit increase electrical brain activity. The other condition that determines this slang use of the word “psychic” is the disability of the subject to be easily hypnotized. Or in other words their brains entrain to external stimuli quickly. 

Those that have been marked by what the underground has termed “nanotech” are more easily illuminated and tracked. I suspect the nanotech replaces the radiation that used to be fed to half a million Americans. I would like to exhume the bodies of several victims to try to identify with an electron scanning tunneling microscope what the nanotech really is that supposedly is found in the cerebral fluid throughout the brain. If it exists at all. It would be a somewhat lame weapon if a battlefield had to be spayed with aerosol “nanotech” before EEG heterodyning weapons could be used. 

Remember that the biocommunication signal piggybacks normal brain activity and needs to modulated existing neurotransmitter releases. So more neural activity, more strongly the biocommunication neural link is. This is why psychotics are often the targets of choice for experimentation. 

“All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” 
- Shakespeare. 
As You Like It. 2/7. 

But when you are EEG cloned you become part of the audience. 

“You have already made your choices. You are here to understand why.” 
– The Oracle. 
The movie, ”The Matrix”
One psychic phenomenon that is relevant to psychic warfare and EEG Heterodyning is the classic channeling of spirits beyond the grave. EEG Cloning feels like what is portrayed by 67 Hollywood psychic channelers. It is a hypnotized, disassociated state that makes you feel that you are watching a movie but not participating in it. The reason for this subjective feeling of disassociation while fully cloning someone else's brainwaves is due to the psychophysics phenomena of “choice”. If one has no “choices” of how their electrical brain wave patterns proceed because there were few decision nodes that were close to the firing threshold, they will not subjectively experience choice and feel like they are not participating in any decision. This is how the subjective experience changes, all due to the neuronal firing probabilities. The conscious subject experience is mapped to that probability. Now this is useful for the public at large to notice if a psychic war has initiated between countries. One should be able to notice a change of mental state resembling a feeling of being disassociated while they are being electromagnetically influenced, i.e. EEG cloned. 

On the most part, society is ignorant of the scale of government stupidity. One can be fixed with knowledge but the other is forever. 

Poisonous Memes, Mind 
Viruses, and Toxic Thoughts 
Richard Dawkins coined the term “meme”. He created a new field of study called mememics. It is a concept derived from evolutionary genetics, i.e. genes. Memes representing cultural fads, thoughts, and ideas replicate, mix, and mutate in the minds of groups as they spread. It is a way of analyzing abstract cultural concepts using the same rules and framework as genetic evolution. Of course the military and CIA had to weaponize the idea into mememic warfare which is executed through the divisions of psychological operations and information warfare units. When this kind of war is instituted on their country, it is renamed propaganda and strategic disinformation. The marketing terms used to treasonously attack your own country are important to get buy-in from your co-conspirators. 

The Department of Defense has several lifelong projects that they are proposing and may have been approved by the time this book is published. One is to study the formation of relationships by people. How would you do that? This means spying on people for their entire lives without them knowing. Pretty scary how good they have become at marketing domestic spying. 

Secondly, how do you think they can actually implement this without the subject getting spooked that people are stalking or following them? EEG cloning is how they watch all their experiments. 

And lastly, what the hell is the DoD doing studying relationships? Do they want to become marriage counselors? No, they are studying mememic warfare. They are watching how information travels and trusts are built. It is a way to control and enslave the population in  the end. It is a way to limit freedom of speech or more importantly its influence. It is a way to mold the culture according to their twisted, dictatorial, sociopathic, brainwashed ideals, not American or constitutional values. It is the tail wagging the dog. 

So what is next on DARPA's/DoD's/CIA's plate to create and integrate into TAMI? The proposed projects that have crossed my path in my research are worse than Total Information Awareness, the V and Clipper Chips, Echelon, and NSA domestic spying combined. It is hidden in the DoD's proposal to study how relationships form. Sounds innocuous enough, doesn't it? The application that is planned to come out of it is to track all relationships and connections. While in strategic sales, I used to create influence maps. These maps are an analysis of who in a company influences sales and technology decisions and other people. They have weighted links between the various players. 

TAMI will eventually be used to track neural information flows between people. Once this happens, the matrix of deception will be complete and the free world will be lost and replaced by an illusion acceptable to most. At the highest level, this program will allow the operator to click on a person (either his or her neural profile, location, or name) and display a 3-D mesh of interrelated people and the strength of their relationships. The links are displayed in proportion to metrics like the number of emails, phone calls (Remember the NSA phone database), letters, or face to face conversations they have had. TAMI can automatically keep track of people's proximity to each other and determine whether a conversation is occurring from the back and forth verbal exchange pattern. This way, information leaks that may wake a larger portion of the population up to the fascist takeover, can be silenced through a number of methods ranging from disinformation intervention, subliminal neural influence and reprogramming, to plausibly denied “natural” deaths in the extreme. 

How far has the study of mememic and information warfare gone? When the Pentagon was setting up the psychic warfare unit, they recruited the worst prison inmates from around the country back in the 70's. Why would you do this? By finding the scum of the scum, the worst subhuman creatures on the planet, they were testing a new kind of warfare. TAMI (thought amplifier and mind interface) is being used to amplify and multiply these toxic minds onto other people to see if they become violent or self destructive. Interesting weapon indeed! This is truly the definition of a mind virus. To bring it back to the movie “The Matrix”, agent Smith becomes a virus replicating his destructive personae on anyone he comes into contact with. 

You can imagine the kinds of economic espionage this weapon would have on a culture. Strange that they are also conducting economic espionage on the U.S. for these large tests without the Secret Service being the wiser. 

During one of my searches through information warfare documents I came across the strange strategy of making an enemy search down a seemingly endless path of misinformation. I thought this to be a strange kind of warfare and wondered how it could be implemented. But I discovered it is being used on test victims. All victims go through the same research process to try to figure out how their brain waves are being modulated. Inevitably they go to the internet to search for mind control weapons. It will lead you to Bearden's websites which are all in the top 50 hits. Here the discussion takes on the form of scalar waves and Russian weapons. Strange and mystical like pseudo sciences are introduced where interfering electromagnetic waves and photons get new bazaar qualities when they meet and cancel their fields out. 

This is not a mistake. I immediately recognized it to be an example of information warfare on the victim community. Who else reads this stuff? It takes you down an endless maze of crazy physics and Telsa technology of free energy that no one will acknowledge in western science. Scalar waves which is just a special case of interferometry can be used as a stealthy radar technique like what was used on the U.S. embassy in Moscow. But the research doesn't say that, it talks about purposefully misleading things in the absurd. The military is conducting information warfare operations on the U.S. public. You will find that nearly all x-military connected researchers in this area are misinformation agents. 

Anti-gravity waves is another example of this misinformation campaign. When the photons fields exactly cancel each other out, some scientists refer to the resulting beam as gravity waves. Photons have momentum or E=mc2 which means energy even if not measurable has mass. So yes one could say that scalar waves are gravity waves in essence. But momentum of a photon is its energy divided by the speed of light. It is ridiculously small to be useful as a repulsive gravity beam device as some Russian scientists claim. Apparently the Russians are very involved in the scientific espionage game too. Superconductors will create reflected “gravity waves” from any incoming EM source because they create an opposite electromagnetic field to cancel and exactly oppose EM beams. 

So the CIA/DoD has created a true mind virus. This is how it works. When they choose a target to be silently assassinated and MKULTRA tortured, they use a set of scripts that have worked in the past to confuse targets and make them look crazy. These scripts evolve depending on the beliefs of the target. At each branch of the growing base of knowledge and understanding, errors of logic are interjected in the mind meld. Other sources support the slightly illogical conclusions that targets reach. You will have other people talk about their alien abduction. You will find the misinformation supported on the internet under strategic key words. 

While the victim tries all the possible routes of understanding, the mind virus hive is collecting the false ideas that that person comes to and tries to amplify that line of thinking. They are also collecting any new paths of thinking to be added to the collection of misinformation scripts to be used on other people. This is a mind virus. It replicates and destroys minds. It needs TAMI and an army of broken minds to be really effective but the information virus can replicate through tradition information streams too. 

There is evidence that perhaps this isn't just an exercise any more. Both the TWA flight 800, Waco, and the Oklahoma bombing investigations were botched and many experts involved in all these investigations said that the wrong conclusions were found. Mememic information warfare would account for this, assuming no blatant corruption in the chain of command occurred. 

The balance between good and evil might be equivocated to the imbalance of virtuous memes vs. selfish ones. The „Me‟ meme selfish gene „generation‟ would be an example of an imbalance occurring between the survival advantages of altruistic ideas that benefit the whole and selfishness which benefits the individual at the expense of the whole. 

Altering an enemies country's culture so that it becomes more selfish, superstitious, or criminal would be a use for mememic warfare for example. 

Secrecy Spawns Mind 
or Mememic Viruses 
In order for higher order systems to become viral, secrecy needs to be the fertile ground in which they can incubate. Government programs and agencies under the umbrella of “National Security” have become this fertile ground for spawning the culture and ideas that are suboptimal to the entire human race and difficult to conceptualize without dedicated study. 

Mind Viral Warfare 
There is another hypothesis that is greatly disturbing that we must consider as a possibility which is a result from the bazaar and grotesque research of the cognitive modeling and neuroscientists who have worked for the “conspiracy”. That is a nearly perfect simulation of a demented mind has been created. That single model could be reused by a computer during these EEG cloning experiments. That demented mind model I will refer to as the mind virus. It is the most perfectly mentally deranged psychopathology that the CIA/DoD monsters could come up with. 

That simulated mind virus could be “grown” into anyone via virtual neurons and the self organizing nature of biological neural networks. (See the section on Virtual Neurons for a better understanding of biocommunication technology). EEG cloning would allow this weapon to scale to large population sizes by cloning this mind virus with all its toxic  thoughts into anyone if the weapon system targeted his/her body/brain signatures. It only requires more computing power to add unlimited scalability. This is how EEG cloning could be used as a full scale weapon without requiring a real army behind it. 

Is there evidence that the mind virus exists? Yes. Many of the idiosyncrasies of the EEG heterodyned personalities are similar. For example, several torture test subjects state that their EEG cloner wiggles their tongue all the time like a snake (which causes the victim to wiggle their tongue). This is a very unusual nervous habit and to find it accidentally reported by more than two people leads one to believe it might be the same cognitive model simulation running. There have been several “personality types” described in detail that match other personality types reported from other victims. The conversations and scripts are nearly identical in hundreds of cases. 

There could be several variations of mind viruses that they are testing. Perhaps the setup is one simulated toxic mind virus and a couple loosely connected real heterodyned people to observe the progression of induced mental illness and record the success of the mind virus. Remember in the movie The Matrix Revolutions where Agent Smith becomes a virus and starts cloning himself into everyone he touches. There only needs to be one nearly perfect cognitive model like this. The super computer can evolve and simulate multiple copies of that mind virus for everyone. Think about this mind virus as a much more advanced Elisa artificial intelligence program. 

However, rather than based on just words and some logical inference engine, it uses a neural network model. It is fairly easy to extrapolate what weapons they are developing using the 1% of the population with schizophrenia or wrongly diagnosed with it. Now what if after WWII the Nazi's had the last say? They could have cloned a sociopathic Nazi mindset and started copying it to the entire world. Do you see the urgency to expose and stop this research especially if you are Jewish? 

I must question again, what is the real percent of naturally occurring mental illness and what percent are DoD/CIA experiments for this line of weapons development? These torture tests have been going on since 1947. How many have to suffer and die for mass stupidity? 

Diabolically evil indeed! Can you begin to see why the United States is called “The Great Satan” by other countries who aren't in the American delusion and mentally congested by the US information grid lock and propaganda show? The Muslim Fundamentalists appear crazy to people in the American delusion, and we appear callous, stupid, and controlled from their viewpoint. Who's right? How can we know since our government keeps so many secrets and lies to us much of the time?

Do you notice a trend of how we use the “crazy” diagnosis so quickly when we don't 72 understand the context of someone's behavior? It is a final catch phrase like “National Security”. “No more questions or thought needs to be put into it because we have the answer he, she, they are crazy” is the popular understanding. Using a word like crazy is like creating a God to explain an event. We don't understand how the Sun rises each day so we will create “Zeus” to explain it and no more questions should be asked. It is the same psychology. 

The gods must be crazy. 

Imagine a doctor who creates and releases a flu virus just so he can have more business each year. That's what the military does by secretly inciting war. Imagine if you dedicated your life to psychiatry and found out that you have been misdiagnosing many of your patients due to a scam, faulty information inserted into textbooks that you obediently regurgitated. How would you feel? It would be a painful realization to find out you wasted your life through a betrayal of the “Shadow government”. Well, the time is drawing nearer to that awakening for many of them. They better learn some coping mechanisms. 

So what do you do to a President who commits and participates in high treason according to the laws of the country? Some investigators contend there is a Nazi link to the Bush family. If the connections can be proven and shown, you can see that the country is in a desperate situation with its leadership. A President is not exempt from high treason just because they leave office or get impeached. Every live x-president would need to be sentenced accordingly too. 

Higher Order Intelligence 
While we are on the topic of mental illness, I thought I would share an insight into intelligent organizational architectures. One can think of an organization as a intelligent evolving entity. So if we use this larger perspective to understand what abnormal and detrimental behaviors might occur if similar practices of informational organization are used as by neurotics or psychopaths. For example, a person who suffers a severe traumatic event often learns how to repress memories and segment ideas and thoughts in order not to deal with the pain often leading to sociopathic tendencies. 

A country who keeps too many secrets from itself and compartmentalizes knowledge on a need to know basis laced with lots of self lies will too exhibit neurotic like illnesses when judged as a whole. Throw in multiple personalities from changing leaders every 4 years and having a rogue shadow government and you have a recipe for problematic self destructive behavior of that organization. You can see why other countries view America as schizophrenic. I have taken great interest in researching and understanding organizational intelligence. Why did our form of government fail? How did this implementation of democracy go awry? Where did the management control mechanisms break down? 

Information warfare works as an internet strategy according to war college documents by having people chase the white rabbit around the endless maze of disinformation so that they can't even tell what is true anymore. The only people who research these topics are the thousands of victims. No one else takes an interest. Why isn't virtual reality and neural computer interfacing of interest to entrepreneurs or academic researchers? 

It has already been demonstrated to work so the research would pay off handsomely for whom ever cracked the brain code. The CIA/DoD figured it out well over 30 years ago. Surely it can't be that difficult with the right equipment. This is how freedom of speech is destroyed by self attack of information warfare on the U.S. that they market as "strategic deception". Just remember there is more than one way to skin a rabbit. 

Mental Illness Taboo Topic and Preferred Cover-Up Technique 
for the Last Few Decades 
The most amazing discovery I found was in trying to find the statistics of how many government drug and directed energy mind control weapons victims there were in the general population of classified schizophrenics. To my surprise, over half of the patients at one hospital believed they were victims of government experiments. Being a torture test subject myself, I have to believe them. It is an epidemic so well concealed by mass programming. I would not have believed what I am saying just two years ago. 

I had a friend about 5 years ago that began to become paranoid and believed that government agents followed him and an x-boss was paying people to stalk him. This is the typical script as documented in several CIA programs released through the freedom of information act. I assumed he became paranoid schizophrenic and like what many people do, I wanted to distance myself from him. So one day when he emailed me, I copied the logo of the NSA off of their website and sent a message back to him saying that "This account has been confiscated by the NSA." as a joke to make him more paranoid. Bad Karma. Who knew that several years later it would happen to me. 

I had another friend who went to Harvard and then Wharton business school who participated in a government program that injected some sort of radiation into him for a brain imaging study. He needed the money to pay for college. The radiation was not suppose to be that damaging. Several years later, we thought he lost his mind. He said he spoke to God, and in one week changed from an outgoing lascivious type, to a hard core born again Christian. My friends and I thought that he lost his mind. Now, it has happened to me. Our group has dwindled as each of us gets picked off as the years progress. I can explain what happened to my friends now in scientific, historical, and current political  terms. 

So, reader, if you think my account is an isolated event and you don't feel like you should do anything, it is merely a matter of time. 

This is how Nazi Germany went as far as they did. Everyone stood by in disbelief as they heard the accounts of the evil deeds and because of the incredible mass scale and excessive brutality people were unable to accept the accounts as being completely true. 

The same strategy is being used again but by the U.S. on its own people. No one will stand up, believe, or even think about that the taboo topic of mental illness might be a cover up just like how the government used what they called retarded children in their radiation experiments for 30+ years. 

I believe that the term “radiation” has been purposefully confused in much of the literature. The word “radiation” is used to describe two different kinds of energy release. Classical use of the word “radiation” means that an alpha-particle was released like from Uranium. But an acceptable use of the word means electromagnetic radiation which is just photonic energy, i.e. directed energy RADAR. These are possibly more word games and brand confusion techniques of the traitors conducting informational warfare. 

Propaganda - Word Games 
One U.S. military leader in an article called "The mind has no firewall" coined a term called "psycho-terrorism". It means terrorizing citizens with psychotronic weapons. Guess what they are doing to thousands of Americans and others in NATO countries. It is nothing less than federally sponsored terrorism. They prefer to call it "weapons testing" though. 

Precise language is important in communicating ideas and more importantly it reveals how the communicator changes language for their intention. The word "terrorism" is a perfect example. Breakdown what this marketing term means. It means guerilla warfare and to terrify the populous. 

How do you distinguishes it from normal guerilla warfare? Is trying to destroy the Pentagon and hurt the financial center at ground zero, really terrorism or just very strategic targets to take out your enemy? Who benefits from the population being frightened? Paranoia favors government in rallying the people's support for a fight. It does not favor the other side. They could have killed more people by going to a football stadium with machine guns at the exits. They are trying to stop a system, not kill the citizens, just as we are in Iraq. The word was coined as propaganda by those that are most threatened in order to garnish support for their cause. 

Another phrase that has more meaning now than it did when it was coined is living "the American Dream". We are allowed to create a myopic world view for ourselves. We can be sheltered from knowing or caring about the hardships of the rest of the world. We don't even have to care about our neighbors anymore. Selfishness and the "me" generation currently rule. The mass news media and hollywood will help create the American delusion for you. You can live in happy bliss ignorant of politics, corruption, and other pesky concerns. Replace the bigger questions and concerns with the immediate ones like where is the nearest Star Bucks and when do I get a raise. 

Ahh, how I reminisce about the simple life and on occasion I wish I could be reinserted into the matrix, the American delusion. But I carry the burden of knowledge and with that responsibility to educate and motivate the 300 million people into action, a force that is unstoppable if they would just be told the God's honest truth about the secrets which the Pentagon holds from them in both technology and strategy. The populous would have a very different opinion than what is fashionable now if they knew and believed the truth of the larger picture. 

What I would like to clarify is the vocabulary surrounding this relatively new breed of weapon called EEG heterodyning. It has so many misnomers and misdirections surrounding it in literature. In an effort to confuse the public, the EEG heterodyning weapon goes under many names: non-lethal weapons, soft kill weapons, silent kill weapons, directed energy, bioelectromagnetic weapon, psychic warfare, psi weapons, psychotronics, neurological weapons, neuralizer, nervous system disruptors, electronic weapons, EEG cloning, mind melding, ionospheric heaters, over the horizon radar, continental ballistic missile defense, and the list goes on. A constantly changing vocabulary around this weapons system has confused the topic to the point of non discussion. 

Genius or Insanity 
Throughout history geniuses have often been misclassified as insane. Galileo was wrong for 300 years according to the church. Since I have been told by non-government experiment victims that I am like Nash from “The Beautiful Mind”, I must address this topic directly. We need to more precisely define “insanity” to understand what it means. Most often it is simply a word to describe an inability to understand an individual's behavior and their speech due to context. 

Contextualism is of utmost importance when understanding concepts or people. The description of “insanity” is a cop out. Most precisely defined, the word “insane” or mental illness should mean erroneous thinking. Erroneous thinking can only be judged in the framework of logic and mathematics. It should not be judged as psychology would have it, in the context on common acceptable ideas. Delusion and errors of thought must be  demonstrated through the frame work of truth that has endured the test of time. While many of the government torture test victims show an amplification of neuronal pathways in the front temporal lobes, we should not discount their testimony based on this. Errors of thought are amplified with SATAN (silent assassination through amplification of neurons). 

In order to separate out what is true and what are just perceptional errors, you need to study a victims testimony from the view point that you already know about how these weapons work. It becomes quite apparent how each person interprets the “alien” experience of having their mind messed with differently. 

What if we had a 
national Truth Day 
I'll break my staff, 
Bury it certain fathoms in the earth, 
And, deeper than did ever plummet sound, I'll drown my book. 
The Tempest, 5. 1 
Imagine how strange it would be if we had one day where everyone had to tell the truth. The news might go like this. “This is the 6 O'clock news on truth day. Today government officials fed radiation to hundreds of people while posing as cafeteria workers to test the long term carcinogenic effects from radiation. Three more people have been grabbed for the MKULTRA torture and mind control experiments and practice assassinations. One of the victims was a whistle blower and was successfully killed right away in a car crash. The government denies that there is any connection between whistle blowing and the selection of this target. They say that they do everything fairly and they randomly select people to torture and kill for their data and practice. 

Also, 500 navy officers were exposed to extremely high levels of electromagnetic energy unbeknownst to them during another experiment. We are not allowed to release who was exposed because they will be upset if they found out. One soldier was wounded in Iraq today because his buddy accidentally shot him while playing with his gun. The final numbers have been re-tallied for Desert Storm and yes, we killed more of our own allies than the Iraqis but it was close. 

Yet another strange story of government experimentation is giving methamphetamines (or energy drinks) to fighter pilots before their missions. Aren't drugs banned in the military? I wonder how the “don't ask don't tell” policy is holding up on truth day. The last story of today is to answer the question, “Can the government read brain activity at a distance?” 

As it turns out, they have had this capability since 1960 and they claim it is „all nice and legal like‟ when asked to comment. And finally when Porter Goss was interviewed at a press conference and asked if the CIA uses torture on Iraqi's in order for the U.S. to free Iraqi's from a torturing dictator, he stated, ”No, we creatively interpret laws and redefine words. We also strip away the CIA agents' title during the torture process to make sure it is all legal.” This news station and the reporters have all been indirectly threatened that if we have any more truth days we will „suffer in our own private psychotronic purgatories‟. So this will be the last broadcast that we tell it like it is. Thank you and have a good evening America.” 

Strategic Deception and 
purging the erroneous 
Error propagation cannot only be achieved through memenic warfare, social engineering, but also direct electromagnetic entrainment and programming of brains. These purposeful errors of understanding and thought are extremely detrimental to the global distributed intelligence of the geopsyche. Only through truth unbridled by ego shall mankind achieve harmony with itself and our place in the Universe. Purposeful error propagation leads to suboptimal decision making in chaotically unpredictable ways that harms everyone on the planet. This is the mission of the CIA, psychological operations, information warfare unit, INSCOM, and many others division that practice “strategic deception”. They need to be eradicated for the good of the country and planet for they too are programmed and influenced by the very errors they create in the self fulfilling spiral of self destruction. These agencies are a tool that have turned on the tool users and makers. Part of the disinformation campaign for mind control victims. 

When one becomes part of the TAMI network, one naturally goes to the internet for information. I found many documents in the military information warfare strategy that talk about how to lead the enemy down fruitless paths of research with slightly erroneous logic that leads to an endless maze of false assumptions and deductions. This is part of the strategic deception initiatives launched on the American people. 

This disinformation warfare has confused and stupefied many people. Helping them sound crazy about the science behind their predicament. Col. Thomas Bearding is the perfect example of this initiative. He invented the concept of “scalar waves” and weapons that he warns the Russians possess and U.S. scientists know nothing about. He talks about weather and earthquake weapons and zero point energy. He has a good education in physics so I can't come to any other conclusion than he is a disinformation agent or a victim of menticide. All his theories are so purposefully skewed. Since he talks about mind control and then discusses all these ridiculous scientific ideas about free energy, faster than light information propagation, and electromagnetic vortexes, the mere idea of mind control  weapons is also put into question. This is “the classic method” of discrediting a topic.

Disinformation streams 
Dating back to early cartoons, one can remember images of a mad scientist transferring consciousnesses of people or animals with people. This theme is pervasive throughout popular cartoons and TV programming. It is always spoofed with absurdity and the idea of that it is science fiction. I found early scientific research that really investigated EEG heterodyning using electrodes or electrostatic plate hats to read brainwaves and write them to someone else. This mind control pursuit is very old indeed. Cartoons have been used to discredit this science and anyone who speaks about it. 

Based on the idea that the CIA has utilized for over 50 years that it is best to hide secrets in plain view and nobody will see it, I will speculate that there is no reason that cartoons should be the first media to describe real top secret research in spoof it in absurdity. Bioelectric communication signals are a very real active area of research throughout the world. 

Let's look at this possibility quickly using just logic and reason. If a neuron depolarizes at 70 millivolts and one can read 10 microvolts at the surface of the scalp using EEG probes then hypothetically one should be able to apply an electric field of 70 x 10-3/10-5 = 7,000 volts at the scalp to induce a 70 millivolt field at the neuron. Since neurotransmitter release is the signaling mechanism between neurons and since it is proportional to voltage at the end of the axon, one can reason that high voltage static electric helmets actually can affect neurotransmitter release. 

Add in the fact that neural networks self organize with any electric signal and you can in fact combine brains using this biocommunication technique. The electric signals of those involved must be learned over time, but you can create larger brains this way albeit mad. Even the recent cartoon Wallace and Grommit portrayed this consciousness swap with a rabbit and human as science fiction. The DoD never change their methods even in 60 years. The best kept secrets hidden in plain view! 

Now of course 7000 volts is a large electric field gradient for a wireless electromagnetic wave but shorter the wavelength more energy it carries and other methods of head resonance were perfected to perform the same task. And since static electricity, i.e. ionic heating, can create the surface voltage one only needs to move around the static electricity on a head or body to create the necessary field. Even low frequency and low intensity magnetic fields have been shown to have profound effects on the brain. And ion cyclotronic resonance was another investigated method. No research in longer term “learned” biocommunication signals is currently occurring in civilian research in this country; again for obvious reasons because it is prohibited. 

The information bubble that Americans are confined within is truly amazing. We think we are the most important country and connected to the world because we have CNN and other news stations. Look at the vast selection of channels available to surf on cable. Intuitively we think we are free and informed based on the number of choices presented to us. 

Those that do not travel abroad to foreign lands very often cannot appreciate the contrast of world perspective and the tacit controls and compliance the mass media has with government through FCC pressures and other places. 

Scientific espionage against 
the U.S. population. 
Don't we have laws to stop the government from doing this on purpose by paroled disinformers? Who is policing the government? Who else publishes about scalar waves. Capt. Robert Collins. Isn't it strange that all this bullshit science comes from ex-military personnel? Scalar waves are just standing waves or interference patterns. Nothing more. This is just holography in any wavelength and has been around since the 60's. The disinformation campaign is world wide. I found articles in German, French, and Italian stating similarly ridiculous things like free energy and faster than light communications. Google had 1,240,000 hits for “scalar waves”. 

While scalar waves are a real concept, they are nothing new. In the military, beam forming is a type of scalar wave. You can completely shape the “scalar” or amplitude modulation of the carrier frequencies in 3 space. It is not such a big deal. Their connection with mind control technology is merely a way to pinpoint a human target and keep a lock on him/her finding ways around most shielding attempts through a total hemisphere of attack angles as well as tracking multiple targets around the world. 

I have read so much bad science from x-military personnel that I can only come to the conclusion that they are conducting mememic warfare on the scientific community at large. Most of the disinformation agents are “retired”. They want to keep this secret of Malech's and Stocklin's patents so badly that they are willing to commit treason against the United States people and the constitution. They are willing to torture people to death using psychic warfare and gather the statistics in order to get an extra decimal place in their human effects kill statistics data. The U.S. is getting more criminally brutal than ever before and improving their methods of lying and deceiving the public. It has reached epidemic proportions given the secrecy culture and justification to treat their bosses, the tax payers, as cattle and the potential enemy. 

Every document that I have read that states that the Russians are doing so and so around the world, I find out that the U.S. is actually behind it every time. Lying is treason and needs to be punished severely whether you are a general, director of the CIA, or the  president. The CIA first fed radiation to thousands of people to watch the progress of cancer and possibly a mechanism of tracking from space. Then they torture children for MKULTRA assassination programming. 

Then they dose people with various drugs including LSD and BZ. They tried a biological warfare virus over San Francisco. Now they are torturing people to death for years with electromagnetics. Do you see the tread? Did I congratulate you on living in the land of freedom? Don't worry your government is in control again. 

Every real scientific paper I've read that happens upon the topic of bioelectromagnetic nonionizing radiation effects comments on the fact that there is so little literature on it. In other non- NATO countries it is a much bigger field. A publication by the FDA doing a comprehensive food sanitizing method survey had many military representatives on the board. The paper commented on how there was almost no literature on microwave effects. A paper on implanting a small piece of wire in the head or body for biotelemetry commented on how they could find almost no data on such an obvious application. We are bathed in microwave energy, how come there is so little independent investigation in this area especially in light that the head acts as a microwave cavity and neurons as microwave transceivers? There are Earth shattering patents from the 70's and 80's on brain wave amplification, brain wave reading at a distance, and brain wave modulation using a wide range of frequencies. How is this being ignored? Pretty obvious what is going on, isn't it? 

Modern day Timothy Leary 
Shulgun is well known for his experiments in psychoactive drugs that avoid scheduling because he creates analogues of known molecular types. I have not been able to uncover any documents that connect his research with CIA mind control like his predecessors. However, his experimentation may be tolerated because it goes hand in hand with mind control drug research the CIA has been pursuing for decades. Those that experiment with his drugs might be CIA Guinny Pigs. Remember that Charles Manson used LSD to create his mind control cult. 

Test patterns 
I was able to interview over 500 people that know they are/were electronically harassed, slipped drugs, fed radiation, MK-ULTRA mind controlled, or directed energy weapons test victims. Several have died while writing this book. They range from children to the elderly, from poor to wealthy, from religious to atheist, from uneducated to educated. People are chosen at random like in all their other tests. 

There is a segment that is overwhelmingly large for a random testing pool and that is 81 government whistle blowers. FBI agents, military personnel, or cops in particular are targeted by these weapons if they testify against other government agencies. It is just so heart breaking to hear all these stories. I met a few families where everyone was targeted suddenly with voice to skull and with the EEG replay of the pains which they are collecting and storing from other people. Most people get a slight variation of all TAMI's capabilities, I assume to make any test patterns less noticeable. Some people only get voice to skull, Stocklin's patent. Some only get tortured and physically manipulated limbs. Some get the remote MK-ULTRA programming. 

I was unlucky. I got a demonstration of the full works of mind control technologies and SATAN. SATAN (silent assassination through amplification of neurons) is the program to try and kill the target through car crashes, heart attack, depression and suicide, self destructive behavior, neglect, or to be a programmed assassin. They were somewhat fair in that they told me ahead of time using the synthetic telepathy, exactly how they were going to try to kill me each day. They told me every torture they were to inflict on me ahead of time. It was oddly routine for them. They said that they had successfully killed an artist in San Francisco with a heart attack, a woman pediatrician, and an old lady in a nursing home. They felt pretty confident that they could kill me with EEG cloning. The 200 people in their weapons testing group were competing for points according to the main heterodyned project leader. Those that gained enough experience points could go on to the psychic assassins and mind controllers team who work on real projects like world leaders after they collected the effectiveness of the pain data, collected the mind control statistics, and mapped the unique brain waves that I had for their database. 

Angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other (Good alien bad alien yet another derivation of the good cop bad copy interrogation and control method) 
In product marketing, one learns that to disentangle the importance of factors in the appeal and success of a product you need to conduct a survey. A well designed survey uses a correlation matrix to determine the factors that effect the outcome. Questions are designed so that every possible combination is tried. 

In the mind control MK-ULTRA survey, combinations of overt suggestion, subliminal, brain entrainment, and EEG heterodyned forced will are used to determine how effective each method is in combination with the others. So part of the program entails, conflicting commands by the possibly outsourced CIA weapons testers. You hear one command in one ear like an angel saying “don't do it” and the devil in a different voice or nearly subliminal auditory level, “do it”. These conflicting directives in combination with all the other techniques is how statistical correlation data is collected to determine the  effectiveness of each method on your particular personality. 

If you are ever in this position, it may not be an angel or devil on either shoulder but something far worse called the U.S. black ops mind control Star Wars defense project going under the highly classified acronym, TAMI. 

Weapons testing faulty 
analysis of costs, risks, 
and poor scientific methods 
The Black-Scholes modeling of military risk and uncertainty would need to be employed in order to correctly do the total cost and benefit analysis of human capital for testing weapons on the public. By the way, Melissa Black, the daughter of the Black Scholes model of options pricing and MIT professor is hot and was in my dorm at Harvard. I transgress...Back to slamming the idiots that we put our blind trust into.When running the mind control experiments, the data gathers would give conflicting commands through subliminal and overt channels along with other techniques. This is a statistical approach to tease out the weighted influences of each method. 

The Scripts 
The EEG heterodyning psychic soldiers want-to-be's doing the weapons testing are trained to follow a plethora of scripts used to confuse the target during the torture and make the target appear crazy when they seek help from a doctor. In almost all the cases, the belief that a microchip or tooth transponder (like in the movie, “Real Genius”) is responsible for the conversation without a cell phone is suggested to the target. That actually sounds more reasonable given the average person's knowledge of this technology or directed energy weapons capabilities. Only in victims of ten years or longer are small biotelemetry antennas found in x- rays which used to be used for pin point tracking to direct the energy thereby amplify the biosignal for EEG cloning. 

The scripts then progress to making the person believe that specific people or groups are behind their torture. In many cases, people heard the voice of JFK, JFK Jr., Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton. Sometimes, it was a famous person. Often it was just someone they knew in their past. Clearly, the EEG heterodyners are manipulating votes by always using democrats' voices or trying to get them killed if the victim believes it. Bill Clinton mentioned the “Right wing conspiracy” during his downfall. This would back the known political slant of extreme right wing ideologies in the CIA/DoD that border Nazi values. Using these people's voices as the most common ones heard by victims should point out whom they are gunning for. 

Do you still have doubts that the voting and political system isn't manipulated by these folks? They practice changing the beliefs of their victims using the different scripts. When you interview as many as I have, you can easily seen the pattern once the personalization of the scripts is removed. 

The weapons testers get to choose which scripts are to be used on a “project”. They then personalize them for that particular project and must get approval for it. The weapons testers are in a strange culture to say the least. They have a strict protocol for doing things. But no restrictions on who they kill or what collateral damage is done. 

From Creation to Chaos 
Another project name for the EEG cloning and cataloging operations and media “strategic deception” was called project “Chaos”. The soul goal of these groups in psychological warfare, CIA mind control, and INSCOM's strategic deception is to create errors of judgment and reasoning and vocabulary confusion by every means possible. They have perfected control of the media through leaks and strategically placed disinformers in the industry. They have perfected disinformation on the internet using “the method” that plays off of people's black and white thinking by flooding it with partial truths and lies. And finally they have found a way to inject by electromagnetics errors into people's brains directly using misnamed umbrella classifications of technology like “nonlethal weapons” which contains EEG heterodyning, psychic warfare, and another overlapped classification of “directed energy” weapons. They have used the pseudo sciences of the psychology community to create and propagate misdiagnosis of weapons testing effects as mental illness. They have used Hollywood and television to program the masses to discredit anyone who talks about something that was labeled as a work of fiction, such as a movie or shown on the science fiction channel. 

Acceptable Mind Games 
Gambling is a legalized form of a head game that is quite lucrative. People from all walks of life gamble partly because of the entertainment value but more often because they believe in luck or that they have a system. The mathematics of gambling is quite well known and defined. Logically, unless you cheat, you cannot win in the long run. Yet, based on the simple common delusion that all people share, we think we can find a way to beat the house odds. I, for example, knowing that every event is independently random still can trick myself into believing that if I see a streak of 5 or more in a row of one color in roulette that I can beat the odds by betting against that streak. The probability of getting 5 red numbers in a row is (½)5 or 1 out of 32. But that doesn't actually affect the independent random event of the next spin. I must say that I haven't lost yet with that strategy but that is the addiction of gambling. 

People derive superstitions about luck by falsely identifying patterns where there are none. Sounds like the same symptoms as schizophrenia, seeing patterns where there are none. Some people call the state lotteries a stupidity tax. Tell that to the winner. 

The Psychology of “Crazy” 
It is interesting to poll people as to what they believe “crazy” means. The average person's intuitive understanding of the word usually means to do or say something very unusual or bazaar. Geniuses and eccentrics have throughout history been called crazy. My father is a very conservative man, and he calls about a third of everyone he meets crazy. People who visit San Francisco from a conservative culture, thinks the whole city is crazy. 

The trend that I have found is that less worldly experiences one has, the more often one judges behavior that is not native to their own culture as some form of mental illness. This is clearly an error to believe that something that has not been thought, heard, or seen before is some kind of pathology of the mind. When one has many errors of thinking, it could be classified as mental illness, unless the errors of thinking are being induced electromagnetically through TAMI. Stop the signal and the brain will regain its normal processing. 

But this is an important psychological observation, that these discrediting tactics are regularly and historically used by the CIA and psyclOps. Create a scenario that is so improbable like government goon squads or being abducted and tortured, and the majority of people will think the person reporting it is crazy, simply because it is so unusual. Image if you were one of Jeffrey Dahlmer's victims, and you escaped and you told a story about a man who eats dead people, keeps them in his fridge, and drills holes in their heads to try and create a sex zombie to the police. We know this happened, but the police would most likely have locked you up in the psyche ward for showing delusional symptoms. In fact, the police returned a boy who was bleeding from his head, naked, confused, and didn't speak English very well, back to Jeffrey Dahlmer and within ten minutes after the police returned the kid, he killed and ate him. Jeffrey Dahlmer used the same tactics as the CIA successfully. Of two possible scenarios which was more believable? Jeffery told the police that he and the boy were fighting, homosexual lovers. 

So this is how the game is played. Get some famous psychologists on your payroll. Have them create new mental illness like “Thought Sonarization”. And you can label anyone as mentally ill who speaks about the “voice of god” weapons, microwave hearing effect, mind reading radar, or ultrasonic heterodyning technologies that you wish to keep out of the population's awareness. As time progresses over the decades, the new mental illness will gain more credibility due to its age and number of people reporting it. 

I tracked back several “mental illnesses” to the same time frame as TAMI came on line  and to known mind control monster psychologists on the CIA payroll like Cameron. This has allowed the human effects weapons testing industry on the population to expand and go unrecognized. One percent of the population has schizophrenia. According to some psychological studies, over 20% of the population has some form of mental illness. Perhaps the categories are getting too broad. See the appendix for my facetious comments on many popular illnesses. 

What percentage of those classified as mentally ill are genetic and environmentally caused, and what percent is government menticide? The two groups overlap significantly. Through my protected sources, I was told that government weapons testers look for brain waves that show three traits that they want. One is an amplification factor of neurons often found in dopamine excessive brains. This group has traditionally been known to exhibit psychosis. 

The other is brain entrainment inducibility indicative of a high susceptibility to hypnosis. The third is the uniqueness of the brain waves to add to the database which increases the effectiveness of TAMI for other people. Other factors for target selection include the ease of discrediting and isolating the victim. Of course being a disobedient politician or a government whistle blower will increase your chances of being thrust into the virtual hell and beginning your journey into madness. There is no other word for this program other than diabolical. 

Can you feel the pride of being American coursing through your veins? 

Psychopathy and sociopathy for human weapons effects experimentation is not uniquely found in serial killers and government agencies. But it is the worst and truest form of mental illness. 

Strategies to 
paralyze the victims 
Victims of testing are left dysfunctional and rarely are they allowed to work. The strategy is to mimic the dysfunctionality of mental illness and drain the victims‟ resources so that they cannot find help or shielding. The other reason for this is to make sure that they cannot get a security clearance. During the background check for security clearances for any Department of Defense contractors they look for any signs of mental illness or financial strain, probably to weed out those people that might be seeking revenge for their senseless destruction. 

You must keep in mind how many decades the death lottery has been going on. It started after WWII and project Paperclip where thousands of Nazi scientists were smuggled into the U.S. Since then, human effects for drug, radiation, mind control, and now directed energy weapons testing has occurred in ever growing numbers despite the attempts by Congress to stop it. 

White House Psychos 
On April 9, 2006, another person attempted to contact the president directly by running onto the white house lawn shouting that he has very important intelligence information. He was promptly taken down by the Secret Service. This is a typical script that the handlers use on their victims. 

To discredit and see how far they can go, they often convince mind controlled experiment victims that this is a Russian takeover with a new weapon of mass destruction that only the victim knows about. The victim being a patriotic American will do anything to convey the information. When disbelieved by the FBI and other authorities they resort to desperate measures to do the right thing. These victims did not do their homework and realize how large the test group is and how long it has been going on. INSCOM and strategic deception groups need “psychos” in the news to account for the population of “mental illness” who have similar claims around 5 different scenarios. 

Periodically publicized incidences like this one, is enough to keep the programming of the masses intact. We won't hear about the details of this person's need to convey intelligence to the president, but I guarantee it is about this mind control technology. They attempted similar head games with me 3 days before my torture began. They asked leading questions like, “Can you get close to the president?” “I know where this is going,” I replied. 

Information Streams 
How the mass media is misused by the propaganda machine aka psychological operations, or PSYCLOPS the myopic, one-eyed monster as they joke about. 

In order to understand the psychology employed by various agencies and political forces, one must study the patterns of misinformation on the mass news media, popular publications, and the internet. 

First let's look at the internet. I have been working with a privately funded internet archive system. Their tools allow me to view any information ever posted on the internet for a three month duration using their tool called the WayBackMachine. This has allowed me to research the patterns of disinformation websites, who owns them, what psychological tools they use to cover up information leaks, etc.. 

As it turns out their formulas are pretty standard and much of the trash is computer generated even in foreign languages. I worked on natural language information parsing and collection algorithms for CIA knowledge organizing projects but nothing that purposefully would generate misinformation, however they easily could have been adapted for them. PSYCLOPS, INSCOM, CIA, DIA, and electronic warfare divisions use many of the same tools but run their own campaigns. 

Just to show you how well the information stream grid lock works, type in “mind control” into google to see how much information there is on supposedly something that is “science fiction”. People don't have time to waste their lives writing about this topic if it wasn't real or if they weren't paid as disinformants. There are 293,000,000 hits on google. Are you scared yet? Start clicking through the links. 

It is beyond experiments on the public, it is now a well orchestrated takeover using just information weapons. The psychotronic concentration camps are growing rapidly. It is a matter of time before you are “brain napped” and then you wished you hadn't stayed so ignorant and quiet hoping it won't happen to you. The soul stealer is doing good business under the U.S. flag. I worked on integrating HAARP and the Puerto Rico “ionic heaters” that are often implicated in the global mind control network, and I had no idea what they were used for. That's how secret this technology is. I was told they were command and control centers. But from those locations the entire world can be viewed by bouncing their signals off of the ionosphere in a configuration they call over the horizon radar. Satellites make better over the horizon sensors so this is probably a tag line phrase to mean psychotronics. 

Foundations of Reality 
The whole illusion of gentility and freedom relies on lifelong programming of this image and repetition of mantras, pledges, imagery, and anthems. Asking someone to imagine an alternate government system that was in place that is exactly the opposite to what people have experienced their entire lives, is like asking someone to suddenly believe in another God. Their entire belief system and foundation of reality must be changed to accommodate the new model. Most are unwilling and incapable of this kind of reality shift without a direct demonstration. But in order to get the demonstration they would permanently be enlightened to the truth and cannot be put back into the blissfully ignorant matrix of delusion. This is the Catch 22. Most targets will find it futile to awaken others and be viewed as crazy if they try. This is how the system of controls is maintained and drastically important information for the people is suppressed. 

Inducing Delusions 
How is delusional thinking induced in a target? Some of the long logical thought trains which are based on a faulty assumption are due to the amplification of the target's own brain signals. In addition, the EEG hive conspirators simply need to agree and reassure the target that those are the right ideas. Since the target is usually isolated socially, this is naturally their only source of “feedback”. The feedback is of course untrustworthy but it is  difficult for one to adapt to a faulty source that mimics sources that one usual trusts, people. This again amplifies confidence levels of ideas and thereby multiplies the logical errors downstream of inferences and conclusions. 

This is the fundamental flaw with our governmental system especially the military. If you surround yourself with “yes” wo/men, you will be getting a false reassurance of the correctness of your ideas. This is what creates delusional thinking and is being used as an information weapon tactic. To worsen the collective intelligence of the organization is the fact that the culture practices false signaling in their communication style. Generals bark out orders to signal extreme confidence. Pure black or white thinking is practiced. Information is lost without the confidence level as any information theorist or statistician can tell you. Add the fact that there is little feedback or information flow from the lower levels since they must “just follow orders”, sprinkle in some egos for extra irrationality, and you have the perfect recipe for a destructive intelligent system. Truly frightening that they are in control of all the weapons. 

Catching the Slow 
Fat White Rabbit 
If this topic of dark American history interests you, you merely need to replace “Aliens” with “Department of Defense” and “terrorist” with “CIA programmed assassin” while you research and you will have much of the truth. To understand the imaging technology that is operating on the American citizens, you only need to study the stars. All technologies advanced under the auspices of space research actually get implemented and used on the people. To understand what psychotronics is, research the capabilities of “ionospheric heaters” and distributed radio telescopes in the context of directed energy weapons and a full spectrum, Earth gazing microscope. 

"The common curse of mankind, - folly and ignorance". 
- Shakespeare. Troilus 
and Cressida 
(Act II, Scene III). 
It is difficult enough for people to learn and understand. We spend a third of our lives in school. It is difficult to comprehend the thinking it took the militants to decide to declare an informational war on the very country and people that they were sworn to protect and uphold the words of the founding documents and ideals of this nation. All foreign governments clearly have deciphered these technologies as much as I and others have, so the only conclusion that you can draw is that the CIA/Military are not afraid these secrets will fall into the wrong hands abroad but that they do not trust the citizens with these secrets and have even declared psychological and informational war on us.

Reign of Terror – The Dark Ages : Military and CIA Engineered War and Terrorism

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