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We have been accumulating so much intel on Mark Malloch-Brown that we opened up this post to keep our notes. Please feel free to drop by and gather new pieces of information as we find them. We will add new findings throughout the thread so check through everything to make sure you have new updates.
You will find links to articles that we have posted that contain info as well as “loose” notes that haven’t found their way, yet, to finished articles. Feel free to use our research material and if you produce a video or article on Malloch-Brown or any of the corrupt Privy Council members, send them to us. If they resonate with our trajectory, we will post for others to see.

Will Romney Defeat Jenny Wilson by Rigging Utah Election with Smartmatic Machines?


Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005

Lord George Malloch Brown


Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s bio only cursorily discloses that he is a director in “Investec” (since Aug. 08, 2012)

Malloch 8

moloch 2.jpg
The literal devil hides behind this deception.

What he fails to disclose are hundreds of convoluted, circular subsidiary holdings and relationships with George Soros, rogue C.I.A., the Rothschilds and the Queen’s Privy Council, not to mention his tight control over the globalist banking system around the planet.
Note: South Africans play prominently in the C.I.A.’s offshore banking activity globally. Ref. Eurotech SpA’s (Italy) key role in developing embedded controls for the IBM Eclipse Foundation’s Internet of Things. It was IBM and Eurotech who provided Facebook its MQTT messaging software on Nov. 03, 2011.
Here’s the global holding company for Lord Malloch’s undisclosed financial empire.
Investec Plc Co. No. 03633621. (Jul. 09, 2002). Global Offering. Companies House.
Circular Control Structure
In cute deceptions, this “parent” Investec Plc issued a Special Voting Share to “IGL” (Investec Group Limited controlled Investec Group (UK) Limited formerly Investec Group (UK) Plc which Investec Plc discloses as a “subsidiary” in a circular relationship.
READ: In confusion there is profit. In circular relationships, everyone has deniability.
MEMO: Lord Malloch and the Queen’s Privy Council don’t want the world’s great unwashed to find them in their labyrinth of corrupt companies. We found you.
Bwhahaha. Lord Malloch-Brown concentrates on “social” and “ethics” in Investec Plc (where he hides his hundreds of conflicting relationships) while he rigs elections for the Queen’s Privy Council and his bunk buddy George Soros around the world thru SGO-Smartmatic
Investec Plc Co. No. 03633621. (Jul. 11, 2017). Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, director, Group of companies’ accounts made up to 31 March 2017. Companies House.
Corporate governance.JPG
Typical Convolution: Lord Malloch-Brown has been a director of Investec, the parent-child-name-stealer, depending on which side of the world you are standing, since Aug. 08, 2014. The company is run by South Africans. It appears there is a Golden Share inside this convolution, but it is well hidden.

Investec Holdings

Sir Geoffrey Pattie company naming trick allow a new company to assume the same name as an old company (RCA became Serco Limited while Serco Plc took over the Internet of Things and the Walker patents)


Rothschild chart

Proof Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is a Privy Council Gold Digger; he very evidently advised Bill & Hillary Clinton on how to run the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Global Initiative; he includes Frank Giustra and Larry Summers in other entities he controls

Just one of Malloch-Brown’s advisor positions:
Malloch Brown 7
Form ADV. (Mar. 31, 2018). I Squared Capital Advisors (US) LLC, CRD No. 168339. Uniform Application for Investment Adviser Registration incl. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, senior policy advisor,, and offices in Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Houston, New Delhi. SEC.
Take a look at the offshore Cayman Islands holdings underneath the I Squared front:
I Squared 2016 Investment Advisors Form ADV SEC Disclosure
I Squared Capital Advisors, LLC ($17 billion)  $ 17,000,000,000
1Adil Rahmathulla, Partner
2ASIA CUBE TELECOM HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. Nos. 805-7271798988, 805-4621275335)      1,000,000,000
4CITIBANK, N.A. Custodian
5CUBE DISTRICT ENERGY HOLDCO LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-7934834708)            76,000,000
6CUBE HYDRO CO-INVEST AGGREGATOR, L.P. Co. (Cayman Islands No. 805-5697026189)            88,000,000
7CUBE HYDRO CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-2831505629)         135,000,000
8CUBE HYDRO HOLDCO LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5407584761)         219,000,000
9Gautam Bhandari, Partner
10I SQUARED TELECOM PARTNERS II, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-7826571109)         364,000,000
11ISQ ASIA FUND, L.P.  (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-2092392684)         800,000,000
12ISQ CUBE HYDRO CO-INVESTMENT FUND, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6188732309)         209,000,000
13ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (AU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3642320242         184,000,000
14ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (EU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3518732150)         349,000,000
15ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (S), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1304419843)         262,000,000
16ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (UST), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-3820248899)         353,000,000
17ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND (USTE), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6542089405)         215,000,000
18ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (AU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8573971224)         190,000,000
19ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (EU), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5712055233)      1,300,000,000
20ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (UST), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1922745663)      1,100,000,000
21ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II (USTE), L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5284639364)         262,000,000
22ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND II, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1230278754)      2,900,000,000
23ISQ GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE FUND, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-9060969690)      2,700,000,000
24ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST AGGREGATOR, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5947513236)            58,000,000
25ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5507484046)         177,000,000
26ISQ OREGON CO-INVEST POOLING, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-5507484046)            72,000,000
27Kristina M. Johnson, a former Obama undersecretary for energy, U.S. Department of Energy, CEO of Cube Hydro
28Malloch-Brown, Lord Mark, Senior Policy Advisor (2012-current)
29NAUTILUS ENERGY HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-6299809994)         807,000,000
30ORAZUL ENERGIA HOLDINGS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8340805699)         464,000,000
31ORAZUL ENERGIA PARTNERS LLC (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-1616725152)         508,000,000
32Ronald Robert Schweizer, CFO
33Sadek Magdi Wahba, Managing Partner
35SHIPROCK MIDSTREAM HOLDINGS LLC (Delaware Co. No. 805-2712380067)         204,000,000
36SQUARED TELECOM PARTNERS, L.P. (Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-8269428945)         175,000,000
37VIRIDIAN TOPCO LIMITED ($720 million Cayman Islands Co. No. 805-9703286077)         720,000,000
Brexit fat cats
Malloch brown 4
Malloch Brown 5

PROOF: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown has conspired with the SES, Soros, Deep State and rogue C.I.A. since early 1990’s right after Soros allegedly crashed the UK Pound(Sep. 1992) – he formed ICG with Soros and Carnegie just THREE MONTHS after Soros crashed the UK Pound and put billions of dollars in his pocket overnight (read: FALSE FLAG)

Malloch Brown 6
Look what else Carnegie, Podesta and Chandler were doing at the same time: the FBI backdoor encryption key (then, Clipper Chip, now Dual_EC-DRBG algorithm)
This document was only uncovered inside Hillary Clinton’s stonewalled emails on her private server by Judicial Watch.
John Podesta
Look who else is/was also a Malloch ICG Trustee:

Look at who either is a trustee, officer or a donor to Lord Mark Malloch-Brown’s International Crisis Group (ICG) with George Soros, Frank Giustra and Larry Summers (Jan. 1993):

ICG. (Jun. 30, 2017). International Crisis Group, incl. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (Founder Jan. 1993), George Soros, Alexander Soros, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Frank Giustra, Wesley Clark, Larry Summers, USAID, US State Department, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Open Society Foundation/Initiative. ICG.
International Crisis Group (ICG). (Accessed Jul. 03, 2018). Founder (Jan. 1993) Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. Wikipedia.
1Alexander Soros
2Andrey Kortunov
3Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
4Austrian Development Agency
5Carl Bildt
6Carnegie Corporation of New York
7Celso Amorim
8Cheryl Carolus
9Core Alpha Bond Fund
10Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
11Emma Bonino
12European Commission
13Federal Republic of German Foreign Office
14Fola Adeola
15Foundation to Promote Open Society (Open Society Foundation)
16Frank Giustra since July 1, 2006
17French Development Agency
18French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development
19Gareth Evans
20George Soros
21Germany – Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammendarbeit (GIZ)
22Global Alpha Tilts Fund B
23Helge Lund
24Helle Thorning-Schmidt
25Humanity United
26Hushang Ansary
27Irish Aid
28Ivan Krastev
29Javier Solana
30Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
31Jonas Gahr Støre
32Karim Raslan
33Kim Beazley
34Lawrence Summers
36Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs
37Malloch-Brown, Madison
38Malloch-Brown, Lord George Mark
39Maria Livanos Cattaui
40Marty Natalegawa
41Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland
42Mo Ibrahim
43Nahum Barnea
44Naz Modirzadeh
45New Venture Fund
46New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
47Oak Foundation
48Olympia Snowe
49Open Society Initiative for West Africa
50Pär Stenbäck
51Paul Reynolds
52Ploughshares Fund
53Plusec-Pluralism Human Security and Sustainability Centre
54President Emeritus
55Radcliffe Foundation (Frank Giustra)
56Ricardo Lagos
57Robert Bosch
58Roza Otunbayeva
59S&P GSCI Commodities Fund B
60Saad Mohseni
61Sheila Coronel
62Shivshankar Menon
63Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs
64Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs
65Thomas R. Pickering
66U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
67U.S. Department of State
68U.S. Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund B
69Wadah Khanfar
70Wang Jisi
71Wellspring Philanthropic Fund
72Wesley Clark
73Wim Kok

much intel at this open thread here about half way down the page at the headline

SGO Corporation formed in 2014. Lord Malloch Brown made major investments.



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pat said...

isn't Molloch-G.H.W. Bush (Scherff)'s name in the Skull and Bones 322 club? Are they both possessed by this demon? You show a good number of associates of 41 above--i think u may be underestimating his involvement in all the evil going on in the banking/corporate/facist/satanic/freemason/jesuit world!

oldmaninthedesert said...

look around the blog,I believe you will find that is not true,as Project Hammer has been covered this month in this blog.I have called out the old man numerous times here,and I am sure that some of the 16 tags on that clan involve him.

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