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Talk about Catch-22 material, on the one hand it is great that this information is being brought to light.However on the other hand for those with nefarious plans including war with China,this is a gold mine of propaganda.What are we to do? I am doing my due diligence to point out how they can twist things beyond the author's intent...

Chairs Release 2018 Annual Report—Seek Additional Actions to Address Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ Targeting Muslim Ethnic Minorities in China

“Among the major trends that the Report highlights are the unprecedented repression of ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR); a dramatic increase in Communist Party Control over government, society, religion, and business; and the increasing use of technology and surveillance as a tool of repression.”
[Readers: See below for the highlights of this report, pulled out for your review.]
East Turkestan
“Since the occupation of the Uyghur homeland of East Turkistan in October of 1949 by the People’s Republic of China, the Uyghurs have been victims of Chinese state repression, colonial subjugation, discrimination, and systematic ethnic and cultural genocide; ultimately becoming a nation at risk of being wiped out….
…During the Cultural Revolution, hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs were  massacred by the Chinese regime for being “counter revolutionary and nationalists”. It was during this period that China began to rewrite the history of the Uyghurs and East Turkistan, distorting the realities and claiming that “Xinjiang (East Turkistan), has always been a part of China since ancient times, and the Uyghurs are part of the larger Chinese family.” Millions of Uyghurs would be killed by various means, including an estimated 750,000 who died as a result of 46 nuclear tests in the Uyghur homeland. Yet over the decades, Uyghurs continued to resist Chinese domination, with numerous uprisings and demonstrations.”  SOURCE
This article gives a very good overview of the Uyghurs, short of reading the 300+ House document:
Salih Hudayar. (Feb. 13, 2017). Contemporary Colonialism: The Uyghurs Versus China. Intercontinental Cry.
Salih Hudayar. (Feb. 13, 2017). DOCUMENT LINKS (25 MB), Contemporary Colonialism: The Uyghurs Versus China. Intercontinental Cry.[I will have to look at this rather large pdf file, but just browsing it,I got a bad feeling about it ,because I got the sense they were twisting basically Islamic terrorism into the above stated Uyghurs vs China.That I see the Hudson Institute an offshoot of Tavistock is involved gives me pause.I have to study this more to comment any further D.C]

“Cliff’s Notes” on new Oct. 10, 2018 Congressional Report on Chinese totalitarianism/social credit score repression.

H. Rept. 115-NN. (Oct. 10, 2018). Congressional-Executive Commission on China, Annual Report, 2018. 115th Congress, 2nd Session. Congressional-Executive Commission on China. GPO.
China aggression 1China aggression 2China aggression 3China aggression 4China aggression 6China aggression 7China aggression 8China aggression 9China aggression 10China aggression 11China aggression 12China aggression 13China aggression 14China aggression 15China aggression 16China aggression 17China aggression 18

Coming to America (tested in China by Eric Schmidt/Google): China’s social credit score supports repressive “convenience police station” recruiting

Located in a grid staffed with an average of 12 “assistant police” (lower paid and less training) per station. They are fed social credit score data and instructions for preemptive police actions.
H. Hrg. 115-FA05-Wstate-ZenzA-20180926-SD002. (Sep. 21, 2017). China Brief, Vol. 17, Issue 12: Chen Quanguo: The Strongman Behind Beijing’s Securitization Strategy in Tibet and Xinjiang, by Adrian Zenz. The Jamestown Foundation. U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional-Executive Commission on China. See also
Xuar 1Chinese policingChinese policing 2Chinese policing 3Chinese policing 4Chinese policing 5
How does this effect citizens around the world? Listen to Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain in this blockbuster audio and then take your education to a deeper level and read the post: Learn how prison planet operates.

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