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Flight School 
Fortunately for independent investigators, the taxpayer funded National Transportation Safety Board, the N.T.S.B, released the flight data recordings recovered from two of the flights. This release came after a quick rush to judgment and a media conviction of the Administration’s lone suspect. It seems that in all the confusion and drama, no one had really taken a hard look at these recordings. 

As we study the data found in the black boxes, we see a story of precise navigation methods, of incredible coordination, of advanced maneuvering and hair-raising dives. The flight profiles revealed that a tailored operating procedure was used to fly directly to predetermined targets, followed by a series of advanced hand-flown maneuvers that included rapid descents, steep turns and coordinated roll outs. [1] 

We can see that strategic navigational frequencies were immediately set in, autopilots were used in non-standard methods, gear and flap warning horn alerts were disarmed, transponders were disabled. The hijackers were all taught identical non-standard navigation procedures and knew exactly where to impact their targets to cause maximum damage. 

After synchronizing these recordings with F.A.A radar, A.T.C and cockpit transcripts, it becomes obvious that the hijackers had critical inside help from aviation and tactical experts. Someone had selected the perfect planes, and had drawn up a four-airliner coordinated tactical plan designed to defeat our domestic fighter jet coverage. The grand finale was the unchallenged penetration of protected airspace over the nation’s capital two hours into the air raid. 

High speed and low-level maneuvers training is evident when we see the extraordinary flight profiles and FAA radar recordings. For example, American 77, after navigating from 300 miles directly to a relatively small area, executed a difficult descending low-altitude 330-degree steep turn before it torpedoed the Pentagon just three feet off the ground at 540 miles per hour. As a twenty-year Boeing pilot and captain on the 757, I would be challenged to duplicate this performance without several practice flights. [2] [I do not agree with this assessment of what hit the Pentagon,sure looks like a cruise missile to me D.C.]

In just four minutes and forty seconds, United 175 was taken from cruise mode over New Jersey at 31,000 feet into a hair-raising descent toward the Statue of Liberty before a level off at a thousand feet, screaming over Manhattan at a hundred knots over the red line airspeed and slamming the World Trade Center. [3] The hijackers flew at expert levels of airmanship on airliners that require a six week training course – for experienced airline pilots – and did it single-pilot, without an experienced co-pilot, in a large cockpit designed for two professional aviators. 

Flight training for this attack would require a fairly large operation. This operation would be difficult to hide and a logical progression to achieve this proficiency would take time. The hijackers would have needed at least one Boeing airliner, an experienced Boeing flight instructor, a team of mechanics and fuelers, and, of course, they would need a secure, covert airport to operate several training flights. If we could learn where this training had taken place, it would lead us straight to the planners and conspirators. 

On 9/11, we’re talking about planes that weigh 300,000 pounds, engines that produce 100,000 pounds of thrust, pushing aluminum tubes through the air at 500 miles per hour and burning a gallon of fuel every two seconds. You don’t just jump in these cockpits and fly around like a professional pilot without some serious flight and systems training. 

I have spent my airline career exclusively on Boeing's, and I have captain ratings on six specific types: from the classic 727, 737 and 747 to the newer “glass” cockpits of the 747-400, 757 and 767. But today, if I were to jump into a cockpit of the French built Airbus, I would not be able to start the engines, operate the autopilot or navigate. The systems are all different. 

If I were tasked to execute a 9/11 type flying performance on an Airbus, it would require at least two weeks of intense flight instruction and a dozen practice flights to accomplish what those hijackers were able to do. And don’t give me flight manuals in French or French speaking instructors. I would need English speakers just like the hijackers needed Arabic speaking instructors. 

But the hijackers weren’t airline pilots. They would have to begin from scratch. After this examination, we see evidence that over a period of eighteen months, the hijackers were led to basic flight training, some simulator time and multiple practice runs in an actual Boeing 757. 

Detailed reports from FBI field agents confirms that basic flight training began in early 2000 on small, single engine airplanes at private flight schools. [4] This was a logical, low profile first step by the mission planners to prepare them for more advanced training. 

In early 2000 at a small Venice, Florida airport, three of the four pilot/hijackers – Mohammed Atta (A.A 11); Marwin al Shehhi (U.A.175) and Ziah Jarrah (U.A.93) enrolled at a small private flight school (Hoffman Aviation) for initial flight training. [5] 
The fourth pilot/hijacker, Hani Hanjour, already had limited flight experience. Hanjour, the pilot/hijacker on American 77 that hit the Pentagon had tried (but failed) to become an airline pilot in Saudi Arabia in the early 1990's. Hanjour enrolled at a small flight school in 2000 near San Diego. Using a cover as Saudi Royal Family body guards, they told their instructors that the Saudis had asked them to become pilots. [6] 

Testimony gathered by FAA and FBI field agents from the hijackers’ flight instructors indicated that they were marginal single engine pilots at best. [7] The most cited reason for their slow progress was a language barrier between students and instructors. 

The hijackers all spoke Arabic but the training materials, flight manuals and all cockpit labeling are written in English. As English speakers,imagine trying to learn to fly a strange airplane using Arabic flight manuals and Arabic speaking instructors. However, over the next year, each of them demonstrated enough competency to earn FAA certificates (licenses) including commercial and instrument ratings that were limited to small, single engine aircraft. [8] 

The small, single-engine airplanes used for training were basic trainers. In comparison, the 757’s nose wheel, just the nose wheel weighs more than the entire airplane used in initial training. While these small airplanes top out around 10,000 feet and just over 100 miles per hour, the Boeing's push 550 miles per hour and altitudes up to 43,000 feet. 

Although this experience helped them, it does not explain the performance we witnessed on 9/11. This initial basic flight training served as the first of three phases of flight training. 

At least three simulator sessions were arranged by the Saudi Intelligence agents; another logical step to flight competency. Atta’s group was augmented with sporadic trips to Boeing simulators – operated by contract training companies.[9] 

The hijackers stuck out like sore thumbs. In fact, they were immediately reported to the FAA and FBI field agents after their visits to independent simulators in Minneapolis, Phoenix and Miami. As per usual, the FBI** investigation from HQ** was impotent, even after the hijackers’ instructors reported that young Arab pilots weren’t interested in learning how to land or takeoff, they just needed to fly around in a Boeing simulator. The records indicate that no progress was made in training these guys and the instructors had encouraged them – encouraged them to quit flying altogether. [10] 

When we read over the Intelligence Community’s** explanation of hijacker flight training as told to the 9/11 Commission, there is no mention of aircraft training. They attempted to glaze over this by stating that the hijackers prepared by “watching Hollywood movies of hijackings, flying single engine airplanes and playing computer games.” This is preposterous; like saying that a surgeon prepared for an operation by watching the television series E.R. 

As we have already seen, the congressional inquiry had discovered that a specific group of Saudis had repeated contact with the hijackers in southern California. Most revealing was that the hijackers had been in regular contact with two employees of a Saudi aviation firm that operated a fleet of Boeing airliners. [11] This immediately provided an explanation as to where they found flight instructors and aircraft manuals. The inquiry’s report is very clear that the hijackers were, for eighteen months, operating right here in California, Florida and Arizona. The evidence also revealed that in the six months leading up to 9/11, each of the pilot/hijackers made multiple trips to a specific triangle between San Diego, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; and Tucson, Arizona. 

The search for an airport and Boeing airliners narrowed into this triangle. Obviously, the hijackers had found solutions to multiple problems that were reported by their civilian flight instructors in late 2000. By 9/11, these relatively novice light aircraft pilots were able to navigate and fly Boeing airliners in a most competent manner. There is only one explanation for this leap in proficiency. Training, training and more training. 

The congressional inquiry reported that beginning in May of 2001, the hijacker/pilots all began making multiple trips into the desert. It’s almost funny how many people saw them and reported them to authorities. [12] The FAA was called at least five times. FBI field agents wrote (at least) three reports and sent them up the ladder to FBI Headquarters**. With any followup from FBI headquarters**, this plot would have been stopped many times over. In short, they were not as covert as they thought they were. They left some Texas sized footprints in southern California which led to Las Vegas and to the Arizona desert. [13] Eventually we found, within that desert triangle, all the missing items: an airport, Boeing airliners and a large group of Saudi Arabians. 

In the following passage, we see the hijackers from the east coast began making trips to the desert, using Las Vegas as the point of entry. [14] 


Director Mueller** noted the Las Vegas layovers: 

“However, with respect to travel to Las Vegas, we know that at least one hijacker (each pilot) on each of the four hijacked airplanes traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada, sometime between May and August of 2001. This travel consisted of an initial transcontinental flight from an East Coast city to a West Coast city, and a connection in that West Coast city to a Las Vegas-bound flight.” 

Beginning in May 2001, each of the four hijackers flew across the United States. 

Director Mueller** describes these trips: “With their training complete, it appears that the pilots began conducting possible surveillance flights as passengers aboard cross-country flights transitioning between the Northeast United States and California.” 
(Page 139) 

RED FLAG – Again, we see a subtle misdirection of the facts. What led Mueller to testify that the hijackers had completed training in May when the attacks were still four months down the road? You can bet that this is when the hijackers needed to polish all their skills and fast. The hijackers’ civilian flight instructors were emphatic that in early 2001, they were not anywhere close to being competent enough to fly Boeing airliners. Obviously, something had changed. Note that only the pilots made these trips. 

A most plausible explanation is that the hijackers’ handlers had arranged advanced training with experienced, Arab-speaking Boeing pilots.[Or Arab speaking Mossad agents D.C] 

Many of us have seen surplus, bank-owned airliners parked at airports in the western deserts. Usually these planes are between lease agreements with airline companies. Eventually, if no lease is negotiated, the planes will be cannibalized in the lucrative parts market. There are also storage airports known as aircraft “bone yards” scattered throughout our western deserts. The dry desert air preserves the planes’ avionics and interiors while they sit, sometimes for years at a stretch.

A storage airport in the desert would be ideal for covert flight training. After learning of the multiple trips to the desert, I began the search for specific airplanes, the 757 and 767, parked at storage airports that I knew about: Las Vegas, Tucson, and Mojave. After making contact with a veteran aircraft broker employed by investment banks, I learned of two more airports used for storage: Victorville, California, east of Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert, and Pinal Airpark, a secluded field between Phoenix and Tucson. Each of these airports had Boeing 757's in storage but only Pinal and Las Vegas had airworthy 757's and 767's parked in the spring and summer of 2001, just when the hijacker/pilots had all flown into Las Vegas and disappeared for three days at a time. [15] 

I also began checking with contacts who have remained in the government contract world to see if they could provide clues. Three different sources, all pilots under government contractors, immediately pointed to a famous spook airport used by the government contractor and mercenary outfit Blackwater**. They relayed that there were frequent flight training missions being conducted in the middle of the night with military and civilian airplanes in top-secret fashion and that this particular airport had nearly one hundred airliners scattered around the field in storage. By using two completely different avenues of discovery, the Pinal Airpark began to raise red flags. [16] 

As I focused on the airport, an interesting connection surfaced. The Pinal Airpark had a curious history as a training airport for the Intelligence Community** dating back to Air America**, the alleged CIA** operation that was allegedly trafficking heroin in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War. For some, war is a great distraction for enormous profits. [17] 

Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill, who wrote Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army had also discovered this airport and identified it as an Intelligence Community** facility.[18] Scahill wrote that a top Intelligence Community official** appointed by Bush in June 2001 as the Director of Operations of Central Intelligence was closely connected to this airport’s managers, to contracts from the Intelligence Community**, to the owner of Blackwater and to several no-bid aviation-related training contractors. 

Alarmingly, this same official** was the former head of the same investment firm that had enjoyed astronomical stock profits as a result of the attack. [19] Scahill reported that this investment firm had placed put options (a trade that predicts a stock price drop) on only two airlines in the week preceding the attack. Those airlines were United and American, the only two airlines used in the attack. There were other rather large commodities trades on gold and oil by the firm. Obviously, if he was the contract official, and knew about the Saudi operation and tactical plan, he would know that American and United were the targeted airlines. 

This temptation may have been too difficult to overcome. Alone it might be a weird coincidence, but when we start adding this to a dozen similar coincidences, we begin to see a most troubling pattern. 

The Congressional Inquiry and the 911 Commission both reported that each of the pilot/hijackers who were training in Florida made separate trips to the Arizona desert from May to August of 2001. [20] Meanwhile, the San Diego hijackers suddenly moved to Arizona in December 2000, two days after George W. Bush was declared to be the President following the vote recount fiasco in Florida. [21]

These guys were not invisible. FBI Agent Ken Williams of the Phoenix, Arizona field office sent an urgent message to FBI Headquarters** in July of 2001. This message was described in the Congressional Joint Inquiry’s report: 

In the communication, the agent expressed his concerns, based on his first-hand knowledge, that there was a coordinated effort under way to send students to the United States for civil aviation-related training. He noted that an ‘inordinate number of individuals of investigative interest’ was in this type of training in Arizona and expressed his suspicion that this was an effort to establish a cadre of individuals in civil aviation who would conduct future terrorist activity. (page 20) 

RED FLAG – One might think that a cable like this would launch serious action, but the report goes on to say that the cable was ignored at FBI Headquarters**. 

The FBI field agent in Phoenix made another observation: 

“These people don’t come back to Arizona because of the sunshine, or they like the state. I believe that something was established there and I think it’s been there for a long time. We are working very hard to identify that structure.” (page 172) 
Image result for images of Pinal AirparkImage result for images of Pinal Airpark
RED FLAG - That structure could very well be the Pinal Airpark. In 2005, after the tips from pilots under contract from the Intelligence Community**, I personally took a trip out to Arizona and located the airport where they had been assigned, near Marana, Arizona, between Tucson and Phoenix. I confirmed what they had relayed to me: There was a massive Intelligence Community** air operation with six Boeing 747's being loaded with cargo all day while Blackhawk helicopters and C130 cargo planes buzzed throughout the night on flight training missions. I was not allowed past the entrance gate that had armed guards posted. But as I moved around the perimeter fencing, I saw dozens of Boeing airliners parked around the field. There were at least six Boeing 757's and six Boeing 767's. This was surely the perfect covert training ground for the hijackers. 

Now we begin to see the men behind the curtain. Subtle mis-directions by Bush Administration appointees** have been highly effective in throwing investigators off track. The following exchange is an example: 

FBI Director Mueller appeared to concur (with CIA Director George Tenet): 

“While here, the hijackers effectively operated without suspicion, triggering nothing that would have alerted law enforcement and doing nothing that exposed them to domestic coverage. As far as we know, they contacted no known terrorist sympathizers in the United States.” (Page 168) 

RED FLAG – But for the next two pages, 168 to 170, the Inquiry countered Mueller’s claim by listing several findings of a team of possible logistical and tactical planners: 

However, the Joint Inquiry review of documents and interviews of FBI personnel indicate that the six hijackers who served as leaders and facilitators of the September 11 attacks were not isolated in the United States, but instead maintained a number of contacts in the United States before September 11. 

Although the extent to which the persons with whom they were in contact in the United States were aware of the September 11 plot is unknown, it is clear that those persons provided some of the hijackers while they prepared for the attacks. These contacts in the United States helped the hijackers find housing, open bank accounts, obtain drivers licenses, locate flight schools and facilitate transactions. (page 170) 

RED FLAG – We already know the hijackers aviation contacts were meeting at the Saudi Consulate. Now we see Mueller** providing erroneous testimony about the logistical team that FBI field agents had reported to FBI Headquarters** on five separate occasions. [22] 

The Joint Inquiry would call Mueller** back in for a hearing in October of 2002, where he was asked to explain his earlier testimony. Mueller** is quoted on page 170: 

“When I say that the hijackers did ‘nothing that exposed them to domestic coverage’ and when I say that the hijackers ‘contacted no known terrorist sympathizers in the United States, ’ (I) meant in the context of the hijackers not contacting – before 9/11 – terrorist sympathizers on whom we had technical or other forms of coverage. I can assure the committee that I had no intent to mislead.” (Page 170) 

RED FLAG – No intent to mislead? Here’s what the chairman of the Congressional Inquiry said about Mueller** his in 2004 book, Intelligence Matters: 

“The White House was determined to cover up Saudi involvement and had found an eager accomplice in FBI Director Robert Mueller. Mueller** was directly involved in the effort to hide the truth.

Capitalizing On Terror
Image result for IMAGES OF A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard 
The tooth hanging on a chain around the neck of A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard came, according to legend, from a Great White shark that he had punched in the jaw. The shark’s picture was hung in the office of the number-three man at CIA, who was appointed executive director in March 2001, six months prior to 9/11. [1] 

Krongard was appointed after a career in which he was credited with building up one of America’s oldest and most successful investment banking firms, Alex. Brown. Imagine the possibilities for a man with complete access to secret government intelligence and endless connections in stock and commodities trading. [2] 

A Princeton alum, an ex-Marine and the legendary puncher of the Great White, Krongard was rumored to have been working with the CIA during his entire tenure with Alex. Brown. Scahill reported that the strange mix of high finance and CIA connections led Krongard to push for a new firm within the agency that would specialize in intelligence venture capitalism – in other words, a unit that could take real monetary bets on future trends and events, including, for example, the next big terrorist attack. And according to a former Blackwater executive, Buzzy Krongard and Blackwater CEO Erik Prince are “good buddies.” [3] 

In his book Blackwater, investigative author Jeremy Scahill reported that the first no bid contract was handed to Blackwater from CIA through Buzzy Krongard in April 2002, a $5.4 million no-bid deal to provide 20 security guards at the Kabul CIA station for six months. Krongard stated that he talked to Prince about the contract, but couldn’t remember who called whom and “was not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg.” [4] 

But wait: Blackwater and the CIA are major players at Arizona’s Pinal Airpark, where covert training is conducted and where Boeing 757's and Boeing 767's were parked during the spring and summer of 2001. The Blackwater CEO has his fleet of airplanes training at Pinal and now Buzzy Krongard is linked to a major worldwide investment firm. These connections come to the forefront when we consider a series of strange stock trades involving United and American airlines. 

Anyone with foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks would, of course, have had an opportunity to capitalize with trades in stocks and commodities futures. Either these hijackers were placing bets that they wouldn’t be able to collect or someone damn close to the operation was parlaying inside information about the tactical plan. 

The Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle reported that on September 6 and 7, 2001, “put” options speculating that United Airlines stock would go down were purchased through Deutschebank/Alex. Brown, the same firm previously managed by Krongard. An enormous increase over normal sales activity placed 4,744 put options versus 396 “calls.” [5] 

On the day before the attack, September 10, 2001, 4,416 put options were purchased on American Airlines (compared with 748 calls), on the same day that Reuters reported airline stocks were poised to “take off.” In both cases, the traders never cashed in the winnings and the FBI was unable to trace the amazingly insightful investors. [6] No other airlines displayed these lopsided trading patterns. The New York Times reported that the head of the Alex Brown unit .Deutschebank – which had its offices in the W.T.C – abruptly resigned from a $30 million, three-year contract on September 12, 2001. [7] 

The American exchanges that handle these trades, primarily the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, or CBOE, and the NYSE, know on a daily basis what levels of put options are purchased. “Put options” are highly leveraged bets, tying up blocks of stock, that a given stock’s share price will fall dramatically. To quote “60 Minutes” from September 19, 2001, “Sources tell CBS News that the afternoon before the attack, alarm bells were sounding over unusual trading in the U.S. stock options market.” The transactions that week “could not have been planned and carried out without a certain knowledge, particularly heavy trading in oil and gold futures,” said Germany’s Bundesbank chief, Ernst Welke. [8] 

Unusual trading? A jump in UAL put options above normal between September 6 and September 10, and 285 times higher than average on the Thursday before the attack. 

A jump in American Airlines put options 60 times above normal on the day before the attacks. No similar trading occurred on any other airlines. A Bloomberg Business Report and the Institute for Counter-terrorism, or I.C.T confirmed these findings. [9] 

Morgan Stanley saw, between September 7 and 10, an increase of 27 times on put options on its shares. Merrill-Lynch saw a jump of more than 12 times the normal level of put options in the four trading days before the attacks. “This could very well be insider trading at the worst, most horrific, most evil use you’ve ever seen in your entire life. This would be one of the most extraordinary coincidences in the history of mankind if it was a coincidence,” said Dylan Ratigan of Bloomberg Business News. [10-interviewed on “Good Morning Texas” on September 20] 

“I saw put-call numbers higher than I’ve ever seen in 10 years of following the markets, particularly the options markets,” said John Kinnucan, principal of Broadband Research. Jonathan Winer, an ABC News consultant, said, “It’s absolutely unprecedented to see cases of insider trading covering the entire world from Japan, to the U.S., to North America, to Europe.” [11] 

Andreas von Bülow, a former member of the German Parliament responsible for oversight of Germany’s intelligence services, estimated the worldwide amount of the trading bets at $15 billion. CBS News gave a conservative estimate of $100 million. [12] 

Not a single U.S. or foreign investigative agency has announced any arrests or developments in the investigation of these trades, even though former Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement chief William McLucas told Bloomberg News that regulators would “certainly be able to track down every trade.” [13] 37S

Leaving Las Vegas 
Image result for images of Prince Turki al Faisal,Image result for images of Prince Turki al Faisal,
It takes a close reading of an innocuous-looking statement within the 9/11 Commission’s report to realize that a huge entourage of the longtime Saudi Intelligence Minister, the notorious Prince Turki al Faisal, was somewhere in the United States prior to and on September 11, 2001. Tucked in the back of the commission’s report (and later removed) was an account of three separate chartered airliners carrying about 100 Arab men (mostly Saudis) from Las Vegas on midnight transatlantic flights beginning on September 19. 

We now have evidence that the former head of Saudi Arabia’s secret police was near Las Vegas during the time that the 9/11 Commission “could not explain” why all the hijackers had made trips to Las Vegas in the months leading up to 9/11. As reported by the FBI field agent from the Phoenix field office, he had personally witnessed: “an inordinate number of individuals of investigative interest” engaged in flight training in Arizona and expressed his suspicion that this was “an effort to establish a cadre of individuals in civil aviation who would conduct future terrorist activity.” 

In fact, the roster of Saudi officials in the United States on September 11 raises more red flags. These included the Saudi Defense Minister, the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Saudi Minister of Aviation and the head of Dallah Avco Group, the Saudi aviation firm that operated Boeing jetliners for the Saudi government. [1] 

This was in addition to Saudi Prince Bandar the close friend of President Bush, who was sending checks to two hijackers’ bank accounts and who was the Saudi Ambassador to the United States on 9/11. Also, the head of two of Saudi Arabia’s holiest mosques stayed at the same hotel as the all-Saudi hijackers of AA77 – at the Marriott Residence Inn in Herndon, Virginia – on the night of September 10. [2] 

In the week after the attack, there were at least five chartered flights with high-ranking Saudi officials that left from Las Vegas, Newark, Boston and Washington, all cities, by the way, with direct links to the hijackings. By September 24, 2001, they had all returned home to The Kingdom. 

In 2002, the British Observer reported that the widely feared Prince Turki al Faisal had a long relationship with the U.S. Intelligence Community**. [3] Of great interest is the Observer’s reporting that pilot/hijacker Mohamed Atta had meetings in early 2000 with Prince Turki’s agents in Hamburg, Germany and we see that Atta left Hamburg soon after. [4] 

Atta’s destination after this reported meeting with Turki’s agents in Hamburg was Huffman Aviation, the small school in Venice, Florida where Atta began basic flight training. He was soon joined by Ziah Jarrah and Marwin al Shehhi, the hijacker pilots on United 93 and United 175. They told people in Venice that they were bodyguards with the Saudi government and needed to learn to fly airplanes as part of a security team for the Saudi Monarchy.[5] 

Prince Turki displays a great confidence in methods that Saudi Intelligence has “allegedly” employed in the past. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this 9/11 hit was right up his alley and something that causes a wry smile to form on his face. In one interview, he asserts that he can make “anything” happen and no one would ever know who was behind it. [6] Although the former head of Saudi Intelligence was sued by 9/11 victims’ families for being involved in the attack, he was defended by James Baker III’s law firm and the case was thrown out on technical grounds. [7] 

The Prince’s entourage in the United States during the summer of 2001 entailed a perfect opportunity to get the needed Saudi Boeing flight instructors into the country, and out after the attacks without anyone interviewing them. The chartered departures from Las Vegas were a four-engine DC-8 for Geneva on September 19, 2001, with 69 passengers, including 46 Saudis; a Boeing 727 for England with 18 Saudis on September 20; and on September 23, a jumbo Lockheed L-1011 for Paris. Only 34 passengers were listed on that plane, which has a capacity of nearly 400. On that flight was Prince Turki. [8] 

No one in the FBI ever confirmed who cleared these flights to leave without interviewing one passenger. Prince Bandar said on “Meet the Press” in September 2001 that the FBI** cleared the flights. Again and again we see a broad term used to explain major discrepancies. When a Saudi prince announces that the FBI cleared the flights, all questions are magically answered. 

Prince Turki and Prince Bandar have more connections to Arabic-speaking Boeing flight instructors than anyone else in the world. The means and opportunity to slip the hijackers into Pinal Airpark** or other facilities for training were theirs. The motive was a world-changing event. The Saudis would benefit greatly not only from the targeting of their nemesis al-Qaeda, but from an American invasion of Iraq, one that they had promoted after the first Gulf War. Dick Cheney would guarantee Prince Bandar that America was going to invade Iraq months before anyone informed the U.S. Congress. [9] 

In November 2001, Prince Turki expressed his public support for the U.S. operation in Afghanistan, referring to al-Qaeda as an “evil cult.” By calling out bin Laden for complicity in the attacks, he would be helping to “sic” the world against this greatest enemy, an enemy that has made several assassination attempts against the Saudi royal family. In the winter of 1998, three buried suitcases had been found in Saudi Arabia containing nine Sagger missiles. The Saudis learned that al Qaeda was intending them for use against the royal family. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh told The New Yorker, “From where I sat and from what I knew … al-Qaeda was more a threat to Saudi Arabia than to the U.S. and bin Laden’s whole focus was on toppling the royal family and getting the U.S. forces out of Saudi Arabia.” [10]

Jet America

Chapter 7 
Notes 1-4 are taken from passages in Jeremy Scahill’s Blackwater section entitled Blackwater’s Curious Aviation Department pages 253-280. 
Note 5-13: cited in text The stock trades are well documented in Blackwater and the two articles sited in the text from the Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Chronicle. 

Chapter 8 There have been obvious attempts to hide the Saudi flights out of the country after 9/11 but one letter from 9/11 Commission investigator Dan Marcos lists known departures. The letter is published on under evidence and references. We can see that Prince Turki and around 100 others slipped out of Vegas and that there was no record of the departures until Marcos requested more information. The followup letter has not yet been found. 
Notes 1-2 are from The Commission 
Notes 3-4 are crosschecks between the cited article in the Observer and dates listed in the 9/11 Commission report and Bob Woodward’s State of Denial 
Note 5: 9/11 Commission Report 
Note 6: refers to speeches and transcripts from several videos displayed at Note 7: see 
Note 8-9: Las Vegas flights the%20Record%20No%201.pdf 
Note 10: New Yorker December 2002 article

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