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Another thought provoking paper from Miles.If you are not familiar with Miles papers you owe it to yourself to check out his archives(a good place to start is with the links he gives to previous papers in this one). It is rather astonishing just how many of these families he has tied together down through the years pulling off these hoaxes...take care all.

The Day the Music Lied
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by Miles Mathis @

First published July 4, 2017 

As usual, this is just my opinion based on internet research anyone can do—but doesn't. 

Yep, here's another one, and this one really doesn't make me happy. As you may know, I am from Lubbock, Texas. My family moved there from Amarillo when I was 4. I graduated from Monterey High School in 1981. So I grew up on Buddy Holly stories. This is one you haven't heard before. 

I have had some suspicion for several years, but I didn't really want to follow up on it. As with a few other topics like Chomsky, Twain, Liz Montgomery, and others, I had been avoiding this one. But today I tripped over some facts that couldn't be ignored. 

As you may know, there have always existed conspiracy theories with this one. Some people have suggested he was murdered, since a gun was found near the airplane wreckage. It was supposed to be Holly's gun, and it was supposed to have been fred twice. As it turns out, that is all misdirection. As we have seen in all other cases I have unwound, they create an alternative story for those not buying the mainstream story. If you don't buy the accidental death, they create a murder scenario for you. Or if the main story was a murder and you don't buy it, they offer you a suicide or something. The important thing is they give you two choices, so you seem to keep your freedom. But they never put a faked death on the table. That is never one of your choices. But here—as in all the other events—the correct answer is behind door number 3. 

I like to tell you how my mind works, so you can see how I got here. To start with, I have always wondered how this 18-year-old kid from Podunk, TX (yes, Lubbock really is Podunk, and I know that from frsthand experience) managed to open for Elvis Presley at several major venues in 1955. By the end of the year he was headlining, and at age 19 Holly was signed by Paul Cohen to Decca Records. Decca had been founded by Jack and Dave Kapp. Cohen and the Kapps were Jewish, so we already have a pointer in that direction. 

Although still just 19, Buddy was not happy with the way he was treated at Decca, complaining of a lack of creative control. That itself is a clue, since we should ask why he was acting like such a little prince? Would you expect a 19-year-old kid to be given total creative control in his first recording sessions? Only if he were cloaked royalty of some sort. 

Holly unceremoniously dumped Decca and went to producer Norman Petty, where he immediately recorded “That'll be the Day”. Petty sent the demo to Brunswick Records in New York, who released it without even re-recording it. It went to number one while Holly was still 20. These things don't just happen, not without major connections. We aren't ever told what Holly's connections were. We are supposed to believe he was just super talented, and the rest took care of itself. But the world doesn't work like that. It doesn't matter how talented you are: you have to know people. Your parents have to know people. 

[I will pause here to show you a contradiction in Buddy's bio. They tell us he couldn't release “That'll be the Day” with Brunswick under his own name, because he was still under contract to Decca. But on the Brunswick page, we are told that in 1957, Brunswick was owned by Decca. So Brunswick was just a label of Decca. We are told Brunswick gave Buddy creative and financial control (at age 20); but since Brunswick was Decca's own label, why are we being sold opposing stories here? Why would Decca sit on him and then end his contract—after only a few months— while Brunswick promoted him and gave him everything he wanted? Something is being hidden here.] 

More recently, after discovering how the world really does work, it occurred to me that Holly probably had some connection to Reese Air Force Base, a large base just outside of Lubbock. Although they usually tell you what the father of a famous person did in their bio, curiously the encyclopedias skip over that with Buddy. We are only told his father changed jobs several times. But they do admit that Buddy's two older brothers were military. A little more research shows that the Big Bopper was also military. He had been in the army up until 1957 (at least). I suspect the Bopper was still in the military in 1959, and you will soon see why. 

Those are the clues that got me off the ground, but I really starting fying when I discovered a few other curious facts. One, the plane crashed in a feld in Iowa, as you may know. What you may not know is that the feld was owned by an Albert Juhl. That leapt out at me, because of course that is a Jewish name. Juhl was also related to Luekes and Jacobs. He is very hard to get any information about, but that is enough to go on for now. If we combine that with some other info, it begins to jell. One of the things we can combine it with is that Iowa Air National Guard is nearby in Ft. Dodge, IA. It is about 25 miles from the crash site. US Army Aviation is also nearby, about the same distance. We have seen that Military Intelligence likes to runs its projects within easy driving distance. Saves on gas, I guess. 

The other big early clue for me was Clear Lake, IA, where Holly allegedly had just played. In the mainstream story, we are told Holly was trying to earn quick money on this tour to pay for studio time and so on in New York City, where he had big plans. But if you were coming off a string of hits and were trying to earn money by touring, would you be playing in Clear Lake, IA, in the middle of winter? No, you would be playing in big cities in the South. Do you know what the population of Clear Lake, IA, was in 1959? About 6,000. 

Another reason they probably ran the event in Iowa is that Buddy's record label Brunswick had been founded and run out of nearby Dubuque, Iowa. So they had people on the ground there, both in military and out of it. Brunswick was founded by John Moses Brunswick. Note the middle name. They admit he was Jewish. By the 1950's, Brunswick Records was owned by Decca, but some of the old people were still there, including—we may assume—some from the Iowa set. 

The whole story about who was on that plane is also fishy in the extreme. We are told Holly chartered the plane because he was tired of freezing in the bus, but if that is so he would not have allowed his own band members to be bumped from the plane by a coin toss. And yet that is the story we are told. Valens and the Bopper won coin tosses, bumping Waylon Jennings and Tommy Allsup. That makes no sense. So we must assume the plane roster was chosen in some other way. The fact that the military man Richardson (Big Bopper) got on the plane this way indicates a hoax. 

Another clue is the alleged pilot, Roger Peterson. He had not completed his instrument fight rating, and was therefore not certified for nighttime flying. He was also not certified for instruments only flying. That is admitted at and Wikipedia. Since the plane took off at 1:am with visibility under 8 miles and a low ceiling, there is no way Dwyer Flying Service would have chosen him as the pilot for that plane. In an interview, Jerry (Hubert J.) Dwyer, owner of the Service, stated that Peterson requested the fight, implying that Dwyer personally OK'ed it. Dwyer does not explain why he OK'ed an illegal fight with an uncertified pilot or why he was never charged for this crime. Dwyer always implied he knew the real story of the crash and would someday tell it in a book, but of course that never happened. 

Also notice they tell you the plane was a 1947 Beechcraft Bonanza. Note the date, used a signal. Also curious is that the plane didn't burn when it crashed. It should have had 250 pounds of fuel on board, but apparently had almost none, since there was no fire. This was admitted as strange in 2015, when a fight expert and former TSA worker tried to reopen the investigation. His theory is they forgot to fuel the plane, but the more likely explanation—given what we will find below—is that they simply created the wreckage by hand, forgetting to fake the required fire. 

Also curious that Dwyer allegedly took possession of the wreckage, never allowing it to be studied by a forensic team. Under normal circumstances, the NTSB should have been required to open an investigation, completing a thorough study and publishing a report. A report exists, but it is nothing but a nest of clues and red fags. The report published at is an absurd fabrication with many anomalies, not the least of which is that although they list the passengers, they don't mention Buddy Holly. That passenger is listed as Charles Hardin. Do you really think they didn't know or couldn't find out that his last name was Holley? They took almost a month to publish this report, but never figured out that was Buddy Holley? So, according to the official published report, Charles Holley was NOT on board this plane. We have a similar problem with the Big Bopper, since he is listed as J. P. Richardson. An official government report would not use initials like that. They would have listed him as Jiles Perry Richardson, Jr., his full name. [Note the middle name: we will see it again later.] As for the rest of the report, it doesn't read like the report of a real investigation, it reads like a pre-fabricated story, one prepared to sell a desired outcome. 

A search on Hubert J. Dwyer pulls up someone of that exact name at Pace University who wrote a book on the T-model of stock earnings in 1988. You can fnd a listing at Amazon. Whether that is him or his son is impossible to discover, but I would say—given everything we will discover here— Dwyer Aviation was a CIA front. Dwyer appears to be some sort of agent, and the story we are told is false in all particulars. No plane ever took off, much less crashed that night. 

Want more proof? We are given the serial number of the plane. It was a 1947 Beech Bonanza model 35, #S/N1019. But a check of Beechcraft's own website tells us no such number was ever issued. The 1947 Beech Bonanzas model 35 were issued D serials number from 1 to 1209. In 83 pages of serial numbers on Beech aircraft, not one was an S/N number like that. There may be a simple explanation of that I am not aware of, but it doesn't really matter. These Bonanzas were both cheap and common, and they clearly trucked this one in from a nearby scrap pile. The photos of the crash scene are readily available, and aren't convincing at all. To start with, the wreckage is mangled far beyond what would be expected, given the story we are told. Although the plane is supposed to have crashed soon after take-off in a soft feld of snow, this plane looks like it hit a large brick building at full speed. 

Another clue—always missed—is Buddy's wife, Maria Elena Santiago. Being from Texas, I knew that wasn't a local girl. There are a lot of Spanish names down here, but very few of that sort. We are told she was Puerto Rican, being a lowly receptionist at Peermusic, but I ain't buying it. She looks and sounds upperclass. 
Image result for images of buddy holly with wife Maria Elena Santiago.
To me, she looks way too good to be dating some hick from Lubbock, hit record or no. Which means neither of them are who we have been told. These later photos confirm it: 
Image result for images of Maria Elena Santiago with Paul and Linda McCartney
Image result for images of buddy holly with wife Maria Elena Santiago.
In the first one, we are many years later, in the 1970's, and she is hanging out with Paul and Linda McCartney (she is on a first-name basis with them, we are told). Why and how? You will say she was wealthy from royalties, but that doesn't begin to explain it, in my mind. Paul has his arm around her. This indicates to me they are all from the same families, making Santiago some kind of Spanish nobility, and probably Marrano (Jewish). We will see more indication of that below. In the second photo, she is with Priscilla Presley. Remember, I have shown  that Elvis was Jewish.

Here's another clue: Santiago did not attend Holly's funeral and has never visited the grave site in almost 60 years. I wonder why not? Perhaps because she knows Holly isn't there. Remember, we saw exactly the same thing in the fake Lincoln assassination,, where the most conspicuous non-attendee at his funeral and procession was his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. Lubbockite Waylon Jennings also did not attend Holly's funeral in Lubbock, although he was his band mate. At Wikipedia, we are told this is because Waylon was touring for the Winter Dance Party in the north. But wait: Jennings was in Holly's band, which was now defunct. How could Jennings still be touring? Obviously, Jennings wasn't at the funeral because he knew Holly also wasn't there. He didn't wish to be part of a fake funeral. 

Another clue is that Buddy is said to have proposed to Santiago on their first date. That is either really pathetic or it is a sign of an arranged marriage. Since Buddy didn't otherwise seem pathetic in this way (having had previous girlfriends), I see it as the latter. It is possible Buddy was gay and needed a permanent beard of the sort Santiago could provide. 

After the event, Santiago is alleged to have remarried, but it is hard to find out to whom. The bios refuse to tell us. Intelius tells us she has lived in Colleyville and Dallas, TX, and Port Orchard, WA, and has worked at Orchard Theater. InstantCheckMate tells us she has lived there and in Englewood and Greenwood Village, CO; San Jose, Pasadena and Madera, CA; Nutley and Edgewater, NJ; and that she is related to the Diaz, Smolyansky, and Williams families. She is AKA Diaz and Nerlino, meaning her second husband must be Carlos Diaz. No idea on what Nerlino indicates (yet). 

So let's collate some of that new information. To start with, the Orchard Theater is in Ft. Worth, TX. Curiously, a current search on it brings up an ad for the present production, which is. . . wait for it. . . “Sunday the Rabbi Sang Sondheim”: 

An evening of Broadway Music, Memories and Musings with Rabbi Adam Roffman, Associate Rabbi at Shearith Israel of Dallas, this is a special fundraising event for OTX and The Jewish Federation of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. 

Just a coincidence? We'll see. 

Colleyville is a wealthy suburb of Fort Worth. Fort Worth is also the home to the large Joint Reserve Base of the Navy. 

With that in mind, Port Orchard, WA, is another strange place to fnd Ms. Holly, seeing that it is the locus of the huge Puget Sound Naval Shipyard. 
Image result for images of Puget Sound Naval Shipyard
As for Nutley, NJ, that was until recently the headquarters of Hoffman-La Roche AG, the huge pharmaceutical company that produces Valium, Tamifu, Librium, Rohypnol, and other big drugs. This is also the company that plead guilty to price fixing in 1999 and was fined half a billion dollars in the US alone. Does that tie in here? We'll see. But tying directly into what we just found, Nutley is of course just a couple of miles from Bayonne, NJ, until recently the site of the Navy's Military Ocean Terminal (MOTBY). It was the port for the Atlantic Reserve Fleet. 

As for Englewood and Greenwood Village, CO, they are adjacent to Littleton, Columbine, and Aurora, three names that should make you feel toasty. Not only are they famous recent hoax sites, they are adjacent Buckley AFB and Lowry AFB. Lowry was the site of Air Intelligence. The Aurora and Columbine events were probably run out of Buckley: in the Aurora event, it was literally just across the fence. 

So Maria Holly's second husband Carlos Diaz may have been military. Or her father may have been military, and that is why she was in these places. Or, there is a third possibility. 

As for Carlos Diaz, a search on that pulls up a Carlos Diaz,, founder of El Toro Records—which just happens to be the label that released the complete Buddy Holly collection. This would indicate he may be Carlos Diaz, Jr., the son of the person we seek. 

Interestingly, there was a Carlos Diaz de Leon involved in the 1954 coup in Guatemala. He was the Provisional (for two days) President of Guatemala who was replaced by the junta. He has been accused by some of being a CIA operative, and Wiki admits he was offered $200,000 to act against the Arbenz government. We are told he refused, but for some reason the junta treated him kindly even as it deposed him. He lived until 2014, so he could be the man we seek. 

What of the name Smolyansky? Well, it's a Jewish name. See Michael Smolyansky, former CEO of Lifeway Foods. His daughter Julie is the current CEO. She is on the board of the Anti-Defamation League. Another Michael Smolyansky is an economist at the Federal Reserve. 

The Smolyansky related to Maria Holly is Tamara Smolyansky, AKA Tamara Holly, which means she would have to be either Maria's daughter who married a Smolyansky, or a Smolyansky who married Maria's son. But since Maria didn't have a son or daughter with Holly, it can't be either one. So how could Tamara Smolyansky have an alias of Tamara Holly? That last link is to, and the page also tells us she is living in Georgia and is 45, which means she was born in 1972. She is related to Mary Holly, which I take to be Maria Holly. So what gives? 

Have you fgured it out? The only way this Tamara Smolyansky could be AKA Tamara Holly is if she just happened to marry someone named Holly, not related to Buddy; or. . . if she is really Buddy Holly's daughter. But since she was born in 1972, that would be proof Buddy was still alive then. Buddy would have been 36 then, a good time for a man to have a child. 

So who are these Smolyanskys? Well, they are admitted to be from Russia, and given the name they are probably from Smolensk. And if we search on that, we fnd the Princes of Smolensk (Grand Duchy of Kiev), including Yuri of Smolensk. This Duchy was taken over in 1407 by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania,, so we click on that. And guess what we find? Our old buddies the Radziwills. See my paper on Napoleon, where I out the Radziwills as Jewish. The current Smolyanskys in the US are already admitted to be Jewish, but linking them like this to the Radziwills—and through them to my previous papers—will help us immensely in the paragraphs to come, where we will look at Buddy Holly's own genealogy. 

But before we get there, let's finish up with Maria Holly. We still haven't looked at that name Nerlino. Could that be a third husband? Or could it be an alias for Buddy? 

The first curious thing we find is that there is currently a company named Hollywall, and Vincent Nerlino is the Executive Vice President there. In his bio we find he was previously a top executive at Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, Bear Stearns, and Oppenheimer &Co. Buddy Holly would be 81 this year, and Vincent Nerlino is about that age. Buddy was born in 1936 and Nerlino was born in 1935. 
Image result for images of Vincent Nerlino
I wonder why they named the company Hollywall? I also wonder why that picture of Vincent Nerlino is a paste-up. Look how his head is cut out and pasted in there. Why would that have been necessary? Am I saying he is Buddy Holly? No, though he may be. I see no match on the faces. Whoever they pasted in there doesn't look like Buddy Holly to me. But maybe that's why they needed to paste: to hide the resemblance. 

My guess is that he isn't Buddy Holly. But the name Hollywall indicates he is linked to this mystery somehow. Another Vince Nerlino—probably his son—is CFO at Citibank. Joan Nerlino Caddell is the director of Victory State Bank, NY. Also of interest is that Nerlino is Jewish. At this page, we fnd Vincent's relatives, and they aren't Italian. The surnames there are Hays, Ryan, and Taylor. Here, I found Nerlinos related to a Luce, a Newman, a Moorehead, a Caddell (Cawdell—think David Irving), and a Lunden (London). Elsewhere, I found the name may have been changed from Knoerlein. 

All that is very interesting, as I think you will admit, but it still isn't what sent me to the keyboard today. It is Buddy's genealogy that did that. I send you first to this page at, which will give you the quickest dunking. That woman Mary Hedgespeth (Bennett) is the grandmother of Mary Elizabeth Holley, who herself is the great-grandmother of Buddy Holley. Mary Hedgespeth is the daughter of Fisher Rice Bennett. Oho. Three clues in one name! Three very prominent crytpo/Jewish names for the price of one. Fisher isn't even crypto, it is admitted to be Jewish. Geni ends the line there, but they would have been better to end a page sooner. My regular readers will understand why, since I have outed the Bennetts, Rices, and Fishers in previous papers. See for example my paper on George Washington, where we see his grandmother was a Bennett. Also see my paper on Thomas Pyncheon, whose mother was a Bennett. These Bennetts go back to Salem and then to the British peerage (Earls of Arlington, Tankerville and Ossulton). 

But we have a whole lot more. Mary Hedgespeth's mother-in-law was named Mary Tate. Her mother was a Skelton. Again, Geni ends the line there, but it is too late: we already have the clue. These are the same Tate's that spawned  Sharon Tate and the whole Manson hoax.

But there's more. Buddy's great-grandmother was Frances Hancock. That's another of these very prominent families. Buddy was also a Randall and a Wade in these lines. 

If we switch to Buddy's maternal line, we find many other clues. His mother was a Drake. Through the Drakes, Buddy is a Barksdale and a Ford (of Charlotte, VA). His 2g-grandmother in this line is a Taylor.

Buddy's maternal grandmother was a Perry. Oho! Another palpable hit, linking him to Katy Perry, Matthew Perry, Taylor Swift, Obama, and hundreds of other famous people. It also links him to the Big Bopper, Jiles PERRY Richardson, Jr. Jiles' brother Cecil married a Carter. Hang on, because we about to hit that name, too. Richardson's grandmother was Ruby Middleton. We will also see that in Buddy's genealogy. Richardson was also a Walters, a Thurber, a West, and a Morris. This indicates Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper were cousins. 

While we are on this, the genealogy of Ritchie Valens is also curious. His grandmother was Maria Ponce, and the Ponces came from Chile. So Ritchie was not your average Chicano from East LA. These Ponces are scrubbed, but my guess is Valens is descended from Ponce de Leon, who I showed you in a previous paper was Jewish. I showed you that Eva Peron is descended in direct line from Ponce de Leon, and those links are all at In support of that, we find Ritchie's great great grandmother as María del Rosario Cipriana de las Llagas Domínguez Féliz. Wow. Her mother was part of the Rivera expedition that founded Santa Barbara in 1781. They came from Cosala, Mexico, which produced more than half the silver of the state of Sinaloa. All this indicates Valens also came from nobility. 

More indication of that is Valens' girlfriend, Donna Ludwig. She is now Donna Fox-Coots. We will see the name Fox below, since Buddy was also a Fox. Coots is a variation of Katz, so we may assume Donna is Jewish. You will say Ludwig isn't Jewish, so I send you here, where we find a Donna Ludwig, Jewish. 

But back to the Perry's. You will tell me there are a lot of Perry's, but these are the Perry's we have run across before. They go back to Civil War officers and then hit the Virginia Randolph's in Westmoreland. Before that they were from the British peerage. In the US, they were closely related to the Franklin's, as in Benjamin Franklin. Also to the Clarke's, Manning's and Knapp's. See Benjamin Franklin Perry in Buddy's line, whose daughter married Joseph Wallingford Clark, son of Absalom Clark. Their son was named Joshua Absalom Clark. Fans may remember that Buddy had a relationship in Lubbock with June Clark. So she may have been a cousin and beard as well. 

These Perry's were also related to the Daugherty's, the Burns, the Cunningham's, and Robinson's. These pages are managed by Erica “the Disconnectrix” Howton, indicating we are on the right track. There is something to hide here, or she wouldn't be around. Could be because these Cunningham's are also related to the Wallace's. Erica gives us the name, then cuts us off. But we already know where we are, since we have been here before on other sites. already told us who these people are, so we don't need Erica to tell us. For instance, Erica cuts us off when one of these Cunningham's in Buddy's genealogy marries a Blessington. But these Blessingtons are also in the peerage, related again to the Clarke's, as well as to the FitzGeralds and Russell's. They were Viscounts Blesington, and were actually Boyle's. 

Through the Daughertys, Buddy was descended from the Rodgers (Rogers) and Graves. We have seen the Rogers many times before, since they were just beneath the Rockefeller's at Standard Oil. 

Mary Perry in Buddy's line married Benjamin Head, and his mother was Frances Spence. That is an obvious fudge of Spencer. We also find the name Neville, partially scrubbed, doubling our surety. The Nevilles are related to the Spencer's in the peerage. The name Hackley is also ham handedly scrubbed in the same place, with a female Perry marrying a Hackley, but his page calling him a Perry. Don't know what to make of that. 

Buddy is also a Lee and a Taylor. This older Taylor links him   to President Zachary Taylor. We saw the Taylor's before, so Buddy is a Taylor in at least two lines. 

As far as the Erica-block on Wallace, we fnd a way around it without leaving Buddy's pages. See the page for John Sanford Perry I, whose wife was Frances Montague Wallace. So it looks like it was the Montague that was being hidden. George Washington's grandmother was a Montague, and they are way up in the peerage. In fact, these are the very same Montagues as in George Washington's line, since with them we very quickly hit Balls. George was also a Ball. In about 1755 a William Montague in Buddy's line married a Hannah Ball. So these were first cousins of George. Buddy's page manager ends both lines, but we have already tracked them back to the peerage in my paper on George. 

Some of you may be interested to know that I found a Lettice Ball in these lines. That is an old peerage given name, going back to the Rich and Knollys families. We saw it in my last paper, in the ancestry of the Crowleys. 

So let's see if I can tell you Buddy's relationship to George. It is pretty close. Buddy's 3g-aunt's grandfather was George's cousin. This also links Buddy to the Payne's, the Ryan's, the Carters, the Lewises, the Carnegies,  the Kerr's, the Atherolds, the Fullers, the Berkeley's, the Warner's, the Tarpleys*, the Witt's,  the Foxes, and the Middleton's. Through the Middleton's. , Buddy is related to the Big Bopper. 

And finally, we find an Annie Perry in Buddy's line marrying William H. Kennedy in Dallas in about 1880. That's pretty recent. Of course he and their children are scrubbed. But we do see that Buddy is closely related to Marshes and Jackson's at this time. The Marshes were prominent in North Texas: see Stanley Marsh of Amarillo (and note his first name). We also find a Noble. 

But back to the Ryan. Why do I mention it? Because Vincent Nerlino is also a Ryan. So if Buddy Holly and Vincent Nerlino aren't the same person, they are related further back than through Maria Santiago. They are also related through the name Taylor, which we found in both genealogies. 

As I wind this down, remember that one of Buddy's band mates bumped from the plane was an Allsup. That's a variation of Allsop/Allsopp, another family from the British peerage. See British billionaire fur trader George Allsopp, from whom the Allsopps on this side of the pond got their early money. Also see Thomas Allsop of about the same time, who started out in the silk business (indicating he was Jewish) and then became a wealthy stockbroker in London. This Allsop was also an early agent, involved in the Orsini plot of 1858—which was another hoax. Allsop moved to Santa Fe after the hoax, and he is related to the Allsup's convenience stores that are still here to this day. It is the state's number one privately owned corporation. 

In England, the Allsopps are now the Barons Hindlip, and they run Christie's auction houses. The   5 th Baron, b. 1912, married Cecily Borwick, whose mother was Violet Middleton. Since we just saw Middleton's in Buddy's genealogy, we may assume Buddy was related to his band mate Tommy Allsup. They were probably cousins. For more indication of that, we find Violet's father is Captain William Middleton, whose mother-in-law was a Johnstone. We also saw Johnstones in Buddy's genealogy. It also means Buddy is related to Kate Middleton, current Duchess of Cambridge. 

It is also useful to peek at the genealogies of others mentioned above, like John Moses Brunswick. Some of his descendants had the names Gardner, Greenebaum, Kauffeld, King, Morrissey, Hyman, Hoffman, Heimsheimer, Adler, Markwell, Bensinger and Kelley. Note the name King. Although we found a lot in Buddy's genealogy, some lines were still suppressed, and that may have been one of them. This would link Buddy to the King Ranch. 

One last thing: Buddy's sister married someone named Kaiter. According to a brief online research, that is also Jewish. It is more often spelled Kater. See for example this.  And  this.

There is always more, but I think you will agree that is enough to go on. I bet it changes your view of Buddy Holly, doesn't it? It does mine. Primarily, it should make it far easier for me to convince you the plane crash was a hoax, since we have caught these top families hoaxing many big events through the centuries on both sides of the pond, many of them bigger and more important than Buddy's little hoax. But what it reminds me of most is a more recent hoax of the same sort: Payne Stewart's plane crash. In my paper on Tiger Woods we discovered many amazing things, but for me the most amazing was that Payne Stewart's plane was a CIA plane, making him a probable agent. Just as his death was faked, it now looks like Buddy Holly's was as well. Also remember that Buddy is a Payne. Payne Stewart is a Payne. 

But why fake this plane crash in 1959 in the fields of Iowa? I can only speculate, but best guess is he was ready to move on and got a better offer. Buddy was known to be very restless and ambitious, and he may have already done everything he wanted to do in music by that time. He had already gone to the top of the charts, so there was nothing left to prove there. The only direction was down or sideways. I would say he probably got recruited by the CIA while in New York City, but due to his background and intelligence, they wanted to use him undercover in covert ops. That would explain why his wife later lived on the edge of a lot of big military bases. Since many of them were Navy, he may have gone to work for O.N.I. So, like the Beatles' millionaire friend Tara Browne, they had to fake his death before they made him an agent. He needed to change identities completely. Remember, Tara Browne was the subject of the Beatles' song “A Day in the Life”. I heard the news today, Oboy, about a lucky man who made the grade. I pulled apart those lyrics in  my paper on John Lennon.

Another possibility is that Buddy—being a child of the top families—was scheduled to go into Intelligence from the cradle. However—having other talents as well—he requested and was granted the opportunity to become this famous rocker frst. This would explain why he wore the big glasses. He may not even have needed them. It was part of the disguise. Later, when he went into Intel, he lost the glasses. Without them, he was almost immediately unrecognizable. Brilliant, as you now see. 

Buddy would be 81 now, so I doubt there is any cover left to blow. If he is still alive he is likely just kicked back somewhere having a laugh. But it would be nice to know what other interesting things he did. We can only hope that he solved some problems, rather than creating them, but that is probably too much to ask. 

*See Winifred Griffn Tarpley at that link, indicating Webster Griffn Tarpley is also related to all these people. Which completely changes my opinion of him. He was already dangling by a thread, coming out of the Larouche camp. Finding him related to all these families breaks that thread, at least in my mind.

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