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The CIA Covenant 
Nazis in Washington 
By Gregory Douglas
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Saturday, 25 June 1949 
The Coplon woman is obviously some kind of a mental case. Yesterday she claimed that she was never a communist and blamed everyone around her for making false statements about her. It came out that she had slept with someone from the Justice Department but she swore they were both fully clothed at all times. That does not preclude having a sexual encounter although I imagine it would make the act less enjoyable. Unless, of course, they were at the North Pole. I will have to travel to New York the first part of next month. No escaping the hot weather there either. 

Friday, 1 July 1949 
Friday, 1 July 1949 Coplon received a ten-year jail sentence on Thursday. Still hysterical, she thinks she was falsely accused. I think she misses G. who is slated to be tried later this month. Quite warm today but the sky is overcast. (John, ed.) McCloy will be the new High Commissioner for Germany. I do not think there will be any trouble with him because Truman says that McCloy will “be reasonable” when dealing with the Germans and is expected, from private knowledge here, to grant some mercy to a number of people, including many of the SS. 

Leaving tomorrow by train for New York City where I will stay at the Plaza again. The same suite with the view of the Park. I will go to a number of entertainments while I am there. More when I get to New York. 
John J. McCloy, whom Truman appointed as High Commissioner to Germany did indeed prove to be very sympathetic to the Germans, especially to many who had been convicted of various actions during the war. He granted amnesty to many, some of whom immediately went to work for the United States, either directly or with the U.S.-controlled Gehlen organization in Pullach. By 1949, it had been decided in the United States and at the highest levels that a war with Soviet Russia might well transpire and that former SS and Police officials could be of great value in this war. 
Witness, obviously, the fact that the Chief of the dreaded Gestapo was now living in great comfort in the capital of his former enemy and beginning to formulate policy matters with complete impunity and a great deal of official approval. 
Times change and we must change with them. Müller certainly did  

Saturday, 2 July through 
Wednesday, 6 July 1949 
Very hot and often violent weather in New York. On Saturday I stayed at the Plaza and in the evening went to the Radio City Music Hall where they had a stage show called “Flying Colors” in the evening. Some youngish women with very nice legs that I do appreciate. I went with a U.S. Attorney who is working on the trials and he seemed to enjoy the flesh almost as much as I did. Truman, I see in the newspapers, is out on the Potomac River in his yacht, trying to keep cool in the heat.

Later in the evening, the attorney and one of his friends and I went to a lounge and there I was fortunate to encounter another very attractive young woman with even nicer legs than the ones on the stage. A few drinks, mostly Cognac, for both of us and a cigar for me, and she finally decided to “have a nightcap” in my room. I was introduced as a Swiss working for the government (after all, that’s what almost everyone else thinks) and she at once asked me about gold watches. 

I assume she thought I carried a trunk of them around with me to pass out as favors. She drank too much and I had to sober her up somewhat. I do not like sleeping with corpses after all. In truth, it was a pleasant evening and I am supposed to take her, (her name is Eunice) to a concert tomorrow night. Iturbi will conduct Brahms and Mozart. I can take the one but not the other, and afterwards we can ride one of those carriages around the park and then back to the hotel. E. works as a technician at the Museum here and we had an interesting conversation, after our encounters, about Manet. She seems to know something about him but fortunately, nothing about me.

The concert was acceptable and the evening even more so. I am afraid we splashed a good deal of water around in the bathroom as we began matters in a tub full of hot water. It does make one a little tired but that is not a bad thing.

The Fourth of July is the great American holiday. Explosives and rockets are set off, small children blow off their fingers or put out their eyes with fireworks and it was very hot here indeed. The Americans use the Fahrenheit scale and it was over 100 marks up. Very hot and the entire area is in a state of drought. The papers say that hundreds are dead from the heat. Eunice has to go and see her family in New Jersey today so I will take a small trip down to the water and visit a navy display. The attorney and his wife, a woman as thin as a pole with enormous teeth which looked like china plates and legs that were bowed outwards at an outrageous (at least to me) angle. And two whimpering children who did not like either the heat or ships. Husband and wife spent most of their time quarrelling about her mother who I learn is visiting them and spending all of her time locked in their only lavatory. I was left with the children. Kindly Uncle Heini, the Swiss chocolate baron. I gave both of them some chocolate which promptly melted in the heat and dripped all over both of them. Not that the parents noticed much. I told funny stories to the children who seemed to enjoy them until their mother saw the messes on their clothes and began to screech at them. Family life can be so rewarding. 

We visited the carriers Roosevelt and Leyte and went on board with special papers at about one in the afternoon. I keep thinking 1300 but here we use Fahrenheit and a different time system. Also, women here shave their legs and many other parts of their bodies which is somewhat of a novelty. I remember one lady in Rome with legs which were so covered with dense hair that she reminded me of an Argentine soccer player they arrested in the Tiergarten (Berlin park, ed.) quite naked and covered with some kind of blue paint. I encountered this vision because someone thought he was a Russian spy and as I recall, they had quite a time getting up the paint from the floor. 

Some American habits are not to be laughed at. In Italy the women spend more time shaving their mustaches than their legs!

After spending several uncomfortable hours in the heat, accompanied by an unhappy family, I finally finished my naval tour and returned to the hotel to take a cold shower. Afterwards, later in the day, I decided to take a short walk into the park before having a pleasant dinner. I took one of my guards with me...both of them were not happy that I had evaded them yesterday and today, but I am certain they found pleasant things to do in my absence. Soldiers, even in civilian clothes, always manage to get by.

I went out just before four and the heat struck me when I walked through the front door. I almost cancelled the walk but then decided to proceed and we walked down into the park, which is quite pleasant although I am told is somewhat dangerous at night.

A little after four, while we were walking along a broad path and both of us admiring the young ladies, and some not so young, taking the sun on the grass, a sudden very strong wind came up and I was certain it was an American tornado. Clothing, food containers, dust, branches from the trees, and leaves roared through the air. My guard grabbed me, knocked me to the ground and fell on top of me as a large tree limb flew overhead. I doubt if it would have hit me but I appreciated his zeal. Of course it got grass stains all over my nice white trousers which took the hotel staff several hours to remove and I lost my very expensive Panama hat. God knows what happened to it. It’s probably somewhere out in the river by now along with various paper plates, bras, stockings, sunglasses and newspapers.

The wind was still blowing when we decided to leave the pastoral joys of the park and get back to the safety of the hotel. We must have looked like the victims of a robbery but we certainly were not alone. It looked like a battlefield when we crossed the road to the hotel.

I put on a light-weight suit and treated the guard, whose name is Henry something or other but is called “Hank” to his friends, to a very elegant dinner as a token of my esteem. He kept apologizing for knocking me down but I assured him that I did not object and agreed that the small tree would have crushed all of us if he hadn’t been so diligent.

Just as I thought, he confessed that he had managed to find female companionship last night and hoped I wouldn’t tell anyone. I agreed to say that neither he nor his other military companion (not the woman) had never left me out of their sight.

Amazing what a few drinks will do. He has no idea who I am and spent the rest of the dinner telling me droll and rather obscene stories about his sexual exploits.

After dinner, I introduced him to an excellent Cognac and gave him one of my Upmanns. He told me he is used to beer and whiskey but liked the Cognac very much and said the cigar was very good.

I did not reciprocate the obscene stories but when we finished, I wished him good night and he shook my hand several times and then patted me on the back in a familiar manner.

There is no problem with this and he seems to be a decent sort with very good reflexes. I will have Felix replaced with him when we get back to Washington because he is more acceptable. Felix lies a good deal and “Hank” is transparently honest. He is of German background and comes from Iowa where his father has a farm and is very poor. 

We must look after our own after all!

I find many Americans, certainly not the bosses, to be very straightforward, quite decent, very badly educated and rather likeable. This guard is an excellent illustration of my views. I find I have to be very basic when dealing with the average citizen here but I find these people much more simpatico than the conniving and treacherous lizards in Washington which I have to deal with day in and day out. I exclude the President from this judgment because I like him as a person.

Back to Washington by car on Wednesday because something has come up which I have to attend to at once and the train is very slow. This was certainly not a pleasant vacation, unlike my visit to Colorado. 

Perhaps I can go to California next or Yellowstone Park and watch the steam eruptions. Eunice, whose name and address were written on a paper napkin and left on the bedside table (and put into the toilet and flushed away to join my hat as soon as she had left), told me about Yosemite Park in California that is very beautiful and the Grand Canyon.

The Hiss trial is coming to an end and there is a rumor that if he is convicted and jailed, the Soviets will seize one of our diplomats as a spy and attempt to use him to bargain for H’s release from jail. This has to be headed off very quickly and the Soviet Ambassador is to be told that any such attempt would result in “critical responses” from us. 

They do understand force and that is all. It will be pointed out that his wife might be run over by a taxicab if this sort of thing is even discussed.

Saturday, 9 July 1949 
The Hiss jury was “hung” (which Hiss ought to be) and most were in favor of convicting him. This will go to another trial and Hiss is free on a surety. It is hoped that he will flee to Moscow and avoid another very expensive trial.

The Americans ought to set up some sort of detention camp system and put people like Hiss and others into protective custody. I had some idiot tell me yesterday that all of our camps were filled with Jews who we gassed by the millions and then turned into lampshades, ladies gloves and hand soap! I have no idea where they get such shit but I imagine the American press makes it up for political reasons. The camps were never designed for Jews and we did not gas millions of them or make soap out of their remains. The camps were mostly for professional criminals and communists. About 75% of all camp inmates at any one given time were political prisoners and the rest divided up between criminals, spies and Jews. The worst error Himmler ever made was to put Russian prisoners into the camps because this brought typhus that killed off thousands of prisoners. The pictures often shown here of stacks of emaciated corpses are not pictures of dead Jews but pictures of typhus victims. And gas chambers at Dachau with sixty thousand gassed Jews there! I have visited Dachau on several occasions and no one was ever gassed there. Pictures of ovens with titles that “in these ovens, tens of thousands of murdered Jews were cremated” is more nonsense. All prisoners who died in jail were cremated and their ashes sent home. And especially with the typhus epidemics raging everywhere.

Well, I can say nothing about it so on to other matters. I have read two books this week that have greatly impressed me. One is by the British former communist, George Orwell called “Animal Farm” and the other is by an American named Eric Hoffer called the “True Believer.” The first is a biting and very truthful satire on communism. How delightful that the fictional Bolsheviks are depicted as swine!

Hoffer, whom I would greatly like to meet, lives in San Francisco and works as a dockhand, unloading ships! Such a brilliant insight into the psychology of the members, motivations and history of mass movements. It is said that the author educated himself and I can easily understand this because this book is totally devoid of the usual academic thefts, prattling and general self-serving nonsense which one finds in such works as (those of, ed.) Eric Fromm and others. A true pleasure to read both and I am getting copies of these to pass out to various people here. I shall see that the President gets the Orwell book and possibly even the Hoffer one.

As I said, I have gotten rid of Felix, my chief guard here, and had him replaced with Henry, or “Hank,” the one from the New York adventure. Felix was a terrible liar and in the old days, I would have given him a dose of the cells to improve his attitude but instead, he will be sent to Germany to work in the occupation army. Who knows, with his ability to deny every one of his errors, he is a logical candidate for the State Department but I doubt if he is a fairy. At least he has one set of characteristics that would recommend him.

After all, no one who is German and has the same name as I do can be all bad. We need to educate this one and see where he goes then.

Tomorrow, after Mass, I will be meeting with several people with an eye to developing the same card file system here that I used for the Gestapo. They have such things here but the machines are getting much better and I want access to material and not have to beg Hoover’s people for it. I can get a good deal of raw material from the Army and old OSS files and will get as much from Hoover as I can. 
When Müller took over the small Secret State Police office in Prussia after Hitler’s accession to power, he began to institute a card file on every German citizen. These cards, which were punched to enable easy access, had color codings, which permitted quick identification of potential or actual spies, opponents of Hitler’s government and other lawbreakers. Although Müller ordered much of this material to be destroyed at the end of the war, filmed copies were preserved and a reading of a sampling of these show the ruthless efficiency which with Müller was able to oversee and control the population of Germany. 
How far his system was adopted in his new country is not known but it would not be difficult to believe that omnipresent surveillance of the population of the United States is well in place sixty years after its progenitor was begun in Nazi Germany.
Müller’s observations on the notorious German camp system are entirely his own but one should note are based on his close knowledge of it for a period of ten years and his journals were not written with publication, and justification, in mind.

Sunday, 17 July 1949
An entire week has passed without the time for making notes. Several conferences concerning counter-espionage matters. Now, I am attempting to get some attention paid to the United Nations. Working both with the Hoover people and with the CIA, lists have been drawn up of spies, probable spies and highly suspect individuals attached to that organization. Approximately 30 are members of various communist parties, another 30 or so were previously spies and 20 had been members of the underground in other countries than their own.

Not a good situation but we have the diplomatic problem. Immunity will be called into play. This UN is a useless organization with about as much significance as the old Austrian parliament. This nonsense was Roosevelt’s post-Wilson idealistic shit and it has no more value or logic than the utopian plans of the crazy Marx. We should foist it off on the British but then the diplomats who want to spy would find so many of their tribe there that they would become useless. Also, they would all starve to death in England, or freeze in the winter.

I have suggested this in all seriousness, the removal of the UN. Most are in agreement but say it could never be done. At least we have some control while it is here.

I see this organization of pseudo-intellectual Marxists as an open sore that badly needs treatment but all I can do is to continue to make suggestions.
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The new Secretary of Defense (Louis, ed.), Johnson, is a disaster. Forrestal, he of the gravity experiment, was a lunatic and this new one is worse. F. crept around in silence but J. roars like a bull in heat and is completely disruptive wherever he goes. The Army is furious with him but Truman seems to be loyal. I met him once and that was quite enough for me. One cannot have even the most basic or serious discussion with him; J. spends entirely too much time shouting orders at everyone and enlarging his already immense offices.

The Congress will not proceed with their investigation of Hiss. Much criticism of the conduct of the judge (Samuel Kaufman, ed.) in the case, which will go on again. It is claimed that he was strongly biased in favor of Hiss. I spoke at some length with Nixon about this, at a small function, and he wants an investigation of the judge. Not that it will do any good at all because Truman likes the man and there the matter will stop.

I have compared Nixon with other politicians and he is a man to watch. Very shrewd, well read and determined. Certainly a man who plans to go forward. Penetrating analysis of situations coupled with intense ambition. Why is it that men from poor backgrounds such as Stalin, Hitler, and in all modesty, myself, are so intensely ambitious? Poverty or the fear of returning to it is quite an effective goad and Nixon comes from a poor family.
There has always been strong criticism of the UN from the day it was first lodged in New York State and there was strong, and effective, criticism of its predecessor, the League of Nations so beloved by Woodrow Wilson. Neither organization had any real power and in the case of the UN, unless the American President deferred to it as Clinton did, it is only a talk shop filled with chattering minorities. Like all such utopian ventures, it has an acceptable pedigree of good intentions but like a bad watchdog, no teeth and a strong leash.
Louis Johnson was a loud, disruptive and completely useless man who nevertheless managed to capture Truman’s attention and loyalty. Harry Truman in and of himself was a competent and very honest leader but his choice of subordinates left a great deal to be desired.
A further reading of the Muller papers will show how the former head of the Gestapo, who was used to dealing with the Fuhrer and his myriad of jostling and contesting satraps, dealt very successfully with the American President and at least some of his luminaries.
There always has been considerable support for Alger Hiss, most especially from the liberal arena, and this manifested itself early on during his series of trials. Hiss was eventually convicted of perjury, in good part through the actions of Richard Nixon who built a career on being an anti-communist.
Years later, with the advent of the Freedom of Information Act, Hiss sought, through his attorneys, to get sufficient information from the hitherto closed U.S. files to overturn his conviction and refute the charges of being a Soviet spy. A former KGB general obligingly wrote that Hiss had never been such an agent but the attorneys, after searching through the official records, told Hiss to let the matter drop entirely because there was no question at all of his guilt. With the NSA release of portions of the so called Venona papers, copies of heavily censored Soviet wartime spy messages; it becomes very evident that the lawyers were right.
As far as the KGB general is concerned, it should be noted that almost nothing in the way of “secret file” information emanating from Moscow can be trusted. From faked Goebbels diaries through counterfeit reports of U.S. POWs still in Vietnam to confidential reports on Lee Harvey Oswald and badly faked documents on John Demjanjuk, claimed to be a vicious concentration camp guard, the flood of disinformation continues to pour out of the secret archives of the former Soviet Union, passed first through the workshops of the former KGB. 

Wednesday, 20 July 1949 
Anniversary of the bomb attack on Hitler that propelled me to the top of the mountain. Of course it is not to be celebrated as such but certainly remembered. As I predicted at the time, those who escaped our vengeance are now the glowing heroes of the New (and U.S. controlled) Germany. I can see that my cleansing of the Augean stables at the end has prevented the ascension to the top of the new dung heap of many of the maggots.

A good deal of growing problems, I am told, in the Orient. The U.S. has a strong position in Europe but has been greatly reducing its forces in Japan and Korea. Chiang will certainly lose China to the communists. They are organized and dedicated to their cause while he is corrupt and has no idea at all what he is doing.

Stalin loves to fish in such troubled waters so one must keep an eye on that area. Not that this concerns me but I have learned that Stalin’s people are sharing intelligence they have learned here in Washington with the communists in China.

More fishing in troubled waters and an even better reason to have a major razzia (police mass roundup, ed.) of the Roosevelt traitors before they manage to get this country into a war in the Pacific.

I have named my new chief guard “Heini” after myself. After all, the name is the same but “Hank” sounds foreign on the tongue. He seems to be doing very well here and is fitting in quite well. Well enough, I might say, to begin paying not unwelcome attention to Irmgard.

She is still angry with me for not giving her a sack full of money for her “new spring outfit” and is probably baiting me by paying attention to others. He, on the other hand, is much younger than I am (and a little younger than she) and, I must say, is probably better looking.

It does occur to me that if I. becomes difficult, I could encourage a liaison. It would enable me to find someone else, which I have been planning to do for some time now, and would keep I., a keeper of secrets of some magnitude, in my household. If she left, and was jealous, it would be necessary to take certain steps to keep her silence...permanently.

I have been reading (Curzio, ed.) Malaparte’s book on the coup. The analysis of Hitler has not proven to be valid but as M. was deeply involved with Mussolini, his discussion of the 1922 Fascist takeover of Italy is very interesting for me. This since I have a large number of documents that we grabbed in Rome in 1943, along, one must boast, with the Mussolini-Churchill papers. One day, I shall release these and watch my dear British friends dance around. 

Monday, 25 July 1949
Grumblings about the spy-ridden UN investigations going on but for various reasons, diplomatic immunity and national prestige being two of the strongest, we will not conduct a wholesale investigation. We should keep the suspected diplomats under continuous observation, listen in to all their telephone conversations, open their mail and put microphones in their missions, homes or apartments. Hoover is already doing this at the suggestion of the President.

Although Truman does not like Hoover, I have said to T. that H. is useful and has complete control over an efficient and publicly accredited counterintelligence agency. Better to put up with his ideas and use his agency rather than try to replace him. Besides, H. has files on everyone in Washington, as I have discovered. One of his top aides has been in liaison with me and we have agreed, in principle at least, to trade files on important people. I offer him Eisenhower, who will be a major political player, and he will give me both McCarthy and any information he might have on the British in this country.

The trials in New York drag on. I had a visit at the Justice Department this day with the attorney from New York. The one with the ugly wife, toilet-dwelling mother-in-law and dirty children. I passed on some information to assist their efforts but am afraid that the trial will still be in progress when the end of the century arrives.

They are presenting a bill before Congress to prevent aliens charged with espionage from getting bailment. This relates to Gerhard Eisler who promptly escaped. Eisler they wanted, but Hiss they do not. Perhaps the State Department can find a way to have Hiss made ambassador to some African country where the natives could eat him. One cannibal, late for the feast, would say to another he met in the forest, “Have you eaten Hiss yet?” and the reply would be, “Yes, we just passed him in the woods.

I am to give a private lecture to a number of senior U.S. military officers on the weekend about the structure and methods of penetration of the communists. After all, these methods have not changed from the time when I was working on them and hopefully, I will make a few more allies.

Wednesday, 10 August 1949
(Senator Pat, ed.) McCarran (D. NV, ed.) is making a great storm over the number of communists in the UN. From what I understand, he is planning to expose a number of Stalin’s agents who have come here on various Polish ships over the past year. He has also been complaining that large numbers of spies are crossing the U.S. Mexican and Canadian borders and that nothing can be done about it.

We should get Willi K. to come over here and we could set up a regular border guard like I ran in Germany. I doubt if anything could cross the border, which I now understand is as full of holes as a Swiss cheese.
Krichbaum had been in charge of the Grenz-Polizei or Border Police in southwest Germany and had been Müller’s chief deputy for border police matters in the Gestapo, which controlled the unit.
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(Dean, ed.) Acheson, that very proper British gentleman (his papa was a sergeant in a British army unit once) is outraged by McC.’s activities. Truman seems to like A. but I have met him and he is a thorough going fraud, fake British accent and all. He knows Hiss and is very defensive of him although there is no doubt at all here that H. was a Soviet spy.

The weather has been hot, very humid and raining here. Everyone with a legitimate excuse to do so flees this city in August and goes to their homes in the mountains or at the sea.

Wonderful comment from Bavaria where their puppet parliament is now in opposition to the American occupation government. A fellow named Loritz was being tried there for black-marketing practices (how are people supposed to live a decent life there without someone finding ways to supplement their inadequate diets?) and L. has now said that the Ami (American, ed.) jails are far worse than anything the Gestapo ever ran! We never ran a single jail but never mind.

And that idiot Adenauer is squealing that his government is full of Nazis. Of course it is.

When you consider that all of the civil servants during the Third Reich had to belong to the Party, it is not at all surprising that so many bureaucrats were NS (National Socialist, ed.) members.

We used to complain about the uselessness of the Weimar government but what the Americans and British have set up is more like Hagenbeck (a famous Hamburg circus, ed.) than anything else.

Willi (Krichbaum, ed.) writes me here that last winter was awful in Germany, which I well know, having sent food to my family and some friends. Also I am interested in the utter uselessness of Gehlen and his people. God knows how many of our people Willi has managed to find jobs for. I have warned him that Soviets have penetrated there but he does not care. He tells me about the moronic ideas that Gehlen discusses with his American controllers and says that as stupid as they are, the American plans are even worse. And there is no liaison worth speaking of with the British, who I have been reliably advised, are now engaged in intensive spying against the United States.

The British are immersed in deep poverty and their pride is badly damaged. They want their own Atomic Bomb to feel important again. This is an area I intend to work in very soon. H.(oover, ed.) dislikes the English more than I do and we are to have a serious discussion of this espionage very soon now.

Friday, 12 August 1949.
My spies in the house tell me that I. is having an intense affair with Heini. I notice that he looks very embarrassed these days but I am doing my best to cheer him up. First, he gets chess lessons from a master and then I give him a few books to entertain himself with. Not French books with pictures of women in suspender belts but to start out with, the Hoffer book, “The True Believer.” He has a quick mind but from the noises reported to me yesterday, is slow enough in the bedroom. I. told me today how much she really loved me, which means that her bed is still damp. 

Major elections in Germany tomorrow. Let us see what happens but the outcome will never be in doubt.

I received a very nice note from Mrs.(Maxwell Peter, ed.) Miller, now the head of the “Washington Times-Herald.” I had met her at a party after her uncle, (Robert Rutherford, ed.) McCormack, who publishes a very conservative paper, the Chicago “Tribune” had bought the paper and allowed her to run it.

M., who likes to be known as “Colonel” just as Hoover was once called, was here and I had the chance to talk with him. An imposing man and I have read copies of his paper. My father-in-law was also a newspaper publisher but on a far smaller scale. I had a nice talk with the Colonel and his niece is a social and pleasant person as well. Last week I had a brief note from M. thanking me for my views on the situation in Europe which “so closely mirrored” his own views.

Always tell them what they want to hear. It makes it easier if you actually believe what you are saying.

Saturday, 13 August 1949.
Very nasty weather here today. Extremely hot and humid and it rained again. It is like going into a bathroom after someone has taken a very hot bath. Clothes stick to one and poor Maxl pants at the foot of my bed like he had a lung disease. This house is very solid but I am thinking of escaping the heat by going out to Colorado again.

Sunday, 14 August 1949
To Mass in the morning. I made I. go as well. She seems to be having some kind of an emotional crisis over her relationship with my chief guard. I spoke with him about this and he knows that not only do I know everything but entirely approve of his taking her off my hands. That conference went off quite well and he got some practical advice from me as well as a good cigar and a glass of my best cognac. He wants to get out of the Army as his term is due to expire so I told him I would hire him at double his current wages on the condition that he keeps I. happy. Such a face! But then a good laugh was had by all. An interesting sort of ménage here.

The CDU won in the election. No surprise there. The big dock strike in Hawaii was ended by their governor when he took control of the dock area and threw out the union men.  
It now looks as if I can go to Colorado for a few weeks as I have caught up with my back work. I will take Maxl and permission for this will not be impossible for the railroad people to grant me. After all, I will have most of a sleeping car for my people and myself. That sort of money does have an effect. The government will pay for half of this and I the rest. Two more very good checks on the sale of the last batch of paintings do not injure my fiscal standing.

I. asked if she could come along and I said yes. Such joy in her face. I have assigned her a compartment right next to Heini and they have connecting doors. Am I not such a thoughtful person after all?

The House will be in recess from the 25th of this month until the end of September and everyone is fleeing this hothouse. If not skiing, perhaps I can climb a mountain or two. 
Note: While Müller was on vacation, he kept a rough journal and one incident of interest will be set forth here. The rest of his notes dealt with expenses, hotels he stayed in, meals consumed and small items of gossip. 

An interesting but alarming incident yesterday. I was in the lounge of the hotel when I noticed a man staring at me. I saw him when I looked in a mirror on the wall of the bar. I did not recognize the man but it appeared that he either knew me or thought he did.

I told Arno to get Heini and have him check the person out. It turns out that this man, a refugee from Berlin, said to Heini that he was “absolutely certain” that I was a big Nazi. Heini showed him his U.S. papers and told the man that I was an important Swiss government official and that the man was wrong. Nevertheless, he persisted in whining about me and wanted to tell someone about this.

He said he had once seen me in Berlin but Heini made little of this and assured the man that he was wrong.

I told him to have the man watched and to get the hotel telephone operator to block any outgoing calls this man attempted to make. It was just as well that I implemented this because I was told just after dinner that the man had tried repeatedly to call the offices of the FBI in Denver but was told that the lines were down.

Arno was told what to do and so then the next morning, this poor man was found dead in his bed by a terrified maid. He had obviously had a heart attack in the night and had also made a terrible mess in the bed when he died. Arno said the man thought he was an FBI agent before he got the injection and A. took away all of the man’s notes. He did not know who I was but this kind can make trouble. Now he is at peace and the hotel can replace the mattress and the bedding.

Heini obviously knew what happened but said nothing, only winked at me over breakfast in my rooms when we got the unfortunate and tragic news. I must say, he is coming along very well indeed. I asked him over grapefruit if he planned to marry I. and he made a face.

It was either the grapefruit or I. and it turned out to be me. He enjoyed a good time, he said, but not marriage so soon. 

I can agree with the attitude. Why should you spend all your time with one when there are so many interesting and exciting others to explore and exploit? Or should I not say, “exploit?” Women certainly exploit us and I told Heini that certainly she would want him to marry her. No doubt at all about that. She wouldn’t have dared to try that old game with me...she knew better, but she will with him. American citizenship is very important to some people.

I will become one soon enough and now I am to have a special rank in the Army to give me access. Another uniform to wear. If it were anything like my old uniform, it would hang in the closet except for state occasions. I do not like uniforms.

Saturday, 24 September 1949
“Ut quis ex longinquo revenerat, miracula narrabant” (When one returns from distant parts, they had wonderful things to tell, ed.) 

Great surprises while I was gone. I saw it in the press but Washington is in an uproar. It seems Josef has set off his own atomic bomb! The American Air Force detected the radiation from it. I suspect Comrade Josef did this while Washington was empty so as to gain some breathing room. 

Of course as stupid as the Russians are, the only way they could have built such a bomb is through the activities of their agents in the A.E.C. I have spoken very strongly about this before but now, perhaps someone will listen. Pash said that the whole project was full of refugees, mostly German Jews, most of whom were communists and sent information to Russia on a daily basis.

Some of this was sent by radio, as I know from my own intercepts of the Soviet spy messages, and the rest, including actual equipment, was sent in the diplomatic bag on the Halifax convoys. And all of this with Roosevelt’s at least tacit consent! Well, now the Americans will pay for Roosevelt’s treason.

And what about the British? We know that they too are spying on us and what they have, the Russians have and vice versa. I have no idea why we wish to cooperate with those moral bankrupts in London and if I can ever get my way, we will cut off our flow of information to them.

There are programs now in place wherein we here share our intelligence knowledge with London and they are supposed to share their intelligence with us. Except that they don’t, but I strongly believe they share our material with Stalin! More on this later.

It actually looks like the New York trials will be over soon. The defense lawyers have finished their case. There was an attempt to nail down (Paul, ed.) Robeson but (Judge Harold S., ed.) Medina kept him from testifying. R. is marked down for future action.

Interesting call this evening. A Dr. (Frank, ed.) Graham, professor of economics at Princeton and a man in whom we have had some interest, fell off the top of the football stadium. Will these gravity experiments never cease? Will no one pity the poor workers who have to clean up the messes left when certain people decide to take up flying without wings? Icarus may have had some luck but none of these seem to. Again I ask, why not the heart attack? The Americans keep throwing people out of windows. Or off of stadiums. Absolutely no imagination whatsoever.
Image result for IMAGES OF  Wisner CIA
Wisner tells me that Large Otto (Otto Skorzeny, ed.) will be coming over here soon for conferences. They are still working on ‘Bartholomew ‘(the U.S. plan to assassinate leading communists in Europe in the event of a Soviet invasion, ed.) and he is to be involved. I was once but I managed to get out of it quickly. It will be interesting to meet him again. He is rather basic but interesting. I wonder if he will be bringing (Karl, ed.) Radl (his SS aide during the war, ed.) with him? Karl is the one with the brains. We used to call him Otto’s nursemaid.
Image result for IMAGES OF  Wisner CIA
Wisner is using all kinds of really terrible Eastern European murderers in his CIA and I, who certainly know about their murderous activities during the war, have constantly warned against this practice. Also, Wisner is trying to stir up all manner of revolution in Stalin’s empire and this simply will not work. The CIA dupes they sent into the east are either betrayed to their death from some leak or would be instantly killed by Stalin the moment they tried any kind of resistance.

By the time he’s through, Wisner will have an ocean of blood to swim in.

Friday, 14 October 1949 
Well, the New York business is over. All of the eleven defendants were found guilty by the jury in only a few hours. They will be sentenced on the 21st. The jury found that there had been a conspiracy to overthrow the U.S. government and that the orders for this came from Stalin. Not that I am surprised but only eleven people have so far been brought up. I know that there are literally thousands of spies, traitors and so on all over the United States as I am writing this. There is simply no way to go after all of them and even to try a few hundred would take years. I have put the idea around that if America could lock up quite innocent Japanese at the beginning of the war, it should not be too difficult to lock up a few thousand communist spies. They should either be sentenced to life in prison or better, shipped over to Russia where Josef and his thugs would soon kill all of them.

I was reading an account the other day about all the Jews we were supposed to have killed in Poland. Don’t these idiots realize that it was Stalin who killed off the Polish Jews, not Hitler? Of course the communist sympathizers write most of the history here and so would never dare to expose the terrible crimes of the Pope of the Kremlin.

The American people are very innocent in such matters but I am certainly not going to say anything about it. And the Jews in Poland who tried to escape Hitler by fleeing to the safety of the Internationalist Capital of the World and were not shot by Stalin, were quickly shoved back over the border for our police to take care of.

Not that we wanted them either. Stalin is now accusing the Germans of killing all the Poles, Jews and so on whom he had shot. God will eventually grow tired of this filthy beast and kill him but before He does, I wonder how many other millions Josef will liquidate?

Stalin, who is without doubt a brilliant man, is also completely mad and has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own countrymen for no reason whatsoever. Even his closest and most loyal assistants are taken off and shot and this is still going on at this moment. Wisner thinks that he can stir up a revolt inside Russia but he is as mad as Stalin. 

Stalin will kill a whole city for no reason so any attempt to revolt against him would be shut down with horrible results for the Russian people. Wisner and his clique are elitists who never think through their actions and remind me of small children enthusiastically playing at soldiers with grandmother’s pots on their heads and beanpoles instead of guns in their hands.

This would be pathetic if it weren’t for the death and misery they are causing and will continue to cause. Rather than try such nonsense in Russia, they would be better off getting rid of the huge number of spies and traitors right in their own country.

Pash, it seems, is still looking for Hitler! He mentioned Spain and told me in strict confidence that Allen Dulles knows that Hitler flew down there at the end of the war. I was curious so I began to query Pash who will supply me with the documents that his small group is now working on. Between planning and executing the murders of all kinds of persona non-gratia individuals around Europe, Boris is trying to find Hitler!

It might not be a bad idea if he got on a real trail because Boris would vanish off the face of the earth like the members of that Zionist group who went to Spain last year to see if they could find the Chief. All of them dead I am told. Boris is now highly suspicious. “How could five people vanish overnight and never be seen again?”

Boris likes to shoot people in the head with a small caliber pistol equipped with a silencer and leave them in parks. A heart attack is much better but aside from that, never leave the corpses around to draw attention to your work. 

With the Mediterranean so close to Barcelona, it would be so simple to take the unwanted dead out on fishing boat and throw them over the side equipped with heavy weights. This is too subtle for Boris and his friends who would doubtlessly like to hack off the heads of their enemies (who encompass almost everyone) and carry them around the Mall here on pikes.

If Dulles weren’t so stupid, I would have some fun with him over this
When Mary Pinchot Meyer, divorced wife of Cord Meyer, Jr., Deputy Head of the CIA’s clandestine operations and mistress of John Kennedy, threatened to reveal devastating secrets about her personal knowledge of the Kennedy assassination, she was shot in the head with a small caliber silenced pistol while jogging in Washington’s Rock Creek Park.
Before the perforated Ms. Meyer had even assumed the local temperature, James Jesus Angleton of the CIA’s counterintelligence division and a great protector of that agency and its members, broke into her residence and quickly carried off all of her incriminating papers.
Evidently, Pash was not the only one to like small caliber silenced pistols nor to leave corpses in parks. (See: ‘Regicide: The Official Assassination of John F. Kennedy” Monte Sano Media, 2002’ by Gregory Douglas which deals with the CIA-driven assassination of President Kennedy.) 

Saturday, 22 October 1949
Yesterday, (Judge Harold R., ed.) Medina sentenced almost all of the conspirators to five years in the prison. One of them got a lesser sentence because of his wartime actions in the Army. Hopefully, on to more.

A long and significant conference here about the directions and policy of the CIA. I deal with both them and the President’s commission, I think on alternate weeks or so it seems.

The well-known Mr. (Allen, ed.) Dulles, (Frank, ed.) Wisner and two strange creatures from the State Department were here most of the day. I could not use Irmgard to transcribe but I had a recorder in the next room and have it all. I have no shame, especially when Dulles told me they were recording the telephone conversations of the President (I must tell him about this next week, but carefully).

The main thrust.... The general aim is to stir up serious rebellions inside Stalin’s empire, rebellions that will cause it to collapse. The directions come from Dulles and the actions are prepared by Wisner.

It was made very clear that Truman has been deceived by these vicious assholes and they are hiding behind his permission to form an information group to build up a mighty empire to replace the communist-ridden O.S.S.

Their opinion of T. is very low. These are elitist idiots who think that Truman is only a stupid farmer without their exalted social backgrounds and that they know best how to defend this country against whatever enemies they decide on.

Of course, they all know who I am and Dulles and I talked with some humor about our days in Switzerland. I did not enlighten him as to the degree that I penetrated his organization nor did I tell him that I view him as a cretin. We must be polite to these rodents because if D. succeeds in building up a powerful organization he could be a serious enemy.

Methods to be used...political murders, assassinations, commando raids deep into Russian territory, blowing up Russian ships on the high seas, starting various plant diseases in the Ukraine so as to cripple their food supplies and so on. While no one can accuse me of loving communists, I find the CIA’s attitude juvenile and extremely dangerous and simplistic.

These over educated idiots have no idea about the balances of power and I am badly afraid that they will be wallowing in gore before they are through. Also.... they do not like going after the domestic spies because, as the Department of State people say, so many of them are friends and not really spies at all. Of course not.

When (Walter, ed.) Krivitski came over here before the war and began to reveal all he knew (and he knew almost everything) about Stalin’s murder machine, the liberal/communists here, especially the artists and writers, howled with rage. Roosevelt howled even louder and tried to silence K. and throw him out of the country. This proved hard to do so a State Department official, a rich young communist who was a good personal friend of Roosevelt, immediately informed Stalin’s murderers where K. was hiding and they killed him. It was supposed to look like a suicide (it is never difficult to arrange a murder but to arrange a suicide takes talent) and was immediately swept under the edge of the carpet and the investigation was carefully controlled by the highest authority, namely the President himself.

That was dangerous for Roosevelt because K. knew how many of his top men were their agents. Now, of course, K. would be a national hero but they can’t dig him up for the ceremony.

So in the field of foreign policy, their aim is to attack Russia physically, stirring up rebellions, to murder their supporters in the West and to build up an empire under the very noses of those in power in this country. They state to me emphatically that they and they alone will make and implement American foreign policy. Those of whom they approve will receive large cash gifts and those who they disapprove of will be killed.

They totally ignore the fact that Josef has the famous bomb and might quite justifiably use it if armies of raving Ukrainians, armed by this country, start a major rebellion. I recall a statement made by Bismarck to some individual who was advocating a very provocative policy. “Are you prepared to carry your policy through with cannon? If not, I suggest you abandon it.” I could have said the same thing but I am not Bismarck and they wouldn’t listen if I were. 

Wisner mentioned the names of very many Europeans, some of whom I know of, who he wants to set up in various U.S. dominated puppet governments to act as a barrier to what they call Soviet expansionism. Again, they have no idea what they are about and frankly, Wisner is a manic drunk, Dulles a brainless egomaniac and the two are peculiar State Department, pro-Soviet fairies. The British services are filled with these twittering perverts but now I see that the infection has spread to this country as well. I feel that if I put a blood sausage into the front of my pants, I would have their undivided attentions.

Heini was in attendance and one of the State Department men was drooling over him. Fortunately, H. has too much sense to punch the auntie in his mouth. Of course, as I told H. later, if he knocked the man’s teeth out, it could improve his performance in the public latrines. I understand that that’s where so many of the Washington elite congregate.

Hitler did the right thing, shoving them into camps. Of course punishing a fairy by locking him up in prison is like punishing a moth by locking it into a closet full of wool clothes.

Much conversation about the British. All are rabid Anglophiles of course. Great love of Roosevelt but they question as to why he destroyed the sacred empire by robbing it of all its assets in 39-40. Literally took all of their gold, every mark of it, and left them a huge debt, no navy and no hope for the future.

Roosevelt, then, was not entirely bad after all.

We give money to the state of Israel and far more to England. Better to keep it here and spend it here. I would think that the people in America would rather have it that way. Who knows what kinds of vipers we are nursing to our breasts? 

They help. I am not to do anything for the President and can I help them in convincing him that the CIA is nothing more lethal than a fact-finding group? Innocent academics and patriots, seeking to protect this country against invasion, looting and rape by barbarians.

Of course, and Father Christmas is alive and well in Argentina along with Hitler and Bormann. Next month, all of them are going to live in ice caves in Antarctica and dress up like penguins to fool any airplanes flying over their secret rocket bases

The CIA people are going on like Italian assassins while the DOS (Department of State, ed.) pretties squawk in the background like a couple of mangy parrots. I very seriously thought about serving them poisoned wine and saving everyone a great deal of trouble but then there is the problem of messes on the rugs and having to dispose of the bodies, the expensive sedans parked by my house and all the guards outside. And, of course, embarrassing questions such as “Whatever happened to Mr. Dulles?”

One cannot blame such high level extermination on a lightning strike or hungry mice.

I tell them, of course, I will help them. Will I inform Truman? When and if I can. Dulles is totally addicted to the use of the first person singular, Wisner loves alcohol and blood and the others should be left to heaven, which in their case would no doubt be a very well endowed Negro or a donkey.

W. talked about Skorzeny whom he hopes to install as his chief assassin very soon. I doubt if Otto will go along with this sort of psychotic nonsense but I will be meeting with him soon enough and can find out for myself. Of course these are our enemies but they pay the bills in the end.

Saturday, 5 November 1949
I have now a most unique opportunity! It seems that Harold Philby is here to be the British intelligence director in America! This is an unbelievable stroke of good fortune for me, I can certainly say.

Philby, well known as a pro-communist in our old circles, also a homosexual, worked for me in 1939 into the war! We got on to him because of his father, St. John, who also worked for us. He was a leading figure in Saudi Arabia and completely pro-Hitler.

P. went to Cambridge and got in with the communists there but he is really not one at all. Of course neither is he a Nazi. He is a perpetual intelligence agent and I know that he works for the British, in whose service he is, but also for Moscow and at least for a time, for us. That he gives a bit here and a bit there, just like the Swiss, is well known to me but I am sure not to the others. He tells the British he makes contact with the Russians to get information, the Russians he gives British secrets to just so they are happy and impressed with him, and to me he gave from both.

Now he is over here, directing the British spy apparatus against the United States for both Britain and Russia. Well, if I play my hand right, I should have some very interesting times ahead with this one.

I cannot tell Dulles and his gang of murderers nor Truman, who wouldn’t have the slightest idea what it was all about, so I may have to take this to Hoover and see what we can work out just between us.
Harold Adrian Russell “Kim” Philby was born in British India in 1912. His father, St. John Philby, was a converted Muslim and adviser to the Saudi Royal family.
Philby attended Cambridge University and later claimed to be an active communist but there is little evidence that he was more than a dilettante. He later joined a pro-German group at the urging of his pro-Hitler father and made a number of trips to Germany, meeting various German officials.
St. John Philby was arrested by the British in 1940 as a suspected German agent.
Postwar liberal writers have tried to make Kim Philby into a phenomenal and brilliant Soviet agent but the truth is far less interesting. The younger Philby worked for a number of people, was not particularly intelligent and tended to gravitate towards men of power just as Stauffenberg did. 
During the Spanish Civil War, Philby was a newspaper reporter covering Franco’s forces and was personally decorated by the Caudillo.
More will be heard about Kim Philby later in these journals. 

A domestic observance.

I. is growing tired of Heini and is making great cow eyes at one of the gardeners. I must talk to Heini about this; not that he will be heartbroken about I’s defection but because of the security risk. Potentially very serious indeed. Heini tells me an American joke:

“How to get information around the world in three minutes: Telephone, telegraph and tell-a woman!” 


Tuesday, 15 November 1949 
This has been a very busy few days so I will catch up here. 

There is to be a large exhibit at the National Gallery here of art “on loan” from the museum in Vienna. Truman went to a special showing several days ago and I made the effort to be there when he went through.
This exhibit, which was very well attended, ran from November 20, 1949 through January 22, 1950. 

Of course he knows who I am and I was able to get the necessary clearances to be in the building when he was there. I managed to get just ahead of the party and then turned and greeted him. He recognized me and I will try to put down what happened because I feel it will be very important. 

We were standing by the “Artist in His Studio” by Vermeer and I leaned across and told him that I would like to pass on some very private and serious information to him. He looked at me in some surprise and then motioned his people to give us a few moments.

I said, “I shouldn’t bother you at all but this is so important.”

Making sure that no one could hear me, I at once told him about the meeting with Dulles and Wisner and what was said. He looked very intently at me and kept nodding for me to go on. I then told him that this gang had put a listening device onto his telephone at which point he really made a bad face and glared at me. “You are not joking with me, are you?” I told him I was not and then I went on with the gist of the meeting. Very quickly and with a low voice.

He said to me, “I do not trust those sons-of-bitches at all.” and he was very angry but tried not to show it. Then he said, “I do not like either of the Dulles brothers. It’s too bad this one wasn’t in his house when it burned down.” I knew nothing of this, I must confess, and I wondered if the President wanted Dulles dead but that was neither the time nor the place for that. Later, perhaps. Of course if one were to shoot Dulles, one would need armor-piercing bullets because his skull is so thick.
Allen Dulles’ home on Long Island burned down on Monday, November 7, 1948. It was never officially determined how the fire started but threats were also made against his brother, John who lived at Cold Springs Harbor on Long Island. Both of the brothers were put under guard.

I saw his people were interested in what was going on so I leaned over again, pointed to the picture and asked him to laugh. He looked at me for a minute and then did just that. So much for throwing the others off the track.

“I am inclined to believe what you say but what is to be done about it? I can have Hoover’s people check on it but then he would know and I don’t want that. I do not trust that man at all.”

The directors were becoming concerned at the President’s intense interest in the Vermeer and I could see one of the officious swine just twitching to get his nose into the conversation. “Well,” I said, “I do have a man whom you were kind enough to allow to come over here to help me. He is one of the best and I could have him check on this. After all, I am under your command, sir, and he is under mine. There will be no problems.” Then someone said, “Mr. President...” and I finished quickly.

“Let me think about that” he said, now smiling to everyone and obvious (to me at least) that he didn’t mean it at all. 

As people began to come up I said, very friendly, to him, “You must come to my home for dinner one of these days. I have a first class chef and I will have some excellent piano music especially for you. And we can talk on this.”

“Yes,” he said, “I might find that interesting. After Thanksgiving, I will be on vacation at Key West. Perhaps we might get together there. We can do that then and I would enjoy paying you a visit later. And thank you for your comments on the painting.” He then shook my hand very warmly while looking me directly in the eye. “Thank you for your concern and your interesting lecture.”

And off he went, trailed by guards and others, some of whom kept looking back at me. I did enjoy the rest of the preview and decided that I have made a good step. 

Saturday, 19 November 1949
Hiss is being tried again in New York. I am certain that this time they will convict him but one is never certain with the American jury system.

(Judge Harold R., ed.) Medina let all of the convicted criminals out of jail on bonds. These idiots have no idea at all what they are doing. The American Attorney General (J. Howard McGrath, ed.) has expressed some doubts about the legality of the convictions. There is some question about whether the American right to free speech is not in question.

Cannot these morons think about such issues before they commence to try the communists? Now (Judge, ed.) Medina is going to put off sentencing the communist lawyers. Whatever for? Are their friends inside the government going to get them off the charges? The Roosevelt people are still alive and have enough power to do things like this. I think that one ought to identify them, arrest and charge them if possible and make such terrible examples out of them that the other rats will think twice before putting up their heads.

I must say, all of the public protests about the hunt after authentic Soviet agents have only given us more names to work on. I suppose these loud assholes have been taking to the streets with their signs for years now and do not realize that the wind is blowing in the other direction.

We need more courts and I certainly could use a bigger staff but I neither can ask for one nor would I take any Americans because they have no idea at all about communists or how they infiltrate and burrow.

I will have to set up a meeting with Hoover about the British very soon now.

Tomorrow, I am off to Mass early and then I will be going back to the National Gallery for a preview showing of the Vienna collection. I have already seen it but I am invited and must go.

Irmgard has given up her pursuit of the gardener because I told the firm I have hired to take care of the outside of the house to replace him with someone else. She was very depressed for several days, having peeked at him working in the shrubbery, stripped to the waist. She no doubt imagined his sweaty body bouncing up and down on top of her down in the cool and damp cellar. Such fantasies!

Now, she is being nice to Heini again, which is far safer than having pillow conversations with a stupid Portuguese gardener. 

next..monday,November 21,1949[64]

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