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Hitler's Genealogy
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First published January 16, 2017 As usual, this is just my opinion, arrived at by internet research anyone can do. 

I bet you don't think I can find any laughs in this one, but let me know at the end. Some people seem to think I am privy to inside information or to sources other can't see. I'm not. I don't even have memberships to any of these genealogical sites. I refuse to spend money on this stuff, so I only go to free pages. That's why I give you links: so that you can see what I saw. Everything I have found over the past five years is freely available on the internet, most of it at Wikipedia, Geni, Ancestry, Intelius, or other free mainstream sites. 

You may ask why they would leave this information up on the internet. I also ask myself that. My feeling is that, uncollated and unanalyzed, this information normally helps them sell their various agendas. It takes a lot of work to gather it all together, put it in order, and unspin it all. They figure no one is capable of doing that, because no one before me did it. They think you would have to be a professional historian or some other top academic, and they figure they own all those people. 

Anyway, strap yourself in, because here we go again. The ride has begun. Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and do not stand up while the car is in motion. 

The mainstream is now admitting Hitler was at least partially Jewish. That is from History.com, and the data comes from DNA evidence. You will say I don't trust History.com when they tell me things I don't agree with, so why do I trust them when they tell me this. I will tell you why. It isn't because I trust them on this question. Trust has nothing to do with it. It is because I can see that they are misdirecting even while admitting it. Notice that in the article, they want you to think Hitler is only Jewish in a couple of lines, while being mostly Gentile. They are selling it as a minor irony, while not tying it to anything important. So they are spinning it heavily. This is what they do. We saw them do it with Lenin and many others. This indicates to me that Hitler was probably a lot more Jewish than they are admitting. But I am not taking their word for it either way. I am going to do my own research from the ground up, as usual. I just take their spinning as a hint. 

So let's hit Geni.com hard. Hitler wasn't even really a Hitler. We are told the family was originally Hiedler. So why did his father change it? Why move from Hiedler to Hitler? We are told it was to move up in the Austrian Civil Service. By 1876, his father Alois Hiedler, age 39, had topped out in rank [border police, Austrian Customs] “due to his limited education”. To remedy this, he now did two things. One, he amended his baptismal record to indicate Johann Georg Hiedler was his real father rather than his foster-father. Previously, the slot for father had been left blank. This emendation requires four witnesses, but only three testified. We are told all three were illiterate family members and had been underage at the time of Alois' mother's death. Therefore, they shouldn't have been qualified to testify. Two, Alois changed his name to Hitler. We aren't told why this would have helped him move up in rank, and the event isn't even tied to the change in the baptismal record. However, since both events happened at the same time, we may assume they were both done for the same reason. What was that reason? 

Well, I assume the problem was that even after the baptismal record change, Hiedler still had a problem: the name sounded Jewish. Locally, it may have been known to be Jewish. In fact, I suspect the entire Frankenberger story has been inserted as misdirection. As you may know, the current worst case scenario for Hitler's genealogy is that his real paternal grandfather was a Frankenberger, admitted to be Jewish. I suggest that isn't true, and that it has been inserted as a dead end. It looks to me like the “Hiedlers” were Jewish and so was Maria Schicklgruber. But if you are looking at the Frankenbergers, you aren't looking at the Hiedlers and Schicklgrubers. 

You may not understand why I would think that, so I will just tell you. It is because I always assume that the two top-ranked stories on any subject are both false. That is what I have always found, so it is a logical assumption. On any web search, the truth will either be unlisted or it will be down listed to oblivion. Since the Frankenberger story came up near the top of the first page, I assumed it was garbage, just like the mainstream story. Remember that: the mainstream story and the alternative story are always both false. 

Since we will see name changes from all these people below, also pause to ask yourself this: If you are a Gentile, how many times has your family changed its name in the past century? In all my lines, I only found one small change: the Malloys dropped an “l” to become Maloy. So you should find it very suspicious that all these Nazis were constantly changing their names. If they were normal people with nothing hide, why would they do that? If history was really what we have been told, why are the famous people so well hidden? 

In support of my hunch, notice that Hitler's father is named Alois. That doesn't sound very Austrian, does it? Looks French. Since he originally spelled it Aloys, that seems even less Austrian. I send you to this Wiki page to get a taste of the name Alois in history. A lot of Nazis there, but not a lot of old Austrian figures. In fact, this page is a goldmine, not only for this paper, but for the entire larger question. Notice that the Pope before the current one was an Alois. Joseph Alois Ratzinger. Arnold Schwarzenegger's middle name is Alois. The mayor of St. Louis during the war was Alois Kaufmann. Kaufmann is of course a Jewish name, and Missouri has long been one of the most politically corrupt places in the US. That's where Truman came from, and Pendergast and Hannegan and that bunch. Then we have Aloys Sprenger, also probably Jewish. He spoke Hebrew and was the principal of Delhi College—which was funded by the East India Company. Then we have Alois Haba,  the Jewish composer from Prague [If that link doesn't convince you, try this one,, where we learn that at the 1923 invitation of Leo Kestenberg (Jewish), Franz Schreker and his entire class abandoned Vienna for Berlin. Haba was part of that class.] Then we have Alois Buttinger, Socialist and Jew. Also Alois Brunner, who I hit in my last paper on Spotlight. He is sold as a Nazi, but appears to be Jewish. Alois Hudal, pro-Nazi bishop, ditto. Alois Adolf Riehl, philosopher and promoter of Nietzsche. We get a two-fer-one with his names, don't we? Alois and Adolf. Riehl is also a Jewish name.  See Regine Riehl, convicted in 1907 in Vienna of being a madam, and admitted to be Jewish. Also see Nikolaus Riehl,, who worked on the bomb for the Soviets. Also see famous meteorologist Herbert Riehl, admitted to be Jewish. Then we find the famous doctor Alois Alzheimer, admitted to be Jewish. Then Aloys Wach, previously Wachelmeier, Jewish expressionist painter [Wiki: “Was not allowed to paint during the Nazi regime”]. Then we find the Czech writer Alois Jirasek, not admitted to be Jewish but he was a reproducer of Jewish legends and teller of Prague's Jewish history. Then we have Alois Swoboda, son of Adolf, mail-order millionaire who promoted Charles Atlas and the perfect physique. Swoboda was promoted by Ernest and L. Ron Hubbard, who later used Swoboda's gimmickry in Scientology. I assume all were Jews, although I will have to hit it later. It would swamp this paper.* 

In short, almost every Alois listed throws up some kind of Jewish red flag, so that from now on we can use the name as a probable marker. Rather than see it as a variation of Louis, as we are told, we can tag it as a variation of Israel, Zion, or Sion. In fact, Alois backwards is Siola. Or, Sion-la. In French, “Zion there”.

And look at the picture of Alois Hitler they have posted at Geni:
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You have to laugh. That guy has absolutely no resemblance to Adolf Hitler or anyone else in the family. Here is his other son Alois Hitler, Jr.
 Image result for images of Alois Hitler
Zero resemblance. That picture of Alois, Sr. is a fake. They just grabbed a picture of the most criminal-looking person they could find from that period and posted it as Hitler's father. Don't believe me that we are being toyed with? Check out this: on Alois Hitler, Jr.'s page , he is listed like this in the title: Alois Hitler (Matzelsberger), Jr. What? We appear to be being told that his mother's maiden name is Matzelsberger, but that isn't the way it is usually given. So I see it as a clue. His mother is given as Franziska Matzelsberger, so they want to be sure you don't miss that. Why? Because it couldn't be more Jewish if it were Matzoball. We learn nothing else about her. No parents. Why do they use that name? Because it is almost extinct. According to Namepedia, there are only 12 instances in the entire world. For comparison, Mathis brings up 786,000. Jones brings up 38 million. This indicates Matzelsberger is a fake name, used only by Intel for its jokes. 

Also curious to find Alois Hitler, Jr.'s son listed as William Patrick Stuart-Houston. His life is another big joke. On his Geni page, it is made to look like he took his mother's names Stuart-Houston, but in the biographical section at the bottom, it says he just made it up. Besides, his mother's maiden name was Dowling. We have seen that in previous papers, as a variation of Downing, indicating this woman was actually in the peerage. Regardless, according to Wikipedia and other mainstream sources her name wasn't Stuart-Houston, so listing her as a Stuart-Houston is a major problem. 

Or was it? Stuart is of course a prominent name in the peerage, so perhaps someone at Geni is giving us a hint here. To unwind it, we have to respell both names, to get Stewart-Houstoun. We then find Houstoun Stewart-Nicholson, a friend of Boswell. His son was the 5th Baronet Greenock, and his grandson was Admiral of the Fleet (5-star) Houston Stewart. His son was also Admiral William Houston Stewart, and he lived until 1901. Bridget Dowling was born around 1891, so we just need the final link. 

In searching on this, I found some interesting things which I will share. At the peerage.com, there is a Doris Dowling, peer, d. 2004, daughter of an unknown Dowling, and Doris came to the US to be an actress. She married Artie Shaw the famous bandleader, and Leonard B. Kaufman (producer of Hawaii 5-O, etc). Why is she scrubbed? Is it connected to our mystery here? I suspect so. 

Anyway, it is hard to make that link between Stewart and Dowling, due to scrubbing, but the Dowlings and Stewarts are very closely related, as you see here at Tim Dowling's lineage. As you may know, he has built his own genealogy website, and it is huge. Anyway, he says that he is related to King James Stewart II, 2nd cousin 18x removed. That's an incredibly close relationship to someone so distant in time, as you can see by just scrolling up and down the rest of that page. Do a page search for 1st and 2 nd, and you find that the only other relationships that close but distant in time are a Bacon (13x removed), a Bowes, a Brandon (16x removed), a Bruce (22x removed), a Cecil, a Clifford (14x removed), a de Bourgogne, a de Castile, a Douglas, King Hardecanute, King Harold Harefoot (33 times removed), three King Henriques, a Neville, two King Charles of France, King James V of Scotland, King John II of France, two King Charles of France, Henry V, VI, VII, and VIII of England, three Seymours, a Stafford, King James Stuart I, a Talbot, King Edward VI, and Queens Mary and Elizabeth. 

Therefore, when we see Alois Hitler marrying a Dowling and then changing his name to Stuart (Stewart), we should be very suspicious. The odds are very high that Bridget Dowling really was closely related to the Stewarts and that it was part of her name or the name of someone in her family. 

Obviously, they had to scrub all this because it means Hitler's brother married into the British peerage before W.W.1. 

[Addendum, January 28, 2017: Also interesting is Houston Stewart Chamberlain, d. 1927, a British born German philosopher with red flags all over him. He married Richard Wagner's daughter Eva after she divorced famous composer the Baron Hans van Bulow. [Think of the later Claus von Bulow.]Notice all the composers we see here. Hitler referenced Chamberlain—one of his favorite writers— often. Chamberlain's bio is very curious, since they call him German despite the fact that both his parents are said to be English/Scottish and he was born in England. So why was he German? Are they giving us a clue? Chamberlain's father is given as Rear Admiral William Chamberlain and his mother as Eliza Hall, of the Baronets Hall from Dunglass, Scotland. Her father was a captain in the navy and her grandmother was Helen Douglas of the Earls of Selkirk. So why was H. S. Chamberlain German? He studied under Carl Vogt in Geneva [think of actor Jon Voight] and Julius von Wiesner in Vienna. Odd. After his studies he settled in Dresden and became a “hater of Disraeli”, etc. This all looks staged as opposition control. Why would the son of two military families from the peerage settle in Dresden? Chamberlain later got involved in the Theosophy project, importing bastardized Eastern religions to the West to create chaos. I will have to research Chamberlain more deeply another time, but we can already see him as an early man on the ground in the Nazi project, connected to all these people. It is no coincidence that Houston Stewart and Stuart-Houston come from the same families and the same project.]

But let's return to William Patrick Stuart-Houston. I really suggest you study his Wiki page. He was born in Liverpool. This is curious since the Houston Stewart family was related to the Stanleys of Liverpool. Margaret Shaw-Stewart married the Duke of Somerset, which linked them to everyone important in the peerage. They were also related to the Maxwells, the Walkers, the Forbes, and the Millers. Otherwise, we aren't told why the Hitlers were in Liverpool. Dowling was allegedly from Dublin, and Hitler was of course from Austria. We are told they were in Liverpool because Alois was avoiding conscription, but since this was 1911, the war wouldn't start for about three years yet. If he was dodging the upcoming war, he didn't a very good job of it because we are told he returned to Austria in 1914 to gamble and find a second wife. Just in time for the start of the war. And yes, he was a bigamist.

[Addendum January 28, 2017: I discovered more evidence today at the Dailymail.co.uk.. In an article from 2014, we find that while in Liverpool, Alois “worked at a Jewish cafe”. Even better, they give us a picture of Alois Hitler:

Alois Hitler (pictured), the half-brother of Nazi leader Adolf, and his wife, Bridget, are believed to have lived in Liverpool before the First World War  
See a problem? It doesn't match the other famous photo of him. 
Image result for images of Alois Hitler
Not even close. I will be told, “Yeah, he just got older and thinner”. No, getting older and thinner can't change the shape of your nostrils. We are fortunate because these two photos are taken at almost exactly the same angle. Look at the distance from the nose and mouth corner on the far side to the edge of the face. That tells us these two heads are turned away from us at almost exactly the same angle. But in the first photo, the guy has a broad flat nose at the end. The other guy has a much narrower nose. Since the second guy is younger, you can't tell me he had a nose job to make his nose flatter and uglier. The ears don't match, either.

And we have even more problems. In the census sheet posted there, we find him listed as Anton Hitler, age 28. His son Wilhelm is listed as one month, which would make this April 1911. But since Alois was born January 1882, in April of 1911 he would have been 29 not 28. And his name wasn't Anton. If he were going to change his name from Alois to fit in in England, he would have changed it to something English like Arthur or Alan or Anthony. To the English, Anton wouldn't have sounded any better than Alois.] 

We are told Bridget sent her son William to his bigamist father in Germany in 1929, but that is not believable, either. He wouldn't have wished to go and his mother wouldn't have sent him. Anyway, William was working in a bank in Berlin in 1933, but the rest of his bio up to 1939 is contradictory and sparse. Since he was now 28, notice that we have been told nothing about his early life. We don't know where he went to school, how he learned German, or anything else. Suddenly, in 1939 William Randolph Hearst brought him and his mother to the US for a lecture tour. The theme of the lectures was pro-Nazi. Despite that, we are told that at the outbreak of the war he was stranded in the US. He joined the US Navy in 1944 and served until 1947. Despite being a pharmacist's mate, he allegedly won a purple heart. Oivay caramba! Why would he serve until 1947? Only so that they could work that number in there. There were laws against foreign nationals serving during the war, and the idea that Hitler's nephew would be allowed to join the US Navy in 1944 in any capacity is beyond absurd. Again, when he was lecturing in 1939, he was telling his audiences how wonderful his uncle was and what a joy Nazism was. Remember, Hearst was pro-Nazi, and they admit that. It would be hard to deny, since the paper trail stacks to the Moon. To scrub that will require a mighty big bonfire.

But you wouldn't know it from Hearst's Wikipedia page. We get almost no information on Hearst in the 1930's and 40's, and what we do get is heavily spun. His bio basically stalls at 1934, and all we get is this: 

In 1934, after checking with Jewish leaders to ensure a visit would be to their benefit,[44] Hearst visited Berlin to interview Adolf Hitler.  When Hitler asked why he was so misunderstood by the American press, Hearst retorted, "Because Americans believe in democracy, and are averse to dictatorship."[45] 

That makes it look like Hearst was anti-Hitler, but Hearst was actually a personal friend of Hitler. For an unspun take on Hearst, you may visit this page, where the authors reprint actual documents of the time.

So William Hitler's page is a complete reversal of the truth at all points. We are told William married a woman named Phyllis Jean-Jacques who was born in Germany in the 1920s. Really? No actual DOB for this person? Why? Because she is another ghost. Jean-Jacques isn't a German name and it isn't a surname. It is a French given name. Although the couple had four sons from 1945-61, none of them had any children, ending that bloodline. Convenient. I typed Phyllis Stuart-Houston of New York into InstantCheckmate. She is there, age 93, but—although she has many aliases—no mention of the name Jean-Jacques. Also strange that William does not come up as a relative. Only Alex, Brian, and Louis. No son Howard Ronald, Special Agent for the IRS. Same thing at Intelius. No William, no Howard. 

But back to Hitler. The name Hiedler itself is uncertain. It was also given in various documents as Hikler and Huetler. All this fudging about something that shouldn't be so variable leads me to believe all the names are slurred. Yes, I think they are all fake, the real name most likely being Hiller. You will see more evidence of this wild-goose chase in a moment, but for now I will tell why I think the name is Hiller. It is because the Hillers were prominent and wealthy Jews in Vienna and Germany, and it would explain the connections Hitler later had in both places. To get you started, see this link  to Ferdinand von Hiller, 1811-1885, famous composer and conductor. A student of Hummel, he was already prominent enough at age 15 to visit Beethoven on his deathbed. He was a friend of Spohr, Hauptmann, and Mendelssohn. [Mendelssohn is admitted to be Jewish]. Hiller was from a family of wealthy cloth merchants. His father was originally Isaac Hildesheim, but he changed the name in around 1780 to hide his Jewish roots. This would also help his son, since it would link him to the earlier famous Hiller composers like Johann Adam Hiller. Also remember that Disraeli told us many of the top composers were crypto-Jews.

That means Hitler's real name was not Hitler, Huetler, Hikler, Hiedler, or any other. It was Hildesheim. I think you now see why they had to make up so many ridiculous stories to hide that. Although his mother's side is even more important—and we will get to it in a minute—the name Hildesheim on his father's side would have killed the story by itself. 

As you can see from the scrollbar, I came to that conclusion very fast, after just a cursory look at the evidence here. As usual, I came into the question cold, not knowing anything about it before today. That's the way I like to do it. I don't read anyone else's opinion on the subject, I just look at the baseline data, as close to the ground as possible. Does this mean I am jumping to conclusions? No, it means the answer was very obvious to someone not groomed to follow the lies. These things are not hidden in plain sight. In fact, they aren't hidden at all. They are like poop in a kitten's cat box. The little guy just throws some litter around, but doesn't even bother to be sure it covers the poop. 

For another Jewish Hiller, see the Socialist writer Kurt Hiller.  He was from the same period as Hitler, flourishing in Germany in the 1920's. He was also a gay rights activist, taking over the chair of the Scientific Humanitarian Committee from Magnus Hirshfeld in 1929. This indicates he was a leading spook of the time. He was probably from the same family as Hitler. Why do I say that?
Image result for images of Kurt HillerImage result for images of A YOUNG HITLER
Because Hiller has a family resemblance to Hitler. We don't actually have any good pictures of Hitler young: in my opinion they are all faked or manipulated. However, that one is about as good as we are going to get. I didn't draw the marks on the ear. They were already there, for reasons unknown to me. However, they may have been drawn by the Muses as a clue for us. Although Hiller's ears stick out more, I think you can see the very close shape match. It is astonishing, really. They also both have heavy-lidded eyes that slope down on the corners. The noses are similar, and the eye-to-mouth distance is about the same. To see Hitler's eyes a bit better, we can switch to this one:
Image result for images of A YOUNG HITLER
There, you can better see how heavy-lidded and sloping Hitler's eyes were, even young. Same ear and nose as the previous Hitler, indicating the same person. I say that because we will see below that many of the famous Hitlers don't match at all. 

Before we get there, we can practice on these two. I already noticed something, from just those two. It is the same guy, as I said, but the first one has been manipulated. Look at his eye to your right in the first one. It looked strange to me immediately, but I couldn't spot the problem until I imported the second pic of him. They used the eye from the second one to paste into the first one. Look closer:
Image result for images of A YOUNG HITLER
The eye to your right doesn't match the eye to your left. The eye has been taken from the other photo, pasted in, and then the lid fold above it has been drawn in—in the wrong place. In fact, I now think the entire first photo was faked using the second as a guide. That's why the left eyes, cheeks, and ears look like carbon copies. This is why it is good to have a portrait painter doing your analysis for you here. I have even been hired occasionally to retouch old photos, so I can see when things have been repainted. When things are wrong—even small things they jump out at me.

But we will look at more photos later. Let's go back to the genealogy. For more on the name Hiller, I refer you to the Wiki page on that name, where we find much support. See Arthur Hiller, film director of “over 33 films” [including Love Story], admitted to be Jewish. No genealogy past his parents. Stanley Hiller, a pioneering developer of the helicopter. Notice that he is linked to Berkeley and billionaire Henry J. Kaiser. We just saw him in my paper on Max Keiser Hiller's genealogy is very well scrubbed, with no grandparents. No children are listed for him or any of his siblings, which is unlikely. Then we find actress Wendy Hiller, daughter of major cotton merchant Frank Hiller and wife of Ronald Gow—son of a banker. Otherwise her genealogy is totally scrubbed.

You would expect Hiller to be a very common name, wouldn't you? So ask yourself why Wikipedia lists only 20, with seven of those minor sports figures. I suggest it is because once you have scrubbed Hitler and everyone remotely related to him, you don't have much left. 

[Addendum March 4, 2017: In playing an old game of Trivial Pursuit (original Genus edition, 1981), I came across a question asking “what British city did Adolf Hitler study art in?” The answer? Liverpool. Wow. Trivial Pursuit is known for including mainstream propaganda questions, but not for including conspiracy theory. So in 1981, this bit of knowledge must have been mainstream. It is now pooh-poohed by paid mainstream historians and talking heads in the media, but we do have paper evidence for it. Alois' wife Bridget wrote a book in the 1930's, and in it she admits Adolf was in Liverpool in 1912-13. These paid historians dismiss her admission, telling us she was just trying to make money with the book. Maybe she was, but that doesn't address the question, does it? Are they saying she could charge more for the book by mentioning Liverpool? Do they have evidence of kickbacks paid to her by the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce for the plug? No. They are obviously just trying to misdirect, and can be ignored. So we now have evidence linking not just Alois to Liverpool, but Adolf himself. And again, the question is, “Why Liverpool?” Why not Galway or Glasgow or Canterbury? What is the real connection to Liverpool? I found the likely answer in the paper after this one, where I was led back to Liverpool by the Stanley Hiller—helicopter developer— you just met. I ran his genealogy, and found that this famous American inventor of the 20th century had a daughter who married a Chadwick in a big wedding in London. That ties in here, because the Chadwick's not only hailed from Anglesey, they also hailed from Liverpool. What's more, they were of the peerage, being Baronets who took over the huge and impressive Stanley Manor outside Liverpool. I showed that this indicated a connection between the Chadwick's and Stanley's, and through them to the Hillers. In fact, it may be where Stanley Hiller got his first name. So it appears this may be why the Hitlers were in Liverpool. It look to me like they had kin in Liverpool, and this kin just happened to go right to the top. The Stanley's had been at the top of the peerage for centuries, and had actually installed several kings in the past. Although now apparently less prominent than a family like the Spencer-Churchills, they may simply have gone underground to some extent: having all the old power, or more, but choosing to stay out of the limelight. In support of that, I again point to Bridget Hitler being a Dowling. That name is prominent in the peerage, possibly tying her to all these people as well. The Dowlings are linked to the Stuarts, and through them to everyone, including the Stanleys. I would say the Hitlers' presence in Liverpool before WWI indicates the Stanleys were involved in the Hitler project from the ground floor. We will follow that important clue in upcoming papers.] 

We will switch to the maternal lines. Hitler's mother is given as Klara Polzl. Her mother is Johanna Huttler or Huettler. Johanna's sister is given as Josepha Hiedler. But we already saw those names on the paternal side, didn't we? Are we supposed to believe Hitler's parents were first cousins, or are our brains just being further stirred? I suggest the latter. I suggest they had some names they needed to scrub in those positions, so they just inserted variations of the name Hitler again as further confusion. So I am just going to blow by those names. The clues are farther back. Hitler's 4 g-grandfather is listed as Simon Pollack. That looks like a Jewish name to me, and we have already tied the Pollacks to the families in previous papers. See my comments on Jackson Pollock, for instance. Or search on “Pollack Jewish” and you will find literally hundreds of hits. If we keep going back from there, we soon come to Haiders, which looks like yet another variation of Hitler. They may have had another name that needed to be scrubbed in that position. These Haiders are the end of the line.

So let's go forward three generations to the Huettlers. Hitler's great-grandmother married Joseph Huettler, and she is listed as Eva Maria Decker. But her father is listed as a Tecker. His father is a Docker. His father is a Dockher, and his father is a Deckher. So more misdirection. The Deckhers are related to the Artners. This attempt at misdirection is pathetically weak, since all those names are Jewish. Decker is a common Jewish name to this day. See Cody Decker. Or just run a search on “Decker Jewish”. So is Artner. Go here to see that Hugo Artner, Jewish merchant in Stuttgart, allegedly had all his property confiscated by the Nazis in 1933. Also see Lilian Artner who married famous Communist Lou Kenton in the same year. Also the art critic for the Chicago Tribune, Alan Artner.  

This is very important, because Decker is in the direct maternal line of Hitler. This is the line that determines whether Hitler is Jewish in the eyes of Judaism. The name Pollack is also in that line. One step back from Pollack in the maternal line, we find the name Fiechtinger, which is more misdirection. They have misspelled it on purpose. It is Feichtinger, and it is also Jewish. See Kristine Feichtinger, writing at that link about shtetl girls. Also see historian Johannes Feichtinger. Also Martina Feichtinger at Hohenems Diaspora. Also writer Christian Feichtinger.. This Feichtinger is listed as being from Graz. Is he the same as the Christian Feichtinger  at the IAF? I could find no confirmation, but possibly. Both are connected to Graz. If so, it is curious to see the head of the International Aeronautical Federation writing in 2011 about “Othering and Exclusion”. 

But it is even easier. Hitler's mother was a Polzl, remember? Well, that is also Jewish. See the 1942 Jewish census in Romania, where we find many Polzls. Also see here. This is why they want you looking at Hitler's paternal grandmother Schicklgruber. If you are looking at her, you aren't looking at his mother Polzl. They need to get your eyes off her immediately. 

So why don't they scrub this better? Do they assume we are all idiots? YES! They assume no one will do their own research on this question or any other. They assume you will go to secondhand sources, and as long as all those sources spin this, they figure you won't catch on. They know you won't trust your own eyes at someplace like Geni, so you will Google search on it. When you do, you will find the two planted paths for you: on path one, Hitler isn't Jewish at all; on path two (planted at Stormfront, JewWatch, History.com, etc.), Hitler is Jewish in a couple of unimportant lines. Plus, they figure the only ones really asking questions here are Gentiles, and they figure we are dumb as dirt. They think we can't decode these names like Polzl or Feichtinger as Jewish, or that we will believe it when they tell us the names aren't Jewish. So they only have to partially scrub Hitler's genealogy at places like Geni. They may have removed a few names like Cohen or Einstein or Freud or something, but they just leaves these others up there.

So with almost no research, we have already found Hitler is Jewish in all or almost all his lines. He is Jewish on both the maternal and paternal side, and on his mother's side—the important one—he is Jewish in many lines. There is no way he wasn't aware of it. Given that, we may assume that the whole story about his paternal grandmother being a servant is also false. Like everyone else we have outed, Hitler looks to have been from wealth. He would never have been chosen for his part if he weren't from wealth. To be picked for the magnificent Beer Hall Putsch fake, Hitler must have been from the top Jewish families of Germany and Austria. 

If you aren't yet convinced, that is fine. I'm not finished. But if you haven't read my paper on the Beer Hall Putsch, do so immediately before moving ahead. When documents have been scrubbed and/or changed, building a case requires compiling a lot of surrounding and partial evidence, and that paper is an important part of the pile here. 

To add to the pile, I will now show you that it wasn't only Hitler: all the other big names are Jewish as well, including Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, and Eichmann. We will start with Otto Adolf Eichmann. The first clue is his picture at Geni:
Image result for images of  Otto Adolf Eichmann.
Wow. I hate to admit it, but before today I couldn't have told you what Eichmann looked like as an older man. I have never previously studied him. Like a lot of these questions, I come in cold. Which is probably why I can be fresh and objective. But I think we have to admit he looks very Jewish at a glance. I won't rest my case on it, as usual, but I consider this picture to be fair data. There is no reason not to look at it. 

The only picture of Eichmann that comes to mind is this one in his uniform: 
Image result for images of  Otto Adolf Eichmann.
But there we are signaled strongly by all the Nazi regalia: we don't dare ask ourselves if he looks Jewish. That question is blocked. It never occurred to me before a few months ago. But now, I have to say he looks very Jewish. In fact, he looks a bit ridiculous in that uniform. He reminds me of someone. Who could it be?
Image result for images of  Otto Adolf Eichmann.Image result for IMAGES OF DON KNOTTS
Yes, Don Knotts was Jewish. Actually, Eichmann looks more Jewish than Knotts, especially in the ears and nose. And don't laugh too hard at Don Knotts:
 Image result for IMAGES OF DON KNOTTS WITH  Loralee Czuchna
That's him with his wife, Loralee Czuchna. Here's Eichmann's alleged wife:
Image result for images of  Otto Adolf Eichmann. Eichmann's alleged wife:
The lesson: if you are a Jewish actor and they give you the choice of playing the head of the SS or a small-town deputy, go for the deputy. I have to insert some levity in these things, or we would all go mad. 

Speaking of Eichmann's wife, she is a clue here. She wasn't German. They admit she was Czech, and her name was Liebl. That's Jewish! Also see here. Also here. Also here. See also the name Leibl. 

The next thing to notice is how scrubbed Eichmann's maternal side is at Geni. Only his mother is given, as Schefferling. Her parents aren't given, so we are supposed to believe Eichmann's grandparents aren't known. Right. Same thing on his father's side: no grandparents. A total information embargo on one of the most important figures of the 20th century.

Even his name is different at different mainstream sites. At Wiki and Geni, we found him listed as Otto Adolf Eichmann. At Historyplace.com, he is listed as Karl Adolf Eichmann. It looks like they could agree on that. But that is not the only strange mistake. In this declassified September 15, 1948 FBI document to the CIA director, Hoover calls him Adolf Karl Eichmann. That is his father. As another clue, it is admitted in this FBI document that Eichmann could speak Yiddish, Hebrew, and several Arabic dialects. Really? If you wished to wipe out an entire race, would you take the time to learn their language? Say you wished to destroy every cat on the planet: would you learn to meow? Beyond that, remember that in Eichmann's bio, we are told he dropped out of vocational college and worked as district manager for an oil company. So when and why did he learn Hebrew and Yiddish and several Arabic dialects? He was 26 when he joined the Nazi party, and we are told he advanced due to his knowledge of the enemy. So he must have already known all this in his 20's.

And we find another problem in that FBI document. This one is a doozy. Director Hoover tells us Eichmann was born in the “German colony Sarona, which is now the seat of the Israel Government and called Hakiriya”. But the current story is that Eichmann was born in Solingen, Germany. Given that, it is worth searching on Sarona.  Wiki tells us it is a German Templer colony founded in 1871, now a neighborhood of Tel Aviv. It was “a model for Jewish pioneers”. This means that Hoover has admitted Eichmann was Jewish.

I will be told that the Templers in Palestine were millennial Protestants. Sure they were. That's why they were “a model for Jewish pioneers”. The Templer movement was started by Christoph Hoffmann. His older brother was Wilhelm Hoffmann, first president of the Jerusalem Association in Berlin. But if you still insist these people were not Jewish, answer me this: why change Eichmann's place of birth from Sarona to Solingen? If they weren't hiding he was Jewish, why the change? 

Here's something else for you to explain. During WW2, we are told a couple of curious things about Sarona. One, it became rabidly pro-Nazi. Two, in 1941, the British came in and interned the whole village, deporting the 188 worst Nazis to Australia. If Sarona was a town of millennial Protestants, why were they pro-Nazi? According to the story we are told, Millennial were philo-Semitic, like Mormons. They loved Jews, which is why they were in Palestine “pretending” to be Jews. So they wouldn't support the Nazis, would they? Also notice the number 188. Aces and eights, as usual. Another signal this is a project. And then we have the British Mandate coming in and interning the whole village, as if it is Jewish. The Brits didn't intern Nazis, they arrested them as prisoners of war. So again, everything is pointing to these people being Jews. And now you understand why they were pro-Nazis: Nazism was a cover for Zionism, which was about Jews going to Palestine. The top Nazis were Jewish, so of course these Jews in Palestine were going to support them.

If the head of the FBI will admit Eichmann was Jewish, we don't really need his genealogy, do we? So why don't they seem to know this at Stormfront? Seems like a slam dunk, right? You just post it at the top of page one. I will tell you: it is because Stormfront is another front. It was created by the same people as opposition control. They tell you what to think on both sides of the argument. Notice that when you link into Stormfront from a search, you never link to a paper where someone with a real name and a real bio is explaining things to you sensibly. No, you always link into some chat room where unsubstantiated opinions are flying around all over the place. Instead of straightforward research like I am giving you, you get 17 kinds of misdirection. That is no accident. 

But let's return to the name Hoffmann. You will remember that Hitler's personal photographer was Heinrich Hoffmann. They go back to 1921. It was Hoffmann who introduced Hitler to his “studio assistant” Eva Braun. So is it another coincidence that Eichmann and Hitler, who went to the same high school in Linz 17 years apart, both were later connected to Hoffmanns? Also strange that we have no biographical information on Heinrich Hoffman at Wikipedia. They blow right by it. At Geni, we find he was the husband of Maria Baumann. That's pretty curious, because the Christoph Hoffmann we looked at above was the son of Beate Baumann. This indicates the two Hoffmans were related.

We also find that Heinrich Hoffmann's mother was a Kargl. That is also Jewish. See Galerie Georg Kargl in Vienna right now. He runs Jewish themed shows several times a year. 

Did you know that before becoming a Nazi, Eichmann worked for an American oil company? Really? Which one? We are told it was the Vacuum Oil Company, but that is misdirection. The Vacuum Oil Company didn't exist in the 1900's, since it had merged with Standard Oil in 1879. I will be told that when Standard Oil was split in 1911, Vacuum went back to being independent, but that is baloney. Regardless, it re-merged in 1931, so the point is moot. Eichmann worked for them until 1933, so either way Eichmann was working for the Rockefeller's. In fact, that is where he was working when he was “discovered”. He went directly from Standard Oil to the SS. It says so at Wikipedia.

But let's go back to the Vacuum Oil Company for a moment before we move on. It was founded in 1866 by Matthew Ewing and Hiram Bond Everest. Hold on. Haven't we seen the name Hiram Bond before? Yep, in my paper on Jack London. London hung out with the Bonds both in Alaska and on their ranches in California. Bond was a billionaire involved in everything from coast to coast. He started out working for the Vanderbilts, married a Higgins, and was a member of Edwin Booth's Players Club in New York. Edwin was the brother of John Wilkes Booth, of course. So who was Hiram Bond Everest? Wikipedia has a page for him, but refuses to tell us who he was. The page is complete bombast. Geni also refuses to tell us, scrubbing his maternal line after his mother, a Robertson. On his father's side we find Cheney's, Perry's, and Clement's. This last name probably links us to Mark Twain [Clement's], since we are told Twain lost his shorts investing in one of Hiram Bond's schemes. 

Here's a weird “coincidence”. One of Hitler's ancestral families was given as Haider, as we saw above. In Hiram Bond Everest's genealogy, we find him descended from the family Haiden. So it is curious to find Eichmann later working for a company founded by Everest. As we go back in time, these Haidens become Haydens,  and are from Braintree, MA. The given names at this point are very Jewish, including Moses, Hannah, Ebenezer, Ruth, Daniel, Elisha, Josiah, and Jerusha. So where did they come from before that? It is scrubbed. Want to guess who scrubbed it? Erica “the Disconnetrix” Howton. We found she ditched the middle name for a few days, but it is back. 

So, this begs the question: was Hitler related to this Everest, and were they both related to the composer Haydn? Is the Haider in Hitler's genealogy a slur of Haydn? Maybe. We are always told these relationships don't exist, but we have always been able to show they do. I will have to leave it for later, though.

Since we get no information on Hiram Bond Everest's relationship to Hiram Bond, let's switch to Hiram Bond's genealogy and try to research it from that end. He also has no ancestry pages at Geni, but we can dig up some information. Here, we find his mother is Alemeda Slusser, daughter of Levi Lewis Slusser. Not only do we link to the Lewises (see my paper on C. S. Lewis), but we have a first name of Levi, indicating he was Jewish. More indication of this is the name Slusser, which was originally Schlosser, meaning locksmith. A prominent line of Jewish Schlossers came from Prague, and is listed in the Holocaust Memorial books. 

Anyway, the Everest's go back to New Haven, where they married into  the Jones clan around 1700. These Jones were related to the Booths, Clarke's, Faulkner's and Morrison's. We have seen them all before, haven't we? 

At any rate, this is who Eichmann was working for in 1933, when he was tapped for the SS. Do you really think that is a coincidence? 

But let's back up a few years. Another clue is found in the admitted fact that Eichmann and Hitler went to the same high school in Linz. That also indicates Hitler was from wealth. Why? Because Eichmann was from wealth. This was a school for rich kids. Eichmann's dad was commercial manager of the Linz Tramway and Electrical Company, and Adolf Eichmann played the violin. Eichmann's playing the violin is yet another clue here, since we are seeing many links to famous composers like Hiller, Haydn, and Mendelssohn. These families were connected to the arts. Also confirming this is Hitler's links to the Prussian Royal Theater, which we studied in my previous paper. Even before 1923, Hitler was being groomed by Dietrich Eckart, protege of theater director Count Georg von Hulsen-Haeseler. 

The other founder of the Vacuum Oil Company was Matthew Ewing. Who is he? Wikipedia tells us he was a carpenter. And? That's it. OK. More likely he was related to Thomas Ewing, Secretary of the Treasury in 1841 and father-in-law of General Sherman. Ewing had three sons that were also Major Generals in the Civil War: Thomas, Hugh and Charles. Thomas Jr. was also an attorney, and he represented Ford Theater after the fake asssassination of Lincoln. Hugh became a Major General despite flunking out of West Point. It helps when your foster-brother is General Sherman. Thomas Sr.'s great-grandmother was Dorothy Sayre, which name we have seen before. It was Zelda Fitzgerald's maiden name, remember? It's Jewish. Ewing was also descended from Hannah Grant. So he was related to that General as well. Since Vacuum Oil was found in 1866—the year after the Civil War ended—you can see why I suggest Matthew Ewing was related to these folks. It would be very useful to be related to all these generals in 1866, wouldn't it? 

But let's return to Eichmann. At Stormfront, the question of Eichmann's ancestry is broached, and the first answer given is that Eichmann couldn't be Jewish because no Jew would have a first name of Adolf. Wrong. In previous papers, both Josh and I have shown you a couple of dozen famous admitted Jews named Adolf or Adolph. 

The only name we were given in Eichmann's genealogy was the name Schefferling. Since the mainstream admits Eichmann was teased as a boy and called “the little Jewish boy” by his classmates, we should ask why. We are told this teasing caused him to hate Jews, but we are never given a good reason why he was called that. We are told it was due to his complexion, but that isn't really believable. I suggest it was because his mother was Jewish, which would mean Schefferling is a Jewish name. I also suggest the “ling” has been added as misdirection. She wasn't a Schefferling, she was a Scheffer, which is Jewish. See Emmanuel Scheffer, Israeli footballer. Also Maria Scheffer, interviewed by Hannah Arendt. William Scheffer, Jewish basketballer. Paolo Scheffer,  Jewish guide. And thousands of others. Just search on “Scheffer Jewish”. 

OK, the next big clue is given us at Wikipedia, when they tell us Eichmann's mother-in-law was named Maria Zawrzel. That's another fudge or purposeful misspelling. Zarzal is a famous old Jewish name. See See Moses Ibn Zarzal, poet and doctor to King Henry III of Castile in about 1400. His father was the famous astronomer Abraham Zarzal. The name later morphed into the name Herzl, which is the second biggest clue in this section on Eichmann [the first was Hoover basically admitting he was Jewish]. If you search on that name at Wiki, you are taken to the page for Theodore Herzl. And who was he? He just happens to be one of the fathers of Zionism. He formed the First Zionist Congress in 1897, which promoted Jewish emigration to Palestine and the formation of a Jewish State there. Herzl used the Dreyfus Affair in France to promote his plans, as we have seen in Josh's paper on that subject. Josh shows us there what I am telling you about Zionism here: he says explicitly in that paper on Dreyfus that the event was faked to scare Jews into leaving Europe and go to Palestine. Wikipedia admits it was Eichmann's job in the beginning to do the very same thing. So do you think it is a wild coincidence that Eichmann's mother-in-law had the same name as this guy Herzl, just with a garbled spelling? Do you really think there is no relation? How about this further “coincidence”? If we check Herzl's genealogy, we find his daughter married Richard Neumann. Two of Richard's sisters married Adolf Braun. Remember Eva Braun? 

But before I get to Eva, let me finish with Theodore Herzl. Here is what we find at Wikipedia: 

His work on Auto-emancipation was pre-figured by a similar conclusion drawn by Marx's friend Moses Hess, in Rome and Jerusalem (1862).

This was just 30 years earlier. Of course this Moses Hess was Jewish, but they tell you Rudolph Hess couldn't be Jewish. They admit Rudolph Hess' father was a wealthy merchant, but he couldn't have been Jewish. So ask yourself this: Why would this son of a rich merchant join the Nazi party, which was a workers' party? Hess was N.S.D.A.P member number 16. So he was basically a founder of N.S.D.A.P. Can you put two and two together? N.S.D.A.P—allegedly a workers' party—was founded by the sons of wealthy merchants. Dietrich Eckart was also a founder, and he was also from wealth and privilege. He was a protege of Count von Hulsen-Haeseler. We have previously found that Communism—allegedly a theory promoting workers' rights—was founded by Marx, related to billionaires through his mother and wife. How hard is it to spot these projects?

OK, so let's hit Eva Braun. Her mother was Fanny Kronberger. Reminds us of figure skater Lily Kronberger, doesn't it? She was Jewish. Even better, in the American Jewish Yearbook,, vol. 14, 1912, we find that in Austria, Leopold Kronberger received the title of Court Councillor October 20, 1911. Just so you know, the AJY is a report of important things that happened to Jewish people.  The famous physicist Hans Kronberger is also admitted to be Jewish, and what is more, he was from Linz, the same city Eichmann and Hitler went to school. In the Jewish Encyclopedia, we find Emil Kronberger, author of Zionisten and Christen, Leipsic, 1900. And so on. 

It looks to me like physicist Hans Kronberger from Linz is closely related to Eva Braun. Both genealogies are scrubbed, but not very well. Hans was born 1920; Eva Braun, 1912. Her mother Fanny was named Franziska, and she was born 1885, according to Geni. In other genealogies of that time and area (of Vienna), we find several Hans Kronbergers related to Franziska Kronbergers. For instance, here we find a Hans Kronberger, father of Hans, son and brother of Franziska.

You won't believe what I found when researching Hans Kronberger's genealogy. In about 1900, a Hans Kronberger of Vienna married an Ida Pauline Knotz. Do you see it? Knotz=Knotts. We saw Don Knotts above. Just for fun, I checked Don Knotts' genealogy for any links to Vienna or Austria. I didn't find any on a quick look, but he does have an interesting genealogy. He is related to the Moore's, Caldwell's, Pierces, Franks, Shriver's, Bishops, Jones, Robinson's, Sedgwick's, and Keener's. For one thing, it looks like he is related to Mary Tyler Moore. She is also a Lewis, a Melville, a Reilly, a Cooney (probably Clooney) and a Schindler. Her great-grandfather was a Lieutenant Colonel in the CSA. 

But back to Eva Braun. Another curious thing is that her uncle was named Alois Winbauer, so we get that name again. His occupation is given as jeweller—another famous Jewish occupation. Winbauer is also a Jewish name. See this Geni page on Martin Winbauer, which not only admits this Winbauer was Jewish, but that he may have been related to Eva Braun. Also mentioned are DNA tests on her, which also confirm Jewish blood. 

Which brings us to this 2014 article in the London Independent that I didn't even know about. The tests on Braun were run by Britain's Channel 4, and they confirmed Ashkenazi heritage. As with Hitler's DNA, the article attempts to spin the outcome, downplaying it significance. The authors fail to do that, in my opinion. We are told “A Channel 4 spokesman” [who?] said that Braun was a Catholic and very unlikely to have known her ancestry. Right. And that is based on what evidence? Just this spokesman's word? Also of interest is the admission in the article that hairs allegedly belonging to Hitler were sold to Channel 4 by David Irving for £3000, but they turned out to be fake. This also confirms my reading of Irving in recent papers. 

For more evidence Winbauer is Jewish, just search on “Winbauer Jewish”. Also remember to include Weinbauer.

[Addendum February 16, 2017: While studying faked pictures of Hitler for another addendum you will find at the bottom of this paper, I tripped across some pictures of Eva Braun, which—while not faked—were very interesting for another reason. It is possible she was a twin. It is known Eva had a sister Gretl, allegedly more than three years younger. It is also admitted they looked much alike. What is not always normally admitted is that many people couldn't tell them apart. But at this page at Fold3.com, the author does admit it, showing that many photos have been mistagged over the years. We also find pictures of the sisters together, which suggest they may have been twins. 
Those two were taken at Kehlsteinhaus, and are confirmed to be Eva and Gretl—although the author only guesses that Eva is on the left. I would agree, since the girl on the left seems to have lighter hair, and we are used to Eva as a blonde. But the author then admits the common confusion, posting these two:
She says they were probably taken the same day, due to the dress, and that they are usually identified as Eva. However, she argues they are Gretl, based on details of the dress. I think she is right, because the flowers are star-shaped, not round. She has a good eye.

Before we move on, notice two more things about the first two photos. Notice they are almost dressed as twins. Yes, the patterns on the dresses are a tiny bit different, but it is very subtle. Not only are the patterns nearly identical, so are the cuts. The sleeves and waists are the same, and it looks like the lengths are the same. But there's more: they have parted their hair on the same side, in the same place. The hair looks the same length, with the same amount of curl. They are even wearing similar watches on the same wrist. What is more, these two pictures weren't taken on the same day, as it would first appear. Although the brick is similar, indicating the same house, it isn't the same day, indicating this matched dressing wasn't a one time thing. How do I know? Can you see it? I will give you a moment.

Did you find it? In the second one, Gretl isn't wearing a watch.

Sisters in their 20's who aren't twins are normally pretty independent. They don't enjoy looking exactly alike. So it is very curious to find these sisters dressing so much alike. 

But back to the page at Fold3. The author then gives us this one:
That is one of the iconic Eva photos, but she shows it is Gretl. Eva herself labeled it as Gretl in her own photo album. That should make you take a beat. If that is Gretl, then she didn't just look somewhat like Eva, she looked almost exactly like Eva.
 Image result for images of EVA,GRETA BRAUN
Image result for images of EVA, BRAUN
You will say we have lots of pics of the sisters together, but the author admits many of them are mistagged as well. She shows that in many photos of two girls together, the second girl is Eva's best friend Herta Schneider, not Gretl. One photo she does not mention is this famous one:
Image result for images of EVA,GRETA BRAUN
Oh my God! What a bone-headed fake that is! That is supposed to be all three sisters, with Gretl in the middle. Start by noticing that Ilse is lit from your left, while Eva is lit from your right. The hottest spot on Ilse is on her left cheek, while the hottest spot on Eva is on her right temple. How does that work? And why is Gretl two shades darker than Eva? She isn't even the same color of gray, for criminy's sake. Take that photo into photoshop and do a color analysis on it. I don't have to, because I can do it with my eyes. What to look at is the color of the middle tones, like where the faces meet the hair. Eva is much yellower, while Gretl is more blue. You will say, “Are you crazy? It is a black and white photo. How can you see blue or yellow in it?” Because, remember, in a photo, black is not the absence of color, it is all colors. So, just as with paint, you can have a warmer or a cooler black. If you have a simplified program like GIMP or something, it is programmed to read a photo like this as colorless, in which case you can't get a color reading on it. In that case, you can add a sepia tone, and then adjust the color levels on that, showing up the fake. If all that is beyond you, just look at Gretl's shirt. Look closely at the top line of her shoulder. See how that line is fairly sharp? Ask yourself why it is so much sharper than the lines on the other women's blouses. The blur on that shirt doesn't match the blur of the rest of the photo, indicating a fake.

What is going on here is that they have taken two photos of Eva and pasted them together. In one, Eva has penciled in her eyebrows more heavily, and they have darkened her hair after the fact. But the noses are identical. You will say, “If they have twins, why not just photograph them together? Why paste two photos of Eva together?” Because if they do that, you see we have identical twins here. They don't want the sisters looking alike, because that raises the questions I am raising. So it is better to put forward manipulated photos, where they darken Eva, pencil in her eyebrows, and make other changes in the lab. This makes the sisters look similar, but not too similar. 

Here they are, again dressed as twins: 
Image result for images of EVA,GRETA BRAUN
You will say, “Oh, I can tell them apart. That is Eva behind.” You may be right, and that would be my guess as well, but you have to admit it is strange to find two sisters allegedly 3.5 years apart dressing in identical outfits. It would be odd enough if they were children, but at age 18, or whatever they are here? And do they look 3.5 years apart? I say they don't. That would make Gretl 16, say, while Eva was 19.5. It's possible, but it is also possible they are both 17 and are twins. 

Why does it matter? Because it is just one more sign they are part of a big Intel project here. Intel loves twins, as we have seen in many previous papers. 

But we aren't finished. Our author admits there was a third sister Ilse who also looked much like the other two. That is supposed to be her above, but since that photo is a fake that could be anybody. Strangely, Wikipedia gives no DOB for Ilse, just a year. She was allegedly about three years older than Eva. But we have no convincing photos of the three together. If we did, they wouldn't have to lead with the groaner above, would they? Here is one they do bless us with:

[I could not find the pic Miles has up in the PDF D.C]

But that just adds to the mystery, since we seem to have four clones there, all wearing the same pattern dress/bikini. The two forward girls look like twins to me, since I see nothing to differentiate them except that one has her hair up. The other two are unidentifiable, but they have the same dresses and hair. What did they do, make all their clothes from drapery, like in The Sound of Music? 
Eva Braun with her parents, Friedrich 'Fritz' and Franziska (centre) and her sisters Ilse (left) and Margarethe  Gretl  (second from right) in 1940
This is supposed to be all three with their mother:[This is not the same photo either as Miles,but it looks fake as well. I would say the parents and Eva on the right are from 2 different photo's and the sister's left and second to right were added in,with none of the 5 looking in the same direction D.C] 

But that's another garbage paste-up. All four faces are in different light, and the blurs don't even match. Plus, ask yourself which is Eva. I say the middle sister looks most like Eva, but that is a problem because here the first sister is the blondest, even in the eyebrows. But if the first sister is Eva and the second Gretl, then Gretl here looks more like Eva than Eva does. 

But it doesn't really matter. If the given story were true, they wouldn't need to fake these photos, so we know it is false. What is it covering? I don't know, but it could be triplets. The next to the last photo indicates some sort of program using multiples, so it could be triplets or quadruplets for all we know. 

Before I end this addendum, I want to send you to Ilse's page at Wiki, where we find her first job was with a Jewish doctor named Martin Levy Marx. Also to Gretl's page, where we find her husband is Hermann Fegelein. His parents are curiously not mentioned. At Geni no mother is listed and no grandparents on either side. Wikitree has nothing on him. Also completely scrubbed at FindaGrave. Is Fegelein a Jewish name? I would assume so. For indication of that, search on John Fegelein, and go to the listing for Muhlenberg College class of 1962. In the Google gloss we find this list: 

Fred Bomberger Bob Buzzard John Fegelein Michael Gaynor Dave Gehris Dottie (Dennis) Goldman Becky (Lentz) Gorton Ted Gurniak MaryJo (Metzgar) Hellick. 

Hmmm. Collate those surnames. What do you get? Not only are those names Jewish, they are famous Jewish. Goldman we know about. Bomberger is George Lucas' mother's name. Then there was Mitzi Gaynor. Her mother was a Fischer. Then there is Daniel Lentz, Jewish electronic composer, attended Brandeis, showered with fellowships he didn't deserve, the usual.

Which brings us back to Fritz Lenz, alleged Nazi eugenicist. His Wiki bio gives no parents. He was a protege of Alfred Ploetz, who also has no parents listed. They were linked to Gerhard Hauptmann, also scrubbed in the all the encyclopedias and genealogies. No mother at Wiki and no grandparents at Geni. This is a Nobel Prize winner folks, and we are denied any information about his mother. Geni lists her as a Straehler, but that is meaningless. It just takes us in circles, because a search on that takes us to Gunther Straehler-Pohl, a famous hauptmann (captain) in the Luftwaffe. But I'll stop before I get too far offtrack. Lenz, Ploetz, and Hauptmann are grist for a future paper. But if you go to their pages, you will see for yourself they throw up all the usual red flags.] 

So let's move on to Rudolph Hess

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