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666, The Return of the Ancient gods (5th)

The Voice of Truth
666, the return of the ancient gods (5th)
We have spoken in the fourth part of this series of how the symbol of the Black Sun and the cult of Saturn have their origin in the conjunction (eclipse) that occurred thousands of years ago between the Sun and Saturn, when the ancient gods took advantage to physically abandon Earth . 

We have also seen how a hypothetical return, has been represented throughout the history of humanity with icons such as the Phoenix, the letter "El Regreso" or the asterisk / 666, but ...

... are they really going to come back?

Undoubtedly, his plan was to return and his departure they left everything perfectly programmed so that it would be fulfilled. 

They left many "tricks" ready for human civilization to follow the dark paths that interested them , to find a "better" world than they left behind. Better for them, of course , not for human beings. They even left the places and dates ready . As places stand out Argentina, India and Kazakhstan and as dates only one, the famous date announced in the Mayan prophecies, (that for something they "blew" themselves to the Mayans).
666, Mayan prophecies, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

It will be two years since the fiasco -or relief- of December 2012, when many expected the prophesied end of time, which did not come . A long silence began then and so much earth was thrown on top that now there is a small mountain in its place. The mountain of easy deception, incoherence and lack of discernment. To last bull it will be difficult to find someone who believes now in these prophecies, but we will explain below what really happened in mythical 2012, to understand that in 2012 -almost-everything was true.
<<<<< Someone dares to say in 2015 that the Mayan prophecies were true? We do

The prophecies are just an anecdote and we are not going to give it even title category . The important thing is the Sun cult and the real reality that hides and the first thing is to dismantle the big lie of the calendar, but not the Maya, but ours, the Gregorian calendar . When the Julian calendar was changed to Gregorian, it started to count from year 1 , skipping all year zero. It would have been right if you started counting then, but not starting from a previous account. In this case, we went from year -1 to year 1 without going through year zero. In other words, in a calendar year the calendar advanced two (-1 to 0 and from 0 to 1), so that We live with one year ahead of our real account. Therefore, to expect something in 2012 was to waste time since "that something" would have happened a year earlier , in 2011.
666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

Year zero - the year that did not exist - is the year that destroyed the Mayan Prophecies . A little magic trick to hide the reality before our eyes and to catch by surprise and without power of reaction at all . Curiously, the magazine dean of enigmas and mysteries in Spain is called "Year Zero".

I am a healer, soysanador, 666

Behind a prophecy there is always someone wanting to give a message with some intention . The prophet channels or medians the message, which often obeys the obligatory fulfillment of the protocol of communicating the plans beforehand, as we have already explained that the darkness tends to do. With this simple change of calendar, the protocol was fulfilled and at the same time it was confused about the date, avoiding that many attentive people could prepare properly or could interfere with their plans.

So, if we take a year in advance, it means that the predicted year 2012 actually came the year before ... Did something happen in 2011 that could fit the Mayan prophecies? Of course, something happened that they will never forget . Something failed, because the human being can be deceived for days, years and centuries but, to the Universal Mind, no. Nothing can be hidden from her, as much as one can "abuse" her Unconditional Love, which includes Freedom as the first of her attributes.

May 2011, the "Sword of God"

Between May and June of 2011 a perfect multiple conjunction occurred near the Sun, between Earth, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter (and also with Saturn, although a little heeled) and with the moon in a waning quarter. It is an astronomical coincidence that only happens every thousands of years and that is called "Sword of God ":

666, pleyades, nibiru, apocalypse, anunnakis, codes 666
The "Sword of God " is an alignment cited in many ancient texts, which is attributed "the end of time," the "Beginning of the Judgment of God to men" and the transformation to a new era . Some authors claim that this astronomical event happened for the last time 13,000 years ago.
<<<< The Planetary Alignment "Sword of God"

If this dating were true, it would coincide chronologically with the Universal Tsunami ( Universal Flood), a geographical accident induced in the Strait of Gibraltar that caused a great flood in which the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Aral Sea were created (see El Diluvio Universal ). The name "Sword of God" may be much more prophetic than we imagine.
666, pleyades, nibiru, apocalypse, anunnakis, codes 666

But that's not all, in May / June of 2011 there occurred at the same time another significant alienation between the Earth and the Pleiades , home to one of the two lineages of the ancient Sumerian-Anunnaki and that, as we explained in the previous chapter, they have always accompanied us through the Tau Cross, the HT symbol and all its derivatives.

nostradamus, pleyades, nibiru, apocalypse, anunnakis, codes 666

This planetary conjunction is related to Nostradamus, who prophesied great changes for humanity when it happened. In this image we see a hand holding the "Sword of God" just below the symbol of 666 / asterisk and a kind of fish with legs (reptile?) . I said, behind a prophet there is always someone wanting to say something ...

<<<< "The Sword of God" by Nostradamus, curiously drawn under a wheel that is 666 / Asterisk, see Survive 666

So the famous 2012 was actually the planetary alignment "Sword of God" of May 2011 , but nothing happened either ... Yes, indeed in 2011 did not happen what the Mayans left written for 2012 , nothing happened, nor a mega-earthquake, or the ascension of the planet to not what dimension as promised the dazzling poetry of the "New Age", nor the proclamation of the NWO by an Illuminati ..... nothing.
666, pleyades, nibiru, apocalypse, anunnakis, codes 666

True, but neither did that which the ancient Sumerian Anunnaki gods left programmed for the "Sword of God" of June 2011, because what the Mayan prophecies really referred to was the PHYSICAL RETURN of the ancient Anunnaki gods, a prelude to their -start or the rebirth of the Phoenix .
<<<<< The return -predicted, prophesied and revealed in many ways- was metaphorically made public in the Mayan prophecies and in the "Sword of God", fulfilling its usual protocol and as always, with a trap

Quetzalcoatl, 666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

There was much interpretation and speculation about the Mayan prophecies, but the first prophecy - the most important - said very clearly that the god Quetzalcoatl would return from heaven descending a serpent-shaped rope, which would emerge from the center of the galaxy. Knowing how we know that the serpent symbolizes the lineage of Enki (Lucifer), that Quetzalcoatl is his son Ningishzida (Moloch) and that the Sun orbits around the axis of the Pleiades, we can conclude that the Mayan prophecies actually anticipated the return of Enki, the Pleiadian lineage of the Anunnaki. Alternatively, in the "New Era" ran the euphemistic version of a "Synchronizing Ray" that would come from the center of the galaxy ...
<<<< Quetzalcóatl -Kukulkán- descends from the Pleiades represented here with the sign of 666 / Asterisk. The circle closes

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, Mayan prophecies

In December 2011, a story emerged that went unnoticed about a new interpretation of the Mayan Prophecies provided by INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico), for which in 2012 no disaster would occur, but the return of a Mayan deity . The god Bolon Yokte, who would return at the end of one era and at the beginning of another, was a god linked to creation who participated in the beginning of the current era . According to other translations, it would be the return of Bolon Yokte Ku, who would refer to the "Nine" Gods of Support.

It would not be the only case of "nine gods", the Egyptian Ennead (of nine) is known: Atum, Shu, Tefnut, Nut, Geb, Isis, Osiris, Nephthys. Nine are the Sumerian gods that we have identified in their visits, although there are some more of whose name we are not sure, are Anu, Enlil, Enki, Isthar, Mitra, Ningshzida, Ninnurta, Ereshkigal and Marduk.

Kukulkan, Hunab Ku, 666, Anunnaki

As for the Mayans, we should mention Hunab Ku, the greatest of their gods, considered the "only living and true god" and who was the center of the Galaxy and at the same time the heart and mind of the Creator ... represents him, how could it be otherwise, with the 666 / Asterisk .

<<<<< the Mayan-Pleiadian god Hunab Ku.

Let us now leave out the "failed" prophecies of the Maya and go to the apocalyptic book par excellence ... "The Book of Revelations" or "Apocalypse" , which in fact is the one who has created the homonymous genre. Then, a final and definitive interpretation of the Apocalypse that adds to the thousands that already exist, although this is not an interpretation more. The Voice of Truth speaks softly.

The Apocalypse 

The Apocalypse is the last book of the Bible (the one that does the nº 66) and is the sublimation of the cocktail of false truths and revealing lies that is the Old Testament of the Bible. As it is a play, appear on the stage 7 stamps, 7 angels, 7 cups, 7 churches, 7 mountains and beasts of 7 heads, 7 headbands etc all always dosed in the intentional amount of 7 ... The intention of who inspiro or transmitted the book (not the one who wrote it), is implicit in the obsessive number, since it was his will to relate the end of time with the 7 stars of the Pleiades, "the 7 Sisters". And first of all we are facing an apocalyptic drama,an allegorical orgy of the return to Earth of the false gods of the Pleiades .
666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

We have just seen how the physical return of the ancient gods was scheduled for when a conjunction appeared in the sky , in which the 7 Sisters -the Pleiades- and the Sun and a unique planetary alienation, with which the hole in the sky would activate, would intervene. potential worm of the Sun. Well, the action in the Apocalypse begins with "a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, " which is the woman who "had to be devoured by a dragon whose tail dragged the third part of the stars of the sky and precipitated them on the earth. "
<<<<< The "woman dressed in the sun" and the 7-headed dragon (Pleiades), fresco by Giusto de Menabuoi in Padua

This planetary alignment has not only been prophesied -advised- in the Mayan prophecies and in the "Sword of God", but also in thousands of churches, sculptures and paintings. The half moon on which hundreds of virgins rest all over the world has been another way of representing it, although "hidden".
666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki

We have already seen that the alignment "Sword of God" occurred with the Moon in a waning quarter, like the one that appears at the feet of the Virgin of Almudena (left), one of the most obvious examples. However, the important clue is in the two stars that are on each of the tips of the moon ...
<<<<< From the series "Reasonable Similarities": The "woman dressed in Sun with the moon under her feet" (sic) of the Apocalypse and the Virgin of Almudena, patron saint of Madrid, on top of a waning moon and with crown also

666, pleyades, nibiru, apocalypse, anunnakis, codes 666
In the "Sword of God" of 2011 there were two alignments , one between the Earth and five planets very close to the sun and the other between the Earth, the Sun and the Pleiades. If we observed the sky from its entrance door - the Sun - we would see a giant cosmic V ", at the end of which would be the Pleiades and in the other Venus, which are therefore the two stars at the ends of the half moon of the Virgin of the Almudena.

The "V" is a symbol widely used as a sign of victory, which Winston Churchill popularized. There is another version, that of the greeting of the inhabitants of the fictional planet Vulcano, popularized by   Mr. Spock, Vulcan and Jewish pro, as the sign itself , see more in Catalonia, the patron in the open
666, pleyades, nibiru, apocalypse, anunnakis, codes 666

Coincidentally "V" is the title of the legendary alien series lizard of the eighties. In the image the unforgettable Diana, the most "bad", whose name is that of the Roman pagan goddess syncretism of Ishtar-Inanna . The sign of the "V" is a reaction that many have before a camera , like Justin Bieber.

Virgin Mary, 666, Pleiades, Nibiru, Apocalypse, Anunnakis, Pyramid

This same "V", inverted, we also find it in other known symbols ... 

The science fiction cinema has used it in the film and series "Stargate" (Star Gate means "stargate"), based - casually - in a wormhole used as a door to travel between dimensions. In this case, the V is inverted and the upper circle is the Sun.Also, the famous pyramid truncated with the upper pyramidon, present in the dollar bills, corresponds to this same planetary scheme. The circle closes whatever path we take .

Virgin Mary, Virgin of Montserrat, 666, Pleiades, Anunnakis, Virgin of Rocio

The "V" is also present in other types of Christian virgins, triangular ones such as Montserrat or Pilar in Spain. From this sign also arises one of the most widespread codes 666 , as we explained in Catalonia, the patron in the open , which causes a brain overactivity that prevents quieting the mind .

<<<< Old image of the Virgin of Montserrat with the code 666 underlying

Virgin Mary, Virgin of Montserrat, 666, Pleiades, Anunnakis, Virgin of Rocio

The cosmic V ", conveniently rounded and poetized, becomes the moon on which the "woman clothed with the Sun" and the Christian virgins stand. The prominence of Venus is due to the plan of the return was planned in a window of time that went between the alignment of June 6, 2011 and the eclipse of Venus that took place on June 30, 2011, when the planet would disappear behind of the moon.

<<<<< The Virgen del Rocío, one of the most passionate in the world, and the crescent with the reproduction of the alignment and eclipse occurred in June 2011

Virgin Mary, Virgin of Montserrat, 666, Pleiades, Anunnakis, Virgin of Rocio, Virgin of Guadalupe

We already saw in Mariolatry that the Sumerian Ishtar-Innana has been syncretized in the mother of Jesus, creating a false character known as the Virgin Mary . There are many virgins with the half moon under their feet, but also with the mantle of stars, the crown on the head and the rays of sun surrounding their body , the other attributes that the Apocalypse gives to the appearance of the "woman dressed in sun, with the moon under his feet, and a crown of twelve stars on his head. " (Ap 12)
<<<< The Virgin of Guadalupe exquisitely "dressed in the sun"

Therefore Venus, the planet associated with Ishtar-Innana from ancient Sumeria , is another bridge between the false Virgin Mary and Enlil's granddaughter. 

Venus is the planet closest to the Sun, and represents in our collective subconsciousness love and beauty . As proof of its charm, this video of the eclipse that the Christian virgins show at their feet (although in reality it is a similar one that happened on August 14, 2012).

d note: Venus, the planet of Ishtar

Virgin Mary, 666, Pleiades, Anunnaki, Apocalypse, Empress
Venus is the planet associated with almost all the syncretisms of the goddess Ishtar, already from the Sumerian Innana, the creator of sacred prostitution. Aphrodite was the goddess of love - in its sexual sense - and of beauty, just like its Roman version Venus, which has given the planet its current name (for the Sumerians it was Dil-bat). Currently, the two known continents on the planet have their names: Ishtar Terra and Aphrodite Terra . 

In ancient Egypt, Venus was a manifestation of the spirit of Ra, god of the Sun and was represented as a heron , (Bennu equivalent to the   Phoenix, the symbol of the return and Re-Start of the Anunnaki). The Mayansthey considered Venus the most important of the celestial bodies , perhaps even more than the Sun, and dedicated temples and observatories

^^^^^^ Tarot card of The Empress

The alignment and the subsequent eclipse symbolized in the Apocalypse, the virgins and the Mayan Prophecies goes even further, proof of its vital importance for those who manage those who rule the world from behind the curtains. The Tarot card of "The Empress" is also the apocalyptic "woman dressed in the Sun". In the image we see his solar scepter, his solar aurea around the head, the crown of stars and the half moon at his feet (in some versions the moon has been "forgotten"). There is no doubt, the Empress is the Virgin Mary, Ishtar and the symbol of the return of the ancient gods. Two more details draw the attention of the letter: the eagle, animal symbol of his grandfather Enlil and all his lineage and bulging tummy(also forgotten in some versions). The Empress is pregnant as the Virgin Mary was and as was the "woman dressed in sun :
"the woman was pregnant, and she cried out, in labor and in labor pains" (Ap 12)
The woman who appears in the Apocalypse was pregnant as an allegory of the future, as we remember that Ishtar and her husband Mitra is the one consensually appointed to lead the new civilization upon his return . His candidacy of "third way" is the mixture of the two lineages eternally in discord, that of Enkilinaje Pleiadian- and Enlil-Niburian lineage-. For those who have not read previous articles, Ishtar-Inanna is the granddaughter of Enlil and Mitra is one of Enki's children. Your marriage is a very useful diplomatic solution to a war of millennia, a war that is alien to us, but in which millions of people have lost their lives.

The role that Ishtar hoped to have in the immediate future, we can see in the rituals that Pope Francis is dedicating (well, to his syncretism the Virgin Mary is the same), as for example the Consecration of the World to the Virgin of Fatima we attend, see Fatima-Rome, the Final Solution .
Virgin Mary, Almudena, 666, Pleiades, Anunnaki, Apocalypse

They are "tributes" that not only come from the Jesuits, always fervent of the Virgin, but also from the previous pope. In Madrid we were able to attend the tribute-ritual that Pope Benedict XVI dedicated to him in the Plaza de Cibeles, in the World Youth Day -JMJ- 2011. Cibeles, by the way, is another of his syncretisms.
<<<< scenario of the Pza Cibeles of Madrid, with the Virgin / Ishtar / Cibeles with crown and her son in her arms, which is none other than the pregnant woman with the crown of stars of the Apocalypse or the Empress of the Tarot.

cReturning to the book of Revelation ... etymologically its name comes from the Greek word "apokalypsis",  which means "discovery" or "revelation", hence it is known also as the Book of Revelations. Now we know what the great revelation that keeps, the return of the ancient gods and the end of the current civilization, with the outcome of the pulse between the beings of Light and them , the OO, Origin of Darkness on the planet.

Virgin Mary, 666, Pleiades, Anunnaki, Apocalypse

The name of the book also refers to its "revealed" or "channeled" character, although, in reality, two parallel stories are related and two opposed points of view are mixed throughout its 33 verses. 

Regardless of the story of his return, the book explains the decisive and definitive action of the Light to end the darkness on the planet . In other words, the culmination of a project in which Jesus was the first anticipated part of the final outcome of our days. Both stories concur in the same way in the "real" and in the prophetic thanks to the modern cinematographic language of parallel actions with which the Apocalypse was written.A very advanced language at the time, whose incomprehension has facilitated such a proliferation of erroneous interpretations .

Thus in verse 12 the existence of two witnesses in the service of Light is narrated "And I will give my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, dressed in sacks" "And if anyone wants to harm them, fire comes out of their mouths , and he devours his enemies: and if anyone wants to harm them, it is necessary that he be thus killed. " Parallel and also for 1260 days, the woman dressed in Sun and the dragon wait their turn to take over the government of the world "And the woman fled into the desert, where she had a place prepared by God, to be supported there, for one thousand two hundred and sixty days .   "

With just these few phrases you can synthesize almost the entire book of Revelations since, discarding all the operatic paraphernalia, what the Apocalypse explains is the pulse between Light and Darkness that will take place in the final times . A direct confrontation that will last 1260 days, period between the physical return of the ancient gods of the stars and the final "denouement" . This enigmatic period of "one thousand two hundred and sixty days" is also mentioned in different ways in other books of the Bible, even on "7" occasions:
· The 1,260 days in Revelation 12.  
· The 42 months in Revelation 11 and 13  (42 X 30 = 1260 days)
· The 3 + 1/2 times in Daniel 7 and 12 and in Revelation 12 (3.3 X 360 days of the Jewish lunar year = 1260 days)
Also, the book of Daniel uses the form of the 3 times and a half to say: 

"The Antichrist will be manifested by 3 1/2 and will sit in the rebuilt Jerusalem temple pretending to be God" 

"He will utter words against the Most High and will afflict the saints of the Most High, and will try to change times and the law "

cWe are preparing an article about the Apocalypse, but we have not been able to resist the temptation to include this little pearl of Truth as an anticipation, due to the raging news on this December day of 2014 ... Knowing that the Apocalypse refers to the return of the gods in the planetary conjunction of the "Sword of God" of June 2011, is a very interesting exercise to apply from that specific date, the time period of the 1,260 days that so much attention is taken the Apocalypse in pointing us ...

 666, Pleiades, Anunnaki, apocalypse

And ... bingo 
Starting from the month of June 2011, the 42 months have just been completed this December 2014.

It seems that everything is ready to start the outcome .

The ancient Sumerian Anunnaki gods left everything meticulously prepared so that, in the planetary conjunction of May-June 2011, the wormhole of the Sun would open to enter the solar system en masse . But the plan failed and the human being - that toy that they have both despised and humiliated - won them the game in the most decisive play .
Jesuits, 666, Pleiades, Anunnaki, apocalypse

There are many beings of Light involved in the next Reset of Love of the planet, beings from here and from "there" , anonymous beings, because the absence of ego does not need heroes, beings without prophecies, without religions and without blogs. We have contributed our humble part to that sabotage of Luz from one of the places related to that frustrated return, the Jesuit Block and the Cathedral of the beautiful city of Córdoba , in Argentina.
<<<<< Córdoba, Jesuit city

Córdoba and what he had programmed there, are further proof that the Jesuits are the group of foremen chosen for the new stage of humanity , they are the winner of the final three-way game . Although clear, seen what has been seen, the "victor" is yet to be seen . 

Nothing happened because their plans failed. Many beings of Light worked to prevent it and those plans of massive return were frustrated until another time,even in hundreds, thousands of years or perhaps never .
666, pleyades, anunnakis, apocalypse, re-start, final judgment

Rather the latter because when the Earth has completed its reset and is a home of Light and Love in Unity, it will no longer be that coveted tourist destination beyond our firmament
note: dedicated to all those who write to us by email suggesting that we explain less of the Darkness and more of what the Light is doing ...

What will really happen?

We have spoken of the moment of the "final outcome" and its closeness in time, at least in the plans foreseen by those who created the current civilization . We expressly omit the name with which the Scriptures refer to this moment, since the "Final Judgment" leads to tremendous errors . The Creator DOES NOT JUDGE, and the final judgment is the one that each person will have to do to decide which is "his place", when the final outcome is reached. Friend, do not let anyone judge for you.

After clarification, we return to the strict reality that tells us that neither in 2011 nor in 2012 did the drastic change that millions of people expected or feared. However, it is undeniable that a profound, slow and constant transformation is taking place at all levels. Moreover, there are so many changes that we are becoming immune, although there are also many people who feel strongly that "something is going to happen" very soon . 

We have already seen that the OO. Origin of the Darkness on the planet programmed everything to carry out a Reset to the planet, with everything in its favor to subsequently start again a civilization of submission and suffering like the current one. Their plans FAILED, but ...
And if it were necessary, inevitable, to start over?
666, pleyades, anunnakis, apocalypse, re-start, final judgment

When I worked in India, one of the worst experiences I have ever lived, I left the country on my way to Turkey with a deep depression. My next stop was Izmir, a cozy city so similar to "my" Barcelona, ​​that it managed to console the sad feeling that this planet is so bad, so irreversibly bad , that it does not even help to recycle. There is no possible repair, we just have to turn off, format and start again . 

As I write this, in ancient India (in fact Pakistan was separated from India after the 2nd GM), something has happened that gives me reason in an incontestable way ...
666, apocalypse, re-start, final judgment

Our cars already park alone, we communicate by videoconference, we cure diseases with a single pill and we erase the wrinkles of the face with an injection, but we are still capable of killing 132 children with a bullet in the head in a school , or bombing schools, houses and parks for a whole summer, to have more than 600 children killed (just in case the dozens of children who die of hunger every day were not horror enough ).

A world in which child sacrifices continue to be made , such as those in Gaza and Pakistan, should not continue to be called the world . 

I do not think I'm the only one who believes that a Reset is inevitable. The Re-Start, but not that of the Pleiades or the Sun, will be the Reset of the Light , and soon.

The history of the human being, is the story of a concealed obscuration that has lasted many centuries .
666, pleyades, anunnakis, apocalypse, re-start, final judgment

<<< Who gave the monkey the gun?

Many things have happened since that hominid was genetically modified "in his likeness" , as the Bible says, but all can be summarized in a single number and in a single sign :
666, Anunnaki, apocalypse, re-start
That's why the 666 say that it is the number of evil, although in reality it is the number of the Origin of Evil on the planet, the OO. Origin of Darkness, as we will continue to call you ... while we continue to do everything possible to keep pinching the wheels, again and again.
666, Anunnaki, apocalypse, re-start
"Who laughs last, laughs best" 
and we have to laugh at once ...

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