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Codes 666 and the 5th dimension of Love (6th)

This finishes this set of papers on the 666 code from....
The Voice of Truth 
Codes 666 and the 5th dimension of Love (6th)
Custom Modulator Code
In previous articles we have seen the relationship between the number 666 and aliens who came to us through a wormhole open through the sun . Not only that, it can be concluded, with complete certainty, that the 666 and all its applications and symbologies are directly or indirectly, his work. 

Maybe we should not call them extraterrestrials, because those beings were already here before we were the current Homo Sapiens . Therefore, we should say that the 666 is the work of "extra human" beings, not aliens . His little humanity is evident in the tool of subjection that are the codes 666, the true origin of the happy figure of the triple six and that in this chapter we will explain in depth. 
The codes are a very heavy joke that humans have been suffering for centuries, but there are other jokes like the planet "Ummo", which we explain below ...

The 666 and the Planet Ummo
Codes 666, 666, Light codes

In the decade of the 60s, some supposed extraterrestrial beings, the ummites, began to contact human beings with postcards and sightings , in what apparently was a great fraud ... but with ulterior motives. Yes, it was a fraud, but its protagonists were used to give a message with which to comply with their protocol to show us the "Truth" , without us noticing. And in the way laugh a lot at the expense of our ignorance. <<<<< Photograph taken of a "supposed" UFO with the symbol of the planet Ummo, the same one with which all the letters received by some people were signed.
Codes 666, 666, Light codes

It could have been a joke, but something bad must have had this sign , when years later it was used to mark the forearm to the boys who agreed to have sex in order to go to a planet just for men, called Delhais. No, it's not a bad porn movie, it really happened in the bosom of the Edelweiss sect, whose leader was finally killed by one of his followers in Ibiza.
<<<<<<< Quiet, the "ummites" have not taken control of your car, it is a simple coincidence.

Codes 666, 666, Light codes

What happened is that they wanted to communicate openly that they have always been here and show us the symbol that represents them, code 666, in its original form (see part two). They taught us the code that opens an energetic bond with them , the great strategy of domination that they have used throughout our history and they did it in a way that nobody could take it seriously . The mockery was double, because the extraterrestrials came from the planet "Ummo" when in reality " Ummo " is our name: Humanity means "Umma Unity", something like the Unity of the community or the Unity of men . "U mma"  is an Arabic word that means community , but also nation or generation. It is very common in the Koran and that is why it is mistakenly considered to represent the community of believers in Islam.
<<<< They, always ready to make fun of "Umma, Unity of Men"

Codes 666, 666, Light codes

To treat us as fools, however, is the kindest thing that those dark gods have done with us. Laughing about ourselves and our suffering is highly fun and ... nutritious, as they energetically feed on our negative emotions. We are food and entertainment at the same time , we are something like your Kinder egg that nourishes and entertains. Perhaps the red egg held by Maria Magdalena, the archetypal "Cosmic Egg" is another of her jokes .
<<<< The cosmic egg and the Kinder egg, chance or interstellar humor ?.

The codes 666
Let's now elaborate on the codes, the other great trick that we have inherited from the OO Origin of Darkness on the planet. It is evident that these codes are not part of any technology created by humans. Our species has directed its evolution towards the material , while other beings have focused on energy . On the contrary, we have evolved towards the production of increasingly smaller mobile phones, to then make them bigger again, although our potential goes much further.
Codes 666, 666, Light codes

In the section "energy" we are tremendous ignorant,
 to such an extent that many times we have to use the word "Magic" to address certain events that we do not understand. Those responsible for these codes are the same ones who have planted energetic tricks in the history and geography of the planet to keep the human being submissive and ignorant. They are the same people who one day pretended to be gods and who created the caste of intermediaries -the foremen- to interact and direct humans . I have not managed to trace the codes until the time when they were still physically among us, in the first human civilization of Sumeria , but until ancient Egypt...

<<<<< The 666 codes in Egypt
To the left of these lines we present the official list of 666 demons that were invoked in ancient Egypt , by way of the book "Ars Goetia", which contained the way to invoke 72 demons (12 X 6), by means of their respective symbols ( see Catalonia, Gotia and the Pleiades ). In reality they were not demons, although their effect could be equated , that is only an interpretation conceived many centuries later. Actually it is the "official" list of the 666 codes , represented with unilíteros hieroglyphics. 

total of 666 of these frequencies were created (although there are thousands of variants of them),an arbitrary number chosen for the symbolic reasons we have seen above. Its total amount is what gives name to these frequencies: "CODES 666". Each code is identified with a number in that list. By numerological order, the one that occupies the last place - the 666 - is the one that bears that name: the "number of the Beast" or 666 and that we have revealed in this series of articles . 
Centuries later we find another mention of the codes in the Bible, almost in the form of a riddle . It is in the book No. 66 - the Book of Revelations or "Revelation" - in triple verse 6 or 18 (18 = 6 X 3): 

>>"And he causes all, small and great, rich and poor, free and servants 
to put a mark on his right hand, or on his forehead" 
(Rev 13:16) 

>> "And that no one can buy or sell , but the one who has the mark 
, the name of the beast or the number of his name " (Revelation 13:17) 

>> " he that hath understanding count l number of the beast : for it is man's number ,and his number is six hundred and sixty-six " (Rev 13:18)

And little more literature can be found about the codes 666, one of the secrets that are most visible but which have been best kept .
Codes 666, 666, CMP
The codes 666 are negative limiting implants, which once in people emit frequencies with a specific intention and with an affectation that will ultimately depend on the level of consciousness and will of each one. They are like small antennas that we have incorporated and that emit a vibration that carries an intention encoded. The codes are stuck to our energetic body and emit constantly a certain negative energy, as if they were patches that once stuck to our skin release nicotine. Like any vibration, it can be transmuted, meaning that its properties can be modified, including the intention what is scheduled The harmful effect of the code can be mitigated and even annulled, but the source that is emitting it is deactivated, it is a work in vain .
Codes 666, 666, CMP
We live in an energetic universe where matter and the spectrum of radiation visible to the human eye are only a small part of the total . The world around us is an amalgam of energy fields in the form of a grid or beam, always in movement and in constant interaction. but the human being limits his vision of the environment to a small part , surely not to go crazy before such an avalanche of information, at least until he acquires -or recovers- the tools to manage it .
<<<<< the energy universe is much more complex than our eye informs us

The human being is also a source of energy, whose epicenter is the heart , capable of modifying the energy fields with which it interacts. It is an innate capacity, like that of any electromagnetic object, that the human being could develop much more from the attention-intention binomial . Some people with awareness of them know how to take advantage of this forgotten potential.
Codes 666, 666
What we are saying is not something taken from the last published self-help book. The human being knows this capacity from always and this is shown by popular wisdom. Muslims clean their energy field in their prayers and also before going to sleep, while Christians bless the table to transmute the negative energies in the food to eat. The popular proverb (and Facebook) are full of beautiful phrases, whose background is this same secret of transmutation. Having positive thoughts , smiling and using words of recognition and gratitude are excellent ways to contribute to energy hygiene own and that of our environment. And not only that, the human being knows for a long time that he can use a wide variety of amplifying elements, such as prayers, amulets , minerals, etc.

Modifying the qualities of a vibration (but a negative) is what many symbols of our daily life do, that is why in the "Truth Speaks Low" we pay so much attention in unmasking them They are true amplifiers of negative energies that create chaos, confusion, and b our own frequency of vibration.
Codes 666, 666
Thus, the codes 666 are agents that modulate (change the shape of the wave but not its frequency or interval of repetition) It is the same function as those devices of the technological prehistory that some will still remember, the modems that modulated and demodulated -modulated (mo-dem) a signal so he could travel over the telephone line . Seen like that, maybe you have to start looking at the codes as something more real than a trick of magic.
Codes 666, 666
The final result that all the codes cause -in common- is the "obscuration" of the person, that is, the lowering of their frequency of vibration, which distances us from the frequency of Love, the highest. One more gear in the chain of transmission of darkness between us, one more explanation to understand things as difficult to digest in our world as some children die of hunger, others of obesity and others because they have bombed their school.

We have already seen in some articles of "The Truth Speaks Low ..." examples of codes 666, but we illustrate this text with another of the many that flood our daily lives. We can find it in TV and press ads, we are not implanted with looking at it, but its effect can be intuited just by looking at it. It is an unpleasant symbol to the sight since it evokes in our subconscious a dagger, the teeth of a snake or a hunting trap. The codes abound in corporate logos and religious and political symbols, directly or in multiple versions.
 Codes 666, 666
<<<<< The 666 and the 666 codes are everywhere and all the people have some implanted. For example the logo of the Barcelona World Race.

The codes have totally penetrated our lives, there are even people who look proud on the skin in the form of aberrant tattoos. In fact, the lord of the photo is a good example to explain what a 666 code is: imagine that instead of wearing it tinted in the epidermis, it would be embedded in your energetic body . More impossible visual, thank you friend and I'm sorry for you.
Codes 666, 666
<<<< code 666, adorned and tattooed in a delicate place. Someone will be laughing at the human being right now.

So, energetically the 666 codes have an effect like that of the radiography nail. An alien energy, intrusive and harmful in our energy body . As we explained in Eva's Punishment, many diseases are artificially provoked. Codes are a habitual, slow but sure way. In addition, these codes create a negative frequency in the person who acts as a magnet attracting even more negative energy , a circle that is not broken by many therapies that are done, if they do not eliminate these codes.
Codes 666, 666
<<<<< A code has this effect on our energy body

There is a joint effect of the various codes that people usually have implanted, regardless of the individual intention of each. All the codes 666 of our energy body configure in us a negative vibration that , like the iron of a refrigerator with magnets, attracts all kinds of low vibration agents such as astral larvae, implants, parasitic entities, etc. 

In these circumstances, the necessary energetic hygiene of the human being is an almost impossible task . As long as the iron is not eliminated, the magnets will remain stuck , on the contrary, if we eliminate it, not only would they fall to the ground, but also It would be very difficult for other new magnets to stick to us . When the human being loads with so many agents of low vibration , staying in the high frequency of Love is very difficult. The person who carries this heavy burden feels without strength, without joy, without concentration and therefore is at risk of all kinds of physical, mental and emotional disorders . That's when the dreaded phrase also appears: "Nothing works for me" . In both cases, taking an Actimel - or any multivitamin complex - in the morning will not change things.
Codes 666, 666
<<<< A picture is worth a thousand words:

Despite that, there is no need to be nervous or afraid. The codes have always existed in our body even without knowing us, therefore, becoming aware of their existence will make us feel much better, since we can finally recover the stolen opportunity to heal ourselves and expand our being. Identifying a problem is the first step to your definitive solution. For this, we are going to point out several aspects about the propagation of codes 666:

 The propagation of these codes is not easy. Their own ignorance protects us from them, because very few people have the knowledge to be able to do it. In fact, very few people know that they exist ... Most implants are performed automatically or using people (or the astral entities that accompany those people) that completely ignore what they are being used for. See the case of the Christian Eucharist that implements the last of the codes 666, the one that gives them the name.
 In a majority of cases, the implantation needs an action on our part, something like a "give permission" camouflaged in rituals, in petitions and offerings, in meditations , etc. (see Gaza, the war of the children ) Besides the "technical" implementation process is not easy ...
CMP, Codes 666

Implementing codes requires a power source and a transmitting antenna . The first is usually organic material of religious relics, such as those of San Juan de Letrán, as we explained in The Red Heart Trap . 

The most important source of energy codes, which we have already deactivated, was in the four relics of St. Louis , stored in the Treasury of the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.
<<<< relic + antenna = implanted code

CMP, Codes 666

Other code-implementing energy sources - already deactivated - are the largest concentration of human remains in the world, located in Madrid in the cellars of the El Escorial monastery, or those in the crypt of the Sacre-Coer basilica in Paris or the crypt Pilar in Buenos Aires .
<<<< Left, one of the relics that Saint Louis bought in Jerusalem, today kept in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. On the right, relics in the Basilica del Pilar in Buenos Aires

 And finally, the codes are not implanted just by looking at them .

CMP, Codes 666

The codes are not implanted just by looking at them, except for an exception, which does not mean that they continue to emit their negative frequency and that mildly sensitive people can notice its effects while they are in contact with it . Personally there are some that cause me true dizziness and headaches, although it is possible that the discomfort is due to the rejection of one's own energetic body .

CMP, Codes 666

There is only one code that was implanted just by looking at it, thanks to the trick of red-blue dissociation. It is the popular image of the Divine Mercy, so popular in the Catholic Church and in the New Age movement and that is very common on the Internet (the one with the two rays that come from the heart of Jesus)
<<<< Image of the Divine Mercy superimposed with the code 666 that implants

CMP, Custom Modulator Codes

At this point of the article, you may be wondering if you have implemented any of these codes.

All people carry some of these codes . My experience visualizing and destroying them is that people tend to take a score of them , in some cases quite a lot more. This means that these people carry twenty small antennae in their physical and energetic body that are emitting a certain harmful or limiting intention . It is impossible that a person does not carry these implants, except if they have all been destroyed (in the previous Meiosis the human embryo is already implanted, see Eva's abortion). However, there are very few therapists who know how to visualize or destroy them, so I dare to firmly confirm that you carry 666 codes incorporated. 

All the codes 666 that we showed have already been deactivated and they will not be able to be implanted again, nor would they have any future effect on the people . However, those who wear them still have them active, although that does not mean "a conviction" irremediable because the effects they may cause differ in each person and each circumstance . We repeat that a Code 666 is a vibration with an intention that can be realized to a greater or lesser extent depending on many factors.>> If you have questions, use the forum at the bottom of the page.


At this point, in which the most important of the codes has already been explained, is when the million-dollar question usually appears: 

If all this is true ... why does not anyone speak of those codes? "As always my answer is the same: precisely because it is the Truth.

The codes of Light
CMP, Custom Modulator Codes

And now we go with the good news ...

The human being, by default, is a being connected with the Unit and the Source . However, various strategies have been created -which we are slowly explaining- to disconnect and replace that connection with the OO. the Origin of Darkness on the planet. Others have been created to lower their vibration, influence their thinking, place entities, etc to the point where we live in a world that is unacceptable to many and incomprehensible. 

Eliminating these strategies is an indispensable task to start thinking about a different world, because as long as they remain active, men will continue to reproduce inequality, abuse, violence and suffering as has been happening throughout history. It does not matter what changes are made in politics, in religion, in health, in philosophy, in science ... everything will remain more or less the same and the efforts of millions of people, who struggle to awaken their conscience and heal their life, will be wasted .

In this sense, codes 666 are just one more of those traps, not the "worst", but the most widespread . As the Bible says about 666, "Nobody can buy or sell except the person who has the mark ..."

But the codes 666, although they were created and baptized long ago, do not have the exclusivity of being able to generate the graphic expression of a frequency capable of influencing the human being . These graphics, which in generic terms should be called Modulating Codes , can be programmed to limit and get sick but also to heal, expand and release who takes them . That is, 666 codes have their opposite, positive codes.
CMP, Custom Modulator Codes

The positive modulators codes have an intention also programmed -positive in this case- but unlike the codes 666 it is personalized and individual, since they include systems of massive implantation . These codes are created according to the needs of each person at each moment. 

Therefore there are codes that act in a beneficial sense and raise the vibration - the positive codes - and others that act in the opposite direction , are harmful and lower the vibration . Both modulate the energy that enters and leaves a person and therefore determine their energy health. Through the intention that they have programmed they can also influence their thoughts and behaviors.
<<<<<<< The energy of the human being can be modulated in one way or another

The technical principle is the same for both types of codes, but there are several differences. The first is that the positive is not necessary to implement them , which only need to do when you do not have neither the intention nor the collaboration of the recipient, such as codes 666. Since the positive codes have at all times with The will and consciousness of the person is enough to visualize them and keep them close , as they act as antennas that constantly emit that beneficial frequency that has been programmed .

CMP, Custom Modulator Codes

The positive codes called CMP, " Personalized Modulating Codes " always have a programmed intention associated, like the negative ones or 666. With them, the person is aware of the existence of the code and the implicit intention, and therefore can focus in tune with it, which results in an increase in the effectiveness of the code . On the other hand, the negative code lacks that harmony, therefore it needs a source of energetic emission that is what allows the implant. 
<<<<< ejemplo real de un código positivo -CMP, "Código Modulador Personalizado" con la intención programada en él. Nota: el fondo, el texto y los colores son simplemente la forma en que nosotros los presentamos y no forman parte del CPM.

Note addressed to all trolls and obscure who have stumbled upon this page: 
Before you scandalize and roar in the forum because we can advertise our work, I want to say that: 
Indeed, we deactivate negative codes and create positive Custom Modulator Codes and we are not ashamed of it, nor of asking for something in exchange for our work, nor of paying rent and food. Therefore, without any modesty and with all the satisfaction of doing it and saying it:
On the other hand, if we have dedicated ourselves to unveiling the hidden, why should we hide what we do? However, if you prefer to believe that we have published more than 60 articles to get to this and make us gold fooling people with our work of charlatans .... no problem. 
And sorry for the irony.

I am a healer, CMP
This is the article number six of the series dedicated to 666. The time has come to repair what many "throw us in the face": we speak little of light. 
We already wanted ...

The 5th, number of Creation
In the article with which we began the series dedicated to 666, we began by knowing No. 6, and its connection with negative and d'harmonic energies. Then we met his multiples and of course he is at 666. Today we are going to talk about the numbers of Luz, of the golden number and above all of the number FIVE ... 

The five is a large number. 
Everything that can be said about number five is good, you just have to look at the wise nature ...

CMP, I am a healer, love, permitivity

<<<<<< Five and Nature, a beautiful friendship

CMP, I am a healer, love, permitivity

Five are also the fingers of a hand, the part of his body that the human being has consecrated to create . Painters, artisans, sculptors, gardeners, draughtsmen, architects use it in their moments of Creation. Because art is not important, the important thing is to Create or co-Create, re-Create ... An artist in full creation connects directly with the Source, that is why , unconsciously, art is so valued and they come to pay sums exorbitant by a single work. However, "create" is not the same as "investing" in works of art, it is only an uncontrolled and blind attempt to approach the divinity, but the Creator can be reached even without money.

The Golden Number 

Let's now know the motives of the " divinity " of the number "5" - the number of the Creation - and for that we have to know first his cousin brother, the golden number. The Golden Number, also called Golden Ratio and Divine Proportion, is represented by the letter Φ (Phi), the twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet, whose numerical value is 500. The main relationship between the five and the golden number is in the square root of "5", according to this equation : 

CMP, I am a healer, love, permitivity

It is an operation that results in the golden ratio:1.618033988749894848204586834365638 ...

The number arises from the division into two of a segment, keeping the following proportions: The total length a + b is the longest segment a, as a is the shortest segment b . Following this ratio, a rectangle of perfect proportions is created that complies with the ratio of "long divided by width = Φ " very common in architecture and in nature itself.

CMP, I am a healer, love, permitivity 
This divine proportion is found in some geometric figures as well as in organic beings such as conch shells, sunflower seeds or the ribs of the leaves of trees. It is something like the design template with which nature is made, from a hurricane to the DNA propellers. But not only that, it is also a proportion that is followed by a multitude of everyday objects, such as credit cards, identity cards, cassette tapes, postcards, etc., since it is a natural, pleasant relationship for the human being. 

It could not be less about the divine family of "5". The golden number has accompanied the creators throughout history, sculptors, painters, architects ... We see it in the Parthenon, because the Greeks believed that the number of gold represented the mathematical ace of beauty and they were not misguided. We also see it in the Vitrube man of Da Vinci and in his Mona Lisa , in the Patio de los Leones, in Notre Dame Cathedral, the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramid of Cheops and in countless other places
CMP, I am a healer, love, permitivity

<<<< Walt Disney, a peculiar human being from whom we will never know the whole truth, used the golden number - the letter Phi - in his own signature

The Permittivity, the word of Creation
We have just seen a good argument for the five be declared the nº of Creation, but there is one even more decisive, incontestable. 
The five in the Ionic alphabet is written with the " ε " , which is the 5th letter of the Phoenician and Greek alphabet called "Epsilon".
CMP, I am a healer, love, permitivity

ε ", is also the sign that represents the " PERMIVALITY" , the real reason behind all the Light with which the number five shines .

It is 
a physical constant that describes how an electric field affects and is affected by the medium in which it travels. The Permittivity is determined by the tendency of a material to polarize before the application of an electric field and thus partially annuls the internal field of the material and is also known -inappropriately- as a dielectric constant. The value of the Permittivity of the vacuum is 8,8541878176x10-12 F / m.
CMP, I am a healer, love, permitivity

Permittivity is a very little known word, but they would do well not to forget it, because it is nothing more and nothing less than the constant on which depends the "Formula of Intent", by which an intention or thought is precipitated and it becomes matter. Permittivity is something like the "secret of Creation . "
<<<< The variation of permittivity, the magical process of Creation.

The space is formed by an energy field that interacts with everything , from the fundamental particles to the great planets. The electron interacts very little with that field and as a result has a very small mass . Other particles interact strongly with this field and the result is that it has a much larger mass . Let's say that matter depends on the intercalation with the field, that is, on Permittivity . 

To understand it better, the example of the whale:
A sardine swims very quickly because it is tiny and has little water to move around. A whale is very big , has a lot of water around to move and that makes it move more slowly. Water (the medium in which both move) influences them to such an extent that we can say that the whale being very large interacts a lot, but also the other way around: when interacting a lot with the environment the whale is bigger. The friction, the interaction with the water, is in this case the Permittivity of the medium.
This example, perhaps too simplifying, must be extrapolated to the "Takiones". 

The Takionic Energy is a neutral energy, whose speed is much greater than that of the Light -27 times greater- and therefore it is beyond the reach of all the physical laws that we know. It is the energy of the highest vibration, also called Unconditional Love, the energy of the Source and that which is capable of acquiring matter . The takión keeps the secret of how to "go from wave to matter" or what is the same: as "manifesting a thought / energy of a physical form"and what causes this process is the change of Permittivity (the change in water for the whale of the example).

CMP, I'm a healer, love

Thus, the changes in Permitivity of the medium in which the Takionic energy travels cause its speed to fall below the threshold of the speed of the Light and therefore the takions change their state from wave to particle. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the Permittivity is the responsible for the energy to precipitate -or transform- into matter: the magical process of "The Creation".
<<<<< Takión, the DC Comics super hero keeps a deep (in a comic ¿?) Conversation with the energy of the Source: 
"I have been the conduit towards this realm of reality I implore you to make yourself present ! tell me omnipresent energy! "

CMP, I'm a healer, love

Good news for atheists, who finally have a scientific explanation for the concept of "The Creator": 

Dícese of the One who through the 
voluntary control of the Permittivity can materialize an intention or thought, the one that can transform at will a vibratory wave - or thought- in particle or matter .

It seems simple and it is, but the CERN scientists are resisting, despite the frenzy with which they are chasing this Higgs Boson, which they call "Particula de Dios", because it is the divine process of the "Creator". At CERN they say they are hoping to find a particle, but it is not true, they are trying to create it. They do it by means of the strategy of colliding neutrinos at speeds close to that of light, in its very expensive particle accelerator. They are trying to move from the energy released in the collision to the materia, to the particle that they call "Particle of God", which is logical because they want to emulate the process of "The Creation".Mimics and liars, they say they do it to understand the origin of the universe , hehe. It's as if the police discovered my clandestine fake rolex workshop and I justified myself by saying it is to better understand the weather.

Since we are talking about scientists, to mention that two of them have recently created a contraption that through gradual changes of Permittivity, creates a hole capable of trapping the electromagnetic radiation inside, which could be considered proof of the existence of black holes of space and an explanation of its creation through the letter Epsilon (our beloved five) or Permittivity.
CMP, I'm a healer, love

Continuing with the examples for non-mathematical minds, these changes of Permittivity capable of creating black holes or transforming energy into matter, are a process similar to the refraction and dispersion that a ray of light suffers when changing medium , for example, when influencing in a prism or enter the water. 

The change suffered by the ray of light can be extrapolated, with all the caveats, to which the takiones suffer due to the variation of the Permittivity constant in the medium in which they travel. This ability of the pyramidal prism to alter and decompose the ray of light as a metaphor of "The Creation", has guaranteed that the pyramid ends up becoming the preferred form of all occultists (occultists are all those who try to create -or disbelieve- through alternative tricks, pure opportunistic imitators). 

However, the pyramid also obeys the inverted "V" that represents the prophecy of the "Sword of God" of 2011 (see the 5th part of the series about the 666 ) and also that it is the perfect way to build a pile of great performance with a negative pole(summit or pyramidon) and four positive poles (which is one of the bases of free energy, we will talk about it in a next article about Nicola Tesla and universal energy).

<<<<< Beyond the easy, the pyramid is not the symbol of the "illuminati's" but the one of the "imitators"

CMP, I'm a healer, love

On the other hand, the prism effect is also responsible for the dispersion of the Light in the sky, which allows us to see the Rainbow, that magical moment in which many have felt the beautiful sensation of Unity with Creation. This indescribable "beautiful sensation" is something that some will be able to enjoy in its maximum splendor soon. It will be in the new civilization after the great transformation ...

<<<<< Do you remember the last time you saw a Rainbow or felt the "beautiful sensation of Unity with Creation"?

cThis beautiful sensation that causes "Unity" has its own name: Love
What is Love? 
There are a thousand answers for this universal, though not historical, question, since no one questioned it before the twelfth century of our era. The concept of Love as such - romantic love - that not the "LOVE" itself was born in the Occitan lands, the current Catalonia and southern France (we recommend knowing this curious story here

To be able to draw a few conclusions, we should first clarify what kind of love we are talking about, since each person would answer the question according to their model of love or the prevailing model in their society. Some would answer thinking about love for their partner, and some would confuse it with company, affection, dependence. Others would think of brotherly love between parents and children and some would confuse it with instinct, with a sense of duty and even with a sense of ownership. Others would think of an act of charity and some of them would confuse it with guilt, grief, ethics or religion. What is certain is many answers would agree that Love is an energy, a feeling or a vibration, which is very correct but insufficient. LOVE includes all this, but goes much further.
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The Catalan-Occitan troubadours created the concept of love and over time it has become a global trend. Today we live under an avalanche of red hearts, beautiful phrases, spiritual techniques, loving new age discourses, blogs from aliens and sweet channelings. There are thousands of phrases that contain the word Love, mostly very nice but hollow words . Like lies, Love does not repeat it so much, it becomes reality ... How many of the people who use that word have felt true Love someday?
<<<<< Love and empty words, a reality of our era

Many people love their parents, they know how to give warm embraces, they know how to be supportive, and they know how to give a beautiful phrase at the most opportune moments ... but do they vibrate in Love? Do you know what Love is a reality? is more, how many love themselves ?. I am aware that, speaking in these terms, I will offend some reader, but the Truth speaks softly precisely for this reason, because it wants to make sure that whoever listens to it really has the firm and sincere will to know it . Truth belongs to everyone, but the attitude that each person adopts before it belongs only to itself. That is why the Truth "speaks softly". 
We are on the threshold of the great transformation and now is the time for us to address the issue of the true nature of LOVE. For this we are going to share the concept that most resembles him and that we usually use: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It is a love that does not accept conditions (for example, I love you on the condition that you protect me) or conditioning (I love you while you love me) It is a love without charges, without parents, or children, or rigging, or faithful, or subjects

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It is a love that transcends people, places, circumstances, just like true LOVE . 

It is a love that is not confused with the one that pets have for us, although it is true that we could learn from them that they do not put conditions on us or speculate with the love they give us, as humans do many times. The love of pets, regardless of instinct, is a love without judgment, another lesson.

But even unconditional Love remains small before LOVE ...

"Love is something else that we still do not understand , an artifact of a higher dimension that we do not perceive with consciousness 
and that transcends the dimensions of Space and Time ..."

With these words in the mouth of an astronaut, the excellent film - recently released - "Interstellar", opens the debate for a new concept of love that includes science for the first time. Excellent prologue for the new world that the human being has earned by hard working the land for eons or sacrificing life for freedom. The order may have been delayed, but it was not lost and the delivery is close .

Love, the fifth dimension
Indeed, Love is "something more" that we still do not understand, it is a dimension in itself, the FIFTH DIMENSION OF THE UNIVERSE, which can transcend the other four dimensions of which we will speak next, the Space, Time, Spin and Magnetism. It is something that scientists forget when they seek a unified theory of the universe, so that all their conclusions are, at least, incomplete. l Love is the part that lack scientists and all and every one of us. It is the piece that can explain many phenomena that remain unanswered in our "advanced society". Maybe one day very near when we hear that "Love works miracles " we turn around and we do not see a priest saying it to a scientist ... because if we add the variable love to the equation everything can be modified.

Jesus said "Love one another" ... today, two thousand years later, it is time to move on to the next lesson. 
By the way, he also said "Love  your neighbor  as yourself" but nobody understood his true message: to Love-to live in true Love-one must begin by loving oneself . Another of the many truths that the church of the false Peter has lost along the way ....
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Love transcends time, because you still love a person even when you have been dead for years . 

Love also transcends space, because we know that you can love someone who is far away .

The film "Interstellar", by Christopher Nolan, explains in a very easy way (although it goes quite unnoticed, judging from the criticism) as Love transcends all other dimensions and transforms into science that old phrase of "Love can do it all" . Already in the denouement, the astronaut returns to his home although in another dimension and another time. Consequently, his daughter can not see or hear him, but he manages to communicate through gravity ( the dimension of magnetism / gravity can also transcend space and time ) and also manages to modify the reality of the girl thanks to the love you feel for herWe are facing a new paradigm of science, but Nolan has made it easy for us with just one example and a single sequence. 

However, the presence of the multifaceted word "dimension" may be confusing us ...

The Dimensions
What are the dimensions? 

Few questions have to generate so many different answers as how many dimensions there are in the universe and in which of them we exist" In order to reach any conclusion, we will have to start eliminating some.

Please, erase from your mind everything you have read about dimensions. 

The first thing is to clarify what the word "dimensions" means , because sometimes they are spoken of as metaphysical, spiritual, geometric dimensions of the universe and they are all put into the same bag, when in reality they have nothing to do with it. Sometimes they are confused with states of consciousness, energetic bodies of the human being, with levels or scales of vibration and even with religious hierarchies. We really handle few concepts with as much confusion as the dimensions.

We are free to name things as we please (although I do not see the need to rename things with a wild word that leads to confusion) but we are going to talk about the dimensions of the universe, the axes in which absolute existence develops, that not only the human. In fact, more than dimensions we could call them qualities or properties of the universe, in the same way that when we talk about water we define it by its taste, color or smell and we say it is liquid, colorless, odorless and insipid.

The properties of the universe and all its content are five , 
it could not be otherwise because 5 is the number of Creation : 
space, time, spin, magnetism and ... Love

These five properties, which I insist do not have to be compared with the endless range of dimensions available in the market , are the axes by which energy and matter are developed in the universe, the original qualities of "The Created" and whose interaction mutual leave infinite combinations that define all the characteristics of "What is ." The five dimensions are like the four flavors sweet, bitter, acid and salty, from which you can get from a fried egg to the most sophisticated dish of haute cuisine.

The dimensions Space and Time are familiar to us and interact with their partners, Spin and Magnetism. 

The Spin (spin), is the property of rotation that everything in the universe has, from the small electron to the great planet . The charge depends on the spin of the electron and on it depends the Permittivity and therefore the creation of matter. The charge of the planet depends on its electromagnetism, that is, gravity, which in turn transcends Time and Space, as Nolan has taught us with exquisite simplicity in "Interstellar".

<<<<< The "spin" or direction of the electron's spin depends on its magnetic poles


The interrelationships are multiple among these five properties of all "What is", but there is only one that transcends all others and is the 5th dimension of Love- For us it will be the last to arrive but in truth it was the first , the original , the "Source", the Alpha and the Omega of "everything Created" .
<<<< Gravity, the poles of the earth and the day / night cycle are tangible manifestations of the dimensions of Spin and Magnetism interacting with Space and Time

It is usual that what is new and what can not be seen is denied . But ignoring it does not mean that it does not exist, nor does it disappear by magic. Try to explain to a fish of the depths that above all the water that surrounds it there is a whole world with beings that walk, fly and do not know how to breathe water or swim. Surely between laughter and bubbles you will be accused by the humble fish of being a "magufo", crazy or charlatan. It is the same reaction that that fish could have before spirits, angels that are not seen, not because they do not exist, but because they are in another dimension .

On the subject of unbelievers and magufos, we are going to break a norm of "Truth speaks shortly ..." 

For the first time we are going to publish something without having dispelled the suspicions that it is a hoax -bull -of the many that circulate through the net. However, due to the suitability with what we are explaining, we suggest you imagine that the following letter was sent by Einstein to her daughter Lieserl . It would be very nice if it were a true letter to an illegitimate daughter , which was possibly given for adoption, but even if it was false it is very significant that someone has written it in those terms and put it in the mouths of the most famous of scientists.

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Lieserl is the only daughter of Albert Einstein, born out of his marriage. His life is a mystery because he disappeared without a trace shortly after his birth, possibly died of illness after being adopted, which makes it unlikely that his letters could reach the Hebrew University, according to this story that runs on the Internet.
<<<<< Einstein with his second wife Elsa

Excerpt from the alleged letter from Einstein to his daughter Lieserl.
"When I proposed the theory of relativity, very few understood me, and what I will reveal to you now so that you transmit it to humanity will also clash with the misunderstanding and prejudices of the world. 
There is an extremely powerful force for which so far science has not found a formal explanation. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and that is even behind any phenomenon that operates in the universe and has not yet been identified by us. This universal force is LOVE. This force explains everything and gives capital meaning to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because love scares us,since it is the only energy in the universe that the human being has not learned to handle at will . 
When we learn to give and receive this universal energy, dear Lieserl, we will verify that love overcomes everything, everything transcends and everything can , because love is the quintessence of life . (Fifth dimension?)
I deeply regret that I have not been able to express what my heart holds, that it has silently throbbed for you all my life. It may be too late to ask for forgiveness, but since time is relative, I need to tell you that I love you and that thanks to you I have reached the last answer .
Your father: Albert Einstein "

Our old dimension 
The other important issue in terms of dimension is to know in which of them we are living The question is not well formulated, because the dimensions always exist, but the situation can arise that one is mathematically worthless . In fact, it has always been between us, because the structure of the universe does not change, but in this civilization the axis of Love has been inhibited, as completely inhibited is the sweet taste in a salting of anchovies.
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My non-scientific mind needs examples and metaphors to integrate this new paradigm ... 

Water has properties that we all know, but its transparent appearance and its "colorless, odorless and tasteless" qualities are absent in much of the polluted rivers of the planet. Not for that reason the water has disappeared from the channels, nor has it ceased to be H2O. It's still water, but if it were not, do not try to drink it. 

This happens in our current reality, it still has five dimensions but that of love is inhibited, value = 0 . The transformation that the planet (and many of its beings) will make is the activation of that fifth dimensionThat is the transformation that the Mayas prophesied (in its double interpretative sense) and numerous sacred books such as the Christian Apocalypse or the Hadiths of Islam. 

The restart, or the transformation that the planet is preparing to face will be a process of accelerated distillation of contaminated water, so that its true composition is restored . That is the step to the fifth dimension, which more than anything is the restoration of the dimension of Love that the OO origin of the Darkness has inhibited - it has stolen - in a systematic and methodical way throughout the history of the human being. And the water that, with all compliance, we accept polluted, dirty and smelly, will shine again with all its qualities.

dnote: End of the age Kali Yuga
This purification of the water is reflected in multiple cultures and prophecies , many of them conceived from the point of view of a false punishing little god who for the sake of good kills and causes great suffering to the human being. 
According to the Hindu religion (which has remained almost intact since the time of the physical presence of the gods), the existence is cyclical and we are at the end of the so-called "Dark Age" or "Kali Yuga", characterized by conflicts, wars and suffering.
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According to Hinduism, at the end of this dark age the avatar Kalki will appear - whose name comes to mean "the one who makes the dirt of the world disappear" -. Kalki  is the last incarnation of the god Vishnu (the snake god, Enki's syncretism) and is depicted riding on a white horse brandishing a sword to kill all humanity. The sword of Kalki is same that "the Sword of God" the planetary conjunction of 2011 to which the Mayan Prophecies referred , to see the 5ª part of the series about the 666 . 
We keep closing circles.
<<<<< Kalki brandishing the "Sword of God" on his white horse (one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse?)


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In the interpretation of the Mayan prophecies made by the New Age movement, the year 2012 must have been the turning point in which humanity would go from the third to the fifth dimension . The definition of that new state of the individual and the planet was not very clear, but millions of people all over the world , eager for a new and better world, believed in this poetic interpretation. The disappointment was undone like a sandcastle with the arrival of the year 2013, although the prophecies did not fail, but once again the hand of the magician was faster than our eye and deceived us, as we have already explained. But all those people they were not misguided, the fifth dimension - that of Love - is real, it is science and it is close.

To live in fullness we need to experience this fifth dimension and the five qualities of "The Created" in full, just as to taste a good wine we need the five senses . 

To drink a Rioja from '87 with a stuffy nose and blindfold is to miss the opportunity to live a wonderful experience. So it is with reality, to enjoy life, matter and energy as it deserves, we need the five dimensions fully deployed.
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And this is not just a nice ending to the article, it is a REALITY and a CELEBRATION but also an important suggestion.
To all this, we visit a comet discovered this summer but has been baptized with the same name as another discovered on 11 of 2011. 
It is the brightest comet that approaches  Earth since the "ISON" in 2013 and his name is very timely:
Lovejoy or JOY of LOVE . 
Presage or prelude?
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