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Part 14: Pandora's Box....Global Monopoly...Common Law and the Farmers...Starve the American People...Mercury Poisoning...++

There are certain sources in the "Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission that want things that are going on known to people. There has been knowledge given as to what the international Bankers intend to do worldwide. There is one very powerful group of people who literally hold the money control of every nation in the world. They control most all the world governments through finance. And for all intents and purposes they are the sole government of the world, even at this time. You possibly have not realized that fact as of yet, but you will. As you know from a previous chapter in this book the Federal Reserve System is a individually owned corporation and it controls the money, the interest rates, the general economy and the daily market prices of gold and silver. It is NOT an agency of the United States Federal Government; and it never has been! It is a privately-owned corporation. 

Supposedly, thirteen families which are thought to control the central banks and the hard currency countries of the world. It is commonly thought that they own the majority of the stock and control the regional banks of the Federal Reserve System. It is proven knowledge that anytime someone or a group of people are involved in the organization of a scheme, they use sacrificial lambs for the public viewing so as that the person or persons that are orchestrating the whole show are never seen or known. This is the case with the Federal Reserve System in America, which has interlocking controls globally because it is all part of one parent that traverses the globe, Railroads. And there is a monopoly held for Railroads and Banking. All of the people and banking houses that appear to be "separate entities" are all part of this parent; how they became involved goes all the way back to the early 1800's and the great grand parents in the family bloodline that were hired by the Payseur family to become life estate Trustees, based on 99 year leases and Trusteeships expiring June 17, 1993 and December 31, 1993, for certain banks and corporations that reach around the globe. All these families were trustee for the Payseur conglomerate. These Trustees do not really "own" these corporations or banks; they are all in Trust. 

The group of heir Trustees listed below control the policy-making and decision making of the central banks of the leading nations of the world. 

Lehman Brothers Bank of New York 
Kuhn, Loeb Bank of New York 
Chase Manhattan Bank of New York 
Goldman, Sachs bank of New York 
Chemical Bank of New York 
Citibank Bank of New York 
Schroder Banking of New York 
Brown Brothers & Harriman 
William S. Sneath 
Wachovia Bank 
Warburg Bank of Hamburg and Amsterdam 
Israel Moses Self Banks of Italy 
Lazares Brothers Banks of Paris 
Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin 

One short note about the Rothschilds at this time, the last bank mogul and tyrant of the Rothschilds was murdered sometime in 1990 and there is someone else controlling now, not a Rothschild. 

The above-listed banking houses, to an extent, manipulate the daily prices of gold and silver on the exchange. The "hard currency countries" are those countries whose currency is not allowed to fluctuate as much as the other countries' currency fluctuates. The American dollar is the standard for all of the currency in the world. Wherever the American dollar goes, it affects other nations in relation to our dollar. These corporations, banks and railroads reach into almost every country of the world at this time; they have control of these countries. They practice fractional reserve banking. 

Fractional Reserve Lending 
Fractional Reserve Lending, an exclusive ability of only Federal Reserve member institutions, is wholly and solely responsible for the fact that the nation's money supply in circulation is in fact comprised over 97% credit for which nowhere on earth has there ever existed the printed currency equivalent. Today, every lending institution in America practices this, and that doesn't include the interest on the debts, that is only the principal. 

Where does the interest come from? 

You know it as the "National Debt." 

Federal Reserve and The Nigerian Coup 
It was fractional reserve lending which was swiftly instituted immediately before a pentagon official and three other U.S. government officials and the New York bankers went to the Prime Minister of Nigeria in the 1970s. 

They gave him $50,000,000 to more than double the price of their light crude oil. This crude oil from Nigeria is one of the most valuable crude oils in the world. And this was all done immediately prior to losing his life in a coup which was orchestrated by U.S. covert para-military personnel trained in Belize (the British Honduras). Shortly after the Prime Minister's death U.S. officials had flown on to Kuwait and persuaded its oil producers to sell their oil at the inflated price of $30 per barrel. 

Federal Reserve Lending 
and the Middle East 
Why were these astute U.S. emissaries prepared to purchase the Arabs' oil at this greatly inflated price? The answer is both awesome and terrifying. U.S. government officials were prepared and authorized to agree to purchase the oil form the Persian Gulf states and the United Arab Emirates upon two seemingly innocuous conditions. The first condition was that O.P.E.C. - which was to have so much anti-Arab propaganda spewed up against it later was to become a reality and insist that all oil sales worldwide were in the future to be dollar denominated. The second and more sinister condition foisted upon the unsuspecting Arabs was the U.S. oil companies purchasing the crude would not remit the sales proceeds back to the Middle East and Third World Nations. Rather, the Arabs were invited as a prerequisite of sale at the inflated price to purchase long-term, 20 and 30-year Certificates of Deposit locked into their depositor banks. 

This "coincidental" relationship arose between the controllers of the purchasing oil companies and the controllers of the banks from which the Arabs "chose" to purchase their 20 and 30-year C.D.'s. It is all part of the railroad and banking monster created by the Payseur family. 

In simplest terms, what is this "fractional reserve lending"? As evidenced by the fact that the money in circulation cannot be matched with currency in existence save in a negative ratio of about 66.6 to 1, it is fraud Can you lend anyone $1 if 66.6 of it has never been coined: The answer is "yes" if you are a member of The Federal Reserve System. 

An oil company issues a check for $1 million to an Arab seller's stateside agent. The figures are crossed out of the oil company's account at. say. Chase Manhattan and inserted into a 30-year Certificate of Deposit in the Arab's name on the computer. The Arab has been paid. Who then owns Standard Oil now known as Exxon? Who then owns Chase Manhattan? The answer to both questions is that they are both lost in the maze of consolidated corporations of railroads known as Southern Railway which is owned by the Payseur family. 

What happens next? The crude is refined. The costs and profits are passed on to the U.S. public. "That dirty Arab Cartel" is blamed. But at $2 per gallon it is the oil companies account which receives the revenue. 

Meanwhile, what is happening to that Arab's account? It shows $1 million. In fact the bank in our example, Chase Manhattan, has deposited that $1 million-a-piece of paper with $1 million written on it - to The Federal Reserve Clearing System which "pursuant to Fractional Reserve Lending Policy" authorizes Chase Manhattan to loan at "x60" sixty million to Mexico, Brazil, the U.S. Congress-whomever it pleases - promulgating the overwhelming falsehood that there is too much currency in the market and not enough borrowers. 

The banks particularly in the U.S.. to which their countries were indebted through the International Monetary Fund, were  calling for revisions and amendments to those nations' constitutions; the better to accommodate the corporate associates of those banks in those corporations designs to establish operations within the nations concerned. 

And those "trusted pillars of society"- The Federal Reserve Members-for every $1 million recorded due in about 25 years to the Arab, has the burden of paying that Arab about $70,000 per year and is only making from the government a staggering $6 million per year and requiring at the same time $60 million per year as repayment because of Trilateral originated policy issued by Congress. 

This scenario exists because of those that have seized control of the Federal Reserve and all the other corporations that were originally organized by the Payseur family. It is becoming clear now why in the early to mid 70's the price of gasoline increased. The price increase of oil going to the Arabs would come right back to their banks in 30-year Time Certificate deposits. Now, take a look at what they did with those 30 year Time Certificates and you can start realizing what has happened to the people of the world and the economy. 

Sheif Yamani and the other oil barons did not know until in the late 70's and early 80's that the controlling interest of the New York banks is held by the same Trustee who have the controlling interest in ail the major oil companies such as Standard Oil, which is really the only oil company there is, all the others are just branches and subsidiary area of the original Standard Oil Trust, that was said to have be broken up. It wasn't, it just changed names moved around a bit and regrouped and is still owned by L. C. Payseurs estate today and is known as Exxon Oil. The Rockefellers claim they own it but J. D. Rockefeller was just another Trustee in the oil aspect and as well as the banking aspect for the Payseurs. Its all the same tree. 

Control of the Middle East 
and Third World Countries 
The bankers' banks relied on the greed of the Third World country ministers to mishandle the money because they wanted the Third World countries to go bankrupt. Over the years, that manipulative greed has caused these countries to be in the bankrupt position they are in today. While the Third World nations were getting their independence from England, France and America, and were setting up their own governments. It's at that point the bankers of New York loaned them large sums of money which had come to the banks through the Arabs as the result of the high oil prices. 

In 1983, it was discovered that a group of very quiet bank-holding companies, formed by the International Bankers, were extending credit wherever they felt like it and under whatever terms they felt like. These bank holding companies were formed so that Chase Manhattan. Chemical Bank and J.P. Morgan couldn't be held responsible for the Arabs' money they had been putting into their banks. Authorized in Regulation Y, Section 225.4 of the U.S. Code to extend such credits, the International Bankers formed holding companies that would, in turn, loan out money to Third World nations knowing that the Third World countries were going to go broke. After they had destroyed the Shah of Iran and had his country's money in their banks, they loaned out ridiculous amounts of money, determining that they were going to go broke and letting the bank holding companies hold these loans, and knew what was going to happen when the Third World countries would broke. 

These companies were receiving loans from the prime banks in New York. With this money, they were buying foreclosed real property in the form of agricultural property and businesses with liquidation, foreclosures and bankruptcies. 

The purpose of one holding company was to loan money to the Third World countries from the Arabs money through the New York banks. The second bank holding company was for the purpose of borrowing money from the banks in order to purchase farmland and farms, as well as certain corporations in the U.S. that were making lots of money in this country. Farmland will continue to make money, but now the bankers own and control all of these farms that have gone broke through bank foreclosure schemes. They plan to own all the land in the united States anyway through the control of railroad land (that can never be sold as the odd sections of land) and they hold the mortgages to all companies and homes that are on even sections of land. 

Through bank foreclosures and mergers of both solvent and insolvent financial institution they will in the very near future, if they are not stopped, seize every piece of land they don't already have control of or own. 

They not only plan to ultimately control the food supply of the world through seizure of all farms but finally take total control of the people. And they haven't stopped with the borders of the "united states;" this is a global plan. The Third World nations are also scheduled for collapse. It appears that their plan for America is to keep cutting these corporations back until one day they just completely shut down, and then they will move the companies to the Third World nations, which they have seized control of through banking and debt, and leave the "united States" to become a Third World nation; it would be really easy to accomplish this. 

The farms and businesses which were affected by FDIC and FSLIC foreclosures, are under the direct control of the Federal Reserve Board. It seems that all over America dozens of banks are being bought on a weekly basis. Where did the bankers get the money to buy these banks from? They are being bought with the high oil priced money that goes to the Arabs which are then deposited into the New York banks. They are buying banks that are intentionally being closed throughout U.S. Some of these banks are still solvent. They are buying the farmlands of America through the farmers who are becoming bankrupt due to the high American dollars in relation to foreign currency. They are doing it all with our own money which pays for gasoline at ihe pumps, then goes to the Arabs, it is then deposited into the New York banks, where it goes to these holding companies which purchase more American banks that are going under today. This plan was designed by the Trustees of the banks and railroads that reach from this country around the globe. 

Around 1983, it was discovered through an emissary from president Marcos of the Philippines and President Saharte and others from Indonesia that they had a severe problem. Their problem was that having borrowed all the money they had borrowed from the banker in New York, they now needed more money. "A representative from these banks had just come to them and said they would forgive all of their past loans. They were told that they cannot pay them back, they couldn't even pay back the interest, and they certainly couldn't pay back the principal. They said they wanted to make a bargain, they would forgive our loans (which was the Arabs' money in reality) and forgive our loans' principal and interest and that we never have to pay it back, if we did the following." 

1. Eliminate their own national currencies and become dollar denominated and go to a debit card system instead of a currency system. This would eliminate capital cash altogether. 

2. If they would go to a unilateral centralized credit card system. This was to be a part of their Social Security system and part of their identity system, the debit card, whereby everybody in the country would be synonymous with a credit card number. Their central bank was to act as the wholesaler for debt-based credit which would be extended to it by the new super bank. This was announced by Paul Volker on October 27, 1985. 

3. In order to "help" the economies of those countries, the International Monetary Fund was going to nominate external non domestic corporations to properly engineer, exploit and excavate the Minerals from those countries in return for perpetual royalties. 

This fits right into the scheme of things, because the resources of minerals in this country is just about depleted due to the mineral land companies that are owned by the railroads have been stripping everything from the land for the past 100 years or more. Now, they have contrived a way to go into the Third World nations and strip their lands for the next 100 or so years. This is why the Royal Family in England owns the Amazon Basin. 

Marcos realized what the bankers were trying to do to him; if he gave them (perpetual) rights to all minerals of his country, even though the New York bankers promised they would send in corporations to develop these minerals, that the bankers would get the profits off the minerals, but yet it would "put the people of the Philippines to work". Marcos knew that if he gave them this contract of perpetual rights that he was giving up the sovereignty of his country to the New York bankers and the International Monetary Fund. Marcos, at this point, told them; " I will not do this. Get out of my country." It was only a matter of weeks before Marcos was deposed of by riots incited by payments of the New York bankers themselves. Do you see how this works? 

If Marcos had agreed to the bankers terms and conditions, they would have had their existing debts forgiven absolutely. New lines of credit were to be extended to them and the new lines of credit were to be under better terms and conditions. When they heard of the word "perpetual" and when they heard the words "totally forgiven, " they recognized what was happening. Another group of holding companies was operating with the previous group of holding companies, and they were given monies by the New York bankers. The second group of holding companies were receiving credit from the first group of holding companies to purchase assets and liabilities from the prime banks. The only liabilities the holding companies were holding were the liabilities of the loans made to the Third World nations that could not be repaid and represented by the deposits of the Arab nations. The only assets they were buying were the assets represented by the loans made to some of the debtor nations. The plan is that the Third World countries default on their payments, (countries like Brazil, Argentina, etc.), so the group of holding companies or the bank holding companies are designed to collapse. 

It then became clear, through people in the Trilateral Commission, that the forgiveness, of the Third World debts would eliminate the assets which were being purchased by this second group of holding companies. This left them only with the liabilities that were owed to the Middle East nations, being serviced by the prime banks. When Third World nations say they can't pay the bank holding companies, they are saying that they are bankrupt. It's at this point that the International Bankers will tell the Arabs, that the bank holding companies that were given your money (under those 30 year time deposits of all those billions you have put into the New York banks) over all these years, those bank holding companies just went broke, so as of today, you are bankrupt.

The Arab nations had no idea that these liabilities were now owed by the holding companies and that the debtor nations had stopped paying the prime banks. The Arabs did not understand any of the inter manipulation of bank finances and world banking. Therefore, they have fallen for this line all of these years, but now within the past few years, the Arabs have become aware of what the bankers have done to them and want to tell the American people what is happening and don't know how to. 

Arrangements were made that the prime banks were to act as servicing agents for the holding companies so that Third World nations would not know that the holding companies were owed the money. The effect of the elimination of assets of the second group of holding companies is threefold. 

The holding companies would be insolvent (broke) and would legally be able to declare themselves insolvent. The holding companies would then say to the bankers that they had just lost all of the Arabs' money. The New York bankers are legally not responsible for that loss, because they had loaned the Arabs money to the bank's holding companies. The New York bankers will simply tell the Arabs that they are bankrupt. The New York bankers can legally and legitimately avoid payment to Middle Eastern nations and the Arabs. The New York bankers had put the Arabs' money into the bank holding companies which they were not responsible for. The Middle Eastern Arab nations will have to liquidate all their other assets. These assets are represented by U.S corporate ownership and many billions of dollars worth of U.S. stock and farmlands, plus they have huge holdings on the New York stock exchange! 

After the Arabs are declared bankrupt they will start dumping billions of dollars worth of stocks on the New York stock exchange. Our property, farmland that are already depressed their monetary values will drop to the bottom of the barrel. Real estate everywhere will drop in value by 80 to 85%, and when the value of farmland starts dropping and go from $3,000 per acre to $300 per acre, the farmer will not be able to finance his next crop because he will have no more collateral. What happens to the people when there is hunger in the streets and the grocery store shelves are bare? Are you beginning to see the scenario for control of the nations and the peoples of the world? People will be killing each other for food. Is that not World War III, and brother against brother? 

The effect of the Saudis and the Kuwaitis and the Middle Eastern peoples sale of even 25% of their total holdings in the U.S. market would be absolutely chaotic in terms of the stock market, real estate and everything else. 

The above outline is just one scenario that they have in place and ready to go to crash our monetary system. I do know from inside sources that one plan they have is when all the stocks on the stock exchange drop to $180.00 per share they plan to collapse the market at that time. So flip a coin, it could be anyone of a dozen scenarios we only know of a few that can all have the same catastrophic effect on the world.

Trusts vs. Anti-Trusts 
The bankers possess control through a giant Trust system that was set up in the 1870's. It took the Payseur family from say 1830 to 1870 to get all the banks corporation etc. at that time set up and running they were organizing monopolies. Then came the rash of Anti-Trust laws which made it illegal for any one else to do what they were doing. This did away with competition and they had been in the business long enough that the Payseur companies and bank and railroad were grandfathered in and could not be touched. In the 1970's there was anti-trust legislation passed that abolished all of their past anonymity supposedly if you could ever hope to find out the common ownership of all the banks, railroads and global corporations. At this time every one of these corporations are in violation of anti-trust because they all have interlocking common interest and a singular ownership. The one that controls the Federal Reserve controls the world, the people on it and your every aspect of life. This is done by the Springs family in North Carolina. The ones that you will never hear about publicly only the sacrificial lambs are known; the current front is President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore. 

The Antitrust Laws before the mid 1970's is what allowed such banks as Chase Manhattan, Chemical, J.P. Morgan and other banks in New York to show all time record earnings, while around America literally hundreds of banks (many that are solvent)and farmers as well are going broke? The reason is that they know that there time table is running out and that the leases to all these banks, railroads and corporation is up on December 31, 1993 because of a merger between Southern Railway and Norfolk Western to form Norfolk Southern Railway. They are in a race for control. The banks that are merging now are only merging with themselves. 

It is truly a common ownership, one bank with many names, because the Payseurs had a government granted covenant, a monopoly on banks and railroads. The railroads and the banks are owned by one family which was set up on December 15, 1865 as the United States Military Railroad for transportation and communication to run forever. It was bought by the Payseur family and this included the monopolies that interlocks all these aspects. This family built the systems, corporations, railroad and banks and set up Trustees to operate them and then leased all these out to run on 99 years leases which are up on the above mentioned dates. The Trustees thought all the Payseurs heirs were dead and they could run away with the whole thing but then found out that if there was not a new tenant of lease set up. All would revert back to the government under the terms of the convenient, so they have now taken control of the government. These Trustees think they have put themselves in a win, win situation. They never though that we the people would find out what is really going on in the banking world nor who is really running things. They have been working very hard to get themselves in a position to control the world. For a long time, since about 1925. 

These catastrophic effects have been designed to throw the American stock market, the American public, corporations, American real estate and people in general, into a state of panic and confusion because you are suppose to lose everything to the New York bankers if you are in debt and do not totally own free and clear land and home. etc.. The plan is that this state of confusion will be greeted with the salvation of the benevolent bankers on three fronts. According to all of the data that we have gathered and because of the setbacks that the bankers have suffered because they just can't get everything into place fast enough, we know it has been moved 18 months past the planned April 15, 1992, target date for the consolidation of the European Economic Community. The New York bankers tried again in the late fall of 1992 to seize control of the European Economic Community and failed, that is when our stock market went hay wire again. This is a battle between old European money control and new American money control. The Americas control is trying to take over the world. It is our belief that if they are not able to seize control of the world monetary system by the end of 1992 that it will possibly be either around December 31, 1993 or June of 1994 based on the Railroad leases that are due to be up at those times and based on the control they each hold. 

The bankers want to do away with currency altogether and force the world to go to the Debit Card.

There are about 800 laws in the Bible dealing with all aspects of national life. Our forebears in England used these laws as the standard for their government, and from their practical application of these laws there evolved the common law or the customs and traditional application of these laws there evolved the common law or the customs and traditions of the people, and the procedures interpretation and application of these laws to everyday life. The framers of the U.S. Constitution grew up in an era when 95% of the educational curriculum was the Bible. Hence they had a very real understanding and appreciation of the common law. They constructed our Constitution so that citizens could observe and obey the common law. We are guaranteed common law rights under the Constitution. 

Common Law stands in sharp contrast to civil law. a legal system developed to govern contractual arrangements and creatures of the state, namely corporations. It is estimated that man has made about four billion laws in the last 6.000 years. Currently, for every one law passed by Congress, unelected regulators make about 6.000 rules and regulations that have the effect of law. Historically, this type of system has eventually collapsed of its own weight, because red tape finally strangles the productive capacity of the nation. 

The complaint current at the time of the Founding Fathers was that Englishmen had not been deprived of their right by force of arms, but by the cleverness of Norman lawyers. This could not happen in the United States, the Founding Fathers reasoned, if in the words of Ben Franklin-we have the wit to keep our republic. 

Subsection 5 of Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution was adopted in order to establish for "ourselves and our posterity" a par economy. This subsection authorizes Congress to regulate the value of money. Needless to say. money's value is not determined by the numbers printed on a piece of paper. It is governed by buying power, and buying power is regulated by structural balance between agriculture, manufactures and service industries. Once before Congress passed legislation for the United States. During this period no great surpluses were built up, debt didn't run rampant, farmers enjoyed parity prices at the market place and government balanced the only budgets between the Depression of the 1930s and the present. 

The third act of the First congress was a tariff law to prevent cheap foreign goods and debased money supply, those great lawmakers reasoned, it would be impossible for the money lenders to whipsaw the people between inflation and depression, and make them landless in the country their fathers settled. We cannot suggest that the framers of the Constitution foresaw all the details. Possibly they did not visualize how sliding party and sick technology would become conduits through which a diverse society would travel toward total centralization, the enslavement of free people. Perhaps they did not foresee the exact mechanism that would permit policy makers to pace the rate of farm bankruptcy, to keep it high enough and low enough so private enterprise in agriculture would drown without open revolt. But they did see the ultimate objectives of the "landed aristocracy"-all the land in a few "strong hands." With this goal securely in mind, the push got underway, culminating in sliding parity circa 1950's. 

The crude stuff of yesteryear couldn't hold a candle to sliding parity and toxic technology for effectiveness in reaching this goal. In 1921 the Federal Reserve (railroad tenant) demanded payment of all farm loans "immediately" not in staggered intervals of, say, 30, 60, or 90 days. The wave of bankruptcies came on so severe that farmers literally marched. The Wild Jackasses swept through the Dakotas. Minnesota. Iowa and the corn belt. Three decades later, with government help, farmers stayed too numb to really get mad. A typical example of that public policy in action became a matter of record at North Carolina University, ( North Carolina is the operating center of control) where $34 million of the taxpayers' money was spent to develop a combine that would cut out more workers and be too expensive for small farmers to buy or compete against. 

A few decades ago. hardly 1% of the farms in the United States produced 25% of the nation's food, and 8% accounted for over half of agricultural sales. The really big farms were being run by such corporations as Dow Chemical. Southern Pacific Railroad. Boeing Aircraft. Tenneco (which are all leased railroad businesses). Since then the situation has worsened, yet "the myth that big farming has produced cheaper food is just that-a myth. Large corporations use their control of the market to force out smaller competitors and then raise  prices," according to the Commission on Critical choices, Austin. Texas, a fact finding forum. 

Some hint of distorted accounting principles can be noted in the Agribusiness Accountability Project finding that in 1970 alone Tenneco received $1.4 million in land subsidies, paid no federal income taxes at all, (it was all rolled to the last day of the lease), and made $73.8 million in profits. Yet at year-end 1974, 1,000 small farmers a week were still being forced from the land. The average bankruptcy, all sizes, has been in excess of 2,000 a week for decades. To understand why farmers are being driven off the land, it is necessary to recall the 1930s, and era in time when the U.S. went into the world running business. It was determined at that time that more international trade was both inevitable and desired. From a public policy point of view it was settled once and for all with Cordell Hull's victory for free trade via the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act of 1934. The consequences for agriculture are evident today in terms of FHA. Land Bank and PCA foreclosures-plus commercial institution foreclosures as well. 

Yet Cordell Hull was clearly in error. There were few isolationists and few free traders shortly before and after the great depression, because 90% of the people were for something far more than embargo on the one hand, but far less than free trade on the other. A century before W.W.II, only 5% of the nation's imports were on the free trade list; 90 years before the great conflict, 15% were on the free trade list; 65 years before Pearl Harbor, 25% were on the free trade list. By 1900 approximately 50% of the items imported could enter the nation free. 

Late in the 1930s, some 60 to 70% of the imports were on the free list. High tariffs did not cause depression, and low tariffs did not restore prosperity. Each of the tariff acts following W.W.II (acts of 1921, 1922 and 1930) averaged considerably lower than the average tariff acts maintained for 50 years before W.W.II. True, imports decreased fully two-thirds between 1929 and 1933. but this fall-off was not caused by tariffs, but by collapse of America's internal economy. By 1930 before passage of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act world imports had fallen be low $29 billion, a decrease of nearly $7 billion. By 1931 imports fell another $8 billion. A year later imports fell another $7 billion. Collapsed securities and collapsed commodities accounted for collapsed buying power. 

Prices in general advanced about 20% between 1934 and 1937. But prices of commodities on which tariff reductions were made decreased 9.9%. Thus it appears that the concessions made by the U.S. in effect brought on the following general results. 

1. They served to force farm prices down and prevented them from recovering. 
2. They displaced farm products in the American market by encouraging an increase in imports. 
3. They displaced factory products, thus causing unemployment in the industrial sector and hurting the farm market by lowering the purchasing power of factory wage earners. 

They thus became a factor in holding down factory payrolls because of the severe competition from foreign products, thus lowering labor's purchasing power and interfering with development of a profitable market in the United States for the products of the farm. By 1937, duties on 47% of all dutiable farm raw materials had been lowered in homage of the Reciprocal Trade Agreements. Although the law also permitted increases in tariffs, none were made. 

The post W.W.II effect of this public policy was to drive farm prices down, first to 60 to 90% of parity, finally to the world level. This protectionism for world traders and USDA client corporations resulted in business losing markets in rural America. Moreover, as new capital for expansion failed to arrive, enterprise was forced to turn to borrowed capital. When the going concern of business has to borrow, it has to pay interest and the consequence has been a public and private debt multiplying chain letter style ever since. As raw materials prices went down, business lost money for the simple reason that it lost the volume of markets necessary to earn profits needed to meet wages and capital costs. Every statistic in the Economic Report of the President screams this message, but the great names in economic theory cannot listen. They are prisoners of a "theory period," a theory period in love with its failure to explain the phenomenon. 

Raw material prices in the United States are subject to constant and devastating price attacks from the rest of the world under a system of low tariffs simply because the United States is the high market. The anatomy of all this is simple in the extreme. The low cost producer sells to the high market, and the high market pulls down its own standard of living to comply with world standards. Yet circa 1983, farmers actually believe that their own welfare and the welfare of all America rests in finding more international markets to which farm production can be sold at half price. 

Farmers think this way because the intellectual advisers have convinced them. Congress has come to accept the absurdity that free international trade erases political isolationism, stops wars and represents high science in economics. Secure in their opinions that this matter has been settled once-and-for-all, the leaders (when jobs are exported to low cost countries, i.e.. Red China, which has lavish wages running as high as a dollar a day). Nor is it inexpensive to background security for the nation's goal of low parity trade expansion. The Pentagon continues to be the world's largest office building. It presides over 1,300 major military installations, with 334 of the linchpin units in 21 countries, and 25 in U.S. territories. 

There are also 3,000 lesser military installations in foreign nations and U.S. possessions. Fully 25% of all active duty personnel are stationed outside the U.S. "to protect American interests," namely banks and satellite corporations. Sound accounting procedures seemingly would require some of these costs to be subtracted from trading profits. They aren't, of course, nor are they billed to the traders. They are a cost of public policy. 

Projecting into the future we start from where we are. Any effort to bring suitable cash flow into agriculture always runs into the reality that a strong internal economy for the United States has been sacrificed on the altar of free international trade. There have to be farm programs, otherwise the bleeding natives might get too restless. There has to be "save the family farm" rhetoric, else all the urbanites with farm roots might listen to the heresy contained in books like Unforgiven and those preaching with a passionate state of mind. Schoolmen have to observe that agriculture is inherently unstable, but this due to everything under the sun other than a correct basic public policy.

The American today faces one of the most critical issues in our history, which is the destruction of the millions of independent farmers across America. 

Every few minutes a families farm goes into bankruptcy. There is going to be hunger in America if this trend is not stopped immediately. And the people must return to the farmlands of America. Now that you know that the controllers of the railroad and banks do also control all major forms of food production in this and many other countries. They control all transportation, import and export into America. They also control the food processing in this country, just in case you want to know who to blame for all the contamination of your food with preservatives and additives. Companies for food supply were organized in the mid 1800's by the railroads, at that time mainly for the people laboring for the railroads and later for the many passengers that traveled by railway. Let us in particular look at one giant in the food supply business: A&P Groceries. You may have heard of it by another name that it goes by (Ann Page) but its real name is the (Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Grocery) because in the beginning it supplied food stuffs for the railroad from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast, and today it even has other names that it is known by. Now, this supply giant owns and controls its own grocery stores, which are known as chain stores, from coast to coast. So it would be really easy for them to pull the food supply for a nation over night if they wanted to starve people.[Grew up in a town in Central Massachusetts with an A&P back in the 60's and first couple years of the next decade.DC] 

The people who control the food in the United States also control the water, the chemical industries that pollute the water, the mineral rights and natural resources, etc. All these aspects are ultimately controlled by railroad interests. Because of this, others can walk onto your land and legally take control of it and the water supplies that are on the land. Since the control of food (as the control of money) is one way to bring a nation to its knees, it makes sense to have at least a four-year supply of food and water stored in a place only you know about. 

If you think this is all a wild dream of some crazy people, ignore this warning to store food and water; and someday soon you will remember that you were warned about what could happen if we can't stop this monster of control. Beware of the dates of June 17, 1993 and December 31, 1995. The are the dates when the major leases are up. There are also some leases that are up in 1994.[Interesting that 4 months before 6/17/93,they brought the WTC into the national narrative,and Islamic 'terrorism' was given its 'hype' shot.If that was not enough,they gave you a double dose of their 3 card monte act with Waco Texas just short of 2 months of the June date.I will leave the 95 date to readers to look at. DC] 

There is a designated plan to take control of the people of this country and the world by whatever means necessary, and its all been planned by a most elite group of power-hungry people known as the International Bankers. They are thought to own the Federal Reserve System, which is really owned by the Payseur family and leased out on 99 year leases. This group of people that control all of these leased companies are the heirs of the original Trustees appointed by the Payseur family. They are the people that make up. The Council on Foreign Relations and The Trilateral Commission. 

Henry Kissinger (CFR) was named in a sworn testimony as a Soviet espionage agent with the code name Bor. Back in 1965, this traitor said it was time to surrender American's nationhood. He alludes to the planned merger of Europe's socialistic nations with the United States as "a new world order. 

Kissinger also believes that by controlling food one can control people, and by controlling oil, one can control nations. By placing food and oil under international control along with the world's monetary system, Kissinger is convinced a loosely knit world government operating under the United Nations can become a reality. 

It is not the American farmer's fault that he is losing his farm. The farm is being taken from the family farmer by a carefully designed plan by the controllers of the railroad. Remember that the railroad, in the beginning, owned outright every odd section of land in the Eastern United States. None of the land was to ever be sold, but due to fraud by the tenants of the railroad leases it was sold off. The farmer is losing his farm and homes because of the bankers (railroad) manipulation of currency and prices. They control the price of food because they control food production and processing and they control the grocery supplies and the supermarkets that you shop at.

What is happening on the farm is being intentionally kept from the people in the cities. The average city dweller will not know there is anything wrong until shortages begin appearing on the grocery store shelves. Bv then it will be to late, for those who live in the cities will already be slaves. 

One of the oldest ways of life in America, the family farm, is being destroyed. The people controlling the railroads want the family farmer to lose the farm to the lending institution which, of course, they control, and then turn them into tenant farmers. 

One of the reasons for the American Revolution was that the King of England was making tenant farmers, slaves, of the Americans through taxation and price controls. American's, need to wake up before it is too late to help the family farmer. 

The railroad Tenants and Trustees are intentionally stealing the farmers farm from them. It is not because the farmer is a lazy or a poor manager of his money. The farmers want to inform the people in the cities about what is happening to the farmers and have them join in the action to save the farms. The truth is being kept from the masses of people who reside in this nation, and the world, as to who really controls everything. 

Some of the horror stories that are happening in this country to the American farmers are to hard to believe; it is hard to believe this could happen here. It borders on treason. It is all a plan by this controlling group to turn our country into a communist third world nation. The American people must take action immediately or the results will be catastrophic. Life in America as we now know it could soon be a thing of the past. 

It was pointed out that there were once vast amounts of hay in the fields and large herds of cattle. Much of it had been there for years. Now, you will see very few cattle. 

Ranchers explained that the reason for the vast amounts of unused hay was that certain government programs had caused the dairies to close, and most of the cattle had been sent to the slaughter houses. 

There is no surplus of hay, but there is a shortage of cattle to consume the hay. If America still had the cattle it had a few years ago when we supplied meat and dairy products to our people from our own land, there would not be a surplus of hay but possibly even a shortage. 

We now import our dairy products and meat from other countries farms controlled by the railroad tenants and trustees such as the Rockefeller farms in South America; this is why the American farmer is going broke, because of control of supply, demand, and price control. 

The controllers of the railroad leases just get richer. Since farmers buy equipment to raise and harvest certain crops, they just keep on raising hay from year to year, whether or not there is a market for it, because that is all they can do. They can't afford to buy new equipment, which I might add is also manufactured and controlled by the railroad monopolies. 

If our foreign supplies were cut off through war or some other catastrophe, the people in the cities of America could go hungry in a few weeks. We have become dependent on the rest of the world for our food. It would take years to replace the great cattle herds and dairies that existed just a few years ago. In the meantime millions of people are going to starve when the food supplies are cut off. That is the controllers plan. They will blockade this country with a planned "emergency" of some kind and their will be no food shipped and the people will starve. It is going to be this way because the railroad controllers planned it that way. It is part of a plan to depopulate the earth. Believe it. This is the truth. 

Control the food then you can control the people! 

How do I know this to be true? You would have to go back to the records in the national archives and the county, state and federal courthouses and the congressional records to start putting the pieces together. You would have to have been lucky enough to have found out about the secret French family records that go all the way back to King Louis XVII, the Lost Dauphin. You can not start in today's records and go backwards-you will be lead astray purposely by the ones that have, through control, rewritten history. 

The American farmer must be destroyed in order to accomplish their goal. It is not the fault of the farmer that he is losing the farm. As mentioned earlier, it is a carefully designed plan. A few years ago, corn sold for $3.50 per bushel. The next year the prices went to $2.75 per bushel. The following year, the price of corn was $1.50 per bushel, and it cost the farmer $1.60 per bushel to raise it. Who controls the price of corn? Not the farmer, but rather the controllers of the railroad corporations. 

The farmer has nothing to say about what he gets. 

If you were a banker and wanted to buy a farm really cheap, what would you do to the price of the farmer's crop? Pretend that you have complete control of the price the farmer gets for his crops world wide. The first thing you would do is adjust the price of the farmer's crop to an amount lower than his cost to raise it. This would put the farmer into bankruptcy in a short period of time. Next, drive the value of farmland to rock bottom so no one could afford to farm. Now, you're ready to purchase or steal the farm for a fraction of its true worth. The plan is to break a business before buying it, and make the price a pittance compared to its real value. 

Now that the farms are becoming controlled by the international bankers soon the city people can be controlled. But first the farms must be confiscated without the people in the city becoming aware of what is happening. If the city dwellers experience grocery shortages before the plan is complete they will rebel. The plan is to keep them in the dark until it is too late to stop it. When it is to late, then the international bankers can charge any price they want for food and the city will have to pay it. If only the farmer hurts, who really cares? Few people in the suburbs and cities will realize that the family farmer will need help. As long as they have plenty of imported food and the price is reasonable, they will not care. So with the farmer gone, the urbanites can be dealt with. After all, a hungry man is a weak man, and a weak man can't cause that much trouble, now can he? 

The following story will illustrate what is happening. The examples to be used are a Russian farmer and an American farmer. The Russian farmer does not own his tractor, land or house. When the crop is harvested, the farmer gets just enough to feed his family and the rest goes to the state. The farmer has no incentive to produce a bumper crop. So. at five o'clock in the afternoon, the Russian farmer shuts off his tractor and goes home. After all, if he made a big crop, it would bring him no further profit, anyway. 

The American farmer is quite different. He owns his farm and his house and he and the bank own the tractor and combine. If he can raise a big crop, he makes more for himself. So what does he do at five o'clock in the afternoon? He doesn't cut off the tractor and go home, as the Russian farmer does, but rather he turns on the lights on his tractor and plows well into the night. Why? Because he has an incentive. 

If he makes a bumper crop, he gets more. The American farmer will work his fingers to the bone. Give a man an incentive and he will work himself to death. That is free enterprise and it works.! 

That is what made American great not taxes, controls, and give-away programs. 

One of the largest farms in South America is owned by the Rockefeller family, and we import grain from them when the American farmer can't sell his wheat. America imports broccoli from Red China and is helping to finances their agriculture. An American farmer can be current on his loan payments, but the lending institution still can demand payment on the loan or the farmer will face foreclosure. Interest rates in America have reached as high as 21% on farm loans. When an American farm is foreclosed, a "Swat" team is often accompanies the foreclosure team. 

The pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers which farmers were encouraged to use are now contaminating our water systems! Every six minutes an American family declares bankruptcy. There is no surplus of corn. There is a shortage of cattle to consume the corn because of the government programs which have encouraged the farmer to get rid of his cattle and foreign imports which have diminished our cattle herds. If America had the same cattle herds we had five years ago, there would be a corn shortage. There again, we have no wheat surplus. If we used our own wheat instead of importing subsidized wheat, there would be a shortage! We are subsidizing the world while we bankrupt the farmer. 


When we understand the way they think, then we can understand why they can do to the American family farmer what they are doing. They care nothing for America or her people. Their motivation is power and control. If they manipulate agricultural prices world wide long enough, they can own the farms of America. But the farmer will say, ' This farm has been in my family three generations, and we have profitably farmed it." Yes, but for the last three generations America has been relatively "FREE". 

Now, we are dealing with world-wide manipulators of money and power who want your farm land. They know they can steal it from the farmer, if they break them first. Then they can get the land for the value of issued bank credit. There is also a plan to crash the economy. 

In 1965, the farmer was paying 35 cents per gallon for gasoline and 25 cents for diesel fuel. In their plan to crash our economy, the bankers struck a deal with Nigeria and the Arab world in order to raise the price of crude oil. The Arabs agreed to place their profits in the New York bankers banks in thirty year time deposits. The price of gasoline was intentionally taken to $1.20 a gallon in the early seventies, this was done by a carefully designed, intentional plan.

At this point, the American farmer was paying an additional $1.05 per gallon for gasoline above what he had paid two years earlier. This money was going to the Arabs who were depositing the money into the New York banks (which are the railroads). 

In the mid seventies, the value of farmland skyrocketed because of inflation. This inflation had been intentionally created by the Federal Reserve (which is also railroad). 

The farmer was told by his banker to buy more land and bigger equipment. Get bigger or get out! The farmer trusted his banker and went into debt for everything he was worth. The farmer could not have made a bigger mistake, because the bankers knew that their next step was deflation. Land prices in the early eighties were sent to less than half of what they had been five years earlier. The railroad bankers manipulated this also, and they called it "deflation". This meant that the farmer's collateral was no longer worth enough to cover his loans. As you will learn, this was sufficient cause to call in a loan immediately, even though the farmer was perfectly current in all his payments, unless he was able to pay back the amount his collateral was short right then! Interest had also gone sky high. The price of the product that the family farmer and rancher produced was taken to a all time low by intentional manipulation of those who purchased and shipped those products internationally. 

By the mid eighties, the "family farm" was in the process of foreclosure. Insolvent banks (but not necessarily insolvent) in farming communities were being gobbled up by the banks in New York (the railroad-owned banks). In 1987, a family farm declared bankruptcy every six minutes. 


The farmer paid an extra dollar and ten cents per gallon for gasoline. This money went to the Arabs who deposited it by prior agreement in the New York banks who first created inflation and they followed it with deflation, and in so doing bankrupted the family farmer. At this point, the New York bankers used the farmers own money which the Arabs had given them and with this money the New York railroad bankers purchased the bankrupt farms and banks in America. 

It was all done by a specific plan, it is better known as slavery. It is not the farmer's fault that he lost his farm. The farmer is not a poor manager. The people in control of the railroad properties and companies are immoral and unethical thieves. 

Through investigation we found a document issued in 1962 by the Committee for Economic Development (CED) that states, "Although the exodus from agriculture in the past decade or longer has been large by almost any standard, it had not been large enough". It sounds to me that this committee was planning an agricultural exit for a long time. Later the document had the boldness to refer to our farmer as "excess resources." and officially recommended moving them out of agriculture! This committee was comprised of representatives from numerous large non-farm corporations in America. 

Can you now see why it is so important that you put food and water up for at least four years, as well as anything else that you will need, like medicine etc? The alternative is to become enslaved and have to take the Mark of the Beast. Be prepared to say NO! to the bankers of the railroad when they offer you the debit card and have yourself prepared with food and in the country with land to farm and non-hybrid seeds to plant gardens year after year. 

Learn how to can and preserve food for what is coming, so you can ride out the storm, because this is not all they plan to do to you. 

The railroad bankers and your government which the railroads now control have designed a p
lan to enslave the people of the world into a New World Order. The following pictures were made in 1994 in Missouri. What you are looking at here is a huge underground government storage facility that is approximately 100 acres in size or larger and is said to be so large that there are traffic lights to control traffic. 
Image result for images of "Springfield Underground".Image result for images of "Springfield Underground".
Image result for images of "Springfield Underground".Image result for images of "Springfield Underground".
Image result for images of "Springfield Underground".
It was also said that the government has been buying up dry foods, such as grains and bean at a furious pace for the past five years and storing it in these underground facilities, this is just one. The sign at the entrance says, "Springfield Underground".

Your body's normal biochemical processes routinely detoxify many dangerous by-products of metabolism as well as foreign substances that enter the body that have no metabolic function. Mercury falls in the latter category as it is a poison for which no human requirement has ever been identified. 

We are all subjected to mercury in our food, water and air. If we were not exposed to any other source of mercury, most of us would probably be able to routinely cope without experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of mercury toxicity. That is because nature has provided some hidden safeguards. For example, the largest source of dietary mercury is derived from fish. However, the National Academy of Science has also stated that "The most consistent beneficial influence of selenium has been reduction of the lethal and neurotoxic effects of methylmercury compounds'. Scientists have demonstrated that fish with higher levels of methylmercury generally also contained even higher levels of selenium, and conclude that the methylmercury ingested under these conditions is less toxic than methylmercury ingested under other circumstances. [This means that mercury from the fish is not as dangerous as inhaled mercury vapor from dental fillings.] 

However, there is a large segment of our population, some estimated as many as 75%, that have a source of mercury implanted in their body. That source of chronic mercury vapor exposure is silver/mercury dental fillings (also called amalgam fillings). As long as you have silver/mercury dental fillings you will be inhaling mercury vapor 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. In fact, some of the world's leading experts on mercury toxicology have recently concluded that the release of mercury from dental amalgams is a major contributor to mercury body burden in humans. This decision precipitated including, for the first time in any recognized toxicology text, a chapter on the predicted intake of mercury vapor from amalgam dental fillings. The following six conclusions about the release of mercury from amalgam fillings: 

1. The evidence indicates that amalgam surfaces release mercury vapor into the mouth. 

2. The rate of release is increased by stressing the amalgam surface by chewing and brushing. 

3. The surface layer does not immediately repair after stress and that it may take several hours to completely restore the surface layer. The surface of the filling is stimulated by chewing, brushing,etc., it starts releasing increased amounts of mercury vapor and that it may take several hours before the release rate is reduced back to the static or unstimulated value. 

4. The release of mercury from amalgam results in the deposition of mercury in body tissue and an increase in urinary excretion. 

5. The estimated release rates from amalgam appear to be consistent with levels of mercury found in autopsy tissue in the general population and with increases in brain and urinary levels due to amalgam fillings. 

6. The release of mercury from dental amalgams makes the predominant contribution to human exposure to inorganic mercury including mercury vapor in the general population. 

As a direct result of the above conclusions, it is understood that the World Health Organization criteria documents that establish exposure limits for mercury are being rewritten to also include chapters dealing with the mercury exposure attributable to amalgam dental fillings. 

Hopefully, the "WHO" documents will also address the increased release of mercury vapor that results when gold and amalgam are present in the mouth. Often amalgam cores are used under gold crowns or gold bridges arc placed directly on amalgam filled teeth. A dark discoloration of the tooth and adjacent gum tissue is sometimes visible indicting migration of amalgam components. One exposed amalgam filling in direct contact  with gold can sometimes evaporate more mercury than all other amalgam fillings together. If gold is placed on top of amalgam, mercury will migrate and the tissues surrounding the tooth can have extremely high levels of mercury. 

If you have silver/mercury dental fillings your biochemical individuality, diet and lifestyle assume much greater importance. These factors provide the rationale of why some people with amalgam fillings cope with the extra daily intake of mercury vapor and why some people don't. It is in the "don'ts: where signs and symptoms of mercury toxicity resulting from an inability to cope with the additional chronic intake of mercury vapor from dental fillings begins to appear. In other words, their bodies are no longer capable of biochemically detoxifying the added burden of mercury. 

Some of the signs and symptoms of mercury poisoning are: nerve disorders, destruction of all body organs, brake down of immune system, the mercury vapor can bind with certain vital proteins, which it then deactivates, lack of appetite, lethargy, inability to gain restful sleep, body pains, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and in general you just feel terrible or even cancer. Would you eat mercury on purpose? If you have amalgam fillings then that is what you are doing. 

The natural question that follows of course is what can I do about It or What can I do to help reduce or minimize the effects of chronic exposure to mercury vapor? If you were asking those questions of a toxicologist, the 1st course of action recommended would be to eliminate the source of exposure and the 2nd course of action would be to therapeutically attempt to reduce the body burden of mercury.

In the situation we are addressing the source of mercury that would have to be eliminated is the silver/mercury dental fillings. However, and unfortunately for many people, this becomes a purely financial decision. 

This short piece of information about mercury poisoning is only the beginning of many, many more examples that could be laid out for your viewing of how the ones in control have perpetuated the education of all the masses in ignorance about everything that your shouldn't be doing for your mind, body and spirit. 

They flower up everything under the sun that is harmful for you and tell you lies and deceptions about it and Oh! how good this is for you, your neighbor and your world while all the time they are trying to systematically kill you, your neighbor and your planet in degrees so that they can make more money and gain more control over your life so that someday really soon they will have complete control over all that survive the wars, diseases and underhanded connivery of the people that "we" allow to do this to us. When are you going to wake up and take notice of what is really going on out there in the world?

The principal source of the fluoridation is a poisonous chemical, sodium fluoride, which has long been the principal ingredient of rat poison. 

The by-product of the manufacture of aluminum, sodium fluoride, had long posed a problem. Except for its limited use as a rat poison, other popular uses were limited by its extremely poisonous nature. It also was very expensive for the aluminum companies to dispose of, because of its persistence (it does not degrade; it is also cumulative in the body, so that each day you add a little more to your sodium fluoride reserves each time you drink a glass of water or brush your teeth). 

Do you remember back in the 1950's when the push came for all communities to start putting fluoridation in the public drinking water. After all of the research I have done regarding the effects of fluoridation in the water this was nothing more than another push on the uneducated public to dump poison into their bodies to cause a rapid break down in the human body in order to increase the income of the medical community. This is a very brief outline of what the ones in control have done to the trusting public the 98% that gave their power away to 2% of the populous to kill us. 

Just to name some of the disorders that fluoride can cause are bone and tooth disorders. It can cause premature hardening of the arteries as does chlorination of water and premature senility as well as and increase in mortality which is attributed to the 5 parts per million fluoride found in some drinking water. There are even cases relating to these things in as low a levels as 0.7 to 2.5 parts per million. 

It has been known for some time that amounts of fluoride as low as those used (1 part per million) to fluoridate public water systems lead to soft tissue fluoride levels which damage biologically important chemicals called enzymes. This results in a wide range of chronic diseases. 

It seems unlikely that all the symptoms of aging, including premature wrinkling of the skin, could be attributed to the fluoride in the water. It was not until recently that research provided an adequate answer to the following questions: 

How could a substance like fluoride cause such aging symptoms as premature skin wrinkling? 

Recent studies show that fluoride at levels as low as 1 part per million in the drinking water give rise to an increase in the urine concentration of certain biological chemicals that signal the breakdown of collagen. In addition, fluoride leads to the irregular formation of collagen in the body. 

Collagen is important. It makes up 30 percent of the body's protein. The most abundant of all the proteins in the body, it serves as a major structural component of skin, ligaments, tendons, muscles, cartilage, bones and teeth. This would mean pregnant women who are exposed to fluoride are damaging fetal collagen. 

Fluoride disruption of this structural protein in skin results in wrinkling, Similarly, fluoride induced collagen damage results in the weaken of ligaments, tendons, and muscles. 

When fluoride induces the breakdown and irregular formation of collagen in cartilage, the irreversible arthritis and stiffness of the joints observed in people. Fluoride also interferes with the production of collagen in cells responsible for laying tooth enamel and bone. 

A poor protein diet coupled with the relatively high amount of fluoride in the water supply results in dramatic aging effects. The body is unable to rebuild the collagen protein that fluoride breaks down. 

These extreme aging effect occur among malnourished people drinking water containing fluoride at levels of 5 parts per million. The most important question is: Does fluoride, which is purposely added to the drinking water at a level of 1 part per million, accelerate the aging process even among people consuming the average American diet? 

Refer to the United States Pharmacopoeia, and information guide, which lists some of the side-effects that can result from the daily ingestion of the amount of fluoride found in 1 to 2 pints of artificially fluoridated water. 

The list includes the same symptoms: 
* Pain and Aching of the Bones 
* Weakness 
* Brown Teeth 
* Stiffness 
* Loss of Appetite 

Additional support for fluoride's role in speeding up the aging process comes from biological, chemical, and epidemiological investigations which show that: 

Aging is associated with a decline in the ability of the cell to repair its genetic material, called DNA. Reduction in DNA repair enzyme activity leads not only to genetic damage, but also to cancer. This is evident in people with a disease called Xeroderma pigmentosum. Xeroderma pigmentosum patients have a defective DNA repair enzyme system and invariably die from cancer at an early age. At levels of 1 part per million or below, fluoride has been shown to reduce DNA repair enzyme activity and to cause genetic damage. 

Pregnant women who are exposed to fluoride are damaging the fetal immune system which is a direct link to what is happening to the population at large now that have been exposed to fluoride for forty years. Aging is associated with a decline in the effectiveness of the immune system, the body's major defense mechanism against disease; as a result, older people are less able to throw off infectious disease. Weakening of the immune system during the aging process leads to the body's inability to arrest the growth of cancer cells. At levels of 1 part per million or below, fluoride has been shown to disrupt the immune system. 

If fluoridation creates such a public health hazard and does not significantly reduce tooth decay, why was fluoride ever added to the water supply? How is it that many areas around the country are still adding fluoride to the water supply? 

Fluoride is an industrial waste product. The 1920's and 30's saw the astronomical growth of the aluminum and phosphate fertilizer industries. Their rapid growth however gave rise to unexpected pollution problems. The pollutant, fluoride. 

Fluoride pollution of air damaged wildlife, crops, and livestock. Initially, these industries bought up the surrounding fluoride devastated areas. But when fluoride began to take its toll in human health, lawsuits and action by health officials forced the companies to install pollution control devices to trap the fluoride waste products. Unfortunately, this just shifted the problem from airborne fluorides to water borne fluorides and solid fluoride waste products, which were left to pollute rivers, streams, and groundwater. 

One means of profitably disposing of fluoride was to sell it as a rat poison and insecticide. However, since there weren't enough rats and insects around to poison, there still remained a problem of what to do with this excess fluoride. In addition, since fluoride is not biodegradable, excessive use of it as an insecticide and rodenticide would soon create a health hazard for humans. 

Dr. Gerald Cox of the Mellon Institute (the Mellons were the trustees for the Aluminum Company of America. ALCOA) solved this problem; Dump the waste fluoride into public drinking water. Tell the people it will reduce tooth decay. 

Due to extensive lobbying from the dental profession fluoride industrial complex, the U.S. Public Health service prematurely endorsed fluoridation. 

The makers of aluminum have created a monster on this society and I don't think it was an accident. Americans are now being afflicted with a debilitating disease called Alzheimer's. Now the people afflicted with this strange disease are becoming younger and younger. It strikes the neurotransmitters of the brain, which, as are adversely affected by fluoride as is the rest of the body. 

Where is all of this aluminum poison coming from? we will endeavor to name just a few places. 

Aluminum Cookware creates poison when you combine it with the acids of food and combine that with the heating of it over a gas or electric range. 

Painkillers such as buffered aspirin contain impressive quantities of aluminum. 

Anti Acid products for the upset stomach.

Antidiarrheal drugs. 

Aluminum ammonium sulfate is widely used as a buffer and neutralizing agent by manufactures of cereals and baking powder. 

Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, is widely used in baking powder and Clarifying sugar, it is also used in large amounts in cake mixes, frozen dough, self-rising flour, and processed foods, and in most all household baking powders. 

Aluminum wrap is now everywhere; toothpaste packages, seals on many food and drink product; and soft drinks everywhere are now packaged in aluminum cans. 

Who is behind all of the aluminum projects? 

We will attempt to name just a few of the men and corporations that are involved with all of this: 

William H. Krome George, who is also director of many leading companies such as: ALCOA, TRW, TODD SHIPYARD, INTERNATIONAL PAPER, AND NORFOLK SOUTHERN RAILWAY. 

William B. Renner, who is a directors of: SHELL OIL COMPANY 

Other directors of ALCOA are William S. Cook. Chairman of: UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD 
Image result for Forrest Shumway,


When I saw the first ad on TV advertising collagen-enriched cosmetics I was speechless. We'll be apologizing to Hitler, I thought: at least he didn't kill for money!

Collagen is the gelatinous substance found in connective tissue, bone and cartilage. Nick Thimmesch's syndicated column "Our Grisly Human Fetal Industry" documents that amniotic fluid and collagen can come from fetal material since the Food and Drug Administration does not require protesting or the identification of cosmetic ingredients. 

A glance through a local drug store revealed that the leading 12 shampoos and five hand creams all contained collagen. 

Check your beauty products and you may be shocked! Unless your beauty product specifies animal collagen or bovine collagen, the product probably contains human collagen. The drug company should be challenged at once. Even collagen taken from human placenta raises questions about respect of life and ownership of the placenta. 

A letter from Mary Kay Cosmetics emphasizes that their collagen all comes from animals. A similar letter from Mask has also been received. 

Since there are 1.5 million abortions every year, there is an abundant source of fetuses for commercial use. 

There's a triple profit to be had. The first is from the abortion (estimated at a half billion dollars a year by Fortune Magazine.) The second profit comes from the sale of aborted babies' bodies. The third profit is from unsuspecting customers buying cosmetics. 

Babies' bodies are sold by the bag, $25 a batch or up to $5.500 a pound. The sale of late-term elective abortions brought a Washington D.C. General Hospital $68,000 between 1966 and 1976. The money was used to buy a TV set and cookies and soft drinks for visiting professors. 

Call your local abortuary and hospital and ask them some pointed question about the disposal and possible sale of fetuses. Would an abortionist who kills a baby think twice about selling its body? One prenatal killer said, "A baby is becoming property. We kill, keep or sell the property." 

In the Pittsburgh Women's' Health Service there's a sign in the lab areas asking doctors not to carry dead fetuses without wrapping them, since it disturbs the patients. 

What have clinics done with fetuses in the past before they realized that they could make another profit out of them? 

An abortion center in Richmond filled a long bin on the rear of its property with the remains of its day's nefarious doings. Its trash compactor neatly mashed 100 babies' bodies which were then tied up in plastic bags and thrown on the top of the bin. 

"The hungry dogs came along and dragged the bags away. There were frequent fights and the contents of the bags would be strewn up and down the streets until the dogs separated the gauze, sponges and pads and devoured the placenta, bones and flesh of the babies." said a mother.

She went to the police, health department and city hall and felt that she got nowhere; but the bags of warm human babies' mutilated parts disappeared from the streets even though the clinic increased its abortions from 25 to 150 a week. They've since moved to larger quarters. 

The Jacksonville, Florida, Women's Center for Reproductive Health, which is run and owned by the Clergy Consultation Service, advertises "celebration a decade of service." 

What they don't advertise is that they leave aborted babies out For the trash pickup. Rev. Marvin Lutz. the director, explained that the practice of leaving the remains out was perfectly legal and approved by the National Abortion Federation and the Florida Abortion Council. 

Dr. Jeronimo Dominguez of New York wrote that "on any Monday you can see about 30 garbage bags with fetal material in them along the sidewalks of several abortion clinics in New York." 

In Odessa. Texas, city ordinance 69-91 forbids placing a dead animal in a dumpster. But that didn't stop one abortionist from depositing large brown plastic bags full of sock-like gauze bags into the city dumpster prior to closing every night. 

A Baptist minister opened the bags and to his horror found little "perfectly formed hands and feet of 13-week old baby and the complete body, in pieces, of a 17-week-old baby. Everything except one foot was there: The rib cage, sexual organs, head, fingernails and toenails." He nearly died of shock. 

Babies used to be burned on the altar to Baal; now they're burned in furnaces at the sites of their deaths. In Cincinnati, a prenatal killer allowed dense smoke to eliminate from his chimney. When firemen were called they were told, "They're burning babies," as if that was routine. One wonders how life-saving firemen could continue their dedication amid such a contradiction! One pro-lifer overheard her children (ages 5 and 7) discussing the infamous picture of the babies in the trash can the first time they saw it. "It's dolls. It has to be dolls," said the kindergartner. "No," said his pre-school sister, "it's babies." The older child couldn't believe it. "It has to be dolls/' he insisted. "Why would anyone throw away babies?" When their mother explained to them that it was babies, both children grew very quiet. Silently they studied  the picture and then recalled the times they had gone on trips to the city dump with the family. "Will the rats eat the babies when they take them to the dump?" the boy asked. 

A wounded American eagle was found in Maryland recently and rushed to emergency treatment but it was too late. He died. A $5,000 reward was offered for the arrest of its killer. 

Similarly, the Isaac Walton League's ethics fund has spent nearly $60,000 in the last 1 1/2 years to enhance outdoor ethics. 

It is illegal to ship pregnant lobsters (regardless of which trimester!) to market. There's a $1,000 fine and a year's jail term as a penalty. 

The Massachusetts Supreme Court has ruled that goldfish cannot be awarded as prizes in games of chance. This violates the state's anti-cruelty law to protect the "tendency to dull humanitarian feelings and corrupt the morals of those who observe them." This same court upheld mandatory state funding of abortions! 

If the human fetus were an animal, its welfare might be entrusted to the Department of Agriculture or the Fish and Wildlife Service where it would be safer than at the mercy of the Health Department. The hackles of the SPCA would rise at the physical treatment that it received. 

Some researchers insist that the reason they must do research on human fetuses is because they are human, not animal. 

In a "it shouldn't happen to a dog" story, 47 senators voted in 1974 to protect dogs from experimentation with poisonous gas but then voted down Sen. Jesse Helm's amendment to prevent federal funds from being used for abortion. One liberal, pro-abortion senator gave an emotion laden speech to protect dogs. Man's best friend came out better than man himself! 

Who is pressing for the "right" to experiment? No one less than the National Institutes of Health. A stacked national Commission gave them the "right" and this experimentation is funded by you. the taxpayer! 

This is another sequel to the erosion of the value of human life. Abortion, fetal experimentation, infanticide and euthanasia are four walls of the same coffin. 

Even Planned Parenthood's anti-life lawyer Harriet Pilpel was shocked. "What mother would consent to a experiment on her fetus?" she asked. 

Some of the more shocking facts that will give you heart palpitations include: 

* A young couple who want to conceive a child to be aborted so the father to be could use the baby's kidneys for a transplant that he needed himself. 
* In California, babies aborted at six months were submerged in jars of liquid with high oxygen content to see if they could breathe through their skins. They couldn't. 
* The hysterectomy aborted fetus in the seventh, eight and ninth months is removed intact (translation: The baby is alive). The trade in fetal tissue is about $1 million annually. The high prices may encourage unnecessary abortions on welfare patients as the surest way of getting "salable tissue." The baby is skinned alive and the skin is flash frozen and used for skin grafts in burn patients because their body will not reject the fetus tissue. 
* Dr. Robert Schwartz, chief of pediatrics at the Cleveland Metropolitan Hospital, said that. "After a baby is delivered, while it is still linked to its mother by the umbilical cord, I take a blood sample, sever the cord, and then as quickly as possible remove the organs and tissues." (Dissected alive). 
* Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh packed aborted babies in ice for shipment to experimental labs. 
* Newsday reported that an Ohio medical research company tested the brains and hearts of 100 fetuses as part of a $300.00 pesticide contract. 

* Human embryos and other organs have been encased in plastic and sold as paper weight novelty items. 
* The Diabetes Treatment Project at UCLA depends for its existence on the availability of pancreases from late term aborted fetuses. 
* A rabies vaccine is produced from viruses grown in the lungs of aborted children, according to the FDA. A polio vaccine was also grown with cells from aborted babies. 
* Brain cells would be "harvested" from aborted babies for transplant. 
* Tissue cultures are obtained by dropping still-living babies into meat ringers and homogenizing them, according to the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. 
* The Village Voice reported estimates seven years ago that 20.000 to 100,000 fetuses are sold to drug companies each year in the U.S. 
* A $600,000 grant from N.I.H. enabled one baby (among many others in the experiment done in Finland) to be sliced open without an anesthetic so that a liver could be obtained. The researcher in charge said that the baby was complete and " was seen secreting urine." He disclaimed the need for anesthetic, saying "an aborted baby is just garbage." Don't tell God! 
* A study on the severed heads of 12 babies delivered by C-section who were kept alive for months. 
* Even the baby's placenta is sold for 50 cents to drug companies. Ever heard of Placenta Plus shampoo? 

And the atrocities go on. Will the unborn be regarded as handy little organ sources? Will our preborn brothers and sisters become a source of spare body parts? Listen to the newscasters; they are already pleading nationwide for organs. It's enough to make you tear up your organ donor card! 

At least adults can consent to being inventoried like a body-shop's spare parts department but little babies cannot!. After reading that aborted babies' fat is being used to make soap in England and the fact that the former head of the federal Centers for Disease Control abortion surveillance branch proposed that abortions should be charged for by the length of the baby's foot, are we surprised that babies are treated this way in the Year of the Child or the Year of the Disabled?

After reading the above, if your heart is still beating, start praying right now with all the passion that you can put into the prayer that the atrocities on man and the life force stop now and ask God to bring you out of ignorance. 


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duncan Phelps said...

Gosh, does this really explain the extent the banksters go in taking over the world! That author really knows the scoop & can explain it like no one I have read before.
The banksters have played nations just like they have played the mortgage-housing industry!
What do you think about that part about those evil doers ("a pentagon official and three other U.S. government officials and the New York bankers went to the Prime Minister of Nigeria in the 1970s") first going to Nigeria then Saudi Arabia & O.P.E.C. in the early 70s and offering that deal to double oil prices and stick that money in the NYC banks for 30 year CD bonds? ..The Arabs get blamed for the entire thing and being greedy and this sets the stage for WWIII.

I always figured Philippine Pres. Marcos along with Indonesian Pres. Saharte were good guys, or @ least Marcos figured the West out and would not cheat his people any longer... course it got him murdered like JFK.

See how the Nigerian banks fit in as an extension arm of the Central Banks & NYC ones? The NYC banks use banks like in Nigeria to hide even more loot (only numbers on paper of course); because they can get away with even more.

It is all like ONE BIG shell game in this world under the banksters... each Walnut shell has a dried pea hidden up in it. The magician can trigger the pea to come down when he touches a secret spot so as to continue to fool the gambler. But the magician can ultimately keep all peas hidden in their shells... thus ALL gamblers lose all their money.
..And the fools keep registering as 'persons' & Citizens for these corporate 'service providers' & benefit & entitlement & welfare protectors, so the magician's game continues to take their loot.

I really can no longer feel sorry for Central banksters. They cannot help themselves... it is in their blood to fool/scam the public into slave-ship. The only solution is to place them all in a totally secure zoo and have the public pay $1. to view them. The $1 would be for maintenance fees for their upkeep/food & hosing down! If the elite were to complain, the "cost of servicing & provisions" fee would be reduced to 50 cents! That would be a total turn-the-tables!

- from the office of the Master of Postings to communicate the truth

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