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Part 17 of 17:Pandora's Box...Sweet White Poison....New National Religion...Crime Control Act of 93 the rest

One of the biggest business in the world today is sugar. In one form or another it is processed into almost all the foods we consume. 

Earlier in this book is reference to the "Sugar Trust", which was involved in an anti-trust case. The "Sugar Trust" goes directly back to the railroads and have been expanded into a multi billion dollar a year business. Sugar ranks up there with habit forming drugs and is more lethal than cocaine, heroin or morphine and more dangerous than atomic fallout. 

The ones in control have managed to get just about every man, woman and child hooked on the poisonous stuff. It is to such a point today that any company trying to produce clean food, gets pounced on by the government if sugar is not in the goods they produce. Ideally the ones in control want every food to contain a combination of sugar and salt. Why is that do you guess? 

Back in the late 70's and early 80's it was discovered that the combination of sugar and salt that is in all processed foods just about, this combination actually causes the body D.N.A. to "shred itself. 

When the surgeon general had this fact brought to his attention and was about to have "health hazard labels" placed on all processed foods that contained sugar and salt. 

At this time the drug corporations paid him off with $10,000,000, to forget about the warning labels for ail foods and to develop a severe case of amnesia about the subject. 

At one time there was an article in "The American Journal of Medicine" about this pay off but like all incriminating documents it has been pulled. 

Fortunately, we have people from congress that remember the details of the event that are making them public now. Sugar is as addicting as cocaine or heroin, but what is worse is the fact that it is everywhere, cheap, legal and plentiful. 

If you aren't a sugar junky you are considered a weird one. The food corporations are the largest dope pushers in the world, which remember, are all railroad related. 

If you were to go into your kitchens and read the labels of all the processed foods and remove all that contain sugar from the cupboard and refrigerator you possibly would have nothing left to eat. 

To avoid sugar you must buy food at a health food grocery store or grow your own food. So much damage has been done to our food supply today through environmental pollution, chemical fertilizers, hybrid engineered species of foods, and best of all the food processors. 

Today when you eat the foods that you buy at the railroad controlled chain grocery stores you are to a great extent buying junk food. The food has been stripped of any food value because of all of the elements involved in its production. What you are eating is mostly empty calories, added is sugar and salt to destroy your DNA and chromosomes structure. 

All this brakes down your immune system so you wind up spending a lot of money on doctors and medicine bills. All of the sicknesses could be avoided if you ate healthy food that you grew organically. But they don't want you to eat healthy. The body needs only a certain amount of nourishment, in small amounts. Your body needs Vitamins, minerals and a balance of amino acids. If you were to eat clean nutritious foods, without sugar and salt you would soon see a total change in your body. 

First if you drop sugar completely cold turkey you will go through withdrawal such as nausea, migraine headaches just like any junky. Afterwards your body will begin to feel stronger, your attitude will be better and your blood sugar levels will stabilize and depression will disappear. 

Processed foods with sugar and salt that have no nutrient value does not give the body the nutrient needed to function. This is why we have so many over weight people, they are eating because of the depression that the sugar causes and the fact that the body is feeling bad and screaming for nutrients so they eat more empty, dead food to satisfy the cravings. 

The sugar in the food causes more depression and the person just keeps getting larger and more unhappy. What a vicious cycle. There is away out. Start buying clean, nutrient loaded, organically grown foods from your local farmer that practices organic farming.

What is sugar; it is concentrated crystallized acid. Sugar in short rots the brain and causes the brain to malfunction. The brain is the bodies control center for all body functions and when it is out of whack everything else in the body malfunction. That is why the medical and drug companies love the poison stuff. It perpetuates their business and keep the general public in a dazed state of mind control. 

A dying brain can't be brilliant and cause trouble for the ones in control. Some of the illnesses caused by sugar are Schizophrenia, paranoia, catatonic, dementia praecox, neuroses, psychoses, psychoneuroses. chronic urticaria, neurodermatitis, cephalalgia, hemicrania. paroxysmal tachycardia. The one major disease due to over doses of sugar is diabetes which comes from an over worked pancreas and liver. 

Because of the excess sugar being processed in relation to the blood glucose. Sugar drains and leeches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification, and eliminations makes upon ones entire system. 

Eliminate all refined sugar and white flour from your diet. They are both bleached with a poisonous acid. Eat natural whole carbohydrates such as brown rice, azuki beans, spelt wheat, pumpkin. Cut out beef for fish and home grown chickens. Eat fish non irradiated green vegetables and fruits. Avoid all tobaccos because it is cured with poisonous sugar. 

The sale of sugar is even more important then I could begin to tell you to the people in control. In the sixties when Castro took over Cuba, he also seized one of the railroads major profit makers that was in Cuba although there were many others but this one hurt. The sugar cane plantations. "The Sugar Trust", this is part of the reason the CIA (Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad) invaded Cuba. They wanted their properties back. 

On March 20, 1991, your President Bush signed a Public Law 102-14, Education Day U.S.A, into law. Also known as House Resolution 104, the laws reads: Well wasn't that just short and sweet, the law doesn't really tell you a thing unless you get off your duff and go to a library and pull the actual Noahide Laws out of the encyclopedia Judaica and you will go weak in the knees to see what your president signed into law. Here is the meaning of the seven Noahide Laws in brief; 

Thou shall not engage in idol worship. Thou shall not blaspheme God. Thou shall not shed innocent blood of and human or fetus nor ailing person who has a limited time to live. Thou shall not engage in bestial, incestuous, adulterous, or homosexual relations nor commit the act of rape. Thou shalt not steal Thou shalt establish laws and courts of law to administer these laws, including the death penalty for those who kill, administered only if there is one testifying witness. Thou shalt not be cruel to animals. 

From a sociological perspective and from a purely religious oriented person these "laws" may sound honorable, but these laws arc considered by rabbinic tradition as the minimal moral duties enjoined by the Bible on all men. except Jews (Khazars). Even though the Bible is mentioned, the Judaica give note to the Talmud, not the Christian Bible, as the source.[Talmud written by the idiot Levitical Priests,so I do not give a crap what they said DC]

The Noahide laws apply only to non-Jews living under Jewish jurisdiction. Interestingly, Websters dictionary states that a Noachite is "one who has taken the 21st degree of the Scottish rite (Freemasonry)". 

The doctrine of Freemasonry, applied in a sociological format, consists of a "disbelief in the Divinity of Christ, and a determination to replace that doctrine by Naturalism or Rationalism". God only knows how this laws may end up being interpreted by a Jewish court. To the Jew. idol worship might be any Christian who displays a crucifix, Bible, a picture of Jesus (these are forbidden items in Israel today). 

The sentence under the Noahide law: Decapitation, oopps! what was that stuff we have been hearing about guillotines, hand cuffs and shackles. 

Since the second "law" prohibits blaspheme and Jews do not believe as Christians do (that Jesus Christ was God incarnate). Christians adhering to this Biblical "fact" will be tried for blaspheme. [The Master was not God,He is and was a Paradise Creator Son,and He is now the sovereign ruler of His Creation DC] 

The sentence: Decapitation. For many years now a lot of people have. I believe, been taping into the future in dreams and visions. Why not since time is relative, Einstein proved that one. The vision they are having are of two things. One is of mass amounts of people in the south being taken from their home and being marched down the roads in mass. 

These people are not allowed to take any personally belongings or food. All along the road of the march are men in black uniforms. The feeling that the people getting these visions is that the uniformed men are not soldiers. This could lead to interesting hypothesis, in light of the information that is coming out about robotoides and cloned human looking things, armies of them that are computer controlled. 

The second vision is of these black uniformed soldiers surrounding churches while the worship service is going on and when the people emerge from the church the ones that are not gunned down are taken prisoner. Think about that one for awhile. The punishment for breaking any of the Noahide Laws if decapitation. 

Please refer to the chapter on "Our Country has lost its Sovereignty". This chapter also talks about black uniformed people and guillotines in the United States. Its the Inquisition all over again folks, just with a new twist, the Catholic Church is still part of the group behind it all. For the majority of the human beings on the planet who, in cultural religious terms, are not Jewish, this development could be the basis for a "death sentence". 

The Crime Control Act of 1993 redefines illegal search and seizure while eliminating an innocent citizen's civil redress in suits against government officials and agents. Title VII Section 2337. 

Incorporated: were provisions of proposed SB 265 title "Terrorism Death Penalty Act of 1991" and Senator Biden's SB 266 "Comprehensive Counter Terrorism Act of 1991." Both bills contained language which can charge law abiding citizens of being agents of affording support to terrorist organizations. The property forfeiture effects on organizations and individuals when Speeches, Writings, and Assemblies Page mentioned in SB 265 are combined with the forfeiture provisions of Biden's SB 266 now incorporated "The Crime Control Act of 1993," any individual or organization in the United States who had or should have had knowledge that an associate might commit a terrorist act can have their property seized. 

Written like Federal Drug Forfeiture Laws, a citizen who allowed their home or other real property to be used for an assembly would start out guilty having to prove they did not have knowledge of the unlawful methods of the organization or individuals they allowed to use their property. 

Politically active organizations and labor unions are especially vulnerable to The Crime Control Act of 1993 provisions which define bodily acts as "terrorist Acts". A fist fight at a demonstration or picket line would qualify. The physical act need not cause bodily harm as its provisions refer to "involving any violent act." This will also come down in due time to mean anything even "spoken" about anything not approved. This will include that which you thought would never come to be especially in your nation: a national religion. The Noahide Law. 

The Crime Control Act of 1993 forfeiture provisions which seem aimed at public dissent are written like RICO laws taking on the added prospect of Political Property Forfeiture. Broadly written intent to commit terrorist acts is defined; "appear to be intended; 
(1) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; 
(2) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion." 

It would appear provisions contained in Senator Biden's proposed Senate Bill 266. now included in The Crime Control Act of 1993. target any group of persons which would dare demonstrate for or against any issue. Any picket line which is alleged to have blocked public access could qualify to intimidate or coerce a civilian population. Should violence result for any reason at a public assembly, the property forfeiture provisions of The Crime Control Act of 1993 may be triggered causing forfeiture of attending demonstrators' homes used for meetings and the vehicles they used for transportation to the event. Demonstrators and or pickets who left messages on a member or organization computer BBS system could cause the forfeiture of the system and all its records. The fact the system operator had no knowledge of any planned violence will not prevent property forfeiture of organization and member assets. 

The Crime Control Act of 1993 provisions when first examined are misleading for it gives the reader the impression it is after agents of a foreign power wishing to do America harm. The "Trojan Horse" in the Crime Control act of 1993: anyone in the United States committing AN UNDEFINED VIOLENT ACT OR ATTENDING AN ASSEMBLY CAN BE CHARGED WITH TERRORISM. 

If a Defendant under Section 2333 of Title VII, terrorist acts and or conspiracy, seeks to discover from the Department of Justice the evidence against him. the attorney for the Government may object on the ground that compliance or prosecution of the incident, or a national security operation related to the incident, which is the subject of Civil Litigation. Example: Government Civil Forfeiture. Expected: Defense against Government charges may be difficult where citizens have no access to knowing of the alleged evidence against them or the right to cross-examine government's secret witnesses. 

Secret Witnesses-Secret Trials: 
Protection of Jurors and Witnesses 
in Capital Cases 
Chapter 113B Section 138 states that the list of veniremen and witnesses need not be furnished to Capital Offense Defendants should the court find by a preponderance of the evidence that providing the list may jeopardize the life or safety of any person. 

The Crime Control Act of 1993 eliminates civil suits against U.S. and Foreign Governments by persons injured resulting from Government Agents in pursuit of prevention of terrorist acts. 

Title VII Section 711: Sentencing guidelines Increased for Terrorist Crimes 

The United States Sentencing Commission shall have the power to provide an increase in the base offense level for any felony committed in the United States that involves or is intended to promote international terrorism. Participation by political activists in Lawful Speeches, Writings and Public Assemblies may be used as evidence by Government to show that a political participant was aware of the unlawful methods of the individual or organization they are alleged to have afforded support. 

One person's violent unlawful act at an assembly may be enough for the Government to allege the assembly Appears to be Intended Toward violence or Activities which could Intimidate or Coerce a Civilian Population. 

Under current drug forfeiture laws: innocent citizens have been implicated by informants who will often testify to anything to mitigate their own arrest. This has resulted in innocent citizens being arrested and killed by drug agents; forfeiture of their property; and financial ruination. Under proposed provisions of The Crime Control Act of 1993 special breaks are afforded informants, even against the death penalty. Government will have no difficulty Creating Informants to cause the incarceration of any citizen considered a threat to one's political agenda. 

Disproportionate zero tolerance laws have served as precedents for expanding forfeiture: Since 1984, forfeiture laws have been operating on the erroneous contention that property can possess intent to commit crime. Innocent owners can have their property seized prior to trial on mere suspicion, starting out guilty, the owner having to prove they did not have reason to know that their property was being used to facilitate a forfeitable offense. Government need only show the property available for illegal drug activity to cause its forfeiture. 

The forfeiture scam: tenants arrested on real property when offered a sentencing deal by a prosecutor or immunity from further prosecution, often reply in testimony, "that had the real property owner been vigilant, he or she could have discovered drug activity taking place on their property." Government has used against real property owners in Civil Forfeiture Actions the fact that a property owner had reported to police that a tenant was dealing drugs at their property to show an owner had prior knowledge of the activity. Elderly citizens afraid to face machine guns and other threats by drug dealers are especially vulnerable to having their homes and rental property seized. Elderly property owners, often in bad health, are easy prey for Police Forfeiture Squads. 

The Crime Control Act of 1993 will allow government to use against its citizens, illegally seized evidence. 

Searches, wiretaps and seizures that result in obtaining evidence from an invalid warrant but was carried out in reasonable reliance on a warrant issued by a detached and neutral magistrate found to be invalid based on misleading information or reckless disregard of the truth, may in many instances over-ride Constitutional 4th Amendment protection against illegal search and seizure. 

S.8 The Crime Control Act of 1993. amends the "Exclusionary Rule" to add Section 3500 Admissibility of Evidence Obtained by Search or Seizure (a) Evidence obtained by objectively reasonable search or seizure (b) Evidence not excludable by Statute or Rule: sets the groundwork for Government Forfeiture Squads to at random invade innocent owner's homes and businesses with a minimum of probable cause. Government need only assert that "a search and seizure was carried out in circumstances justifying an objectively reasonable belief that it was in conformity with the Fourth Amendment." 

Informants: Now being paid by government 25% of net proceeds realized form forfeited assets in drug related seizures could earn similar amounts causing forfeiture of citizens' homes they allege to have been used by an owner for discussion of attending assemblies which the informant believed "appeared to be intended toward violence or to intimidate or coerce a civilian population." 

Informants and law enforcement agencies addressing prevention of terrorist acts are to be funded by Forfeiture and fines collected from terrorists and or persons alleged to have afforded terrorist material support. Will Citizens Exercising Their Constitutional Right To Free Expression And Association Be Targeted By Government Agents Who Know Their Jobs Are Dependent On Property Seizures, Fines and Arrests? 

I have a friend that is very knowledgeable about world affairs who I had review my manuscript. After reviewing everything, he asked me if I had read "the Committee of 300." He suggested if I hadn't that I should do so to fill in some blanks in my book. 

In brief the book contains about 260 pages of inter connecting information that directly relates to the information in this book. You might consider reading it next along with the Matrix III book. In short it talks about all of the will known secret societies such as the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA), and its extension in American. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Bilderbergers, Trilateral, The Zionist. Freemasonry, Bolshevism, Rosicrucianism and all of the spin offs of these secret societies. 

Early on in this book I identified the members of the group in this country as nothing more than an elite private group of heir trustees companies. The Committee of 300 appears after reading Dr. Coleman's list of members have many of the same names that appear on the Payseur list of companies, institutions and organizations directly related to the railroad empire. 

Let us take just one organization for instance by the name of "Odd Fellows" that is found in the Committee of 300 list. The "odd Fellows" were an organization started long ago by the men involved in the ownership and operation of the railroads and the name comes from the fact that the railroads owned the "off sections of land in this country. Could this possibly be the case with most of the names of this 300 list. Just because part are railroad related could they all be so related in some fashion. 

We also know because of the Virginia Company that later became known as the Corporation of "The United States of America." Everything in this country goes directly back to the monarchy of England and its power and control. Information has also been made public that the CIA and other corporation are involved in the opium or drug trade business. The book and its British East India Company of being behind the major opium trade. Then the related banks being the laundry for the dirty money. Also we know that the CFR is in close knit relations not only with the United Nations which is also inter connected with the Illuminati. The Illuminati is believed to go right back to the Catholic Church through the back door. 

It appears that somewhere along the way all of these secret societies, and corporations decided that the world was over run by as they call us "useless eaters", this refers to all you folks. They made a decision to depopulate the earth by hook or crook by any dastardly means because they were convinced by special studies that they had prepared that unless the population of earth is cut by 6 to 7 billion people that the earth nor this elite group of monsters could not survive. One particular devise they cooked up was the "AIDS" virus which was unleashed through the World Health Organization. This is a joint man and alien designed disease it is not a curse from "God". It is most prevalent in the homosexual community because so many of them were being treated for Hepatitis with aids infected Gamma Goblin. Gamma Goblin is the serum used to help build up the body of a hepatitis patient. They acquire hepatitis through drug injections and nasty living conditions. 

Anytime now that I hear about depopulation I start remembering what the "Kharzar-Zionist" are up to. Well it sounds like they really all have the same objective. Take control of the earth and its population. 

This chapter of the book I really did not want to write but after everything else that is in it I decided that you really need to know the reason that all of these events happened. You also need to know who all the original game players were. 

At some time you might also read a book called "The Twelfth Planet." 

First of all I have a question for you. All through the Bible are these quotes of "God said" this and "God said that". Personally I would really like to know where this "GOD" took off to. It appears that once upon a time he went around everywhere running his mouth and then disappeared into thin air and has since gone deaf, dumb and blind. If he ever really cared what went on, on this earth it doesn't appear that he cares anymore. After ail when was the last time he made a public announcement? Why are there conflicting attitudes in the Bible? in parts of the Bible God is this wonderful, sweet, loving, kind father. Then on the flip side, you will find in the bible this "God" that is jealous, insecure, angry, selfish, tyrannical and instigated murder of his peoples. Anyone acting like this today would be put in a physco ward or jail as a dangerous paranoid schizophrenic. Could it be remotely possible that the Bible the book of "Gods" word is not totally correct? Remember it has been rewritten and changed many times and the teaching of Jesus weren't even written until 200 years after he left here. Jesus's teaching were passed by word of mouth and every time the true teaching were found the Roman Church has grabbed them up and either destroyed them or hidden them in the Vatican. Or is it possible that there was more than one so called "God" here on earth at the same time. If you are a Bible buff take a moment and think about this possibility and then I have a "truth" to share with you. 

Do you remember that I told you that the winners have always written history to suit their objective. The Bible is no different, it is a so called history novel of sorts. If you start doing research on the origins and development of who wrote the Bible you will find that much of it has been changed, lost and adulterated. With the knowledge that has come out in the last couple of years about the Montauk Project, in particular the information that can be found in "Matrix III by Val Valerian, one of the best books of our time, it is entirely possible that time traveler from now went back into the past and left parts or all of the bible to come forward to today to keep a whole race of people ignorant, enslaved and controlled. 

The following information has been given to people of earth from the realm of the angels about what really happened here on earth and it will be up to you to decide what your feelings are about it. This story is centered around and entity that is known in the Bible as Jehovah. 

Long, long, ago and far, far, away from earth out in the heavens, a war broke out among a group of competitive entities which we will refer to as "Gods" because that is what they call themselves. At this time there were three main entities "Gods", battling it out with one another. They were known as Yahweh, Jehovah and Id. Yahweh and his group of brothers came to earth long ago and began experimenting and improving the creation of the physical body called man or the human being. 

It was the wish of this group of "Gods" to create a "costume" to be warn by the energy and the conscious that each individual entity "God" is made of. It was the desire of the house of Yahweh to create a costume, the living body of man, capable of housing the consciousness, intelligence and energy of and individual entity "God" so that entity could come to earth and experience in a tangible "feeling" all of the creations of the third dimensional mass on earth. The "Gods" desired to be able to walk among the animals, plants and trees that they had help create here on earth. 

But in order for these gods to be able to occupy third dimensional mass they had to lower their high vibratory frequency or light frequency, from say. the seventh dimensional level of light (because they were pure light) to the third level because if they did the sudden on slot of high energy would explode the little human body. This is where the term "the fall of spirit", comes from. Because these gods, spirit, energy, had to be lowered in light frequency in order to inhabit a flesh and blood body here on earth. 

The tragedy that occurred is that after these "gods" took a physical body here on earth and started coming back time after time into a new costume, on their playground for the gods, they lost the memory of who and what they were. Jehovah played a big part in that. It all started out as a game and an experiment but someone "Jehovah" and his band of tyrants thought it would be great fun to destroy the instruction manual as to how to get out of the third dimension and back to the seventh. 

Because for the first time he could control his brothers and  sisters while they were in mass, which he could not achieve before they took bodies and lost their memory through programming. So for thousands of years we have been running around on earth life time after life time, trying to find the instruction manual. We all instinctively know something is missing and are in hot pursuit of it and then someone introduces you to a religion and you think you have found it for a while, because it relates to  spirit, but your still miserable and searching for, you can't remember what. Its the instruction manual. 

There is a group called Jehovah that doesn't want you to find the way home, back to a high light frequency, because he can't control you there. And he wants to be worshiped. People that are given the instructions to "Apotheosis" can't be controlled and that really upsets the Jehovah group because remember that the Jehovah wants you to stay ignorant. 

Remember the verse "don't eat of the fruit of knowledge" and the god that wants you to worship him. God is not a him or her, god is a isness, a knowingness, a consciousness. And any god that needs to be worshiped is insecure and that is an attitude of man. Why would god have and attitude, that needs a psychosocial adjustment? The truth of the matter is that Jehovah is a group of ugly, ego crazed, psychopath, insecure, tyrannical anal retentive humanoids from another solar system. 

They have thousands of years brainwashed mankind and controlled him. By the way "sheepeople" the Reptilian's who are Jehovah's help, favorite meal is nice tender human flesh. Why have they been here waging war on you for thousands of years? Because you have been brow beaten into giving not only your power away as a god yourself but all of your memory and what you are capable of being has been systematically stripped from you. 

I guarantee you that the Zionist-Khazar and your government know how powerful a fully aware god is. That is exactly why they keep you enslaved and ignorant with their created religions. They have stripped your god out of you and put it outside of you. So now you worship something distant and separated from you when in truth there is no separation you and the creator are one and the same, John 10:34 and Psalm 82:6. 

When Jehovah and his band of tyrants came here thousands of years ago, their ships seemed to be on fire in the sky, known then as chariots of fire now known as UFO's. The peaceable group of "Gods" called "Yahweh" were here on earth working with their creation of " man". Yahweh and his small group called "the great white brotherhood" meet with Jehovah. 

Yahweh had just a small group, a brotherhood of only thirteen. Which were scattered all over earth teaching righteousness and love. That was all that was left of the spirits that had not lowered their frequency to become a man to participate in this drama on earth. 

When Jehovah decided that waging war with Yahweh and his brotherhood wasn't worth the effort, he went after the seed of Yahweh. This began the Jewish religions (remember the winner writes the history). 

Man at that time was of insignificant and ignorance and scared of his own shadow. 

Jehovah led the peoples the seed of the loving Yahweh to a land called Babylonia. He forced the people to fight Yahweh. With this came the lineage of Abraham. 

Jehovah became known to all inhabitants of earth. He forced one group of people to fight against others waging war. Jehovah hated the Blackman, red man, the white man and most of all, he hated all females and he deemed them soulless. He did his best to despise them all. And he brought one small seed (probably the ones that his group interbreed with, that is how the Jews got their big nose.) 

This group became a nation of people to do battle against the people of Yahweh, particularly the Egyptians. One of the greatest Egyptian leaders born after Yahweh people began to be was Rata-Ben. He was one of the first pharaohs of the Egyptian people. He left a lineage for his people, and of the pharaoh to love and of a humble and wonderful people, who built landmarks on this earth, in just 3 years total time, to remind mankind that Christ "God" is within every person, a landmark that eternity could not erode away. They are known as the pyramids. 

The triangle and the star of David both mean god is within. Jehovah, being jealous, angry, insecure and full of hate, a real psycho, led his race of people against all other races. Refer in the Bible to Joshua 6: 21,24, Joshua 10: 40 and I Samuel 5: 6, 11-12, read about his reign of terror on the people. These wars were a slaughter. The races outside of Jehovah race were no match for his space ship that stings like a scorpion which is termed as a "chariot of Fire". Not all UFO's today are of Jehovah group. 

Yahweh now has an army here in great magnitude, on behalf of his seeds that has survived to today. Jehovah ship could level a plane, part the sea and cook the earth. Yahweh' people didn't have much of a chance. Jehovah was trying to destroy all of Yahweh seeds. The first inquisition by Jehovah and his seeds. Jehovah reign here on earth for thousands of years and enslaved the people, fallen gods. He appointed scribes (writers) to write his words, (remember the winner writes the history), his words were of threat and murder, separateness of people, of woman to man, husband to wife , of family to family and creed to creed. The whole world went to war against one another. And the high council's of "angels" if you please upon this plane weep, and they would bring dreams upon both sides for peace and knowingness. 

Jehovah's favorite thing was serving up large helpings of "fear". He scared his people into doing his bidding for him. As they still do even today. If they did not deliver the message he had told them to, he would make them eat their own dung off of the earth, or take their family form them. Jehovah's people were getting fed up with him and his outrageous ways, and they tried to go back to the way things were before he came and this really upset him. 

He got angry at his own people. Jehovah had his people build the Ark of the Covenant, so he could communicate with them through it. If any fool touched it they died. They would take it into war, while Jehovah sat in his space ship, and directed the battle through the covenant, the Ark was along the lines of a radio communicator but it also had a radio active beam or laser capability built into it. The Ark was almost as powerful as the weapons on Jehovah's ship. 

If you were in the path of the Ark and it didn't kill you, you would wish it had. Because its radiation power would cause the skin to peel off their bones, their eyes fell out of their sockets, their loins exploded, you get the picture I'm sure. Jehovah could not destroy Yahweh, he could only get to him by destroying his seeds. Yahweh brotherhood watched this all taking place for eons. Jehovah would not allow the people to worship the creator god that is within all of us. To all that slipped around and did he promised hell to them all. 

Jehovah had his hay days here on earth. Yahweh' brotherhood and many others like his jointed together against Jehovah. They created a space ship more powerful, and faster than anything Jehovah had. It looks like a sun. Jehovah realizing that he was outnumbered and out equipped and outsmarted. When Yahweh group of thirteen all splitting their souls and knowledge and created and entity' that would come to earth and start a change of this world. Jehovah packed up an left. 

Yahweh and his brotherhood and many more are still here, still loving us and trying to protect and up lift those that are awakening. Jehovah does not love you, he only came to start you waging war among yourselves. At one time before man was man when you were all spirit "God", Jehovah could not control you because you were as powerful in though as he but once you became a man of the human flesh you lose your power and memory and being the jerk Jehovah is he could then keep you controlled, enslaved and ignorant. 

Jehovah left this galaxies for another to cause havoc else where but unfortunately not all of his henchman left with him and they have been here always pushing their seed the "Zionist-Khazars" to carry out their subservient plan's on Yahweh people that have somehow survived. 

These people are the Caucasian, Gentiles and non-Jews in general and many Jewish people also have turned from the Zionist objective. Most orthodox Jewish people except for the hierarchy of Khazars and Zionist, have no idea what the Talmud, Kabbalah or Zohar are based on and are loving, beautiful people same as the so called gentile, so what is going to happen to them? Well, Jehovah promised hell to anyone that did not obey him. 

The sad thing is that when Jehovah left he promised to come back to raise hell with the people of earth again, and he is here now, just waiting out around Pluto somewhere getting geared up for another rampage on Yahweh seeds once again. There is a battle coming between Jehovah and Yahweh armies very soon. It is the battle in the heavens that is talked about in the Revelations in the bible. It will be awesome with light beam space ships battling one another in the sky over the earth. What is the prize of the  battle? 

It is the survivors left on earth. Jehovah created so much fear and disharmony here on earth that we have never recovered. Yahweh's brotherhood knew that their brothers in man needed a "hope" a deliver. Yahweh and his brotherhood started a prophecy among the peoples of a great one that was to come. So it came to past that the great entity that the brotherhood had created by splitting their souls and knowledge was to come to educate man, and up lift his spirit. 

To give knowledge of who and what we are and that there is no hell and life is eternal and the only savior for you is yourself. Worship the part of "god" that is within you. not outside of you. Do not live in fear, live in joy. No one can take your eternal life from you because you can reincarnate anytime you wish. 

You always live in one level of frequency or another, it is either mass or light. This is the truth that Yeshua-Ben-Joseph. Jesus as you know him brought to earth to share with his brothers and sister. He did not bring the worshiping and fear and the enslaving message the church would have you believe. 

The very first thing that a person needs to do to prepare for the times that are coming upon mankind is to change your consciousness. That is to say our conscious awareness of self and the world around us. In so  doing that you can cause an uplifting of your body, mind and spirit. If every person on the planet would do this we can change and overcome everything. All you have to do is desire to open your brain up so that you use more than 10% of its capabilities. The movie "Lawnmower Man" is one of the best examples of what accelerated brain utilization can do for you with the exception of the aggression factor. In this movie they had only started to touch the surface for the mind's capabilities. Refer to the chapter of the Apotheosis Project. 

The following is what the ones in control have planned for us to go through but remember you can change this all by waking up your full capabilities of self and changing your attitude. 

The controllers are planning a tremendous economic crash to destroy the entire financial structure of the United States and the World. The end result will be a depression of a magnitude never before experienced in this nation or the world. Millions of people will be out of work. Millions will starve. Riots, killings, and plundering will sweep the nations. Why? Because for decades they have been subliminally programming you to do this. Disease will creep its way into the lives of millions more. Why? Because you are not prepared through knowledge of medicine or awareness to take care of yourself. They have programmed you to always run to a doctor or hospital and to never learn anything about medicines. Natural or otherwise. Cities will become jungles infested with half-starved humans preying upon the weak, the sick, the old and the defenseless. 

Why? Because you have been programmed to leave the earth, the farms, that can provide food and water for your survival in the country for city life. Everywhere there will be the haunting hunger of the young and the innocent, looking up with hollow eyes, begging, pleading for just a morsel of food, a tiny morsel that is not there to give. 

When do they plan to drop the hammer on us? As best as it can be estimated at this time based upon the information that we have from research and the knowledge of when the Railroad Leases will expire starting on June 17, 1993 with the largest lease to Southern Railway which encompasses hundreds of major corporation's that are involved with the manufacture and importation of food that supply the United States and these corporation's own most of the large farms in this country seized through bank foreclosures and many large farms in south America. Back a few years ago in order to prolong their control as long as possible the Southern Railway lease was merged with the Norfolk and Western Railway into their lease which expires on December 31, 1993 so now they have an extension time if they choose to use it but will they. There are other leases that are on schedule to expire between the end of 1993 and the very first of 1996. But the largest one found to date is the Norfolk and Southern Railway merger. If you will remember back in the mid 1980s' when the stock market took a nose dive that was because there was a very small lease that came due at that time. I sincerely hope that the railroad leases are renewed and everything will just roll over and continue on. Then there is the possibility that the leases could even be renewed and it would change nothing as far as their plans to put this county into a total collapse. If the railroad and their subsidiaries collapse everything else folds along with them. You must start preparing today to become sovereign in your own right and to be prepared to store food, clothing, weapons, water, lots of water, seeds to plant gardens, medicines etc. to last at least five years. June 17, 1993, is the date to be prepared for, I feel sure that they will hold things together as long as they possibly can to bleed the people of every power and freedom they can.[Wrong on the timing,but it still looms over our heads like a giant axe DC] 

Money, Banking and the Beast 
Very soon your dollars will be worthless, you will either have to take what is to in the bible as the Mark of the Beast, which is a computer chip or probe which we have already talked about, or you will have to be out of the cities and into the country on a piece of land that you can own and live sovereign. Or you will quite possibly die. There is no escape, no one but self can deliver you from what is coming. No one is going to come and take you away in a cloud (UFO) and I assure you. that these guys you don't want to take a ride with. They will not save you. All of their plans go back to a base plan to depopulate the planet to be able to better control the survivors. For all the Christians that think that they don't have to get prepared, here is something for you to think about. 

All theologians these days that are studying these times and history, and those that are in the know are in agreement that the "Great Scarlet Whore", is the Catholic church and what has the Catholic church introduced into religion to help in the plan for the Beast to take the world over. Long ago at the council of Trent two Catholic Priest's invented or created the Rapture concept and that concept has been put into your religion by the ones in control, to give you a false hope to hold on to. They are now laughing at you because you believe it and think that you are going to be whisked off the face of the earth and are not going to have to deal with what is in store for mankind by the ones that call themselves Jews. They are not the Jews. They are not the true Israelites. No force or higher being is going to save you from what is coming very soon. You must become prepared and sovereign. [I have to finish this file,but I will add right here,the author's beliefs are his,I listen to no man,who thinks he knows what will be. DC]

When the railroad leases come due and are not renewed or the new leases if they are not recognized by the government, everything in this country is going to crash. There is your national emergency because the United States Military Railroad system for transportation and communications will fold. Then it will not be privately operated and it will all revert back to the government and at which time it could become an atrocity. Your money will become completely worthless, because there essentially will be no more banks in this country and you will be back to a barter system unless you go to the debit and credit system with the microchip implants linked to the European master computer. Lovingly called the Beast.

Everything will begin to shutdown, finding food will be the upmost priority of the day. Rioting, robbing, looting and all types of crime will begin to stalk the streets. The cities will turn into concrete canyons, with savages hunting down their prey of other human beings who might have food and water. Blood will flow like rain water in the gutters. It has happened before, in France and in Germany. Only this time, it will be worse than ever before. And every time that this has happened, the wars, the Inquisitions, the eradication of entire cultures has been organized by the Catholic Church and the one coming is being orchestrated by the church again. 

The Internationalist are planning all of this and they will force you to become part of the cashless society. Just for one second imagine yourself as John on the Isle of Patmos some two thousand years ago and you were given a vision of the world two thousand years into the future and you had none of the words to work with that are known to our language today. What would you have called a monstrous machine that was three stories tall, covered three city blocks, had flashing lights, spinning reels, made a lot of noise, ate cards and spit out paper. Would you not use the one word to describe the most dreaded thing you had come into contact with in your time which would have been a Beast that could eat you or kill you. What John saw was a very large computer that is now on line and operating for the European Economic Community in Luxembourg and is called "The Beast", it is the largest in the world. 

Which is satellite linked to the Star Wars Satellite, known as the Strategic Defense System. Which have been in place for twenty years. They have had for a very long time the ability to operate instant banking and communications. 

With the European Economic Community, (the internationalist's) planning to consolidate Europe into a united Europe and consolidate their money, what are they going to consolidate the currency to? Could it be a cashless society. What is their next planned move for this country? We are now seeing plastic cards "debit cards" taking the place of checks in the market places such as grocery stores and department stores all over the  united states. 

I figure that this micro-chip thing is a while off yet because remember you have to boil a frog slowly so it doesn't jump out of the pot. Hello you frogs! The technology is not in the marketplaces yet; they are having trouble getting the merchants switched over to the debit card system. Plus all of the equipment is expensive. So unless they just crash everything overnight, and everyone runs around in a panic for a few month's, then they can put the equipment out there at little to no cost. It is going to be a while yet before it happens. They have to get the debit card moving really good first. 

In October of 1991 MasterCard International Inc. announced plans for a national point-of-sale debit system that uses automated teller machine cards that function like checks. There you have it folks. We have been saying for years now that the ATM card that you love to wave around is the fore runner to the Mark of the Beast. Linked into the super computer, (that John saw in the vision), that is part of the European Economic Community and is located in Luxembourg. 

The service, dubbed MAESTRO, will debut in the Chicago area, spokesman for MasterCard say. The first transaction is expected to take place in the first half of 1992.  

MasterCard said the MAESTRO logo, which incorporates the interlocking circles of the MasterCard logo, could potentially be placed on more than 190 million ATM cards that been issued by financial institutions. Some years back it was said that the MasterCard and the Visa would also become the debit cards. 

It would compete with VISA International Inc.'s INTERLINK service. VISA, the leading bank card association, announced in June its plan to roll out INTERLINK to financial institutions and their customers across the country by the end of this year. Hello! Frogy. 

MAESTRO will meet the needs of consumers who want to pay now for purchases with funds drawn directly from their deposit accounts helps them separate these purchases from those they choose to pay for later with credit cards, "the MasterCard statement said". 

Consumers will become familiar with MAESTRO and INTERLINK as logos on their ATM cards, according to spokesman for a credit-debit card newsletter in Santa Monica, California. 

When they use the cards to make purchases, card holders will enter a personal identification number into the merchant's terminal and the amount will automatically be deducted from the customer's checking account. 

"A debit card is an electronic check," a spokesperson said. What the Mark of the Beast is, is an enslavement for all of mankind to worship. You will be subject to its control if you are not sovereign. 

Major Cities in Terror 
The major metropolitan areas will become totally without law and order. There will be gangs, of roving bands, bounded by a common need and feeling vengeful toward society and the stores. Which hold within them the necessities of life. Necessities they are now to be deprived of, not through some fault of their own. Because something went wrong with what they believe was a bad society anyway. They will overpower checkout clerks and take what they want. They will break windows and loot what they want. They will be joined and followed by timid, ordinary and average people that think, "Well, everybody else is doing it and if I  don't get mine this way. I won't get anything at all." The looting will be everywhere at once; and as the days pass by and more and more average people join in the fray, the police will be utterly helpless. The National Guard will be mobilized, of course. But they cannot hope to quell every riot and every looting all over the nation. 

Warfare in the Cities 
Every major city will be hit. Water, sewer, power, gas and communication and transportation line will be destroyed. There will be no radio, the transmitters and towers will be destroyed and no television for the same reasons. The cities will begin to be infernos of terror as bombs explode, gas lines erupt and spew uncontrolled fires everywhere. Doctors and other medical aid will soon become unavailable. Hospitals will become inundated and overburdened to the point of complete collapse. Vital drugs will be unavailable. Those with marginal health will not be able to stand the strain and will die. Cities will burn in uncontrolled fire, and the drafts created by the heat will create firestorms forcing the fire to whip across the cities at several miles per hour. The weak, the old, the sick, the very young, the defenseless will be assaulted for whatever they might have that could be used by the roving gangs. The monsters of terror will come creeping out of the ground to kill, to maim to torture and destroy for their sheer pleasure of bringing death and misery to other people. These are terrible thoughts to the average person, but they must be faced, for they are a reality. 

We may argue about the psychological causes and the possibilities of rehabilitation and correction all we want to; but when there is no law and order to protect us, multitudes of these people will manifest themselves. They do exist, and the recent wave of violent movies showing the most realistic scenes of blood, gore, cruelty, and the wanton waste of human life will create the most macabre scene of viciousness ever seen on the face of this earth. Please refer to the chapter on F.E.M.A and review the 11490 act. 

At sometime before things become terrible as we have previously outlined, the governors and the President will have declared martial law. Anyone found disobeying the orders of the military or the police will be shot on sight. This will not solve the problem, it will only aggravate it. There will be a mobilization of the armed  forces in an attempt to quell the disturbances across the land. But an army can only mobilize when it has a nation behind it with which to mobilize. It is one thing to defend a country and fight an enemy. It is quite another to fight your own country and a government that has gone mad and does not have the peoples welfare at heart, only their destruction and extermination. The people that try to inform and interfere with the controllers will possibly be shot. Bridges will be blown up. remember the TeleGuard, highways destroyed, fuel supplies blown up. rail lines and equipment sabotaged. No food will be available for the armies or for people at all. In addition to this, there are many nations who would love to come up and take possession of this nation, and, seeing us in such a distraught position, will seek to take advantage of us. Invasions will be launched into our borders, and the military still available will have to be mobilized by the government, largely for national defense, if such a thing still exist. There are rumor's that there is even now for the first time in our recent history German base's inside the united states. There are United Nations base's with troop buildup in Montana and in other states. There are also, Chinese troops waiting outside the Canadian and Mexican borders. 

Without proper sanitary conditions in the cities sewage and water lines contaminated or destroyed, without medication and health care, with refuse piling up everywhere, and neglected dead bodies, there will soon be epidemics of disease sweeping through every metropolitan area. First will be simple dysentery, and following shortly on the heels of this will be such items as cholera, ptomaine, jaundice, typhoid, and bubonic plague.  Millions will become violently ill. and millions will die without proper aid and care. 

What about the Food 
Our cities are in reality a deathtrap. The food supplies in all of the stores and warehouses combined cannot feed the city for more than a week and what if there are runs made on the grocery stores by frightened people? The food supply may last for only two days. The food industry in America is in reality a modern miracle or deathtrap, by your choice because they would have you believe that they will always be there for you. Everyday, by truck, by railroad, by steamship and planes comes thousands of tons of food to the cities all across our land. And the railroad leases control all of these, plus the farming and processing and importation of our food. If this supply should be interrupted for even a few hours, hardships on the food supply will develop. Anyone who can remember the food crises that developed during the "Cuban Crisis" in all of the major cities as panicky people swept the shelves of markets clean, can imagine what it will be like during a real emergency. Food supplies will of necessity be confiscated by the military to feed the men that will be to defend the nation. As commerce and trade and transportation are deliberately interrupted by the guerrillas, the cities will be without food in a matter of days. Mass starvation will threaten the lives of millions of people caught without food supplies and with no means to get any. 

What will your reality be? 

The preceding lines are not written to scare the life out of you but to awaken you as to what your reality could be. The thought of what this will all mean to the children and the grandchildren fills my heart with such anguish that I cannot write of them, but just remember that you were told of the things that are coming and the things that will happen if we don't take our personal birthright power back and change our consciousness and become aware. Just as surely as death eventually comes to all unaware people, both small and great, so will this destruction, if you don't make changes in your life. This has all been planned for a very long time, the cruelty and horror of the next decade. If you think that you don't have the god given power to help change this planet's consciousness to avert this, then you better get prepared for it. 

What you Should do to Survive 
As I said before, first on your list should be a desire to change your consciousness, and awareness, and start opening your brains and your capabilities. 

The next thing you need to do is move to an area of the country that will not be down wind of any nuclear power plant. Research shows this area would be in the Pacific Northwest or in the western and mid western states along the Canadian border. After much research our place of choice is the country areas of Canadian border states, away from the shore lines and north of any of the nuclear plants and storage depots. Between the mountains in places such as Spokane, the countryside in Montana and northern Idaho, all seem to have nice climates. The soil is very rich and grows beautiful gardens and rich grasses for horses, cattle and all livestock. But always check on the water supply. There are many other nice areas in the border states and the central united states. You will just have to find the right place for you. Next you need to construct a copper foil lined home with an underground section, and in so doing you are better hidden from marauding bands of raiding people. You are better protected from the extreme weather changes that are coming with inland winds in excess of hurricane force as much as 250 miles per hour. 

A concrete dome home is your best  choice and it can be partly buried, and they can have great insulation factors. There will be erratic temperature changes. The scientist's know that there is a electro-magnetic pole shift coming around the year 2000 and along with that will be global earthquakes, land masses rising, land masses sinking and flooding. The shore lines will go under water and the Mississippi River and Great Lakes will swell and cause the eastern portion of the united states to become a continent separate from the western half. It is a possibility that California, parts of southern Oregon and Idaho, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Nevada and the western part of Colorado will be gone. You need to study there is a lot out there on earth changes. [Scientists don't know jack,all they have is an educated guess,and right now the fear and doom crowd's batting average sucks.DC]

Make plans now to have a small farm out in the country where you can grow your own food and have animals for food and transportation and invest in alternative energy because there will soon be no power companies. Remember, they are owned by the railroad. And even if there were you would have to take the chip and become part of the "debit and credit system", and you can't allow yourself to become enslaved. Have a well drilled to supply you with water. Also store lots of water, because the ground water at sometime will become contaminated from the earth changes and you never know when they are going to hit. 

The time to prepare is now. Panics, are psychological mavericks and in mass psychology they are even more unpredictable. All of the necessary precursors are there. It may come at any moment, so the time to be ready is now. 

The suggestions that follow are good suggestions. They will bring you through any depression as well as could be hoped for. However they do call for some drastic action. That some people may hope to forestall till the last minute. This is, of course, everyone's prerogative. However, when a panic occurs, it occurs in a moment. Within hours many of the alternatives that lay open to you before have been closed off. The time to act is now! This may cost you a little bit of profit here and there, but to delay one day too long may cost you nearly everything. In the city, the difference could be your life! It is far better to be ready years too soon than to be one day too late. The time to prepare is now. 

The preservation and protection of your life and those of your loved ones is your very best investment. A portfolio of the finest blue chip stocks and bonds and bales of paper money will be as meaningful as dust in the wind when the depression hits. The first, the very first, item of importance will be food, then water. It will not only serve to sustain you and your family, but it will be the best money you can have in many instances. You will be able to buy things with your food stores. 

Do not depend on the Red Cross or some other emergency relief. It is not going to come to your aid at this time. They probably will try to help in the beginning, but the magnitude of disaster will be so great that all of their supplies will be exhausted in just a few days. The best person to count on is yourself, only! Once you are prepared by following the suggestions I am outlining for you. you will be prepared not only for the depression, but also for power failures, food and services strikes, long-term unemployment, illness, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes and war. It's the best insurance money can buy! 

You should prepare your program of self-preservation. The first thing to do is to supply your vital needs. Next to the air you breathe, it is your body's need for water. So the first thing you do is make sure you have enough good drinking water stored for each member of your family for a long period of time, weeks worth. And have chemicals to purify the water as I said before have a well drilled on your land and have a test kit to test the purity of the water often. Secure your water supply in the beginning. One gallon of water per person per day is a survival amount. This is the most vital and inexpensive part of the program. Just do it, now

Next to water is the regulation of body chemistry by medication for those who need it. If you are a heart patient, a diabetic, or have any kind of illness or condition requiring constant medication, your life will be in serious jeopardy without it. Go to your doctor and tell him you would like an extra prescription as a reserve to have on hand in case a strike or civil disturbance should temporarily cut off your regular supply. Always  rotate medical supplies. Once your current supply of medication runs out, get your next regular refill but don't use it. Use that to replace the one you have in emergency storage and use it instead. This way you will always have fresh medication available. Build your medicine reserve to cover at least a years' period if you can, but by all means, do set aside a two week supply to start with. 

Food Storing 
Set aside a food stockpile for at least five years duration. Every family should either build-up and keep a five year supply of regular food in the home at all times or assemble and maintain a special five year stockpile of survival foods in a special underground shelter. 

Survival foods may vary from a single cracker type food, such as rye or wheat wafers or specially prepared biscuits, to a fairly complete assortment of familiar foods. 

Stockpiled foods should be in plastic sealed containers or in jars. Select foods that will last for five years at least without refrigeration and can be eaten with little or no cooking. You might want to refer to the list of long term food storage companies listed in "Mother Earth and Survival " magazines. I suggest dehydrated and freeze-dried nitrogen packed foods that come in large quantities such as five gallon containers. You will need large quantities of every kind of food and by nitrogen packing the foods they have a shelf-life of up to 10 years plus. These companies specialize in survivalist foods for long term storage. 

Take into consideration the needs and preferences of family members, storage space, and ability to rotate the stored foods in family meals. Familiar foods are likely to be more acceptable in times of stress. 

Prepare to Defend Yourself 
You will have to defend yourself, your life and your property, especially if you live in a large city. This may seem quite rash, but the time may very well come when you will think that it is the most sane suggestion anyone ever gave you. Our reaction to such thoughts are relative to our experiences. Comparatively few of us have ever had to fight to defend our life. Because of this, the thought of kill or be killed is shocking and repulsive. This is as it ought to be. Our nation would be in a sad state indeed if the idea of reverting back to the law of the jungle were not repulsive to most of its citizens. However, we are not talking about your reverting to the law of the jungle; we are talking about when others revert to that law and force you to. If you violate the law, they will kill you. You must face up to these facts. They well be the facts of life, or death. 

Weapons are dangerous. They are dangerous to you as well as to your enemy. Become familiar with the weapon you choose. The more familiar and experienced you become with your weapon, the less dangerous it will be to you and the more dangerous it will be to your enemy. You will be a defender of your property, and you will need a large, powerful, long range weapon. You might want to check out the Mini 14. It is a very good all round weapon for most any occasion and the ammo is plentiful. And it is suggested that you learn how to reload your ammo and stockpile the supplies to do so. You can not only use this rifle for defense but for hunting which you may need to do some day. Under no circumstances join a National Rifleman's Society of any kind because you will be registering your firearms. 

Seeds for a new Beginning
In your preparation include a substantial supply of non-hybrid seeds for a vegetable garden. Growing your own food may be the only realistic way of providing for your needs. If you are not experienced in vegetable gardening, you may want to purchase a book that will serve as a guide. Inquiry from people in the area who have experience will yield many tips on the right time to plant, the kind of plants and varieties that do best in the area, and the best methods of cultivation and fertilization. Different areas and different soils have different requirement's, so it will be well to do a little checking before you find out that you have a big supply of the wrong things. Remember, many people are not going to be as farsighted as you. They may not have or be able to get seeds or gardening utensils. Have a good supply of different garden tools that do not require gasoline to operate. Nabors may want to trade for some of your utensils, have spares. A few extra in your supply might be very good bartering agents. Seeds that you bought for a quarter a year earlier could easily be worth five dollars in cash, commodities or labor. Seeds and food will be more valuable than actual money in many instances. Whatever you do. don't forget the garden fork, spades, rakes and hoes. The Indians got along without them, but they had a mighty tough time doing it too. 

Foods that are grown in a garden are delicious, not like your irradiated foods from the grocery in town. You will need a method of preserving them also. There are two good ways that will best serve in the changing times that are coming, canning and drying and then vacuum packing. 

Because of the fact that electrical power, unless it is alternative power, will be non-existent. It will be best not to count on using any appreciable amount of frozen foods, because without power they will thaw and spoil rapidly. 

Home canning is the best way of preserving foods at home. This well require both jars and lids. Secure a good supply. 

One method of preserving food that is overlooked a lot these days is the oldest one, and that is the drying method. 

What Can Be Used As Money 
Do not keep money in a savings account, bonds, insurance, stocks or stock options. Nor in a savings and loan or bank. Leave only enough money in your checking account to pay your bills each month and that is all. When the panic strikes, no bank will be safe. Do not maintain a safety deposit box in a banking type of an institution. All of your assets may be frozen or confiscated by executive action of the President or absconded by a bank associate or a mob. It has happened many times before, right here in the United States, and it is about to happen again. There are not enough reserves either in the bank, besides banks are operating out of nothing anyway. Maintain only enough paper currency to meet your immediate needs. 

Start converting your paper currency into a ready reserve of silver and gold coins. Generic in origin not minted by any government. They could call in all government minted coins and you would not be able to keep or use government minted gold or silver. The gold and silver coins will cost you a little more than their face value, but it will be worth it in the long run. You should have a good supply of many pounds of such silver coins in different weights. You should have at least ten ounces of gold coins to pay your land off and pay your land taxes, and enough gold coins to pay for any large purchases that you may need. Also to pay off all of your bills to be clean as to not have to take the mark of the beast. You will be able to operate for a while with gold and silver coins and then they will have no value and a time will come and a bag of wheat will be worth more than a bag of gold. So store up food, food, food, food and food. And don't let anyone know that you have stored it either, hide it.

On September 7, 1991, President George Bush signed away our national Sovereignty giving the United Nations ultimate authority over the United States residents. This is what has brought about a rash of infiltration of United Nations troops being stationed on our United States Military bases as well as other places. Wake up you American citizens. 

Let us take a look at some of the recent events that involved United Nations troops in this country. The following incidents were sting operations done by United Nations troops to test their strength and underhanded ways, also to see what kind of opposition the public would make. 

There was public protest at the Ruby Creek Bridge the entire eleven days to save the Weaver family. During the siege by the troops there was a meeting with a Federal judge to try to get the military action stopped, all to no avail. The people helplessly watching were heartbroken when they found out that Randy Weaver's son and wife had been killed. We couldn't believe it actually happened in America. 

Seeing his dog, Striker, shot to death by masked intruders clad in camouflage, Sammy weaver, 14, fired back in fear for his life. The 4 ft.11"-tall youngster was hit in the arm, then shot in the back as he turned to run for home, he died instantly, killed by an agent of the federal government. 

Holding her 10 month-old daughter in her arms. Vicki weaver stood in the doorway of her home, mourning her slain son, unaware that she herself had only seconds to live. In an instant a bullet tore into Vicki Weaver's face, blew through her jaw and severed her carotid artery. The bullet was fired from 200 yards away by an agent of the federal government. 

What had the Weaver family done to bring FBI snipers and submachine-gun-toting U.S. Marshals to the woods around their cabin on Ruby Ridge in northern Idaho? Why did the government act as though the Weavers had forfeited the protections guaranteed all Americans by the United States Constitution? Who made the decisions that led to their unjustified deaths and also to the death of deputy U.S. Marshal William Degan? 

For the six men working near Weaver's plywood cabin on Ruby Ridge. Aug. 21, 1992, was another day on a job that had been going on more than 16 months. Their employer, the U.S. government, was spending $13,000 a week, and there had been no end in sight to the work. The cabin really a shack was home to 44 year old former Green Beret Randy Weaver and his family-wife, Vicki; son, Sammy; and daughters. Sara. Rachel and Elisheba. It was also home to their young friend, Kevin Harris. They were subsistence hunters, and tended a garden, putting up vegetables. A generator produced occasional electricity. They had no TV, no radio. 

This day there were some new men on the job site not far from the cabin one, 42 year old William Degan, had been brought to northern Idaho on special orders. He was to help plan a successful conclusion to the job. 

The men in the woods were dressed in their work clothes-camouflage commando outfits complete with masks. They carried the tools of their trade, two way radios rigged for quiet operation, night vision equipment, semi automatic handguns, fully automatic military rifles and at least on silenced HK submachine gun. One of the men was a medic, prepared to care for any casualties. 

The Weaver family had dogs. Some body threw a rock to test their reaction. A golden retriever barked near the cabin and came running their way. A mission somebody in the Marshal Service had dubbed "Operation Northern Exposure" was about to end.  

The "op" had included use of jet reconnaissance over flights with aerial photographic analysis by the Defense Mapping Agency, and placement of high resolution video equipment recording activity by the Weaver family from sites 1 1/2 miles away-160 hours worth of tape used. 

For nearly a year and a half, federal agents had roamed the area, picking locations for surveillance and for snipers, Degan belonged to the Special Operations Group, the Marshals' national SWAT team. The six on site this day were deputy U.S. Marshals. 

The target of all of this and of a Federal law enforcement and prosecution effort that would eventually total approximately $3 million was Randy Weaver. What kind of criminal was he to demand this kind of attention? 

Was he a major drug dealer? Serial killer? Was he a terrorist bomber? 

No. On Oct, 24, 1989, Weaver sold two shotguns whose barrels arguably measured 1/4" less than the 18" length determined arbitrarily by Congress to be legal. The H&R single barrel 12-ga. and Remington pump were sold to a good friend who instructed Weaver to shorten the barrels. The "good friend" was an undercover informant working for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), who later told reporters he was in it "mainly for the excitement." 

Eight months after he sold the shotguns, Weaver was approached by two BATF agents with an offer-spy on the Aryan Nations, a white supremacist hate group headquartered in northern Idaho, or go to jail. Weaver refused to become a government informer, and - six months later he was indicted on the shotgun charge. 

On Jan. 17, 1991, as Weaver and his wife were driving to town for supplies, they encountered a pickup truck camper with its hood up. a man and woman seeming to be in trouble. The Weavers stopped to offer their help. A horde of federal agents piled out of the camper. A pistol was pressed against Weaver's neck. Vicki Weaver was thrown to the slushy ground. 

Weaver was arraigned before a federal magistrate, who later admitted he cited the wrong law. Out on bond, Weaver went back to his cabin. According to friends who testified in court, he and his wife vowed not to have any more dealings with the courts of the federal government. They would just stay on their mountain. 

A hearing was set on the shotgun matter for Federal Court in Moscow, Idaho. The government notified Weaver by letter that he was to appear March 20. 1991. The actual hearing was held February 20, one month earlier. The error in dates was enough to give rise to a memo within the Marshal Service saying the case would be a washout. (Weaver didn't show for the wrong date, either.) U.S. Attorney Ron Howen went to the grand jury anyway, and Weaver was indicted for failure to appear. 

But why had the BATF picked Randy Weaver to set up as an informer? He was a man devoted to his family, a man with no criminal record, a veteran who served his country with honor. It was Weaver's beliefs that made him an ideal target. His unorthodox religious and political views were far outside mainstream America. He was said to be a white separatist. (What is that?) And, Randy Weaver was little, a nobody. 

Over the next 16 months, the feds painted Weaver as racist, as anti-Semitic, as a criminal. But they had to entrap him into his only crime, altering two guns. The media were unquestioning. In print and on TV and radio, Weaver's home the plywood shack he built himself became a "mountain fortress," and then "a bunker," and "a stronghold protected by a cache of 15 weapons and ammunition capable of piercing armored personnel  carriers." (Get Real Please. Media) 

The common shotguns Weaver sold became the chosen "weapon of drug dealers and terrorist" or "gangster weapons" that have no sporting use." The media always added the universal out "agents said." But there were no gangsters. There were no terrorists or drug dealers, just Weaver, the gun buyer and the government. 

It was all a lie. Hate-hype. People believed it, maybe even the agents who planted the hate-hype began to believe it. It all ceased to matter on August 21, when Striker barked and sniffed out the agents spying on the cabin lives changed, lives ended. 

Nobody, except the people who were there, knows exactly what happened next. There were several versions of the story. But some facts jibe. Randy Weaver's little boy, Sammy a kid whose voice hadn't yet changed and Kevin Harris followed Striker. Harris and Weaver later said they thought the dog was chasing a deer. Harris carried a bolt action hunting rifle. The boy also had a gun. Without warning a federal agent fired a burst into Striker, killing him. There were also other dogs there that died from some strange spray, during the siege. (It came out in court later that there had been a plan to take the dog's out of the equation.) 

The boy, frightened shot back, and when one of the agents fired another burst, Sammy lay dead. Kevin Harris is said to have shot deputy William Degan in the chest, but there is evidence that agents actually shot him. Degan died a few moments later. The shooting ended relatively quickly. The agents would claim Harris fired first. Harris claimed he fired after the boy was shot. 

Agents told the media their men had been pinned down for eight hours. What a lie. The dog was dead. The boy was dead. Deputy Degan was dead. Two American families had tragically lost loved ones. During the night hours, Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris brought the little boy's body to a shed near the cabin and washed it. Deputy Degan's shooting brought in the FBI. (Sounds like it was all planned to be that way.) 

Soon, the Weaver's property was ringed by a huge force of FBI, BATF, U.S. Marshals. Idaho state police and local law enforcement and Idaho National Guard. 

Among the federal law enforcement commanders was Richard Rogers, the head of the FBI's hostage rescue team, which includes its snipers. On the flight out, he took and extraordinary step, he decided to alter radically the  prescribed rules of engagement of FBI sharpshooter. 

Normally, agents can only shoot when they are facing death or grievous harm. But the 11 snipers that were positioned around the Weaver cabin were given new orders: 

"If any adult in the compound is observed with a weapon after the surrender announcement is made, deadly force can and should be employed to neutralize the individual." This meant Randy Weaver's wife would be fair game. If any adult male is observed with a weapon prior to the announcement, deadly force can and should be employed if the shot can be taken without endangering the children." 

In words reminiscent of hollow justifications used in Waco, Texas, federal spokesmen kept telling the media of their concern for the children. In fact, Gene Glenn, the agent in charge of the siege, told The New York Times he considered the kids to be hostages. Yet they'd already killed one child. 

The negotiators were not in place, and no effort had been made to contact the Weavers, when Randy Weaver. Kevin Harris armed and 16 year old Sara Weaver left the cabin and moved to the shed where Sam's body lay. As the three reached the shed, and FBI sniper some 200 yards away aimed at Weaver. He told the court he was aiming for the spine, just below the neck. He missed; shot Weaver in the back of the arm. the bullet exiting through the armpit. 

Sara later told Spokesman Review staff writer Jess Walter in a copyrighted story; "I ran up to my dad and tried to shield him and pushed him toward the house. If they were going to shoot someone, I was going to make them shoot a kid." 

At the cabin, Vicki Weaver was waiting at the door, holding her infant daughter, Elisheba. The sniper fired again. His bullet hit Vicki Weaver. She was dead before the baby hit the floor, miraculously unhurt. Harris was hit by bullet fragments and bone from Vicki's skull. He was bleeding badly. Randy Weaver, daughters Sara and 10 year old Rachel all saw the violent death.

Later, sniper Lon Horiuchi stated in court that killing Vicki Weaver had been a mistake; that he was aiming for Kevin Harris. Defense attorney Spence asked him, "You wanted to kill him didn't you?" He answered, "Yes, sir." 

The FBI later claimed it had no idea that its sniper had shot Vicki Weaver. Yet, a New York Times stringer quoted FBI sources as saying they were "using a listening device that allowed them to hear conversations, and even the baby's cries in the cabin." Another lie? 

On Thursday, August 27, radio newsman Paul Harvey used his noon broadcast to reach the Weavers, who he'd learned were regular listeners. Urging Randy Weaver to surrender. Harvey said, prophetically. "Randy, you'll have a much better chance with a jury of understanding home folks than you could ever have with any kind of shoot out with 200 frustrated lawmen." 

As part of their efforts to make contact with the Weaver, the FBI sent a robot with a telephone to the cabin. But the robot also had a shotgun pointed at the door, so the Weavers feared that reaching for the phone could result in death or injury. Somewhere in all of this, the FBI discovered the body of Sammy. 

They told the news media they didn't know he'd been killed. The siege began to unravel six days after Vicki Weaver had been killed. Her body remained in the kitchen of the cabin all that time. 

Sara crawled around her to get food and water for her family. It was during this time that Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris dictated their version of their story to Sara. In this letter. Weaver accused his government of murdering his wife. 

The news media, based on information from the feds, repeatedly reported that Vicki had been killed in "an exchange of fire" or in a "gun battle." More spin control. The only shots were two from the government's sniper. 

Kevin Harris was the First person to come out. Sunday, August 30, badly wounded, he was rushed to a Spokane hospital where he was treated and charged with murder. A magistrate told him he was facing the death penalty. 

The rest of the family came out on the next day. The surrender was negotiated not by the FBI but by Bo Gritz, former Green Beret hero. 

All the lies and federal spin control over the story were about to end. The case was going to go to court. The 36 day trial took place in the U.S. District Court in Boise, with Judge Edward Lodge presiding. The jury of eight women and four men heard the government put on 56 witnesses. The defense rested without calling a single witness, confident that the government had destroyed its own case. 

They were right. The jury deliberated for nearly three weeks, and found Harris not guilty of murder or any other charges leveled against him. They found Weaver not guilty of eight federal felon counts. The judge had earlier thrown out two other counts. 

Weaver was found guilty of two counts; failing to appear in court and violating his bail conditions. He was declared not guilty of the gun charge the seed of all of this misery. It was a bizarre trial, full of contradictions, with government witnesses countering each other's stories as to the events of August 21, and countering the events leading up to Vicki Weaver's death the next day. 

The question of who fired first. Harris or the Marshals, was key to the jury deciding on the murder charge against Harris. In the end they believed Kevin Harris acted in self defense. Earlier, the death penalty had been ruled out. The law the prosecution cited had been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court two decades before. 

The government spent days going over the Weavers' religious views, trying to establish they were racist and demonstrated a long lived conspiracy to violently confront the government. The jury didn't believe it. Marshal Service witnesses told about a series of per-siege scenarios to root Weaver out of his cabin. 

But when pressed by the defense, they said they never considered simply knocking on the door and arresting him. 

During the trial, the government admitted that the FBI had tampered with the evidence; that the crime scene photos given the defense were phony reenactments. Physical evidence had been removed and replaced. The prosecutor knew this and had failed to tell the defense. 

The prosecution also withheld documents that might have helped the defense. When ordered by the judge to produce them immediately, the FBI sent the material from Washington. D. C. via Forth Class mail, which took two weeks to cross the country. For prosecutorial misconduct, the judge ordered the government to pay part of the defense attorneys' fees, an action almost unheard-of in a criminal case. 

Prosecutor Howen also was forced to apologize in open court. At the end of the trial, he collapsed in the middle of a statement, telling the judge, "I can't go on." Gerry Spence told the jury, "This is a murder case, but the people who committed the murder have not been charged. The people who committed the murder are not here in court." After the trial, Spence told The New York Times, "A jury today has said that you can't kill somebody just because you wear badges, then cover up those homicides by prosecuting the innocent. 

"What are we going to do now about the deaths of Vicki Weaver, a mother who was killed with a baby in her arms, and Sammy Weaver, a boy who was shot in the back?" Spence has asked the Boundary County, Idaho, prosecutor to bring charges against various federal agents. 

Should that happen, lingering questions about the Weaver case finally may be answered. Should that happen another jury undoubtedly will serve notice to those who have for gotten that the United States government is supposed to serve its citizens, not entrap them, not defame them, not falsify evidence against them and absolutely not kill their children. 

Since the siege ended a concerned group of people decided the most important action that could be taken would be to share this information with the nation. Publishing the truth would be the greatest weapon we could use against a corrupt governmental system. But since their struggle to get the truth out to the public began, they have uncovered a much greater threat to the freedom and liberty than could have even have been imagined. 

While most of us have been busy in the system working and paying taxes, the Federal government has been undermining our constitution and plotting to steal our nation. We have learned that the people working for the Lucifer Rebellion have brought in United Nations troops to America to be used as a military police force to enforce FEMA and confiscate our "FIREARMS". This will be accomplished through the unconstitutional MJTF's house-to-house searches and seizure to confiscate guns, food reserves and people. These troops would be used in addition to the FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshals, (which are under the authority of the United Nations) National Guard, and the U.S. Military. 

You would think that with all those forces they wouldn't need United Nations troops. The conclusion is that many of these domestic troops would not be "reliable enough" to enforce the new laws against their own people. Soldiers from other countries under the United Nations flag would not have the same compassion and sympathy towards American citizens as our own troops would have. 

Eyewitnesses across the nation have continued the reports of United Nations troops on United States bases and on government land. What we don't know is, when will the troops be used? Are they continuing a military build-up or have they returned to their own home countries? 

It is difficult to understand why the Feds would spend all this time and money to bring in several hundred thousand United Nations troops just to send them back home without using them. I doubt the Lucifer Rebellion has a specific date in mind for our economic collapse or the use of United Nations troops. But I believe the creators of terror know that all the ingredients are there for an inevitable collapse into economic depression and chaos. In view of that, they are preparing their options for total control over this nation so they can maintain their power and monetary enslavement of American citizens. It is highly unlikely they will suddenly send United Nations troops to collect weapons from Americans. That would alert the nation and the military to an obvious violation of the citizen's rights. It is more likely they will precipitate an economic collapse, allow the cities to deteriorate into rioting , implement FEMA, pass laws to seize weapons, and then bring in United Nations troops to "help" maintain lawful order. That is why these United Nations troops are in a "planning and preparation" mode in staging areas throughout the nation right now. 

We cannot give each and every Christian or Patriot specific recommendations or advice. Each of you must be responsible to search for the truth and make wise decisions to save your families and your freedom. In general, those who live in or near cities should seriously plan to move into rural or mountainous areas. But stay away from fault lines and large bodies of water remember earth changes are also upon us and are going to get worse before they get better in direct proportion to the state of peace or war that is happening on this planet. Responsible people should store up at least a year's supply of food for their family, plus have the necessary tools and supplies to survive during the times coming. 

Whatever you can do to help is important to the cause of freedom and liberty. If all you can do is shape the information in this book, you have been instrumental in sharing the truth and waking up America. 

On October 9, 1992, a man, calling himself Mark, called into the Tom Valentine program on the short wave broadcast of Radio Free America. He gave detailed information on three groups of military and police forces. The first group is the Multi-jurisdictional task force (MJTF); (The MJTF is the velvet glove on the iron fist) they are composed of national guard, ATF, FBI, local and state police, and the United Nations national police force. 

The MJTF is comprised of not only military and law enforcement personnel but also by street gang punks. These thugs include murderers and rapists who were recruited in the ghettos. They are being paid a handsome salary while going through paramilitary training in special government boot camps. They will be used to conduct illegal searches of cars, trucks and their passengers for guns and other weapons. To conduct illegal house-to house search and seizure operations. To confiscate guns, hoarded food, radios, and politically incorrect reading materials, such as patriotic literature and Bibles. To conduct more illegal house-to-house operations whereby family members are categorized and separated. To take family members from the home and put them in an "Emergency Custodial Facility." They will shipped later to different internment camps. To conduct interrogations (beatings, torture, etc.) of American citizens held prisoner at the detention camps. 

The next level up are the FINCHEN troops. They are foreign military and secret police brought into the United States for deployment against United States citizens (under the authority of executive order, Interpol, and the United Nations). The highest level of authority are United Nations battle groups. They have been entering United States Territory through Canada by Presidential executive orders signed on November 11 , 1990 They have been performing joint military exercises with United States troops on military bases across the nation, and on Forest Service land in Montana and Idaho. 

They will be utilized to control the citizens of the United States during the implementation of FEMA and the confiscation of firearms. Folks they are getting ready to take this to a total communist nation and they are using the same strategy that Hitler used. If you don't believe me read the book that Hitler wrote (Mein Kampf, I believe there is even a video out by the same name), about his plan of using propaganda and the seizing the peoples firearms. Citizens without weapons are utterly helpless and the creators of terror know this. 

Mark has had a career in the military as an intelligence analyst, and gave a lengthy description of his background and expertise, he said the incident in North Idaho was pre-planned to flex their authority and demonstrate their ability to occupy and control a specific area. There were between 200 and 2800 United Nations troops in staging areas in the North Idaho area during the Ruby Creek siege. He lists other troops in Montana: 

Two brigades EEC Mechanized Infantry, two brigades Standard British Mechanized Infantry, 1st Canadian Armored Division, on light Japanese Security Division, on light mixed United Nations brigade (1200), 197th Mechanized United Stales troops from Ft. Knox (transferred by the RAILROAD to the area to train with these units). It took three weeks to build up the troops. They were in the area for eight weeks. The United Nations troops move across the United States and Canadian border at will and are now in Canada, about 100 miles North of the border. 

Other United Nations battle groups in America are revealed by Mark to be in these areas: Ft. Drum (upstate New York, Ft. Dix (New Jersey), North Carolina next to Virginia (34,000), Texas panhandle near Oklahoma (43.000). South of Los Angeles (22,000, supplied by United Nations Naval forces), throughout Michigan. Montana (37,000). and Sacramento (20,000). The question of whether United Nations troops have been here or not has been answered by numerous eye witnesses. But the larger questions that remain are open to personal theories and a lot of guesswork. The main question is. are these United Nations troops training on American soil to be used against us, or are they to be used in other areas of the world? 

It has been rumored that if the Federal government (controlled by the Illuminati/Catholic Church and the Lucifer Rebellion) decides to implement FEMA and use United Nations troops to control rebellion in this nation, that there are many patriotic United States military forces, including the Officer Corp.. that will resist the take-over of our nation. If there exist any plot by the creators of terror to overthrow this nation, it is imperative that we inform the citizens and the military. The truth is our best weapon against tyranny. 

If world economic conditions worsen and anarchy breaks out. the Federal government may implement FEMA. Page 412 Christopher: Pandora's Box (Remember the control they have with the railroad leases). If that happens, all our constitutional rights really will be GONE. Under the authority of laws that Congress and past Presidents have created, the boosting of the power of Marshall Law is, already in place, would be totally in effect and guns would be seized by a national police force. 

If this scenario develops, we would lose our liberty and our nation. Without a doubt, the confiscation of guns is the act that signifies the blatant attack on our freedoms and the independence of this nation. This can be considered nothing less than an act of war. Our response therefore, can be nothing less than to stand in defense of our liberty and our security as a nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

In October and November of 1992, hunters reported seeing a large convoy of military vehicles in the Trego, Montana area. The troops wore black uniforms. Reports of some 1500 United States or United Nations paratroopers were practicing night jumps on the Air Force base near Great Falls, Montana.[I would point out that Great Falls has been there forever,and was the major outlet in this country for the Lend-Lease program of WW2 DC] 

Two hunters from Bozeman, Montana were hunting in Northwest Montana. They were South of Eureka in the mountains, when they were stopped by military men in black uniforms. They were told to "get out of here and stav out". They turned around and left the area, but then decided to take another road into the same mountains. 

When they got on top of a mountain, to their surprise, they saw a large military encampment in a valley below. 

They reported seeing tents and vehicles, and counted 1000 men using the scopes of their rifles. After this report started to float around, we eventually heard it and started tracing it back to the hunters. Phone numbers were finally acquired, but so far no one has answered the phone. We don't know the exact location where the hunters saw the troops. 

A few weeks earlier, loggers in the Yaak River area reported seeing military troops in the mountains and valleys of Meadow Creek. They also heard cannon fire rumbling through the mountains while they were working. Just South of that area. Forest Service employees found several of their steel gates broken on Teepee Mountain. They went up the road and found United Nations troops camped on the mountain. They returned to the Ranger Station extremely upset that no one had notified them about these troop maneuvers. They argued that if the troops were authorized to be in the area, they would have gladly opened the gates instead of having government property destroyed. 

There were additional troops sightings in the mountains in Washington. East of Colville and North of Newport. The question we have is. if these United Nations military maneuvers are legitimate and innocent why haven't the proper local authorities been notified? Why is the press not reporting it? Why are they occupying remote mountain areas and the Forest Service not aware of their presence? 

The frustrating part of this situation is not being able to immediately confirm these reports. What people have to realize in different areas of the nation, is that the concerned people in Idaho were under Marshal Law for 30 days in the two northern counties of Bonner and Boundary. Most of the protestors at Ruby Creek during the Weaver incident are now under surveillance. Phones have been tapped for six months. 

One family was working around their home one morning when a fully armed F-15 jet swooped down on them a few hundred feet off the ground.  These activities are very unsettling and intimidating to say the least. 

When concerned patriots go out to confirm these reports, they don't know who they can trust. And the people they contact are hesitant to trust them as well. This kind of environment creates a constant feeling of paranoia. Some families have left the area because of all this, and some have actually changed their names. 

These conditions make confirming the reports very slow work. 

A lady in the Sandpoint, Idaho area received a phone call from a friend in Southern Idaho who is a Deputy Sheriff. He told her to sell anything she could and buy food and survival items because of a coming crisis. He said most police officials know that something is going to happen in the next few months that will cause national chaos and police actions. He said Federal officials have been investigating all officers to see where they would stand with a New World Order action, and the officers feel like they are walking on thin ice.[In my opinion he cried wolf here so hard,and was so wrong in the timing,that it starts to make everything he has said suspect DC] 

The reported sightings of United Nations troops in black uniforms are numerous in North Idaho and Northwest Montana. Their mission still remains a mystery, and we haven't confirmed reports that they are still in the area. 

We have patriots in Montana searching for witnesses at this time and working for verification of these reports. A man in Spokane, Washington was listening to CNN News at 2:35 AM when a news reporter began interviewing the commander of the troops surrounding Jacksonville, commander corrected him, and said he was the United Nations police commander. 

The news media is saying very little about the military action in Florida. According to patriots in the area, Jacksonville is surrounded by troops, no one can get in or out of the city without stopping at checkpoints at the barricades. There has been rioting downtown, all gun and ammo sales are banned, three people are confirmed dead, 37 wounded, and an unknown amount arrested. 

Several weeks ago we heard that prostitutes in the Spokane area were being taken to Idaho and Montana to entertain United Nations troops. A man in Spokane investigated this report and found one of the prostitutes last week. She said she was taken somewhere in Idaho or Montana and was paid $1,500.00 to entertain these United Nations troops. 

Eight large black helicopters (these have been reported as United Nations forces) were seen flying East to West in the Trego, Montana area last week. 

Christian patriots in the Eureka area are actively searching for these United Nations troops. They reported that the first sightings of United Nations troops in August were on Turner Mountain, South of the Yaak River and North of Libby, Montana. 

During a Men's meeting in Colorado that Pete Peters organized, photos of Russian tanks and United Nations troops were shown to the 170 men. We are waiting for copies of those photos to share with concerned citizens. 

Pastor Dave Barley from American's Promise Ministries saw the photos himself and reported this to us. 

Additional information on United Nations troops is scarce. We are assuming they have left this area and are on United States bases or in Canada. It must be realized that these troops can be easily kept from public view by the Federal Government. We are hoping that these joint maneuvers are over and they have left America altogether, since we have not been able to locate them. That would be the best scenario. 

Russian naval ships have been spotted in the Gulf of California by a patriot a few months ago. These were not fishing boats but large transport ships. 

Other witnesses from the Southern Arizona and New Mexico area have discovered that huge underground salt caverns in Mexico area have had water pumped out and are being used to store tons of military equipment and arms from Russia. This process has been going on for several years. The United Nations has several nations represented in Mexico with military build-up and training. During this operation North Korean (U.N.) troops crossed the United States border to kill cattle on a ranch in New Mexico. The ranchers chased them back across the border and killed several North Koreans. The Mexican government complained about this briefly, but it was all dropped to keep the presence of the United Nations troops a secret from the general public. 

Other witnesses that have contacted have direct knowledge of seven Russian divisions (1200 men to a division) on the border of Belize. Mexico is training Mexicans in military operations. American operatives in Mexico estimate there are 500,000 Salvadorians, Nicaraguan and Honduran troops in Mexico at this time. Also there are estimated to be one million Cuban and North Koreans in Mexico, supposedly on "training maneuvers". 

With foreign troops in Mexico and foreign troops in Canada, and seeing our own troops sent to Africa, it doesn't take an expert to see how vulnerable we are to an invasion. 

There are patriots all across the nation trying to gel photographs of these troops right now, and hope to have them within the next few weeks. A lot of the United Nations troops that came into Montana most likely used a military base as a staging area about 100 miles North of the United States border. 

There is an area North of Medicine Hat. Alberta called a "Military Experimental Range" that is closed off to the public. These are the kind of areas in Canada. Mexico and America that thousands of United Nations troops could be garrisoned until needed. 

The past few months there has been one particular rumor that is considered too bizarre to believe. But recently more and more are hearing this same report from people that are known and respected. First of all, special TRAIN CARS HAVE BEEN SEEN WITH SHACKLES BUILT INTO THE WALLS FOR TRANSPORTING PRISONERS. [So this is the source of all the rumors the last 25 years,it appears,the more I read,the more conflicted I am becoming,because of how long ago this was written DC]

That really fits with everything else that you have read in this book. There was a truck driver that was curious about his load to Las Vegas. He opened his crates and found shackles. In the past week it has been heard from some patriots that have seen several train cars on a rail siding in the Cut Bank-Shelby. Montana Area. Their curiosity got the best of them, and they broke into the boxes on the cars and found hand cuffs, shackles, and guillotines. I know how bizarre that sounds, but there have been many reports of guillotines and shackles from so many different sources. This makes perfect since when you take into consideration the "Public Law 102-14. fully outlined in this book, that congress has passed that gives the authority to behead people. [Here it is,and I see nothing even closing suggesting chopping peoples heads off DC]

In May of 1992, armed Postal Inspectors arrested a man. A witness to the incident asked them when they started carrying guns. One of the inspectors replied that during the last two years all government employees have been trained with weapons. The witness asked why. and the Postal employee said they were being trained for the IMPENDING WAR WITH THE PEOPLE. 

In July, 1992, at the Phoenix police station an eyewitness overheard two police officers talking. One of the officers asked why they were putting in bullet proof glass in the front lobby, and putting in so much electronic surveillance equipment. The second officer said "IT WAS FOR THE COMING WAR IN THE STREETS WITH THE PEOPLE". 

On Monday, Nov. 30, 1992, NBC news reported a solution to the education and crime problem. The Federal government has come up with a program to pay for a college education for students who sign up to serve a 4 year term in a national police force. This bill has already passed in congress. [Again where???DC]

Additional reports from Arkansas concerning United Nations troops. Quite, "Believers are really upset around Mena, Ark. because of all the foreign troops, convoys and activity around there, probably 5,000 or so United Nations troops? Mostly black uniforms with no insignias swarming in that area."  

In Miami at Port Everglades, patriots saw Haitian and Chinese unload from ships. This has been going on for months. There is an estimated 1,500 Red Chinese in Florida at this time. It is rumored that these Red Chinese may be terrorist, sent specifically to sabotage and terrorize the nation when the order is given. 

With the events of the prophecies at our front door we can not afford to stay asleep or to lay down our guns and accept any alien form of government, it would be national suicide. We must stand with vigilance to defend our nation, our constitution, and our people . If we cannot resist tyranny we must prepare to endure through tribulation. If we are not prepared to survive and endure then get ready to see your children taken away from you. separation from family, concentration camps which will all lead to death or become a slave to the plastic card or the "BEAST", which is no more than an enslaving group of financial tyrants lead on by the "Lucifer Rebellion". 

President Elect Clinton's transition team reported that they would change the banking system during his term. They want to implement a no-cash debit card system, centralize banks at Brussels, and create a one world monetary system. 

To make arrests for alleged firearms violations, the Federal Government uses rental trucks, such as Ryder, and has an ambulance follow them to the house they break into. 

China and Russia have signed a non-aggression pact. Japan and China have also signed a Friendship pact. Iran gave the Soviet Union 10 billion dollars, possibly for nuclear weapons. The rumor is there may be five Iranian hit squads in the U.S. that will place these bombs in American cities. 

The National Guard in Idaho has changed their training priority from engineering to tank and light artillery training. 

We have been told that U. S. Marshals swear an oath to the United Nations and are actually under the United Nations authority. 

All members of the National Guard have been sent an extensive form to fill out regarding their availability for service during a FEMA action. At first this form appeared to be another example of redundant government paperwork. But they noticed the questions were like a psychological profile and the forms were to be sent to a centralized computer center back East. 

According to C-SPAN News, there is only 17 days worth of food in warehouses across the country. This is the lowest in history. 

Concentration camps in this country is not a new item, what is new is who they plan to put into them. Our American government is working hand in hand with the United Nations forces of evil with plans of putting you the American people into these camps this time not our foreign enemies as they were one time used for. [No kidding it is not a new item,to hear the story now in 2019,you would think there is one on each corner.Fear makes $$$ DC]

The Reagan administration activated 10 huge prison camps at key defense facilities which had been designed to hold at least 25.000 civilian prisoners. The list is as follows: 

Elgin Air Force Base in Florida which is on the Gulf of Mexico. This is a huge base that stretches for about 50 miles with restricted air space. There are also many rumors of stored anti-gravity ships commonly called UFO's on this base and many wild stories of strange UFO activities in this area. When I lived about 60 miles from this base we were always seeing strange things in the sky around this area and hearing of the off limits area even to the personnel on this base. 

Ft. Benning Military' Reservation located near Columbus, Georgia, almost on the Alabama and Georgia line. 

Ft. Huachua located in southern Arizona about 20 miles from the Mexican border. United Nations Troops are being combat trained in Mexico under Russian, Cuban. Nicaraguan. 

Oakdale, California east of San Francisco has a camp designed to hold about 15,000 civilian prisoners. (You) 

Fort McCoy Military Reservation in Wisconsin. 

Indian Gap Military Reservation near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Camp Hill, also in Pennsylvania. 

Fort Drum Military Reservation is located in New York State. 

Fort Chaffee in western Arkansas near Oklahoma. 

Fort Hood in Texas has a all new concentration camp, complete with barracks, watch towers, high fencing and barbed wire. 

A new concentration camp in Alaska with barracks, mess halls, fencing topped with barbed wire and is ready to hold 500,000 prisoners for slave labor to build pipelines mining for precious metals, etc. 

A new concentration camp near Topeka, Kansas. 

Near Miami, Florida a concentration camp at Camp Krome

Fort Irwin Military Reservation in California which was deactivated but is now active for the United Nations to use. 

All of the following names are either new camps or old Japanese-American camps being reactivated under the governments orders to be made ready to house American citizens:
Bay City, Michigan 
Manzanar, California 
Oklahoma City. Oklahoma on Tinker Air Force Base, Tulelake, California 
Kansas City. Missouri 
Richards Gebaur Air Force Jerome, Arkansas Base. Indianapolis Indiana has a new camp. 
Fort Rohwer, Arkansas 
Granada, Colorado 
Marseilles Illinois 
Gila river, Arizona 
Opelika, Alabama 
Colorado River, Arizona 
Florence, Arizona 
Hart Mountain, Wyoming 
Trinidad. Colorado 
Central Utah. 
Utah Concordia, 
Kansas Minidoka, 
Idaho Livingston- 
Louisiana Okanogan County, 
Washington Houlton, 
Maine Crossville. 
Scottsbluff, Nebraska 
Mexia. Texas 
McAlester. Oklahoma 
Blytheville. Arkansas 
All of this places are said to have endless amounts of barbed wire and be supplied with thousands of mattresses, blankets and pillows in the concentration camps and will hold 20,000 prisoners. All of the concentration camps are off limits to American base personnel. 

The United Nations and the people pushing the New World Order are practicing for and planning a coast-to-coast roundup of all political opponents and outspoken critics, gun owners, citizens who have stocked food and water. 

If you are a patriotic person and want to live in the Constitutional America that our forefathers set up and you express this you are a dire threat to these conspirators and traitors. 

In one way or another you have been marked to be rounded up in the Capture and Custody sweep that they are planning with the MJTF. 

Yes folks your government plans to put good law abiding citizens in these camps that might be exercising their 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

Or if you have the foresight to store large amounts of food and water which is a crime now with new legislation in view of nothing else but earth changes that might cause food shortages. Other reports are informing us about the Rainbow Color Classification of the New World Order prisoners; seven colors rays corresponding to seven prisoners categories. ( If you have not seen the video tape "America in Pearl" by Mark from Michigan get it . He show camps with color coding corresponding with colored markers on highways and interstates, in case you think this is bull.) 

The Rainbow considered as the bridge symbol leading to the Satanic world. We already do know, for instance, that everybody will have to take an oath to Lucifer with a ritual Initiation in order to cross the bridge in the New World Order. 

All resistance to that initiation will be definitely sent to a Detention Facility where they will be separated in different categories: 

1. Classification of Christian Children to be used as human sacrifices where, within the Black Mass Ceremonies, they will participate to any kind of sexual orgies, some to be kept as sexual slaves; 

2. Classification of Prisoners to be used in Medical experiments where Drugs and new Technology well be tested on human: 

3. Classification of healthy prisoners for the International Human Organs Center where their vital organs will be removed one by one while they will be maintained in life with special life support systems: 

4. Classification of all healthy Underground Workers. The New World Order is a basic World Wide Dictator based on the Luciferian Religion; a dictator with the appearance of an International Democracy. In order to maintain that Democracy illusion, Camps and Slave labor will be hidden from the population of the earth. 

5. Classification of uncertain prisoners in the International Reeducation Center where they will be reeducated in order to repent themselves on world wide T.V., and where they will glorify the virtues of the New World Order for Humanity; 

6. The International Execution Center; WACO AND RUBY CREEK WERE JUST PRACTICE RUNS In 1989 on one of the visits that I have experienced with an angel, be it vision or reality is hard to say. While seated at his feet for one of my many teachings, as I call them, he told me. in your near future you will see your American government become an atrocity. At that time I was still relatively ignorant as to everything that was happening in my country and the world. I couldn't imagine why he would say such a thing and I ask, how so will my government become an atrocity. Soon after this is when all these dreams and visions started coming to me. 

Some of them now have already happened, others may happen only time will tell. One thing I will tell you is that the Ruby Creek and Waco events really brought this prediction home to me. "Blood Games", is what these evil people call these events. They were carried out to see if the government could get away with setting up an innocent group or family of people, under manufactured circumstances. 

It was also to see if the American people was stupid enough to believe all the brainwashing and mind control they used on us and would we support them in these blood baths of innocent people. 

Some people cheered for the ATF. FBI etc. as they murdered innocent men, women and children. Blood games, as it was in Roman times when the people of God were put to death for entertainment. For these people to become the target of the New World Order for their God given right to be different and march to their own drummer, is an atrocity. 

They only wanted to believe the way they wanted to without persecution. This country is suppose to be founded on religious freedom.

Another time my angel said. "You think you live in a free country?", and then he laughed and said, "The people of America only think they are free, they are not." 

I am only now figuring out what he meant by that. 

The reports continue to pour in about unmarked black and white helicopters. We are still hearing more about the black helicopters, unmarked, with no insignias which have been harassing people for many years now in the name of the DEA. 

I have personally talked with many people that have been harassed by these helicopter around their home and even if they traveled within or without their state. I have seen these helicopter buzz farms in rural areas of the country so low you could see the occupants face. 

One day in rural Alabama one came and circled this farm I was at and was so low you could see some kind of device being used for either listening or scanning. The owner of the farm said that they were tired of being harassed by them and had decided to use the lead from a 30- 0-6 to bring it down to see just who was in it and what they had in mind. It was really strange after the farmer voiced this the day it was circling the farm it did not come back after 18 months of harassment. 

There are reports that fifteen super sleuth helicopters. Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warriors were assigned to the National Guard in Tupelo. Mississippi. Each is painted black, with no identifying insignias. and is operated by a two man crew wearing black uniforms with no patches or emblems. 

The Kiowa Warrior carries four stinger missiles; four Hellfire anti-tank missiles; two 70 mm rocket launchers and .50 caliber machine guns with 500 rounds of ammunition. They cruise at 115 mph and have atop speed of more than 140 mph. With a laser range finder, television, and a thermal imaging system, this particular helicopter can peek without showing itself. 

A book could be written alone on the illegal influx of foreign and United Nations Military vehicular machinery that is being smuggled into this country right under the noses of the American people all the while the media is helping them keep you asleep with programming mind control. 

The reports are coming in from every area of the country where there is a port of entry be it by land or water or air. The short list is of Russian ZIL-131 and ZIL 137 heavy duty military trucks. All-terrain communications vehicles, ARS-15 chemical and biological decontamination vehicles, chemical transportation trucks, fuel tankers, and many more.

One report that I got to hear was taped by the men involved and it went like this: Russian United Nations trucks and other types of vehicles are coming into the United States by way of ships and driven a 30 mile stretch west from Gulfport to Pearlton. Then they are off loaded onto barges and moved up the Pearl River by the dark of night. They make their way to the NASA Test Facility, where they are off loaded there or they proceed on to other destinations north of that area. 

There has also been a private road built by the federal government connecting the Saucier truck depot with the NASA Test Facility to the west on the Pearl River near the Mississippi and Louisiana border. The cover story is that these Russian vehicles were brought here to America to get a new paint job. 

That is true they are getting the United Nations white wash job because the United Nations bought these vehicles and brought them into the United States. The UN officially have lied to Congress when it confronted about having any vehicles, equipment or troops inside the United States. 

These events would not be happening in this country if there were not traitors in our government. There are also at least 200 Russian T-72 tanks stored in a fenced and guarded compound in Columbia, Mississippi. 

This equipment was also shipped up the Pearl River on barges from the Gulf of Mexico. Why is this happening if a war is not planned to take place within the borders of this country? 

In Montana Pennsylvania, New York. New Jersey, Colorado. Wyoming, Michigan. Washington. Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Texas. Tennessee, Georgia. Maine. Arkansas. Arizona, Pennsylvania and Florida many foreign and domestic military vehicles that are owned by the UN have been seen such as. Russian T-72, M-1 tanks, 100- two and a half ton 6x6 trucks, 20 humvees; 8 mobile command posts; 14 fuel tankers, etc. 

A train load of Russian tanks in Sun Prairie. Montana. One hundred railroad flatcars carrying KamAZ 5320 and ZIL -131 trucks; UAZ469B jeep-like vehicles and BMP-40 urban pacification units armed with short barreled 75 mm cannons and antitank missiles. The BMP-40 is an assault vehicle designed for urban warfare. It can take out five city blocks at a time. 

Some of the equipment seen around the country is for biological and chemical warfare such as; "B-Z" Nerve gas that is being stored on these military facilities. This gas can be spread by aerosol, injection or bombs. It causes dizziness, sleepiness and stupor. It's main use is for population control. A good book to read is "A Higher Form of Killing", it is a comprehensive history of chemical and germ warfare.

There have also been truck loads of sodium cyanide found in different area of the country which may be used to poison the water supplies. 

On flatbed trucks Russian T-22 heavy battle tanks have been spotted in Texas with no identifying marks. On our national waters we are now seeing Russian naval transport ships on many occasions in the Gulf of California. 

Some Russian ships anchored in dry-dock near Gulfport, Mississippi, in the Gulf of Mexico and four Russian submarines are docked with normal ships in Alabama's Mobile Bay. These submarines are equipped with 22 intercontinental ballistic Missiles. 

What are these ships doing in American waters and better still who is allowing them to be here? If all of this foreign armament and ships of war are here they have to be accompanied by soldiers. Where are they? 

According to our Constitution it is illegal to have foreign armies in America but........ They are everywhere they are hidden from public view for the most part on our active and inactive (now UN) military base and hidden in our former National Forest, but are becoming more blatant. 

These troops from such countries as Russia. Ukraine, Poland, China. Germany, Czechoslovakia, Koreans, mercenaries from France and Pakistan, and the most ruthless of killer are the Nepal. Gurkha's that Clinton's Crime Control Act expressly listed that they would bring 100,000 more in to the United States, after the passing of the Bill. 

These are here in huge numbers and if you start looking for them you will see them in airports, shopping centers, etc. The proudly display UN Peace Keeping Force on T-shirts. There is an estimated 500.000 foreign United Nations soldiers on American soil and other reports say there are about that many in underground bases where they are being trained on highly advanced non-terrestrial equipment. 

In 1991 I was told a secret that did not make much sense to me until the summer of 1994 when I heard the tape by the people that had seen the barges in the Pearl River in Mississippi. The barges were loaded with Russian equipment being smuggled into the United States. The man was telling on the tape about these UN troops wearing United States Vietnam style uniforms with no insignias or emblems on them. The person on the tape and his two friends went home and got their old Vietnam uniforms our of mothballs and put them on and went to the NASA Test Facility to nose around. 

When they drove up to the entrance they were identified as being members of the "Special Boat Unit", and were allowed to enter the base. They found themselves among UN foreign soldiers and American alphabet soup agents all over the place. In these uniforms they were able to go on a guided tour of the base and find out some of the things that were going on the base.

The secret that I was told in 1991 was this: 

That former military members, CIA, FBI and others were putting together a team to invade America to enforce the "Railroad Leases", the person that told me this is involved with these people it would appear. He went on to tell me that they were going to outfit this team of invaders in old United Stales Vietnam vintage uniforms and that they were having a really hard time finding enough of the uniforms for all the soldiers. He went on to say that they were being equipped with all 9 MM ammunition. He also said they their staging point to come into the United States from was out of Guatemala. 

They first planned to come into the south through all southern ports and also to fly large cargo planes into Alabama to land on the secret air strip in Marion, Alabama, at the Marion Institute believed to be heavily influenced by the CIA for their next crop of agents. 

On April 18, 1775, Lt. General Thomas Gage ordered his redcoats to destroy the patriots' main supply depot at Concord, Mass. The move was to be secret. But Joseph Warren, a doctor, found out the British plans. He quickly sent Paul Revere and William Dawes to ride the 16 miles to Lexington on the road to Concord and arouse the patriots. Revere warned John Hancock and Samuel Adams. The two colonial leaders, who had been hiding from the British, and they fled. 

The redcoats arrived at Lexington in the early dawn of April 19, 1775. (Remember Waco April 19) Capt. John Parker and his band of minutemen faced them on the village green. No one knows who fired the first shot. But the shooting did not start over a tax issue, it started because the British wanted to out law passion of guns in the colonist hands and freedom of speech, unfortunately for us history does repeat its self, and that is what we are looking at now in our history. 

Russian KAM AZ 5320 military vehicles in Montana over 100 railroad cars were photographed. 

A train load of armored personnel military vehicles passing through Ryegate, Montana. 

Notice the white UN vehicle on the railroad flatcar with the others. 

Russian UA2 and 469B military vehicles of all kinds seen at a railroad crossing in Montana. 

These are Urban Assault vehicles, 100 flatcar loads of them in Montana. 

Why do they need such as this in our country if not to us on the American people. 

Russian made Chemical/Biological/weapons, military vehicles, for the U. N. in Saucier, Mississippi. 

All are being painted the white United Nations color to use in America against Americans. 

Russian made Chemical/Biological/weapons, military vehicles, for the U. N. 

Notice the "Customs" sign on the fence around the compound in Mississippi. 

On a military base in Louisiana, a Russian Bear Bomber 

On a street in Texas a Russian T-72 tank being transported by truck.

With respect to the Federal Reserve, it is owned by the Charleston. Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad. Most tax checks are deposited into the Chicago Branch of the Federal Reserve - Chicago is the start of this railroad. Both the money and the railroad end up in North Carolina in the Charlotte, North Carolina Federal Reserve Branch. The Internal Revenue Service, a private Corporation, is owned by R. E. Harrington Insurance Company in England. The money is used to finance Communist activities worldwide, as well as to pay toward the interest owned by the U.S. Government. The objective of R.E. Harrington is to undermine the infrastructure of the United States - it all goes back to the control of the United States by England under the auspices of the Virginia Company, which later changed its name to "The United States of America", essentially incorporated by the King of England - as detailed in the book. 

Congress passed a law back in the 1700's that specified that the only legal tender would be "coined money - not debt based paper currency. The existence of "silver certificates' was a planned intermediate stage between "coined" money and debt-based paper money, which is worthless. Legally, there is no way for people to pay debts in the United States. Originally, the laws in the United States specified that "property tax" could only be paid in gold coinage (generic gold coins - not government minted gold coins, which can be recalled). The law has not been changed. This means that property tax cannot legally be paid - it also means that no one can own land because it cannot legally be paid for. To pay for land in gold and acquiring an "Allodial Title" gives you. absolute title. Most people are led to believe that "warranty deeds" qualify as absolute ownership, but they are a misrepresentation and a fraud. Because of all this, the abolition of private property in the United States has been achieved, as specified in the Communist Manifesto and the tenets of the Illuminati. 

The purpose of the Constitution was to give we the people total control over the government that was suppose to carry out the w ill of the people. Instead it became a visible "pacifier" to the general population, under the misrepresented guise of "being free from England". Created by Masons, the Constitution was formed to temporarily free the population from tribute to England; it was deliberately undermined when it was suspended during the Civil War when Martial Law was declared (according to the Congressional Records. Martial Law is still in effect from Civil War times) and the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Reserve was created to resume tribute to England and provided maintenance for a world socialist structure. 

Under the Constitution, the United States was deemed to be a "Constitutional Republic" - not a democracy, which always leads to tyranny. It is up to "We The People" to re-install the original system and take their power back and re-create "Solon's Republic". 

Under the Bush Administration, the United States was given over to the jurisdiction of the United Nations, which is Communist based. The illuminati (Communist based) symbol is on the floor of the United Nations. The existence of "multi-jurisdictional task forces" in the United States, composed of foreign troops. 

When the system starts to be discovered to any degree, situations are created to draw the attention of the people away from various aspects. Creation of wars, internal conflict, and external (alien) threats fall into this category.

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