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Part 1: Survive 666

From The Voice of Truth
In the parchís, take a six three times in a 666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666row with the dice forces to start again . 
Taking out a triple six involves restarting the game (Re-start). When the time arrives, every system needs to be restarted. 
They left it written in the symbols, anticipated his return.
The 666 is the number that has spent the most ink in the history of mankind, with permission of another number also started in 6 and finished in nineBoth have the honor of stimulating the imagination of the human being with maximum intensity , each for very different reasons. About the triple six, known as the number of the Beast, for its reference in the book of Revelation, there are theories for all tastes. We all know that the more you speculate on a subject, the more difficult it will be to distinguish the Truth about the False . The best place to hide a pin is a haystack and to hide a truth the best place is the Internet .

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666
Some people think that 666 is the mark of the antichrist, or that by numerology it refers to the pope or the emperor Nero. Others say that it is a form of forced identification, such as a tattoo or an implanted microchip that recognizes those who serve the "demon", or who refers to the bar code or the future medical micochip.
<<<< The Barcode actually contains three times the 6. A good wink, but nothing more.

Some of those things, even if they may be true in part, are far from being the explanation of 666 , in any case they are only a clear example of the technique of self-fulfilling prophecy . We can build a house 666 meters high, but that does not mean that the building is 666 or that it is the dwelling of the devil. Perhaps the only "satanic" in the building has been the intention of the architect when choosing his height . 

Apart from the thousand existing interpretations, the reality of 666 is more disgusting than the worst of the interpretations that could have been imagined.It is a complex and at the same time extremely simple Truth, but before starting to reveal what you have never read about this popular number, we must first know its nucleus, the number 6.

The 6th, Des-Creation number
666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

The "devil's number" is based on the natural number "6". It is the one that precedes the perfect number seven, what turns it, according to the Bible, is the most perfect number of the imperfect. It is the basis of our time system and is among us in many other ways ...

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, triple six

The "6" is a disharmonious number and darkness, so the coffins are built in a six-sided hexagon. It is a number that is not organic, it is anti-natural, it is anti-Creation ... it is des-Creation . Many mythological or imaginary monsters have six fingers ...

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

What we say about "6" also applies to multiples, such as 72, 216 and 666.
About 72 (obtained by6 + 6 = 12 X 6 ), remember that it was the number of demons that could be invoke with the book "Ars Goetia" from the "Key of Solomon"
<<< The 72 grimoires used to invoke the respective astral entities, that is, the secret of the Templars.

The 216 is the number obtained by elevating the number 6 in the cube6 X 6 X 6 = 216 ) and was revered by the Pythagoreans, for whom it was the perfect number of knowledge . They may be right, because knowledge can be accessed from the Light or from the Darkness, from the Ego or from Unity . Moreover, knowledge too often is the bait that many beings of Light bite, with disastrous consequences. 

Verse 216 of the book of Revelation says: "And they worshiped the dragon that gave power to the beast."

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

To understand the six and the triple six well, it is necessary to start from the geometry, from the hexagon of the six faces. The hexagon is the shape of the triple because it consists of 6 triangles + 6 angles +6 vertices. But we must go further , the hexagon keeps implicit the shape of the cube, the polyhedron called hexahedron which also has six faces, like dice, which have even wanted to resemble the Christian cross.

Saturn, 666, Devil, Anunnaki

From the cube as a form of the triple six we find many samples in our society, from the adoration of the cube in Mecca, where the pilgrims circle around a cube-shaped building covered by a black cloth, until the giant black cubes scattered in cities of the entire planet . These cubes also have another meaning that we will discover later ...

<<<<< The cult of the black cube, a 3D representation of the hexagon, which is geometrically 666

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki

From the symbiosis between the cube, the hexagon and the 666 arises the ancient "Antakarana", another cheat dark symbol with excellent fame and popularity. Many were advised to meditate with him, and we did, haha. Great care.

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

To get a clear idea of ​​the geometric importance of 666, we must pay attention to the messages that alien intelligences have transmitted to us through drawings made with the bent spikes of the "Crop Circles". Some messages that, once again, often generate hundreds of interpretations among us, but little comprehension, much to the delight of their authors
<<<< Cube and hexagon in an ornate "Crop Circle" appeared on July 17, 2010 in Fosbury

666, devil, number of the beast, apocalypse, Anunnaki, codes 666

There are quite a few versions of the geometric 666 in English fields, which is one of the most recurrent motifs of the "Crop Circles" . Now is not the time to talk about crop circles because they deserve a separate article, but there goes this advance: The vast majority of crop circles (apart from a minority that are fake, made by humans) are codes 666, equal to those who are implanted in people, but in this case implanted directly to the planet . Then we will talk about all of this ...
<<<< Four examples of 666. It seems that someone "out there" is very interested in explaining something to us.

dnote: The story of the 6
In Babylon, the complete sacred pantheon consisted of 36 (6x6) gods , a figure that added (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 ... + 36) gives 666 . The chief, the supreme god Anu, father of Enlili and Enki, was awarded No. 60 in the hierarchy. This is the origin of its hexadecimal numbering system , which was first used by the human being in Sumeria , the first civilization of man in which the Anunnaki gods were still worshiped directly, since they were still physically among us. The numbering based on the six (12, 24, 36, 60, 72, 216, 360 and 666) has survived to our days in our watches. They left, although with the "promise" to return, and our adoration towards them has been updated in each culture, forming all the pantheons of all subsequent civilizations until it is impossible to identify them. Thus they have arrived at our days with an almost perfect camouflage, but the gods have always been the same, the same DOGS with different collars.

By Sumerian and Babylonian heritage we measure the circumference with 360 degrees and divide the sky into the 12 zodiacal houses and measure time with multiples of 6 (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours, etc).

Like a clock, our entire society revolves in the sense that the Sumerian gods established around 10,000 years ago . And I do not mean only the 24 hours or the 60 minutes, nor the twelve apostles, nor the twelve works of Hercules, nor the twelve tribes of Israel, etc.

The false Sumerian-Anunnaki gods, blinded in their arrogance, have always wanted to imitate and supplant the Creator. They have achieved it in many things, they have even succeeded in imitating Love, just a bad imitation, but more widespread than a bag of Hermes or a fake Nike. This desire for supplanting has reached mathematics and thus, over time, the number six has been converted into the number of Creation , unseating the true divine number, the FIVE, which we will study at the end of these articles. 

The six began to take center stage very soon and in the ancient religion of Zoroaster the religion of the Kurdish Yazidis and the Occitan Cathars- there was already 6 "emanations of the divinity . " Subsequently, in Greece it was considered that the six represents The Creation and therefore was a perfect number, generator of the cosmos and all physical (what is actually the five). fascinated by the perfect shape of the cube (the six-sided or triple-six die), they considered the number 216 (6x6x6) the number that housed knowledge.

The origin of the "6" is in the Sumerian-Anunnaki pantheon, but why did they choose to use the six as a basis in their religion, their mathematics and in their astrology ? Where does your spherical astronomy based on the 360 ​​degree circle originate? It might seem that it is only because the six is ​​the number of the uncreation, but there is an even stronger reason, a reason charged with symbolism that comes from the Pleiades and that we will reveal when we explain the sign Tau, in the continuation of this article. For now let's rephrase the question, which should be: why did they divide the celestial arc into 360 degrees and 12 houses? 

Now that we know the Six, the number of the OO. Origin of Darkness on the planet and its geometry, we can better understand the "bad guy", the 666. But before, we present another very important number, so much that he even has his own day, well two, on March 14 and on July 22.

No Pi, that impostor 

The feast of Maria Magdalena is celebrated on July 22 along with the "Day of Pi" , because one of the ways to write the date -22 / 7- can be seen as a division whose result is 3.142857, almost identical to Pi. Knowing who was posing as María Magdalena , we can expect the worst of this number ...
Pi is the cosmological constant that can define the same universe and all its stars . Pi is the largest number , as big as the universe itself, that is infinite. For all this the imitators of The Creation have wanted emparentares with him, in his usual arrogance.
<<<<< Pi, the largest number, defines the circle that is the master form of the Unit: Circle = 2PiR

Pi is a number that already pointed divine ways from its origins, which go back thousands of years in history. It is known that the ancient Babylonians were already aware of its existence about 4000 years ago. There is a clay tablet of Babylonian origin, dating from between 1900 and 1680 BC, in which mention is made of the number, although it is calculated not with the figure of 3.14 but as 3.125. 

Later, in the Bible, Kings, 7:23, speaking of the Temple of Solomon, it is said: 

"He also made a sea of ​​ten cubits cross from one side to the other, perfectly round; its height was five cubits, and a cord of thirty cubits encircled it. "( With this operation Pi is obtained). It is the number of golden talents that King Solomon collected in a single year.

The direct relationship between Pi and 666 is in its first 144 numbers - (6 + 6) X (6 + 6) - with whose sum you get 666. Then the first 500 numbers, if you add the first 144 you will get the result of 666 :
3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679 214808651328230664709384460955058223172535940812848111745028410270193852110555964462294895493038196 4428810975665933446128475648233786783165271201909145648566923460348610454326648213393607260249141273 7245870066063155881748815209209628292540917153643678925903600113305305488204665213841469519415116094 3305727036575959195309218611738193261179310511854807446237996274956735188575272489122793818301194912 
It is curious that the Bible mentions the same number when it speaks of the 144,000 sealed because the number 666 is precisely a code or stamp that is implanted in people as we will see below.
"I heard the number of the sealed ones: one hundred forty and four thousand sealed of all the tribes of the children of Israel"
Revelation 7: 4


The value of Pi in the Bible is 3.2143 and is related to the number 322 of the anagram of the secret society Skull and Bones, to which belong the followers of Moloch of the Bush family and John Kerry, the instigators of the wars of Iraq to create the great Kurdistan see Kurdistan is Gog and Magog . Another very clear clue that alerts us to the double life of the Pi number .

For centuries the old nº Pi has been very important for science , but it is a number that has fallen into disgrace and may have its days numbered. Many scientists are against Pi and are proposing a change: 

Since the circle is the set of points that are the same distance from the center point (distance that is the radius of the circle), it seems more logical to use this measure than the of the diameter , than the one used by Pi. Well, it is proposed to replace Pi-diameter- with Tau -radio- with this relation: Tau = 2 Pi. Tau, as we will see later, is a sign that encloses the whole history of subjection of humanity.

Therefore Tau = 6.2830 ... twice Pi. In the next chapter we will talk about the surprising Tau sign, little known but decisive


Pi or Tau are two GREAT numbers that you have to know thoroughly before you can discover what 666 really means. Technically, they are fundamental numbers in the calculation of circles and ELLIPSES and therefore, in the definition of ORBITS of planets and stars . Something very significant for beings that traveled through space with an orbit transverse to the solar system, which every 25,000 years gives a complete revolution and crosses perpendicular all the trajectories of the planets of the solar system.
<<<<< "Lost in Space", human version in the legendary series of the seventies.


With Pi, an ellipse is calculated , which is ...
"the locus of all the points of a plane, for which it is true that the quotient between its distances to a fixed point - which is called focus - and to a given line - called directrix - remains constant and equals the eccentricity of the same".
... and is the shape of the transverse orbit (relative to ours) of the planet known as Nibiru , Hercobulus, Planet X, Tiche or planet of the crossing.

Tau: ellipses, orbits and stars 
With the numbers Pi / Tau are calculated all the planetary orbits , but also most figures on which much of the iconography of darkness on the planet has been based : epicicloidal orbits, astroids, hearts , stars.


Epicyclic Orbit-Planetary Gear 
For example, in the epicyclic orbit on the right, it is obtained by plotting a point on a circumference that is rolled around another circle and held stationary.

<<<<< The epicyclic orbit is a curve similar to the one that traces the earth around the Sun.


The epicyclic orbit is not only important in the calculation of orbits, but it is also essential in our civilization, because without it, cars and a great majority of machines could not work . It is called planetary gear or epicyclic gear, which is a system of gears (or gear train) called planets that rotate / orbit on a central gear or sun, as it happens in the transmission of every motor vehicle .

Another curve that has had a decisive role in the history of Humanity is the one known as "Astroid", a particular type of hypocycloid or curve of four vertices. They are super ellipses in which it is fulfilled that "the locus of the centers of curvature of an ellipse always has the shape of an astroid".


Techniques aside, the importance of the "Astroid" is that it is at the origin of all the emblems of the orders of warrior monks, such as the Temple, the Holy Sepulcher or the Hospital. These orders were the germ from which were born the modern power groups that rule the world from the shadow , see The Order of the Temple and the Foremen 

<<<< Creation of the "Crosses Kicks" from elicoidal curves


Today the Order of Malta and the Order Temple (and their heirs the Company of Jesus and Freemasonry) are, together with Zionism, the three factions of foremen who dispute the government in the shadow of the planet. The Cross Kick, the symbolic origin that they share, has geometrically and mathematically a cosmic origin referred to Nibiru.



Not only the crossings of the cavalry orders have a planetary origin, so does the popular icon of the heart , a form that does not resemble the human heart at all, but which represents it throughout the world. The red heart is used to represent love, but in reality it is a symbol of magic that hides a code 666 , in its version as the Sacred Heart of Jesus or that of Mary. see "The trap of the red heart "


The astroids create the symbol of the cross and the heart, but you can also build another very popular sign among us: the star, the other great Anunnaki and Pleiadian symbol . As in the case of the heart, the symbol does not have much to do with the shape of real stars but it is very common among us, especially when we want to express a hierarchy , for example between hotels or military positions.


The predilection of the military and police for the stars has, of course, an Anunnaki origin. 
Each member of the ruling family of the false gods was awarded a star, whose number of points indicated their place in the hierarchy, a custom liked by the military - always eager to resemble their "admired masters" - and which they keep with care. Like royalty, which has imitated the crown and the scepter , not to mention much worse things, such as the taste for suffering (not yours, that of the subjects)
<<<< The stars mark the hierarchy between Anunnaki, military and hotels,


For example, in the Anunnaki hierarchy, the star of Ningishzida had 10 points, that of Mithras of 7 (like the rays of the Statue of Liberty dedicated to him, see Decoding Francis), that of Ishtar / Innana was 8 points, like the star that always accompanies the Virgin Mary , the false mother of Jesus, see Mariolatry.
<<< The Virgin Mary and the characteristic eight-pointed star crown of Ishtar, her alter ego. To the right relief representing Ishtar.


In the current social hierarchy we adore the stars of cinema, sports or song and we even created trastrares to render that cult as the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

cWe have already seen, the relation of 6 and its multiples 12, 36, 60, 72 ... with the Anunnaki Sumerians . Also the relation between the 666 and the "cosmic" number Pi and therefore, with all kinds of planetary and astroid orbits . All this is relevant and curious, but in itself it does not explain how the 666 has come to replace the snake, the horns and the smell of sulfur in the representation of evil . Next we will know why.

The number 666s

When you walk through the Retiro Park in Madrid, 666 meters above sea level, you can find yourself with the devil himself . Better said, to one of the few monuments dedicated-openly-to the evil one (there are many others all over the world, although they tend to be more disguised). It is the Source of the Fallen Angel, and we quote it simply as an example of how 666 has come to monopolize the iconography of evil on the planet. 

<<<< The devil in Madrid at 666 meters high

Known already all the geometric and mathematical reasonings around this number, let's now find out what has done so "malignantly" special. For this we will resort to the help of that encrypted book, sales success of all time, known as Bible . 

The sacred book of Judaism and Christianity is a very thick book, made up of many books, where the history of humanity is metaphorically explained to us . On this occasion we will focus on the book that makes the number 66, and in the triple verse 6 or 18 (18 = 6 X 3), which is the "Book of Revelations" or Revelation. In verse 18 of this book we are presented with No. 666. Not only that,gives us the keys so that "he who has understanding" (knowledge) finds out what it is ...

Let him who has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is six hundred and sixty-six"
(Revelation 13:18).

note: this reference to the Bible does not mean that we have found out what 666 is from the Apocalypse. We, as this verse says, have accessed "Knowledge" - understanding - like who accesses a library. It is not a material library and its access is "public", although it is restricted only to those whose preparation, will and energetic cleaning have made them worthy of "a password" to access this "sensitive" information.

And this is what those who access "Knowledge" about 666 will find :
No. 666 was chosen to designate a set of 666 negative frequencies whose purpose is to be implanted in the human being to limit it, make it sick and obscure it . The codes are negative limiting implants, which once in people, emit frequencies with a specific intention and with an affectation that will ultimately depend on the level of consciousness and will.
-To make it understandable, the codes 666 act like nicotine patches that once stuck to our skin continuously release the desired substance. The codes are attached to our energy body and constantly emit the desired negative energy according to each code-

total of 666 of these frequencies were created (although there are thousands of variants of them), an arbitrary number chosen for the symbolic and geometric reasons that we have already seen previously. Its total amount is what gives these frequencies names : "CODES 666" Each code is identified with a number in the list. By numerological order the one that occupies the last place - the 666 - is the one that bears that name: the "number of the Beast" or 666.

This is the most commonly extended tool, among the many that we suffer, to keep humanity subdued, weak, helpless, diminished and alienated. But now is the time of Truth and the etheric library of UNDERSTANDING has opened the doors .
Times arrived.

Knowing already what the number 666 refers to, let's see what the book of Revelation says about him :

"And he makes everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and servants, put a mark on his right hand, or on his forehead "
(Rev 13:16)
-translated: All, all human beings bear the mark, ie the implant of the 666 codes. In fact there is one that is placed in the embryonic stage, see The Abortion of Eve

"And that no one may buy or sell, except he who has the mark: the name of the beast or the number of his name"
(Rev 13:17)
-translated: No one escapes the code implant. The implant has a name that is actually a number "the number of his name ", ie 666

"He that hath understanding count l number of the beast : for it is man's number . His number is six hundred sixty-six " 
(Rev 13:18) 
-translated: Counting indicates that it is not just a word or a number but actually refers to a quantity. The result of counting that amount is 666, that is, the number of "codes 666" created, a "man number", since the codes were created for man and man is the one that carries them implanted with him.

The 666 represents the most massive strategy of debilitation, blackening and submission of the human being throughout history. Already known as your name and number was chosen, let us know its appearance:

This is code 666, the last of the codes and the one that gives them the name. 
Then the symbology, not the number but the graphic code:
It is the symbolism of the Planet of the Cross, Planet X, Hercobulus, Nibiru , etc. 

It is a sign that is already, with very small variations, in cave paintings of the Neolithic in various parts of the planet, but when it became very popular was in the dawn of the Middle Ages with the "Fleur de Lis", one of the four great figures of the heraldry, who began to use the Merovingian kings .

The Code No. 666

The code 666 is an excellent work of graphic design, beautiful even, that hides well its dark character. They dazzle their multiple symbolisms and above all their ability to hide their true meaning.

The code 666 has experienced small variations that have "camouflaged" it and popularized it in extreme. Today we all use it in two different versions (and multiple derivations), which we will see below:

 The Rune Hagall 
 The Asterisk

666, the Hagall rune

Of these two versions, the oldest one goes back to the Scandinavian runes, specifically to the "Rune mother Hagall" and is the most prolific in terms of number of applications. 
 Haegl or Hagalá is the rune that represents the "H" in the young Futhark alphabet, a runic alphabet. It is considered the mother rune, because from it derive all the others that are formed from the hexagon and its diagonals .


Runes are a system of symbols based on 666, in which all can be generated from the hexagon and the diagonals that delimit the 6 interior triangles. For this reason the Hagall rune - the diagonals - is considered the mother rune .


Runes are esoteric symbols of occult tradition, of Nordic origin, whose name derives from
 "Raunen", which means "whisper" or " whisper secrets". Its name derives from the fact that they were used for communication with non-physical entities -surfs-, either for magic or for divination . In our language the word "run run" is synonymous with rumor, murmur or whisper and may well originate in that word.

Hagal is also the so-called " star of life " , a design from the Admin. Nac. Of Traffic Safety of the USA, that has ended up being the international logo of the emergency medical services . It is a mixture of Hagall with the so-called "Rod of Asclepius", the medical symbol inspired by the seal of Ninghishzida (the Phoenician god Moloch), son of Enki (Lucifer), see The Boston Bombing , whose symbol is the serpent. Previously the sign was already used by Nazism in the medical unit of the "6th SS Mountain Division Nord".
<<<<< Symbol of medical emergencies and the "6th SS Mountain Division Nord" of the Nazi army.


From the star of life it is intuited that Hagall is also at the origin of one of the most universal and ancient symbols that humans have present in Christendom, Buddhism, Hinduism or Islam. It is an esoteric sign and a code 666, which geometrically equals the number 666 as the hexagon (six points, six sides of the inner hexagon and six triangles). In modern times Zionism and the State of Israel, which uses it as a flag, have appropriated the hexagram to the point that it is considered a symbol created by King David , whose name is "Star of David".


Important companies such as Walmart or Microsoft (owner of the "Zune" brand) have adopted the Hagall / 666 rune as a corporate logo. Also the select club "Rotary" uses it in its image, nothing strange considering that the club represents what we call "Privilege effect". Belonging to a group of privileged was born in antiquity with the designation of foremen as intermediaries between gods and humans and has been perpetuated to this day, especially among the political class

<<<<< The Rune Hagall or 666 as a corporate image or as an anagram of the Rotary Club


The Hagall rune is drawn on the central floor of the Plaza de Cataluña in Barcelona, ​​epicenter of all kinds of citizen events , in recent times of demonstrations in favor of and against Catalan independence, see Catalonia, Beginning and End.


Interestingly, the same Hagal / 666 symbol is found in an international organization whose headquarters are in Barcelona, ​​the " Union for the Mediterranean", initially known as the "Barcelona Process, Union for the Mediterranean" . It is a geopolitical project created by the EU 1995, in a Euro-Mediterranean summit, in Barcelona. The Agency is the Union of the countries of the European Union and those of the Mediterranean basin .
<<<< Logo 666 of the Union for the Mediterranean


No one is free of 666. 
We all carry one in your pocket, because it is on the keyboard of all mobile phones . As the Bible says "And that no one may buy or sell, but he who has the mark: the name of the beast or the number of his name"


There are numerous signs that arise from the rune Hagall / 666 and the cube-hexagon. It is difficult to stay out of them , although there is no need to worry because, in most cases, the signs do not act on people but are linked to some type of energy work . However, they are negatively charged signs that emit this low vibration to their environment, affecting people in different ways, according to their sensitivity, their strength and their vibrational state . 

In the image on the left, a collection of signs that are modified versions of the mother rune or 666, like the Antakarana, (which by itself is another code 666), the "Star of David" (ditto), the "Metatron Cube", the masonic square and compass , some grimoires to invoke demonic entities, the " Trískel "popular Celtic symbol, the" Rose of the Winds ", the symbol of the Spanish Legion, the biohazard , the nuclear danger, etc.

Hagall and the "Eye of Horus"

Many of these clues we have to thank their weakness to announce their actions or reveal secrets without anyone noticing of it. That's what they did in the Saturn ritual of the New York attacks or more recently directly or indirectly causing the fall of three commercial aircraft . 

On this occasion, they gave themselves the fun of teaching us the 666, as a previous step to other actions they have prepared in the immediate future and they have done it by descending three airplanes almost consecutively. The coincidences between the three planes are revealing. The first, the failure to establish the exact causes, no matter how hard you try to close the case with "official" or "conspiracy" explanations that are not very credible and have not been proven. Moreover, in the case of the first of the accidents is even worse, not even if the plane has appeared .

The second great coincidence is that the three flights had an "H" in their identifier: MH370, AH5017, MH17 ... We know that "H" is the Hagall rune and the code 666 so we have the number of the beast triply painted on the fuselage of the three sinietrados airplanes.
<<<<<< The 666 of the sinister aircraft of Swift Air And Malaysia airlines 

The third great coincidence is another of the best hidden secrets of the "OO: Origin of darkness on the planet": the secret of the "Eye of Horus". 

The red-blue paint of the plane and the logos of the two airlines involved is the combination that causes a brain dissociation called Red-Blue Dissociation , a characteristic of the human brain, through which it experiences things that have not happened, to through the dissociation between the two hemispheres, caused in this case, by the vision of the two colors that are managed separately by said hemispheres.

It is the phenomenon on which the 3D glasses are based , the one that police sirens look for and the red and blue rays of the popular stamp of the Divine Mercy This effect of separating the vision of the left eye from the right eye to cause this cerebral dissociation is what the great symbol of darkness alludes to : the "Eye of Horus" , which on this occasion also has nothing to do with Horus and should be called " the Wink of Horus ", to mean the independent vision from each eye.


Recently, the Red-Blue Dissociation is being tried with NOTHING honest ends by Google, according to they have admitted, as supposed "quality tests". The experiment is carried out through the thousands of YouTube videos("Webdriver Torso" account), in which only red and blue squares appear in movement and have filled pages and pages with the most picturesque explanations. At some point we will reveal what Google is trying to do with this experiment, but as long as they keep their brain safe .
<<<<< The Malaysia Airlines logo with red and blue. Below a frame of one of the 300 videos published daily by Webdriver Torso on Youtube.

These three aviation accidents can be interpreted as hidden messages or as simple curious coincidences, each can choose their option, although the code 666 and the Red-blue Dissociation are somewhat objective and very real . For those who choose to think that someone is actually trying to say something - and hide it at the same time - we are going to review a known fact that raised as much or more controversy as the missing Malaysian plane. The younger readers will remember the incredible story of the Ummitas and the planet Ummo that we will explain in the third installment of this series.

cAt the moment we return to code 666 and we closed the information about its version as the Rune Hagall. We now open a chapter for the second version, that of the Asterisk, and with it we will know the effects that the code 666 can have on the people to whom they are implanted ...


The most widespread form of the number 666 is the Hagal rune and its many applications, but the most popular is undoubtedly the sign of the ASTERISCO, a symbol that technology has intimately linked to us, first with the invention of the printing press and then with mobile telephony. The asterisk is the symbol that will help us understand the effect of the code 666 on the human being ...

666, the Asterisk 
The Asterisk is a typographical symbol whose name evokes its resemblance to a star (asterisk comes from the Latin " astrum "). 

In Grammar, the Asterisk is the "signal or call that is placed in a text to attract the reader's attention to something". In the religious liturgy it indicates pauses in the recitation, in order to capture the attention in the writing. The same function has a code of 666, because when it is implanted in a person, it attracts the attention of the person towards the OO. Origin of Darkness on the planet. Well, actually it goes a little further because the person who is implanted the link with the Unit-Light is replaced by a link with the Darkness , that is to say, that an energetic link is connected with the usurper gods Sumerian Anunnaki.


This is the power programmed into this powerful and captivating code, the most common of all 666 codes . For something is the one that "closes the list" , which have the honor of being "the number of the beast". The 666 catches our attention and redirects us towards darkness, because it connects us with it. It redirects us towards the origin of evil on earth after we have broken the link that unites us - by default - with the Light .
<<<<< The 666 is indeed the devil's captivating number

The code 666, when implanted in a person, 
opens an energy loop 
with the OO . 
Origin of Darkness 
on the planet.

Hence, it is considered 
the "No. of the Beast". 
The number of the devil.

The truth.

History of the Asterisk 666

Curiously, the asterisk was born when typographic editors dedicated to editing genealogical trees of the nobility needed a symbol to indicate the date of birth of a person. A small detail to remind us of the kinship between the lineages of royalty - the foremen - and those who brought the Darkness to this planet (the false Sumerian Anunnaki gods) 
On the right an example of a family tree of a monarchy, coincidentally that of the fallen king , who in his day made a pact with the "Asterisk".


Scientists and computer scientists sometimes call the asterisk the "star" . In some typographical sources the asterisk may have five or six points, the most common being the eight-pointed Arabic star, which is the same symbol that has been represented throughout history to Ishtar-Inanna, one of the heads of the three Anunnaki bloodlines in dispute, see more in Final Match in three bands,
<<<<< Ishtar and her asterisk are the protagonists of the Tarot card of the star in tune with the star origin of darkness on planet earth. On your right the "Star of Ishtar" in the Louvre Museum.


The first asterisk of history is found in a cuneiform sign representing Anu (from the Sumerian An = sky), the leader of the Sumerian Anunnaki pantheon and father of Enki and Enlil -


Much later we find it also in the symbol of the Roman goddess Juno (Hera in Greece), in reference to the tail of the Peacock (the god Melek Taus -Moloch- of the Kurd yazidis ) and in the planetary symbol of the third discovered asteroid in the solar system, whose name is the same as the goddess: Juno. 

Hera / Juno are syncretism of the Sumerian-Anunnaki goddess Ereshikigal, the mother of Ningishzida, who would later be Moloch. Together with his father Enki they are the head of the Anunnaki lineage whose servants are the Order of Malta, the monarchies and some large families of bankers or politicians.
<<<<< Planetary symbol of the asteroid Juno next to the goddess that gives her name


In many churches across Europe we find the Asterisk because it is a sign linked to the birth of the Catholic religion . It is the "Crismón" or "monogram of Christ", the demonstration of the kinship between the Rune Hagall and the Asterisk, the two versions of the code 666. In one origin, the rune was the vision that converted Constantine to Christianity (the so-called " Labarum ", to the right of the image) but ended up spreading throughout the West as the Asterisk (mosaic on the left).


In modern Europe the Asterisk / 666 is still very present. Today we can find it in places as diverse as the floor of St. Peter's Square in the Vatican, in the English flag or in a ceremony of the Olympic Games. 

<<<<<< Left, opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games and aerial view of the obelisk square in the Vatican.

Of the contemporaneity of the Asterisk / 666 speaks to us the coat of arms of Ukraine in which it is implicit (left) and the fascist groups that operate there. The neo-fascists have adopted as a flag the symbol "Kolovrat" , whose appearance is like an Asterisk / 666 with clown shoes, but representing the Sun and the Slavonic god Svarog (Anu, the father of Enki and Enlil) .
<<<< Left, animation between 666 and the shield of Ukraine. Right, fascists with the symbol Kolovrat


Kurdistan is also a country of raging topicality due to attacks by the Islamic State in the Kurdish territory of Iraq (Mosul) or Syria (Kobane). Curious coincidence that the two countries where they are jumping sparks that can ignite the litter of the third world war, have the 666 on his shield . The Kurdish shield is formed by a black eagle holding a sun - the Anunnaki sun cult - whose rays obey the figure of the Asterisk / 666. As we explained, Kurdistan is the country of Gog and Magog where, according to the Apocalypse, the final battle will take place. The symbols speak loud and clear, but the most important thing is to make the decision to "listen or not listen" .

Moreover, in the series Sleepy Hollow, released in Spain last year (in these dates begins the 2nd season in the US), appears the Asterisk 666 as the "fifth horseman" brand that uses a group that wants to invoke the 72 demons from the book "Clavículas de Salomón", of which we have already spoken in secret Catalonia The sign is based on the " Vegvísir", a magical symbol related to the solar compass used by the Vikings. It is similar to the compass rose , a validation of the origin "anunnaki" of the compass, see The Piracy and the Knights of Malta 

The series does not have too many pretensions but it is recommended because it includes- in a very real way -many other elements that we tend to consider good in fiction, but that we deny their existence in real life, ignoring this most accurate maxim: "fiction imitates reality".


Another "modern" application of Asterisk / 666 is seen every day when the computer is turned on (blessed Mac users): it is the Re-Start button or restart. The meaning of this button coincides with that of the "Restarte Anunnaki" and the Phoenix Bird, that is, its return and the resetting of the system to start again a civilization of human bondage and slavery .


The Asterisk / 666 is at the origin of many current or historical symbols . In the image we show some as the "Rose of the Winds", the Crismón, the flags of Great Britain and Euskadi, the symbol of Peace (which by itself is another different code 666 ), the "Wheel of Dharma", etc...


Two more examples of the transversality and omnipresence of this code 666, the famous star of the police forces and the logo of the organizing company of the Congresses of Science and Spirit , the most important events that are celebrated in Spain within what we could encompass as "New Age" .


Apart from carrying the code 666 implicitly, the logo of "Science and Spirit" has the aggravation of the presence of the Sun - by the Anunnaki solar cult - which is also aligned with the Earth, representing the eclipse. In addition, the base of the asterisk is divided into two parts, in red and blue, by the "Red and Blue Dissociation" which, as we have seen, is the true symbol of the "Eye of Horus" . A disturbing logo, because thousands of Truth Seekers and dozens of speakers have passed through its Congresses. Nothing is what it seems, as we always recommend ... caution.

And to finish this extensive exhibition on the "Number of the Beast", which is not the private phone of Belén Esteban ", as Berto Romero said in one of his monologues , another little joke, that of 666 in three dimensions . This particular version can be found in a very special place, in symbology the staging is always important. It is located in the heart of Catholicism, in the center of St. Peter's Square and throughout Rome, the city of obelisks .

The square epicenter of Catholicism is a large circle embraced by the beautiful colonnade of Bernini. There the parishioners are crowded every Sunday to see the Pope in his Angelus and other celebrations. The whole square is an immense 666 giant code drawn with traces on the pavement and at the epicenter of the "asterisk" stands the famous obelisk, which in the past was crowned by a ball that kept -very supposedly- the remains of Julius Caesar . Today in its place there is a spiked sphere, which is the superposition of three asterisks in different orientations. That is, on top of the obelisk of the Plaza de San Pedro there is a representation of the number 666 in three dimensions .


The same "object" of the Vatican obelisk is located on the roof of the laboratory of the human friends of the god Thor , in "his" movie released in 2011. The director himself is responsible for seeing well the star / 666 making the protagonists have a deep conversation sitting on the roof , usual place for this type of meetings. It could be an anecdote if it were not because the god Thor, the syncretism of Baal, Cronos or Saturn, is going to have great prominence in the following chapters.
<<<< Frame of "Thor" with the Asterisk / 666 in 3D

The "Asterisk" of God

We have talked about the Asterisk / 666 in the past and in the present, now we will talk about the Asterisk in the future. 

In the image, the eight giant tubes that form an asterisk 666 in the hadron collider (LHC) of CERN , European Council for Nuclear Research. The main part of the LHC is a tunnel of 27 kilometers and 3.8 meters in diameter through which pass the eight tubes of the "asterisk" . Through them travel accelerated proton beams to 99.99999961% of the speed of light to collide with each other and ... see what happens . 

<<<<< The giant asterisk of the tubes of the hadron collider of the CERN


The first relationship between CERN and 666 is very evident, its logo is formed by several "6" superimposed. As we have said, the "6" is the number that imitates the one of Creation -the "5" - so we can already imagine what kind of activity we will find in these facilities ...
<<<< CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research


But there is something more hidden that is not as obvious as the 666 logo. 
As much they like to do, the chosen arbitrary abbreviations keep a hidden wink. CERN refers to the Celtic god CERNunnos, the GOD FATHER in Celtic mythology, also called the horned god        because he has horns on his head and is often depicted with the head of an animal or goat, the origin of the cult of the goat as the archetype of the devil . See also Valentine and the Lupercalias .

Cernunnos is the male version of the mother goddess , the usual in these articles Ishtar-Inanna. His role as "father god" was later transfigured in Rome as the god Pan or Luperco , the origin of the current Valentine's Day party. Cernunnos is the creator god of nature, of hunting and the cycle of life, but also the double god of Life and Death, of Light and Darkness that is to say that once again we come across the duality or "bipartisanship" religious ", origin of a good part of the calamities of humanity. 

But the CERN does not "marry" any religion or any of the Anunnaki bloodlines, in its facilities there is also a large statue of the god Shiva in his Dance to Life . Shiva is what Jews and Christians call Jehovah , Enlil, the rival half-brother of Enki / Lucifer.

We had the " pleasure " of meeting him in the temple he has dedicated in the holy city of Vanarasi, in India, despite the entry restricted only to Hindus. With all the respect towards the more than one billion people who profess Hinduism ... it was a true descent into hell , only to remember it I feel chills. Truly there was Shiva, there was Enlil. We have always said it, they went physically, but they continue here in the astral.
<<<< Shiva and the falsely divine vocation of CERN


The CERN is located on the border between France and Switzerland with international installation status, so officially it is not under the jurisdiction of either of the two countries, who knows whether to avoid the same liability issues that scared their colleagues so much. LGNS in Italy. The Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, LNGS, is a facility of similar profile to CERN located in the central part of Italy, very close to the town of l'Aquilla, where in 2009 there was an earthquake of 6.3 degrees that caused 300 deaths .

<<<<< The collision of particles at speeds close to that of the Light causes the disintegration and the appearance of new ones, a phenomenon that could be explained by the decomposition of the Light into a prism, the same that we have used to illustrate the Permitivity and connection point with the great symbol of the pyramid.

The CERN and the Gran Sasso de l'Aquilla are linked by an apparently secret optical fiber tunnel , which has been used in multiple joint experiments. However, many scientists have denounced the great risk involved in walking happily through the unknown terrain of shock at the speed of Light in the largest particle accelerator in the world . And that's how the man, tireless "sorcerer's apprentice", caused the Aquilla's earthquake to immediately "silence" him with an unusual maneuver: a court condemned the Italian seismologists for not having predicted the tremorThey had to find guilty quickly, just like when an Alvia train derails in Santiago and before the ambulances arrive, the authorities already know that the fault lies with the driver. In the end 6 seismologists (plus a tip official) were sentenced to 6 years in prison. Six, the number of the decreation and it seems that of the international lack of shame. 

The accelerator of the Gran Sasso de l'Aquilla lived its moment of glory in 2012, when the magazine "Sciencie" revealed that accelerated neutrinos at CERN and sent to Gran Sasso had exceeded the speed of light by 60 nanoseconds . All a bomb, then the news it endangered Einstein's theory of relativity, according to which nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Soon after this revolutionary news, voices came out claiming that in the measurement of the Gran Sasso had made mistakes, quite childish by the way and is that the time had not yet come to tear down the foundations of our knowledge , at least to share it with the rest of humans.

The theory of Relativity was questioned at that time. 
We understand it as true, in the world of matter, where nothing can surpass the Speed ​​of Light, an authentic frontier line between energy and matter . Beyond this line, the tachyons can travel at a higher speed but when it falls below this border, through the changes of Permitivity that we have already talked about, the "magic" of The Creation takes place :the energy takes shape, body, weight and volume, that is, matter appears.

It is the "Formula of Intent" and this is actually the scientists are looking at CERN. They, eternal aspirants to "Creator", call it "Higgs Boson" or "particle of God" ...
Attention to counterfeits. 
Connect with your heart and reject imitations.

666 From Shamanism to religion

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