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Part 15: Pandora's Box...Technology of Today...Rex 84 & FEMA...JFK Assassination/Gemstone File...

Blue-Light Strobe or 
"Tele Guard" System 
This instrument has been in place on every freeway bridge in the continental U. S. for at least twenty years, and it is set up to detect a vehicle either passing, or standing still beneath the bridge. 

The instrument in question is called a Blue Light Strobe or the "Tele Guard system and it is very small device. It is placed in another instrument that is about 18" long and prismatic in section (like a three sided ruler, except the sides and flat). The Strobe operates in much the same way as a mass spectrometer, and is powered by a small photo-electric cell which is always pointed in one direction (throughout the U. S.), to align with a satellite which is in geo-stationary orbit. 

The photoelectric ceil is either white or yellow in its color and appearance, just like the standard reflectors normally seen at the edge of the freeway. This cell sits in a parabolic dish which is about 1/4" deep. Within this dish is a light gate which allows only a certain amount of light into the instrument and then only light of a given frequency (something akin to a L.E.D., which was first used in the late 50's and early 60's), the rest of the light is reflected back at the source. 

If your vehicle passes under the bridge (and the detection unit) and is traveling more than four miles per hour in excess of the current speed limit, then the unit is activated and simultaneously performs five separate functions: 

(A). Makes an electronic image of the front of the vehicle, which includes the vehicles I.D.#, (that is why the I.D.# is placed on all vehicles behind the windshield on the left (drivers) side of the vehicle and the drivers face; 
(B). Logs the speed at which the vehicle passes the device. 
(C). Logs the time. date, and place. 
(D). Makes an image of the back of the vehicle and the license plate number (this is because some states do not require a license plate on the front of the vehicle, but all states require a license plate on the back. 
(E). Instantly sends the above information to the "basement" (CIA) computer in Virginia, which is believed to also be known as Mount Weather (via the satellite) where the information is logged in the database. 

If you pass under too many bridges at a speed which is in excess of the speed limit, then you are flagged in the "basement" computer as a subversive, (owing to your obvious "blatant contempt and disregard" for the law) and this negative information will be used against you in the event of the declaration of a national emergency. 

The control circuit for this device is colloquially known, by its manufacturer, as the TG2, TG2D, TG2E, or TG2DE. "TG" stands for "TeleGuard", the "2" stands for the second series. The first series was originally developed in 1948 for the Red Stone Arsenal in Alabama and was used in the Korean war for the detection and monitoring of troop emplacements, military facilities, etc.. This surveillance activity was conducted and has been conducted ever since on all military installation, friend or foe, and the information relayed to "base" can only be viewed by those of the rank of General and above. 

It was micro miniaturization in 1958 that created the second series which was initially patented in 1965, only after another eight yours of further research and development did the instrument become fully usable and in widespread distribution. 

The letters of the type number after the designation "TG" signify one of three things: 

"D" Transmitter, only able to transmit information. 

"E" Receiver, only able to receive information (this principally used  for the receipt of programming information, and subsequently rarely used. 

"DE" Transceiver, able to both transmit information and receive programming and re-programming information (this one is obviously the best one for the circumstances and constitutes the bulk of the instruments in use). 

On the Interstates 
On many Interstate routes that have been labeled main routes for drugs, firearms and stolen vehicle movement, which could conceivably be every Interstate route, they have been hard at working with monitors. 

On these Interstate routes they have placed the Tele Guard system every five miles along the route to have a more concentrated net to detect vehicles, etc..

Most of your major highways, as was mentioned earlier, are equipped with the tracking Tele Guard system and also on all vehicles since 1984. The manufactories have been putting the Tele Guard system in all motor vehicles so they can keep track of you while you are in you auto or truck. This is so they can get a layout of your travel patterns on a day in and day out basic. The Tele Guard system in you vehicle also communicates with the Tele Guard system already in place on the highway and soon you could be getting traffic tickets in the mail for detected violations on highway via the satellite tracking systems working with the Tele Guard in your vehicle. 

Fuel Storage Tanks 
To add to the list of places the Tele Guard system is being employed in the name of environmental protection to guard our precious ground water and to detect any harmful chemicals etc.. Please direct your attention to all sizes, and some are connected to fuel lines which are connected to homes and businesses. 

The requirement has been ordered into force that all old fuel tanks, in the United States, have to be removed from the ground and inspected and if they failed the inspection they have to be replaced with new tanks with the TeleGuard monitor on it and if it passes inspection a TeleGuard monitor had to be placed on the fuel tank. 

Of course this is to be able to detect any fuel leakage from the tank and all of this has to be accomplished before mid 1993. (See section "Environmental Pollution Detection section). 

The Satellites capability 
The satellites that all this futuristic electronic wizardry are linked up to are the famed "Star Wars" satellites or the SDI "Strategic Defense Initiative Satellites". And they have been in place and operating for over twenty years. Wait a minute-wasn't this the little puppy that Reagan was trying to push into fruition a few years back? Of course it was! 

Just guess what some of the SDI satellites capabilities are: 

(A). Instant money exchange internationally. 
(B). With the satellites linked to the "Tele Guard" system which can spy on people and track vehicles anywhere; it broadens the game even more.. 
(C). The satellites also have the capability to find any vehicle or any DNA that has been filed into the basement computer of the CIA. 
(D). These satellites also have full weapon laser capability that can locate any vehicle according to the DMV records or any persons DNA pattern. They have the capability to lock on to whatever object that is targeted and vaporized it by laser, and can come within a dimes width of accuracy. 

When these lasers were in their stage of development they found that certain colors of the light spectrum did not work on certain land terrain's such as blue on icy areas and green on foliaged, so they developed a laser system with combined harmonic capability between frequencies and now have gone into frequencies beyond the known light spectrum range. I was told that black was the most powerful color that they have to date developed for the laser. 

Voice Recognition 
Many people have heard of the principal of "voice recognition" which has been in use for many years, predominantly in the Law Enforcement Area. 

Most people, however, are under the impression that the system in use utilizes the "unique" voice print created by the subject's vocal cords, given that it is they which generate the voice (vibrations) and therefore, even if the subject tries to change his (or her) voice in the fashion of a ventriloquist, the base vibrations of the detection of a particular individual is in the sound created by the passage of the oral vibrations through the unique shape of the persons oral cavity, and chief among the factors is the shape of the roof of the subject's mouth (the palate). This shape is unique to all and is as individual as the proverbial fingerprint, enabling the system to identify any individual (the second time around, obviously), by as little as the utterance of just one half of one syllable, for example, the "He" of "hello", or, more colloquially, just "Hi". 

The way to overcome this system of identification would be to alter the shape of the oral cavity. The statement about "Posh" people "taking with a mouth full of Plums" springs to mind. If the subject is talking while eating, the shape of the oral cavity will be constantly changing, and therefore a "fix" will be almost impossible. 

The "Radio Belt" 
Everybody has seen the "stooge" in the "Cop Movie" who is "Wired" and thence goes in to talk with the "Bad Guy", and subsequently lets his buddies record the conversation, and eventually (in all good tradition) the "Bad Guy" is caught, tried and convicted. Fabulous! But there are far more sophisticated radio transmitters available to the connoisseur of the undercover "bugging" art. 

What if he is on the beach and can only wear a pair of jean shorts? The use of bulky strap-on radio equipment would be impossible. Hang on, your friendly ingenious "Bugger" has an answer in the form of a belt. That's right, a belt. It is a normal belt in every way, but between the two layers of leather (inside and outside) of the bell are the printed circuits of the radio transmitter, along with a wafer thin batteries, the transducer (microphone) is extremely small, several hundred fitting in the palm of the average hand, and may be in the buckle, or simply incorporated in the same place as the printed circuits and, last but not least, the transmitting antenna (or aerial) of this miracle in miniature are the hairs of the wearers body. A particularly hirsute (hairy) individual will give a range of about twenty five miles, whereas the ninety five pound hairless weakling will only reach about twenty miles away. 

Infrared Analysis 
In addition to this above-mentioned task, the Strobe can (and does) perform another function (as a matter of fact it can be programmed to perform 16 to the 16th power in different functions). 

Every internal combustion engine in the United States, both domestically made, and imported (after 1970), and after it has been running for about ten (10) minutes, gives off heat in a particular and unique (fingerprint) pattern, and this pattern, or "heat bloom signature" can be read by the unit and transmitted back to the base in the "CIA basement". 

The engine identification number is the index to this heat bloom signature, and, if your vehicle is reported as stolen, the license number is given to the DMV and the serial number of the vehicle and the engine number is given back to the authority concerned. 

All that has to happen is for the vehicle in question to pass one of the Blue-Light Strobes or TeleGuard in place under the freeway bridge, and through the heat and the speed is logged, as well as the images of the front and back of the vehicle and the driver, and the appropriate law enforcement authorities can be dispatched to intercept the thief. 

Environmental Pollution Detection 
This is a strange one. If you call some of the "environmentally conscious" entities which offer such "environmentally friendly" products as solar water heaters or photo voltaic (solar electric) panels and storage systems, or well pumps or other such self-sufficiency home systems, be careful, your call may be traced and logged, because you called the Department of Defense, not a private solar (or whatever) dealer, and the guy you invite to your house may not be exactly what he seems. 

The Department of Defense (formerly the War Department) has a program in place which, on the surface, is to help the individual by being able to detect minute trace impurities in your water supply. Here's how it works. You call the number and the "solar man" comes out to your house to show you what magnificent systems have been made available (as a result of the development of the technology required for the "Space Shuttle") to you, Mr. (or Mrs.) John Q. Public. 

He has a small device which can be lowered into you well which can detect trace elements in your well water. Some of the things that it will also detect that they are looking for is gold, silver, oil, uranium and many other items; and this device can detect "things" all the way to the center of the earth. This device is hooked up to a solar photovoltaic unit which powers it, and also batteries to store electric for night time use. It is also hooked up (via satellite) to a master computer bank and, when installed and running, it will serve to help a current project that is funded by virtue of the educational program which will allow the scientists doing this research to determine the state of the ground water in your area, and in being a part of the "grid", it will form an integral part of a nation-wide "ground-water grid system". The grid System, you are informed, will therefore enable the scientists to monitor the travels and chemical composition of the groundwater and will help to form a "more complete picture of our environment". In addition to this, as a "benefit" of your allowing this sensor to be placed down your well, you will be able to write-off the cost of the whole system against your taxes, and. eventually, when the whole system is in place, you will be afforded cost free long distance telephone calling capabilities. 

Wow! Amazing! What's the catch? The catch is several and complex.

Part of the control circuits for this device is the above mentioned "TG2DE" remember, the "TeleGuard". second (2nd) series communication control circuitry, which is used in the surveillance equipment. 

This circuit allows the unit to be remotely programmed to detect up to 4096 different chemical elements or compounds, and it is able to relay the information back to the base computer, thanks to the power unit which has a built-in antenna, and is satellite-linked to the base computer. 

Another part of this little unit is the spectrographic analysis unit, again built-in. This unit is able to detect, not only a thumb and index finger rubbing together from up to two hundred feet away, but, if the "finger rubber" ever had a blood test, then the DNA information on file from that test will pinpoint who is rubbing the thumb and forefinger together. 

What Is The Distribution 
Of The TeleGuard? 
Because of the vastness of the organization behind this movement, the TeleGuard system has not only been strategically placed all over the United States in all these varied places but they have also been working very hard to place the Tele Guard system in 84 foreign countries in the same manner as in the United States. It is conceivable that at this point in time that a virtual net of the Tele Guard system covers the globe. 

The Makeup of the Tele Guard 
As stated before the Tele Guard has functions of 16 to the 16th power, they are satellite-linked and can be reprogrammed through the base computer from one function to another. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the monitor to be sure is that part of its make up is "cobalt". Upon finding this information out, my next question was; is it also equipped to be detonated? The only answer I ever got to the question was, "maybe". If this is so, just imagine the problems that would arise if you only detonated the ones on bridges, overpasses, and fuel tanks to say nothing of the ones that are in the wells in rural America. They could do great damage to our water supply overnight. 

Microchip Implants 
The people in control of everything that is happening in your world now have identification microchips. They are inserted into the human body with a hypodermic needle, as small as the hypodermic needles used for insulin injection (which are 29 gauge) and for those of you that are not familiar with medical terminology, that is so tiny that you could be injected with the needle and never feel it. You have to understand that the technology is so sophisticated that they have managed to create a complete full capability computer and power generator down to the size of a single human "cell" and inject them into the human body in places like the top side of the hand, forehead, shoulder, and their favorite place is behind the right ear, these have a lower range of megahertz and they are close to the surface of the skin because the constant change of temperature in these body areas is what causes the power generator of the unit to work and supply power to the computer which is based on the "Tele Guard System". I believe these chips are part of the Mark of the Beast that is talked about in Rev. 13:15-17. In the King James version the word for "Mark" in Greek is charagma which means cut. or scratched into the skin with a pointed object. 

Among these micro-chips is one that is for the transcending of data which includes such items as follow: 
1. Name and Picture 
2. Social Security number 
3. Fingerprint Data 
4. Physical Description 
5. Address 
6. Family History 
7. Occupation and Income 
8. Tax Information 
9. Criminal record 

They now have a unit which will translate a language, any language into 161 other languages and dialects which by satellite can be broadcast around the world. Read Rev. 13:5 and Daniel 7:25 

There are well proven laser listening devices for surveillance minded departments such as: CIA. FBI and even the IRS. These units can by using the window on your home or car as a diaphragm listen to every conversation as much as 20 miles away. 

They now have satellites, and the sophistication is much greater now with the ability to look at underground faults and even check the movement of worms under your lawn. By the way, with use of cellular towers and the satellite, anyone or any animal that is implanted with the micro-chips can be triangulated to within 10 feet 430 or where it is. The statement is that they can keep track of 1 billion chips at a time with the 23 surveillance satellites that are accurate in tracking down to 1 centimeter in 1 kilometer. This was in October 29, 1991 issue of Forbes Magazine, and this is only part of the story. 

The President now has the power, under secret arrangements already established, to seize total dictatorial control. Can he hold such power and not use it? If he has no intention of asserting this secret power, why did the White House go to the trouble of setting it up? 

Unknown to virtually all Americans except for the tiny handful who make up his administration's inner circle. Jimmy Carter promulgated a secret program to suspend the Constitution and to clamp executive dictatorship on the nation whenever, in his judgment, conditions warrant the declaration of "national emergency." 

A young policy analyst who helped draft the original directives have described the new program as a White House stratagem to replace the American Constitutional structure with a so-called "command system" in which you will be subject to total bureaucratic control. 

The years since the inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 have been a history of relentless bureaucratic encroachment on the rights of American citizens, the sources acknowledge. Yet these people, who are familiar with Carter's design, described the new plan as "the most dangerous internal attack on our system since independence." It is a "quiet coup d'etat that will end up making the Soviet Union look mild and permissive by comparison," they said. 

A major White House directive, known as Presidential Review Memorandum 32 (PRM 32), inaugurated the new order last year as a "national administrative reorganization project" allegedly designed to help the country deal more effectively with disasters and mass emergencies. 

In a sharp break with tradition, PRM 32 has been hidden from the public under a high level of security classification. It has never been published in full, even in the "Federal Register." 

Since the Roosevelt era, "executive orders" (EOs) presidential decrees which acquire the force of law have been utilized by the mushrooming bureaucracy to extend its control. 

The most pervasive and therefore potentially the most damaging executive order prior to 1977 was promulgated by President Richard M. Nixon on October 28, 1969. Known as EO 11490, the so-called "omnibus" emergency preparedness decree, it incorporated 23 earlier EOs into a so-called "umbrella ukase" granting the national bureaucracy wide powers, in civil or military "crisis conditions," to literally seize the entire country and every man, woman and child in it. 

The following Executive Orders are some of the consolidated orders into EO 11490: 

Executive Order 10995 provides for the takeover of the communications media. 

Executive Order 10997 provides for the takeover of all electric, power, petroleum, gas, fuels and minerals this includes well water. 

Executive Order 10988 provides for the takeover of food resources and farms. 

Executive Order 10999 provides for the takeover of all modes of transportation, control of highways, seaports, etc. 

Executive Order 11000 provides for mobilization of all civilians into work brigades under the Government supervision. 

Executive Order 11001 Provides for Governmental takeover of all health, education and welfare functions. 

Executive Order 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons. 

Executive Order 11003 provides for the Government to lake over airports and aircraft. 

Executive Order 11004 provides for the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations. 

Executive Order 11005 provides for the Government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.  

As the Liberty Lobby noted first in a 1965 pamphlet now seen as a classic prophecy: "More frightening than all its contents is the omission of a definition of the phrase 'national emergency.' The decision as to what constitutes a 'national emergency' is left to the capricious whim of just one man: the president, whoever he might be." 

This feature has always been the most menacing aspect of government by bureaucratic order disguised as "emergency management." But past administrations have found it politically hazardous to invoke crisis conditions without being confronted by some sort of threat of disaster genuine or staged which alarmed large numbers of citizens. 

"Any president can be sure of wielding political control only over his own appointees." Since in the past the execution of EOs was the responsibility of long established departments and agencies the Department of Justice, for Instance, or the Federal Bank Supervisory Agencies there were some built in limitations on just how far this presidential power grab could reach." 

With the advent of the Carter era, all this began to change. The National Security Council in the executive branch was handed over to trusted academic henchmen of the Rockefeller dynasty, to "pragmatic professors" such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and Professor Samuel Huntington, who view the U.S. as a "technetronic society" in which the Constitution and its safeguards are no longer "relevant." 

Huntington, known as the author of a major Trilateral position paper arguing that jet-age America needed a "centralized," bureaucratic government, was put in charge of drawing up the framework for it. Appointed to the senior staff of the National Security Council soon after Carter's election, Huntington came up with a study suggesting that the most effective road to a fully bureaucratized and "systems-managed" U.S. lay through a "total" approach to federal emergency management. 

Critics have dubbed him Samuel "Mad Dog" Huntington for his zeal in promoting bureaucratic totalitarianism. But the Trilateral professor is man of dangerous brilliance. He saw that crisis management could be used to replace the Constitutional system if two main "flaws" were removed its dependence: on the traditional civil service for enforcement: and on some sort of visible, alarming disaster or dislocation for justification. 

Secret Crisis Invented 
Threats or catastrophes justifying the imposition of a state of national emergency by the president could be staged or arranged: the origins of World War II were a historic reminder of that. But staging a upheaval which would appear credible to most citizens takes money, energy and time. Why not devise a "classified emergency" a secret crisis, as it were, which existed solely on the say-so of the president? 

Huntington knew that he had the makings of just such an invisible emergency in the space age menace of nuclear terrorism. On November 4, 1975, the chairman of the board of giant Union Oil Co., Fred Hartley, received and anonymous letter in his Los Angeles office threatening the detonation of a nuclear device unless Union Oil paid $1 million in ransom-small bills in two suitcases. 

FBI experts flown in from Washington judged the letter to be a "credible" threat that is, written by someone who may have actually assembled a "kitchen table" nuclear device. Six days later agents arrested Frank James, a 63 year old car salesman, and nothing like a bomb or its makings was found. 

James was charged only with a "threat to destroy property," not with the far more serious crime of blackmail. Although James was convicted in October. 1976 and sent to prison for about six months, the evidence in the case remained murky. James maintains to this day that he was innocent and the victim of a "federal set-up." 

Huntington concluded, was the ideal situation; a "national emergency" which could be triggered by a single nuclear blackmail note-a letter which could originate with a genuine terrorist or on a White House typewriter with equal facility enabling the president to assume command of the country.

To maximize the impact of such and event, as the official jargon has it, Huntington proposed the formation of a separate bureaucracy to deal with various aspects of the crisis. From these suggestions there emerged, in the spring of 1979, a new staff organization called Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. 

As befits a brand new bureaucracy destined to manage the nation's affairs. FEMA capitalized on the already existing 10 Regional Government Councils which were established during the administrations of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon and set up a district office in each of them. In Washington, its authority grew as on presidential orders it assumed control of a chain of older agencies: the Federal Disaster Assistance Administration, the Federal Insurance Administration, the National Weather Service, the Federal Emergency Broadcast System and a dozen others. 

In the Justice Department, for instance, the senior FEMA officer will take charge and direct the imposition of "those restraints that the exigencies of a dire peacetime nuclear emergency might necessitate with respect to the free exercise of Constitutional and other basic rights and liberties." 

The FEMA agents directing the machinery of the Department of Justice will also assist the FEMA officers who have taken charge of the Department of Health and Human Services in setting up "mental health centers' where citizens considered deranged or overly upset may be confined at the pleasure of the president by administrative order. 

FEMA controllers working with the Department of Agriculture staff will issue commands concerning the decontamination, safekeeping and distribution of food supplies. In the treasury, they will impose a moratorium on banks and administer the printing of money during the "emergency." 

What is foreseen is a system of government most closely resembling a state of martial law, but that is nothing new; what they are not telling you and the reason the government can write secret laws to enslave you and then not tell you that they are on the books, is because the martial law from the Civil War time when it was put into place then has never been rescinded. Our civil liberties have simply been swept away one by one. They have been boiling the frog (you) slowly for a very long time and they are just about ready to put the lid on the pot. The executive bureaucracy will have absolute power, and the duration of their rule will be determined wholly by the president's personal view of the "emergency".

American people the time to wake up is today; you have been screwed by your government and the men that you vote to put in power to do the right things for you and your country and as long as they can keep you pacified and ignorant they will put the people of America into a "technotronic" dictatorship, and take all of you rights and liberties away from you and put you into total slavery if you don't wake up and take the power back that you have for too long given away to people that don't care for your well being, but only theirs. 

Carter ordered into being an entire apparatus unprecedented in American history designed to seize and exercise all political, economic and military power in the United Slates, establishing the president as total dictator. 

He did this with and executive order. 

History of Executive Orders 
Under the Constitution of the United States, the president is vested with the executive power of the government (Article II, Section 1, Clause 1), the power to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" (Article II, Section 1, Clause 7), and the power to see that the laws are faithfully executed (Article II Section 3). From these powers is implied the authority to issue "executive orders." 

An "executive order" has never been defined by Congress .

The validity of executive orders has been questioned many times, but a ruling as to the extent or limit to which they may be used has never been determined by the courts or by Congress (Library of CONGRESS, Legislative Research Service #398/117-9). 

The "Federal Register" contains the text of directives issued under the authority of the president. No congressional authorization is required. There is no review by the judiciary. All executive orders (E.O's) are laws made by one man-the president of the United States. 

Through existing E.O's, it is possible for one man to ignore the Constitution, Congress and the will of the people. A complete dictatorship can be imposed, under the veil of law, on the American people. 

During the Nixon presidency, an attempt was made to incorporate all of the "national emergency" powers of the presidency into an omnibus order which would cover most or ail of the situations requiring the use of the power. This became known as Executive Order 11490. 

Under the terms of EO 11490, the president of the United States could order that a national emergency exists. In this list please, notice how many of these relate directly to the vast connections it has back to the December 15, 1865 covenant that was put into place with the formation of the United States Military Railroad for transportation and communication and public services, to be put into operations for the president and military to be seized in the time of national emergency or war, and was to remain in operation forever for the president. Folks, this has been on the planning board for a very long time. 

*Taking over all communications media; 
*Seize all sources of power (electric, nuclear, petroleum etc.); 
*Control all food resources; 
*Seize all forms of transportation: 
*control all highways and seaports; 
*Seize railroads, inland waterways and storage facilities; 
*Commandeer all civilians to work under federal supervision; 
*Control all activities relating to health, education and welfare; 
* Register every man. woman and child in the U.S. 
*Shift any segment of the population from one location to another; 
*Control all devices capable of emitting electromagnetic radiation; 
*Take over farms, ranches, or timberland properties so as to protect, manage, and utilize them effectively; 
*Freeze all wages and prices; 
*Demand emergency welfare services, (food, clothing, and lodging) in private homes, for those in need; 
*Regulate the amount of your own money you can withdraw from your bank or savings and loan institution; 
*Close the stock exchanges and freeze stock and bond prices; and 
*Institute EXTRAORDINARY MEASURES with respect to any facility, system, or service essential to national survival. 

All of these items listed, plus many others clearly enumerated on 32 pages incorporating nearly 200,000 words, pertain to every previous executive order ever issued unless specifically revoked. 

When Carter took office, EO 11490 was incorporated into a new plan ordered into existence by Presidential Review Memorandum 32. This gave the mantle of law to another executive order #12148, titled Federal Emergency Management. 

All prior EOs having anything to do with emergency planning have been incorporated into it. The order gives the president absolute power during any "emergency" so declared by him, to be kept by him until specifically revoked by action of the legislature. 

Go to your local law library and look up in its entirety the Federal Emergency Management under Executive Orders 12148 dated July 20,1979. 

The Kennedy assassination was a shock and amazement to everyone. I remember the shock that I felt on that day in 1963. I couldn't make any sense out of the event when openly Kennedy appeared to be a great president. I have always been curious about the cause of his death and it wasn't until in the last five years that I started putting the pieces together. Out of the research it was found that Kennedy did double cross the Mafia and declared war on them because he knew who they were and that they were seizing world control with corruption. He also knew who the C.I.A. is and was less than disenchanted with their activities. He also found out about the government's secret deals, at the public's risk, with beings from other worlds that only want to control, and enslave the people of this earth. 

These aliens we will refer to as the Tyrants and are described in another chapter. Kennedy wanted the public informed of their presence here on earth, and he gave the C.I.A. one year to make their presence public or promised them that he would, he wanted the people to be braced for the coming shock. (He also well understood who and what the Federal Reserve was and how it was never going to let the country get out of debt because of the interest charges on their printed money that the united states uses as currency). 

Kennedy, in an effort to help this country put his plans into action to give us back our knowledge and sovereignty. As he saw it. the Federal Reserve and the C.I.A. both needed to be abolished and was introducing bills into congress to achieve this. At the same time just before he was murdered he had gone over the heads of the Federal Reserve and had billions of dollars in the form of, "United States Treasury Notes" printed and put into circulation and the Fed went crazy, you can still find some of these note today they had red seals on them instead of the normal green. 

Since he thoroughly pissed everyone in world control off, the C.I.A.. Mafia and the Fed, which are all at this time interlocked working together, put a contract out on him. Remember who and what the railroads are.[I am sorry,but any investigation into the events in Dallas in 1963 without mentioning the Israeli connection,which in truth was major is a flawed look at his murder DC] 

Some of the following information comes from a general outline of the gemstone file on J. F. Kennedy, family and associates. The gemstone file was written in many segments over a period of years by an American man named Bruce Roberts. Parts of the file were released to certain Americans beginning in 1969. 

In 1932 Onassis, a Greek drug pusher and ship owner who made his first million selling "Turkish tobacco" (Opium) in Argentina, worked out a profitable deal with Joseph Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, and Meyer Lansky. 

Onassis was to ship booze directly into Boston for Joseph Kennedy. Also involved was a heroin deal with Franklin and Elliott Roosevelt. 

In 1934 Onassis and Rockefeller the head of Standard Oil (Exxon) which controls and is the parent to all major oil companies in the world, signed an agreement, outlining an oil cartel memo: 

The plan was to beat the Arabs out of their oil, ship it on Onassis's ships. And now we know this has all happened in the last few decades. In 1936-1940 starting with Eugene Meyer and the take over of the Washington Post, the Mafia started taking control of every form of news media that they could get their hands on, be it news papers, radio broadcasting, T.V., motion pictures and etc., etc.. News censorship of all major news goes into effect and is still going on today in the 1990s'.[news controlled by the mafia? come on dude,yeah the Jewish mob DC] 

In 1941-1945 World War II; was very profitable for Onassis, Rockefeller, Kennedys, Roosevelts, I.G. Farben, etc. Onassis selling oil. arms and dope to both sides went through the war without losing a single ship or man. 

In 1949 Onassis buys the U.S. surplus "Liberty Ships" in questionable (illegal) purchase with the help of Burke Marshall a lawver. 

In 1956 a "trustee only" for T.W.A. Airlines one of the branches of transportation that is owned by the railroads. Hughes had stolen equipment from the owners of the airline and gone into a side business for himself. The equipment that he stole was an "auto-pilot". Hughes being a part of the not so honorable trustees took his ill gotten gains and he starts buying senators, governors, etc. 

He finally buys his last politician; newly elected vice president Nixon, via a quarter-million dollar non-repayable loan to Nixon's brother Donald. It appears that Nixon repays the favor by having IRS treasury grants tax-free status (refused twice before) to "Hughes Medical Foundation", creating a tax-free, non-accountable money funnel or laundry, for whatever Hughes wanted to do. The U. S. government also shelved antitrust suits against Hughes. 

In March of 1957. Onassis carried out a carefully planned event. He has Hughes kidnapped from his bungalow at the Beverly Hills Hotel, using Hughes' own men (Chester Davis, born Cesare in Sisily. et al). Hughes' men either quit, get fired, or stay on in the new Onassis organization. A few days later. Mayor Cannon of Nevada (now senator Cannon) arranges a fake "marriage" to Jean Peters. No explanation was given for Hughes battered and brain damaged in the scuffle, of his being taken to the Emerald Isle Hotel in the Bahamas, where the entire top floor has been rented for thirty days and later he was dragged off to a cell on Onassis's island, Skorpios. Onassis now has a much larger power base in the U. S. (the Hughes empire), as well as control over V. P. Nixon and other Hughes purchased politicians. L. Wayne Rector "Hughes" double since 1955. becomes "Hughes". 

In September, Onassis calls the Appalachian meeting to announce to U. S. Mafia head his grab of Hughes and his adoption of Hughes game plan for acquiring power, buying U. S. senators, congressmen, governors, judges to take control legally of the U. S. government. Onassis's radio message to Appalachia from a remote Pennsylvania farmhouse intercepted by FBI's J. Edgar Hoover, on the basis of a tip-off from some Army Intelligence guys who weren't in on the plan.[Nope,the tip on the meeting came from Meyer Lansky DC] 

Later that year Joseph Kennedy takes John F. and Jackie to see Onassis on his yacht, introduced John and reminds Onassis of an old Mafia promise, the presidency for a Kennedy. Onassis agrees. 

In 1958, Hordes of Mafia-selected, purchased and supported "grass roots" candidates sweep into office. 

In 1959, Castro takes over Cuba from dictator Battista, thereby destroying cozy and lucrative Mafia gambling empire run for Onassis by Meyer Lansky. Castro scoops up $6 million in Mafia casino receipts. Onassis is furious, V.P. Nixon becomes operations chief for CIA-planned Bay of Pigs invasion, using CIA Hunt, McCord, etc., and Cuban ex-Battista strong-arm cops (Cuban freedom-fighters) Martinez, Consalez, etc., as well as winners like Frank Sturgis (Fiorini). 

The stirring election battle between Kennedy and Nixon. Either way Onassis wins, since he has control over both candidates. 

John F. Kennedy wins the election as President. 

Roberts brings his synthetic rubies, the original gemstones to Hughes Aircraft in Los Angeles. They steal his rubies, the basis for Laser beam research, laser bombs, etc. because of the optical quality of the rubies. One of the eleven possible sources for one of the ingredients involved in the Gemstone experiment was the Golden Triangle area. 

Roberts was married to the daughter of the former French consul in Indochina. In that area. Onassis's involvements in the Golden Triangle dope trade was no secret. Roberts investigation revealed the Onassis Hughes connection, kidnap and switch. "Gemstones"-synthetic rubies and sapphires with accomplished "histories",gemstone papers were sold or given away to consular offices in return for information. 

A world-wide information network was gradually developed a trade of the intelligence activities of many countries. This intelligence network is the source for much of the information in the Gemstone File. 

In January of 1961, Joseph Kennedy has a stroke, ending his control over John and Bobby. The boys decide to rebel against Onassis's control. Why? Inter-Mafia struggle? Perhaps a dim hope of restoring this country to it's mythical integrity? They began committing Mafia no-no's. Arrested Wally Bird controller of Air Thailand, who had been shipping Onassis's heroin out of the Golden Triangle (Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam), under contract with the CIA (Air Opium), and arrested teamster Mafia Jimmy Hoffa. and put him in jail. In declared the $73 million in forged "Hughes" land liens, deposited with San Francisco Bank of America, as "security" for the TWA judgement against Hughes, to be what they are; Forgeries. 

In April of 1961 the CIA Bay of Pigs fiasco happened. Hunt, McCord, CIA Battista's Cubans and Mafia angry about JFK's lack of enthusiasm. 

Mafia Onassis has his right hand man "Hughes' top aid" former FBI and CIA Robert Maheu (nicknamed "IBM" for Iron Bob Maheu). hire and train a Mafia assassination team to get Castro. 

The team of a dozen or so includes John Roselli and Jimmy (The Weasel) Fratianno. expert Mafia hitmen, assisted by CIA Hunt and McCord and others. 

This was reported recently by Jack Anderson, who gets a lot of his "tips from his Friend, Frank Sturgis, also on the Castro assassination team. 

The team tries five times to kill Castro with everything from long range rifles to apple pie with sodium morphate in it. Castro survives. 

In 1963 members of the Castro assassination team arrested at Lake Pontchartrain, La. by Bobby Kennedy's justice boys. 

Angered, Onassis stops trying to kill Castro. He changes target and goes for the head. JFK, who, according to Onassis, "welshed" on a Mafia deal. 

JFK sets up "Group of 40" to fight Onassis. 

Later that year it was decided that two murders had to occur before the murder of JFK, or people who would understand the situation might squawk. 

Senator Estes Kefauver, whose crimes commission investigations had uncovered the 1932 deal between Onassis, Kennedy, Eugene Meyer, Lansky, Roosevelt, et al. 

Kefauver planned a speech on the senate floor denouncing Maria operations; instead, he ate a piece of apple pie laced with sodium morphate (used in rat poison), and had a sodium-morphate-induced "heart attack" on the Senate floor. 

Phillip Graham, editor of the Washington Post. Phillip had married Katherine Meyer, Eugene Meyer's daughter, who had inherited the Washington Post and allied media empire. Graham put together the Kennedy-Johnson ticket and was Kennedy's friend in the struggle with Onassis. 

According to Gemstone. Katherine Meyer Graham bribed some psychiatrists to certify that Phil was insane. He was allowed out of the nuthouse for the weekend and died of a shotgun wound in the head in the Graham home in Washington, death ruled "suicide". 

On November 1, 1963, the hit on JFK was supposed to take place in true Mafia style, a triple execution, together with Diem and Nhu in Vietnam. 

Diem and Nhu got theirs, as scheduled. Onassis had invited Jackie for a cruise on the Christina, where she was when JFK got tipped off that Big "O" planned to wipe him out. 

JFK called Jackie on the yacht, from the White House, hysterical. "Get off that yacht if you have to swim" and cancelled his appearance at a football stadium in Chicago, where this CIA-Mafia assassination team was posed for the kill. 

Jackie stayed on board, descended the gangplank a few days later on Onassis's arm, in Turkey, to impress the Bey, Mustapha. 

Madame Nhu, in the U.S. bitterly remarked whatever has happened in Vietnam. 

One of the assassination teams was picked up in Chicago with a rifle and quickly released by the police. 

Three weeks later the Mafia's alternate and carefully arranged execution plan went into effect. JFK was assassinated in Dallas. 

A witness who recognized pictures of some of the people arrested in Dealey Plaza as having been in Chicago three weeks earlier told Black Panthers Hampton and Clark. 

The JFK murder, Onassis-Hughes' man Robert Maheu reassigned the Mafia-CIA Castro assassination team to the murder of JFK, adding Eugene Bradin a third Mafia hitman from the Denver Mafia Amaldones "family". 

Two months earlier Bradin on parole after a series of crimes applied for a new driver's license explaining to the California DMV that he had decided to change his name to Jim Brading. Brading got his California parole the first time to look things over and the second time when JFK was scheduled for his Dallas trip. 

Lee Harvey Oswald CIA with carefully planned links to both the ultra-right and to the Communists was designate as the patsy. He was supposed to shoot Governor Connally and he may have. 

There is said to have been four shooters, Oswald, Brading, Fratianno and Roselli had a timer and a back up man. Back up men were supposed to pick up the spent shells and get rid of the guns. Timers would give the signal to shoot. Hunt and McCord were there to help. Fratianno is thought to have shot from a second story window in the Dal-Tex building across the street from the Texas School Book Depository. He apparently used a handgun. Fratianno and his back-up man were "arrested", driven away from the Dal-Tex building in a police car and released (without being booked). 

The Dallas police office is in the Dal-Tex Building. Roselli was to shoot Kennedy from behind a fence in the grassy knoll area. Roselli and his timer went down a manhole behind the fence and followed the sewer line away from Dealey Plaza. Another of the shooters in the triangulated ambush was supplied by Eugene Brading shooting from Kennedy's left from a small pagoda at Dealey Plaza across the street from the grassy knoll. 

They had all missed, none of them  had inflicted a fatal wound. In a last ditch effort to kill the president, the CIA agent William Greer, who was the driver of the president's car slowed down, turned around to check the president and the fatal shot came from the railroad yard fence. The one thing that happened on that November 22, 1963, was that two people who did not know one another were operating 8mm motion picture cameras with color movie film as the Presidential motorcade moved through Dealey Plaza near downtown Dallas, both of the amateur camera operators gave their film to men identifying themselves as FBI agents. 

Abraham Zapruder was the name of one of those operators the other cameraman's name is not known because he was murdered the day after giving his film to an FBI agent. 

Abraham Zapruder was not murdered because he went directly to the television studios of ABC Network affiliate WFAA-TV Channel 8 and stated on a live broadcast that he had just filmed the assassination with a 8 mm and that he turned the film over to a man identifying himself as a FBI agent. 

Had Abraham not made his statement on the television broadcast the day of the shooting, he would have been killed within 24 hours after leaving Dealy Plaza and the world would have never seen the crucial evidence that indicates William Greer killing John Kennedy. 

Over the past 25 years, the major television networks and Time/Life publications have only aired or published a close up version of the Zapruder film that shows Kennedy being shot and Jackie Kennedy's reaction. The entire movie film not shown on major television networks or printed in national magazines also includes the Connellys, the driver of the Presidential limousine and a passenger next to the driver. 

When one views the Zaputer movie film at normal speed, nothing abnormal is noticed. If movie film is shot at normal speed, slow motion analysis is almost impossible to achieve on any kind of movie projector without damaging or burning the film. 

Also the flow of movement and motion is lost if one examines each frame with a eyepiece or microscope. Because the Zapruder film at normal speed did not show anything abnormal, the government released copies of the film shot by Abraham to a limited number of confidential people who eventually made additional copies that were distributed throughout a underground network. 

Recent technology that did not exist in the 1960s allows motion picture film to be examined in a slow motion manner without damaging the film. By running a motion picture on what is called a film chain, the moving celluloid images can be transferred to video tape. The video tape can be advanced at very slow speeds without damaging the video tape and of course the original film. 

Numerous persons have transferred the underground Zapruder film to video tape for slow motion analysis during the past five years. Slow motion analysis indicates the following sequence of events. 

The President grabs his neck as if he had been shot in the front of the neck. The passenger sitting next to the driver has his head turned to the left and obviously sees the President has been shot and moves to his right as if he is trying to move out of the way of the driver. The driver turns to his right to check the President. 

Less than a fraction of a second after driver William Greer checks the President, the back of Kennedy's head explodes from a shot fired from the railroad fence that caused his head to go back and to the left. That day there were also three men dressed as tramps picked up the spent shells from Dealey Plaza. One was Howard Hunt. Then they drifted over to an empty boxcar sitting on the railway spur behind the grassy knoll area, and waited. 

A Dallas police officer ordered two Dallas cops to "go over to the boxcar and pick up the tramps". The three "tramps" paraded around Dealey Plaza to the Police Department in the Dal-Tex Building. They were held there until the alarm went out to pick up Oswald; then they were released, without being booked. 

In all, three men were arrested immediately after the shooting; all were released soon after; none were booked, not a word about their existence is mentioned in the Warren Report. 

Regarding Lee Harvey Oswald, officer Tippett was dispatched in his police radio car to the Oak Cliff section,where Oswald had rented a room. Tippett may have met Oswald on the street. He may have been suppose to kill Oswald, but something went wrong. Tippett was shot by two men using revolvers. 

The "witness", Domingo Benavides. who used Tippett's police car radio to report "we've had a shooting here", may have been one of the men who shot him. A "Domingo Benavides" appears in connection with the Martin Luther King shooting also. 

Oswald went to the movies. A "shoe store manager" told the theater cashier that a suspicious looking man had sneaked in without paying. Fifteen assorted cops and FBI charged out to the movie theater to look for the guy  who had sneaked in. Oswald had a pistol that wouldn't fire. 

It may have been anticipated that the police would shoot the "cop-killer" for resisting arrest". But since that didn't happen, the Dallas police brought Oswald out for small-time Mafia Jack Ruby to kill two days later. 

Brading stayed at the Teamster-Mafia-Hoffa-financed "Cuban Hotel" in Dallas. Ruby had gone to the Cabana the night before the murder, says the Warren Report. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Some group was so confident of their control over police, media. FBI, CIA, Secret Service and the U.S. Judicial System that J.F.K. was murdered before the eyes of the entire nation, then systematically bought off. killed off, or frightened off all witnesses and had the evidence destroyed, then put a 75 year seal of secrecy over the entire matter. 

Cover up participants included among many, Gerald Ford on the Warren Commission, CIA attorney Leon Jaworski, of the CIA front Anderson Foundation, representing Texas before the Commission to see that the fair name of Texas was not besmirched by the investigation, CIA Dallas Chief John McCone, his assistant, Richard Helms, and a passel of police, FBI, news media, etc. 

Johnny Roselli received part of his pay off for the shoot on JFK in the form of a $250,000 "finder's fee" for bring "Hughes (Onassis) to Las Vegas in 1967. 

Jimmy Fratianno pay-off included $109,000 in "non-repayable loans", from the S.F. National Bank (President: Joe Alioto). Credit authorization for the series of loans from 1961 to 1965, came from Joe Alioto and a high Teamster official. Dun and Bradstreet noted this transaction in amazement, listing how Fratianno could explain so much "credit" as his only known title (listed in D&B) was "Mafia-Executioner". 

Fratianno went around for years bragging about it. "Hi there, I'm Jimmy Fratianno, Mafia Executioner...." A bank vice president told the whole story to the California Crime Commission, where Al Harris, who later shot off his mouth a little too much had a "Heart attack". 

When last seen March, 1975, Fratianno was testifying before a San Francisco Grand Jury in regard to his participation, with East Coast Mafia Tony Romane, in the Sunol Golf Course swindle (which cost San Francisco somewhere between $100,000 in "non repayable loans" to start a trucking company in the Imperial Valley, where he engaged in a lot more swindling involving U.S. Government member explained, "The Mafia is doing business directly with the U.S. Government now". 

Brading was questioned by the FBI two months after his arrest and released in Dallas as part of the Warren Commission's determination to "leave no stone unturned" in its quest for the truth about the JFK assassination. 

In spite of the fact that Brading was a known criminal with an arrest record dating back about twenty years, the FBI reported that Brading knew nothing whatsoever about the assassination. Brading became a charter member of the La Costa Country Club, Mafia heaven down near San Clemente. He also became a runner for the skim money from the Onassis "Hughes" Las Vegas casinos to Onassis' Swiss Banks. [I do not buy this Onassis L.V. connection,the Vegas money was Jewish Mafia.DC]

Gerald Ford, of the Warren Commission went on to become President by appointment of Nixon, then in danger of even further and more serious exposure from which position of trust Ford pardoned Nixon one month later, for "any and all crimes he may have committed." That covers quite a lot but Ford is good at covering things up. 

McCone, the head of CIA-Dallas, went on to become a member of the ITT Board of Directors sitting right next to Francis L. Dale, the head of Creep. 

Richard Helms, McCone's assistant at Dallas, ultimately has be rewarded with the post of CIA Director. 

Leon Jaworski, CIA attorney, became the Watergate Prosecutor, replacing Cox, who was getting too warm. Jaworski turned in a startling performance in our "government-as-theatre" the honest, conscientious investigator who "uncovered" not a bit more than he had to and managed to steer everybody away from he underlying truth. 

Dr. "RED" Duke, the man who dug two bullets out of Connelly and saved his life was shipped off to a hospital in Afghanistan by a grateful CIA. 

Jim Garrison, New Orleans D.A. who tried to get Eugene Brading out of L.A. (but used one of Brading's other aliases. Eugene Bradley, by mistake), had his witnesses shot out from under him, and was framed on charges of bribery and extortion. FBI officers "confiscated" photos of Brading taken on the scene, etc. 

After JFK's death, the Mafia or whoever has the control of this country has quickly established control over Lyndon Johnson through fear. On the trip back to Washington, Johnson was warned by radio relayed from an air force base; "There was no conspiracy, Oswald was a lone nut assassin. Get it Lyndon? Otherwise, Air Force One might have an unfortunate accident on flight back to Washington." 

Afterwards all important government posts were filled by Mafia associated people. All government agencies became means to accomplish and end, rifle the American Treasury, steal as much as possible, keep the people confused and disorganized and leaderless, persuade world domination. 

JFK's original "Group of 40" was turned over to Rockefeller and his man, Kissinger, so that they could more effectively take over South America. Onassis was one of the first to console Jackie when she got back from Dallas with JFK's body. 

Silva, a San Francisco private detective hired by Angelina Alioto to get the goods on Philandering Joe, followed Joe Alioto to Vacaville, to the Nut Tree Restaurant, where Joe held a private meeting with other Mafioso to arrange the details of the JFK assassination pay off to Fratianno. 

In 1967 Onassis has always enjoyed the fast piles of money to be made through gambling (in Monaco, in the 50's and in Cuba under Batista). Onassis took over Las Vegas in 1967, via the "Hughes" cover. U.S. Government officials explained that it was alright because "at least Hughes isn't the Mafia." 

Mafia Joe Alioto had Presidential ambitions, shored up by his participation in the Dallas pay-off. Everyone who helped kill JFK got a piece of the U.S. pie. But J. Edgar Hoover, FBI head, blew his cover by releasing some of the raw FBI files on Alioto at the Democratic National Convention. He was out of the running for V.P. and Humphrey had to settle for Muskie. Humphry planned to go to San Francisco for a final pre-election rally, sparked by Joe Alioto. 

Roberts threatened to blow the hit-run story plus its Mafia ramifications open if Humphrey came to San Francisco Humphrey didn't come and lost in the San Francisco election. In 1968 Jackie Kennedy was now "free" to marry Onassis. An old Mafia rule, if someone welches on a deal, kill him and take his gun and his girl; in this case, Jackie and the Pentagon. 

In July of 1969, Mary Jo Kopechne. devoted JFK girl, and later one of Bobby's trusted aides, was in charge of packing up his files after his assassination in L.A. She read too much, learned about the Kennedy Mafia involvement and other things. She said to friends. "This isn't Camelot, this is murder." She was an idealistic American Catholic. She didn't like murdering hypocrites. She died trying to get off Chappaquiddick Island, where she had overheard (along with everyone else in the cottage) Teddy Kennedy's end of the D.H. Lawrence cottage telephone calls from John Tunney and to Joe Alioto, and Democrat bigwigs Swig, Shorenstein, Schumann and Bechtel. 

Teddy's good friend John Tunney called to complain that Alioto's friend Cyril Magnin and others had tried to bribe Jess Unruh to switch from the Governor's race to run for the Senate for the seat John Tunney wanted so that Alioto would have an easier run for Governor. Teddy called Alioto, who told him to go to hell; then Teddy called the rest to arrange for yet another Mafia murder. 

Drunken Teddy offered to drive her to the ferry. Trying to get away from curious Sheriff looks, Teddy sped off toward the Bridge, busied Mary Jo's nose when she tried to grab his arm from the back seat, and bailed out of the car as it went off the bridge. Mary Jo with a busted nose, breathed in an air bubble in the car for more than two hours waiting for help, while Teddy, assuming she was dead, went to set up an alibi. Mary Jo finally suffocated in the air bubble, diluted with carbon dioxide. It took her 2 hours and 37 minutes to suffocate while Teddy called Jackie and Onassis on the Christina. 

Teddy also called Katherine Meyer Graham, Layers, etc. Jackie called the Pope on Teddy's behalf, who assigned Cardinal Cushing to help. 

The next morning, the first person Teddy tried to call after deciding he'd have to take the rap himself was a lawyer, Burke Marshall. Onassis's friend in the U.S. Liberty ships deal back in the forties and also the designated custodian for JFK's brains after Dallas (the brains have since disappeared). 

Cover-up of the Chappaquiddick murder required the help of Massachusetts Highway Patrol, which "confiscated" the plates from Teddy's car after it was fished out of the pond; the Massachusetts Legislature, which changed a 150 year old law requiring an autopsy (which would have revealed the suffocation and broken nose). Coroner Mills, who let Kennedy's aide K. Dun Grifford, supply him with a death certificate, already prepared from Mill's signature, listing cause of death as drowning. 

Cardinal Cushing's priest who appeared before the Kopechne's "direct from God" with personal instructions from Him that Mary Jo was not to be disturbed, a Pennsylvania mortuary where Mary Jo's broken nose was patched up, East and West phone companies, which clamped maximum security on the records of calls to and from the cottage. 

San Francisco police chief Cahill was reassigned to a new job. Security Chief for Pacific Telephone. The U.S. Senate, who never said a word about Teddy's (required equipment) plug-in phone; the judge who presided over the mock hearing, James Feston, editor of Martha's vineyard's only newspaper, who never heard a word about Teddy's phone at the cottage, though residents called in to tell the newspaper, the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. John Tunney's sister. 

Joan, heard her brother's end of the phone call, made from her house in Tiburon. to the Chappaquiddick cottage. The next day, after Mary Jo died, Joan ran away to Norway, where she was kidnapped by Mafia hoods Mari and Adamo. They locked her up in a Marseille heroin factory. Joan's husband complained so she chopped his head off with an ax, and was subsequently locked up in a nuthouse belonging to the Marquess of Blandford, then Tina Livanos Onassis' husband. 

Mari and Adano got pressed into scrap metal in a New Jersey auto junkyard. In the panic of trying to cover up Teddy's night at Chappaquiddick, many things came unglued. The JFK murder threatened to creep out of the woodwork again. Black Panthers Hampton and Clark were murdered (the Chicago cops fired over Attorney Charles Garry's because of what they knew about the JFK murder squad's presence at Chicago on November 1, 1963. 

September of 1969. "Gemstones". with histories, had been released around the glove for several years. In 1969, Roberts gave a Gemstone with history to Mack, head of California CREEP, for Nixon, with the proposition,the Presidency in return for wiping out the Mafia. 

The "history" included Teddy's phone calls to and from the Lawrence Cottage on Chappaquiddick billed to Teddy's home phone in Hyannisport. Nixon being Mafia himself, wasn't interested, but kept the information to use on Teddy whenever it seemed advantageous. 

Wayne Rector was hired around 1955 by Carl Byoir Public Relations Agency (Hughes L.A. P.R. Firm) to act as Hughes double. 

In 1957 when Onassis grabbed Hughes, Rector continued to act as his stand-in. Rector was the Hughes surrogate in Las Vegas. Robert Maheu actually ran the show, Maheu got his orders from Onassis, the six "nursemaids", called the "Mormon Mafia", kept Rector sealed off from prying eyes. 

In June 17. 1969, Bobby Kennedy knew who killed his brother, he wrote about it in his unpublished book. The Enemy Within. When he foolishly tried to run for President, the Mafia had to eliminate him also. 

Using a sophisticated new technique hypnotized Sirhan and directed him to shoot from the front "security guard" (from Lockheed Aircraft). Thane Cesar shooting from two or three inches away from Bobby's head from the rear. Sirhan's shots all missed. Evelle Younger, then the L.A. District Attorney, covered it all up including the squawks of the L.A. Coroner Thomas Noguchi. 

Younger was required with the post of California Attorney General later. His son, Eric Younger, got a second generation Mafia reward, a judge-ship at age 30. L.A. author and director. The Second Gun, a documentary film on the RFK murder, bought and suppressed by Warner Brothers for more details). 

After Bobby's death. Teddy knew who did it. He ran to Onassis afraid for his life and swore eternal obedience. In return, Onassis granted him his life and said he could be President, too, just like his big brother, if he would behave himself and follow orders. 

In September 16, 1968, hit and run accident on Robert's car parked in front of the Russian consulate on San Francisco who routinely takes pictures of everything that goes on in front of the consulate. 

Their photos showed the license plate of the hit and run car UKT-264, on a blue Cadillac belonging to Angela Alioto, Joe's daughter, being driven by Tom Alioto. Joe's son whose driving license had been revoked. His license and the cars license were both fraudulent. 

To cover up the hit and run circumstances. San Francisco MPF's from the Presidio quickly staged a few more hit and runs of the same corner all duly filmed by the Russians. Katheryn Hollister, the Alioto family nurse was "persuaded" to take the rap for the hit and run. Roberts threatened to spill the whole story in court with photos. Next evening Brading and Fratianno showed up in the Black Magic Bar, Brading wearing his x-marked hat from Dallas to see whether Roberts recognized it, how much he knew, etc. 

A SF. MP from the Presidio piped up from the end of the bar, "I heard they let everyone with an X-marked hatband through the police lines at Dallas". Cover up support from Alioto and the hit and run was completed. 

By the end of 1970, Howard Hughes presence on earth was no longer required. His handwriting could be duplicated by a computer. His biography all the known facts about his life had been compiled and computerized biography issued to top Hughes executives. 

His double, Rector, had been doing "Hughes" for years, and Hughes was ill. Clifford Irving, author of Hoax, about an art forger, became interested in "Hughes" was a hoax, too. 

He went to "Hughes" so called "Mormon Mafia", the six nursemaids for information. One of them, Merryman perhaps, tired of the game, gave Irving the computerized Hughes biography and from it Irving wrote his "autobiography". 

Hughes' death was expected shortly. Preparations were being made so that it would not interfere with the orderly continuation of his empire. Irving wrote his book and the publishers announced it. Onassis knew someone had given Irving the information. He thought it was Maheu and fired him in November, 1970. 

On Thanksgiving Eve, 1970, in the middle of the night "Hughes" Rector made a well-publicized" secret departure" from Las Vegas to the Bahamas. In December 1970, Onassis discovered his mistake and had Merryman killed. 

Robert Maheu accidentally deprived of his half-million dollars annual salary, sued "Hughes" for millions mentioning "Hughes" game plan for the purchase of Presidents, governors, Senators, judges, etc. Onassis paid off cheap at the price to maintain his custodianship of "American Democracy" and the "free world" and keep from hanging for multiple murders. 

The "Hughes" Mormon Mafia party, plus Rector, fled around the world from the Bahamas where they murdered an uncooperative Governor and Police Chief, to Nicaragua, where they shot the U.S. Ambassador between the eyes  for noticing that there wasn't really any Hughes; and then to Canada, where Mormon Mafia nursemaid Chersley looted a goodly sum in a swindle of the Canadian Stock Exchange; and on to London to Rothschild's Inn of the Park. 

In April 18, 1971; Howard Hughes, a human vegetable as the result of serious brain damage during his 1957 hustle, plus fourteen years of heroin, grew sicker and sicker. A final overdose of heroin did him in. His coffin was lowered into the sea from a rocky headland off the coast of Skorpios. Present at the funeral were; Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Teddy Kennedy. Francis L. Dale, Director of CREEP, and a South Vietnamese cardinal named Thue. Onassis allowed some pictures to be taken from a distance, he himself did not appear. 

The pictures were published in Midnight, a Canadian tabloid. Albanian frogmen, tipped off, were waiting under the water. They seized the coffin and took the corpse off to Yugoslavia, then to China, Russia and then perhaps to Boston in a foot locker. The corpse's dental work was compared to Hughes very own dental records and they matched. 

News of Hughes death, the U.S. take-over by Onassis and the facts surrounding the murders of JFK, RFK. Martin Luther King, Mary Jo Kopechne, and many more and the subsequent cover-ups (involving still more murders) had been circulating around the globe for several years. 

Any country with this information can blackmail the U.S. Mafia government, which has no choice but to pay up. The alternative is to be exposed as a bunch of treasonous murders. 

This is why China-hating, red-hating Nixon was forced to recognize China (which he now claims as his greatest accomplishment). And this is also why the USSR walks off with such good deals in U.S. Loans, grains and whatever else it wants. 

All they have to do is mention those magic words-Hughes. JFK, RFK, MLK, Mary Jo and the U.S. Mafia government crawls into a hole. Information leaked can't be unleaked. Starting at the top with Ford, Rockefeller and Kissinger. 

Super-patriots please note: no one, not all of the radicals and subversives hounded by the US domestic intelligence put together has done one fraction of the damage done to US economy, morality, power and prestige as by the thieves at the top. 

On the day that Hughes was buried. Clifford Irving's wife presented a publisher's check made out to "H. Hughes" to Onassis' Swiss Bank for payment. Onassis paid off cheaply at the price. Gemstone papers rolling around the world here and abroad kept the situation hot. Everyone was nervous. 

Rockefeller gave Kissinger $50,000 for Carlson and Brisson to write their 'expose'. The Alioto Mafia Web for Look magazine. 

Their mission; find out everything that was public record about Alioto's connection with the JFK murder. There was a pay-off to Fratianno, listed in D&B. They were to explain it any way that didn"t lead back to Dallas. The idea was to get Alioto to quietly go away but still keep the lid on everything. 

In May of 1971, "Folk Hero" Daniel Ellsberg, a well-known hawk from the Rand Corporation, who had designed the missile ring around the "Iron Curtain" countries (how many missiles to aim at which cities) was told to release the faked-up "Pentagon Papers" to help distract people from Hughes, JFK, RFK, MLK etc. 

The papers were carefully designed by Ellsberg and his boss. Rand Chief and new World Bank Chief Bob (Body Count) NcNamara. to make the Vietnamese War look like "Just one of those incredibly dumb mistakes". 

This helped to cover up the real purpose of the war, continued control by the Mafia and the CIA of the Golden Triangle dope trade; Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; and for the Mafia and the CIA and the oil people of Eastern oil sources, to say nothing of control over huge Federal sums, which could be siphoned off in profitable arms contracts, or conveniently "disappear" in the war effort. 

McNamara's "World Bank" handing-out of American money to dictators in the Onassis- controlled Swiss bank. The money could be used as needed to support and extend Mafia operations. 

Example: $8 billion in World Bank funds for 'starving Ethiopians; wound up in Emperor Haile Selassie's personal accounts in the Swiss bank. This would make him the richest individual in the world, but other dictators have Swiss bank accounts too. Perhaps they are even larger. The money drained from America and other captive Mafia nations feeds a greed that can never be satisfied. 

Rand Corp., one of our major "think tanks' has another goody in store for the public: "Project Star"- Rand's coverup fallback version of the JFK murder held in reserve should public restlessness over the Warren Commission Report cover-up ever threaten to get out of hand. That ought to confuse the people for at least another twelve years, and by that time most of us will be dead anyway. 

The dope trade routes are; Golden Triangle to Taiwan to San Francisco. Heroin from the Golden Triangle was sometimes smuggled into San Francisco in the bodies of American GIs who died in battle in Vietnam. One body can hold up to 40 pounds of heroin, crammed in where the guts would be. 

Some dope gets pressed into dinner plates and painted with pretty patterns, one dope bust in S. F. alone yielded $6 billion in heroin "china plates"- the largest dope bust in history. It was quickly and completely hushed up by the S.F. Mafia press. The dope sat in the S.F.P.D. for a while, then was removed by FBI men and probably sent on its way to American veins. 

All  this dope processing and shipping is controlled and supervised by the CIA and Mafia. Dope arrests and murders are aimed at independent pushers and maverick peddlers and smugglers who are competing with or holding out on the Mafia. 

While Nixon was conducting his noisy campaign against dope smuggling across the Mexican border, his dope officer in charge of protecting the Mafia dope trade was E. Howard Hunt! Lots of heroin gets processed in a Pepsi Cola factory in Laos. So far, it hasn't produced a single bottle of Pepsi Cola. 

Some dope gets processed in heroin factories in Marseilles. Still more dope comes from South America, Cocaine and new heroin. 

US aid went to build a highway across Paraguay. Useless for the natives who have no cars. (They use it for sunbathing in the day), it becomes the longest landing strip in the world and serves airplane loaded with cocaine. It is financed by US tax money for the benefit of the international Mafia dope pushers. 

And then there is opium from Turkish morphine. This was the starting point of Mafia fortune. In case one is still wondering whether the Mafia can actually get away with such things, consider the benefits derived from controlling the acquisition by "Hughes" of "Air West", which involved swindling Air West stockholders of $45 million. 

Recently indicted for this swindle by the SEC in a civil suit were "Howard Hughes" and Jimmy (the Greek) Snyder, not usually associated with the Hughes crowd, and others. 

In June 1971, New York Times began publishing the Pentagon Papers, Rand Corp's prepared cover-up of the real reasons for the Vietnamese war. Nixon had gotten a copy of the first Gemstone Papers circulated in the U.S. back in 1969. 

He was now wondering how much information Democratic Chairman Larry O'Brien had about Hughes, Onassis, JFK, RFK, etc. and more specifically how much of the dirt the Democrats planned to use. Nixon set up the "plumbers unit' to stop security leaks, investigate other security matters. 

Erlichman, Krogh, Liddy, Hunt, Young, etc. Hunt as "White House consultant" supposedly worked for the Mullen Corp. a CIA cover. Mullen's head client was "Howard Hughes". 

Robert Bennett was the head of the Mullen Corporation. 

June 28, 1971, Ellsberg indicted for leaking the Pentagon Papers. 

September 3. 1971, the Watergate team broke into Ellsberg's doctor's office to get Ellsberg's psychiatric records. 

Team members CIA Hunt and Liddy, Cuban "Freedom fighters" De Denio, Martinez, Bernard Barker. All except Liddy had worked together back at the Bay of Pigs. 

September 23, 1971, E. Howard Hunt spliced up the phoney cables implicating JFK's administration in the Diem assassination. 

In October of 1971, LOOK magazine apologized to Alioto for their Alioto Mafia Web article and folded. The sticking point, they couldn't prove Alioto's Mafia Nut Tree meeting back in 1963 referring to the JFK murder. 

In December, 1971, Roberts applied for a "Gemstone" visa from the Russian consulate on a tapped phone. Phone was tapped by Hal Lipset, S.F. private investigator, who worked for Katherine Meyer Graham and others, and routinely monitored Consulate phone calls. 

In January of 1972; the Watergate team showed up at the San Francisco Drift Inn, a CIA-FBI safe-house hangout bar, where Roberts conducted a nightly Gemstone rap for the benefit of any CIA or FBI or anyone who wandered in for a beer. 

James McCord, Marinez, Bernard Barker, Garcia and Frank Sturgis showed up-along with a San Francisco dentist named Fuller. James McCord remarked; "Sand and Arab oil with hydrogen heat makes glass brick threat of war to Arab nations". 

The event, like the other nightly raps, was taped by the Drift Inn bartender, Al Stern, who was paid to do so by his old friend, Katherine Graham, but told his other friend, Roberts, about it. The bar was also wired for sound by Arabs, Russians and Chinese. 

January 27, 1972, Liddy and Dean met in Mitchell's office, with Liddy's charts for his $1 million "plan" for spying, kidnapping, etc. The plans included breaking into Hank Greenspun's Las Vegas office safe, in hopes of recovering Greenspan's file, on the Hughes kidnapping and Onassis's Vegas operations, which Greenspan had successfully used to blackmail Onassis out of $4 million or so. 

A "Hughes" get away plane would stand by to take the White House burglars to Mexico. February of 1972. Liddy and Hunt traveled around a lot, using "Hughes Tool" calling cards, and aliases from Hunt's spy novels. 

Liddy, Hunt and other Watergaters dropped by for a beer at the Drift Inn. where they were photographed on bar stools from Katherine Graham. These photos were later used in the Washington Post, when Liddy, Hunt and others were arrested at Watergate because CIA men like Liddy and Hunt aren't usually photographed. 

Roberts quoted to Liddy the price on Onassis's head in retaliation for a few things Onassis had done, on Wayne Rector, the Hughes double, Eugene Wyman. California Democratic Party Chairman and Mafia JFK pay off bagman, and on Lyndon Johnson "four bodies twisting in the breeze". 

Robert's quoting prices to Liddy at the Drift Inn made their deaths a mortal cinch. 

Liddy's like that and that's why the murdering slob was picked by the Mafia. "Gemstones" rolling around the Drift Inn in February inspired Liddy's Gemstone plan that became Watergate.

Francis L. Dale, head of CREEP and ITT Board of Directors member, pushed Magruder to push Liddy into Watergate. 

In a Mafia-style effort to shut Roberts up, his father was murdered by "plumbers" team members Lix Dale (Francis L.Dales's ex-wife), Martinez, in Hahnemann's hospital, S.F. where Mr. Roberts had been taken after swallowing a sodium morphate "pill" slipped into his medicine bottle at home by Watergate locksmith (Miami's "Missing Link" locksmith shop) Gonzales. 

The pill didn't kill him. He had a weak digestion and vomited enough of the sodium morphate up but he had emphysema and went to the hospital. In the hospital, "nurse" Liz Dale and "doctor" Martinez assisted him to sniff a quadruple-strength can of aerosol medicine, enough to kill him the next day. 

The day before, Tisseront, head of the College of Cardinals at the Vatican, was pushed out of a Vatican window. Tisseront had followed the career of the present Pope, Montini (whose mother was Jewish). 

Montini sodium-morphate murdered Pope Pius XI; was banished from Rome for it by Pius XII; became Pope in 1963, Tisseront wrote it all down; called the Pope "The Deputy of Christ at Auschwitz", and the fulfillment of the Fatima 3 Prophecy; that "The antichrist shall rise to become the head of the Church". 

Tisseront also wrote about all the suppressed secrets of the Roman Catholic church. The story that the church claims that is so is as follows that the Jesus was an Arab, born April 16, 6 B.C. at the rare conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Arab (Persian) astronomers (the Magi) came to Bethlehem to look for their king, and Arab baby and found him in a stable, because the Jews wouldn't let Arabs Joseph and Mary into their nice clean inns, even then. 

When Jesus overturned the tables of the money lenders at the Temple, the Jews had the Romans nail him to a cross. He died on the cross when the Roman soldiers stuck a spear in his side, pulled out his liver, and ate it. Tacitus, the Roman historian, described it all in a chunk of history deleted by the Church. Nero burned Rome but that didn't stop the spreading of Moses' teachings by the early Christians (Arabs). So the Romans decided to adopt the religion, clean it up, make Jesus a Jew and Mary a virgin, and work out a church state deal to fool the people in the name of God and country that had been operating ever since. 

Around 311 A.D. at the Council of Nicaea the Christian Orthodoxy was established; a dissenting bishop had his hands chopped off, another bishop was assigned to round up all the old copies of the Bible and destroy them in favor of the "revised" de-Arabized version. Cleaned up Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were declared "it", the other Gospels were declared Apocryphal, and heretical. 

Roman Emperor Constantine became the first "Christian" emperor. Later during the holy crusades the Bible was again rewritten to include Jesus; warning against the "yellow race". 

J. Edgar Hoover had the Gemstone File; and threatened to expose Dallas-JFK in an "anonymous" book. The Texas Mafia. 

Instead, someone put sodium morphate in his apple pie. The corpse was carted away from his home in the back seat of a V.W. and his files were "burned" but some of them got away. 

In the first break-in at Watergate; McCord, Barker, Martinez, Garcia, Gonzales, Sturgis, De Diego and Pico stood guard outside. Hunt and Liddy directed the operation from a (safe?) distance, across the street. 

The object was to check on Onassis's two men at the Democratic Party Headquarter. Larry O'Brien and Spencer Oliver. McCord wire-tapped their phones. But!!!! little did McCord know that the plumbers were being observed by Hal Lipset, Katherine Graham's S.F. detective who had followed two of the plumbers from Liz Dale's side in S.F. to Watergate. 

Lipset "watched in amazement" as the plumbers broke in and bugged the phones; then reported back to his boss Katherine Graham. Lipset and Graham set the trap for the Watergaters when they returned to remove their bugs and equipment. 

In 1974 Maheu "wins" his damage suit against "Hughes" his blackmail pay-off after discussing Hughes' "Game Plan" for buying control of the U.S. by buying politicians, governors judges, senators and presidents. 

In February of 1974, Mafia Hearst's daughter Patty "kidnapped" by Lipset's SLA in a fake terrorist action. 

Martin Luther King's mother was murdered by a black student, a self declared "Israelite"-"acting alone" who was escorted to the church by somebody and who had a list of other mothers as targets. 

Next day the target Shirley Chisholm got the message and rushed to sign off the DNC suit against CREEP naming Francis L. Dale; she had been the last to hold out. 

On April 4, 1974, Mary McCarthy, a writer who had been given a copy of the Gemstone file, said in an article in the New York Review of Books, that the key to the formation of Liddy's Gemstone plan lay in the whereabouts and activities of the plumbers between December, 1971 and February, 1972. 

August 6, 1974, Nixon and Ford signed a paper at the White House. It was an agreement. Ford could be President and Nixon got to burn his tapes and flies and murder anyone he needed to cover it all up. 

On August 7, 1974, Roberts passed information to Pavlov at the S.F. Russian Consulate which led directly to Nixon's resignation the "more" journalism review's story about Denny Walsh's "Reopening of the Alioto Mafia Web" story for the New York Times, killed in a panic, plus a long taped discussion of who and what the Mafia is. 

Hal Lipset listened to the conversation in the bugged Consulate room, had the phone lines open to Rockefeller and Kissinger who listened too. Rockefeller sent Kissinger to the White House with Nixon's marching orders. "Resign right now". 

Nixon and Julie cried. But there was still some hope, if Nixon resigned immediately, of drawing the line somewhere before it got to the controllers. Nixon, on trial, would blurt out those names to save himself, Onassis , Dale, "Hughes, even JFK. 

Nixon stepped down, and Ford stepped up to keep the cover-up going. 

Fratianno in San Francisco, staying at the Sunol Golf Course. More murders scheduled. 

Ford hires Mafia lawyer Becker to work out a pardon deal for Nixon, who might otherwise name Onassis, Graham, and Pope Martini to save himself. 

In San Francisco Zebra Murders were a series of "random" killings, dubbed "Zebra Murders" by the police because supposedly blacks were killing whites. 

The real target was Silva, the witness to Alioto's Mafia Nut Tree meeting. Silva was shot to death in an alley. Careful Mafia planning went into this series, to kill several birds with one stone. 

1.Get witness Silva out of the way. without being too "obvious" about it. 
2. Spread fear of "black terrorists" and convince people that the police department needed more money and more repressive poser. 
3. Blame and frame Black Muslims, knock off leaders of the opposition. 

On September 7, 1974; Roberts had made an agreement with a friend, Harp, of Kish Realty, over a bugged phone. Harp was to buy a Gemstone with history for $500, the price of a trip to Canada for Roberts to check into the "Hughes" Mormon Mafia Canadian stock market swindle and other matters. But Harp was sodium-morphate poisoned before the deal could go through on this date. 

Note: Sodium morphate; a favorite Mafia poison for centuries. Smells like apple pie, and is sometimes served up in one, as to J. Edgar Hoover, sometimes in a pill or capsule. Symptoms include lethargy, sleep, sometimes vomiting. Once ingested, there is a heart attack and no trace is left in the body. Proof is in the vomit which is usually not analyzed. Not mentioned in your standard medical book on poisons, etc. It is a common ingredient in rat poison. 

October of 1974 Lyndon Johnson has a sodium morphate "heart attack" at his ranch on the Pedernales River. Among his last words: "You know fellows, it really was a conspiracy..." 

The preceding has been a brief outline of the famed "Gemstone Files". 

When the Oliver Stone film "JFK", came out last year like everyone else it was on my list of movies to see. It was of special interest to me because of all the research that I had been doing in regards to his assassination and the Zapruder film that I had acquired some years pass that had been produced in slow motion in order that you could actually see the driver of the car. a CIA agent, turn around over his right shoulder with a 45 pistol and shot Kennedy. 

Along with all of the discoveries made about the railroad and the family that is presently controlling  the empire and it is a know fact that they have heavy Mafia connections, all the pieces start to click when I saw the "JFK" movie. 

If you have not seen this movie, I suggest after reading this book that you view it. The following speech was written in 1967, by then New Orleans District attorney Jim Garrison, who was, at the time, prosecuting a suspected conspirator in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. 

Garrison had just about everything put together if he had the interlocking connection of the railroad and the connections with the major corporations, which Mr. X in Washington was telling him about, he could have figured the rest out. For an example why there had to be wars was to keep the industrial defense corporations contracted to make money off of war. Who controls those corporations? Refer to the Fortune 500 List.

An identifying characteristic of the super-state is its readiness to conceal from the people facts which might make the populace believing that it is living in the best of all possible worlds. Consequently, those in control of the government machinery sometimes find it necessary to re-write history as fast as it happens. 

The truth becomes not what occurred but what they announce has occurred. Reality becomes just another government-controlled commodity. If the official myth to be presented is particularly unbelievable it may be necessary to have honorable men study it and announce that they have found it to be true [In 1939, after having invaded and conquered western Poland because of alleged Polish atrocities committed against German individuals, the German government appointed a committee to make a careful study to determine the facts with regard to the claimed Polish misconduct. The final printed report of the study contained much documentary evidence, including not only photographs, affidavits and countless medical certificates barbarous cruelty was one of the vices of the Polish people. The report confirmed that the Poles indeed committed bad atrocities against Germans and it indicated that things would have been even worse were it not for the timely arrival on Polish territory of the German rescuers. The conclusions of this painstaking study by a government-appointed committee meant that Adolf Hitler would not have to withdraw his armies and apologize to Poland. See: "Polish Acts of Atrocity Against the German Minority in Poland." German Library of Information, New York. 1940.] 

This is not really as difficult as it sounds because there is nothing to which honorable men joined in an honorable cause will not stoop in the name of duty. As a general rule of thumb, the more unbelievable the story the more honorable should be the men assigned to prove its veracity. 

To date, George Orwell's 1984 provided the best fictional portrait of the correction of history to suit current political needs. In Oceania, that dismal land presided over by Big Brother, the power of the government had become Gargantuan and the rights of individuals virtually had vanished. 

In order to maintain this balance, the Ministry of Truth continually was engaged in improving history to make it reflect government pronouncements. This was justified on the ground of national security, a reasonably honest rationale inasmuch as the government could not have survived without such wholesale concealment of facts. 

If, for example, Big Brother made an error which was exposed by statistics, the offensive statistics were destroyed and more satisfactory statistics were published. If books or newspapers described facts which were embarrassing to the government, they were original troublesome material was simply fed in the "memory hole," a chute leading down to the incinerator. 

The government's policy of vaporizing into nothingness unpleasant facts contributed in great measure to the calm of the populace of Oceania. This was helped by the fact that individuals who interfered with the public calm also tended to disappear. "Who controls the past," said the official slogan of the super-state, "controls the future." 

It now appears that, twenty years ahead of Orwell's schedule, the United States has succeeded in producing the classic model of re-writing history to conform to official needs. It is hard to assay this accomplishment when we are still so close to it, but when our contributions to civilization are added up this well may rank ahead of our invention of napalm. 

When the President of our country was executed on a public street, one would have thought that there would have been a general uncomplicated desire to catch the assassins and to bring them all to justice. After all there was sufficient information available concerning the strange movement of cars behind the grassy knoll immediately prior to the assassination, the fusillade of rifle fire coming from there and the rapid departure of men on foot and by car from that sector following the shooting. 

Apparently, however, it was not as simple as all that. It appears that when a President's heart stops beating considerations of power and policy take over. Instead of running down the men who killed John Kennedy, the U.S. government simply ratified his execution and moved on to more important matters. 

With regard to the men who actually killed him. because of their displeasure with his foreign policy, the assassination has been treated not as an offense but as a mandate for change. 

The young man so promptly nominated by the Dallas Police Force was duly elected to lone assassin. He had excellent qualifications, provided they were not examined too closely. He wore the tag of a Communist defector who had spent 3 years in Russia. He had been murdered, which assured that there would be none of the time consuming problems of proof which a live defendant would have presented. 

And his gun and three empty cartridges had been placed at the 6th floor of the book depository. In spite of these conveniences there was a slight problem. The overwhelming weight of legitimate evidence clearly indicated that he could not possibly have fired a shot at the President. 

There was to begin with, the fact that the rifle originally brought down from the book depository at 1:05 P.M.. and briefly exhibited as the assassins rifle, had, unlike Lee Oswald's rifle, no telescopic sight. 

There was the fact that the Marine Corps shooting records showed that Oswald could not hit the side of a barn. 

There was the tense fact that the nitrate test indicated that the ancient Italian rifle, which Oswald was supposed to have used, could not conceivably have accomplished the ballistic miracle with which it was credited-particularly causing a single bullet to inflict seven different wounds, including bone destruction, in two different men. 

There was the fact that the President was hit from several different directions and that his fatal wound quite obviously was received from his right front, in the area of the grassy knoll. To make matters worse, there were probably more witnesses to President Kennedy's murder than to any other in history and the great majority of them were very conscious of the fact that most of the shots came from in front of the President. 

There was also the embarrassing evidence that Lee Oswald had been an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency and had acquired the stigma of a communist defector while in the service of the United States and as the result of instructions given him by the United States government. 

Most of the embarrassing evidence was simply buried at the outset in a swift funeral devoid of ceremony. 

The autopsy photographs and X-rays, for example, which would have revealed that the President was struck from a number of directions, [Dr. Robert N. McClelland, at Parkland Hospital, examined the President and concluded that the cause of death was a gunshot wound of the left temple. 

Similarly, Dr. Mahlon Jenkins recalled, in his testimony before the Warren Commission, that there was a wound in the left temple, right in the hair-line. The book depositor.', although it may since have been moved, at the time of the assassination was located to the rear of the President. 

These autopsy photographs and x-rays which more closely harmonize with the official myth than did the original ones. Hundreds of significant government files and memoranda have been laid away in vaults where they cannot be seen. Among the hidden Central Intelligence Agency files alone are to be found such titles as: 

"Oswald's Access to Information about the U-2, "Reproduction of Central Intelligence Agency Official Dossier on Oswald" and "Information on Jack Ruby and Associates." 

Inasmuch as we have been assured by honorable men that neither Oswald nor Ruby had any connection with the Central Intelligence Agency it probably would be unpatriotic to speculate on what these secret files contain. As bad luck would have it, a rash of conflagrations swept away other vital evidence in the government's custody. 

The only notes known to be taken during the long 12-hour interview of Lee Oswald after the assassination appear to have been burned. Notes taken by a federal agent who interviewed Oswald before the assassination also went up in flames. 

A secret Central Intelligence Agency memo concerning Oswald, written prior to the assassination, went up in smoke while being thermo faxed. This phenomenal instance of spontaneous combustion occurred in  Washington the day following the assassination. 

The autopsy notes describing the President's wounds were cremated in his fireplace by the attending Navy pathologist. This is not to say that the government has not shown concern for the people's right to know. For those citizens who are curious about how and why their President was killed, the Ministry of Truth has made available the dental charts of Jack Ruby, photographs of Russian scenery, grammar school records of Oswald and Ruby, a careful analysis of Oswald's pubic hairs, irrelevant letters, irrelevant telegrams, picture postcards showing bullfights, a copy of the proceedings in an unrelated divorce case, a list of traffic citations received by Jack Ruby, and an excellent photograph of an unidentified man. 

For those whose curiosity about the assassination may not have been satisfied with this frank display of evidence, it has been announced that even the secret files will be made available. There will, however, be a slight delay of 75 years before they can be examined. 

This farsighted provision not only assures along period of national tranquility with regard to the assassination, but also substantially reduces the danger of the involved government officials being lynched. Of course, there is no real guarantee that, even if you are very patient, you will actually get to examine these files in 75 years. 

New concerns by the government with regard to national security may require an additional 75 years delay, and it even might come to pass that one day it will be announced from Washington that actually no assassination ever occurred. 

In time, it can be explained that John Kennedy really never existed at all and that Dwight Eisenhower was followed by Grover Cleveland or Calvin Coolidge, all depending on which words best suit the government's purpose at the time. 

Any of these announcements would be every bit as accurate as the official myth that Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone assassin killed President Kennedy. In the super-state, it really does not matter at all what actually happened. 

Truth is what the government chooses to tell you. Justice is what it wants to happen. In Dealey Plaza reality destroyed illusion, the illusion that we were living in the best of all possible worlds. The fairy tale of the lone assassin represents an effort to resurrect the illusion, to legitimize it by proclamation and to impose it by muscle. 

In the interest of tranquility the decision has been made somewhere that it is better for you not to know what really happened. It is better for you not to know that at midday on November 22nd there were many men who, in many places, were glancing at their watches. 

It is better for you to believe that the successive murders of the President of the United States, Officer Tippitt and Lee Oswald were simply three meaningless incidents which happened to occur one weekend in Dallas. 

Above all. it has been decided that you are not to know of Lee Oswald's relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency. Nor are you to know that a number of the men actually involved in the assassination had been employees of the Central Intelligence Agency. 

You are not to know about those matters because of something called "national security." When national security is used as the excuse for concealing essential facts surrounding a disaster, it usually refers to the security of the men who allowed the disaster to occur. Actually, the greater threat to national security is the cynical concealment of such facts from the people. 

Behind the face of earnest inquiry into the assassination is a thought control project in the best traditions of 1984. Because of their role in the Establishment and their failure to conduct any effective inquiry, major news agencies have a vested interest in maintaining public ignorance. 

They look away from the widespread evidence that something is wrong, just as the members of the Warren Commission looked away from the autopsy photographs and x-rays of the murdered President. 

To a man the members of the Warren Commission refused to examine the autopsy photographs and x-rays. This evidence could have clarified once and for all the number of times the President was shot and the various directions from which he was shot. The Commission, however loyally refused to play Russian Roulette with the "lone assassin" theory. 

The unviewed autopsy evidence was locked away behind concrete walls and the Dallas Police Department scenario duly was adopted as the official national myth. Tranquility, the time honored message reads, is better than knowledge.  

In the authoritarian state, it is regarded as a self-evident truth that the control of history is an inalienable right of government. All words are created free and equal. If it is proclaimed in Washington tomorrow that the moon is made of Limburger cheese, a horde of honorable men can be produced to attest to that fact. 

If it is proclaimed that an elephant can hang from a cliff with its tail tied to a daisy, a phalanx of experts will appear to confirm it. Anyone rash enough to question these official verities can expect to be exposed as a villain or a fool. 

The name of the fame is not truth it is power. The Ministry of Truth has announced that the assassination of John Kennedy was investigated exhaustively, that no evidence of a conspiracy was found and that the matter should be considered closed. 

The greatest lies are told in the name of truth. The greatest crimes are committed in the name of justice. The American people have suffered two tragedies. In addition to the assassination of the President by dishonorable men our national integrity is now being assassinated by honorable men. 

It does not matter what the rationale is whether to calm the public or to protect our image-the fact remains that the truth is being concealed. 

The United States Constitution, assuming that it has not accidentally been burned to a crisp, does not give anyone the power to re-write history. 

The fact that this has happened should be evidence enough that it is far later than any of us have dream. The question now is whether we have the courage to come face to face with ourselves and admit that something is wrong, whether we have the will to insist on an end to deception and concealment with regard to the execution of John Kennedy,or whether we will let the official fairy tale be told and re-told until the truth itself fades into a vagrant rumor and finally dies forever. 

If we will not fight for the truth now when our President has been shot down in the streets and his murders remain untouched by justice it is not likely that we will ever have another chance.

New Orleans, Louisiana 
September I, 1967 

The following pictures are photos from the Zapruder film. Each photo is one frame of the movie stopped on a V.C.R. and photographed off of a television, frame by frame. There has been much controversy about who shot Kennedy. In recent years since the Zapruder film surfaced and has been analyzed to bits, people have put the blame on the driver. 

At a fast glance of the film without stopping each frame for close examination it does look like the driver turns his head, raises a gun and had shot Kennedy. What we found in the stop action pictures was an optical illusion. What looks like a raised gun is really the sun reflection off of the passengers head. 

Remember back in the sixties men used large amounts of grease on their hair and it would shine. Funny how a set of strange events have lead people away from the truth, which is a very old game. The people in power have always diverted you vision 180' in the opposite direction of what it should be, to keep your focus out of focus, so that you don't see the truth. 

After examining these photos, you can only conclude that the fatal shot had to have come from a position in front of  Kennedy. There is no way Oswald did this. I would say that the fatal shot had a good chance of been fired from  the railway yard. What do you think? 

In this photo you can clearly see the driver looking back and the passenger is facing forward. Notice the optical illusion that is claimed to be a gun, but is really a sun reflection off of the top of his head. Notice Jackie is looking back at Kennedy. In this close up you can see even better the passenger, the side of his face, his ear, and the top of his head that by some twist of events some say looks like a gun. Take a close look at each frame of the film, starting with: 

1. Look closely at the passenger opposite the driver. At this time Kennedy is leaning over on Jackie and the driver has turned his head and the passenger is looking forward. 

2. In this photo it appears that the driver has turned his head around, with the passenger still facing forward, and at that instance Kennedy is hit by a shot and it appears to explode upon impact. See the little cloud between Kennedy and Jackie. 

3. In this photo notice the little red cloud between Kennedy and Jackie. 

4. Notice the wound damage to the back of Kennedy's head and the passenger is still facing forward.Take a close look at each frame of the film, starting with:
[Very sorry about the lack of pic's,there are none in the file,and I would be guessing which ones he is talking about DC]


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