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Part 16:Pandora's Box...Weyerhaeuser & Boise Cascade...Bechtel Family..Railroads & Aliens...Apotheosis Project ++

Since we are rewriting history here, its time the record was set straight about these companies, and the truth was known. Since I have been in the Pacific Northwest, it seems that everywhere you turn you run into these companies or one of their subsidiaries. The big thing is the deal with the land ownership of Weyerhaeuser and Boise Cascade. 

Like everything else, you have to go back to the true beginnings of their origin, and to do that you have to go all the way back to Lancaster, South Carolina. The parent company of Weyerhaeuser is Lancaster Manufacturing Company. Weyerhaeuser acquired all of its timberland, because it is a sibling company  of the Chicago. Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, which later became known as the "Great Northern Pacific" and is now known as Burlington Northern. 

I don't care what you are told as to how Weyerhaeuser got its vast ownership of timberland. chances are that it is not so. I worked for Weyerhaeuser for a while, so I've heard just about all of the tales. 
Image result for IMAGES OF Burlington Northern Railroad
The following information is a brief history of the Burlington Northern Railroad involvement with many different types of companies . What is now Burlington Northern's huge freight revenue comes mostly from grain, coal, forest products, food and kindred products, chemicals and allied products, primary metals, pulp, and paper. Its interval passenger service has been operated under contract by Am Track since 1971. 

In 1972, it sold all its suburban commuter equipment in the Chicago area to the West Suburban Mass Transit District, which leased it back to Burlington Northern for continued operation. 

Burlington Northern also has highway services for freight, including Burlington Truck Lines Inc., Burlington Northern Motor Lines, and Northern Pacific Transport Co., plus various common carrier truck lines. It also has large quantities of piggyback equipment and facilities and operates Burlington Northern Air Freight Inc. The truck lines are known as "Road Railer Systems" and the track lines that are owned for them is your "Interstate Highway System". That is why truck lines don't pay federal excise taxes because they are railroad-owned, with the taxes rolled to the last day of the leases. 

Before the great Frisco Merger, Northern Pacific owned 2,400,000 acres of timber and farm land, plus mineral rights to 6,200,000 acres, a "Northern Pacific land grant heritage". Its Resources Department manages and develops these valuable assets, balancing its tree harvesting and tree-planting schedules. Included in mineral rights are rich deposits of coal, oil, gas, and iron in the Western and Central United States and in Canada. In 1976. Burlington Northern built in Wyoming an oil refinery which yields about one-tenth of the diesel fuel its locomotives need. The system's recoverable coal supplies, estimated at 12 million tons, are still relatively undeveloped. 

Some 640 acres of Burlington Northern timberland disappeared into the crater of the Mount St. Helens volcano in Washington or drifted across the country as fine ash after the eruption of May 18, 1980. In the 1970 merger, Burlington Northern had acquired the Washington forests from the Northern Pacific Railroad, which had been given them as "federal land grants in 1864". These went into the December 15. 1865. Deed of Trust that the Payseur family now owns and none of the lands were ever to be sold. Burlington Northern owns 40.800 acres near the mountain, much of it is now strewn with volcano-felled trees. 

Burlington Northern's merger with the Frisco Railroad created America's largest rail system, 29,226 miles of track. The Burlington Northern Railroads parent railroad company goes all the way back to Birmingham, Alabama. Therefore, all the lands that were granted to the "Great Northern Railroad now Burlington Northern" land which Weyerhaeuser and Boise Cascade claim to own is really owned by the original Payseur family of North Carolina. 

The way the leases were written, over one hundred years ago (which are still in force today) state that none of the land that is owned by the Payseurs. held in a "Deed of Trust" for the United States Military Railroad System were to ever be sold. It states further, that any land or property that is acquired by the operating company, (such as 456 Weyerhaeuser and others), during the term of the lease, becomes the property of the landlord at the end of the lease. The leases are due to start expiring on June 17, 1993; December 31, 1993; July 15, 1994; December 31, 1994 and the CSX Railroad on December 31, 1995. 

You will notice that throughout this book you have been given information about all of the more than 500 major corporations that are owned by the railroads. The railroad is going to close this country down in degrees. By closing down and cutting back the production of these companies, such as Boeing. Sears, and IBM. They already have this country believing that the railroads are broke. Which is not true. That is only a front cover. How could they be broke when they own everything? Even the banks. Even the Federal Reserve. 

In the fall of 1992, I talked to a man, that at one time had actually been a part of and had participated in the organizational meetings for the "NEW WORLD ORDER". He knew all of their plans. I asked him about all of the information in this book, including railroad ownership of all the odd sections and some even sections of land in this country, and what the government planned to do with it if the leases were not renewed by June 17, 1993,( which they have not been). He told me that my dates were, in his words, real dates to look out for things to really start happening. He said "that the government had purposely not done anything about the true ownership of the lands being held in trust for the operation of the United States Military Railroad System, and that they had just been letting everything ride and "yes", they did plan to take the land back from whoever might be occupying the land at the conclusion of the leases". 

I guess the old term "Buyer Beware", really does apply here! 

So in short, if you are residing on land that has been sold to you (you think) that at any time was either owned by any railroad company or Weyerhaeuser or Boise Cascade, I can only tell you that you have been forewarned! You cannot own land (which is really railroad land) unless you get an Allodial land Patent title for it from the Bureau of Land Management, which would be a miracle. If you don't know anything about the origin of your land you must go all the way back to the beginnings of the records of your land, when your state became a state and trace the ownership up to today. The land title companies know about these leases, but they are ignoring them and hoping that no one finds out that they are sitting on a faulty title. The title companies know that some leases were up in 1972 and nothing happened. There was one up in 1987 and the stock market went on a roller coaster and then recovered, but they still think nothing is going to happen. 

What has been happening all across the united states for many years is the selling off of railroad property by the operating companies (tenants). (In an effort designed to avoid the taxes that have been rolled to the last day of the leases. If the leases are not renewed by a corporation. What could happen is that whomever is the tenant on the  land at the conclusion of the lease will be liable for the 100 years of federal excise taxes that will be due). 

The one greatest myth presumed by all the directors of all the major corporations that Mr. Payseur owned, is that they think because e no one has been riding herd on them, they have nothing to worry about. Since Mr. W.W. Folgum died in the 1950's. they think all the heirs are dead and that these companies can do anything they want to, but there is a living heir to the Payseur family who is trying to stop what has happened, and wants to sell all the companies to the public, giving the land everywhere in America to whoever is on it. at the time the leases expire. All this remains to be seen, if it can happen. 

In my research I checked on the ownership of a piece of land that is for sale on the Baldhills Road, in the city of Yelm. Washington. The records show that the entire track of land is really railroad land.

This story starts back in September 12, 1872 with the birth of Warren A. Bechtel in Freeport, Illinois, the first of six children. When Warren was 12 his family moved to Kansas. There his family acquired a farm and a grocery store. 

Moving ahead to the year of 1897, Warren married a girl by the name of Clara Alice West. He and his wife went through three years of bad times and bankrupts. 

But Warren wasn't one to despair. From homesteader heading south for the Oklahoma land rush, he learned that the "Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Company" was extending its lines westward into what was then still Indian Territory. A man with his own mule team could, he was told, almost surely find work grading track beds and hauling rails. Moreover, the pay was good; $2.75 per day. 

With his wife and their firstborn son; his mule team and his trusty slide trombone. Bechtel set out for Indian Territory, spending more than a year grading track beds and living in a railroad camp tent. On September 14. 1900, the Bechtel's were on the move again following the railroads to Iowa, Minnesota, Wyoming, Oregon and Nevada. 

His first real chance for advancement came during the winter of 1902-1903, when a contractor's agent promised him a job on a construction site in the high desert country east of Reno. After arriving in the area broke, while out looking for work he hitched a ride on a buckboard driven by a Southern Pacific Railroad supervising engineer named A.J. Barkley. There was something about Bechtel, a willingness to learn and work hard, he impressed Barkley, and by the time the ride was over, he had offered to help get him a job on the Southern Pacific. 

Bechtel signed on for $55 a month. It was less than he had been making on his own; but the work was steady, and Barkley had promised that there would be a chance for advancement. He soon acquired a solid education in all phases of the construction business, he was promoted and dispatched to Wadsworth, Nevada, as an estimator. 

Soon he found himself building the Richmond Belt Railroad in Oakland. California and extending the Santa Fe line into Oakland, both projects badly in need of seasoned managerial help. 

Moving some years ahead to 1919 we find Warren convincing the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads that with his wealth of related experience, he was eminently qualified as a road builder. The Bureau awarded him the first federal public road contract let in California. 

In the mid 1920's we find Bechtel with his partner Kaiser becoming the first contractors in the United States to tackle major pipeline projects, first for Standard (Exxon) Oil, then for Continental Gas. The biggest project that he under took was the construction of the Boulder Dam, for power generation. 

Later Warren's son. Steve, took over his father's company and in 1936 the Department of Reclamation put up for bid a contract to build the Broadway Tunnel, a highway pass through the hills between Berkeley and Oakland, and Steve was awarded the contract to build it. 

Some time after the Broadway Tunnel affair, Steve Bechtel met up and became partners for a while with a man by the name of John A. McCone. who would later become head of the Atomic Energy commission. 

In 1937 Steve Bechtel and John McCone teamed up and named the old company Bechtel-McCone, and soon after became shipbuilders. 

In 1942 Bechtel and McCone were called into the aircraft building business in Birmingham. Alabama. 

There is an old airplane factory in Birmingham today that has gone through many name changes. When I first started hearing the name Bechtel and its connections to alien underground bases I just couldn't quite get it out of my head, the connection, where did I know that name from? Then one day I finally found information on the Bechtel family and there was all the pieces. Since I had started the railroad research and just knew that the aliens bases, Bechtel and the railroads had to somehow be connected. Then I found what I had been looking for  the missing link. 

All my life, my mother has been telling me of her days back during the war when she played "Rosie" the riveter. During the war my mother worked in Birmingham for a company by the name of Bechtel/McCone. Everything was a secret that went on there in those days. B-52 airplanes were flown in to the facility during the night time and modifications were done to the planes during the day and then they were flown back out by night. My mother told me that they installed machine gun turrets and other things that are to numerous too mention. 

Bechtel/McCone was also associated with Consolidated Vul-T. During the railroad research, I found out that these companies were connected to Hughes Aircraft, and later changed their name to Hayes Aircraft, which has now changed its name to Rust Engineering of Birmingham. All of this goes back to the railroad. The conclusion that I have made is that any company or anybody in this country has to have been associated with the railroad companies at some time in their or their ancestors, lifetime. Even our new president is a relative of Rockefeller, and Clinton has long been associated with a gas company which is, by the way, owned by the railroad.

In 1988, my quiet little, somewhat simple world, quite frankly, got turned upside down in one short week, when I started asking questions such as; who am I, what am I, what am I doing here on earth and many other question. I asked the heavens for the truth to my questions. Just the truth and nothing else would do, the answers had to be the truth. The last five years have been a whole new education in my life acquiring my information. 

This started me on a quest for information which has continued until today and will never stop. In the process of researching to find answers, I suddenly came face to face with a subject of alien visitors; that most people laugh a lot about and make fun of people who believe they are here, but they are the fools the scoffers, their day will come when they stop laughing and come to the realization that all the stories that have been put out are just the tiny, tiny, tip of a iceberg that is infinite. I also wish for the most staunch skeptics to wake up some fine morning with a strange being standing over them smiling a sinister smile as I have had happen to me. That will make you take a real quick reality check of your world. But as I said before, some people are fools and they will get a rude awakening someday soon. The fact that earth is and has been involved with aliens having benevolent and malevolent agendas since the beginning of time on this planet, will soon stop being a closely guarded secret by the power elite. 

To start the discovery of the truth about alien involvement in the United States let us go back to the most recent beginnings in this country. This would be the subject of the Roswell. New Mexico crashes. When I started my research this was the first one I read about and what I found was  a vast networking of cover-up. So when I couldn't get what I intuitively felt was the truth of the matter I left it alone for a while until I could gather some more pieces. 

Every one who has spent time researching the international bankers, the Federal Reserve, the CFR, the TLC, corporate America, the CIA, the illuminati, etc., etc.. know that there is a common thread that binds it together but what the heck was that common thread? Most people think it is the Rothschild family, no, wrong answer. Some think it is the corporate world globally, no, wrong answer. The common thread that binds the whole thing together globally is the railroads and their subsidiaries. After I had found this all out then I started looking for one little thing that I could find out, that would lock the railroad and its corporation into the alien/human romance that appears to be going on. 

The first subject of research was the Bechtel Corporation (and that took some time) but there it was, the early founding of the Bechtel Corporation lead right back to the railroad. If this corporation was involved with the construction of the underground bases then the railroad had to have played a big part in the cover-up of the alien crashes and recovered craft and the transport of them, because they could not have moved craft from one state to another on the highway and roads starting way back in the 1940's without large public awareness, so the only thing that made sense was the removals by railroad.

In the summer of 1947 there was a lot of activity in the Roswell, New Mexico area with evidence of flying saucer crashes and the recovery of non-human humanoids, some possibly surviving for a period of time. The Roswell Crash and the MJ-12 documents suggest significant activity in this area. The support and transport requirements have been the subject of in-depth research. The use of the nation's railway system was probably used for transport of wreckage and/or bodies from the Socorro and Magdalena area to Muroc (Edwards AFB, California). Immediate holding facilities would most likely have been the initial concern prior to long distance transport. 

The Roswell Army Air Field, which had chronicled involvement in the retrieval operations, no doubt was forced to act quickly once the orders for secrecy were issued. They may have needed a friend, someone with whom they had dealings and could trust, someone who was nearby. That someone may well have been one of the most influential and powerful corporate controllers of the region. At the time Robert O. Anderson was a thirty year prosperous oil man. He arrived in Roswell from Chicago several years earlier and tapped into the rich Permian Basin to support the oil refinery he operated in nearby Artesia. During the war years he supplied gas and oil to the numerous military posts that sprang up in the southwest. He also supplied the diesel fuel for the bomb projects at Los Alamos. You should know by now that you don't have positions like he had unless you are a part of the power elite group that control everything to do with the railroad monopolies. 

Anderson might have known Dr. Edward Teller. Teller and Anderson may have known each other earlier at the University of Chicago, where Anderson studied geology and economics and Teller built the atomic bomb. Today, Teller is mentioned as a possible participant in the Roswell cover-up. 

Robert Anderson was honored in a 1986 edition of Fortune Magazine, was at one time involved with the largest land holding in the United States with massive holdings in New Mexico and Texas. No doubt this was railroad controlled land used for development of the natural resources whatever they may have been, above or below the ground. Anderson was aligned with the U.S. military when the government took over one million acres of land in New Mexico in 1945. Which was to become known as White Sands Missile Range. It was there that our earliest bombs were detonated and subsequently became the site of the famous Trinity Project. 

The events at White Sands may also have attracted the attention of an extraterrestrial culture. When "Mac" Brazel went into town on July 7, 1947 he heard stories about "flying saucers" in the Roswell area. That was when he began to wonder about the explosion he heard out on the J.B. Foster ranch several days earlier that he had discounted as an electrical storm. 

Perhaps Anderson was contacted for assistance; perhaps even some of his own land had to be searched and sealed off; perhaps he had heard of the events and called on his friends at the Roswell Army. 

If the New Mexico crash retrieval operations involved an extraterrestrial craft, what might have happened to the occupants? Since field operations would be inappropriate, were there any facilities nearby that could provide the pathological analysis? Maybe they were sent to a well known government subsidized research institute which had at least two medical divisions located at the base at Kirkland A.F.B. in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They needed a facility that had advanced technology and tools. According to Medical and Health Sciences, their current capabilities included studies that focus on the chemical and radioactive properties of materials, pathogenesis of respiratory diseases, treatment for inhalation of radionuclides, toxicokinetics, research in pulmonary physiology, hematology, microbiology, aerospace medicine, and design and development of atraumatic diagnostic instrumentation. 

The Institutes are part of a parent foundation of the same name and are associated with a major Albuquerque medical center. The foundation began in 1947, the year of the crash incidents. Robert Anderson serves prominently on the Board of Directors at this medical Foundation. He is described as a progressive thinker and humanitarian. This former CEO of the sixth largest oil company in America still resides in Roswell, New Mexico. He also operates a local oil company and the Diamond A Cattle Company. The company's vice president is Anderson's son who resides in Albuquerque, both incidentally are members of the Council on Foreign Relations adding yet another interesting twist to these odd non-coincidental connections. Anderson was the Director of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1974 to 1988. Have you just for fun, every ask yourself just how Foreign these relations reach. 

Anderson is the former Chairman and now Honorary President of The Aspen Institute, (one of the most elite think tanks in the world) with branches around the globe. Research has repeatedly shown a deliberate government cover-up, proving that corporate and institutional cover-up was of an even greater magnitude. 

The Jim Harber Story gives great details about another New Mexico saucer railway transport in 1949. In the summer of 1949, 

Jim Harber was eleven years old and lived on a farm in Newbern, Tennessee. The Illinois Central Railroad ran right through town. Jim's fascination with steam engines once got him in the dog house when he hopped up on one of the freight trains that was sided at the local depot. It seems the train conductor caught him and paddled his behind good and proper, leaving him with a healthy dose engraved memory of the preceding events.  

On this summer afternoon when Jim went into town, to once again check out the steam engine locomotive that had pulled off on the side spur. The train was about ten to fifteen cars long consisting mostly of box cars. Two flat cars were coupled behind the Tinder, one carried harvesting equipment but the other flat car is what really got Jim's attention. Covered with a tightly drawn tarp was what appeared to him to be a large domed shaped object that protruded over the sides of the flat car by about a foot. In a still noticeable southern drawl, he asked the trainman standing next to the flat car, "What ya got on there"? He replied "That's one of them Flying Saucer things". His inquiries also revealed the craft had come from New Mexico and it was being transported to Washington D.C. 

His curiosity got to him and he decided to investigate the flying saucer. The curious eleven year old boy climbed up onto the flat car and sneaked under the tarp. He found the craft to be slick as if waxed and upon tapping the side of the craft found that it sounded hollow, (it was estimated that the walls of the craft were about a quarter of an inch thick.) The disc was about 14 feet in diameter, like two inverted bowls coming together at a 20-25 degree angle. With the tightly drawn tarp. he only got a look at the under side. The color was gray like stainless steel, only darker. It was perfectly round and sat on three legs which were the same color as the craft. The legs each sat in pie pan looking pods about one foot in diameter. There were no markings visible and no signs of damage. 

If the craft really came from New Mexico, the possible route the flat car could have taken, would have been across through Arkansas to Memphis where it was put on the Illinois Central track and brought up to Ohio (with a possible stop at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base) and sent on across to Washington, D.C. It's not at all odd that freight going all the way through to some place like Washington would be routed through such a small side spur like Newbern, unless it was to avoid large cities and curious people. It only makes sense that if you wanted to transport something across country without drawing attention to it, then taking the least populated rural route might be your best bet.

Two years ago, I was given information about an ongoing secret military' project. One person had come in contact with the "Top Secret" file in a general's' office in the Pentagon. This person had gotten to actually read the file and to say the least from what he told me he was just a wee bit shaken up at what the project proposed to do. According to what he related to me this project was an effort to utilize the "Unified Field Theory" that Einstein had perfected in his time and the government had seized to keep it from a public, (they felt the people were not mature enough to handle the information). In utilizing the unified field theory in the simplest terms it refers to the physical mass of the human body the result would be awesome and almost beyond belief for most common people. In short the apotheosis of a human. 
Image result for IMAGES OF Kirlian Photography.Image result for IMAGES OF Kirlian Photography.
Image result for IMAGES OF Kirlian Photography.Image result for IMAGES OF Kirlian Photography.

We need to understand in simple words that what Einstein had discovered was all "mass" is nothing more than coagulated thought and light. Nothing exists in this universe without the application of thought. Someone or something has to create everything first with the thought to design it. Also all existing mass "things" even people, animals etc. are a coagulation of energy (thought). Everything is made up of elements from the atomic table and that is most definitely "energy", and energy is most definitely "light". Are you with me so far? If you don't believe this, you will find pictures of Kirlian Photography. This is a special type of photography that photographs the "energy" or "light field" that is around matter in different degrees and all living things have very active and ever changing light fields of all colors. All colors, not just blue or green or red. but all colors. Why is that you ask? Because different colors of the spectrum, are different frequencies of energy all the way from Hertizan to Gamma Ray and beyond. Colors also represent different levels of vibration or density that are also related to electromagnetic fields, or frequency. As you can see. each color is related to a radio or energy frequencies. Refer to the Chapter on the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. 

Now in simple terms, what Einstein found out was that by unifying the fields you can take mass, coagulated thought or light energy which could be anything, and accelerate the electromagnetic field or the set light frequency that the object exists in, accelerate it by adding more electric energy to it, and by speeding up the magnetic fields that exist around the object you take it into another light frequency or density. Say you took a rabbit and placed it between electromagnetic fields and accelerate the rabbits elector-magnetic fields, the rabbit would first turn a glowing blue and would look like a hologram and chances are if you tried to touch the rabbit your hand would quite simply just pass through it. Next the rabbit would become a bright light and then it would just disappear. Where did it go? The rabbit is still where it was if it didn't hop away. Why can't you see it? Because it is in another level of light, energy frequency or density, of existence in another dimensional level now. What happens if you turn off the electromagnetic accelerator? The process is reversed and your rabbit comes back. I know that right about now most of you are thinking this is garbage, but that fact of the matter is that it is true. 

Now a little about the different levels of energy or colored light. As it relates to mankind on this planet most every person on the planet earth vibrates at a set frequency. For simplicity, let us say that there are only seven different levels of vibration on this earth plane. Each one of these levels of vibration is called a dimensional level. And all mankind exists in the third dimensional level on earth. For the human, these different levels also relate to the human body and the endocrine system of the body. For those of you that don't know what the endocrine glands are, they are ductless glands and they secrete their products into the blood. The secretions of endocrine glands are always hormone, chemicals that regulate various physiological activities. The glands that this system consists of are the Ovaries or Testes in female or male, pancreas, adrenal glands, thymus gland, thyroid gland, pituitary gland and the pineal gland. Each one of these glands in the body relate to what level of dimensional reality a person functions in. Most humans on the earth at this time are unfortunately locked into a reality of unawareness as to who and what they really are and that is because the few in control of everything have worked for centuries to keep mankind unaware so that they can put yokes around your neck and keep you as uneducated and unaware as possible as to what the truth about you really is. It is all part of a bigger plan! This way they can control and dominate you. 

Each one of the endocrine glands have an energetic level and the sexual glands are the most powerful because they have lots of energy "power" to create new life, the sexual glands relate to level number one in a reality and we will call them "procreation and survival", then you have pancreas and adrenal glands and these are  levels two and three, and we will relate these to "Pain and Power" or "Victim and Controller". Reproduction, power and pain, these are levels one, two and three. The third density or dimensional level is were most everyone lives today. The people of this planet are very socially caught up in their little boxes or their image of who they think they are; be it doctor, lawyer or Indian chief. This is also refereed to as a social consciousness level number three. 

The planet earth is now in the process of taking its vibrational frequency into a higher level of density, which will accelerate everything on this planet into what is called forth density or the fourth dimensional reality. This well be accomplished in parallel with the earth changes, but it is a process that has already begun on this planet. In the forth dimension, people will still care for their physical bodies. It is also a dimensional level where compassion, understanding and unconditional love are predominant. Full conversion to the fourth density will occur between 2003 and 2013. The people that will survive this dimensional shift will have to be positively polarized in a path that is oriented towards unconditional love and service to others. There are people on earth now that are operating in the fourth density, and they will move on into the fifth and sixth density levels soon. 

The next step up in dimensional vibration will also thrust people into the realization that "one" (a person) is not separate from God. It is that kind of spectrum which has been called by the Christians as the "second coming". The second coming is a state of being and not an individual arriving and establishing a power hierarchy. 

The fourth density is a vibrational spectrum which is working in sync with the geological changes. The  time/space continuum has put Earth and that star system into that type of vibration. This causes the electromagnetic realignments within the body of the planet. The energies and collective thought forms of the population also disturbs the energy patterns of the planet. Geological changes accompany transition between densities. At this point we are in the last 20 years of the end of a cycle which has lasted 75,000 years. After the dimensional shift on Earth the evolution of man will be completed and there will be no need for "time" any longer and thus there will be no more "time." There will be a collapse of Time/Distance and Space. 

The object of our time here on earth has for thousands of years been to come to earth and grab an available body the third dimension, and figure out how to accelerate the vibratory frequency of the body to do it like we did the rabbit, and take it into other dimensional levels (forth, fifth, sixth and seventh). This process is talked about in the Keys of Enoch and also in the Bible in the book of Revelations. The following is not a new science, and it is not demonic possession, it is a birthright inheritance that has for thousands of years been genetically blocked in our brains by interfering genetic engineers from another galaxy. It is the rise of the Phoenix, the awakening. Another name for the seven endocrine gland in the body is "seals"; sometimes they are refereed to as "Chakras". For two thousand years there has been virtually no one that has been able to achieve this. 

This is only part of what Jesus was teaching when he was here, What I haven't told you so far about this little process is that once a person is able to accelerate his vibratory frequency into other levels of consciousness, they get some wonderful gifts; they have the capability to collapse time, distance and space and with a thought and they can travel from point "A" to point "B" at the speed of light. They have the capability to walk through walls, to grow a new limb or an organ inside their body, to become invisible, to create food and water out of thin air, the proper word is the "ethers". To touch a person and heal them; to raise the dead. 

The capability to see the past, present and future, because a person that can collapse time, because time becomes a no thing and everything and all times of the ages are all there together simultaneously. This person can see the past and the future as well as what is happening around him, having absolute awareness of everything, and everywhere at all times. They have the capability to pick up a thought from across the universe or to send one. This person never dies, and does not grow old, because for them there is no time any longer and if they are old when they achieve this new vibrator frequency their body reverses the aging process. 

This person will not need food or sleep and can create anything by simply having the thought and desiring it. These are some of the secrets that Jesus was teaching, shortly after he made his grand exit by ascending. There were others that followed his lead and also ascended into higher vibration level and dimensions. This is what he thought was to follow his lead and do what he did. He never taught people to worship him. That is something the church concocted to fill the flock full of lies to control them because if the people knew how to do the things that Jesus was teaching; the church and the Roman government would loss all control over people. 

When people go into other dimensional realities things start happening to them and they have a serious attitude adjustment rapidly. They soon start to discover unconditional love or they can't exist there. Your body and mind and spirit must be in sync in order to handle the dimensional shift. 

I have been there briefly and once there you realize that you are one with everything that exist everywhere, there is a part of you that is part of everything and is God. If you were fortunate enough to sample the next dimension up. when you come back from your short stay in an elevated frequency, it just might be a couple of steps on the way, not the full leap, you are changed and you may start to experience some of the following as we have. 

You feel everything around you, such as how that person seating next to you feels. You could be driving down the road on fine day as I was and feel someones sadness and just be to the point of tears and look  over and see a young girl sobbing as she drives down the road, or you could feel extreme joy from someone. Or you may hear you horses talk to you or your dog or cat. Or a rock may speak to you. It comes from their consciousness to yours it is a knowingness a new awareness that will open new vista for you. Someday you and your mate may be able to communicate to one another mentally over many miles. Or to touch someone you love very much an heal them of cancer. You may find that your body disrupts electricity of the lights in buildings or high voltage equipment. 

You may be having a romantic dinner by candlelight with the one you love and suddenly see X-ray and be looking at a talking skeleton setting across from you. You may be able to go out of your body and visit other places and have full memory of the journey. About this time you start realizing that every thought that you have starts to manifest and then you really have to be very careful as to what thought process you have because this capability knows no right or wrong it just manifest for you to experience. If you start doing any of these you are on your way. And if you want to learn how to do these things all you have to do to start the process is to think it and want it and you will start feeling changes. The more passionately you desire a thought the faster and more profound the manifestation becomes for your experience. All of this is a birth right as you start the apotheosis. Even in the bible it is stated in John 10:34 and in Psalm 82:6 that everyone has that birth right of the apotheosis becoming fully activated. For you my brothers and sisters take this tiny piece of knowledge and if it feels comfortable for you take it and expand on it all the way to heaven. Because having these capabilities over all kingdoms is heaven. 

Your next question I bet is how can I do this apotheosis process to myself? I can only tell from some of my experiences because I have no idea how the government is achieving the process with people unless they can put some kind of attachment on a person's electromagnetic field and accelerate it but that can be a fatal way to go if the body and mind is not ready for that much energy. Ideally it should be a progressive process of enrichment and expansion of the mind, spirit and the body follows so to say. 

What has to happen first is all the powerful energy that keeps your mind occupied with sexual desires has to be pushed up through the endocrine glands. It reaches the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain and opens up your brain. This process has been referred to as the rise of the Phoenix and the rise of the Kundalini. What it really is, is pure energy being forced up through all the endocrine glands and spinal column into the center of the brain were it will cause through the opening of the pineal gland a chemical or hormone to be released that will stimulate the entire body to raise in vibration and you will start to change. This is what the Yogas in India do. Once you start opening up the other 90% of the sleeping brain you can never be held back because it is your birthright to be all and know all and have absolute awareness and capabilities to use "thought". The next step up is the fourth dimensional level of vibrational frequency. 


On December 19, 1991, at about 6:00 P.M. in the evening, in an office building just off of interstate 459 in Birmingham, Alabama, my spouse and I were taking a work break. When we thought that we had been goofing off long enough and started back to work it was now 10:30. We could not believe that we had lost so much time. And at the same time we became very ill, nauseated, with a headache that would rip your head apart. We finished our work that night but we both knew that something really wild had happened to us and we had been left with a very uneasy feeling inside. 

After Christmas season was over I started trying to find a good hypnotherapist that would help people that thought that they had been abducted by aliens. At last, in late February we found a really good one and my spouse and I were hypnotized separately and the stories were the same. To say the least our therapist was really moved, scared, at the things that came out of the sessions. When he finished each of our sessions he did not close the sessions he left the door to our memory open so that when we could handle more of the information we would go into a hypnotic state and we would remember more events. The following is a brief recap of the memory so far: 

My spouse and I were taken right through four floors and the roof of an office building into a space ship. At that time we saw the little gray almond eyed aliens, the big nosed grays that are around five or so feet tall, there were also humans in black uniforms with a patch on it that was a red triangle with a black dragon with red eves on it. These humans were English and German speaking. 

We were stripped and put on tables and examined. At one point they stuck into our bodies at various places needles that were about twelve inches long and then run a scanner of some sort around this field of needles. At one point in the body work over they put something into my brain through the inside corner of my left eye. The pain was unbelievable and inside my brain it felt like and electric egg beater was going. I remember being questioned many times by three different humans and one was German. To the best of my memory they did not get their answers. My spouse and I were both at one point placed into a chair of a type and things were put on our head and a very bright light was put in our face. We had no choice but to look at it and then we were shown the future. We felt all of the emotions of the events as if we were really there but we were at the same time removed from it. What we were shown were the most saddening things I had ever seen. 

At some point we were taken to a underground complex of some kind, we do not know where it was geographically. When we arrived at the underground base the first thing that we saw was black helicopters that were unmarked and there were also UFO 's there also we do not know if they were alien or made by humans. There was a Page 390 Christopher: Pandora's Box group of people and aliens working on the various ships. We were taken by the guys in black uniforms down a long dark corridor. We arrived at a point in this corridor in front of some large steel doors that had some kind of strange markings on them and I remembered that fear ran through me and all I knew was that I didn't want to go behind those doors. 

But. we were taken into the room behind the doors, went through a process of removing our clothes, being decontaminated dressed in gowns then taken and each of us put on a table. I was strapped down on the one I was put on but my spouse was not strapped down. In this area was about seven of the reptilian grays, they are huge, smell bad and everyone is afraid of them. They are very aggressive and evil, the same as the Big-Nose Grays. 

These people's only desire is for total rule over the human race; they are in collusion with the Lucifer Rebellion (preference for intellect, manipulation hierarchies and the use of electronics over the preference for emotion, compassion, love, and a oneness with the Creator) and they only want you to worship them and when you tell them to "take a hike" they really have it in for you. I was questioned for a long time and just by my nature I was not helpful to them and gave them a lot of back talk. They beat me, they used something like a cattle prod on me, they hit me in the stomach; they were trying to find out everything that I knew about the subjects that 1 have been researching for the past few years and they wanted to know how my spouse and I were able to do the psychic things we do. 

They did not get any answers, I gave them a very hard time and at some point they decided to call in one of the big reptilian guys to do cruel things to me without killing me. So from across the room came this little Godzilla, undressing on the way to have his way with me. At this time, for some reason, my spouse was not being very well-guarded and made a break; he ran at this monster, knocked him off balance and tried to break  his neck; this was not a good idea, and the reptilian hit my spouse in the chest with an open hand and his body sailed through the air for about twenty feet. 

The men in the black uniforms quickly picked my spouse up and placed him on the table, where guards were stationed with machine guns pointed at his head. At that time they returned their attention to me and continued to torture me with the cattle prod. They also attached pads to various points on my body and stimulated me to a pre-orgastic state and held me there in an attempt to implant suggestions that I would follow. Their plan didn't work, because I recognized what they were doing and what their motivation was. 

At some point shortly there after I passed out; the body can only stand so much trauma and mine had enough. The next thing I knew, we were back in our clothes, in chain cuffs, hands locked behind us. being taken down a corridor. As we moved down this corridor we could see in one room reptilians in glass tubes in some kind of sleep state. They were all sizes, anywhere from six feet to twelve feet tall. 

Next we saw the UFOs, which were silver colored disks with three legs, and these were parked next to black helicopters; at that point all memory ends. 

In January of 1992, my spouse and I went through some kind of consciousness-shift and our psychic abilities and many other things took a quantum leap beyond anything I had ever heard of. Just to list a few of the things that were happening to us. We started seeing auras on everything, we can see X-ray, we disrupt electricity and dim and put out lights and power equipment. We have energy running in our bodies at such a high rate until sometimes we just vibrate. We gathered knowledge out of the air, we knew some of the future, and we felt everyone's' feelings; sometimes we felt like we were part of everything, my spouse and I feel each others pain, joy, sadness, all emotions. 

We know if someone is telling the truth or not. We have worked on healing; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, depending on the attitude of the person being worked on. (We communicate by telepathy and have levitated; the list goes on, and we are discovering more all the time). No one could give us answers for what had happened to us and what was happening to us. 

Our families first thought was that we were going crazy or we were on drugs and both are not true. In March of 1992. my spouse and I were taken again at this time and I was implanted with three different types of probes; my spouse cut two of them out from behind my right ear. One of them dissolved away after it was removed, and the other one remained intact, although it was reduced in size. I have now found out who put the probes in me and what kind of probes they were; I have found out that they used a probe that can cause behavior modification to the point of suicide. 

In the fall of 1992, I spent almost two weeks following this traveling self-proclaimed evangelist around the country who was telling people that he had worked for corporations that had developed the implant probes that are being used on people for "mind control. Also, the new probe that is talked about in Revelations of the Bible that will carry all of your personal and financial information embedded in your hand or forehead. It is also a transmitter and a receiver. 

I asked this man about the probes that my spouse had dug out from behind my right ear. When I told him what they look like, he turned white. One was a tiny light blue sponge-ball type thing and the other one was a red snowflake looking thing. I asked him what they were for, and he went into great detail about the blue sponge-ball type; it was for behavior modification and mind control, as well as for sending and receiving messages. When I questioned him about the red snowflake one, he really backed off. He didn't really want to tell me anything about it, then at the end of almost two weeks of following this man, he finally talked a little more and told me that the red one was used to render someone or a former agent incapable of being used by anyone again. 

This is why I was feeling like doing bodily harm to myself. He told me that he had never heard of them using the two side by side, maybe I had been implanted by two different groups. He told me that the implants or probes are placed on particular nerves and work something like acupuncture in a way. We also talked about the one that they had put into my brain through the corner of my eye and he was shocked that I knew how they had put it there. 

He told me that prisoners in jail are implanted that way; no one knows how it is done except the ones that perform the operation; he was shocked that I could tell him how it was done in detail. I asked what it is for. and he said in prison it is used on child molesters and sex offenders. It is also used to block the exchange function between the pineal and pituitary glands in the brain. In short, they are trying to block the expanded evolution of the brain. 

God only knows how many people are walking around with these things in them to totally control them. He told me that the CIA, FBI and all agencies of the government used them. When  I was implanted with the things there was three types of the gray aliens there, as well as German and American people who were wearing special forces uniforms. 

It is believed that centuries ago. the surface people of earth (some believe it to be the Illuminati and the Catholic Church) entered into a pact with a group of aliens from another world known as the "Lucifer Rebellion"; they have been known by many different names down through time. A few thousand years ago, their leader was flying around in his spaceship causing all kinds of problem on earth with its occupants. This leader of the Lucifer Rebellion called himself "Jehovah", although "the Jehovah" is technically a species of beings. In the Bible are listed many aspects of "Jehovah's' Reign of Terror"; just to mention a few, examine Ezekiel 1:1-25, Joshua 6:21,24 and 10:40. 

I guess the one thing that keeps coming to mind about the "God" Jehovah, is a line that was in one of the "Star Trek" movies when Spock asks an entity "why does God need a spaceship to travel " In Ezekiel. it talks about the landing of some kind of flying ship. That wasn't God landing - it was a group of highly advanced ego maniacs that found a primitive world of people that had decided to raise their intelligence level enough to be helpful to them and otherwise take control of the populous and keep them ignorant of the facts about the evolution of man. 

In 1933, when these aliens returned to earth again, they made an agreement with the United States shadow government to trade animals and humans in exchange for the alien technology, and to allow them to use (undisturbed) "Underground Bases", in the Western U.S. A special group of people was formed to deal with the alien beings. 

In the 1940's, aliens began shifting their focus of operations, from South America to the United States. These aliens are of a reptilian humanoid species which have at some time cross-bred with a group of the sapien humans. They are untrustworthy, manipulating mercenaries, and are nothing but bad news. They look horrible and smell even worse. 

These aliens are in conflict over who is going to get control of the planet earth. Meanwhile the good guys (the angels) are here trying to make contact with the people to offset the negativity that the Lucifer Rebellion has caused. There is a high order that forbids beings from outside this world to interfere with our evolution, but some time back the rule book got burned and it has obviously been a free for all over who is going to control earth. 

While all this has been going on for thousands of years, mental control has been shifted into overdrive in every form imaginable. There is a much publicized underground base called Dulce. It is a joint U.S. government/Alien Base, and others are in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and generally spread around the entire United States. At these underground bases, there is a vast network of underground tunnels that have electromagnetically powered shuttle vehicles (trains) which can travel at great speeds. They connect the hidden cities and complexes. 

Obviously these bases didn't just suddenly appear, someone had to build them, but who? It would have to be a corporation that was familiar with large projects and unusual engineer problems. And of course it would have to be assisted by corporate America. 

In 1959 there was the "RAND SYMPOSIUM", which covered advances in underground tunneling technology: over 650 attendees came. Most were representatives of the corporate America. Such companies as General Electric Company; AT&T; Hughes Aircraft; Northrop Corp.; Sandia Corp..; Stanford Research Institute; Walsh Construction Company; Colorado School of Mines and The Bechtel Corporation (one of the major underground construction companies) were represented. Bechtel is a supersecret international corporate octopus, founded in 1898. Some say the firm is really a "shadow government" which became a working arm of the CIA. It is the largest construction and engineering outfit in the world (some say even beyond). 


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