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"The Mystery of the Russian Madonnas". Arcades in the Soul

"The Mystery of the Russian Madonnas". Arcades in the Soul
The Russian Madonnas and the sacrifices of children of Castel Sant'Angelo

Many things surprise Pope Francis, such as praying before the icon of a pirate virgin, one of the most important voodoo spirits, because some images of the Virgin are true works of black magic. Through Santeria we will discover that things as different as the Patron of the Artillery, the princess of the Disney story, the cave paintings of Australia, the Russian virgins and the dance of the seven veils, are really the same. All with abundant gore props of sacred hearts pierced by thorns and swords. And in the end, just for strong stomachs, one of the most gruesome stories that can be written. If this were a movie, we would say goodbye to the scriptwriter, but it's about reality and history ... Who do we have to fire?

Yes, we said goodbye to them. Soon they will leave and we will have a planet of Light, Peace, Love and Freedom.

The Voice of Truth speaks softly to make sure that who wants to hear it, wants to hear it.

Today October 13 I am in Rome attending the Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary and the ritual of activation of the "Final Solution", or the ritual of fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima see Fatima-Rome, the-Solution -Final Today October 13 is the anniversary of the last appearance of the Virgin in Fatima and therefore of the day that the miracle of the "Dance of the Sun" took place, for some the most multitudinous UFO sighting in history ...

When Francisco was elected, he immediately expressed the desire to consecrate his pontificate to the Virgin of Fatima , something that in a few weeks he had fulfilled. Four days after being named pope, in his first Angelus, Pope Francis quoted, as who does not want the thing, the Virgin of Fatima ... today he is delivering (consecrating) the World. 

Undoubtedly the Virgin of Fatima is her great weakness, only overcome by the curious passion that Francisco feels for the Russian virgins.

The mystery of the Russian 
Madonnas and ... of the ball
Let's unveil why the passion for iconsNot long ago we were able to enjoy an unprecedented image in Rome, that of a Pope entering a basilica with a beach ball in his hand. The mysterious phenomenon did not last long, as soon as we saw it deposited in front of the Byzantine icon of the Virgin "Salus Populi Romani" in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore . It was the small souvenir that Francisco brought from his trip to the WYD in Rio de Janeiro: a t-shirt for the Virgin and a beach ball for the child who, despite the adult appearance with which he is represented in these types of icons, He also had childhood.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Virgin Mary,
Even before leaving for Rio, the Pope came to pray before this icon , which is his little weakness. We already explained www.soysanador.com/mariolatria in how the first thing Francisco did as a father was to visit this virgin. It was on his first day of pontificate, very early in the morning ... the first thing he did once he was chosen.

According to tradition, the "Salus Populi Romani" or Protector of the Roman People was painted by St. Luke on a piece of wood from the same table on which Jesus dined with the apostles. Like many other similar icons, its antiquity goes back to that of the first Christians. It is exhibited in a dedicated chapel in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore , another Roman church related to esotericism and the first sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the West.

Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Virgin Mary,
Francis in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore 
before the Virgin «Salus Populi Romani»
This little icon is considered miraculous, and has been carried in procession through the streets of Rome on many occasions. In 1954, the icon was crowned by Pope Pius XII, as "Queen of the World" and is currently the Patron of the World Youth Days, so a replica of the icon always accompanies the pope in all its editions.

Francisco's passion for Russian icons is also shared by Benedict XVI. On the occasion of the interview they had shortly after the coronation, they prayed together before another icon, the one of the virgin-black-of Czestochowa . 

This black Madonna, who could be baptized as the virgin Voodoo, is the beginning of this story ....
The Story, that mischievous and playful girl who knows everything but not everything tells, offers us a brief walk to meet the "virgins Voodoo" and the very suspicious coincidences between Santería, Voodoo, Tarot and devotion to the Virgin Mary:
Virgin of Czestochowa, 
the Madonna of Voodoo

The icon that provokes the prayer of the popes in the photo, is the Black Virgin of Częstochowa, the most revered relic of Poland and one of its national symbols. King John II of Poland crowned her as Queen and Protector of Poland in the Cathedral of Lwów in 1656. Her most characteristic feature are the three cuts on her cheek that give her a somewhat filibustero air, unpublished in a virgin. We will see later the importance of this brand and its relationship with the three nails of Christ that appear in the logo of the Society of Jesus. 
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Czestochowa, Virgin Mary,
Original icon of the Virgin of Czestochowa. 
Through Photoshop we have clarified the image
 to be able to appreciate its face, 
because it is much darker still.
According to tradition, the "Black Madonna" - as it is known - was originally painted by Luke the Evangelist,like the virgin "Salus Populi Romani" that Francisco Bergoglio loves so much . As he painted it, everything that Luke "transcribed" later in his Gospel was channeled. 

Luke the Evangelist, besides being a writer, was also a prolific sculptor. According to the Vatican, his is the statue of the virgin "Moreneta" in Catalonia, which disappeared during the Muslim domination in Spain and was rediscovered around 880 in a cave on the mountain of Montserrat.

As a writer Luke, the evangelist wrote in his Gospel: 

"And to you a sword of pain will pierce your heart" (Luke 2:35) 
Czestochowa Virgin Mary, Jesuits, Pope Francis
Of the four images on the left, one does not belong to the Virgin of Czestochowa. Observe their warm gaze of peace, tenderness and love. And above all do not forget the detail of the scar on the cheek ... this virgin has just been in Spain and tomorrow can be found in any corner. Watch out
Was Luke a seer who anticipated the symbol of the Sacred Heart of Mary or a misogynist who loves voodoo? What happened by chance? Or there is a hidden hand that creates, invents, attributes everything according to a well-laid out timeless plan

The Virgin of Czestochowa is on tour around the world and has already visited her two sisters in Fatima and Lourdes in the last year. He has traveled more than 30,000 km in "defense of life" and has been seen in various parts of Spain and in front of many abortion clinics in the USA. 
Czestochowa Virgin Mary, Jesuits
Because that is the reason for his tour, "defend life", but not the children who die of hunger, in boats, in wars, etc.

The "Black Madonna" of Częstochowa, is associated with Ezili Dantor, one of the most important spirits in Santería. Some attribute this curious association to that Polish soldiers took her to Haiti when they fought in the Haitian Revolution of 1802, others to which Catholic monks found her there and brought her to Poland. The truth is another ...

Virgin of Czestochowa = 
Ezili Dantor = Ishtar 
Ezili Danto, prototype of the black virgins in Santería, is the equivalent of the Christian virgin known as the "Black Madonna" of Częstochowa

Ezili Danto is a Lwa (spirits or lesser gods) whose symbol is a heart ... (like the Immaculate Heart of Mary ...) It is a warrior and protective fierce, lover of beauty and luxury. She is capricious, attractive, seductive and flirts with all men, having conquered almost all the Lwa of the Voodoo pantheon. 

It could be the black version of Aphrodite, goddess of fertility and harvests and then reconverted to the goddess of Love (Venus). His sensuality and sexuality coincide perfectly with those of Ishtar the Babylonian-Anunnaki goddess. Also its ferocity (it is the Hindu Kali): in some houses its altar is usually separated from the others by its uncontrollable energy. 
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
on the far left the "Madonna Negra" of Częstochowa and two versions of Ezili Danto, his version in Santería. Voodoo has managed to 
make it show its true nature .... Ishtar.
Ezili Danto (Ishtar) likes knives, like the one who stabbed his sister Ezili Freda (Ereshkigal) in the heart in a fight,hence the symbol of the Sacred Heart pierced by a sword. The three scars on his face are in turn, the nails that his sister nailed him in the fight.
Ezili Freda, sister of Exili Dantor = Virgen de los Dolores
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
The Ezili are a family of Lwa or spirits that share symbols: the knives and the pierced heart. The same symbols of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary , the same ones that were given to Santa Margarita Alacoque in the first design she made of the Catholic icon of the pierced heart (see www.soysanador.com/latrampa-del-corazon-rojo ) AND the same ones of the red heart of Cupid and of Valentine, where the knives have been replaced by arrows.

Ezili Danto, that is the Virgin of Częstochowa, had a sister named Ezili Freda, in the same way that Ishtar had a sister whose name was Ereshkigal, the Queen of the Underworld.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Virgin Dolores
Ezili Freda is described as a beautiful mulatto very 'lazy' , lover of luxury and more busy in painting their nails than in listening to the pleas of their worshipers. However, it is a woman who can never reach the position she covets, because of her cinnamon skin. And because his sister is Ishtar, whose power among the Anunnaki ruling family is incontestable. In fact Ershkigal was sent to "reign" far away, to the Great Land of Down, Australia. 

Ereshkihal (Ezili Freda), sister of Ishtar
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
The seven garments (the seven swords of the Virgin of Sorrows) 
are the origin of the Dance of the seven veils.
Ereshkigal (who is Ezili Freda) is called the Lady of the Great Land of Down (Australia or Kurnugui in Aboriginal language) and was the goddess of the underworld and darkness. 

According to the myth of Ishtar's descent into the underworld, when Ishtar became a widow, she arrived at the gates of Kurnugui, ordering that she be allowed to pass and threatening to knock them down if she was ignored (Ishtar is known for her bad temper). The doorman went to speak immediately with Ereshkigal who let her in on the condition that he take off a piece of clothing in each room through which he passed. She did so and with each one of the seven pieces she was stripped of her power, until she arrived naked and helpless before Ereshkigal. It is the origin of the Dance of the Seven Veils.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
The current consequences of the fight between the two adorable sisters who loved each other we already know them: one carries a nail / knife / 
sword in the heart and the other a scar on the face
When Ishtar was before her sister, she launched herself like a beast on her, being reduced immediately. Later Enki wanted to rescue her and with the dirt of her own nails she created two little beings, Kalaturru and Kurgarru ...

Kurnugui, Kalaturru and Kurgarruy are aboriginal words very similar to many others we met in the Kakadu National Park , in the Northern Territory in Australia (for example, the famous kangourou / kangaroo) . There we were in a steep mountain whose peak was the dwelling of Ereshkigal, the Lady of the Great Land of Down, where excellent cave paintings and an Anunnaki souvenir, the Atawa, are preserved.

Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
Above, the mass of Burrunggui (Nourlangie Rock) stands in the middle of the jungle at the Australian sunrise. It was the home of Ereshkigal who was Barrginj, wife of the god of lightning Namarrgon (Sumerian Nergal). The photo is taken from the exact place of Atawa.

Danto and Freda, the Voodoo sisters
Voodoo or Vodou means a "superior god" who has a wife and from which the clans come out in which more than 50 gods are organized. That voodoo or superior god is above earthly reality and has those family clans as its representatives. It is nothing more and nothing less than the story of Anu and his wife Antu, parents of Enki and Enlil, two lineages of stepbrothers and their respective descendants. Anu and Antu did not live on earth-they were in charge of Enki (Lucifer) and Enlil (Jehovah) - they only visited her from time to time.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Ezili Freda, Ezili Danto
Two dolls for sale to make voodoo that represent the two sisters. 
One is represented by its seal or veve and the other by its "imitation" of the Black Madonna with knife and child included.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Ezili Frada
Left: the girl in the costume, like the dolls to make Voodoo, has a red heart. In the middle, the Sacred Heart of the Virgin of Sorrows, crossed by seven swords, a clear case of "catholic voodoo".

Prayer to Ezili Freda:
"Seven stabs with the knife, 
seven stabs with the sword

Give me the bowl, 
I'll vomit blood 
The blood runs down"
In the Haitian voodoo Ezili Danto is represented as Santa Bárbara, which opens a bottomless pit in our collective subconscious. ..
Ezili Dantor = Santa Bárbara
Santa Bárbara is a syncretism of the Haitian voodoo of Ezili Danto (Virgin of Częstochowa, Ishtar) and she is invoked to resolve matters of love since she died very young and virgin for wanting to consecrate herself entirely to God. She lived in Turkey around the year 300. We owe her the archetype of the beautiful princess, pure of heart, who lives locked in the tower of a castle , which has been used until exhaustion in children's stories and not so childish.Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
It is said that her father locked her in a tower to keep her safe because such was her beauty that she feared that men would seduce her if they could admire her. In the absence of her father, Barbara converted to Catholicism, and had three windows opened in the tower where she was held , symbolizing the Trinity. When his father found out he ordered her to punish. The true meaning of the three windows we will see when we explain in depth the codes 666, but for now we know that it is the same as the three marks on the face of the Virgin of Częstochowa / Ezili Danto or the three nails of Christ in the IHS logo Jesuit.

From here on there are two versions of the story. In one the father walked her naked on a horse to expose her before the whole town until the Saint asked the sky that no one could see her in such a way and a storm covered her nakedness with clouds. This story has earned her to be the saint of storms. 

According to the other version, more "hardcore", the santa would have been tied to a colt, flagellated, torn with iron rakes, burned with irons and strolled naked through the city before cutting her breasts. The wrath of God soon punished the torturers, and his father fell instantly struck by lightning .
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
Left, the princess trying to get her rescuer to climb up her long and beautiful mane. On the right, Santa Bárbara always carrying his tower.
This sudden death has made her the patron of the professions that handle explosives (by lightning) and especially of the miners. (Santa Bárbara Bendita, tranlará, tralará, patron of the miners, look, look Maruxina look ...) 

Likewise, she is also patron of the Artillery Weapon in most of the armies of the world and often appears with cannons near she. In the navy gives name to the warehouse of explosives of the ship. 

Of his life, scarcely documented, we know that his head was very large ... parts of it are preserved in Mantova, Montecatini , Seville , Kiev , RavelloRome , Lviv and in Dignano.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
Santa Barbara is remembered in almost all the armies of the world. To the left frontal of a French helmet in the 1st GM that, coincidences of life, is exactly the same as the burning heart symbol of the SC of Jesus and the SC of Mary.
Santa Bárbara = The Tarot Tower
Actually, the creation of the character of Santa Barbara is due to the Tarot cards . 
Tarot, Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
The letter of the Tower in two different decks. Almost all the elements of the iconography of Santa Bárbara are observed, such as lightning and three windows.

The Tarot originated in the sixteenth century but possibly its sources are lost in the origin of time. Santa Barbara part of the letter of "The Tower" and adds other components and meanings, but maintaining the magical-divine character.

Traditionally "The Tower" is associated with chaos, accidents, catastrophes, ruin and in general represents the "divine wrath" with its destructive beam. It is considered the most negative card of the Tarot by many specialists. It often symbolizes the punishment of men who want to rise above their possibilities and there links with the biblical episode of the Tower of Babel, which also ended destroyed by the wrath of God.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
The letter of "The Tower": "Rays that fall on towers of weak foundations for arrogance" ... any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. (photo of the beam that fell on the Dome of San Pedro the day 
after the resignation of Benedict XVI)
The Tarot Tower is the Tower of Babel. They are two icons that deal with the same event, each one in its own way. The false Anunnaki ancient gods limited the human being so that he could not complete the path of evolution, which could lead them to want to be like their masters / gods. The same reason that causes the ray of the wrath of God that destroys the Tower of the Tarot. 
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Maria, Santa Barbara, Tower of Babel
 Babel and Mordor, two famous towers on whose peak lies 
the OO Origin of Darkness on the planet

The tower of Babel has the shape of a spiral staircase, one of the most important and unknown symbols of Freemasonry , which represents this path of ascension. A road that was cut off as a guarantee that the Anunnaki supremacy would never be in danger.

The Bible tells us that the arrogance of men, who wanted to build the highest tower to reach heaven (enlightenment), provoked the wrath of God . A false god quite lacking in self-control (at least in the Old Testament) that made human aspirations lose confusing the builders of the tower with multiple different languages . Chaos was created and men lost the possibility of continuing to grow towards heaven. And the Tower of Babel ended up as an urban macroproject of any city council of 21st century Spain.

Great metaphor, but let's go to its true meaning that is encrypted in the iconography of Santa Barbara: 

To ensure that men would never reach the height of their "masters", some limiting codes were created. The "Anunnaki masters" had used their own DNA for a genetic modification that created homo sapiens from a primitive hominid ... the missing link that science keeps looking for and that in the Bible is explained with the famous phrase " Let's make to man in our image and likeness . "

One of these limiters that had to guarantee their supremacy forever, are the 666 codes, frequencies that are incorporated into the human body and that separate it from its original vibration,diminish it and weaken it (see the third part of this article to learn more). about the codes 666 ) 

These codes are represented in detail in the iconography of Santa Barbara:

The three windows : the three emitting emitters of codes that there are in the world: Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, Cathedral of Toledo in Spain and Cathedral of San Juan de Letrán in Rome. 
· The beam, the energetic discharge that implants them 
· The cannons, their destructive effect on the human being. 
· The chalice with the eucharist and the IHS is a code 666 in itself , as we will explain later.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
In addition to these, Santa Barbara is accompanied by other elements that completely differentiate her from other saints: a Crown, habitual in virgins but not in saints; a tower; a Sword (the nail, knife or sword of the Sacred Heart and Voodoo).

These peculiarities, along with other contradictory and theologically surprising elements, have caused that it is retired of the official Roman calendar in 1960 along with a series of saints considered of doubtful historical existence. In addition, there are no references to Santa Barbara in the revision of the martyrology of St. Jerome or among the early historians of Christianity. 

It is likely that the popularity of his figure in Cuban Santería has had to do with this decision ...

Santa Bárbara = Shangó
Santa Bárbara is related to Shangó, a greater Orisha god of thunder, lightning, fire, war, dance, all music and male beauty. After Obatala, Chango is the most powerful and most revered Orisha. 

And it is that in the Cuban Santería, which is the unification of the Catholic saints with the Yoruba gods, Shangó is the male version of Santa Barbara , with whom he shares symbols such as lightning and storm, the sword / double-edged ax (the of Santa Bábara) the red and white color and the palm leaf. 
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Santa Barbara, Shango
The next time you see a Disney princess movie, imagine the beautiful girl in her tower with this great body on the left. It's Shangó.
Interestingly, Santa Barbara is also the official patron of Cuba.

And as a climax to this "very brief" interconfessional walk, in which all are relatives and friends among themselves, I want to present the most horny couple and their European relative, the patron saint of the continent.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
Maman Briggite and her husband Baron Samedi
A black rooster, red hearts ... what does that sound like? 
Ahh ... I remember, the cock of Barcelos, that beautiful souvenir 
that I was brought from Portugal
Maman Brigite is justice, and she is represented as a very young woman with sweet features, with long hair, intense black color, and clear eyes, but her face is painted white as a skull, as is her husband Baron Samedi. She wears an elegant wedding dress and always walks barefoot, like a ghost singing and dancing through the cemetery in the light of the moon , for it is the Lwa of the cycle of life and death. His symbol is a black rooster ( black roosters are usually sacrificed in his honor when a woman becomes pregnant, to take care of the child ... aghhh!) And it is said that butterflies always rest on their hair, as a symbol of the short life of these insects

It is syncretized in Europe with Santa Brigida, which we discussed in our article about the Tyrrhenian Sea and the decline of Europe.

Baron Samedi or Baron del Cementerio, her husband, is the most mediatic of all voodoo and is a lover of dance, alcohol and sex. He was the first dead man buried in a cemetery and therefore is the guardian of it and to which you must ask permission every time someone is buried. Small couple
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara, Saint Brigida
portrait of Santa Brigida in the church of her name in Naples and ritual objects that surround her. A church that should be declared 
"not suitable for children under 16 years."
If Madam Brigite is the bride of the cemetery, in Europe we have a Saint who is called "The Bride", in theory because her name is similar in English (Bride). She is Santa Brigida and is the patron saint of Europe. Madam Brigite and Santa Briggite are the same figure .

The Saint of Swedish origin has a church in Naples. Better said, a terror theme park. The Castle of Dracula in Halloween is a place a hundred times more relaxing than this church crammed with black magic. Look where you look there are skulls and miniatures in children's silver, arms, eyes, ears and hands, etc. All of them ritual objects that contain astral entities. Energy entities created for a personal purpose or simply for the possession, cancellation, even "unraveling" of beings, either by eviction of their own soul, by physical deterioration or by suicide.

Chiesa de Santa Brígida is a master in magic.
The Virgin Mary practices 
Voodoo (the false one)
Before showing that a spirit of Santeria and the Virgin Mary are the same figure , I want to remember that when I speak of the virgin I never refer to the mother of Jesus, but to the one who has usurped her role, the false Sumerian Anunnaki goddess of Name Ishtar / Inanna. 
At no time I want to offend anyone, on the contrary, I want to end the great deception and unmask those who have caused or allowed.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Saint Barbara
The Vevés are graphic symbols that in voodoo are used to summon and attract the Lwa (spirits or minor gods) and represent them during rituals, usually painted on the ground. It is the equivalent to the demon seals of the medieval catholic grimoires, see part three of this article . Both are similarly made, as if they were all the work of the same author . And many of them enclose 666 codes adorned with graphics without transcendence.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Cupid
Vevés of the lwa Madris and Orundi that form a set of two 
united hearts that is very familiar to us, especially 
the fourteenth of February, the day of lovers.
All energy can be expressed in different ways, either as a wave, as a mathematical equation, as a graph ... The symbol not only contains the nature of the energy it is expressing, but it can also enclose an intention and work at the same time for its materialization, which makes them a very powerful tool.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Maria, Santa Barbara, Maman Briggite
Comparative of several examples of Veves and Seals of the Catholic demonology 
extracted from the Great Grimoire of Pope Honorius
 . His resemblance is revealing.

exili danto, fatima, pope francisco, new world order, jesuitas, vudu, virgin maria, santa barbara
Veve of the Lwa Ezili Danto, who is the Black Virgin of Częstochowa 
and by extension the Virgin Mary.
ezili danto, vudu, virgin maria
The Vevé is also the seal or anagram of the virgin Mary in Christianity, proof that it is the same figure, Ishtar the Babylonian-Anunnaki goddess. 
Nothing to do with the mother of Jesus.
 vudu, virgin maria
 Left: the anagram of the Virgin Mary at the bottom of the urn that shelters the authentic figure of the Virgin of Fatima in her sanctuary; Medium: nice shirt with diabolical seal on the chest; Right: masculine fashion with code 666 embroidered.
 vudu, virgin maria, flower of lys
The veil of Ezili Danto is also the symbol of the Flower of Lys, another hidden code 666 of which we will talk long and hard
 vudu, virgin maria, ezili freda
Veve of the Lwa Ezili Freda, the catholic virgin of the Dolores. 
It represents ultimately Ishtar's sister, Ereshkigal
 vudu, virgin maria, ezili fred
The Vevé by Ezili Freda, is the origin of the red heart symbol so common in our society. The most outrageous thing is that it pretends to be the symbol of Love, a deception to which we have all succumbed .
 vudu, ezili, virgin maria, ezili fred, sacred heart
The Vevé by Ezili Freda, is also behind the icon of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary ... pure voodoo.
 vudu, virgin maria, ezili freda
The Vevé by Ezili Freda ...! a sure hit for all kinds of gifts. 
Notice the mocking air of the heart that must be laughing at us. Both symbols enclose, as if that were not enough, the number of the bêstia, the 666, 
as we will demonstrate later.

 "The Mystery of the Russian Madonnas"
After this "brief" walk through Santeria, Voodoo, Christianity and black magic, we return to the passion of Pope Francis for the orthodox virgins, be the "Salus Populi Romani", to which he often worships and even he brings him souvenirs, or the Virgin of Czestochowa whom he has come to adore in the company of another pope, the resigned Benedict XVI.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
It has become clear that these virgins have their alter-ego, in Santería and in Voodoo, but ... what do these Russian virgins have that raise such passion in the "competition"? Why do non-Orthodox popes - Catholics, Apostolics and Romans - worship them so fervently?

What strange relationship is there between the orthodox icons of the Virgin and the Vatican? 

My information tells me that the key is in a well-known fortress near the Vatican, which on any of the previous trips to the Holy City (Santa?) Had occurred to me to visit.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
 "The Mystery of the Russian Madonnas"
I apologize for joking comparing this article with a black novel (and very black) because what I found there is too serious, too horrible, too real. Precisely for that reason, humor is an ideal antidote, especially for when one is alone and meets with barbarities like this one. And it is that until now it had never happened to me to find myself without words to explain a feeling like the one I was about to experience when leaving the Plaza de San Pedro. But I found it fast: "Arcades in the Soul"

The Russian Icons
Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church, before one of 
the beautiful icons that his "rival" the Catholic Pope so likes.
In the year 1054 there was a separation between the Eastern-Orthodox and Western-Roman churches. Before that date the dogmas and rites were the same for both churches and the Orthodox has kept them exactly the same until today (hence their name). Since the Roman has incorporated many changes, we can consider that the Orthodox Church is the direct continuation of the primitive Christian communities. 

The Virgin Mary has always been very present in the Orthodox Church, long before the "invention" of the Rosary or the Immaculate Conception. In fact the tradition says that the Virgin Mary died in Ephesus, the ancient city dedicated to Artemis (Ishtar) in Turkey. see www.soysanador.com/mariolatria

The orthodox icons, representations of the virgin, Jesus Christ and the saints venerated in Greece, Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe, are the best testimony of this intimate relationship. Some are of singular beauty and date from the earliest dates of Christianity. The main difference between icons and religious painting is that the icon, even though it is a work of art, is first of all a sacred symbolic object. It has a special force whose purpose is prayer and liturgy, not decoration or contemplation. 

According to the Church, this force is explained because in a consecrated icon of the virgin the virgin herself is present, that is to say that they are "true receptacles of the saints represented". In magic it is known that an object can be charged with energies, intentions and astral entities , or have an open door with them. For a magician it is easy to do. Even a child can understand it, but ask him about Aladdin and the genius that lived inside his lamp. When "something is consecrated to ..." it means that "something is given to ..." with all the consequences that this can bring. Faust did not take it into account when he exchanged his soul for the devil in exchange for pleasure and knowledge. 

There are some icons with more capacity to relate to this type of entities or energies. They are called "miraculous", the most famous to which they are attributed from all types of cures to war victories.

There are three types of orthodox icons dedicated to the Virgin Mary:
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example of virgin Odighitri
1º The Virgin Odighitria, or "the one who shows the way", who is holding the baby Jesus in her arms and pointing him out because He is the Truth and the Way. The child extends his right hand towards the observer, as a sign of blessing and holds in his hand a book or parchment of the Holy Scriptures.
Odighitria, Moreneta, Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary,
The Virgin of Vladimir , an icon of the early twelfth century, of the most famous in Russia and on your right the Moreneta of Catalonia.
2º The Virgin Eleúsa , who holds the Child but without the distance with which Odighitria does it. Here their faces touch, and the child passes at least one arm around his neck. The scene shows the strong bond that unites them as mother and child and usually conveys great tenderness. Its origin is in the Coptic church.

The virgin Eleúsa contrasts with the Catholic virgins, who often represent themselves alone, without the child, or with a measure of coldness as in the case of the Virgin of Montserrat in Catalonia, where mother and son go to their ball. And never better said.
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From left to right: The Virgin of Bogorodicy (Pokrov); Ereshkigal, the owl, in a popular image attributed to Ishtar; Rock painting of the goddess Barrginj, or Ereshkigal for the aborigines (P. National of Kakadu, Australia). 
The posture of the arms in all three cases is the same.
3º The Virgin Pokrov in which her facet of "Protection of the Mother of God " is represented, and which are related to a festivity of the Russian church. They are the least popular, among other things because they do not represent Ishtar-Inanna, the Sumerian-Anunnaki goddess but her sister Ereshkigal.
The Mother of God of Kazan
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Kazan, Ishtar
One of the oldest copies of the Virgin of Kazan. On his right the original cone, dated in the eighteenth century, although his devotion is much earlier.
The icon of the Virgin of Kazan is perhaps the best known - and copied - of all the Orthodox virgins Odighitria. It is one of the most revered images in Russia, known as the Kazanskaya, the "Mother and Protector of Russia". 

It is painted on a wooden board, and has sheets of silver and orbebrería that leaves only visible the faces of the Mother and the Son, as is tradition in many of the icons. María has the sad look of the virgins Eleúsa and her tilted head gives her an air of tenderness, which the other Odighitria do not usually have. Perhaps this is his success, or perhaps it is the secret that holds ...

The devotion to the Mother of God of Kazan began in the sixteenth century and spread brilliantly, being the protagonist of many miracles, like its counterpart in Rome the "Salus Populi Romani", the ball. In the twentieth century escaped by the hair of the Bolshevik regime that converted his house - the Cathedral of the Mother of God of Kazan in St. Petersburg - into a museum. After a busy life full of disappearances, battles and miracles, the ultra-Catholic group "Blue Army of Our Lady" of Fatima, bought it for half a million dollars at an auction in New York. His purpose was that, by returning him to the Church , the conversion of Russia would be fulfilled, that the Virgin of Fatima had announced the three shepherds.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Kazan, Ishtar
One of the many processions dedicated to the Virgin and the front of her Cathedral in St. Petersburg, with a gleaming "eye that sees everything" in the center.
The "Blue Army" built him a small armored chapel in Fatima and there the icon was kept until 1993, which was handed over to John Paul II who, for ten years, kept it in his rooms. Finally in 2004 it was returned to Russia .
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Kazan, Ishtar
Ceremony of the delivery of the icon of the Mother of God of Kazan 
in the Cathedral of the Dormition of Moscow in 2004
This stormy biography, her miraculous fame and the passions she raises around the world, make her suspicious of being one of those magical objects that "are true receptacles of the saints [or astral entities] represented . In the case of the Kazan icon this is a proven reality. I already worked on it in the Cathedral of Kazan, in St. Petersburg, when I was not yet aware of the importance of these icons. This object had anchored a work of magic that came to be like a work of curse to women, Russian or non-Russian.

I was not surprised, knowing the weakness of religious sectors for a woman "inferior" to be able to subdue, humiliate and abuse, what they morbidly call "sinful woman" in a mixture of moral justification and erotic fantasy. But ask the Dominicans ( www.soysanador.com/latrampa-del-corazon-rojo ). 

The Sumerian-Anunnaki magi, gods or kings knew that by subjecting and weakening the woman, the children-adult future-and the whole family are controlled. The woman "suitably cursed" is the key piece, the perfect strategy to subjugate and maintain with the physical and psychic forces just to survive, a whole society: And at the same time perpetuate itself as "masters" ... a cunning trick.

The Castle of the Russian Madonnas
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Castel Angelo
Truck of an active campaign in Rome in the days of the Consecration of the World to the SC of Mary. In the background, on the corner, the Archangel Michael and right at his feet the Treasure Room of the Popes where is 
the solution of the "Mystery of Russian Icons"
I walk away from the Mass of Consecration that is being held in St. Peter's Square, in the direction of a nearby Castle and right at their doors I stumble over the last track. parked truck of those who advertise the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The poster should put "Less Russian icons and more Sacred Heart " because it is a rivalry between factions of "diositos anunnakis", or a rivalry between high level magics ...

In St. Peter's Square they had already given me pamphlets of this strange campaign that may have made sense in their day, with the Bolshevik revolution and a war in between, but not now. In addition, the icon of Kazan not only cursed Russian women, but those of the whole world. In fact, as a protector, the Romanovs were not very useful. Tsar Nicholas II, in 1918, in his last political act consecrated his Empire to the Virgin of Kazan and a few days later he would be executed with all his family (except the little daughter Anastasia).
Castel Sant' Angelo ... 
Arcades in the Soul
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Castel Angelo
The Sant'Angelo Bridge , formerly Hadrian's Bridge. When crossing this bridge the hostile visits were with the imposing silhouette of the castle, 
as now do hundreds of tourists every day.
Formerly only the Vatican could be accessed by a bridge, the most beautiful in the city. But it had several exits, one of them, a high walled passage -il pasetto- by the time the popes wanted to leave with discretion from the Vatican. More than one pope has crossed the race rolling up his clothes so as not to trip because it was also the escape route that connected the Vatican with an impregnable fortress, the Castel Sant'Angelo, at the foot of the Tiber. By the way, the last time it was used was by Pope Clement VII, fleeing the troops of King Charles I of Spain.

In total it has six levels that make it a monumental bridal cake. Better still, a funeral cake , because first it was an Etruscan tomb, then a mausoleum of Roman emperors - the most famous of Hadrian's - a prison in the Middle Ages and a barracks in recent times. From 1200 it was the residence and military refuge of the popes but today it is a space reserved for tourists to comfortably make their long queues among numerous living statues. As if there were not enough of the stone ones in Rome anymore. 

In the year 125 AD Adriano's mausoleum was built , awide cylinder with volcanic stone and opus caementicium (the typical Roman concrete), which gives it an ugly appearance. At the top there was an artificial hill with cypresses and sculptures (in the Etruscan style), but now there are three floors superimposed as an overlay, which built the potatoes to make it their residence. And on the highest terrace, an imposing statue of the Archangel Michael sheathing, energetic, his sword that seems to point towards the ground.

Before the arrival of the popes, there was a large circular ramp that culminated in a room, the "Sala de las Urnas", where Hadrian's burial chamber was. Later, this mausoleum would be used as a cell where the prisoners considered most dangerous by the papal authorities were locked up, so that they would die of hunger and thirst . In the tomb there is a marble plaque with a poem presumably composed by Adriano himself.

Knowing the fate of those locked there, reading causes shudders, a prelude to what awaits us on higher floors:
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Castel Angelo
Adriano's tomb and the marble plaque with the poem that looks more like a mockery than a tribute to the human soul.
Small, delicate, hesitant soul , host and companion of the body, that now you disappear to where everything is pale, rigid and naked and you will not joke as you usually do ".
Image result for IMAGES FROM THE MOVIE "Da Vinci Code"
It is curious to see how cinema and literature imitate reality so many times ... It is true that many authors contact "ideas" or higher energies, of whatever kind, even without knowing it. This is the only way to explain how a good writer -and a de - informer- is Dan Brown,often cites places where there are really hidden secrets, but in totally false contexts. He nailed it by placing the "Da Vinci Code" in Rennes le Château and in "Angels and Demons," locating the killer's den right here. He even guessed right when the protagonist thinks that Miguel's sword points towards a window that is just below.

Of course, here there are no dens of illuminati's (which also do not exist, see A final game with three bands ) or cardinals locked up. This is a museum open to the public with hundreds of tourists every day, but it is true that the Archangel's sword points towards the ground. And right at his feet, on the lower floor, is the key to the "Mystery of the Russian Madonnas". Whether he points or not, is the least important thing. Tradition says that in the year 590, the city of Rome was devastated by a terrible plague epidemic. Pope Gregory the Great, famous for having instituted the Gregorian Chant, presided over a procession in penance until the Mausoleum of Hadrian (today Castel Sant'Angelo) and upon arriving there he had a vision of an angel sheathing the sword as a sign that the battle against the epidemic was over. In honor of that vision, the figure of the Archangel was placed on top of the castle.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Castel Angelo
From the roof of the mausoleum, just below the Angel, a narrow spiral staircase starts in the direction of the very center of the fortress. It leads to a short corridor that dies in a small circular room, almost without lighting ... 

A rope prevents entering inside, but only to look out I see myself jumping backwards, coughing, drowning and with a strong pressure on my head ... I give another I walked through the rooms of the Popes, thinking of the strategy to get closer to the room without the enormous demon guardian, so irascible, I left dust.
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Castel Angelo
The four trunks of excessive size ... empty.
- EGREGOR is called a conglomerate of accumulated energies, 
of the same origin and characteristics, and that can be shared 
by a certain human collective or by all Humanity.-
This room is the "Treasure Room", where the Popes kept their gold, jewels and valuable documents , the safe is going. It had two doors, whose keys had different people, and inside a lot of shelves and four trunks of excessive size, one even with space for a few people sitting comfortably, although it would not enter there nor for all the gold in the world. 

In these gloomy trunks there is a bond, an open bond with the Egregor of the energy accumulated during centuries of child sacrifices.

I prefer not to think about the sacrifices of children that can be made in the current times, it is enough for me that History tells us that they have been made. The sacrifices to the ancient pagan gods Baal and Moloch or to the Goddesses Astarte or Semiramis (Ishtar and his sister Ereshikigal), among others. 
Fatima, Pope Francis, New World Order, Jesuits, Vudu, Virgin Mary, Castel Angelo, Baal
Child delivered in sacrifice to the Hebrew God Baal.

In the offerings to these gods, animals and people were thrown into the fire (sacrifice by fire = holocaust). The preferred sacrifices were the children, especially the babies, who were given to the "god" by throwing them alive into a fire that burned inside a giant statue. While their families were forbidden to cry and the drums and trumpets played loudly to drown out the children's cries of terror.

The ancestral Egregor of these sacrifices, is a great amount of shared and accumulated energy, a mixture of the terror of the children, of the suffering and impotence of the parents, and of the sadistic pleasure of their executioners. This egregor still exists, because energy is neither created nor destroyed. And it is linked, connected with these dark boxes. 

Knowing this and once the "guardian demon" evicted, with help, of course, I go back to the room to eliminate this link. This time there are no coughs, no choking and the room no longer seems as gloomy as before. The funny thing is that before nobody approached this room and now we are crowded at least thirty people waiting in the narrow corridor. When it comes to me to be in the small door, I quickly eliminate the link with the Egregor of the sacrifices and find out if there is anything else to do there ... 

And yes, there was something else. 
And then the arcades appear ...

The trunks have another energy tie, another connected link. 

In fact they are like a bridge that connects two points, a connector between the Egregor of sacrificed children and ... and the Russian icons of the mother of Jesus with the child in her arms. 

Arcades in the Soul

To adore, to venerate or just to contemplate one of those beautiful works-homage to the LOVE of MOTHER and SON - links the viewer with that ancestral energy of sacrifices. The most degrading mockery that could have been invented is to divert the infinite LOVE between the mother of Jesus and her son, towards the black and tortured emotion of a child sacrifice.

The Red Heart Trap

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