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Making the Connection on Solar Minimum

Making the Connection 
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First published December 26, 2018 

I've rarely been accused of being dense, but like everything else human I am sometimes slow on the uptake. Which is just to say it took me an embarrassingly long time to make the connection between two of my recent papers: the one  on Solar Minimum and the one on my personal health. In the latter, I listed four possible reasons for my malaise, but Solar Minimum was not one of them. I have now added it to the list, and I am about to tell you why. 

To start with, we are in a surpassingly deep and long Solar Minimum, which some scientists are calling a Grand Solar Minimum. And we are coming off a Solar Cycle that was weak to begin with. That is, the last Solar Maximum was weak itself. So Solar activity has been feeble since about 2002. There is nothing to fear in this:  I have shown it is simply a matter of the positions of the four Jovian planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune). The Sun is not dying, no matter what you may have read in the media. But the short-term effects are very real nonetheless. You don't need to fear an apocalypse, but getting through the next year may be stressful for many of us. If you have felt enervated for the past year, you are likely to continue to do so for many months. Not until 2020 will things pick up, Sunwise. 

That last sentence will have begun to smack of astrology for some, so I will nip that bud immediately. This isn't wuwu. This is hard science. Solar Cycles are very real, and like everything else real they have a real physical cause. The cycles run on an 11 year spread (9 per century) on average, though recently they have swung from 12 years down to 9 years. This is also normal, but it puts us in a trough in yet another way. Our last cycle was not only weak but short, giving us less time in maximum and more time in minimum. Mainstream scientists don't know what the cause of the Solar Cycle is, but they admit it is physical. Currently they believe it has to do with interactions in the Solar interior. I have shown them it actually has to do with charge feedback from the big planets, but they are still ignoring me on that. 

The cause matters, though, as we are about to see. It matters because it gives us an explanation for many things—not just my morning sickness. Before I get to that explanation, let me tell you why I was finally able to link the Sun to my belly. What was most curious about my main symptom was that it hit me like clockwork. After eight hours of sleep, I would feel nauseous. I would have to get up and eat something. If I did that, I normally felt better immediately. I could even go back to sleep. You will say my body was just rebelling against too much sleep, but I have always been able to sleep like a lion. I could sleep 12 hours with no problem. And I still need about ten hours on average. So eight hours was not enough. Having to get up and eat after just eight hours seemed like hell to me, nausea or no nausea. 

So why would the symptoms hit then and only then? Because, like the Sun, my body was at its lowest ebb. I hadn't eaten in many hours, and I hadn't been drinking liquids either. Yes, I do keep water by the bed and drink when I am thirsty or after I use the bathroom. But still, we do not drink water as much at night. For these reasons and others, your immune system is at its lowest ebb at that time. If you are like me, you may even have a sore throat in the morning—one that goes away naturally as the day progresses. 

Now, I still think iodine was adding to the problem, since the nausea bouts in the morning aren't as bad as they were. And I still think anxiety/depression/stress/loneliness plays a part. These also acts as depressants, lowering the body's ebb still more. But if it weren't for the steep Solar Minimum we are experiencing, I might not notice the effects regardless. We have all weathered Solar Minima before, and for me they were never like this. But the truth is, none of us have ever had to weather a Solar Minimum like this one. The Earth has seen nothing like this since the early 1800s. 
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You can't see the current minimum there, but you can easily see the earlier dips, including the famous Dalton minimum of about 1800-1830. 

Like everything else that exists, the human body is a charge engine. Not only is every cell in the body a charge engine, every atom is, too. They all feed off the charge field. So if the charge field is anemic, the body will be as well. 

You will tell me some people are healthy and hale right now. True. Like everything else, this affects the young and strong less than others. But that doesn't mean there is no effect. It just means that it is something a strong immune system can weather with relative ease. I see this with my cats. My females are young and haven't been neutered or “immunized”. They haven't been shot up with dangerous drugs, in other words. So they seem little affected by the times.* But my male cat is about seven, and he has been through major trauma. He spent his first year in a cage at the shelter, where he was neutered and drugged. So he is faring even worse than I am. Like me, most days he is pretty good, but other days he is struggling. He sneezes a lot, even though there is now no pollen, his eyes are goopy, and some days he just drags around. Then, the next day he is fine, for no apparent reason. 
*Actually, the females are both showing signs of stress as well, just not as clearly as the male. The older female has gone rogue, spending all her time outside hunting. Maybe she knows she needs the extra charge and is trying to get it from mice and Sunlight. The younger female is doing the opposite: hibernating inside, eating a lot, and cuddling with me about three times a day. Both females are glowing, but they have to work at it in their own ways. 
But what I noticed is that his bad days and mine are the same. And what finally solved this for me was checking not just the longterm Solar charts, but the shortterm charts.. For instance, when I returned to Taos from Austin on the 12th of this month, I felt somewhat better. On about the 17th I felt very good for a couple of days, and thought the worst was over. But on Sunday last I had another bad day. Well, those personal cycles match up with Solar activity over the last month. There was some activity the week of the 17th, but on the 23rd nothing. So it would appear that I am more sensitive to Solar cycles than most most people. Probably that is because my immune system is weak, so I respond to any weakness in the cycle immediately. My stomach is like a bellwether to Solar activity. 

This direct connection to Solar cycles make much more sense than the biorhythms they used to post in the newspaper, or than tying your moods to Mercury being in retrograde or something. While your body should care very little—as a matter of charge—whether Mercury is in retrograde, we can see why your body would care that the Sun is anemic. Everything here depends on the Sun, and if the Sun is anemic, we will be too. 

In fact, different theorists over the years and centuries have linked Solar activity to wars and pandemics. Velikovsky did this himself, as you will remember, claiming that diseases arrived from outer space. His theory was tied less to Solar cycles and more to intruders (like comets and asteroids), but  others have linked plagues to Solar cycles. At that last link, you will see that scientists at major universities are attributing this to the weakening of the interplanetary magnetic field during Solar Minimum, which allegedly allows spores to fall from space. 

However, given charge, we don't need spores falling from space or passing comets spreading disease. We now know we have diseases aplenty here on Earth, without proposing the arrival of more from outer space. All we need is weakened immune systems, and since an anemic Sun leads directly to an anemic body, the problem solves itself. 

How, you may ask? Well, all Solar activity is based on charge. That is, it is based on the charge field being recycled by the Sun. The Sun, like everything else in the universe, is a charge engine. He feeds off the ambient charge field (full-spectrum photons). This charge field comes into our area in long lines that are fed by the Galactic core. So while we feed off the Sun's energy, he feeds off that of the Galactic core. The Sun is anemic when these lines from the Galactic core become weaker in some way —either from being longer than usual, more twisted than usual, or from other causes. Other stars may steal some of the Sun's charge for a time, or the Sun may pass through areas of the galaxy that aren't as rich. When the Sun takes in less charge, he has less to pass out to the planets. So it is like we are all a bit starved. But there is more to it than that, since the Solar cycles we are talking about don't have much to do with that. These short term cycles are determined by charge returning from the big planets and setting up a feedback loop with the Sun. You see, he feeds charge out to the planets, they take in that charge at their poles, recycle it through their bodies—using some of it to create heat, drive spin, and so on—but then release excess charge at their equators, where it moves back toward the Sun. When the planets line up, their charge returning to the Sun returns more efficiently. Less is lost to surrounding space. But when they aren't aligned, the returning charge is less efficient. There are more ion collisions, driving some fraction of charge out sideways and away from the Sun. 

So, we hit Solar Maximum when the planets are most nearly aligned, and hit Solar Minimum when they are least aligned. Right now, a lot of charge is being lost to space, so it isn't available for us and the other planets to feed on. So it isn't just you or the Earth that is anemic right now, it is every atom in the Solar System. This means that there is simply less charge coming up from below you every second. You normally exist in a heavy charge stream that is moving straight up, and this charge stream energizes you. You don't just live on food. You also live on charge. So you are charge-starved this year. 

One of the things that caused me to see this was learning that Solar Cycle 25 had started back in April. That is what they are now calling the turnaround point or deepest part of the minimum. Although Solar cycles typically enter a steep increase after hitting minimum, we haven't seen that yet with this one. We have remained in the well since April, having many days with zero sunspots and astonishingly low levels of Solar activity. Well, that is exactly when my own minimum arrived. 

This led me to compare my entire life history to the Solar cycles. If I am currently a bellwether, I probably always have been, so we might expect to see a correlation. And indeed I find a high level of correlation. My good relationships correspond exactly to Solar Maxima, and my times “in the wilderness” as I call them correspond to Minima. Even before my time of such relationships, I find the same correlation. I remember fondly being seven and eight years old, and that was a Maximum. Junior high was a Minimum. You may find similar correlations. Let me know. 

Adding to this problem is that each of us is far more like my poor male cat than we are like my females. We were all immunized, and we have since been traumatized pretty much every day of our lives: we are like drugged-up PTSD vets. As little children our immune systems were destroyed by vaccines and their accelerators, by pesticides in our food, by fluoride in our water, and by poisons in the soil, air, and home. So most of us are ill-prepared to deal with daily life, much less a Solar Minimum of the sort we are now experiencing. In fact, what is most amazing is not how poorly we are dealing with it, but how well. As the scientists of Sheffield and Buckingham remind us (see last link above), in the old days people didn't fare so well. During the Sporor Minimum and Maunder Minimum, this Solar weakness precipitated widespread deaths from a wide variety of causes known and unknown. In hindsight, they all look to me to be based on a weakened immune system. Lack of charge leads to a lack of vitality, which is an invitation for disease to spread. 

Which leads to the good news. This Solar Minimum not only must end, it must end pretty soon. I successfully predicted Cycle 25 would begin early, and it began almost 18 months before the mainstream predicted it would. Well, I also predicted it would peak early. It will not take five or six years to peak, you will be glad to hear. Maximum will happen in 2021-2022, so if you are like me you may expect those to be better years for you. But even before then things should start looking up. Since that is not too far away, we have to have a steep climb between now and 2021, which means charge levels will already be much higher than now in 2020. So you just have to get through the next 12 months or so. 

Knowing the cause of our malaise may help you deal with it, which is why I wrote this. Not only does seeing an end to it help, but it helps you pick your mode of coping. For myself, I am going to take it pretty easy this year. I am not going to take any risks, am not going to try to shave off those last few pounds, and am not going to schedule any trips to Mt. Everest. Although I plan to keep exercising, I am going to think of all exercise as restorative. No pushing for gains this year. Just maintain. That said, exercise will be even more important this coming year, since it helps the body intake charge photons. For the same reason, time outside is crucial. Charge levels are higher outside. Flooring and subfloor insulation blocks charge, which makes you even more anemic. Getting your Sun will be very important as well, for obvious reasons. Photons not only come up they also come down, which goes without saying. Charge coming down is just as good for you as charge coming up, so all natural light is good. This winter or spring would be a good time to schedule that trip to the Caribbean you have been putting off for years. You need it this year like no other. 

And if you are thinking of breaking up with your lover, don't do it unless you have someone firm in the wings. You will need him/her this year. If you aren't with someone, make an added effort to find someone. Go out more. Get another big fluffy pet to share charge with. Buy some more plants. Keep your curtains open during the day. And say nice things to people. All these things really do help as a matter of charge. If you don't seriously husband your resources in the next year, you could precipitate a crisis. But if you can get through the next few months, I think things will start to look up for all of us. 

You may tell me that charge can't have anything to do with socialization or saying nice things, but I believe it does. I now believe the reason my symptoms go away when I travel is that I am around people more then. Even if these people aren't lovers or relatives, we share charge. You share charge with all other things, but you can more easily share charge with other beings like yourself. Why? Because you are recycling at the same frequency. You are tuned to one another. . . literally. Charge exists across a wide spectrum, as we know. It is called the electromagnetic spectrum. We have seen in many papers on my science site that atoms share charge most efficiently at the infrared level. Charge peaks in the infrared, and that is because the ambient field peaks there. So atoms naturally tune themselves to the field in which they exist. In the same way, all other things tune themselves to their surroundings, based on their structure (what elements are they made of) and their environment (what elements surround them). As with anything else, like attunes to like. Rocks tune themselves to one another while animals tune themselves to other animals. Mammals are more closely attuned to other mammals than they are to fish, for instance. That is why you get along well with your dog or cat, and probably less well with your python or iguana (among other reasons). We are all passing the charge field among ourselves. 

Which is why communication fits in here. You will say communication is airy and cerebral. It can't have anything to do with transmitting real photons. But of course it does, at least in the case of talking. You communicate how? With sound waves, which are real. They pass from mouth to ear. They carry real energy in the form of photons, and they are tuned to real frequencies. Which is precisely why some sounds are more pleasing than others. So far, that is to treat speech as singing, which in a large part it is. But we may imagine even the content of the words has energy. If it is speech with a pleasing content, it causes the brain to release endorphins, which energize the body via a very real effect—again utilizing photons. At the most basic level, all energy and information is transmitted via photons. As usual, charge drives everything. 

So, given all that, why are you probably hearing it from me first? Solar Minimum is not only hard science, it is a big deal that affects everyone. Again, we are weathering a period like none since 1810. This should have been front page news two years ago, to prepare you mentally for the upcoming struggle. It merits constant coverage, or at least weekly updates. So why has it been all but buried? Well, I don't exactly know, but my best guess would be that the pharmaceutical companies want to keep it out of the news, because they are quite satisfied for you to have a litany of mysterious ailments they can sell you fake drugs for. If you understood from the beginning what was happening, you would be a much worse consumer of medical products. You would understand that since we can't affect the Sun and planets, there is little we can do except hunker down and weather the storm. We were going to feel anemic for a couple of years and there was just no way around that. The no-cost solutions I have outlined above were about the best we were going to do. So of course they have to hide that from you. They are happy for you to live in constant fear and anxiety, worried that you have an incurable disease. Not only do such people make fantastic medical consumers, they make fantastic consumers across the board. If you think you are dying, what might you do? Well, if you have money, you may spend it on a series of last hurrahs. You may buy all those things you always wanted. You may max out the credit cards, since you figure you won't be around to pay the bills. Either your family will have to deal with that or the banks can eat the loss. That is what you think. I have had those impulses myself over the past year, and you may have as well. That is no accident. You can be sure the bankers and governors had a plan going in, and that they have tweaked all their ad campaigns to address Solar Minimum malaise. 

But now that you know the truth, you can relax. The world isn't coming to an end, you aren't mortally ill, and you don't have some secret incurable illness. So don't let the bankers get any of your money on that trick. If you have to spend money, buy used stuff, especially locally. Buy repaired and restored stuff: that drives the bankers crazy. Or do what I do: learn to repair and restore things yourself. You already know I restore old bicycles, books, record albums, and things like that. But it goes far beyond that. You can get old shoes for almost nothing, and often they only need a shine. People are so stupid and lazy now they don't even know how to shine shoes. If their shoes show a little wear, they throw them out, give them away, or put them on Craigslist or Ebay. Sometimes I buy shoes online, clean them up, and sell them for three times what I bought them for. You can do that with almost anything. 

Anyway, I was trying to get across to you that the main reason I wrote this paper is to once again propel the revolution. Knowledge is power, and knowing about Solar Minimum and things like that is empowering. It allows you to make informed decisions—the last thing the governors want. It helps you to be in control of your own life. And it allows me to monkeywrench the predatory economic system one more way. So even if I am dying—or being poisoned by the governors, as some are telling me—it doesn't matter. No matter what happens to me, the lesson for you is the same: in every action you take, find a way to resist the Matrix. Primarily, make yourself the worst consumer you can possibly be. Get off the grid in every way you can. And don't believe a word they tell you. 

*Actually, the females are both showing signs of stress as well, just not as clearly as the male. The older female has gone rogue, spending all her time outside hunting. Maybe she knows she needs the extra charge and is trying to get it from mice and Sunlight. The younger female is doing the opposite: hibernating inside, eating a lot, and cuddling with me about three times a day. Both females are glowing, but they have to work at it in their own ways.

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